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March 17, 2017


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If Barron Trump is only ten years old he oughta save pop a fortune by getting a full ride basketball scholarship. He's kinda huge.
Does Wharton play b-ball?


He is isn't he?

Ot who had the bright idea of putting up a show about justice department investigators, going After police departments, was that mark Lloyds final nudge.


"Bee-serker" gave me a grin. BOL!


The response doesn't make sense in my book:6



The scoop soils himself again:


Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Penn plays BBall.

Captain Hate

Wharton's part of Penn which has a middle of the pack Ivy League basketball team.


The sum of all fears:


Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Slaap lekker and for JimNorCal it's tots morgen.


I call him fideloflake and guess who is campaigning for him?

Captain Hate

Congrats on the Bearcats looking good, JiB.

StoopidMexican should invite Patterico to his National He-Man Bitter Losers Club where they can continually fight the last war.


I hadn't noticed this but about the case that is curiously silent while everyone screams squirrrl guess the nationality of one of the awan brothers wives?


Hint her name is Natalia sova.

Frau  O'Stiefel

Barron is very tall for a ten year old. Check out his feet and remember Cowboy Curtis: ""Well, you know what they say, Pee-wee. 'Big feet, big boots.'"


Raise your hands if you thought manchin would turn out to be a weasel?


Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Said to Have Been Investigating Missing Judge Crater

Captain Hate

When the night crew comes in I want Gus to answer why Buzz Williams left Marquette for Virginia Tech? No offense to Janet or others with a tie to the Hokies but before Buzz kind of turned the program around this year, the basketball was mostly known for Seth Greenberg's smoking hawt daughters. Marquette is by far the more prominent program and the move strikes me as a head scratcher.


Droll, neo.

So the out going us atty in chitowm blamed the outbreak in violence on guess which fact

A) felons
B) zomelives matter
C) zovia media

Frau  O'Fischfilet

Just returned from a Lenten fish fry at the neighborhood Catholic church down the street. It's sure a happier crowd than the religious left's retiree internment camp located just across the street.

The religious left's commandant sent us a letter years ago stating, "Our records show you have never donated to us." Guess our response.

Texas Liberty Gal

I think President Trump and his family are safer when they are in Florida away from DC and the lax security we've seen at the White House.


Legwork from the holler is looking into single payer, I'm cereal.

Frau  O'Fischfilet

Very good assessment, TLG. The intruder, we now learn, was on WH property for 15 minutes. He could have bombed the place. When I was in DC. the guards and dogs were on display during the day. What happens at night?


Ah you weren't kidding captain?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I agree with Texas Liberty Gal.

I think Kelly should so an immediate review of all SS agents including background checks. Too much shady stuff happening.

I am very glad that Trump kept his own security with him.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I agree with TLG.

Too much shady stuff happening. Kelly should review all agents including background checks, social media, and campaign donations.

And just stay in Florida until this is completed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, sorry for the repeat. I refreshed 4 times and the post wasn't there!

Captain Hate

Kidding about what?


The link at 10:54.

Frau  O'Fischfilet

Arghhhhhhh---hit piece on Gorsuch coming in early for the Monday hearings. I hate the LATimes more than anything.

Not since the failed 1987 nomination of Robert Bork has a prospective high court justice so embraced originalism as has Gorsuch, an appellate judge on the Denver-based 10th Circuit.



We've read their book frau, and were ready for anything the hit was re anchlitz the businessman behind the Narnia films.


Virginia tech offered more money, zpitballing bere.

Texas Liberty Gal

Josh Gerstein‏ @joshgerstein 21m21 minutes ago
NEW: 9th Circuit judges' feud over Trump #travelban turns nasty

One would think these journos would learn something from what they are reporting-like how unconstitutional the 9th Circuit's ruling was but to them its just "squirrel - look over here-fight fight"

Texas Liberty Gal

Very interesting!!!

Roger Stone‏

@realDonaldTrump is right-Obama did spy on him as well as Merkel as we will see when the #deepstate cover- up crumbles. Comey next to LIE

Frau  O'Fischfilet

Heading for one of the three books I have going. G'nytall...sleep tasty

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heading to bed as well.



The site that suggested this communicationn witb russian banks, guess who hosts it? Down the rabbit hole.


