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February 02, 2017


Account Deleted

"Were they seen rowing across the Hudson River accompanied by their seconds and doctors?"

OL--- They are two "old school" gentaminz for sure. I speculate they are embroiled in a very intense email exchange. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate

I met several of the pit bulls over the years and they were actually very sweet dogs. They just want to be loved.

One of Maggie's first dog friends was a pit owned by an elderly woman. She found it abandoned in her yard one day nearly starved with horrendous skin diseases. She didn't even want the poor thing but felt obliged to do what she could to help it recover. When I saw it the malnutrition was gone and the skin problems were getting resolved. She was very submissive to Maggie which suited my alpha Airedale just fine. Plus she obviously doted on the woman that saved her


Thanks Miss M.

Am listening to Rush in the interim (via computer in New Dehli), and he jut said that the Repubs are pushing some talking point that they can't unravel ObamaCare because the Senate Parliamentarian won't allow them.

"We need the House!"

So we gave them the House

"We can't do anything, we need the Senate!"

So we gave them the Senate.

We can't do anything, we need the Presidency!"

So we gave them the Presidency.

"We can't do anything, we need the Senate Parliamentarian!"

Is that an Elected position?

"No, he's a Federal Bureaucrat, so we can't do anything."


Zombie's detailed report on Berkeley riots


I haven't heard any of the Berkeley protesters called homophobes. Why not?

Jack is Back!


Not a he but a she. Elizabeth McDonough.


Jack is Back!

MacDonough is a Harry Reid appointment. I'll just leave it at that.


Fire and replace.

no problem


Thanks Jack for the correction. Rush was unimpressed with the excuse.

Captain Hate

Zombie is the best.

LOL @ $100k

Jack is Back!

Won't be long until those pocket rockets used at Berkeley become the real thing. Looks like a newer breed of Ayers and Co. Having the police stand down will only encourage more violent behavior.

Account Deleted

"I haven't heard any of the Berkeley protesters called homophobes. Why not?"

It's being implied as a twist on an old adage.

"Homophobia for thee but not for me."

Rank hypocrisy.


UC is wrangling their way out the pickle jar now that Trump has thumped at them.

Heard at a near campus cafe this morning: "There weren't THAT many students at the protest."

Okay. How do "we" know this?

And then there is Reich going on CNN and associating the masked marauders with "Breitbart."

I'm sure POTUS will retract his question re Federal Funding.

Old Lurker

Rush was just repeating the discussion we had here a few days ago about the danger of not using the power to change that the country THOUGHT they had handed the Reps in the election.

I doubt that Trump is amused and I know for a fact that many of his voters could not be more pissed if that Ron Johnson clip (we can't do nuthin cause we don't have 60 votes and besides the parliamentarian says so...) becomes the story they use.

Tic Toc guys.

Fire and replace indeed.

Repeat until something changes.

While it's unknown why the man was carrying two machetes around, it's possible that he wanted to present them as a gift to the soldiers by slashing at their heads with it, and they, misunderstanding his intentions due to their prejudices, shot him instead.



Speaking of being welcomed into the Old Fart's Club, this is from my 89 yo uncle:

A mother is driving her little girl to her friend's house for a play date. ' Mommy ,' the little girl asks, 'how old are you?' 'Honey, you are not supposed to ask a lady her age,' the mother replied. 'It's not polite.' 'OK', the little girl says, 'How much do you weigh?' 'Now really,' the mother says, 'those are personal questions and are really none of your business.' Undaunted, the little girl asks, 'Why did you and Daddy get a divorce?' 'That's enough questions, young lady! Honestly!' The exasperated mother walks away as the two friends begin to play. ' My Mom won't tell me anything about her,' the little girl says to her friend. 'Well,' says the friend, 'all you need to do is look at her driver's license. It's like a report card, it has everything on it.' Later that night the little girl says to her mother, 'I know how old you are. You are 32.' The mother is surprised and asks, 'How did you find that out? 'I also know that you weigh 130 pounds.' The mother is past surprised and shocked now. 'How in Heaven's name did you find that out?' 'And,' the little girl says triumphantly, 'I know why you and daddy got a divorce.' 'Oh really?' the mother asks. 'Why?' 'Because you got an F in sex.'
Captain Hate

Rush was unimpressed with the excuse.

