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February 05, 2017



maryrose, he misses Boston, but as his girlfriend who is now his fiancee lives and works in DC, his purpose for moving there-- to determine if they got along as well on a daily basis, as they did every-other-weekend--has been met.

Heck, I miss Boston, and it's been 33 years since I lived there. Not sure I'd feel as fondly about it had we stayed.


This is probably the next news flash from CBS now that the mystery of the origins of the Statue of Liberty have been resolved.

On to the Gateway Arch...


Lots to be said for being able to put on a pair of pj's as soon as you get home from work, Beasts, and decide that dinner is going to be wine and cheese.

Congratulations in advance. Anybody we know? ;-)


Is gosurch a "so-called" judge or a real one?
Perhaps we should ask Putin for help here?

Account Deleted

"There are a lot of nuts that go there though..." re: Bard College

Lot more nuts earning premium salaries there too.

Consider my buttons pushed as a former admin/faculty adjunct in "hire ed."

My dear niece is a second year student at Bard College. Was disappointed (silently, mind you) when she "created her own major" in (wait for it) "Dance Therapy."

Was further disappointed when her first year seminar class had her writing papers on "topics I never studied" (as a graduate of Los Angeles public schools)... such as "the US Constitution as a living document."

Oy vey.

She just returned from a one month from a "design your own" service learning internship via a church charity in India where her troupe put on a dance clinic for rural poor kids.

Had a week to tour a region of the Himalayas. Nearly died from a stomach parasite. Is back at school.

Lost 30 pounds and looks like death. Had never traveled outside of Europe. "It was eyeopening."

Her academic advisor thought it was "way cool."

Fortunately for her, we had a conversation before she flew over with her re medical care and hospital access while in Delhi (be on the correct side of the river and a phone number for a specific hotel with connections to a quality hospital in case of emergencies--- they recently saved the life of a good buddy who's bike crash abrasions became deadly by infection). She was airlifted from the hinterlands and hospitalized for a week. No talk and she'd a been a goner.

School and parents did not advise to this degree of specificity....gave her a "What to Pack" list and engaged in a full-court liberal press of adulation. Sad.

The school will be issuing academic credit for her write up (which student's family pays for with the feather going into Bard's marketing materials).

When asked what I thought, as she was "designing" the experience, I mentioned it sounded similar to the Peace Corps.

She'd never heard of that organization.

Advising resources at Bard seem to be similar to those at Hampshire College, Bennington (VT) College and other big-ticket liberal small college bastions: design whatever you want in a vacuum and we'll charge you over $20,000 annually for the privilege.


The answer, jor, was "the USS Cole."


It's way more than that--Mr. Google says at Bard:

Fees, First-Year Students, Returning Resident, Returning Off-Campus. Tuition 1*, $50,704, $50,704, $50,704. Room and Board 2, 14,540, 14,540,

Beasts of England

Thought I had a winner last year, anonamom, but she liked me too much and was entirely too nice to me. Not kidding...

Captain Hate

Two things, KK:

1. One day I got a phone call from from my daughter at Bard in high dudgeon, "My English teacher said I should go to a writing tutor and I don't want to go." "Listen to me, young lady; I am ordering you to go see that tutor for as long as it takes. Your mother and I screamed at your high school teachers that you didn't know how to construct a coherent sentence and they responded like irresponsible idiots who didn't give a damn about your ability." I then got Mrs H on the phone who reinforced my advice. After a few short sessions her writing ability was at A+ level.

2. You can get very good medical care in Delhi.

Account Deleted

The Conway gaffe is the shiny squirrel for Left Media:


Jim Eagle

Calvert-Woodley liquor was my go to for wine and booze. I would get off the Van Ness metro stop and it was right there waiting for my purchases. Sometimes I would get off in Friendship Heights and hit Chads. It was never as good as Duke Zeibert's or the doppelgänger, Mel Krupins. But the pickles were exceptional.


