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March 17, 2017


Captain Hate

Words fail

Are you a gamer because I can't otherwise figure out why you'd be reading that?


Miss M,

My favorite Indy cabdriver swears that the best college in the State is Wabash College, but my fav bartender in your town swears by Butler, so Butler it is.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Amazing, isn't it? I first came to the same conclusion when I sa wa photo of Trump with Michael Jackson on Trump Force One.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am partial to Butler over Wabash, mainly because Wabash is more male oriented. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Wabash was all male until maybe the 80's. Their culture probably wouldn't suit my granddaughter.

Butler is good, as long as she lives on campus.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heading to bed.



It was a link from the horde's game reviewer


Whoa! Iowa State on about a 14-2 point run against Purdue.

Mitch Daniels hardest hit.


Ig, my Niece's Daddy, my Lil Bro, joined the USAF as a non-com Private, after the Army denied him a FLYING JOB, after he graduated North Texas, and even though he was already a licensed pilot. He did SPEC OPS for 2 years, and then went to Maxwell for OTS.

My brothers 17 year old Daughter is going to THE USAF ACADEMY. I am SOOOOOO PROUD.

Beasts of England

Awesome indeed, GUS!!


Amazing, asw!

Captain Hate

Ok that makes sense. Nytol.


For those who didn't read about about our "bringing up the rear end" Iditarod Dog Musher, this from her Race-bio is mighty impressive:

Cindy Abbott, 58, was born and raised in Nebraska. After graduation from California State University, Fullerton, with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology in 1996, she became a professor there and taught Health Science for 23 years. Cindy has always been drawn to the world of extreme sports. Already an extreme scuba diver and underwater videographer, in 2007, at the age of 48, she took up mountain climbing with the single goal of standing on the top of the world. A few months after she began training, Cindy was diagnosed with a serious and rare disease (Wegener’s granulomatosis), but she was determined to achieve her dream and on May 23, 2010, after 51 days of working her way up the mountain, Cindy stepped onto the summit of Mt. Everest holding the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD) banner...

...On March 3, 2013, Cindy started her first Iditarod...

She persisted, indeed!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He was a non com airman, GUS.
Privates are dog faces or jarheads.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Fascinating and serious autoimmune disorder, daddy. Your own body attacks your small and medium blood vessels.
Wegener was a Nazi so his name is being phased out or at least they're trying.
Before modern treatments the two year mortality was an eye popping 90%. Five year survival is now 80% but complications are very common, especially kidney and pulmonary.
A persistent women indeed.


So, has anyone actually watched Samantha Bee, and what did you think?


She's an alum of John Stewart but not as funny, zarc


Was Jon Stewart funny?


Hence the sarc tag.


Yeah this can't go wrong:


David, Infamous Deplorable


Just the usual SJW BS, which is hilarious, because a lot of real gamers have been completely turned off by the incoherent SJW BS of the maker of Mass Effect, Bioware, to the point where we are giving it a pass, despite the fact that as short a time as eight years ago, BioWare was the absolute gold standard in role-playing games. They had an unbroken string of hits for about twenty years, then they let the politics get into the games to the point where their last couple of iterations have been completely unplayable.

The fact that they are being condemned now from the left side of the aisle just goes to prove that the left always eats its own.



Yes this is a crew that would find dependency theory in wing commander,


Here's the pics of the Mushers who ran our Iditarod this year. Believe it or not I still think we have enough good lookers for a half way decent "Girls of the Iditarod" Calendar, what with the Berington Twins, Katherine Kieth, and our "Z" trio of Zoya, Zappa, and Zirkle.

But on the other hand I may have lived up here too long:)


I end with Mark Steyn for the night



Daddy @ 2:48. Mezvinsky is a scuzzwad, and spawn of criminal Libtarocrat insiders, who believe FELONIES are no BIG DEAL vs CASH.
But, for the love of GAWD, why can't CHELSEA CLINTON learn a tiny BIT about GROOOOOMING???
MAYHAPS, she could be on the BOARD of ..........WAIT......CREST WHITE STRIPS???????

WTF is wrong with LIBS/MARXISTS and normal grooming?????

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is the ccmplete transcript, and kudos to IJR for publishing it (although I wonder if that was one of the conditions of the interview.)

There is also an audio of the interview, which runs about 30 minutes.


I really, really like this guy. He is a true professional, and after the years of grandstanding and incompetent secretaries, this is such an amazing change.

