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February 05, 2017



If you think the WB does not matter the State of Massachusetts it a partner with WB, UNESCO, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and quite a few countries like Korea and Australia in the Center for Curriculum Redesign.

It's all connected now. Demonstrably with virtually all the think tanks actively engaged in the deceit. At least the think tanks on the Left like Brookings, CAP, or PolicyLink are upfront with their plans.

Captain Hate

Between yesterday's game and the black robed tyrant's specious excuse for casuistry rse linked, I'm really having a hard time restraining myself on profanity.

buccaneer morgan

Yes yogi didn't leave such a mess, in the 80s realizing they couldnt force a furman abolition, the left took a bankshot the bAldus study to challenge the death penalty

Captain Hate

“In the exercise of its broad power over immigration and naturalization,” wrote the Court, “Congress regularly makes rules that would be unacceptable if applied to citizens.”

That's because citizenship means something which the last eight year disaster did its best to ignore. The billions of foreigners do not have a right to come here without our approval and any argument otherwise is wrong.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, then if you saw McConnell on CNN acting all "Trump, who???", or the continuing leaked stories of Paul Ryan thinking about well, maybe we can "repair " O'care and after all that maybe next year we can think about tax cuts.... that should push you well off the cliff.

Stupendous foolishness.

EB, it's looked upon as a machine, and it's not. How much social disaster before we learn that?


Happy Birthday, JiB. It is also the 106th birthday of the one and only Ronaldus Maximus.

Captain Hate

OL, the RINOs are in their opposition party mode after eight years of craven capitulation. The funny thing is that they don't think we notice and won't toss them out too.

Tick Tock.

Captain Hate



Happy Birthday, JIB!!!

Actually, MM, your link made this Atlanta fan feel a little better. I also had no idea there was some "white supremacy" aspect to the Super Bowl.


the reason why those adverts were made, I am guessing, is because there is a demand. The success of "50 Shades of Gray" both book and movie, and the sequels to both, the sequel movie just hitting the cinemas now or in the proximate future. I have not seen the nor read any of it, but apparently there is a yuge market for that type of fare:

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sales Hit 100 Million (book)

USD $570 Million boxoffice (cinema)


If you didn't read the Schlichter piece that lurkersusie linked at 8:36. worth the time.

Mrs. Buckeye's conservative gal pal that has the three libtard kids were perfectly tolerant of mom's "crazy" conservative leanings while Zero was in power.

Now that Trump has the reins, and conservatives are in power, her kids are giving their mother a really hard way to go. Either have quit talking to her or are abusive when they do.

I think things are going to get uglier, sooner rather than later.


Happy Birthday Jack!


Howie: Yes, I figured it was a 50 Shades tie-in. Still unacceptable.

buccaneer morgan

Yes 1984, its an instruction manual for them


... the RINOs are in their opposition party mode after eight years of craven capitulation.

Trump needs to ride roughshod over anyone impeding what he was elected to do. The first 100 days or so is critical, time is of the essence.


Looking for news of riots in Atlanta but coming up blank. No surprise. Apparently, it's news in Boston that police made no arrests and no rioting occurred. I'd hate to think what losing bigly would mean there.

Jim Eagle

Many thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

Beside Reagan, Babe Ruth and Superman (George Reeves) were also born on 2/6. Pretty good company.

Watching Brady presser after Goodell presented the MVP trophy to him which ironically is a deflated Sterling silver football.

He ducked the question about his relationship with Goodell and talked instead about his team-mates and other positive things.

That 4th Q and OT were greatest combination of athleticism and determination I have ever seen on the football field.

Up next - Belichick.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

Kurt Schlichter -

"So the only outcome is that one side wins and the other loses. There’s no truce to be had, no possibility of a tie. And the frightening thing is that the Left is so foolish, so stuck in its bubble that it has no understanding that it can only push so far before the people with all the guns and all the training push back. That’s the problem with kids who were raised on participation trophies and who never got into a fistfight – they don’t consider the possibility that they will lose, and lose hard."

another related quote -

"It’s time to burn our boats, letting everyone know that retreat from those who want to destroy us is not an option. Our enemies are all in, and, sooner or later, we will have to join them in that perspective. I believe that our enemies know they can’t beat us in a heads-up battle, but they believe that, over time, we will eventually just cede the battlefield to them." ~ Troy Marshall

Miss Marple the Deplorable

rse, here's supporting evidence for what you are saying:

Chuck Schumer Verified account

Great Super Bowl ads this yr. Shows the country is moving in the right direction: pro-women, pro-environment, pro-immigrant, pro-diversity.


It is obvious Schumer knew the tenor of most of the ads. I didn't watch the game, but from comments I see they were heavily leaning in the sjw direction, and they got a LOT of complaints on Twitter.

