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March 02, 2017



A precise here

Now I understand Richard Celeste wAnt ablE for comment

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I thought a couple of people here might be interested in this. They are asking for a variety of ideas including dealing with construction barriers.

I don't suppose my idea for an alligator sanctuary/moat would be acceptable.

Account Deleted

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help." GTFOH.

Coulter nails some things down.


sbw, I didn't scroll down that far, so thanks ... I was sort of upset about not being able to read it

Clarice, Sessions in January recused himself from working on Hillary investigations. Would investigations into her campaign be separate from that?

Trump’s Candidate For AG Will Not Take Part In Investigations

"In a shocking turn of events, Senator Jeff Sessions, who Donald Trump has tapped for his attorney general, has decided to recuse himself from any investigations dealing with Hillary Clinton."

Old Lurker

Team Trump had better start piling up skulls from both sides of the aisle soon or as Palin says, it is going to go south in a hurry.


Chuck Todd, enemy combatant, removes all doubt.


We know from the Flynn case that the NSA is wiretapping the Russian ambassador.

...So Obama's Shadow Government knew that Sessions had met the Ambassador. They told Al Franken, too...

I haven't ruled out the Russians as the source of the info, FWIW.

Jack is Back!


Problem with design submittals is that the border is topography sensitive and specific. If you are not familiar with each individual segment of wall requirements you are shooting in the dark.

Of course the easiest solution that seems to fit all locations is Claymore mines.

Account Deleted

"Of course the easiest solution that seems to fit all locations is Claymore mines.

Militarize that mother[redacted].


Old Lurker

Jack, some time back I posted a link to a robotic machine gun sentry that Israel has. With those you wouldn't have to keep replacing the Claymores.


MM: Help with the border wall . . .

When in doubt: Sharks with frikkin’ lasers!

Old Lurker


Old Lurker

eg v2.0


eg vRunningMan

Old Lurker

We're on the same page, TK.

Ain't technology grand?


Sessions needs to indict Anthony Weiner!

Account Deleted

One of Obama's [redacted]:


Technology is, OL


Maybe a larger version of this using food stamps as bait:

Be sure to full size the pic.


How about wombat:

Account Deleted

Of course, what would "a day without Mexicans" be like?

Old Lurker

This is what you get when you feed the beasts:

"Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the new deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, suggested Thursday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions deserves jail time for failing to mention his meetings with Russia’s ambassador during his confirmation hearing in January..."

You also get WaPo banner headlines above the fold today spanning the entire upper section about Session's recusal.

Bigger than any headline I have seen since maybe Nixon's resignation.

Old Lurker

Kev, that's why you have to right-click to see the last frame of TK's 9:57. All you need are bigger scavengers.

the deplorable rich

good grief.


That phony Russian Dossier that McCain sent a "Trusted Emissary" to retrieve is actually 16 separate reports, the last one dated Dec. 13, 2016. But McCain gave it to Comey on Dec. 9, 2016. Investigate McCain!


Re all the crazy pills accounted for, yes the paid up stooge of the ilkwan says this.

the deplorable rich



Miss Marple the Deplorable


All well and good but at my house I don't have a cat and I draw the line at keeping a hawk in here, since he would probably go after out littlest dog, a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix.

I do like the neck-breaking capabilities with automatic reset. I could pick the mice up using a plastic bag and put them in the trash bin.

Yes, I know you were talking about illegals, but we have mice every once in a while and the three dogs just seem to think they are interesting wildlife that provide amusement.


Who gets the run o Neal part, that was the most ridiculous accent until Al pacino and rod steiger in the specialist, a decade later.

the deplorable rich

ripped from the headlines ...

Wall Street Journal:

Jeff Sessions Used Political Funds for Republican Convention Expenses

Tony Cook / Indianapolis Star:

Pence used personal email for state business — and was hacked

Natasha Bertrand / Business Insider:

Another Trump adviser has significantly changed his story about the GOP's dramatic shift on Ukraine

... this business is going to get out of control ...


Scroll to the very end to see the Dec.13, 2016 date on the last report in the dossier.

How could McCain give a copy of this phony dossier to Comey On Dec.9, 2016?


It is about $170, MM. I'm hoping for a price drop and I will put one on my fence line to the canyon.