Nobody should be satisfied with such cowardice. I was listening to a local not particularly good talk show interviewing a potential candidate for Cleveland's mayor. His name is Jeff Johnson and has been a councilman forever and a day; TC might remember George Forbes calling him a mulatto punk. In the course of the interview Johnson said "you don't have to like Trump to understand that he made a valid point that voters are tired of empty promises". The message is being received and these GOPe tools are ignoring it at their peril.

Dave (in MA)

I heard a rumor that Robert Reich walks around with a pickle in his ass.

Old Lurker

If there is one dinner that I would consider very important about now, it would be just Trump, McConnell and Ryan. Lock them - only those three - in a room and let Trump tell them the facts of life.

Old Lurker

Dave, I always thought he WAS the pickle.

Jack is Back!


That's funny because I heard Reich is so short he can sit on cigarette paper and dangle his feet.


More like a gherkin.

Pagar, a bacon, ham, and Sausage lover


" the so-called "fiduciary rule" - an Obama-era rule that requires financial professionals who charge commissions to put their clients' best interests first when giving advice on retirement investments.

Why Can't we have a rule like this for Congresspersons?


Good one, Lyle.

Clarice Feldman


Best explanation of the AUSTRALIAN FANDANGO I;VE SEEN.

Captain Hate

Conspiracy! Robert Reicshhhh Edition

Last night on CNN!!, that adorable gnome Richard Reich, in the manipulative manner that the Left is so fond of, accuses Berkeley rioters of being some sort of Breitbart paramilitary ninjas or something.

“I wouldn’t bet against it,” Reich said. “I saw these people. They all looked very– almost paramilitary. They were not from the campus. I don’t want to say factually, but I’ve heard there was some relationship here between these people and the right-wing movement that is affiliated with Breitbart News.”
I think that calls for a conspiracy thread.

I have heard it said, from many reputable sources, that Robert Reich is part of a super secret society whose sole purpose is to "accidentally" head-butt normal-sized men in the testicles with enough regularity to change the course of evolution.

They call themselves "Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Untermenschen". Their kryptonite is bowling alleys and roller coasters.


Has Clarice been hanging out with GUS lately? ;)


They all looked very– almost paramilitary.

Show of hands: how many of you think half-pint wit Reich has spent any time around any military, para- or otherwise?


They hate Milo but are not called homophobes! Yes, because those words NEVER apply to them, only to us. In the same way that a conservative AA is not "really black" or some such nonsense.

RE: shutting down libs on FB vs. speaking out. I'm still struggling with that. Actually, our favorite Dennis Prager discussed it recently and challenged us to speak out and not be intimidated. He says in much the same way the voters for Trump were under-counted because they didn't speak up or answer polls; many on SM think they are the only ones or the tiny minority who think that way. Essentially our side has often been silenced through group pressure. Perhaps Trump will give us more boldness to speak out.

But then again, there is my mental/emotional health to consider and that verse about casting pearls before swine.

:::I'm still thinking:::

Captain Hate

At the Age of 3 Robert Reich read The Tin Drum and decided he'd stop growing.
Posted by: garrett at February 03, 2017 11:39 AM (lZlWB)

The Infamous Ignatz

I hope I live long enough to see the day a couple moves into the White House, looks around a bit and says,
"Looks ok to me as is."

Of course after Barry and Minnie the Moocher moved out they probably had to scrub off the graffiti and spackle over where Barry assigned some intern the job of carving the initials BHO into the plaster.

Captain Hate

Yes, Mr Reich. I will grant your final wish. Your penis now reaches one foot from the ground.
Posted by: The Genie In the Bottle at February 03, 2017 11:45 AM (8XRCm)


Marlene - your sister-in-law is a wonderful person! The pit bulls are the breed most frequently killed in the shelters here. My rescue is for hounds which are probably the 2nd most common here in the South.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

One thing, Beasts, is that probably the Trumps will pay for it themselves.

