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April 29, 2017


Captain Hate

TLG, I'm glad you were able to not let what happened to you keep you from living a full life. It's a testimony to your inner strength. Thanks for sharing.


4chan/pol/ pulls off another giant troll - convincing the left, including the ADL, that the "OK" hand sign is a white supremacist symbol. And Buzzfeed admits they succeeded!


Of course the writer is "concerned" that the Trump administration is so "comfortable" with these folks.

This is the journalistic equivalent of "I meant to do that."

The left has NO IDEA how to handle the right-leaning, pro-Trump counterculture. For them it is like trying to nail jello to the wall. The old tactics don't work with Trump.

Texas Liberty Gal

Porch - hubby having 2nd helping !!! He like it, he likes it!!!!
Thanks for the recipe - so easy. I asked him if the noodles seemed overcooked and he said no.

Texas Liberty Gal

Thanks CH - I just prayed through the whole thing - wouldn't have made it though without the Lords help that's for sure.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That Ricochet article on "Fearless Little Twerp" was interesting.
I don't think a non artist [not that I claim to be an artist] quite grasps the personal nature of creation.
To simply stick your own sculpture into the display of another artist's work is not far from desecration.
Where are the Hollywood nerds who whine about changing the aspect ratio of old movies to make them fit a TV screen as an infringement on the directors' art?
Where are all the stuck up sticky beaks who rail about public art and philistines like Trump interfering with it?
Ideology and politics once again trump all for the primitive, one-track minded, left-wing neanderthals. Not even the thing being a strutting advertisement for State Street billionaires seems to have dissuaded the proglodytes.

It used to be a standing joke about someone painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa as the pinnacle of philistinism.
Do it today and say he now identifies as Mona Larry and they'll put guards around it so nobody scrubs it off.

Clarice Feldman

TLG--don't get Barabara started on the joys of musabi (Spam) suc=shi!


Just as with Barack, so goes da Don.

Watch what they do, rather than their words.

Both full of shite.


Lotsa wordy shite @JOM



I enjoyed the part where Soupy Sales dogs Democrats' out of touchness by mentioning Beyonce.

To which the expert Democrat home-girl says "leave Beyonce out of this!"

Texas Liberty Gal

Clarice - Lol - Won't mention it again!!!

Frau Hottemax von Haferflocken

To quote Bessie, from one of our favorite old movies,
"If you ain't eatin' Wham, you ain't eatin' ham."



Lotsa people (not the 38%) want the fruits of repentence.


I think that Republicans forfeited the right to be offended at anyone calling Trump something like “divisive.”


StuupidMexican gives Gergen his Republican creds. How sweet.

Texas Liberty Gal

IG - Speaking of recipes, didn't you mention a dessert that you said was the most requested recipe that you & your wife got requests for. All I remember is raspberry, salad & possibly jello???

Texas Liberty Gal

IG - You mentioned it on the previous thread.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Did you watch the secodn video in that Treehouse post, whcih was Chris Matthews back in 2015 pointing out that Trump had tapped into what so many Americans felt> BETRAYED.

Although he thinks someone advised Trump and that he fell into his points on immigration by dumb lick, he did get that the working class and many of the middle class felt betrayed, and he pointed out how out of touch the political class was. It was very prescient.

Matthews knows what is wrong with the democrats. Do you think Elizabeth Warren or Chuck Schumer will listen to him? How about all the snowflakes on college campuses? Professors? Hollywood? His peers in the media?

Nope for all of those groups. As Gus says, they've gone full commie.

Liars Puker

I hesitate to point out yet another failed promise, TK

But he can't help hisself

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, the latest disaster around here is that my son and his girlfriend are out of their apartment due to a fire in the apartment above them, which was started by a defective oxygen tank. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the firemen even rescued Edgar, their cat, but they are in a motel tonight thanks to the Red Cross and all of their belongings are saturated with water and smoke.

We kept their 2-year old this afternoon while they sorted things out. Fortunately, I have furniture I kept for them stored in my daughter's garage and they have some more in a storage facility. They are going to have to try and salvage clothing and cooking equipment and dishes. Upholstered and wood furniture, papers, books and mattresses are a complete loss.