Rachmaninoff Prelude Op.32 No.12 in G sharp minor, Horowitz:


I don't think I have posted this before, but I do lose track!

I spent a delightful afternoon today at the local research hospital cancer center with a biochemist into the molecular oncology of breast cancer and a pathologist with a related background, though he is more into mouse models. What great fun! We each know about worlds that the other doesn't, which usually gives rise to good things.

Investing time into them is an act of faith, but sometimes that's all one has to go on.


Well I'll see if there is more substantial evidence of this.


Commas have consequences:



Capn. Buzz is a difficult dude to deal with, his days were numbered at Marquette, and he recruited JUCO thugs.
Tom Crean jumped for a Big 10 Dream job at Indiana, after being Izzo's assistant.
Wojo, has a very very young team and more coming.

Marquette led the whole first half, and go MASHED TO BITS down the stretch tonight.

I was not a fan of Buzz in person.


Marquette is by far the more prominent program and the move strikes me as a head scratcher.

Posted by: Captain Hate | March 17, 2017 at 10:33 PM

CH, I beg to differ. IMHO, Marquette is most definitely *not* a more prominent program. It has a more prominent history; that's not the same thing.

VaTech is the big state school in a prominent state with some serious basketball talent. Very easy to understand why a coach would prefer that to a private school.

A coach who can get that pipeline going is going to be a super successful coach. UVa had better hope they don't get it going in Blacksburg.


Tony Bennett is a Wisconsin Boy. Marquette was in the final 4 with Wade. Buzz Williams is a good basketball coach, but has ethical issues.


Ho-lee crap. I've been listening to a PBS live concert of Christopher Cross fundraiser. His voice ain't what it was but that cat was killing it on guitar solos!! Who knew??

Captain Hate

RG, I think history is on my side about the Hokies being a middle of the road program in ACC basketball, at least when Greenberg ran the show. Hell, they were just a throw in to the league expansion for the main target of the Seminoles for football just to get the governor of Virginia at the time to STFU. Obviously they had a good football program under Beamer although I'd never consider them more than a middle of the pack SEC team.

Maybe Williams will up their profile because they looked well matched with Wisconsin earlier. For all the talent the state may have, those trophy cases are very empty.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Well, lyle, you can kiss those golden PBS moments goodbye with fascist Trumpy zeroing out all that's good and beautiful in America...America, Mother Gaia shed her precious menstrual fluids on thee...and crowned thy good with precisely extricated fetal body parts from xe to shining xe.


JiB:"... for JimNorCal it's tots morgen."

Dave (in MA)

They arrested @jew_goldstein.

Dave (in MA)

Slim's chimps unquestionably believe Eichenwald claim that had a seizure: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/17/technology/social-media-attack-that-set-off-a-seizure-leads-to-an-arrest.html

“@jew_goldstein This is his wife, you caused a seizure. I have your information and have called the police to report the assault.”
Daily Caller reported that the Dallas PD had no record of such a call. I'm surprised he didn't say "This is my wife,...". He probably brought excuse notes to his elementary school teachers signed "Mommy".

No worries about beester being in pain---I am betting his regiment will be full of drugs, just not lots of narcotics, so not so full of constipation (Ha! just caught that!) and falls. Or that very pesky respiratory depression/arrest.

We call it multi-modal, it's been around a long time. Like since I was a resident, in the OR, conceptually. Of course, we have many more classes of drugs to use now. Works great.
Orthopods are hearing about it at their conferences and reading about it in their journals the past few years. That's why lots of people leave the hospital the next day after knee replacements now.

Combo of giving Motrin-like drugs, Tylenol IV, some steroids, some anticonvulsant (Lyrica or Gabapentin) , sometime pre-op nerve blocks, sometimes spinals, and way less narcotics---

Basically, using drugs that have pain relieving properties at all sorts of different places, and exploiting that synergy, thus decreasing the side effects of any one class--especially those danged narcotics.

1+1+1+1+1+ 1=8, instead of 5

Go beester! Heal like a champion!!


>>>I hadn't noticed this but about the case that is curiously silent while everyone screams squirrrl guess the nationality of one of the awan brothers wives?

Posted by: narciso | March 17, 2017 at 10:17 PM<<<


we're going to have to turn this into a book outline or a movie pitch ... one of the strangest stories ever. clever name ... a Russian think-tank "on nationalism and racism in post-Soviet Russia"-is she even real?