Trump probably moved in a new bed and had the bedroom steam cleaned. I would, anyway. Lord knows what VooDoo Granny was up to while she mooched off the taxpayers.

Probably they should call in an exorcist as well.

Clarice Feldman

Stuck cap key, Lyle--now unstuck


The only thing you need to know in Clarice's link @ 1:12:

Then-Secretary of State John Kerry worked out the deal with Australia to “fast track” the immigrants, but did not tell Congress.

Have I reminded everyone lately how much I loathe this jackass with the intensity of a thousand suns?

Captain Hate

In case you were wondering where Miss Bardahl's broomstick landed:

Berkeley also has former MI governor Jennifer Granholm teaching classes. On, presumably, how to drive jobs and businesses out of your state, something at which she excelled. You can imagine that this is right up the alley of progressive young Californians.
Posted by: torquewrench at February 03, 2017 11:48 AM (noWW6)

Maybe Squaw Fraud can honestly fill out the application.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

There is a llive Facebook with President Trump this evening. I need to check on when that is.

Also, I had better get dome work done around here!


If Donald had answered the call to arms he would have won that damn Vit Nam as the greatest general EVAH!

Mary Rose

I don't think we should honor a deal Kerry and Obama hid from us and Congress.


We were discussing military service right?

Beasts of England

VooDoo Granny!! lol

~ ~ ~

Best I can tell, there are only three causes driving the main furor of the right: immigration (wall), Supreme Court, and Øcare. Trump is doing very well on the first two, and doing what he can on the third.

If Congress screws around and doesn't deliver something significant regarding healthcare - actions that cut premiums by a third or more within a year - there will be major upheaval.

Old Lurker

Agreed, Beasts.

Tic Toc.


but did not tell Congress

Sheesh. BOzo, CEO-Suckers R Us.

Jack is Back!


DJT has had too many meetings with big business and small business that tax reform and trade has reached higher priority than Ocare. At least that is how I am reading this. When he meets with the healthcare pros and insurance companies with Price then I think Ocare reform/repeal/repair et. al. get priority again.

I am also concerned some of these EO's are band-aids and require Congress to put their big boy pants on and deal with them legislatively, especially Dodd-Frank. Getting rid of Fauxchohantas' CFPB will be a fight you can sell tickets to just to watch her lose all her feathers masquerading as brains.

Account Deleted

We are going to have to roll through a lot of pain over the Left's insanity. But it appears to me that the cracks in the Giant CHE statue are real and beginning to show on the surface.

Had an interesting convo with my neighbor at a local coffee dive near the riot scene this morning.

Neighbor is university non-faculty employed as a research administrator. He's of the opinion that the CAL admin--- aka Janet Napolitano--- has its tukis flappin in the breeze when it comes to federal funding.

Hence, Little Bobby Reich deflecting responsibility in his CNN barf-fest.

"The University of California at Berkley is a California state university meaning it is owned and operated by the State of California via the university's Board of Regents. It is definitely a not-for-profit institution."

There are restrictions on federal contractors re lobbying, cash contributions, and "in-kind" support of political causes.

Each and every faculty member, graduate research assistant, and part-time student employee working on federally funded research funds makes them all federal sub-contractors, accountable to the state of California (responsible for federal compliance).

Neighbor points out that "Regent Gavin Newsom and Rep. Lee are *wrong* when they say that, in so many words, POTUS is abusing his power."

Neighbor is a die-hard liberal who voted for Trump.


"I believe in the spirit *AND* the letter of the law. And CAL has been violating laws for decades with re to spending federal funds, encroaching on the City of Berkeley's real estate domain, and collusion with Agenda 21 regulations.

Neighbor thinks that POTUS can reel in the land grant institution based on the "ancient prescriptions for its legislated mission".

"Those prescriptions were passed into law for *ALL* American land grants under the 1861 Morrill Act which created the national land grant system making it the only legitimate federal role in educational institutions. "

Sure, it's been amended.

But Neighbor is correct when he says "[the Morrill Act] has never legislated the "political right to use one's federally subsidized position to give succor to violent extremists who want to overthrow the government."

