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February 02, 2017


the generalisticly deplorable rich

it would be the Patrol Bureau, Operations of the UCPD Berkeley force that should answer questions as to why the riot got out of hand.


Account Deleted

"So why is Mitch playing nice with these bastards? They gain, we lose. What is he thinking?

I don't know what Mitch the Mickey is thinking. The lactic acid levels in his body appear to be making him very lethargic overall.

Here's what I'm thinking FWIW.

The former president put a lot of regs in play during his 8 years. No question about that.

As I see it, enforcement has real costs for regulatory agencies. Without increased income, from say a trillion dollar slush fund, agencies can't cover their costs of enforcement.

The regs might take effect but does it automatically mean the agencies are fully funded for enforcement and hiring additional personnel and building/modifying facilities (overhead)?

And, further, if the agencies aren't fully funded how do they enforce with full effect? Is that some daylight POTUS can exploit?

The Dems "celebration" might be over something that is ultimately pyrrhic.

They lost their party in the process of feeding the Obama.

The Dems anticipated another 8 years of budget brinksmanship and slush funding porkulus maneuvers to finance domestic and economic policy.

They didn't get that.

They got a President who, by all indications, is going to collaborate with his Congressional majorities to crush the business/antics as usual opposition while his cabinet execs slash and burn the regulatory detritis which has yet to illustrate and verify its worth in today's economy.

Some of this late-night perspective comes from:



Good Morning JOM, Super Bowl weekend is here! We're not just playing the Atlanta Falcons, we're playing the Falcons, the NFL and Roger Goodell! I'll be wearing this tomorrow...

Go Pats!


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning.

Late last night another bunch of emails dropped from the FBI.

Here is Sundance's discussion of the content from The Conservative Treehouse:


Here is the investigative thread from The_Donald Reddit site:


Coincidentally, a friend called me yesterday evening and said she was at the grocery and The Globe had a headline "Hillary caught fleeing country to escape jail."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Second link corrected.

Another Bob

Geeze Rocco, the paranoia that bad up there? ;-)>

Another Bob

Trump insider on Twitter thinks thay have what they need to crush the WA district judge order on Monday.

Stand by for another round of people turned away at airports, airport disruptions, and sob stories.

Sandy Daze


It occurs that the tee-shirt could have "New England" replaced with "TRUMP" and would fit just as well.

Perhaps that is what Brady, Belichek, and Kraft are supporters of TRUMP and TRUMP favors the PAtriots.

Kindred spirits.

Sandy Daze

Patriot Nation




Howie Carr says John Kerry, John Kasich, and Hillary are all coming out with new books!

Howie proposes some titles:

"Son Of A Mailman" is a winner for Kasich, but I think his suggestions for Hillary and Kerry need some work.

I'll open the bidding with "I Spoke French," and "Stronger Together 2!"

Weak efforts I know, but lets put the hive mind to work.

Sandy Daze

Perhaps of interest:

1907-1915: Russia Before the Revolution, in Color

Jim Eagle


For Hillary: "American Sniped At"

Kerry: "I Ran With Iran"

Big game for Chelsea on now: Arsenal.


Nice offerings, Jack! Good Morning Sir.

Loved this headline from the NYTimes of Sept 14:

Sales of Hillary Clinton’s New Book Are Off to a Slow Start

Hillary Clinton’s newest book, “Stronger Together,” which provides a policy blueprint for where she hopes to take the country if she is elected president, sold just 2,912 copies in its first week on sale, according to Nielsen BookScan.



Nothing personal but I hope you are sad on Monday. Red reports that little office work was done anywhere in Atlanta yesterday. I was in a Whole Foods before lunch and it appears there may be a chicken wing shortage in other parts of the country as entire cases have them marinating and already cooked and ready for people to be at someone's home to watch the game.

People are downright giddy. We were in NYC for a weekend of playing before hubby had a Monday meeting when the Braves won the World Series. Apparently security will not announce any victory parade route until less than 24 hours before the event to decrease the chances someone could easily create a threat.

And this week and January's warm weather have the dogwoods blooming early. I should change my moniker to rse, the sneezing machine.

Jim Eagle

2,912? Hard to believe she has that many family and friends.


I almost think President Trump needs to get on TV and say "Enough! Every four years there's an election, close to half the country doesn't like the outcome, but in 2009 there were no riots, lawsuits, judges interfering, the Republicans relatively quickly confirmed appointments, etc. Shame on the Democrats, including Obama, for encouraging this kind of destructive behavior. Shame on the media for their distortions." He could even address the phony popular vote myth--not by asserting fraudulent votes made the difference, but by stating the simple truth that the election was contested in the dozen or so battleground states, not in the nationwide popular vote. Finish with, "If you don't agree with my policies, get to work on the next election. In the meantime, show some respect for our political system, and respect your fellow citizens."

