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February 02, 2017


Jack is Back!


Captain Hate

I'll leave that to Gus, Marlene, since I've pointedly tried to ignore everything Broooooce has done since "Born to Run" although there's no doubt in my mind he's said something really really dumb.


OL I was totally about to make the same comment about Austrian!

Headed into private forecasting.

Thanks, Skoot, for 8:27. Hadn't seen that yet. Now I'll go read it, to see what I expect from Judy. She should have much more influence than she seems to have, well, in fact, she does.

I told a cloud researcher in 2009 that Judy Curry would lead climate science back into respectability, and so far, I've been right. She's made more progress than most realize.


Everytime I see the Janet Reno's armed panty raid pic I always plan on researching how the shutterbug got that pic.

Law Enforcement doesn't need any extra dicks to trip over when clearing a building.

How did that picture ever come to be?


http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2017/02/a-clash-of-civilizations-in-colorado.html is very good.

CH-there was a protest at Ga Tech yesterday that supposedly had 1000 attendees to potest the "muslim ban.' The Cox-owned press interviewed outraged Iranian grad students insisting we had no right to inconvenience them or regard them with concern.

If no one has told them they are a guest in this country and that we do not have an obligation to let them define what we need to do to protect ourselves, then go back to iran for your studies. Otherwise, be grateful for the chance to study here and worship here in ways no one gets to do in iran.


Marlene, your wish is my command!!

Gus was quoted in the Fake News Daily Werker.....

"Springstone is "competent" enough, to play backup rhythm guitar in the JOM band."


"I thought Springstone was killed in a RAPPER drive by".

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Looks like it was a photographer who was with the family prior to the fed sshowing up.


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Meanwhile we are still paying for these attacks on America.


"Figueres admitted that the Global Warming conspiracy set by the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, of which she is the executive secretary, has a goal not of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity, but to destroy capitalism. She said very casually:"


Ahhh. Thanks, MM.

It was a Seal Pub goon...

He probably pointed to the closest as he readied his lens.




...seal pup...


Captain Hate

That's a good question, TK. I had assumed it was taken by a family member and printed in a Cuban expatriate friendly gazette and the propagandist media felt obliged to run it even though it made Lurch Reno look almost as bad as Waco.

Plus it enabled Reno's Barney Fife, Stedman, to state like an idiot that the picture showed the storm trooper with his finger outside the trigger guard so that young Elian wasn't traumatized; at which point he should've been kicked in the crotch and told "ya know, even though I have that on film, I still don't know if I hit both of them or only one".

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Charlie Hurt was one of the few reporters who figured out Trump and his supporters early on.


Marlene: But...students at all the Portland high schools are being allowed to protest today.

Civic activism is part of the national required curricula and pushed independently by NGOs in the 50 states. They encourage a disregard for history and action.

Molding soldiers for the future.


Miss Marple, the LIBTARD LEFT tried to make Elian Gonzalez out to be OH SO HAPPY to reunite with UNCLE FIDEL.

I'm sure David Koresh and the 20 some CHILDREN that were killed would have enjoyed CUBA to burning to death.
Janet Reno (Chelsea Clinton's Father)had a military style raid to capture a LITTLE BOY.
What MEMORY does that LITTLE BOY have of AMERICA???

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I will bet a lot of those NGO's are funded by George Soros.

Old Lurker

Cap'n good for you in making peace with Mrs. Cap'n.

The Lurker house has no such dissidents, but my wife and I had a very interesting conversation the other day about what was making her "blue" recently.

It was quickly determined that without her realizing it, she had become depressed by the overwhelming, universal, profane, crass, but shallow waterfall of pure hatred that was washing over her from Facebook. After discussing it she promptly saw that Facebook (heretofore a fun place for her to share grandmother and dog stories and pictures with her pals). In conjunction with that, the Trump Hating media everywhere was creating for her two obvious pressures.

The first was, as we all know here, that our enemies advance by creating the false impression that EVERYBODY agrees with them and therefore how can any individual not be worried that they are out of step?

The second is at a personal level. Her Facebook friends included dozens and dozens of people she has thought of as real friends her whole adult life, and whose friendship she has genuinely enjoyed. But she notes two things: the first is that friends who might see things the way she does have simply gone dark; that leaves in place post after post of pure venom but from people she thought of as friends.

She is depressed because of both things. Is she truly out of step with the whole world? And more cutting and depressing, how could she have been so very wrong about the qualities of those she thought of as friends who for decades have had friendly disagreements about political things, but always in a civilized and friendly way that protected the relationship.

When the reality dawned, she discovered how much better the world looked when she went at Facebook with an ax unfollowing all but those who wanted to talk grandchildren, dogs and gardens...

