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March 27, 2017



Worth repeating.

Frau: Until the opposition party learns how to win without cheating and lose without treachery, they need to be handled without mercy.

Cecil Turner

From Clarice's link, what I think is the gist of the current foofraw:

In one hypothetical example offered by an intelligence professional, “if NSA included a day-after-the-election intercept of foreign leaders congratulating an American on his election to the presidency, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out the intercepted person was Donald Trump in 2016 or Barack Obama back in 2008.”
Yes, we spy on foreign heads of state. If you talk to them (or their ambassador), you're almost certainly being recorded--by both sides.

This is exactly what did in Flynn (and in retrospect, he had other foreign involvements that were untenable, anyway . . . the Russia Today analysis gig that I was uncomfortable with earlier was just the tip of the iceberg). It shouldn't be leaked, but it certainly ought to be collected; and there are quite a few people in the intelligence community that have a legitimate need to know (e.g., every country officer).

The ACLU is obviously allergic to this sort of thing. But I don't think the right answer is to shut down the NSA.

Janet 🚬

One more - Trump Seeks Further Funding Cuts From @StateDept/@USAID, This Time From 2017 Budget


List of program cuts at the link.

Old Lurker

Cecil, are you dating Maryrose?


Cecil Turner

We cite McCain simply as a symbolic member of the gang of RINO's any one of whom who might draw the short straw and have to prevent a 51 vote tally, Cecil.

I continue to believe this view of the GOP establishment as some sort of monolithic group is unrealistic. As the recent House vote just reinforced, the problem isn't that they all think the same way, it's that they can't compromise their individual egos to the degree necessary to agree on the most basic issues--and the Senate is even worse.

Account Deleted

MM--- I know what ya mean about touch typing. Listening to these voices in my head leads me to outstrip my accuracy! ;)

Once upon a time.

Heh, it's dating me, but I remember when they first met.

Account Deleted

Whois: "The Restraining Order"?

Account Deleted

JamesD: I scared o' you. LOL

Okay, so once we leave her standing can we still torch Chappaqua just for effect?


KK: how many JOMerz are there in loco North Califas?
Me. Sunnyvale.

Iggy and I are in more rural NorCal. Elliott, when he is around, have family south of SF. exdmocrat is in SF. There is a Polish gal who posts every now and again who also is in SF. Enlightened is near Fairfield. And there is a last fellow whose name escapes me at the moment who live in Concord or Walnut Creek.

My apologies for any I missed!

Old Lurker

"I continue to believe this view of the GOP establishment as some sort of monolithic group is unrealistic."

And the Kahns invaded the west from several different directions and under the leadership of different generals who were not always on the same page. But together they invaded the west, all the way to the English Channel. Ditto the sweep of Islam up through Spain to the outskirts of Paris.

The founding freedoms and liberties upon which this country was founded and thrived is under attack by those who hope to be among the ruling elite when the entire world comes under one control.

So forgive me if I despise those Rs and Ds both who encourage the open borders, one world agenda.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Sherrod Brown. His ex took one out on him


Electronic intercepts are useful but not to further political vendettas, kisyak was square in the administration for most of the peregruska, I guess they liked his stroganoff

Janet 🚬

The time spent passing around gossip on political opponents was time not spent on national security.

Perhaps all those involved could pay American taxpayers back for their useless salaries.
If they were doing DNC work, let the DNC pay them.


Kev, need a glossary? Check the JOM Wiki.

Cecil Turner

I don't think she'd have me, OL (or that my wife would approve;)

On the merits of NSA surveillance, though, my views on this have changed very little in about a decade. And so far nothing of the collection stuff that's surfaced indicates anything untoward (nor has Nunes even claimed that it did) . . . except that it's leaking for political purposes, which is hardly helped by congressional hearings. (which is why I was against them from the beginning)

Account Deleted

Meezin Berkeley. :) So that appears to make 9 of us. Cool. Not suffering alone. LOL

Old Lurker

"Electronic intercepts are useful" and to think Craig Livingstone had to use manila folders when he was working for the young CFF back in the early days.

Old Lurker

". . . except that it's leaking for political purposes"

"Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"


PS. When Robby Mook knows about the texts...!

Old Lurker

And Maryrose wouldn't have me, either Cecil.


From Clarice's link: "The NSA is expected to turn over logs as early as this week to congressional committees detailing who consumed reports with unmasked Americans' identities from their intercepts since the summer of 2016."

Does "consume" mean something different in Spookville? Seems such an odd word choice imo, implying the crazed, single-focused avidity seen in addicts.


I remember the name now -- EastBayJay.

Cecil Turner

So forgive me if I despise those Rs and Ds both who encourage the open borders, one world agenda.

That's fine . . . you can't possibly hate 'em as much as I hate politicians who use dead servicemen to score political points. But it seems to me that if you think the ones who don't see a particular issue the same as you do are necessarily working together (on that or any other issue), you might be missing a bet.