I don't think Twitter is effective, and he needs to put a stop to all this crap. Right now the image (however unfair and media-generated) is of someone embattled, hated, acting on his own, and I think he needs to counter that and show that he has broad support. Maybe even have rallies.

Janet S.

Maybe Hillary's book can be a children's book.
Hillary's ABCs

A is for Antifa - one of many rent-a-mob groups that we pay to disrupt society

B is for bollard - a handy object to lean against when I have a seizure

C is for cloth - a tool used to clean up my illegal emails

Another Bob

Linked at Ace's, a Berkeley rioter has been identified.

Turns out it was not a Berkeley student.

Was a Berkeley employee.

Ian Dabney Miller?

Another Bob

JIB, she doesn't have that many friends.

In the past, her books were a money laundering operation.

Would be nice to think she needs the cash, tried again, and is failing.

Jim Eagle

D is for dick which Bill needs to keep zipped up.

E is for Energizer which causes Bill to unzip

F is for Fornication which results from D and E

Another Bob

Jimmyk, you know none of that would work, right?


Another Bob, I think rallying support and getting his supporters to be more vocal and assertive would help. Right now the rioters and protesters are center stage, and the image of Trump is bunker mentality. Somehow that has to change. Trump tweeting from his bunker won't change that.

Sandy Daze
For the Pilgrims
Flecker's verse:

We travel not for trafficking alone;
By hotter winds our fiery hearts are fanned:
For lust of knowing what should not be known
We make the Golden Journey to Samarkand
was written in the same time when those images were taken...


Time for sting operation of some sort. Need to cut the head off the snake.

daddy on iPad in Amster, Amster, dam,dam,dam

Have to go with the Pats in the big game, and it is simply because of Brady's courageous support of Trump. The media has given him every opportunity to dump on Trump and become their new Lefty poster boy, but he is hanging by the Donald.Great. Go Pats.


D is for Deplorables - those bible grasping, gun-toting rubes that voted for Trump.


Good Morning! rse,good to see you here this morning. A quick update on the incident in Portland,Maine. The incident happened at the "alternative" high school in Portland. The initial police report was wrong,the perp had a screwdriver,not a knife. The story has now evolved into a political uproar. After the incident,the Portland superintendent sent a very political letter to parents and said the "noxious environment" (Trump's fault) may have caused the incident. There has been some pushback from school system employees and parents. In fact,the Maine GOP is in the middle of the argument now. They want any communications the superintendent had with "outside groups" with certain agendas. The picture in the Portland paper yesterday showed the superintendent with the protesting students,encouraging and supporting them.
Stay tuned,this could get interesting! It is a good indication of all your warnings!

Captain Hate

G is for Gasden, the flag which must be burned.


H is for Hillary will never be President.

James D

I agree with Jimmyk. I think some big rallies would encourage the troops.

Captain Hate

After the incident,the Portland superintendent sent a very political letter to parents and said the "noxious environment" (Trump's fault) may have caused the incident.

What a gutless POS. He gets paid to create and manage the environment and now is doing his best to blame somebody else for his failures. He should be fired with cause.


Marlene-that reminds me of the Armstrong lecture yesterday at the school of ed at Indiana U. Listening MM? It was on teachers as revolutionaries and the need for teachers to teach students not based on the world that exists. Rather teachers should teach students so they will feel compelled to create a new vision of what might be.

Parent in Indiana gave me a heads up offline. Not news, but this is now mainstream. Frequently even worse in private schools according to parents who are contacting me. Perhaps I should get a Gadsden flag t-shirt.

Captain Hate

I is for Iran, who Zippy encouraged nuking Tel Aviv.

buccaneer morgan

I I noted the trehouse analysis, that gallop poll has death star level Dem disparity


sandy daze,

Thanks for the link to the photos from Russia. Truly fantastic.

I spent time in Urumqi, China which is where China butts up against the 'Stans. The people in some of the 'Stan/Russia pictures look the same as the Uighurs.

The picture at the end with the blond "European" Russian kids looks like one of my family photo from 100 years ago:)


All I want for the super bowl is for the blimp to pull a Hindenberg on the half time show.