The interesting thing to me is how they convinced the corporations that this was the way to go. Seems to me that pitching ads like this to a company like 84 Lumber must have ivolved some amount of deception on how popular the ad would be. Same for Anheuser-Busch (now owned by a Belgian Company, which may not care).

Some of the companies are large enough that they can withstand one insulting ad appearance, but smaller companies like 84 Lumber may see a real drop in business.

I never forget that David Axelrod was an advertising guy. The ad agencies are full of leftists.

Captain Hate

Glad you're on the team, box; I agree with you.


Happy Birthday Jack!!! Good to see Capn' and Jack both here this morn.
I was driving yesterday and I heard "Beds are burning" by the LIBTASTIC "Midnight Oil", followed by CAPN JACK by Billy Joel.

I thought of JOM immmediately.


Maybe the ads were cut when Hillary was considered sure to win and her "Stronger Together" theme to be triumphant.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding the tie-in to 50 Shades of gray, I watched this excellent discussion of current popular culture this morning by Paul Joseph Watson.

I do recommend it and it ties in the social justice warriors to the sameness and plasticity and vulgarity of currnt popular culture. Very thought provoking and interesting.


Texas Liberty Gal

'I think her patriotism was actually a lecture to us that we should be ashamed for even thinking that anyone should be kept out of our country.'

Nah - her career has been on the downswing and her last album tanked. If you want to be cynical that's probably a better reason.


DebinNC: Perhaps. I think they were intended to be a poke in the eye to Trump voters. Otherwise, they would have been more celebratory rather than preachy.


Huge lefty push to destroy Breitbart driving adverisers away using Stasi tactics. Link to "Sleeping Giants" at the bottom of the article leads to a spreadsheet of the many companies who've bowed the knee in fear.


I think Gaga deserves some credit for making use of the non-selling clothes from the David Bowie estate sale.


Texas Liberty, isn't it ironic that smelly Marxist Libtard dimbulbs, the LEAST PATRIOTIC imaginable are trying to VIRTUE SIGNAL how being UNPATRIOTIC is actually PATRIOTISM.
Allowing NON-AMERICANS to come to AMERICA illegally and stay....is PATRIOTIC?

Only in Bizarro Libtard world.

Captain Hate

Nah - her career has been on the downswing and her last album tanked. If you want to be cynical that's probably a better reason.

Being invited to the Super Bowl halftime (LOL @ idiot Buck calling it "the musical event of the year") means your career is circling the bowl.

Clarice Feldman

Happy Birthday, JiB.Many more.

Here's a present for you:http://donsurber.blogspot.com/2017/02/what-super-bowl-taught-nfl.html?spref=tw

Glad you're back, JMH. If you're like me it'll take you days to get over jet lag from HI.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Lady GaGa is about a trillion times more talented and intelligent than Madonna.--

The atmosphere on Mars is about a trillion times as dense as the vacuum of space but its still useless. :)


Maybe the ads were cut when Hillary was considered sure to win and her "Stronger Together" theme to be triumphant.

Probably, but Maggie Hardy Magerko, who is the CEO of 84 Lumber is a libtard who can't resist spending the families money to promote her favorite causes.

She will probably get the message when "regular guy" starts taking his business to Lowes or Home Depot.



Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Someone should graph album sales (or however things arecounted nowadays) vs when you get a Super Bowl invite.

Given the numbers of people who fit the category you describe, maybe it would provide a graphic and predictor of who next would be invited.

And given that, maybe stars wouldn't want to do it asit would show them in a "has-been" category.

And then maybe wecould go back to marching bands.

Make Half-time Great Again!

Captain Hate

Maggie Hardy Magerko, who is the CEO of 84 Lumber is a libtard who can't resist spending the families money to promote her favorite causes.

She probably thinks all her customers listen to Brooooooce as the voice of the regular guy.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple, it would be hard to outdo the performance of The Who lurching around the stage with their boilers unconstrained by their shirts.


Having the cast of "Hamilton" be part of half-time was an overt and intentional FU to Trump and his supporters.


She probably thinks all her customers listen to Brooooooce as the voice of the regular guy.

She also owns and runs Nemacolin Resort which ManTran says has a very nice Sporting Clays course. So maybe some redeeming qualities.


Janet Jackson has changed a wee bit, since she showed her boob at the Super Bowl.
And NO, Justin Timberlake is not her BOOB.


From our Chitown lurker, a nice diversion.


Having the cast of "Hamilton" be part of half-time was an overt and intentional FU to Trump and his supporters.

I am happy to report that I completely and utterly failed to pick them out, even though I knew ahead of time they were supposed to be there.

Account Deleted

"Never bet on sports."

Never bet on horses. ;)

I feel your pain though, CH.

On the other hand, everything has its way.

My Uncle Johnny owned a saloon in north Hollywood for a number of years.

