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April 29, 2017


James D

You had me at air conditioning, OL!


I'm with James D's 11:47


New thread

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

These are 4 articles, all related, which relate to your concerns. It is why I am patient, because I understand who is wielding the influence and who is writing the legislation. It will take time to fix this.

I also think once you read this you will see that Rush got all of his show prep here and did not attribute it to Sundance. According to what I read on the Treehouse site, it was almost word for word from Part 2.





Jim Demint is apparently leaving Heritage. I also saw a director of a big medical clinic (Mayo or Cleveland, can't remember which) who has been consulting for the White House has also turned in his resignation. This sounds to me like they are bringing more people in to write legislation.

At any rate, I am optimistic that things will get done in unexpected ways.

I hope you take the time to read those articles.



I mostly lurk, however I want to thank you for your wonderful attitude on Trump.

I was not originally a Trump fan but after reading your posts I became one.

I am going to do as you say and wait and see before I set my hair on fire.

You have been mostly correct besides I need your positivity to keep my sanity.


Gentlejim, thanks for posting the SPAM recipe - that's the one.

I think some of the gloom is due to people being tied in to the bullshit 100 day benchmark.

YES. Such garbage. I can't believe people on our side fall for it even as they give lip service to not falling for it.

I love ya OL, but I have never and will never be on the Ledge. I will still serve drinks from the window - maybe. The real fun party will be inside. :)

Janet 🚬

I'm disgusted with Congress, not President Trump.

Texas Liberty Gal

I don't think Rush gets his talking points from anybody. Lets get real!!!

Lyle is Fucked

"But subsidized high risk pools are not the same thing as a mandate banning discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions. It's just not.

And, looking at the states with the largest percentages of people under age 65 with pre-existing conditions, if the GOP's high risk pool plan goes south it runs the risk of more adversely affecting those in states that voted for President Donald Trump."

So what? He doesn't give a shit.

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