I am wondering if any of them can even produce a birth certificate at this point.


hum, a broken tag at the top where the first ad injects?


on the subject of the thread doesn't this go all the way back to the Clinton Administration and the Sunshine Policy of the Dae-Jung Administration. In the 90's, the Kim regime made comments that the Iraqs got the Oil-for-Food program and the Norks got the screws tightened. There was a reason-some good ones-that Bush included them in the "Axis of Evil". מבצע בוסתן‎‎ . BOOM!

big surprise that the Norks would be making noise with a collapsed South Korean government and a new US administration (finally recognizing the failure of 20-ish years of policy). Foal Eagle and Key Resolve [ie think Team Spirit for the oldsters] are ongoing and the Norks usually make some noise during this time. Watch the USGS earthquake page for the next nuclear test-it should be soon.


big surprise I'd be talking to myself at 430 in the morning.


Hi, nightowls :)

From the night crew for the day crew:

Mother of all triggers discovered by Reddit poster two days ago:


I see it's been picked up by numerous other sites and Twitter. Apparently it makes progs go ballistic.


Yeah, interesting what we were talking about last night around 3:00 am when the odd SS laptop scenario was unfolding. Wonder what it contains about the Clinton email investigation.


Actually, I think the Weiner emails cache is going to explode from many different points all over the world.

Let the world see the evil all at once and get it over with. Those who can't stomach it, tough. There are 7+ billion good, decent people and in comparison, just a handful of evil ones.

I can already feel how wonderful it's going to be!


I'm here rich, but I can add nothing to this discussion.

Yes, it would be a great movie.

Maybe there can be a television series--Real Wives of Terrorists.
What happened to the Tsarsov's brother's wife?
The Orlando night club slaughterer's wife?

Right, there's no coverage of things we should truly be concerned about, while Chelsea's book is touted all over.
What else is new?

Had you told me I'd be reduced to sending postcards to the POTUS saying "Hang in there pal" a year ago, I'd have thought you insane.
But I did just that.

At best, this is the end of the beginning. But I am not so sure we are not well into the middle of the end. No maryrose, me. More OL ish.

We'll see.


Rich, the WSJ agrees with your NK history.


Posted by: anonamom | March 18, 2017 at 05:06 AM

>>>At best, this is the end of the beginning. But I am not so sure we are not well into the middle of the end.<<<

wow. you need a hug. i'm drinking beer at 5 in the morning and listening to some Marilyn Manson and I don't think I'd quite go to "the middle of the end".

Perhaps it is.


Posted by: henry | March 18, 2017 at 05:10 AM

my big think piece that got put away was "The Military, The Academy, and the 368 Movement: Democracy in Korea". A poly-sci piece looking at the Reagan Administration policy and how an Americanist military necessitated the economic and political changes (it was a bigger project based on rejecting, in part, a paper on resource endowment and national security, a theme picked up in "Start Up Nation").


Posted by: BR | March 18, 2017 at 05:03 AM

I would be surprised if there is much of anything on his laptop. The missing Secret Service laptop is interesting but not surprising (agents have left guns lying around[grammarians? spelt right at 530 am? drunk? more beer is necessary!])-even closed the bracket and parenthesis.

Nice picture though.


and refreshing the ol' rusty trap the "Agreed Framework" collapsed in 1998 and there was front page articles in the Times and WaPo of Clinton Administration temporizing and lying (iirc someone said North Korea was more truthful than Notsobright). not sure if that was when they deployed "deconflictizulation", or some such Clintonian neologism, to graywash their failures and lies. too bad they didn't have #hashtags then ... #truthtellers #graywash #youwouldntbelieve

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning, all.

BR, I worry that there aren't enough of us who understand this stuff. I don't talk to my family about it except only tangentially, because the scope of national security that is compromised is too unbelievable and the other things make me sound like a raving lunatic.

I imagine there are quite a few of us in the same boat.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I agree with this article. I happened to watch the speech at Willow Run and this author pinpointed something I noticed in passing but didn't have the time to really think about.

The President made the point that there were people from labor amd ,amage,emt there, and from many different companies, and that we had to work together.

I have noticed that he occasionally used phrases from WWII (landing teams, beachhead).