The UC system is of enormous consequence to the State's economy.

Federal money is a big, big part of the "we'll secede" state's economy.

If POTUS exerts pressure on Napolitano and the Regents, there will be more riots.

Neighbor asked:"Who do the protestors believe the Regents are going to support when push comes to shove under the letter of the law?"

My pedestrian reply made him spit his coffee out: Money talks and bullshit walks (down to the unemployment line to find a new job and pay for sins committed against the federal contracting provisions.)

Neighbor sees an old order that's in its death throes.

"It's still dangerous. But once POTUS makes examples of certain malcontents like CAL, they'll be forced to separate themselves from the bomb throwers."

"People thought El Nin~o weather was the real California.

The newcomers don't realize that we used to get Seattle level rain levels here in the Bay Area. This rainy weather we are getting now is the real California.

The same goes for Cal.

UC was radicalized in the 60s almost a century after our founding.

That trend won't last into its 60th year because of the election of President Trump.

The Wall across East Berlin didn't last 50 years. "

Neighbor makes the same point I've been making re the weather and radicalism on campus.

With re to these campus crusades: back during Nam it was a life and death issue about being drafted into military service.

The protests worked. Life and death stakes are hard for a corrupt military industrial complex to fight.

I saw those stakes kill a lot of 19 year olds and buried over 500 while I was an Catholic school altar boy. The danger to life and liberty was real, especially for those who bore the burden of fighting that war.

But these days it's a threadbare, overreaching strategy buffered and protected by Left Media.

Racism, sexism and all of the other -isms are portrayed as "life and death" issues.

Quite simply they are not. And the Left is running out of "oppressions" now that "chickies with dickies" has run its foolish course.

What's next? "If I can't marry my dog I'm going to die?"

Calling Bobby Reich.

Dave (in MA)

lyle | February 03, 2017 at 01:20 PM, do cub scouts count?


Dr. Tom Price, new HHS Sec., BOzocare overhaul plan. I imagine Trump generally agrees with Price's approach.


I just remember Reich wrote the intro to the UK book about the Spirit Society when it was published in the US. Essentially it calls for all the policies associated with Uncle Karl's "to each according to his needs" society. Like hillary, he clearly is a maoist in orientation and does not plan to allow the Revolution to be cancelled by part of the electorate.

OL-I have a friend who would not even talk about the election before hillary was sworn in who is not returning emails or texts now. Someone I have known 40 years who knows precisely why I feel so strongly about hillary and what I personally have at stake.

He seems to want to believe this is not a choice any rational, intelligent person would make. Sad.


Lol, Dave (in MA)

Frau  Bibliothek

Fun-sized Robert Reichchchchchchchchchcch knows what he saw: nothing above the knees in a blur of legs swathed in black.

btw I generally hate short man swipes but reserve the right to go after this ninny.

...and... What was Robert the Tiny doing out in the midst of a riot? He might have been squashed or eaten a rubber bullet. Oh, the loss!

Beasts of England

Kind of my take, as well, JiB. From the ground around here, people are all for clearing the deck for economic growth - very important. That's a little longer-term benefit for them, versus the complaints regarding premiums which are brutally painful today. I believe that Trump understands that aspect.


I remember a Pres. Bill Clinton-Tiny Robert photo op in front of a large LEGO replica of the White House and Clinton saying, "Hey, Bob, you could live in that thang."


Getting rid of Fauxchohantas' CFPB will be a fight you can sell tickets to just to watch her lose all her feathers masquerading as brains.

LOL, JiB, maybe she'll don some war paint and do some tomahawk waving.

buccaneer morgan

Misha gessen debunks the previous Russian squirrel in the new York review of all places.

Account Deleted

"That's funny because I heard Reich is so short he can sit on cigarette paper and dangle his feet."

I see Reich around Berkeley from time to time.

He reminds me of "Dr. Miguelito Loveless" from the old "Wild Wild West" series.

Scale reference:

Ya, I know. "Big Frank" was 7 feet tall. But Jon Stewart isn't tall by any stretch. See below.