Of course, he gets asked about the reporters being on the plane. LOL!

Clarice Feldman


Heading to the airport-

Pagar, a bacon, Ham, and sausage supporter

Have a safe trip Clarice. Thanks for your Pieces today, it was a fine article.

Free James D!

Great Pieces, Clarice!

Congrats on you niece's awesome news and fantastic achievenemt, Gus!

Condolences to everyone whose alma mater/favorite team/bracket pool championship pick lost last night.

Death to the dishonest media!

I think that catches me up for the morning, right?

Another Bob

It's sometimes better to skip to the bottom first:

"Dia Lacina is a transgender, queer, Native photographer. She spends entirely too much time tweeting."


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent pieces clarice. I especially liked the bit about stripping the fed courts of jurisdiction.

This quote of the superb writer but hopeless philosophical mush Conrad Black is chock full of the kind of illogic and lazy indifference to the constitution and federalism that drives me nuts;

But better health care for those not covered by public or private plans and of modest or insufficient means is going to be costly, and probably cannot be passed off entirely to the states with top-ups of Medicaid.

First, the pool of wealth the 50 states have to tax for their own needs is precisely the same size as the pool the Feds tax. Some states have considerably lower median incomes than others but they also have lower costs and for the most part are rural southern and western states. At what point did the Republican party decide it was the party of income redistribution?
Instead of encouraging states to do something sensible like provide vouchers for the poor to use at the doctor or facility of their choice and getting the Feds out of the unconstitutional medicaid monstrosity altogether they're trying to figure out how much bigger it should be.
Medicaid is an entire and extensive slough of the swamp and the net result of these knotheads will probably be building higher levees around it so it holds more swamp water.
They're sick.

Jim Eagle


Congrats (I guess) on your niece's acceptance to the AFA.

When does do her diversity & sensitivity training session?


Here is a heartening Sunday read for after you finish Clarice's Pieces. It's a month old, but worth the time if you have it. An AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a close friend/advisor of Trump's going way back. This guy can write. He went back and answered a ton of questions after it was over, which most AMA people don't trouble to do.


If you want a more direct approach you can read just the answers by clicking on the guy's handle "Trumps1stMember" (click "context" to see the questions):


I really recommend it. Long but worth it.

Jim Eagle

...when does she do.....


+1 on the trumps1stmember, Porch.


[sbw’s note on Porch’s link: For instance. Worth a clip and keep.]

What are the truths you have found to be most compelling to your Democrat friends?

[–]Trumps1stMemberVerified[S] 21 points 1 month ago

(1) Democrats caused the civil war and were holding the presidency during WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. (2) During WWII democrats opened up concentration camps and dropped nuclear weapons on civilians killing 100,000 instantly (3) Democrats are the party that supported slavery and segregation, and still believe in using skin color as a reason for college and job selection to this day (4) Al Qaeda was spawned under democrat Clinton, had 8 years to grow and thrive 1992-2001 and attacked us three times during the 90s and democrats did nothing. This lead to directly to 9/11 and the world we live in today (5) Fascism is best described by a party that burns objects in the streets, perform public intimidation marches, breaks windows of innocent shopkeepers, controls the media with complete disregard for truth, infiltrates the education system and bans books, attempts to disarm the people from firearms, and uses violence and social stigma against it's political opponents. This perfectly describes the modern democrat party.

Truths like that.


BOE - this is up in your neck of the woods - so be on the lookout.
(I used to live in Decatur)



Thanks for the great Pieces, Clarice. Safe travels.


Safe travels, clarice, and great pieces.


Congratulations to your niece Gus!


Remember in firefly, the British and Chinese systems had merged under the alliance, well cue the British medical association.



Congrats to your niece!
My brother was in the Air Force during the VietNam War.
Great article as always!
Safe travels.


Yesterday I became a hero.

I fixed Mrs. Buckeye's sewing machine.

Does anyone else still use one?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks so much for linking that AMA by Trumps1stMember!

Pleased to see they are tightening the screws on Soros. Lots of good stuff there; everyone should go read it!



Congrats on your niece's appointment to the Academy.

Good to know there are still young people with a love of country and are willing to serve.

Captain Hate

I had Rupert's Sunday Infotainment on but was doing other things. The panel included the ghoulish Zeke Emanuel and Neera Tanden so unless those two were in an electric chair, it was worthless.