Betting on Super Bowls was a personal favorite of his. He taught me six things about betting the Super Bowl:

First rule: Always bet with the house's money. It is the only ca$h one can "afford" to lose.

Second rule: Always make the wager with a fan of the team I'm picking to lose.

Third rule: Always bet up or down winner not points.

Fourth rule: Always bet the final score; avoid betting on quarters; no "pools" (for fools).

Fifth rule: Always bet to win not to make a killing.

Sixth rule: Handicap teams not myself. (People tend to bet based on how much they hate "that other team."

I began betting on Super Bowls the first year the Raiders won against Minnesota and have never looked back. 35-5 w/l record.


MM-the advertising companies were early users of the behavioral science research on framing that is now the focus of the bulk of K-12 education. Instead of facts, students are provided with concepts and ideas they are to use as 'lenses' for interpreting how the world works.

CAGW, diversity, Islam is a religion of peace, no downside to living wages for all are all examples of principles or Enduring Understandings that students are to use in interpreting the world. Trump is Hitler and Hillary is wonderful are other examples.

Guiding Fictions is the phrase used and it means an idea that will prompt and motivate desired behaviors even if it's not factually true. When CH shared his frustrations with one of his children or MRS buckeye's friend with hers or your granddaughter, they have all been trained from an early age to view the world differently. It's now a Habit of Mind.

We are back using the template first created in the early 60s, except this time there is no Cold War to get in the way of the best laid plans. Islam is in the way, but that's why it gets lied about.

What's Plan B?

What? By ignoring it it will go away? Lying about it will still let the plan work. I don't understand that, EB.


Lying about it keeps the plan in place and people unconcerned about the true nature of the threats. I find the deceit now as informative as open admissions.

This is a good example. http://www.joanganzcooneycenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/jgcc_stemstartsearly_final.pdf

Page 5 says all this is grounded in Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory. Not news to me, but I know something the teachers and parents do not. BEST is a metaphor, not factual. It is something Urie created while working as a grad student with Soviet psychologists Leontiev and Luria. Leontiev called it the Great Experiment if it could be instilled via education on the unsuspecting West.

Voila! It is and with NSF funding too.

Account Deleted

"Regarding the tie-in to 50 Shades of gray"

My two cents:

Porn has gone mainstream.

Compulsive masturbation fuels demand for porn, especially for oversexed individuals in "committed relationships."

Self-proclaimed monogamy doesn't work without spiritual committment based on truth, no matter what.

My evidence: listening to the girls yammer on at parties here in Berkeley, making jokes which suggest their male "partners" have been de-balled by the presence of their battery operated "friend" in the nightstand drawer.

These females are all "mommies" too. Something they have completely sexualized.

They refer to each other as MILFs (mothers-i'd-like to- [redact]).

They all "shop" at "Good Vibrations" here in Berkeley which sells tools. And many insist that it's only fair that they get to penetrate their male "partners." So, snap-on tools are gaining market share.

One of these inane couples actually declared they were not "intentionally celibate" because Dagwood wasn't willing to go buns up for Blondie.

The moral highground aint so moral in lib-land.

All of this is rationalized with their standard feminist creed "Women are sexual creatures in their own right, therefore...."

"50 Shades of Grey" was presaged by the David Lynch softcore BDSM film with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger back in the 1980s "9 1/2 Weeks".

There are a number of Boomer-aged dames out here in Berzerkoland, whom I know, have read "Shades" in their book clubs.

In talking about "Shades" with them (I didn't read it---didn't have to; I could have written it back in the 80s during my drug and drinking debauchery days, based on what the reviews highlighted in the book) they uniformly referred to how "9 1/2 Weeks" affected them and changed their views on sex.

Middle-school girls carry baby pacifiers with them attached to necklace chains. Asked one of them, this was some years ago, why she did it: "Boys think it's hot."

Oh. (Because it is standard issue gear for "slut shaming." 12 years old!)

The BDSM angle, according to our marriage and family therapist pal, in casual and committed relationships alike is based on deep-seated inferiority complexes among dominants and submissives alike.

Think "pink pussy hat" marches. They might as well have been wearing shackles and whipping each other.

The book wasn't written for a male-driven market.
But, it still takes two to tango no matter how they define their "gender."

There is a cure: mass deprivation of some sort where survival vs affluence becomes commonplace.

Account Deleted

RE:"Having the cast of "Hamilton" "

Their harmony was off more than once.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


What, as a grandparent, is the best way to counter this? I have no right to go to the schools. I have no tools.

Is there a way to counter this within conversations with youngsters? How can we address this with President Trump and Secretary DeVos?

I need a way to fight this type of thinking. Knowing that this is the plan isn't enough when you are dealing with educators, as you surely know.


My evidence: listening to the girls yammer on at parties here in Berkeley, making jokes which suggest their male "partners" have been de-balled by the presence of their battery operated "friend" in the nightstand drawer.