Facial Recognition:

The Real Reich:

buccaneer morgan

Yes, there is a touch of peter dinklage from game of thrones and bones as well.


Best I can tell, there are only three causes driving the main furor of the right:

I would add in the more egregious religious freedom and other Bill of Rights-related issues (due process on campuses, free speech protections, etc.). The EO on religious freedom is a great start.


He reminds me of "Dr. Miguelito Loveless" from the old "Wild Wild West" series.

Bingo. I've been saying this for years. And I'm with Frau: I generally don't make fun of people's looks but I make exceptions for particularly loathsome creeps like Reich and Hilligula. And, of course, J F'ing Kerry.

Account Deleted

Local radio news has more ass-covering from UC Berkeley top cop "Margo Bennett"

"We canceled the speaking event to protect the safety of students."

Heh? And then proceeded to let violent thugs torch campus and wreck property?

Chalk one up to "Free speech for me but not for thee" Leftism.

Here's the top cop. She got her gun and ammo stolen from her official cop car while walking her dog at Point Isabel in "nearby Richmond."




"Were they seen rowing across the Hudson River accompanied by their seconds and doctors?"

That could have come directly from a Patrick OBrian novel! :) :) :)

buccaneer morgan

Backnduring the 2008 campaign, the levelnof detail given tonfake news and rumor re the huntress caused me to dub them the miguelito lovelace press 'ankle biters'

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Yesterday Sean S[icer very firmly said that despite all of the stories in various media outlets, Trump was going for repeal and replace.

The Parliamentarian is an unnecessary impediment and is obviously doing Senator Reid's bidding, and why she is still there I do not know.

Give her an early retirement with full pension (to avoid charges of partisanship and sex discrimination) and get a parliamentarian who agrees with McConnell.



Not only are there two Americas. There are two governments: one elected and one not, one that alternates between Republicans and Democrats and one that remains, decade after decade, stubbornly liberal, contemptuous of Congress, and resistant to change. It is this second government and its allies in the media and the Democratic Party that are after President Trump, that want him driven from office before his term is complete. You think I exaggerate. But consider this: When a former Defense official who teaches at Georgetown Law School takes to Foreign Policy to propose "3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020," and when one of those ways is "a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders," we are in unknown and extremely unsettling territory.

Congress is doing its best to live up to the public's dismal opinion of it. Democrats on Capitol Hill are behaving erratically, hysterically, boycotting committee meetings to approve Cabinet officials, threatening to filibuster a qualified and highly regarded Supreme Court pick because Mitch McConnell won a wager with President Obama, and saying they will impeach President Trump over policy differences. The Republicans on Capitol Hill seem as disoriented by Trump's victory as the Democrats. Congress has been in session for a month. What, besides repealing a mining regulation, has it done? Why is Mitch McConnell not playing hardball with Chuck Schumer on executive branch appointments and Judge Gorsuch? I know, I know: "Things take time." But time is the enemy. This is something Democrats and other members of the self-described "resistance" understand but Republicans do not. Or perhaps the Republicans understand all too well, and want inertia and entropy to bring us a less populist and more conventionally Republican Trump. The doofuses.

"Doofuses" is not the epithet that leaps into my mind...

Account Deleted

Drain the swamp based on a full-scale personnel audit.... the Senate Parliamentarian????

Are you flippin [redact]ing me?

buccaneer morgan

So one quasi fake new, you have Andrew exam, in the Atlantic, who offers a modified limited defense of trump, although he has tomlave it with category error, tie the fake poll, and misrepresenting the Benghazi inquiry.

common man

What else did BOzo "forget" to tell us about?

buccaneer morgan

And bret Eaton Ellis tells the glitterati to get on with it.


Gee KK,

Margo Bennett looks like she could be Janet Napolitano's main squeeze:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is why he is doing so much so quickly, and why Spicer is giving a progress report for the week, and why the President will be on Facebook tonight.

All I have to say to Congress is, "Don't make me come down there!"

I want to see action, not endless jawing. I was pleased to se that when the democrats boycotted the Republicans just went ahead and voted the nominees out for a confirmation vote. Sped things up and the democrats were denied face time on TV. Good.