Back in the campaign there was an information sheet issued about his vision of the defense buildup in which all states would take part and have a vested interest in improving the military. That also had a faint echo of WWII to me.

Really good article.


Some Hollywood twit? From a PowerLine comment, but I don't recognize the photo or know if the quote is legit.



Which the quote is something like--
Won't eat eggs because they are baby chicks but pro-abortion because just a mass of cells.


Sometime early in the year, CA residents get a power company rebate on their bill. Mine is something like $50.
It's labeled as being a portion of Cap and Trade being returned to the citizenry.
I'm sure there are guileless people quite happy about it.
But I wonder what the estimated cost is, per citizen for C&T.
This 2015 article gives $1Billion for that year. Surely it's much more now.

According to CalCarbonDash.org a chunk of the money goes to "disadvantaged" (Poor? I didn't probe that deep).
"Passed in 2012, SB535 (D-De Leon) requires that 25% of proceeds benefit 'disadvantaged communities' and that 10% are spent within such communities."


25% of proceeds benefit 'disadvantaged communities' and that 10% are spent within such communities."

JimNorCal, those are probably code words for groups like "La Raza" and other community organizers. Just like what happens to the proceeds of the big bank shakedowns.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The President's weekly address, picking up on both the Jackson and Rosie the Riveter themes and talking again about the "American Model."


I attended a meeting for Silicon Valley Clean Energy this week.
Ten local communities (inc. Sunnyvale, Campbell, Santa Clara but not San Jose. Also not Palo Alto which has a private system apart from the PG&E utility) have joined.
They will buy 100% carbon free power on the open market and deliver it on the existing PGE grid infrastructure. PGE will own the grid, meters, billing and repairs but the cities and city residents will be able to claim environmental virtue. Kilowatt hours are fungible so your actual source could be anything, but enough green energy (mostly solar and hydro) is purchased to match local usage.Theoretically you can opt out but everyone not doing so is auto switched to the new plan.

The cost will match existing PGE prices but be some pennies cheaper. At least at first, I don't think they can guarantee lower prices forever. In the short term, they expect to widen the gap.

I assumed that, similar to Cap and Trade, PGE prices would be regulated artificially higher in order to achieve the pricing targets, but that is not what SVCE claims. PGE is a regulated monopoly, thus inefficient so that's part of it. But SVCE said PGE was locked into long term contacts that were above current market prices. Also they have a nuke plant to decommission at great cost. Unmentioned but trivially obvious is that PGE probably has to buy carbon sourced power. Solar contracts won't be of use in powering street lights.

So, in effect, my understanding is that these communities provide green power by dumping PGE liabilities onto the remaining communities served by PGE.

In the meantime they use their citizen's utility bill money to fund energy companies which provide non-carbon energy. The goal is not to make it market efficient (cheapest energy) but to harness the market for their goals (provide lots of money for favored outcomes, but politically wise enough not to allow big explosion in residential bills).

Sorry for length and, doubtless, typos. But I found the whole thing illuminating.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


There's a photo.


This is interesting, MM:

So far, Obama appears to be alone at The Brando. His daughter Malia is doing a film internship in New York City, and his daughter Sasha is still in school in DC. Michelle Obama’s whereabouts are unknown, and it’s not clear any other members of his family will be joining the former president at the private enclave.

Is Reggie flying in?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This sounds vaguely fishy to me. What's going to happen when the non-participating communities notice they are footing the bill? What if all the non-participating communities decide to join?

Captain Hate


I see it's been picked up by numerous other sites and Twitter. Apparently it makes progs go ballistic.

Is there anything that doesn't cause those mentally ill freaks to lose their [Redacted for Lent]? Their ability to cope with reality has always been problematic, which is why they litter academia with theories of social constructs because they're too [Redacted for Lent] dumb to understand math (not that some of them aren't in the same nutter boat).

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Good question! Where is Michelle's mother. Is she staying with Sasha? Or is Valerie Jarrett keeping an eye on her?

I am glad to see Heat has a stakeout to observe comings and goings.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

The Fake American thing seems to cause their rage meters to spike to 100 almost immediately.

I think it's useful information and I am glad to see it getting wider coverage.