Are they also fans of the film "Hysteria"?


buccaneer morgan

Hey I'm like yogi in the crate at the new thread over there


Their harmony was off more than once.

Of all the acts, I thought Hamilton's was the worst.

You're right about their harmony.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Whelp, have never been a fan of lady gaga; this evisceration by Camille Paglia has remained since I first read it, back in 2010. Here are some of the best bits from Paglia’s essay,

Lady Gaga and the death of sex:

-- “Although she presents herself as the clarion voice of all the freaks and misfits of life, there is little evidence that she ever was one. Her upbringing was comfortable and eventually affluent, and she attended the same upscale Manhattan private school as Paris and Nicky Hilton.
-- “Gaga has borrowed so heavily from Madonna (as in her latest video-Alejandro) that it must be asked, at what point does homage become theft?
-- “Generation Gaga doesn’t identify with powerful vocal styles because their own voices have atrophied: they communicate mutely via a constant stream of atomised, telegraphic text messages. Gaga’s flat affect doesn’t bother them because they’re not attuned to facial expressions.

Paglia was a BIG fan of Madonna, for that matter--and not that it matters one bit--I was too. But, Madonna was good, innovative, and on top of her game in the 20th C, which, even as the century came to a close, her act began to fray. I remember a conversation with a friend saying Madonna has become a caricature of herself. She had pushed the envelope of edginess so far, there was no where left to go except full burka. For Paglia's part, she too

has soured on Madonna,
welcome to the club !

I would have been happy with the Lumineers or Five For Fighting, or The Calling or my #1 Choice, Sade. as it was, I washed the dishes during half-time so didn't see any of the ga-ga, although I was informed by my younger daughter that gaga did ok. We had home-made pretzel bites (boiled then baked) with horseradish chedder beer (Dirty Bastard) cheeze, grilled sausage, and hot artichoke-spinach dip, and other stuff. Mmmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm.

buccaneer morgan

And I'm glad i'm o very there yikes.

Account Deleted

I love the song "America the Beautiful" but it shouldn't precede the "National Anthem" at the Super Bowl.

When that started to become standard practice it felt like it was supplanting.

Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, JiB!!

Beasts of England

The BDSM angle, according to our marriage and family therapist pal, in casual and committed relationships alike is based on deep-seated inferiority complexes among dominants and submissives alike.

I spent all that money on a BDSM dungeon, and now you're telling me I have an inferiority complex? Crap.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tweets & replies Media

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4m4 minutes ago

The failing @nytimes writes total fiction concerning me. They have gotten it wrong for two years, and now are making up stories & sources!


He's not the first one they've done it to, but the only one I have ever seen who has fought back.

My example goes back to the Jeffords Jump, early in George Bush's administration. The Times ran a piece on how Bush was going to drop the dairy subsidy, which is very important in Vermont. Jeffords, of course, switched parties and it caused Bush a lot of problems, since the Senate was so close.

Aside from the fact that I think Bill kristol engineered that, the point I am making today was that a few years later Rove or Fleiischer (can't remember which) was being interviewed and he said they were mystified by this story, as no one in the White House had even brought it up. They interviewed a lot of people both in the White house and Agriculture and could find no one who thought that removing the dairy subsidy was a good policy at that time.

When I heard that, I was gobsmacked that they didn't realize that it was a deliberate lie, inserted in the paper with the intent to upset Jeffords, who was not exactly a sharp knife and would have gotten easily spooked.

Since then, I always treat their stories with unnamed sources as being lies or misinformation put out by someone with an axe to grind.

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Mrs. JiB treating me to a pedicure, manicure and reflexology massage. Going the full metro male.

Account Deleted

Happy Birthday, Jack. Many many more!


Czars to the left, tyrants to the right; why can't I be stuck in the middle with a teacher?

Thanks, EB. I thought you meant they were lying about Islam. I understand the other lies.

Dave (in MA)

One of the Trump-deranged guys across the hall at work, a Pittsburgh-area native, has moved on to be Brady-deranged today.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Want an example of a land gone:


""Man without history, without culture, without country, without family and without civilization is not free: he is naked and condemned to despair", writes Quebec's philosopher, Mathieu Bock-Côté."

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Life for the dispirited left has been nothing but anguish and unimaginable misery since Trump defeated Clinton. Their inability to cope, coupled with their lack of forbearance, have led them down a path of seemingly unending forays in public humiliation."



I called my Congressman ...James Sensenbrenner, and I called both Senators...Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin.

I told all 3 that REPAIRING OBAMACARE is like putting Lettuce Tomato, Cheese and Ketchup on a SHIT SANDWICH.
Please, repeal and replace the SHIT SANDWICH.


rse, you really need to be working within the POTUS administration to educate & enlighten even those who are there who think they understand the "whys" of our poor education standards. How do we get you there???

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