So no one has taken me up on my math quiz question. Hint: "score" was a ref to its archaic use...

On another note, I'm still trying to wrap my head around Beasts settling down sometime in '17. 😎

Account Deleted

Uh, ya. Bard is over $20,000 annually in tuition and fees.

My consumer orientation divides colleges into two categories: $20,000 annually or under; and, OVER $20,000.

Kiplinger was our guide to ranking institutions based on cost. One of several criteria.

Macalester is nearly $80,000 for a sum total estimate on *everything* to send Baby Boy Kid there for one year. His full academic scholarship leaves about $20K in support costs.


Tutors at "Mac" are outstanding. So far, the career and work-learning advising is sub-par. (I worked in that field for 12 years).

Medical care in St Paul is awesome: *on both sides of the Ganges Mississippi. ;)

Beasts of England

lol, lyle!!

I'm watching one of the FLW finalists in my slough again. He's trolling the drop-off and is hitting constantly, but no upgrades yet. He has seven spectator boats behind him, and if his boat were white, it'd be like watching the OJ chase. :)

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

I can hardly read the news today.

We win & STILL we are not allowed to win.
One black robed nitwit gets to stop 'We the People'. The desires of citizens of OTHER COUNTRIES are given priority over the desires of the citizens of THE UNITED STATES.
Why does a Syrian get to cancel my vote?

It was the same with redefining marriage. WE did the hard work in state after state after state & the people voted NO on redefining marriage....but some judges got the last say.

IT is beyond sickening.


Janet -- I think you favor a dictatorship over rule of law. Just say it. Saybtrump should drone attack the judge like Putin would do.

I guess instead of the Obama apology tour we have trump destroying all American credibility.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 3m3 minutes ago

Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!


After eight years of Zippy, America's "credibility" was in tatters, dipshit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

ald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 53s53 seconds ago

I have instructed Homeland Security to check people coming into our country VERY CAREFULLY. The courts are making the job very difficult!
301 replies 747 retweets 3,269 likes

buccaneer morgan

Yes Janet, no paper bothers to cite the law that Obama signed with underlies the order.


Janet, exactly what WI has been like since 2011. It may take a decade, but eventually the wins pile up.

Account Deleted



Another Bob (re your at 10.32): read Sanandaji's 'Debunking Utopia', which builds on that thought toi suggest not only is homogeneity a prereq to socialistic co-operation, but also a long history of mutual reliance to cope with a harsh shared environment.
And further, the scandi's have now given up on socialism because it doesn't work even then! heh

Beasts of England

Obama is the only President to have killed American citizens via drone without due process, jor. Try again.

buccaneer morgan

Shipwrecked crew, a prosecutor on the west coast at 9:49 am, points out the administration rationale


I know what you mean it is frustrating.
Judge in Washington gets his 15 minutes and we an pay an enormous price.I still think we can check visas and stop issuing new ones.
Also they better have those green cards in order.
President Trump can stop new Syrians from entering.Just don't issue anymore refugee entrance cards.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO, we need a 24/7 365 day investigation why any American would vote for her until the day she has no more access to taxpayer money.


Remember she was in charge http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/04/exclusive-house-intelligence-it-staffers-fired-in-computer-security-probe/#ixzz4XjzzYIzt


CH-The Diva is a very good writer because I hired a multiple time STAR teacher from a private school to come once a week starting in 6th grade and "do an old-fashioned college prep" orientation once a week for an hour. The Diva was angry at first and said she did not need a tutor. After one week of a knowledge oriented conversation she was hooked and this lasted through her college essays senior year.

Junior year in high school the IB English teacher who really loved the idea of levelling kids went to the AP World teacher (the gateway AP course that is in 10th grade). She complained that someone had taught one of her students how to write and she wanted to know if he knew anything. He just smiled and said "she is the youngest of three and both her siblings can write."

He did not point out he had a copy of my book.