If the price stays high, I will build my own with spare automobile parts.


I hope the spineless Senate Rs understand the backlash tsunami coming their way if they don't take Trump's back and stop twiddling their thumbs.


On another front

Miss Marple the Deplorable

David Martosko is an excellent reporter (US political reporter for the UK Daily Mail). I follow him because he is fair, gets a lot of stories that the rest of the press miss, and often notices things.

Here are a series of tweets from him I found interesting. I am removing headers and counts from all but the first tweet for easier reading.

David Martosko‏Verified account @dmartosko 15h15 hours ago

Today's Donald Trump speech aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford mattered. Here's why. Every mistake that's befallen Trumpworld has led to ...
15 hours ago

(2) ... navel-gazing suspicions that the yawning chasm between campaignng and governing will eventually catch up with Trump. ...

(3)... I don't see it happening. Today he connected with enlisted sailors. These weren't callused Iowa voters or Michigan skeptics. ...

(4) They were servicemen and women who saw their commander-in-chief and roared. They've bought into the idea that Trump isn't Obama, ...

(5) I talked to a few who said they were glad that Trump (at least) _thinks_ he knows how to focus the diffused light of the military ...

(6) ...into a laser beam of action. They told me he's what they were waiting for. A few said they re-enlisted after he won in November. ...

(7) I don't know what to make of it since I spoke to just 19 sailors. But there's something in the air and I think it matters. (###end)



Clarice Feldman

cheerleader, I'd not known that.


This bucket trap worked well for me although I had to smear the peanut butter evenly all over the tin can so it would spin right.


I looked at Deb's 9:37 and watched the Morning Joe video. *My* Senator (Angus King) was the guest. He is convinced the Intelligence committee will be fair and bipartisan. *eyeroll*
I noticed King was at the Bowdoin College studio in Brunswick,where he lives. If they are so intent on pursuing the truth,maybe they could start by working five days a week.


And I hadn't read this precursor piece:


This one:

Captain Hate

If they are so intent on pursuing the truth,maybe they could start by working five days a week.

The political class has completely lost contact with the people who've elected them. The Repuke senators are playing with fire if they don't start doing their jobs. I'm already sorry I voted for Portman.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze


Was going to recommend to RG that if he wanted an authentic Pub experience, to try my local--well it was my local--when I lived in Hampstead NW3 1EH, Ye Old White Bear, so named becasue of the 'escape' of a bear cub from a travelling circus (or so the story went) eons earlier:

When I spent hours there at quiz night or on a sunny afternoon in front at the tables, it looked more like this:

But, alas and alak, seems that in 2014, White Bear was purchased and is in the process of being converted into a residential home. :-(

Well, Hamptstead still has some great pubs, in particular including The Holly Bush.

With a limited time, I second daddy's recommendation to talk a walk with a tour guide. Great way to stretch your legs. Many of the 'pub crawls' mix both the history and refreshment, which makes it a great experience.

But, you know, for an extraordinary English experience, walking through Camden Town on a weekend--the market and the shops--it is hard to beat !

Old Lurker

Rich "... this business is going to get out of control ..."

Already is. Was always predicted with first blood. Some say Flynn was first, but I say that campaign guy was first since it broke down the reputation Trump had for defending his own.

So now we have three in six months. Why should the nuts stop now?


Until he crashes another vehicle:


Please call/email your U.S. Senators like I did this morning. The ones up for reelection in 2018 are designated "Class 1", which neither of my GOPe tomato cans are.

Jeff Flake-AZ, Joe Donnelly-IN, and Bob Casey-PA might be open to persuasion as they're first-timers iirc in states Trump won.

Old Lurker

Waste of perfectly good digital ink, my writing Ben Cardin or Chris Van Hollen.


Sent a little note to STRONGBOW.
I will never buy your product again.
Am a 1st Generation American born to a British Mother. Mother and Father both buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Great Grandfather Killed in Action Oct 1918 buried Damascus Syria , British Army, Scottish Black Watch.
Patrick Stewart has decided to bad mouth THE PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
You pay him.
You lose.
Every person I know will be made aware of your products association with Stewart. Your choice to pay this man, makes my choice to bad mouth you

Clarice Feldman
false flag apparently on the JCC bomb threats.