While I would enjoy the emotions of a big rally, the logistics and threat level would make me nervous. There are mentally ill people who are being stoked daily by the media and even (some) elected officials to see Trump as Hitler. I already fear for his life in his day to day duties. I have no doubt it would result in a huge outpouring from the other side leading to clashes and physical altercations.

Do you think the troops are discouraged? I'm very happy with how things are going with a few exceptions...

I want the leakers exposed and fired. I want Bush's judge to be overturned and humiliated. I want Congress to man up and do whatever it takes to push through Trump's appointees and agenda.

Otherwise, I'm good!


Sources, sources

On the evening of Saturday, Jan. 28, as airport protests raged over President Trump’s executive order on immigration, the man charged with implementing the order, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, had a plan. He would issue a waiver for lawful permanent residents, a.k.a. green-card holders, from the seven majority-Muslim countries whose citizens had been banned from entering the United States.

White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon wanted to stop Kelly in his tracks. Bannon paid a personal and unscheduled visit to Kelly’s Department of Homeland Security office to deliver an order: Don’t issue the waiver. Kelly, according to two administration officials familiar with the confrontation, refused to comply with Bannon’s instruction. That was the beginning of a weekend of negotiations among senior Trump administration staffers that led, on Sunday, to a decision by Trump to temporarily freeze the issuance of executive orders.

DHS Sec Kelly to Bannon: You're "not in chain of command," Kelly "would have to hear from the president directly."

Another Bob

Jimmy, media still controls the imagery. Supporters rallying would be depicted in the worst light possible.

The strategy seems to be going around media, and making their lies a bunch of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It's worked so far. They're making fools of themselves.

What you're looking for is out there, just not MSM.


By the time I am done with you liberals, you'll be begging me to go golfing.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

The Week in Pictures: Trump Train Keeps On Rolling Edition


Hillary's shadow...

Sandy --First 100-- Daze


Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Survey sez: TRUE .



Washington Examiner ‏@dcexaminer
JUST IN: Justice Department seeking emergency stay of federal judge's order to protect immigration action http://washex.am/2l79xo2
Embedded image

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

...and at minimum wage ! What's up with that ?

Captain Hate

It was on teachers as revolutionaries and the need for teachers to teach students not based on the world that exists.

Hmmm, that sounds like what would happen if you put somebody like Bill Ayers in a position of influence.


Hey sbw, how's the snow in your neck of the woods? I see that Oswego county has had 59". That would be pretty much over Robert Reich's head.

Captain Hate

J is for Jerusalem, which under my presidency would have belonged solely to the Palistoneagers.

K is for the Klan and my hero Sheets Byrd.


L is for lithium, that helps me get through the day.


Trump has been busy for the last two weeks, but he has barely made a dent in the money changer's tables.

Nonetheless, the money changers know their days are numbered. They aren't going to pull any punches fighting the battle.

Don't be surprised, this is going to get very ugly.


M is for Martini, the breakfast of champions.

Captain Hate

M is for Minnesota that was still dumb enough to vote for me.


Aussie PM says..."d'oh!"

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Via Powerline:

How is it playing out in Australia?

There are now 830 comments on the linked article (paywalled, The Australian), and these are the top 22 in order from the list ordered according to “Top Comments” and there was no need to have stopped there.

1) Chronology is important here.

1. 10 months out from US presidential election, Turnbull visits US. He meets Hillary and snubs Trump.
2. In the weeks leading up to US presidential election, Turnbull does a deal with a dead duck President.
3. Turnbull and Obama agree to not announce it (hide the deal) until the US presedential election is over. They both want Hillary to get up, and the deal would be excellent ammunition for Trump in a campaign dominated by illegal immigration.
4. Trump wins. Turnbull panics.
5. Turnbull has to call Greg Norman to find out how to get in touch with Trump.
6. Turnbull announces deal publicly 5 days later, and before he has spoken to Trump about it.
7. Trump understandably gives him a smack down on the phone.
8. Turnbull spins the phone call, and in desperation to announce something good in his otherwise failing Prime Ministership, announces the deal as done.
9. Trump is annoyed that Turnbull couldn’t keep quiet. Trump has been placed in a contradictory position that could damage him politically.
10. Trump gives Turnbull a smack down on Twitter, and leaks the phone call to return the favour.

The problem exists because of Turnbull, and Turnbull alone.
– At no point has Turnbulll invested in a personal relationship with Trump. Mostly because he exists in the same elitist bubble as people who predicted a thumping Hillary win.
– He did a sneaky deal with left wingers and helped hide it from voters in the US.
– He then tried to pump his own political fortunes up and didn’t care about the damage it might do to Trump.

(the above is only the first comment. Go to the link to read more.)