And on the open borders point in particular, I think there's far more political space between practically any Dem and almost all GOP than there is between the most moderate GOPer and President Trump. (Free trade . . . not so much.)

Pagar, a bacon, ham and pork shoulder supporter

Did anyone see this or is it fake news?


Account Deleted

sbw.... you've made my day. The list had me laughing to the point of tears. "Scarred Burro"....

Some of these have Cap'n Hate written all over em.

I'm dyin ova heeya! ;) Thanks!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

It's like the Gang of 8 never happened.


On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, the President signed into law:

S. 305, the "Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017," which encourages the display of the U.S. flag on March 29, National Vietnam War Veterans Day.
From the WH site, so not fake news.

Jim Eagle

NoCal JOMers? Where has CentralCal been lately? Did something or someone run her off and why?


"think the ones who don't see a particular issue the same as you do are necessarily working together"

IMO when it comes to Trump ... "Uniparty" opposition is a valid model that is more predictive than "far more political space between practically any Dem and almost all GOP".

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding electronic intercepts, it seems to me that when democrats are in control, they weaponize the entire government.

In addition, their minions in the bowels of the bureaucracy continue a sabotage campaign when they are out of power.

Look at Obama's other actions: the IRS harassment of conservative grups, the EPA going after private businesses like Gibson Guitar, massive civil rights lawsuits against police departments, deliberate insertion of social justice norms like transgender and women in combat and gays, using ambassadorial posts to send gays to non-gay approving countries, on and on and on.

Now tell me a guy who did all of this stuff wouldn't (after suddenly discovering his successor was not going to be inclined to cover up his crimes) use the intelligence community to spy on Trump. Of course, he didn't tell them "Go spy on Trump." Some weasel in his intelligence apparatus (probably Brennan) figured out how to do it while skirting the law. This would be the "incidental" stuff that was picked up and then unmasked.

I will not be surprised if we find out that there were other intelligence gathering operations conducted by contractors who were not part of any intelligence agency at all.
Why go to the trouble of going through the FISA court if you've got people who will just go do it? In fact, I think the effort to go to the FISA court may have been to look legal after the fact. By late October someone probably had an inkling that Trump might win, if they were looking at real numbers and not the fake ones the media was thumping.

Those presidential briefings (if that is what Nunes saw) must have been doozies to get him so upset.

And what if there are photos? Hmmmm? Because I can't the idea of your TV turning into a camera out of my mind.

Account Deleted

"Where has CentralCal been lately? Did something or someone run her off and why?"

Moonbeam sold C-Cal to the Chinese Communists for pennies on the dollar.

"Who needs a breadbasket when ya gotta bullet train?"


Now we get this, moderates killed the health care bill, not the Freedom Caucus.

Pagar, a bacon, ham and pork shoulder supporter

Thanks DebinNC, I'm just not seeing any pro vets reaction. Has anyone else? I'm not surprised at the liberal hate. They always hate us, IMO.

Account Deleted

Don't mean to fart in the elevator, but whatever happen to that Teh Watcher thing?

(Feels like I'm saying "Beetleguice" three times.)

Cecil Turner

Does "consume" mean something different in Spookville?

I think it's just a form of the term consumer, and I'd think "customer" would be more appropriate, but who knows. But in any event they're talking about the intelligence community folks who asked for and received the reports.

I also think it's worth noting the difference between the NSA folks conducting intercepts and the CIA folks apparently doing the leaking: the former are disproportionately military and tend to be right of center politically (and historically very apolitical in performance of their duties)--represented by Admiral Rogers; the latter are disproportionately ivy league educated and liberal, and very much more political, represented until recently by John Brennan.

We tend to treat them as a single group, but, especially politically, they have traditionally been distinct . . . though I fear the trend is toward more homogenization. But there's a baby in that bathwater, and there is a danger of aiming well-meant reform at the wrong target.

Old Lurker

Thanks Boris. It is a battle to the death between the US Uniparty Coalition (which I think means open borders one world government) and those who treasure the ideals of our Declaration of Independance and the Constitution which came after we paid in blood to get it and to keep it. Anybody who does not see it slipping away without a shot being fired is asleep.

It is wonderful that we have the power to hear and see all that our enemies are doing, but Lord Acton had something to say about what comes from Absolute Power.

Robby Mook having transcripts is all you need to know.

Cecil Turner

"Uniparty" opposition is a valid model that is more predictive

The funny part to me is that the folks who are supposedly most different from "uniparty" . . . e.g., the Freedom Caucus, are the most obstructive.

And on that note, I've got to get busy. Cheers.

Dave (in MA)

She who didn't end up like Miriam Carey,


Old Lurker

Cecil (my day for picking on you it seems! that's why I am so glad you are back...)

"the former are disproportionately military and tend to be right of center politically"

I meant to track that down last week when Rush claimed that while that might have once been true, he claimed that in 2017 that is no longer the case among generals and admirals serving today. Would be interesting to know that one way or the other.