Anybody else noted this phenomenon?


GUS: I've been saying for years HERE, that VIOLENCE is COMING.

On the left? Certainly. And the first step in meeting it is a firm application of justice. Not Holder/Lynch justice, but the kind of justice the Constitution intended.

Bill Ayers wanted to foment over-aggressive reaction to add fuel to the flames. Trump will meet their incendiary actions firmly, which means we won’t have to fulfill Ayers’ fondest dreams.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I sat right in my living room and watched that Waco raid on live TV. They deliberately pushed into the walls with some sort of tank-like thing.

I find it very interesting that we NEVER see video of that raid which ended up burning alive helpless people who were supposedly victims.

It was disgraceful and that incident was responsible for the rise of so many right-wing militias, who came to a fairly reasonable conclusion that the government was out of control and out to get them.

Clarice Feldman



Captain Hate

Waco was my first introduction to how gutless the GOP in Congress was in going after rogue actions by an administration. Unfortunately it wasn't an isolated event.


OL, FACE BOOK was fun and frivolous when LIBTARDS were in power. When dissent was RACIST, libtards ruled the roost. Look at the road we've gone down in 8 years.
We haven't gone from "To Sir with Love", from Crayons to perfume....we've gone from MARRIAGE being ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN..per BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, to PERKY KATY COURIC lecturing us on the JOYS of CHILDREN TRANNIES.

OH, and you can STFU if you disagree....

Clarice Feldman

I THINK THIS HAS BEEN POSTED, BUT JUST IN CASEhttps://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2017/02/02/cant-close/


KK said before I got out of bed:

We don't know yet who the men in black were last nite. Looked alot like the crew that was in DC for the "protest" on Inaug Day.

Looks like standard issue Soros riot gear:)

Captain Hate


I've shut off my Facebook notifications and am thinking of just terminating it entirely. I don't know if I mentioned it but there was a good post at AoS (unlinkable here) pointing out how nasty comments at Zuckerberg probably worked against Queen Stumbling Drunk on November 8,



Sorry about your dog and the trauma for the kids.

At some point, a new puppy is likely indicated:)

Any updates on the vascular repair?


I'm heading down to Marquete U. to watch some LAX.
One last thought.

When Clinton/Rodham/Gore killed dozens at WACO, did the DISGUSTING LIB PRESS tell us an AMERICAN GIRL was killed in a "botched" raid?
And weren't the Branch Davidians JV?????

if THAT doesn't illustrate the filth of the MFM nothing will.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It occurs to me the media is now going crazy, too.

James D

It was disgraceful and that incident was responsible for the rise of so many right-wing militias, who came to a fairly reasonable conclusion that the government was out of control and out to get them.

The thing about it is, none of it had to happen, and it was ALL the government's fault. They could have arrested Koresh at any time - they had opportunities when he was outside the compound on his own, going about his business.

But they wanted something big and exciting for the cameras...and they got it.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, thankfully I never joined FB myself. So it did not occur to me (or her) the impact it was having on my better half.


An older Cashill link:

Twenty-seven of the 74 peckerwoods incinerated at Waco were black, age 6 to 61. In fact, more than half of those gun-toting rednecks were minority rednecks, 39 out of 74 to be precise – six of them Hispanic, six of Asian descent.

Truth be told, Waco represented the single greatest organized – if largely unwitting – slaughter of black people on American soil since the Battle of Fort Pillow in 1864.


He has updated it over the years.


Buckeye, thank you.

I have to run, I will give an update when I return this evening.

Captain Hate

Zuckerberg has its benefits such as staying in touch with relatives and I wouldn't have Teddy without having met the breeder there after Maggie died. But like other online sites, I'll just quietly leave when the benefits are outweighed by the negatives.


Queen Stumbling Drunk

I'm stealing that one CH:)

Clarice Feldman



Don't use Amazon since I never buy anything over the internet.
Never been on FaceBook so I don't know what I'm missing,
and I couldn't pick Lady Gaga out of a Police Line-up.

Good Morning!


Before the election, and the press had most convinced Queen Stumbling Drunk was getting elected, firearms sales took off like the proverbial "hockey stick".

I suspect with the Soros funded rabble rousing since the Inauguration, ammunition sales will follow.


Don't use Amazon since I never buy anything over the internet.
Never been on FaceBook so I don't know what I'm missing,
and I couldn't pick Lady Gaga out of a Police Line-up.

Trust me daddy, your not missing a thing.


I don't know, Buckeye, Lady Gaga in a police lineup seems like something I wouldn't want to miss.