Paul Ryan spoke highly about how involved Trump is in the health care negotiations unlike the Tahitian bathhouse occupant.

Jim Eagle


Mrs. JiB uses a sewing machine regularly. She makes drapes, curtains, clothes, repairs etc. She has two machines. One for Florida and one here in Southampton. Loves to sew.

My niece the upcoming fashion designer in France sews her own designs up which I understand all fashion design students are required to do, including making their own patterns.

But maybe it is a lost art. If it wasn't for PussyHats, knitting would have been finished.


It's a beautiful, victorious morning in the Great Sunshine State. Basketball Wisconsin looks like a UVa clone to me; bring it on, baby.


MrsJ still uses a sewing machine, and so too does my granddaughter.


You must not know any quilters, Buckeye.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My daughter sews from time to time.

I never mastered machine sewing, but I do needlework.


I think about using my sewing machine--does that count??

I do know how to use it--made all my dresses, fair number of pants and even a very cool cape as a teen.
And I can knit, crochet, needlepoint and embroider.

Things I used to do before the internet.


I can use a sewing machine and crochet and do needlepoint.


Oh, I like this from porch's most excellent reddit link above!

Trumps1stMemberVerified[S] 502 points 1 month ago
The good guys already won. What you are witnessing is the death throes of the democrat party. They've got nothing and they know it. There isn't a single viable politician or candidate in their entire operation down to the county level. They're so screwed, and its so beautiful!


unless those two were in an electric chair

Heh, maybe Zeke will volunteer when he's 75.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The Florida Street Team got invited to come into Mar-a-Lago and meet the President!

Photo at link!


Clarice - re your (most welcome) pieces today, you write that the Hawaii decision re the travel ban "will ... if these five judges have anything to do with it, ... et a similar scathing reversal as Robart’s did."
The five judges' opinion is certainly scathing (and rightly so), but it was not a "reversal" of the Robart's decision. On the contrary, it was a dissent to the en banc's court's decision not to vacate it's panel decision not to reverse.

Frau  Stimmvieh

"The Hate Group that Incited the Middlebury Melee" by Carl Cannon

FTA: "Today, the center boasts a treasury of more than $300 million, the richest civil rights group in the country."


How to harness hate to rake in millions and organize ignorant, useful fools.

Frau Morgenstunde

RG's golden "Good morning" wipes away all the bad vibes from negative press.
Clarice's signature ::smooches:: heading his way.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Momto2. Didn't know you were a former River Rat via Decatur... :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My granddaughter's application to Middlebury was rejected. She was sort of bummed but I told her that I thought maybe she would be happier closer to her family at De Pauw or IU or Butler.

I didn't tell her about the melee, but boy am I relieved she isn't going there!


Trump takes time out to stop and greet supporters en route to Mar-a-Lago:


Then invites them to meet him in person:


Glad you liked the AMA. Good to know Trump has such wise people working with and for him.


Enjoying Porch's link to 1stMember.
I wonder if there is a way for us to vouch that not only is DrJ's research legit, but also that he is funded despite being American not because he is FakeAmerican.

1stMember: "Research funding will be shifted away from poor pointless research to actual meaningful research. There is a great deal of waste that occurs with grants. Many doctors and scientists, particularly democrats, use them as their personal slush funds. That will cease."


One more snip....

1stMember: "I was in New York that day. I watched the planes hit and the towers and fall with my own eyes. For me, it was not something that happened on TV. Unless you were there you will never fully understand what happened that day. The smoke from the towers, before they fell, literally went off into the distance, expanded into a V shape, and wrapped around the earth. It was the most surreal sight I will ever encounter. I can still remember the smell, the size of the fireball, the emergency services whistles buried under the rubble. I helped clear wreckage. I saw the bodies and the blood on the street. They murdered my friends, my neighbors and the New York I grew up with. It was only by the grace of God that they didnt murder me too, but I live knowing full well that they tried. You only realize the true existential threat of islamic terrorism once you are a target of it. The only investigating we will be doing is how to ensure insane muslims do not enter our country or airspace ever again. Anyone who claims it was anyone but radical muslims who attacked us that day, especially in light of all the history and death that has occurred in the world since, by the same sort of ilk, is doing a disservice to themselves and our movement. This is my personal opinion and I assure you Donald shares it."