James D

Okay, so once we leave her standing can we still torch Chappaqua just for effect?

Sure thing!

I'd like a day's notice before the operation starts - I've got a cousin there, and even though her husband turned her into a Jets fan, I'd still like to see her spared)

Dave (in MA)

http://patch.com/massachusetts/westwood/s/g2qzo/rep-stephen-lynch-turns-down-white-house-invite?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_term=politics%20%26%20government&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol My douche of a Congressman, who can GFH.


"the Freedom Caucus, are the most obstructive"

Maybe they just get a larger share of blame by design.

"You've got to marginalize the conservatives as much as possible. I think this is done both by liberals on the Left as much as liberals on the Right, Walter. The more you can marginalize this group, the less influence they can have, right?"

Old Lurker

Exactly Boris. Conservatives used to follow leaders who could "Stand athwart history and shout STOP".



For Trump, it makes more sense to bash the Freedom Caucus. Their voters are devoted to Trump -- if Trump starts blessing Freedom Caucus guy by name, it's going to have more impact than it would against a Kasich type.


Dave (in Ma), remind your Rep of the distinction Truman made between the person and the office.

While MacArthur did not like Truman, he made the mistake of not respecting the Office of the President.

MacArthur, like your Rep, was too full of himself.

Old Lurker

"...like your Rep, was too full of himself."

MacArthur is so "yesterday", SBW.

How would you score a Senator, whose son is active military, insulting a POTUS who took a moment to ask the Senator how the son was doing?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If the NSA intelligence is going to be subverted for political ends and we know with the Dems that it will, they must institute methods by which some significant portion of leakers are identified and imprisoned.

If they cannot then the risk to our country of domestic abuse of that much intelligence exceeds the danger of restricting them to what they can monitor without enabling our domestic enemies.

Account Deleted

"even though her husband turned her into a Jets fan"

See?!?! I knew that "50 Shades of Grey" nonsense was going to corrupt the fabric of our hallowed society.

What's next?

Wearing a Mark Sanchez holdover jersey in hopes of his triumphant return?

Another Bob

DebinNC | March 29, 2017 at 11:32 AM

I read that Coates put the brakes on that.

Another Bob

Old Lurker | March 29, 2017 at 12:11 PM

I asked the question in another forum: What percentage of currently-serving active-duty flag officers were Obama appointees. I had exactly your point in mind.

It was considered partisan to even ask the question.

Jim Eagle


Don't know if you have seen this but Jim Webb was to be given a Distinguished Graduate Award by the USNA Alumni and Foundation Association but the "ladies" raised a rucus over the essay he penned in 1979 against women in combat.

Because of the uproar and not a hill to die on, he has declined to receive it. My USNA friends are beside themselves that the award has become so political they are going to stop giving money to the Foundation.

The acadamies are so damn PC now, I don't know if it is worth having your kid get a free ride but be emaciated by the time he/she graduates.

Old Lurker

And that is everywhere, JiB. When SIL left the Marines to get his MBA, I was looking through his stack of catalogs from the top ten schools. Even as one who thought I was "aware", I was shocked and disgusted by how PC & Green & Inclusive & SJW they all were. Talk about a "Race to the Bottom".

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The funny part to me is that the folks who are supposedly most different from "uniparty" . . . e.g., the Freedom Caucus, are the most obstructive.

Keep banging that standup act; you'll make it to SNL one of these days.

Johnny D

Where did this come from?


Let it never be said
That chivalry is dead
I know this because
There's now a new thread.


Good Morning. New Thread!!!

Jim Eagle

The ridiculous to the sublime: Paris censures cement giant for agreeing to build Trump Wall.


Actually, they supply the concrete but no more Paris-Plages along the Seine this summer since LaFarge also donated the sand, all 3K tons of it. Sad, isn't it:)??

Pagar, a bacon, ham and pork shoulder supporter

The answer to OL @12:11.

"he claimed that in 2017 that is no longer the case among generals and admirals serving today."


"Obama has fired almost 200 top military personnel over the last 5 years."

My guess if you had seen 200 of your friends/associates fired and you wanted to keep your job you would do what you had to to keep your career.

Clarice Feldman

Cecil you're very getting very warm.It's not the collecting, it's the viewing and telling and there are records. I think I said this earlier, but I repeat, I believe the reason Obama wrote that E.O. after the election distributing the reports to 16 agencies was to cover who leaked them before the election.I think the FISA warrant was granted on a purely pretextual basis BTW..probably on the basis of "the Dossier" phonier than Joe Wilson's claim.

I think people falling for the Johnson- con man Montgomery crap are distractions--perhaps deliberately set up by those who want to further muddy the waters.


If anyone wants to see Duel the movies, it's free on youtube

search : full movie Duel 1971


"Obama has fired almost 200 top military personnel over the last 5 years."

Imagine 4 or 8 years of Hillary (shudder)

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