Clarice Feldman

CNBC notes the recusal leaves any probe in the hands of a Clinton appointee until sessions choice is confirmed.get off the stick Rs.


Thanks, Sandy. I will add a weekend walk through Camden Town to the list for future consideration.

Old Lurker

Nobody loves Jeff Sessions more than me.

That said, if he had to speak yesterday at all, his statement should have left not a glimmer of daylight in his choice of words - and even here we were quick to see a phrase or two which did just that -, and he should have said whatever he would say from the WH, rather than the proforma "the president stands behind his AG".

And yes, it has only been three weeks, but you have to admit that dead silence from the DOJ since he arrived was not what we hoped to have.

Trying to be positive over here...

the deplorable rich

>>>So now we have three in six months. Why should the nuts stop now?

Posted by: Old Lurker | March 03, 2017 at 10:52 AM<<<

Good point there. until there are consequences it will go on and on. So much for the better way Zerocare-Lite and game changing tax reforms et al.

How about some more confirmations and clean out the Zero Admin holdovers?

Wonder how far out the Uniparty has thought this all out?

Captain Hate

Still banging Levin as NeverTrump?


Yes the wilform Bromley act, left something to be desired,

Re the clique, they thought the dos report would be the clincher, than the dirty diaper dossier,

the deplorable rich

wow ... a black left wing journalist ... this is my shocked face.

the deplorable rich

more background on Clarice's story.

Jack is Back!


Have you started taking reservations for The Ledge again?


Kudos to Levin for that clear investigative blueprint for the R ostriches to follow ... were they willing.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Update re Kill File for Firefox

Wrote to Daniel MArtin this morning, (politely) inquiring about the status of Kill File for Firefox / Just One Minute.

He responded a few moments ago:

Firefox currently says that it is at queue position 129 of 200. This is moving significantly more slowly than expected. I will attempt to upload a version of the extension flagged as "beta" - this will allow you to install it on Firefox without waiting for the official review to complete.

I checked Kill File on Chrome for JoM, works well. But, am Fire(spit)fox oriented right now, I don't think Brave or Epic meet my needs, yet--and neither offer the kill file functionality, afaik.

Keep your eyes open for the beta Kill File.


RG - you will love yourself some Camden Town.

matt - deplore me if you must

It seems that anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence is up considerably since Trump's election.

I believe this ties in nicely with the Left's not so hidden agenda.


This Thompson matter resembled a spate of incidences targeted toward schools, when colonel west was elected to congress.

sammy small

I can see an emerging pattern in the Dem attempts to overthrow the current administration: 1. Obtain opportunistic information involving administration personnel from intelligence insiders appointed by the Obama administration, 2. utilize such information in the course of routine congressional testimony to set a sort of 'perjury trap' for the administration official, 3. use this trap to call for an investigation and whip up a media frenzy, 4. force a resignation, 5. rinse and repeat.

the deplorable rich

but that link might not work ... weird when the ads start to load the address truncates ...

>>>Documents released by federal authorities reveal Thompson's Twitter handle to be @JuanMThompson. An overview of his account reveals him to be both a Bernie Sanders voter, as well as a left-wing journalist. Thompson was actually fired by The Intercept after fabricating fake news stories in which he'd made up quotes and misled colleagues.<<<

it is on their main page

Old Lurker

No JiB. Just seeing rookie DC mistakes.

Had lunch yesterday in one of the blue blood lunch places which I suspect you used to frequent, and the sense in the grill room was that it is too soon to say whether we have a Disrupter POTUS or whether the Uniparty will gobble him all up. We lunched until 2:30, but if the room had had the script of the Sessions presser and WH "full support", I think the crowd would have moved it's money more to the Uniparty surviving once again as it always does.


Thanks so much, Sandy. If possible, please make the instructions as "For Dummies" as possible.

Old Lurker



Except Sammy there isn't any actual info they have either acquired or worse yet failed to disseminate, I still maintain pence should have piped down over the Flynn kerfluffle.

the deplorable rich

Posted by: sammy small | March 03, 2017 at 11:17 AM

Janet and Porchlight had flagged up a piece from "The Medium" on it and BTDT added an informative piece from "The Tablet". [I'll come back with the links in a bit]

and the go along get along GOPe still wants to be friends ...