This is the other fire festuval:


Sorry to hear that miss marple


Didn't we see the movie, with emwazi


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'll post the recipe later on TLG.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - You've got a 2 y/o grandchild too? Don't you love that age? Especially when you're a grandparent and can give them back to mom & dad at the end of the day. That's too darn bad about the fire though.

Texas Liberty Gal

Thanks IG - whenever you get a minute - no hurry.


I didn't watch the 2nd video, MM. Going to now.

Sorry to hear about the fire. I'm glad no one was hurt.

Another Bob

DrJ, CH, since you're doing orchestra-conductor combos...

Pittsburgh under Previn or Maazel? (Or Steinberg?)

(I know near nothing about classical, except having heard all three combos live.)





Of course they bury the lead



Thank you, Buckeye, Iggy, MM, Clarice and Tx Liberty Gal for sharing "witness" in re: forgiveness 😇.

Experiencing personal tragedy, and surviving..with your faith ..through your faith..makes us stronger. I refer to it sometimes as "putting your horror in a box" until your fear, anger disappates --as you resolve it, by faith. And then throw the box " of hate" away--Defeat it with grace 🙏


TLG, I think Ig was talking about this classic:


We'll see if he confirms.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


1 6 oz Raspberry Jello
1 can Comstock blueberry pie filling [mixed berries work too]
1 can 16-20 oz crushed pineapple, drained
2 cups boiling water
Combine and put in 9x13 dish, refrigerate

1 ½ cream cheese (12 oz)
2/3 cup sugar
¾ cup Sour Cream
Combine and put on top

I'm going to reduce the topping by 33-50% next time I try it just to see if I like it better.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Well, the 2-year old was a surprise but he's a sweet little guy. I have to tell you, though, that at my age keeping up is tough!

Fortunately, my granddaughter who is his half-sister was available to help out. He thinks she is just swell, so they spent a lot of time watching cartoons and playing with blocks.

The hard part of this is that Jack, the Pomeranian-chihuahua mix is just enraged when he is here, as he is jealous of Noah getting any attention. (This is a characteristic of Pomeranians, by the way.)

So, I had to lock Jack in my bedroom since outdoors wasn't good because it was pouring all day. And locking in isolation gets him carrying on like he's being tortured.

Me by the time Noah was picked up:😜



Pittsburgh under Previn or Maazel? (Or Steinberg?)

Sorry, I've not listened to any of them enough to have formed an opinion.


TLG, so glad your hubby liked it! :)

YUM, Iggy.


Before he got fired, my father used to tell me about the co-eds tattoos. Then I got mine. HEH.

Texas Liberty Gal

Thanks IG!!! Everyone is coming over to our house for Mother's Day so that sounds a perfect dessert!!!!

MM - I know what you mean about keeping up with them. We babysat the 2 y/o old grandson & 4 & 6 y/o granddaughters last night. They begged to have a "dance party" and I'm sure you can imagine what that entails. At least it tired them out too so they went to bed w/o any problems.


I was wrong last night, DrJ. It was Solti I was thinking about wrt Beethoven, not Szell.

Texas Liberty Gal

glenda - putting your horror in a box and then putting it away is an excellent way to describe it. It also puts any future troubles that may come your way in perspective.

Texas Liberty Gal

Did anyone watch Yes being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame yesterday? They all looked a lot older but they could still rock it.



I wondered about that. Solti does very well at Beethoven, indeed! I attended a master class he put on at the Eastman School (in Rochester) back in the day, and it was great fun to watch him work with the orchestra.

Once they were done with the lessons, he had them play part of Beethoven's fifth. A golden moldie for sure, but they played it very well.

Try also Carlos Kleiber/Vienna for Beethoven's 5th and 7th.

Captain Hate

Another Bob, my level of insight is far below DrJ's.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

By the way, for those who watched the Face the Nation interview with the President, did you notice at the end he asked why no one had talked about Podesta's financial holdings in RUSSIA, or Bill Clinton getting a high fee for giving a speech in RUSSIA, or Hillary's selling the uranium to RUSSIA, followed by asking why the FBI wasn't allowed to look at the DNC's server and why the FBI didn't complain?