Clarice Feldman


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is rather chilling.

Old Lurker

Old news, Clarice...I posted that last night but it did not garner any attention!

Seems troubling to me for sure.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


If you ask me their worry isn't about being asked to violate the law; their concern is that they will have been discovered to already doing it themselves.



The Hill
The Hill – Verified account ‏@thehill

Top publications pull out of White House Correspondents' Dinner parties http://hill.cm/vODqmjv
Embedded image


Another jackass

55m55 minutes ago
Mediaite ‏@Mediaite
CNN Guest: Berkeley Rioters Were Actually Secret Right-Wingers Affiliated With Breitbart https://t.co/HSF0Bodkun


Robert Reich: "I have never seen them before"

Weren't the fire-throwers completely covered from head to toe entirely masking their identities?


i believe cia invested in Signal early on. should not have a problem unencrypting. but why should these govt morons bother encrypting 'uh, trump sux' messages?


Clarice Feldman


Captain Hate

Stumpy Reich is really challenging my non profanity pledge.


Just watched Lurkersusie's 10:44 link to see who it is that is claiming the rioters in Berkeley were "Right Wingers"s organized by Milo's supporters.

Robert Reich is the guy making those claims. He is insane.


The Senate Dem boycotts seem like humanitarian gifts imo. Being forced to listen to Ed Markey for more than 2 min. qualifies as torture.


Good morning!

RG is still active on Twitter - retweeting funny political things and talking sports. I also hope he is just taking a break and will return.

One of the Milo interviews had a video of the rioters carrying a big banner. It said, "Become Ungovernable" - so I think that is the Soros message they are after. I shiver to think how this would be going if we had a "go -along-to-get-along" "that's not who we are" type in the WH.

I'm picking up a new foster dog this afternoon. A B&T 1 year old - it appears they bred her to get puppies then dumped her on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I'll post a photo when I have her safely here.


From Clarice's 10:49 link on EPA Nominee Pruitt making it out of the Committee's vote, which the Dem's had chosen to boycott. Who doesn't love to see these words being flung back in their faces:

“Let me make clear to everyone what just happened,” said Sen. John A. Barrasso III (R.-Wyo.), the committee’s chairman.

“Yesterday, the minority members of the committee chose to boycott our business meeting because they do not support the nomination of Scott Pruitt,” he said. “As we pointed out yesterday, elections have consequences and a new president is entitled to put in place people who will advance his agenda, the agenda that the people voted for when they elected him president.”


It's ridiculous for committee Dems to justify their boycott of Pruitt using the "He didn't answer our questions thoroughly enough" excuse when, if they were in their committee chairs with Pruitt right there in front of them, they could ask away at will.


I miss RG too.

James D

it appears they bred her to get puppies then dumped her on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I'll post a photo when I have her safely here.

Someone who would do that doesn't qualify as human. Those people should be killed.


Facebook was affecting me much like your wife, OL. I use it to keep up with nieces/nephews who live far away and to participate in active animal rescue sites.

I have been angry, depressed, and sadly disappointed in *so* many so-called "friends". I found I could stop seeing their posts without unfriending them. So I have "turned-off" dozens of people. If I think of them, I can search in my friends and see if they have calmed down or if they are still posting their insulting lies.

I have, so far, ended only one relationship -( another lady who works with the same dog rescue )- which was painful and shocking to me. She posted a nasty diatribe about Trump voters and I told her I was one and said, "Do you feel that I'm that way?" She did not step back, apologize or anything. In fact - she rather ramped up her tone. So, in spite of years of cooperation, late night swapping of dogs, helping her transport, etc. it was more important to make her politcal point. Sad.


Me too, Deb. Please come back RG.

Janet S.

A small point...
The picture at Clarice's 10:49 -

What's with the water bottles? I thought Dems were against plastic water bottles. Why don't they each bring their own reusable drink container?

Save the planet!! Who pays for the water bottles? Let them bring their own drinks.


The UC Berkeley blogs attributed the violence, not to UC students, but a group of about 150 off-campus anarchists.

There are also some claims that some non-violent UC Berkeley students hung around the riot scene. Their continued presence opened the university to, what they see as, unwarranted charges. So UC Berkeley is also revising student advisories such that UC Berkeley students should flee any riot scene, lest they and the university be blamed.

There has been some "chatter" about Project Veritas having undercover video connecting the violence to Soros' son, who is a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I miss RG, too. I don't even know what happened that he left. (No one needs to tell me.)

I just wish he'd come back.


As I heard about the raid in Yemen ..

It was a Obama Administration plan that was delayed waiting for a "moonless night".

Janet S.