James D

until there are consequences it will go on and on.

Why is this so complicated for the GOP to understand?

I think Trump gets it, but without enough people around him who do also, and who are willing to do what's necessary to create some consequences for the traitors and saboteurs in the Democrat Party and MSM and the bureaucracy (and in the RINO ranks), these vicious, dishonest, destructive attacks will never, ever, ever stop.

Old Lurker

James "Why is this so complicated for the GOP to understand?"

Oh I suspect they do understand exactly.


OL, one flaw in your reasoning is that Trump didn't think Sessions needed to recuse himself. I believe I read the latter in Clarice's link to the Scalia non-recusal.

I'm wondering if there was a communications glitch, where Sessions didn't get the message of what Trump thought he should do, before his press conference.

the deplorable rich

Janet and Porch's link from last night

think it was BeenThereDoneThat that had posted this one ...


OL, cont'd. ... which would mean that the weak tea support was due to Sessions recusing when Trump wanted him not to.

Captain Hate

I still maintain pence should have piped down over the Flynn kerfluffle.

I still can't figure this out. He doesn't seem to be the type to tattle over something like this but his lack of a clear statement defending Flynn when Pence was being used to discredit him can't be ignored. Maybe Flynn was just put in place to locate leakers but that strikes me as a very counterproductive way to go about it. The whole thing still bothers me.

Old Lurker

Cheerleader "OL, one flaw in your reasoning is that Trump didn't think Sessions needed to recuse himself."

Just as bad, seems to me. In my fantasy world Trump and his close band of skull crushers are working together hand in glove to disrupt business as usual. Vital as the proper use of the DOJ is in the war, if this obvious attempt to take out the top general was not gamed out in detail in advance, then my logic stands.


porchlight--Sessions has NOT recused himself from anything related to Hillary's campaign.Sessions recused himself IF there is any investigation of the Russian connection to the Trump campaign. There won't be one because there's no there there.

Clarice, that is incorrect. The text of the recusal letter indicates that Sessions recused himself from any potential investigations into any of the campaigns.

Here it is:


OL, the odd thing is, that even though Trump fired Corey, Corey remains one of his most loyal and eloquent supporters.

the deplorable rich

Posted by: James D | March 03, 2017 at 11:26 AM

To second OL point, I think they do. When Gov. Palin was savaged the GOPe was there cheering along, stroking their chins about her secret email accounts and going on about all manner of conspiracies. And as we have gone forward even someone unknown and not even running for office can have the digital Maoists come and run roughshod over you over something you say or something you believe.

Decent people, those with families and with a few rough edges, see all that, and say what's the point.

and the Uniparty similes.

Old Lurker

I enjoyed the 12 hours of radio following the speech. Since then it seems to be Sessions Saga 24x7 so I have finished my Johnny Cash MP3 archives and now am on to Bob Dylan. I will check in with Rush in a few minutes, but if I hear "Sessions" in the first 60 seconds I am outta there as fast as I ditch Bret Bair at 6:00:30 each evening. I have enough Dylan to round out the week, then Patsy Cline is up next.


Captain Hate

Have your airsickness bags in place before clicking on this:


And again I repeat that recusal was the correct thing to do, as well as a good political move.

If you think the hollering for Sessions's head is loud now, imagine what it would be if DoJ launched an investigation into something related to Hillary's campaign.

This storm is over absolutely nothing, but IMO criticisms of an AG who was involved in a campaign and then later actively investigated the opponent's campaign would have some merit.

Old Lurker

Clarice, I think Porch is right about the scope of the recusal.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

A communications glitcch would mean either someone didn't call Sessioins, or someone took a message and didn't relay it.

Could be with weaeels and such still in the DOJ.

I think it more likely that Trumo said what he believed (and what I think many here do), that Sessions didn't need to recuse himself.

However, Sessions himself said that this is what he promised the committee, and after going over the guidelines he felt this was the right thing to do.

Both things could be true: Trump stands up for his AG and says he doesn't need to recuse himself, and Sessions (knowing the ethical guidlines within the DOJ) decides the proper thing to do is recuse.