Dickerson looked stunned and then said, well, time's up.

Why was that left in the interview, when we would have expected it to be cut out?

My theory is that President Trump has instituted the Rumsfeld Rule, where no interview will be given unless it can be recorded by the President's people as well. I bet Dan Scavino was right there recording the whole thing as well.

Cut anything out, and the full video goes on the White House web site adn Facebook and they get a scathing Twitter comment./ I would bet cash money that is what is going on.

And the best part of this is that if they don't agree to this, they get no interview and President Trump can point out that they were unwilling to do this.

AND, if they start declining presidential interviews, he can bring up this agreement as well and THAT will go on Twitter! And interviews will go to local reporters, alternative media, etc.


Frau Hottemax von Haferflocken

TLG - your strength means you are no victim. Many let that same experience define them for an entire life.

David Gergen needs to get out more. He only hears the voice in *his* head.

The Outhouse and dictatorships:

David Begley said...
"The conventional wisdom in foreign affairs that it is necessary for the US to work with murderers and dictators. This work doesn't mean an endorsement unless Trump is President."

"... Did human rights groups complain about the Obama-Rhodes Administration's deal with Castro?"

...and, of course, the left does not view the Muslim Brotherhood as a dictatorship.


Thanks, DrJ. I love the golden moldies. :)

Frau Hottemax von Haferflocken

It wasn't strange that the drawing of Kellyanne Conway as a Handmaiden character made me think of Lizzie Warren. She really fits the part. Who is our JOM photoshopper?



I know near nothing about classical, except having heard all three combos live.

Well, did you enjoy the performances? That's really what matters. I loved attending the Rochester Philharmonic back in the day. They were solid, but not top tier according to the usual rankings.

So what? They played well, brought in good soloists, and it was a great night out for the (former) MrsJ and me. A big advantage was that after a couple of years, we had nearly perfect seats, and the Eastman Theatre can be a challenging space.

There is incredible talent in the classical music world. There are hosts of performers who are darned good that you never hear of. Traditionally we have attended performances by the "kids," who often were in their earliest 20s and they too were outstanding.

Yes, some of the big-name stars are special. But not *that* special, usually. The important thing is to go out and hear it in person.

Captain Hate

Isn't it strange how Kellyanne Conway, who coordinated Trump's campaign brilliantly in terms of results, gets no credit for that from her detractors; particularly since most of them were quick to point out the JEF's success in running his campaigns of evidence of his executive skills.

As for Squaw Fraud, she sounds like she contracted TB from the paleface's blankets.

Texas Liberty Gal

AP at Hot Air just doesn't get Trump at all!!!


Dave (in MA)

The Conway caricature was from a moonbat website.

Account Deleted

What Soros is funding in "antifa". In their own words----

"There is no plausible route forward that does not include, not just resisting, but actively opposing the efforts of the police.

Not only are they vocally supported by the regime, but the very authority with which they simultaneously abet the alt-right while restraining social movements is granted by the state itself.

Their monopoly on violence, their access to military equipment, their communication with intelligence agencies, and their carte blanche regarding brutality are symptomatic of their ultimate function: maintaining the status quo."

We cannot afford to dismiss these people as incompetent or underestimate the threat they pose to social stability in America.



Here's an example of an illuminating performance by someone who until recently was unknown to me: Peter Rösel playing Brahms' Piano Sonata number 3:


Brahms was in his early 20s when he wrote this, and his other piano sonatas. This is his last one.

Ever heard of Rösel before?


Kev, imagine an....errrrr.......um....so called Alt Right group said similar things and was funded by the KOCH BROS. What would MFFM say??

Account Deleted

This read isn't one that everybody here at JOM would appreciate. But it sure as hell changed my outlook at age 42 about the many grievances and grudges I'd been nurturing at the time for far far too long.

"Radical Forgiveness" by Colin Tipping.

We're likely never to forget. But the memories will no longer be wrapped in razor wire, bloodying us when we pick them up intentionally or unconsciously.

Big time relief.

Frau Hottemax von Haferflocken

Indeed, Dave (in MA). It needs to be thrown back at them with the correct puss under that headdress .