JimNorCal, I think we could reach out directly to Trumps1stMember and tell him about it. He seems quite open to hearing from regular people, from what I've read in the AMA.

Frau Morgenstunde

Good read at reddit AMA, Porch!

Miss Marple, the Cannon article I link to @ 12:22 proves Middlebury faculty and students are not what the country needs to be great again.

Soon the colleges will all be like Pitzer where you are given a bullhorn instead of a diploma when they've taken all your parents' money you "graduate."


I loved that 9/11 comment too. Very powerful, especially when you consider that the alt right does have a bit of a truther strain, which thankfully seems to be fading in influence. He was speaking directly to those people.


Many doctors and scientists, particularly democrats, use them as their personal slush funds. That will cease.

I've not seen a lot of that personally, but there are too many international conferences and retreats and similar things that are funded by grants.

These days most faculty are having a really hard time keeping their labs funded at all. The breast cancer molecular oncologist is down to two students, and is considering shutting down her lab. Her husband next door is having similar challenges, but has been a bit more successful in cobbling together a few awards. A fair amount of time on Friday was spent on sketching out new proposal ideas with the pathologist.

Even when awards come in, often the amount is chopped before you even begin work. My most recent one was chopped by 10% because of the continuing resolution. That money is very unlikely to be restored.

All that said, there are parts of NIH that could be eliminated. The Director's baby is NCATS -- the National Center for Advanced Translational Sciences (I think) -- that gets the government into the drug commercialization game. I don't know many details, but historically the pharma companies have been very good at this. There also is a small Institute dealing with naturopathic medicine. That could go. So too could all of the diversity programs.

All of those would save considerable money, though I doubt it is the 20% that was requested. More likely everyone would have to take a cut, and it would cripple the agency.

But I doubt that this will come to pass. I see it as a way to get other things in which he is interested -- a bargaining chip, if you will.



What is it that makes you think that the powers that be in our government would never be involved in something like 9/11?


Excellent Rex Tillerson read, Miss Marple. Thanks.

Good Morning! Go TarHeels!

Jim Eagle


A guy called into either Mark Simone here in NYC or maybe Rush, can't be certain for sure. But he was a Doctor and was very concerned about reducing NIH budget. Simone or Rush told him that the private sector and big Pharma R&D would be able to cover. The medico said not all of it because NIH does all the early at risk work that the big Pharma picks up on develops the product for public use.

Is that your understanding also, that the work you do under NIH and others grants is not the kind of study or R&D the private sector is not interested in?

Captain Hate

Another saved dog today. I was walking Teddy when this large yellow lab mix with something bigger came bounding across the street as I cringed about the traffic. Once she was there she was interested in playing with Teddy and it was impossible to get that goofball to be docile. Finally she ran down a ravine to the lake and I was wondering what to do. I tried to get the attention of a couple jogging bitches but they couldn't be bothered to take their earbuds out; an eternity of being impaled on the barbed [Redacted for Lent] of Satan awaits them. Finally a couple walking another dog, with baby, came by and I alerted them of the situation.

As I walked on the big yellow dog came back and I whistled to the couple and the guy came and grabbed the dog by the collar. I asked him to check the tags to see if a phone number was on one and mercifully one was along with the dog's name, Bunky. I called the number and told the guy where we were with Bunky.

He drove up shortly and didn't seem very grateful to three people who took time out of their day to ensure the safety of his dog. Fortunately we didn't do it for him.

Jim Eagle


Lots of people in this world who don't deserve dogs. Bunky probably was thinking the same way and was trying to get away from that guy.

Interesting little article on Trump Air: "What it was like to fly on Donald Trump's airline." [Not a hit piece]



JIB--all the BRAIN Initiative work is through the NIH as is the Science of Virtues work at U-Chicago.

Last week when I was searching for something else it pulled up a 2013 NIH funded paper on "Unconscious learning processes: mental integration of verbal and pictorial instructional materials" also funded by NIH with Malaysian researchers.

The behavioral science work that is controversial at NSF now seems to be starting at NIH with NSF acting as a sub. The actual BRAIN Initiative papers make it crystal clear they want to map the neural processing of healthy brains. The language on disease is only the pR sales pitches and contradicts what their papers say.