Beasts of England

GoPro highlights of the FLW Tour yesterday. The dude at about 1:27 (Blake Nick) is fishing at the mouth of my slough. And he reels in a lunker!

The leader after Day 2 has a ten fish haul of 42.9lbs., for a 4lbs., 5oz. average. Nice!!



A Dr ExSeuss book in the making.


Has everyone seen the Der Spiegel cover with Trump holding the head from a decapitated Statue of Liberty? https://pjmedia.com/trending/2017/02/03/anti-trump-hysteria-and-the-visual-arts/

Janet S.

THis video of Tucker with a Sierra Club spokesguy is good - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzZm8nF6v6U

Sierra Club - for open borders, abortion, & the transgender agenda.


Hmm. Clearer?
"I have assurances the acting AG will not enforce", etc

Captain Hate

Levin is way off base in criticizing Trump over this Turnbull snafu; he needs to walk this [redacted] back. His default position is Australia is our friend and shouldn't be snubbed. It's a bit more specific than that, Mark.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

(P4: JimNorCal, couldn't read the upper part of your re-sized image. Please try 320 X 240. I use https://postimage.io/)

Janet S.

Love the pic @ 9:03.

"And to think that they’re blaming not the ones conducting the assault, but the targets of the assaults as the source of this anger. It is as if the left is telling America, since you didn’t vote how we wanted you to, you shall suffer the consequences of our anger, our savagery."



Sandy: here's 600/400

Captain Hate

N is for Nazi, which is what we call our opponents.

O is for Omertà, under which our Foundation operates.

Captain Hate

P is for Pathway to Citizenship, which I want to give to every lawbreaking lowlife.

Q is for Questions, which I'm incapable of honestly answering.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze


I spent a LOT of time with Aussies during the unpleasantness in Iraq. I would bet to a man (and a few women as well) they would very strongly criticize Turnbull's actions. Not right.

I've discussed an analogy with many Aussie friends, that Australia and America are like Great Britain 2.0

...and that, in actuality if a "special relationship" at all exists, that "special relationship" exists between Australia and America much more strongly than between Great Britain and America.

In every one of America's military adventures, every one, Australia has been by our side.

The Aussies I discussed this idea with all agreed.

Brits will always feel the role of parent.

Our mutual foundings were not entirely dissimilar; America was a place of escape for those at odds with the crown, and Australian was originally a penal colony.

buccaneer morgan

Trumbull is a back stabbing weasel, he's best known for unseating the honorable tony abbott

Captain Hate

R is for Reagan, the worst of the worst.

S is for Stalin, my kind of moderate.


Trump: "The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned!

heh. I would guess 9th circuit today, Kennedy's desk Monday.

Captain Hate

Thanks for those comments, Sandy; none of them are surprising.

Janet S.

Planned Parenthood purges prenatal care from websites after Live Action investigation

"Since the release of Live Action’s Prenatal Deception Investigation, followed by our Ultrasounds Used for Killing Investigation, we have shown that with few exceptions, the only service Planned Parenthood offers to pregnant women is abortion. It is time for the media and politicians to stop advancing Planned Parenthood’s propaganda that they are a healthcare organization."


Captain Hate

T is for Tyranny, which the voters rejected.

U is for Useless, which my idiot daughter was to my campaign.

buccaneer morgan

My late Philly cop friend, told of the aussies he encountered back during the Vietnam war.

Captain Hate

V is for Verification, which is missing from the Iran deal.

W is for Whores, which my husband pursues.

buccaneer morgan

And quartz has a good piece about cannon, since they actually Raf his work.

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

V is for victory which I'll never realize

W is for White House whisky which I really miss

Captain Hate

X is for Xenophobes, who hate my dear sweet Huma.

Y is for the Youths, who let me down on November 8.

Z is for Zippy, who also wrecked my campaign.


PowerLine week in pictures.
The images are nicely sized ...



jimmyk: Hey sbw, how's the snow in your neck of the woods?

Fresh, clean, and beautiful! Four inches today -- enough new snow to cover up the dirty snow.

Now two miles north, on the Tug Hill Plateau, is another matter. Tons of lake effect snow. But they have the machines to move it and places to put it.

My son, his wife, and her family are on the road today (8 hours) returning from Quebec snow mobiling. Lovely with wide open snowmobile superhighways.

[I will have the 9HP snowblower out today to clear their driveway. Having the right tools helps.]


X is for Xerox, the 9 layer machine I may need to use

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

February 3, 2017

A Bannon Apologia
by Austin Ruse

There's a lot, a LOT or chaff in the air about Bannon. I thought this piece in Crisis was pretty good counterpoint.