Clarice Feldman

How does a strategic meeting with dueterte compare to shoveling billions of $$ to the Ayatollahs?

Account Deleted

I must say, Killfile is a joy. And I noticed just how much after being off JOM for 24 plus hours...

coming back on I saw that, El Dooshay The Trolling Cockbag, had the new name "wooly" something or other.

He must be using voice-activated software to troll because surely that straitjacket he's wearing limits his ability to keyboard.

Speaks of his own flesh and blood in a manner that's so filled with contempt.

That's one way to go on and on in circles. Surely there are worse.

But what's to be gained living that way?

That's one of those "lost everything" scenarios.

The trap is how the individual is trapped in an endless comparison loop--- the Troll is secretly comparing his burned out shell of a life to everybody else's highlight reels.

Makes for one lonely individual I'd say.

"...his brain is squirmin' like a toad."

At any rate, I'm all caught up here on the posts of the day and last night.

Gonna go read today's "Pieces".




TLG..yes, Knew you'd understand ! 🙂

Free James D!

Yes, some of the big-name stars are special. But not *that* special, usually.

True. But sometimes they are that special. And it's interesting how you can tell, even when you don't really know much about the subject, when you're seeing/hearing someone truly superlative, someone who's on a completely different level from everyone else around them.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Allahpundit might as well just be wearing his bra and panties on the outside of his mom jeans now.
Beta male status at this point is aspirational.

Captain Hate

DrJ is of course correct on the pleasures of being at a performance by any metropolitan orchestra. The differences between the comparable chairs of instruments between orchestras is negligible and all of them can play the standard repertoire by muscle memory.

There are a lot of orchestra members who live around me; my daughter took cello lessons from a member. In fact this person was the prior owner of chez Hate: http://www.cleveland.com/obituaries/index.ssf/2009/10/kurt_loebel_longtime_cleveland.html

I've encountered Franklin Cohen, the orchestra's clarinetist, when I've walked Teddy at the park and he's very friendly. He's also hilariously eccentric doing things like taking sandpaper to his mouthpiece while performing, when the potential for an unrecoverable disaster was huge.


I think the next step is mudhuts


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That's um GUS sock puppeting Ben's own flesh and blood, KK.


Wishcasting is a popular spot


Account Deleted

GUS: I can imagine that would be like pouring gasoline on their coals.

My observation is the political DNA of that particular mob-movement has doomed them to lead with their chins.

Too much weed smoking for them to have a clear sense of who they are as individuals.

They've managed to rationalize their vices and so degenerated themselves to the degree they've hidden themselves from themselves, while flailing at things not really there.

They come up short. And don't know why.

"I was there to catch a man
I thought I had him by the hand
I only had him by the glove."

--- "I Was There" by The War on Drugs

Account Deleted


Personally, from the bottom of my heart, I am glad that you've made it.

For real.


Captain Hate

Of course, Needham wouldn't talk about internal matters at the Heritage Foundation in a public forum. I'm surprised the Examiner doesn't understand that.

Account Deleted

Thanks, Ig. Guess I took the bait. ;) Nice work, GUS.


But sometimes they are that special.

Sometimes, of course.

Horowitz, after a long period of not playing for the public, chose to give annual concerts in Ann Arbor among other places. The audience loved him, and he, the audience. He received a standing ovation as he came on stage, which I never have seen again. And it was deserved, unlike the routine standing ovations in Davis.

Still, I find it more satisfying frequently to attend more good-to-great performances, and not seek the exceptional ones. That is an addiction in its own way.

Unlike jimmyk I don't have access to continuous world-class artists. I still think it is more important to go out and listen, rather than constantly to seek the best. I'd bet the CH agrees with this in the Jazz world.

Captain Hate

Remember, LambdaPundit used to obsess over Mega McCannz.

Account Deleted

Great "Pieces", Clarice.

Gratchalayshunz to you, MM, on your mention up top re "scary stories". I've spread that one around.


See ya 2mario.


True, DrJ. There is a surplus of classical talent and much of it is young. My dad is a patron of a classical music "camp" for young people - Madeleine Island in LaCrosse, WI. More talent than jobs, for sure.