Jim Eagle

I would offer evreyone from the 7 countries a BLT as soon as they get off the plane.

The ones who accept are Christians and considered vetted.



per lukersusie's 2.32: there's a lot of Coughlin in there


the annoying thing about the BOR /DJT thing is the sloppy use of terms that pervades even ostensibly non-biased media. By "killer", does BOR mean "murderer" or "murderer of his political rivals" or what?

pols - even, or rather especially The big D - need to learn how to resist answering questions until they have insisted on having the questioner clarify their terms.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

As far as I am concerned, Threadkiller had the winning response to the criticism up above.

I still think that "We came, we saw, he died! Cackle,cackle!" was one of the most reprehensible and chilling comments ever made by a US government official.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 11m11 minutes ago

I will be interviewed by @oreillyfactor at 4:00 P.M. (prior to the #SuperBowl Pre-game Show) on Fox Network. Enjoy!
1,136 replies 863 retweets 4,525 likes

Jim Eagle

exdemocrat reminds to ask in an informal poll how many here are Ex-Democrats?

I am. Met JFK and LBJ as a member of the Young Democrats before I went into the AF. That epiphany brought me closer to my Dad and away from my Mom. She never forgave me but always showed me her maternal love. Irish to the core and could never consider a Republican point of view.

Who else? I know MM is one.

buccaneer morgan

That was at the quixotic Californian prosecutor blog, now moonlighting at mauve state.

James D

She complained that someone had taught one of her students how to write and she wanted to know if he knew anything.

That "teacher" is a criminal and ought to be put up against a wall and shot.

buccaneer morgan

Apparently just being a congressman like mcclintock is crimethink.


I was too. I am embarrassed it took HRC's husband's disgusting behavior---actually, it was the support of his Cabinet--to cause me to question exactly who they are. Then I started to pay attention to what they espoused.

I'm not sure how my father let me go so long. He ran in the R primary for US rep in '88, and was a delegate to a couple of national conventions.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jack is right.

After 4 years of Carter, I voted for Reagan. I had voted for Carter in 1976, and for McGovern when he ran.

However, 4 years of Carter with increasing misery (gas lines, beef shortage, extra-high mortgage interest, giving away the Pnama Canal, pardoning the draft dodgers, etc.) culminated in the iranian hostage crisis.

That's all I could take. I can remember exactly when my thinking started to change: the Lake Placid Olympics and the Miracle on Ice.

By the time November rolled around, I thought "I am voting for Reagam He can't be any worse and at least he isn't embarrassing." And that is what I did.

I have not voted for a democrat since. Their candidates ave only gotten worse since Jimmy Carter, and the people who are the public face of the party are Marxist in outlook. Nope. Mot going to vote for one, even locally.

Jim Eagle

I am hnot a Kevin Williamson fan but I could have written this essay.

How old are you?


I am old enough to no dark frorm light and danger from freedom.

How old are you?

Jim Eagle

anyone else hate autocorrect as much as I?

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

How to get Mexico to pay for the wall.




The illegals that are here aren't going anywhere, IMO. The IRS isn't doing anything about the stolen SS numbers so they just keep hiding in plain sight. Just have the IRS mail the checks to whatever account they are using to pay for the wall.

buccaneer morgan

It is dirk mujuc conjured on Mt doom, any other question?


Autocorrect is getting worse over time.

Jim Eagle

Just found out from Mrs. JiB that the Belgian ambassador to the USA is an old family friend. In fac, when she was 8, had a crush on his brother and the families would vacation together.

The things you you don't know.

buccaneer morgan

Its like that chatbot that went skynet Henry.

buccaneer morgan

Staypuft has had practically no influence In this administration, and he shows us why.


JiB - you mean i'm NOT the only gay in the village?? ;-)


Jack still hangs out at Comet Ping Pong, exdemocrat


Super Bowl thread... new & stuff.