If we all go silent...then who will speak the truth?
I'm for engaging on social media. We have all been polite & quiet for too long. The left screams their beliefs from the rooftops...but we go quiet.
Not any more.

If nothing else, make them answer questions.
Even if you know the answer....make THEM tell you.

Is it a ban on ALL Muslims?


Someone here "challenged" RG in a way he found offensive iirc. Don't remember what it was about, but my take was that RG felt his integrity was being questioned. To quote the great American Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"


OL: Have truly attempted to stop the Facebook drama playing out...spent the week after the election "unfriendliness" the crassness of supposedly long time friends. I certainly understand where Mrs. OL is coming from. Many long long time friends are displaying a side I had never seen (or maybe just ignored). Facebook's newest trip is to send email notifications that such and such posted a new pic or post. At times I click because my favorite part of Facebook was the family photos and wonderful antidotes shared by friends.

CH: Share your angst with your daughter...the day after the "Women's March". My daughter (who lives in Seattle)...posted pictures of her attending the march. Sent her a text which said..."I just saw the pic you posted to Facebook...my opinion...not a good idea...very disappointed". Followed that up with "Let's just hope that you NEVER have to apply for a job with a company with conservative leanings and they check your Facebook page...". Her dad sent her an email expressing his sincere disappointment (he never does that). She removed the post but isn't speaking to us SIGH😕


RG said he will be back soon. Think its because of computer problems he hasn't been around.


"Unfriendliness" = UNFRIENDED

Old Lurker

"RG said he will be back soon."

He'd better get his butt back soon. He was not granted a hall pass for this absence, so he is officially AWOL.


Is it a ban on ALL Muslims?

It's not a Muslim ban. It's a 7 majority Muslim nations 90 day time-out for entrants while a stronger vetting system is put in place. The "90 days" fact never makes it into msm missives.


Someone who would do that doesn't qualify as human.

James, my biggest revelation when I began fostering dogs was that people can be so heartless and cruel. The stories I read and see would curdle your blood. I can't let myself think about them...I have to focus instead on the great life the dog will have going forward.

The people - somehow, someway, someday they will be held accountable for what they have done.


The Trump Bulldozer - view from the can't see the forest for the trees front.

James D

I found I could stop seeing their posts without unfriending them. So I have "turned-off" dozens of people.

I just discovered that the other day. It's helping already.


Someone here "challenged" RG in a way he found offensive iirc.

All I remember is a bit of squabble with Cecil over "conservative,: but nothing that would cause any rupture.




"Anybody else noted this phenomenon?" on Facebook.

Yes. I think ultimately I want to end it. Our kids are old enough that they've moved on to other social media platforms and FB isn't useful to follow them.
For now, I signed up with enough rightie posters (ForAmerica, Col Allen West, Howard Jarvis **hjta.org highly recommended for CA residents**, ...) that I only see leftie offal occasionally.


WSJ - Kimberley Strassel has a piece about libs promising to primary any Dem politicos they deem insufficiently progressive. "The original tea party was about making conservatives in this center-right country act like conservatives again. The progressive tea party is about making Democrats in this center-right country act like Bernie Sanders. Have at it." lol


JOM is essentially my sole social media. Seriously. No FB, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, nada. It's the only blog I regularly comment on. I lead a sheltered cyberlife, it appears.


I lead a sheltered cyberlife, it appears.

Welcome to the "old farts" club lyle:)

Captain Hate

Momto2, I'm grateful you do what you do. Animal abuse is a gateway to people abuse and a mental illness.

Old Lurker

I stand with Lyle.

JOM only for me, plus the handful of news gathering sites I visit to read pre-screened stories people like me might like. The good ones I link here and otherwise I follow most of yours.

No need for any other mind clutter for me.

Insulated perhaps? Maybe but I find I just don't like a lot of the other kind of people, so femall.

Sandy Daze
Janet S.

It's not a Muslim ban. It's a 7 majority Muslim nations 90 day time-out for entrants while a stronger vetting system is put in place. The "90 days" fact never makes it into msm missives.

I know. My point was to make THEM explain.

Account Deleted

"Was anyone even arrested at Berkeley?"

Report last night on KPIX TV news (SFO) stated 3 "protestors" were arrested.

The thugs screwed up damaging two banks.

Feds are here.


Mayor of Berkeley has been denying he gave the stand-down order. Says it was the Chief of Police (BKLY). His man boob is in the proverbial wringer.

Rumor was $100,000 in damage was sustained. Rumor because that's what the suits from Cal are saying.

Storeowners on Telegraph Avenue are screaming "Hell no!" Each of the seven stores that were smashed are reporting more than that 100K per store alone. Banks haven't weighed in.