Local outfits are usually worth seeking out. We have an excellent community-funded 24-hour classical radio station here in Austin, and a lively local classical scene to go with it. Many talented groups. I wish I could take more advantage of the concerts than I'm able to.

I just heard a bunch of kids performing the original arrangement of Appalachian Spring for thirteen instruments from the Pleasant Hill Shaker community in Kentucky. One of the performers was interviewed beforehand and was impressive. Very nice performance.


Sorry, La Pointe not LaCrosse. Darn autocorrect.

Captain Hate

Absolutely, DrJ. My bucket list is empty because I've seen everybody I've wanted to (or they're too old to tour) and find the greatest pleasure now is to catch somebody on the way up. This is why Ken Burns PBS series on jazz infuriated me, because it treated an art form as a museum piece (it also completely ignored the avant garde, particularly in Europe because that didn't play into his racial sociology tales posing as history; but that's a rant for another time). If you're not going to the clubs, you're not supporting improv because that's where it's being performed at the most creative level.

Not that I'm opinionated or anything...


Carrot top wants his hair bacK



I’m guessing the trolz are so would up in themselves that they have never gardened. There simply is no perspective.


DrJ, I probably heard more live classical when I lived in Rochester, than I do in NYC (except for opera). It's a strange phenomenon--there is so much here virtually seven days/week just within walking distance that it's easy to procrastinate and not get around to it. Of course if I were retired it would be a different story.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Department of Scary Stories.

Just read some of the comments.

"What if the people in charge now take over Google?"

"Well, Saudi Arabia is bad, but it's over there and what about HERE and those Christianists?"

Scaring themselves. Department of Scary Stories.


sbw, in the Pitzer punks case, he's not playing with a full deck. Years of being a leering classroom bully, have left him with delusions of intellect. For goodness sake, the guy is the definition of loser.
He comes here, because he needs attention.
The co-ed ladies called him "creepy", and THAT he IS. His pathology is obvious.
Ward couldn't earn a dime in the real world.

Captain Hate

To further prove DrJ's point, a buddy of mine and I met up in Montreal for their jazz festival in July 2003. By far the priciest ticket was to see a trio featuring South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim who has a very impressive body of work. But this night he just mailed it in. The crowd was applauding wildly as we looked at each other and mouthed "can you fucking believe this?"

Needless to say we stormed out of there an extremely foul moods. We were walking through an area of clubs which could swivel their plate glass windows open so people passing by could hear what was playing. We heard some intriguing sounds from one place, thought WTF, and stopped in. There was no cover charge and there were these kids just cranking Ornette Coleman songs like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ra4WHpZhtU

The beer was great and you could get a sausage plate for next to nothing. It totally saved the evening and was the inadvertent highlight of the festival.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I want to put in a word for high school orchestras.

If you live near a larger high school which has an orchestra, give them a try when they have concerts (around here usually at Christmas and towards the end of the year). Many also do musicals.

Many of these kids are talented, and admission is usually less than 5 dollars. It's a great opportunity to hear live music and they are often surprisingly good.


I want to put in a word for high school orchestras.

That might be a bit early and, to be generous, they can be of quite diverse talents, unless there is a regional junior symphony or the like.

Another good source is the recital series if you live near a University with a decent music department. Many of these are routine student performances, which can be hit or miss. But sometimes the faculty perform, and they usually are quite good.

One gem I discovered was Caio Pagano, who is on the piano faculty at ASU. He's a gem, and his performances always were worth attending. He is not unique in that, as the faculty tend to be quite good.



It's a strange phenomenon--there is so much here virtually seven days/week just within walking distance that it's easy to procrastinate and not get around to it.

I sure do understand. MrsJ and I attend about a dozen concerts per year, and that really is all that we can do.

Texas Liberty Gal

Thx Kev...that means a lot because I know you really mean it. You're a great guy!!

daddy on iPad

This front page above the fold story in this mornings South China Morning Post Hong Kong paper reinforces Miss Marple's observation of Trump's importance if not success over here in Asia as seen by Asian eyes eating Asian salads.

Eyeing North Korea, Donald Trump Holds On To Bargaining Chip With China

Beautiful Pieces this morning Clarice. I hope it got the acclaim it deserved.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dr J,

Granddaughter's high school orchestra is very good. So is the choral department.