Jim Eagle


Tony plays golf with Zippy. Enough said but I still appreciate the bandwagon when everyone gets on.


In my village we are all Hitlers.


Pelosi should just fly over to Syria and have tea with her good friends Assad again, to try to find out what Russia has on Trump.


Autocorrect is a scam which routes everything you type through Apple's filters.

buccaneer morgan

The guardian allowed a federalist columnist, John davidson, to speak favorably about trump, what fresh hell is this?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


After selling us the dystopian vision of America for the last 2 years, sudenly everything is pretty much OK?

I have a pretty sunny view of life, but I know too well how many blue collar workers are struggling. The proof, if nothing else, is that Trump won Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The super Bowl stadium is full of contest winners and corproate guests. It isn't that there are that many people who can afford to pay for a $4500 seat; it is that there are a lot of people who can write it off on their taxes.

I sense a new strategy, in which most of President Trump's proposals aren't really needed, because things just aren't that bad and besides, he isn't really conservative and he speaks with a Queens accent.

Nope. Not getting suckered in. Things may look fine to some people, but under the surface there are a lot of people struggling.

An example would be me wearing my old L.L. Bean coat, with British tartan scarf, and carrying my Coach handbag, only to go into Aldi's and buy the $2.89 bottle of wine.

Things are not always what they seem.

Account Deleted

Another reason for me to root for the Pats today.... the world's Greatest Raider, Howie Long, has a son, Chris, who's playing DE for NE.

Another connection. Have a great game Chris. You sacrificed a lot in your years with the hapless Rams.

The Long family: ONE CLASS ACT!


I read that L.L. Bean supported Trump.


I could easily spend several thousand dollars at LL Bean in the course of a few minutes.


I hope that McConnell gets badly spanked for his stupidity.

Captain Hate

KK, are we talking about New Delhi, India?

jor, give me the legal basis for your so called black robed tyrant's ruling. Be specific and show your work. I need some halftime entertainment.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

The list just goes on and on:


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

They just multiply like illegal voters.



You can feel Congressional Republicans beginning to move away from Trump( who looks like Julius Caesar, happily strolling toward the Senate).

When it come to invoking the 25th timing is everything.Move too early and you risk alienating too much of the base...move too late and you forfeit the Whitehouse in 20.

Got to be timed...just....right.


What an amazing day. I wake up to a nice hot pot of coffee & was fortunate to read one of the best Clarice's Pieces evah!

I'm about ready to hit the sack after the NE Patriots made a tremendous comeback to win the Superbowl.

Just saw a commercial showing some troops overseas seeing their loved ones via video feed from the game! I cried happy tears! I take comfort in knowing they are safer today than they had been for all those years under the direction of an incompetent race-baiting fool along with his sidekick for a Sec of State, Goebbles Clinton.

I changed my party registration from Democrat to Republican back in 1999.
I couldn't forgive Dems after what was done to Justice Bork, then Clarence Thomas, President Bush, and far too many others Dems attempted to destroy.
The straw that broke the camel's back was what they decided to do after voting to send troops into harm's way following 9-11. Despicable, gutless & deliberate without a thought to the impact such antics might have.
I hope Pelosi & the rest of those AHs get thrown out of office on their lying duffs. Pox on their houses for what they've allowed these many years. They're all two-faced lying sacks of donkey dung is what they are & their behavior proves they're absolutely deplorable IMHO.

Keep up the good work & I hope y'all have a great week!

Texas Liberty Gal

Really enjoyed catching up on this thread when we got home from watching the SuperBowl with our son's family. Especially enjoyed reading the comments about the 1st 3 quarters knowing what happened in the 4th. So glad the Patriots won. And Lady Gaga was awesome! Displayed patriotism, actually said the words "under God" and she gave a shout out to her parents. It was a magnificent production and all the performers were dressed modestly compared to previous SuperBowls. Very fun enjoyable evening.

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