I figure Tillerson is going to need about 2 months before he can start reorganizing and letting people go. Pruitt probably already has a list of people in EPA that can pack their stuff and hit the road. I hear Starbucks is hiring,so maybe they can make the case for being economic refugees.

I have little sympathy for bureaucrats, particularly those in the EPA, who have willfully destroyed peoples' livelihoods. Wasn't this the department that the guy used the crucifixions of Rome as an example of how to handle those who fought the agency? I do believe so.


OL, leaving social media is a thing. Iowahawk signed off Twitter yesterday; Glenn Reynolds had left after the Charlotte riots, when a tweet of his engendered action --very briefly--from his university.

Here's an article detailing much the same as your wife's experience
by the author on Facebook:


buccaneer morgan

And these funny or die segments seem to fulfill
L neither goal.

buccaneer morgan

Spiegel and the economist seem to be competing for obtuseness, on their covers.

Beasts of England

Here's something I just heard but can't unhear - a tax preparer commercial touting the largest 'tax payout'. Payout.

Maybe I should be glad they've stopped referring to it as a 'refund', but I digress...



Alternative headline:

Simpleton Seeks Spotlight

Frau  Bibliothek

"Can't have a decent protest without at least one appearance by Che Guevara.."


On Facebook, I've generally tried to avoid anything remotely political, what with my lefty family and high school friends. Last week without thinking about it I commented on something Janet wrote regarding taxpayer funding PBS. Within hours my 90-year-old mother (who I thought did not have a FB account, so maybe she was alerted by one of my sibs or family acquaintances that I had stepped off the reservation) sent me a feisty e-mail, and on a phone conversation rather gently suggested I avoid such comments, and that my comment sounded "Trump-like." I half thought about deleting my account.


Sandy Daze,

Yes! The Black Rifle k-cups are the ones I ordered and posted about. I hope they're good because I have 6 boxes coming my way. :)


I have little sympathy a seething animus for bureaucrats, particularly those in the EPA, who have willfully destroyed peoples' livelihoods. Wasn't this the department that the guy used the crucifixions of Rome as an example of how to handle those who fought the agency?

lyle's edit...



Old Lurker

"seething" is so understated, like "smoldering"

Would you accept "blazing" instead?

Clarice Feldman

Post on my page--I've lots of smart people posting there..and then there are animal videos to lighten it up.


I'm pleased the focus is on Trump's daily doings and not Republican politicos with a habit of saying stupid things. Trump's nominees seem to be moving along nicely without boycotting Dems drawing out the process by grandstanding.

James D

Why is Mitch McConnell not playing hardball with Chuck Schumer on executive branch appointments and Judge Gorsuch?

That's an excellent question.

McTurtle really needs to sit down with Chucky and explain the facts of life to him.

Chucky has 25 seats to defend in 2018, and only half of them are relatively safe. McTurtle has 8, the majority of which are not going to be competitive. The best case for Chucky is he only loses 2-3 seats.

Further, the House only has 50 or so competitive districts. The odds of the Dems taking enough of them to win the House are not high. And after 2020, redistricting (with the majority of state legislatures controlled by the GOP) will make the House map even more favorable to the GOP than it currently is.

Even further, in 2020, McTurtle does have 22 seats to defend, to Chucky's 11, but 2/3 of those are very safe. It's unlikely the Senate will flip even then.

So Chuck is stuck being the Minority Leader for at least the next four years, possibly the next six, at a minimum. He's stuck with GOP control of both houses and the White House for at least four years.

He can either tell his troops to act like grownups instead of mentally damaged toddlers on a sugar high; or McTurtle can go fully nuclear and spend the next four years running the Senate on a simple majority basis. He can even live with 2 regular defections - all he needs is 50 votes plus Mike Pence for a tiebreaker. And the odds are that one or two of Chucky's boys (Joe Manchin, for a start) might switch parties in that event.

It's really simple. All it takes is for McTurtle to have the balls to do it.


I hope I live long enough to see the day a couple moves into the White House, looks around a bit and says,
"Looks ok to me as is."