Obviously, they aren't of university quality, but the musicals they have produced (with full orchestra) have been professionally staged.

The orchestra concerts are quite good, too.

You can't beat it for cheap entertainment and live music.

We have a university near where I live which also has recitals and concerts. It's of course better than the high schools, but not everyone is near a high school. Besides, I think young musicians should be encouraged.

Captain Hate

Yeah Oberlin has a great music school if you can run the gauntlet of insane politics getting there. A few years ago I went to see a performance of a Korean turntable player, Hong Chulki, and a synth player from Wolf Eyes who lives in Oberlin, Aaron Dilloway. It was done in a medium sized classroom and I was one of the only people there at the start. The school orchestra was having competition to enable the players to move up a chair or more and as they ended those the musicians started wandering in to see what was going on. By the time the performance ended, the place was packed.


Teresa may just doesn't get this governing thing or perhaps the uk is in a bigger trench than we thought. Fiscally speaking.

Yes that was great coleman.
The new republic as captain has dubbed it, has dialed to 14


I want to put in a word for high school orchestras.

A few years ago our local orchestra teacher had to go on sick leave, to be replaced by a placeholder.

The students, preparing for a concert where the main piece was Pirates of the Caribbean, shouldered the responsibility to teach and conduct themselves.

The performance was excellent, all the more for being lead by a student.


That is a very difficult score to master, heard it standalone from the film.


Maybe this is it:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

No. That is not it.

Texas Liberty Gal

I'm off to dreamland. Nice chatting with everyone today.



Granddaughter's high school orchestra is very good. So is the choral department.

I suppose it is a local thing. My experience with the high school orchestra was not good -- there were not enough strings to accommodate this trumpet player. I had to play into my feet and I still played too loud. This, after being used to a full orchestra.

In another note, one runs into weird connections. My orchestra mentor was Julius Stulberg, a Polish jewish violinist who taught at WMU. He conducted the local junior symphony without compensation. He did it for love of the kids.

He also mentored Max Wilcox, who recorded all the great Rubinstein recordings I have posted. I played for Wilcox at Stulberg's memorial concert. Alas I have no musical progeny.



Well somethings haven't changed


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, it's very much local and depends on the teachers andthe numbers of students involved.

Still, it's worth giving it a shot once, to see what the quality is. There are surprises.

daddy on iPad

Doing catch up I see this from Miss Marples 08:18 link to an Obama era "Gender Amabassador."
Trump Budget to Cut Gender Office that Falls Outside Mexico City Policy Protection

The Trump administration’s budget will reportedly put on the chopping block a controversial gender rights office created by the Obama administration...

...More than half of the thirty positions in the Global Women’s Issues office already exist elsewhere within the State Department. An Obama executive action in 2009 created the Office of Global Women’s Issues (GWI) along with a new ambassador-at-large position initially filled by Melanie Verveer, a feminist and lifelong friend of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The gender office is a non-statutory office with an $8.25 million annual budget that historically directed $240 million in programs, most notably by getting other U.S. agencies to advance sexual rights abroad in traditional African and Arab countries. These initiatives have little transparency or congressional oversight. Programs funded under the gender office are at the discretion of the gender ambassador and fall outside the guidelines of the Mexico City Policy, which only applies to global health funding.

It is difficult to imagine how any Govt anywhere could be so stupid as to create a Gender Ambassador and then fund him/her/whatever to the tune of $8.5 million, with authority to mandate other Fed agencies cough up $240 Million to comply with his/her idiotic dictates.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am wondering how much damage that office did pushing gay rights in Africa, which is very counter-cultural to them.

Talk about the ugly American!




Miss Marple the Deplorable




Yes, it's very much local and depends on the teachers and the numbers of students involved.

Absolutely! My high school orchestra had but 20 members, and that is not enough to balance a proper symphony trumpet.

On arriving in Rochester, I was pleased to find another Stulberg student as Principal Cellist at the RPO. He was a friend from back in the day. He left for Minnesota for his wife's career, but he once again is a Principal Cellist:


Another friend is the principal oboe at the Detroit Symphony. I am such a disappointment to them!

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