More later.

PS: RG has been MIA. Also noticed CT hasn't posted in a while.

Sandy Daze

(blackquoted & italics in original) For example you could order Trump Coffee K-cups as I do. ;)
Posted by: Porchlight | February 02, 2017 at 09:50 PM (end blockquoted & italics)

or Porchlight, you could go to Veteran-owned

Black Rifle Coffee Company: http://tinyurl.com/z8vmyda


order: http://tinyurl.com/h2xavct

their American-made K-cups: http://tinyurl.com/zf549r9

This is the company which someone here (?) linked yesterday which said they would hire 10,000 veterans in response to s---bucks announcement of hiring 10,000 refugees. (BTW-you may have heard in today's news that sb now plans to hire Veterans as well.)

BRCC has many many terribly ribald, irreverent videos promoting the brand. I laughed for hours yesterday afternoon.

BRCC Youtube channel: http://tinyurl.com/h54zof4

They slag off the "hipsters" whom they say have ruined coffee. This vid is one of many, and is, imo, pretty funny (ymmv)(1'23"):

"Hipster Checkpoint"v http://tinyurl.com/znhefo8

Supporting Veterans-owned business, getting and drinking great coffee, fighting back against the coffee-sbucks-industrial-bezos industrial complex...

What's not to like ?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, on my Facebook the egregious Hillary supporters have hidden themselves from me, since they are family.

Like I said, I go there about once per month and post a recipe or a puppy video so my classmates in Florida still know I am alive and kicking.

My social media is here plus a couple other webs ties and the Reddit site. I use Twitter, but mainly for finding news stories to post here as well as seeing what Trump and other people in his administration have to say.

I have to say that those few are enough for information overload some days.

And now, Spicer press briefing at 12:30! Milo will NOT be there as he has been invited to New York for T interviews, or so he says via Gab.


Sweet story of the day and a reminder of why I love GA so much.

Sandy Daze

Not sure which url or which bit of html was screwing with the post, took way too long.

Old Lurker

Kev "PS: RG has been MIA. Also noticed CT hasn't posted in a while."

Were they seen rowing across the Hudson River accompanied by their seconds and doctors?


I know. My point was to make THEM explain.

Absolutely, Janet. My ham-handed point was that libs should be asked to justify the many erroneous facets of the phrase "Muslim ban".

Beasts of England

Very nice, OL!!

Account Deleted

Rush Limbaugh cites Robert "Small Ball" Reich saying that "I know what I saw" re outside agitators at the riots.

Suggests on CNN last nite that these thugs were Breitbarters.

Rush asks: "Have you ever seen conservatives or republicans at these riots?"

"Why is a former Dem Labor Sec *NOT* embracing these rioters NOW?"


Miss M,

Have you or anyone got the link for Sean Spicers upcoming briefing in few minutes? Its not on TV where I am.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


What a great story!! Inspiring on so many levels, plus sort of funny, too!

Thanks for posting that, and I can see why you like Georgia!


We're not on social media. I know I'm out of the loop on family related news,but whatever.
I'm always the last to know,but I find out sooner or later.
Momto2,I've mentioned that my sister-in-law used to foster dogs,mostly pit bulls. She moved to a condo and also has been having health issues so she misses taking the dogs. I met several of the pit bulls over the years and they were actually very sweet dogs. They just want to be loved.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Here is the link to the press briefing. It hasn't started yet.


The Infamous Ignatz


Some antibiotics might help with that.

Captain Hate

Rumor was $100,000 in damage was sustained. Rumor because that's what the suits from Cal are saying.

NFW. They're lopping off at least one zero. Whoever is financing this should be on the hook for it.

Account Deleted

RE: FaceBook

I like using the chat tool. Video chat is so much better than skype freezing up every six seconds.

As for the political nuisance value...

I was posting a lot of stories re sharia creep and jihad to my newsfeed. Got myself unfollowed more than unfriended. If I wanted to communicate with the friends who weren't following me (receiving my newsfeed posts) I had to initiate via chat. Was unfollowed by 8 people who were "friends of friends."

When I post politicall material I enter it as a comment to one particular FBF who has a wide political network on FB. That spares my stuff from going to the puppy and kittykat crowd, really old friends from former lives (h.s., college, employment sitches, former students). And that spares me from hearing how "disappointed" they are in me as a human being.

It also keeps me out of their antagonistic Snowflake nonsense over how their lives are now shit because Trump got elected. Ugh.

My newsfeed is filled with two things: conservative/republican/constitutionalist material and exchanges; and, Oakland Raiders news and trash talk. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


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