You're welcome, Buckeye and Cap'n

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Inside the White House-Cabinet battle over Trump’s immigration order
Whetehr 100% true or 50% true, I find the linked account neitehr surprising nor worrisome. In fact, it is a healthy sign and bodes well. Lots of elbows under the basket.
The final para:

"If the White House is now serious about working with the Cabinet, that’s a positive sign and means that this series of events had a constructive impact on policymaking. But there’s a good chance that this won’t be the last time Kelly, Mattis and Tillerson will have to confront Bannon and Miller. Score their first battle as a tie."
IN my view, the WH was always serious about working with the cabinet, but 45 has to have a cabinet to work with in order to do that. Always some maneuvering at the beginning as roles, responsibilities, and authorities are sorted out. NBD.

But the comments are entire moonbattery !

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This article has a list of 20 refugees who conspired to commit acts of terror after they were admitted to the US. The list was compiled by Senator Jeff Sessions when Obama discussed upping the bumbers of Syrian refugees:


Captain Hate

Is there a more ironically named group than MoveOn.org?

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Seen elsewhere:

buccaneer morgan

They wee squirrel and coverup. But that isn't alliterative enough.

buccaneer morgan

Fake news sandy, we know the eo passed old vetting, and it was pursuant to a narrow legislative ban.


Transcript of DT's first weekly address reflects his priorities. He hosted black leaders at the WH last week, the beginning of Black History Month, and said:

"America can really never, ever rest until children of every color are fully included in the American Dream—so important. I think, probably, one of my most and maybe my most important goal. It is our mutual duty and obligation to make sure this happens"

Janet S.

Americans have been fed so much hooey over the years by the MFM....

*Sierra Club - for open borders, abortion, & the transgender agenda.

*It is time for the media and politicians to stop advancing Planned Parenthood’s propaganda that they are a healthcare organization."

*PETA isn't about saving animals - from 2013 - "PETA, considered by many to be the highest-profile animal rights group in the country, kills an average of about 2,000 dogs and cats each year at its animal shelter here."


Is it Big League or Bush League?

Get me synth testosterone...stat!



Josh Blackman ‏@JoshMBlackman
Instant Analysis Nationwide Injunction in Washington v. Trump

There is no real analysis here. The order merely repeats the headers of Washington’s brief. Why are they likely to succeed on the merits? Who knows. Why is parens patriae a valid basis for standing here, even though courts have rejected this principle since Massachusetts v. Mellon (see Virginia v. Sebelius)? No answer. What is the limiting principle if a stated is injured when a federal action is “inflicted upon the operations and missions of [a state’s] public universities and other institutions of higher learning, as well as injury to the States’ operations, tax bases, and public funds”? No clue.

Even in times of conflict, courts have a duty to explain their reasoning through written opinions. This falls far, far short of that standard. Further, unlike the Airport Cases, which were decided in wee hours after the executive order was issued, the court here had several days to think about these issues. Such a momentous decision warrants some analysis.

I’ll close on a delicious note of irony (this section copies from a post I wrote a few days ago).


Oh boy

Omri Ceren
Omri Ceren – ‏@omriceren

Iran Carries Out New Missile Tests After Trump Imposes Sanctions http://buff.ly/2kzHXmM


Federal judges should pace themselves.

We have a hung SCOTUS and rope a dope presidunce.

Can't Trump just fire that judge?

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch

And this week and January's warm weather have the dogwoods blooming early. I should change my moniker to rse, the sneezing machine.

My daffodils are in full bloom. :(

And I have 200 more that I haven't gotten into the ground yet. Today's task..

buccaneer morgan

Yogi has cut back the extra barking by 50%,


Steph-I can remember more than one snowstorm when I was growing up in atlanta where the daffodils would be taller than the snow that had fallen.

I also think that all the super bowl parties during a peak time for the flu will probably truly kick it into high gear in about a week.


rse...I'm glad Atlanta fans are enjoying the hype and fanfare leading up to the game. No matter the outcome, you have a fine football team in Atlanta!

AB...no not paranoid, pissed off and looking for revenge.

I don't think the Falcon's D can stop the Pats. I'm predicting a Pats win by 14.

Off to do some chores


Yogi has cut back the extra barking by 50%,

Yogi is smarter than the average troll.

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch

Yep. Daffodils are hardy.

Double yep on the flu. Tis why we are staying home for the game.

Plus we will be painting all weekend. About to head out now to run errands. The grocery store should be fun. NOT.

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