This question and answer from Porchlight's 08:44 is smart and encouraging, and is exactly in line with what Rex Tillerson said in the Interview Miss Marple posted---that Team Trump takes it's time, doesn't talk before a solution is finalized in order to avoid a host of media/political induced problems, then rolls out its solution and gets to work implementing it:

Can you bring the Flint water crisis to our Presidents attention? It's devastating and needs to be fixed asap! The local authorities have let this go on forever, Flint needs clean water.

Trump confidant:[–]Trumps1stMemberVerified[S] 614 points 1 month ago

The president will be spending significant time, energy and resources over the next 4 years to uplift and support the great state of Michigan. The flint water crisis will be part of that effort but he can not appear to be pandering or do anything that will backfire after the democrats get wind of our plans. The Flint Water Infrastructure Issue is a problem of astronomical proportions and will take time and resources to plan an adequate solution. Therefore until our plan is finalized and an integrated and comprehensive solution is in place, to include the roll out and the financing, I would ask that you be patient. I know its not an ideal answer but its the truth


Is that your understanding also, that the work you do under NIH and others grants is not the kind of study or R&D the private sector is not interested in?

That's a difficult question. At the moment the private sector does not do nor fund the sorts of work that the NIH funds. Pharma and the life sciences infrastructure -- reagent and instrumentation companies, for example -- are very interested once you have established proof of concept for your diagnostic, therapeutic, reagent family or instrument, and have the initial patents. But you have to get the basics nailed down, and that's what NIH funds.

These days Pharma does not do much research at all. They prefer to purchase companies funded by venture capital and thereby are derisked. They keep research around to develop therapeutics against some diseases, but also to evaluate the purchase of new companies. It is similar along the life sciences food chain.

One can get venture monies only when proof-of-concept is established unless the idea is so big and disruptive (and the principals have done it before) that it is worth the gamble. Genentech got started that way. But there aren't many of those.

Now how much of this current landscape developed in response to the government crowding out other funding sources is hard to tell. It also follows the model where graduate students are supported from grants, with the goal of creating new knowledge that is disseminated into the open and refereed literature. Companies are not much into disclosure until the patents are filed and granted.

Now there are too many life sciences students finishing at the graduate level. I've not seen firm numbers, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that many life sciences PhDs are still doing post docs at age 40, or are very poorly-paid adjuncts with horrific work loads and very little pay. So there seems to be a glut of PhDs in particular in the life sciences, which the grants support.

Small companies like mine don't get a lot of these dollars -- maybe three or four percent of the total extramural support (there is a small business set-aside). And companies like mine that compete successfully in the academic grant mechanisms are very rare. I've brought in about half of my grant monies by competing against the academics instead of those programs for small business.

So it is complicated. My opinion is that research best is served by steady funding that increases at least with the rate of inflation and maybe a bit above that. The grant funding excursions, either up or down, do more to disrupt research than help it.

I can noodle on even more, but that's enough for now.


We learned to sew in Industrial Arts in Seventh grade. “Prof” had all the guys (girls took Home Ec) sew patterns in paper to begin.

At summer camp we had industrial quality treadle sewing machines that would sew through leather and canvas to make canoe packs and tents.

Everyone needs to know how to sew -- by machine and by hand.

[Also have a needlepoint Christmas ornament I made for the tree. Grandmother needlepointed the dining chair covers. She also taught us to knit but I never became proficient at it.]


We basically rescued a Boston terrier pup in SV several years ago. The horribly dehydrated little guy staggered up onto our side deck. The local cop knew who he belonged to. The owners couldn't have been bigger jerks. Let no good deed go unpunished...


DrJ-I think you and I can agree though it is not accidental that the controversial behavioral science work that brags about mapping the mind is tucked into more traditional medical research that would get much wider support.

And I know the BRAIN Initiative is working with K-12 school districts although their local school boards seem not to know that. Our local Super came from Oregon and showed up unfortunately in one of my searches. One of the school board members recently testified before the state legislature along with him. Virtually everything she said was false relying on lies she had been told that she does not recognize are carefully placed lies. Then her enthusiasm leaves parents comfortable that everything is OK.

Her ego actually causes her to say "they wouldn't lie to me." A tragic incident is likely only a matter of time given that the aim is literally to rewire the brain brought from this UMC homes with supposedly well-educated parents.


Reading my own comment, I realize it doesn't sound like we did all that much. I left out the part where we canvassed the neighborhood for an hour or longer trying to locate his owners. At cocktail hour, people! 😬

Texas Liberty Gal

Porch - Thx soooo much for your Reddit link! I've been over there for about 30 minutes and just had to take a minute to come back here and thank you - and I love this answer about the Wall

How tall is too tall for the wall?