I thought about that, too, Iggy. Seems like it isn't done anymore, but it would be cool.

That said, it's not the entire WH being redone, it's their private living quarters, and if they pay for it, it seems reasonable to not want to live with the previous family's furniture.

And I'd like Trump to put his stamp on the Oval Office. Churchill bust is already back, and some of that rec room tan furniture needs to go. (Disclaimer: I love earthy neutral colors, but not in the Oval Office.)

That brings up a question: did the Obamas pay for the stuff in their private quarters, and if so, did they take it with them? Obviously there must be some furniture in there. If it was paid with taxpayer funds, what happens to that furniture when the Trumps get rid of it?

Account Deleted

"Margo Bennett looks like she could be Janet Napolitano's main squeeze:)"

Dykes litrally run the asylums these days. Psychology and social science credentials galore.
New Oakland PD chief is a trained *psychologist*.


OL, my experience on Facebook has been exactly like your wife's.

I don't unfriend people, I just unfollow them. That way we don't have to fight about it and I don't have to see their crap.


"seething" is so understated, like "smoldering"

Would you accept "blazing" instead?

I'll run it by my copy editor... ;)


Thanks, Clarice, I know so little about FB that I didn't know that was possible. Doesn't anything I do also show up on my page? Or get sent out to all my "friends"? I've tried looking at the various privacy options and gave up trying to insulate myself.


did the Obamas pay for the stuff in their private quarters

Oh, Porch, you're such a laugh riot.

Account Deleted

What does it take to put an organization on the terror watch list? An EO?

Need to get MoBros and CAIR on that list. They are at the bottom of a lot of monkey binness at State, DOJ, and CIA.

Pronto. A Uniparty bodes well for Jihad.


Inside the BOzos' private WH quarters



And get this, she's not even a CA congress[redacted].

Account Deleted

"Post on my page--I've lots of smart people posting there..and then there are animal videos to lighten it up."

That's kind of how I do it. I post in conservative friends' comments related articles etc.

If someone comes to my page and sees all the conservative stuff, reacts in horror because it doesn't match my avatar (the same one as JOM), or the way I operate in the world to "get money", my spiritual life, and my family, and then cuts me out of their life---- do I need them?

If they like what they see and send a friend request after the tour, then we'll get along fine.

I have some distant family members unfriend me and i've stopped following some because of their fake news addictions.

Casualties of the recent unpleasantness. Those are the folks who can't figure out how I can be so nice sitting at the same table during get togethers (never breathing a word about politics or religion or spiritual life) and have voted how I have since 1980.

Go fig.


Via our old friend topsecret, a good find on crybaby Schmucky:


This goes well with that video of Slick and Zippy sounding very Trump-like about immigration.


In the off chance this hasn't been linked:


Though only a metaphor this may help explain why the Left "suddenly" met resistance after years of uninterrupted and seemingly irreversible assent to their program. The sales pitch was going great until the moment the Gramscians had to state the price and show the product. Then the customer looked in the box, shivered in horror and walked away.

Inside the BOzos' private WH quarters

They must have hidden all the ashtrays and bongs before the photographer came.

Account Deleted

"And get this, she's not even a CA congress[redacted]."

Completely "prepared" with legal (do I really mean 'lethal?) force for when those black suited jackmos come "marching up our avenue from campus to "take back" private property (all pp is terrorism you know.)

I wonder if the body count will be a beautiful sight. In our neck of the woods more than a few of us fire on the local deer population as it moves back and forth between "the flats" and the East Bay Regional Park.

North Berkeley is like a different planet from the rest of this place. City policy is to send fire and cops to our end of town *after* all other sectors of the City have been served, especially in terms of fires and shootings going on down there.... up here, you have a robbery or a break-in or a mugging (three in the last month) the standard reply from the cops is: "It is a wait of at least one hour. Do you have alternative security resources?"

Why yes. As a matter of fact I do. Bolt Action Security Services.

"...behind every blade of grass [comrade]."

Beasts of England

I remember when BOzo first moved into the Oval Office, my ex had a fit about his two sofas. 'Those are from Costco!' She was prolly correct.

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