The recusal was not ordered by Trump. Until Trump gets more people each department is pretty much a cabinet secretary surrounded by piranha.

This is why this slow-walking of the nominees is so infuriating. Schumer should be horsewhipped, and McConnell should be raked over the coals. The ONLY one I have seen complaining about this is President Trump, which he just did AGAIN this morning.

Why am I not seeing senators on TV lambasting the democrats and pointing out that Obama got his mediocre nominees confirmed right away?

THIS is why I am losing patience. I know the rules allow for the 30 hours of debate. I also know that if there was enough of an outcry then we would get some movement.


None of the perjury trap nonsense works without a compliant Senate.

We need to start taking names and putting the fear of God in these bastards if they are playing the okie-doke game. But I'm not sure that's what's going on. Who can tell, though?

It's just that the strategy employed by the Democrats is so blatantly bogus that more than a few leftwing outlets are admitting the obvious. And the fact that Sessions deftly avoided the preferred trap from Franken, so all they had was this crazy "not fully forthcoming" nothingburger.

Nobody inside the administration seems flustered. Sessions, most especially, did not seem agitated in the slightest yesterday. In fact, he seemed incredibly content.

Didn't he?

Old Lurker

Porch "This storm is over absolutely nothing,",

as was the storm over Corey molesting that hack, or Flynn lying to Pence.

Yet look at all the blood. And if you doubt blood over Sessions, just go look at WaPo today as I described above.

Captain Hate


We knew the Uniparty wouldn't go quietly but the GOPe has disappointed me yet again in their unwillingness to acknowledge just what November 8 was all about. Graham needs to be primaried and taken out. Failure to do so will just prolong the foot dragging.

Old Lurker

MM, the frustrating thing is that those 30 hours of debate are simply in one of the rules which 51 senators can change in a moment.

Captain Hate

How much does Sessions' recusal really hurt any investigation? He's just the executive overseeing it and will delegate the actual work to his trusted legal pitbulls, no? Am I missing something?

Old Lurker

The reason I mention WaPo is not because thinking people care a whit about it, but I know the last 535 subscribers to it will be in Congress, plus the one copy which goes to the NYT so they can replay it up there for the WS crowd.

Old Lurker

It is like Eisenhower recusing from Normandy to me, Cap'n.

Old Lurker

or this, Cap'n:

The Infamous Ignatz

If you claim to be a bull in a china shop and those who elect you voted for you because of that, you better stop reading the fine print and start breaking some precious little flowery cups, plates and saucers.

A bull that tiptoes around whenever some prissy Lindsey bats his eyelashes or Little Maverick pulls out his slingshot or the media guys say "boo" ends up at the abattoir.

James D

just go look at WaPo today as I described above.

Maybe a serious antitrust investigation into Amazon's business practices would lead to less irresponsible and dishonest reporting by the WaPo?

Or cancelling some big government contracts with Amazon Cloud services? Or, maybe, DHS declaring them a national infrastructure priority and thus bringing them under more strict scrutiny and regulation?



Didn't he?

Sessions seemed relaxed and somewhat bemused by the whole thing imo. I was very reassured after his presser.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I sent a couple of tweets to McConnell and Kurt Schlichter, pointing out that I am not seeing GOP senators on TV lambasting Schumer's obstruction and I find this unacceptable. (Only nastier sounding.)

Also sent one to Kirt Schlichter, who was complimenting Tom Cotton on staunchly defending Sessions and not "being a pussy" like some others. (Lindsey Graham comes to mind.)

Letting the loathsome Al franken take the moral high ground over Jeff Sessions is not acceptable.

I swear to God these people are useless wastes of skin who keep operating like we will forget about all this Trump foolishness and go back to normal.



Pic of the commie liar who threatened Jewish Centers.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I believe I predicted a Black Lives Matter sympathizer a week or so ago.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President's weekly address:

Old Lurker

OK, in deference to his full professor staus, I gave Rush five full minutes.

Now back to "Nashville Skylines"...

If any, you know, news happens, please post it here.



Folks, you can email any Senator using their site. You don't need to be their constituent to tell them what a worthless POS you find them to be--or whatever your own feelings are on "their service."

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