[–]Trumps1stMemberVerified[S] 591 points 1 month ago
The wall will be roughly 30-40 feet high and be guarded by drones from the air and boots on the ground. Everything underground will also be monitored. There will also be obstacles at ground level which will prevent illegal aliens from approaching the wall. Read about what the Romans built during the siege of Alesia and you will get an idea of what an illegal alien will be facing in terms of obstacles on the ground alone, let alone from the air and towers which will be looking down on them


Good job, CH.

When I was a kid I found a doberman that still had his ears and tail. Probably around a year old. He was very playful and loving. I asked my dad if we could keep him to which he responded "we don't steal other people's dogs."

The paper offered found ads for free in the classifieds so my dad called in one for the dog.

The people who called clearly knew the dog so my dad gave them our address. When they arrived they explained how they were driving down the road and at some point the unleashed, unattended dog jumped out of the bed of the truck.

My dad was very upset to hand the dog back to them and I was instructed to never bring a stray home again.


Nice Capt'n! I still cringe when I think how emaciated our rescue was when my wife brought Momo home.

Yellow Labs are beautiful and great hunting dogs but there's a bit of fishing bred into them too I believe. Years ago I was fishing at a local reservoir for big trout and caught a large perch. I was about to throw the perch back in when a guy fishing next to me asked me for the fish. When I gave him the rather large perch, he threw it to his dog, a yellow lab who gulped it down so fast I could see the fish flopping around in the dogs belly.



My niece the upcoming fashion designer in France sews her own designs up which I understand all fashion design students are required to do, including making their own patterns.


She sounds like a future Iditarod dog-musher!

Zoya DeNure, 40, was born and raised in Wisconsin. She spent 12 years in the fashion industry working primarily as a runway & fashion model. In 2002, tired of the pressures and triviality of that lifestyle, she rented a storage unit in Madison, Wisconsin, stacked it with furniture, shoes, dresses, and headed to Alaska with a carry-on and the dream of running, living and breathing sled dogs. Her Siberian husky, Ethan, traveled with her.



I think you view the world too much through your education worldview. Yes, the BRAIN initiation seeks to learn how the brain works akin to what they did for the human genome. That will be used for fundamental understanding and then to affect disease.

I know a Program Director, now at NIMH, who manages part of the BRAIN portfolio. It is the same biochemical pathway work that he always has done. He was the Director for a grant of mine at General Medical Sciences before moving to NIMH. He's a straight biochemist.

The BRAIN initiative also gets comparative peanuts from NIH -- I think it is $100 million per year. That is out of a $30 billion budget.


Good afternoon! We spent the morning at the dog beach. My sister-in-law the dog lover is with us this week and as always,we had a few laughs watching the dogs play. We also observe the dog owners to see who is a good dog parent and who is a bad dog parent. The beach is self enforcing,so when a dog poops on the beach and the owner doesn't clean up,another dog owner will point out to the owner where their dog pooped. Come on,people! Keep the beach clean!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This has video of the Street Team riding in the van and waiting for the President inside the ballroom at Mar-a-Lago. Fun read! They were SO excited!

Captain Hate

Lots of people in this world who don't deserve dogs. Bunky probably was thinking the same way and was trying to get away

Oh I'm not sure about that. Bunky seemed to be well taken care of and if I start casting stones on dogs not being properly supervised, I'd have to come down hard on Father Hate which I don't want to do.


Mrs. Buckeye is heartened to hear that she isn't the only person still using a sewing machine.

She is delighted her zig zag works again!


My mom taught me to sew hand puppets and easy things like curtains when I was a kid. Comes in handy on business trips for quick repairs of rips etc.


New thread


As an aside, NIH overwhelmingly funds work on mechanism and disease. I had another idea for the technology area where I work: to identify drugs in the field, particularly in this era of synthetic opioids and cannabinoids.

I talked with Program Directors at the National Institute for Drug Abuse, thinking that they might be interested in supporting work to this end. Nope. They were very opaque in what they said, but after discussions with NIH old-timers it became clear that what I was suggesting was not mechanism or disease. The lowly field stuff is below them, and not in their charter.

I may try DOJ.


New Thread!!!

Captain Hate

Hail to the Victors!

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