Captain Hate

I'm sure Zippy has plenty of man-centric things in the works. Meanwhile Ayers will be typing away on the latest version of a fake autobiography of a mentally ill conman.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding our discussion of the precision needed for baking, I suppose that's true. Otherwise, you couldn't produce THIS:

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

The example used for Fake American was so hilarious because libs have been indoctrinated to regard public schools as a major sacrament in their Fake Religion along with abortion and high taxes. This creates a major conflict when they don't hate their unaborted offspring enough to actually inflict some of the worst ones on them. So they're living with more self hatred than usual.


Papeete is most certainly in Tahiti though even though it is a hell-hole. That 20 minute hop fits with going to Moorea and then catching a boat from there. The islands there differ as to whether they are atolls like brando's island or volcanic like Moorea or Bora Bora. Bora Bora's airstrip though is on an adjacent atoll and was built by Seabees during WW2.

After landing from the 90 minute flight from Papeete, it takes a boat ride with luggage to get to bora bora.

I cannot think of any part of the world where it will be easier to stay out of sight to comings and goings than that part of the world, especially with friends with yachts.

There will certainly be a whole lot of chooming going on, won't there?


PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED



Jim's post makes me mindful of the "historic" designation game.

My neighborhood is historic & it really seems like a set-up for rich people.
There are boards to get through, taxpayers pay for employees to oversee the program, there are tax breaks for remodeling & improvements on the "historic" home.

Historic purity is #1, there can be NO exceptions, you must comply!!!....until solar panels came along.
All of a sudden historic purity doesn't matter.


Another day ending in y:


James D.

There will certainly be a whole lot of chooming going on, won't there?

No doubt.


The Hill‏Verified account @thehill

Hillary Clinton: "I'm ready to come out of the woods" http://hill.cm/x87zihH

Lizzy Lou Who❄️‏ @_wintergirl93

Has anyone heard from Hansel & Gretel?


I'm sure Bigfoot is happy to be rid of her.


Where add the torches when we need them?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Confirming that Teh Hill is nothing but a megaphone for the Clintoon harpies. Meanwhile where is Slick holed up? For all of his disgusting flaws, at least Adultery of the Heart could enjoy being constantly in the presence of his wife.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Janet, saving Gaia gets the progs to overlook many faux pas. Solar panels are at least as hideous as the trailer trash satellite dishes, but SHUT UP. Likewise STFU about dead birds including protected species. Can't you admire their wonderful intentions?


Greta has upset everyone this morning with this tweet:

Greta Van Susteren‏Verified account @greta 30m30 minutes ago

Apache Helicopter Guns Down Boat Full of Somali Refugees Fleeing Yemen

What do you think? Does the use of the term "Apache" imply it was America who did this? (it was not but you must click and read article to find out)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It does make me think it was Americans. It ptoperly should read "Saufi helicopter."

Next question is, does Greta always do her tweets, or on the weekends does some MSNBC intern do it?

I say it's usually her, and she should delete it and replace with my wording.





I agree MM - it is accompanied by a photo of a boat filled with all males which some are also questioning. Was it this boat (probably not) and where are the women and children?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

onald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany owes.....

...vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!
5,750 replies 3,854 retweets 15,252 likes

This is two tweets. I removed the header on the second one for easier reading.


She is defending it saying, "Go read the article" but how many twitter readers click and read every story? So most are left with that false impression. Also, it feeds into the fake scenario that our President *hates* refugees!


Janet: "Historic purity is #1, there can be NO exceptions, you must comply!!!....until solar panels came along."

No lead based paint, either! As I recall that ban was shown to be way overblown and certainly for exterior paint.

And let me ask this: if you want to reduce carbon emissions what about illegals? If you had a few million fewer people in the state, what would be the effect on energy usage?

During a drought, if there are a few million fewer people what is the effect on water consumption?

There are layers of hypocrisy and inconsistency to wade through ...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Week in Pictures


A poll on the politicized judiciary.


As confirmation hearings are set to begin Monday for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, a new poll finds most Americans think the highest court in the land acts in a partisan manner, not with a view to a “serious” interpretation of the Constitution.

“Thinking about recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, a nearly two-third majority (62%) say they believe that ‘Supreme Court justices are split on political grounds like Congress,'” public-affairs channel C-SPAN wrote in a Friday news release. “By comparison, just over a third (38%) say they believe the Supreme Court ‘acts in a serious and constitutionally sound manner.'”


Time to rename the helicopter. The Apache culture lawsuit commission should get right on this.


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