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April 07, 2017





David French is worried Egg could get scrambled?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I do not care what David French has to say, and will not click on the link.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I believe I will mosy over to Twitter and see what Egg has to say.

daddy on iPad

Last page thingy



Anyone see my ex-husband??


I, for one, am pleased with developments.

Nookular Prop

So right to not take smart creds.

You're falling for it again..lol

daddy on iPad

Good Morning!


I don't think my Daddy did anything to that young girl. She can't prove it.

daddy on iPad

Last page thingy second try



Pitzer should never have listened to that girl.
She asked for it.


I believe I will mosy over to Twitter and see what Egg has to say.

The most noteworthy thing is one of his twitter correspondents tells him to go grow some hair.

Seriously, one hears nothing from Johnson, and very lttle from Stein (since the whiole recount nonsense flopped). Why has this guy not gone to the cuckoo Valhalla of all other former third party candidates?

Pagar, a bacon,ham, and sausage supporter

MY Granddaughter's husband Memorial Service is 1:00 this afternoon Pacific time.

His obit is now on the LUN. She is still far behind financially. I hope no one ever has a child that has to go thru a mess like this. Know that it happens every day to lots of young people and few have a chance to prepare, but preparation does make it better.
Thanks again to all that have helped her.


Appalled, someone is still paying him (unlike Johnson and Stein). The questions are who? and why?


Congratulations to Justice Gorsuch, and thank you to Senate Republicans including McConnell in getting this done.

I saw that Manchin, Donnelly, and Heitkamp voted aye.


Hang in there, pagar. xoxo

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump‏Verified account @POTUS 6m6 minutes ago

President Trump Retweeted Gorsuch Facts

Congratulations to an exceptionally qualified and respected judge on his confirmation to the Supreme Court! #SCOTUS

Buford Gooch

The red state Democrat Senators who voted against Gorsuch are going to see a retribution they didn't expect. They think that Trump's declining poll numbers are going to help. Not going to happen.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP

BREAKING: Senior U.S. military officials say Russia has agreed to maintain hotline aimed at preventing mid-air collisions in Syria.

Old Lurker

Tom Bowler from other thread...

Yes I agree that the intel community was on a long decline going back to at least the 70's and perhaps before.

But MM & I are contending that when they openly crossed the wall to allow themselves and their tools to become political weapons and when the public came to realize (via Snowden) just how powerful and pervasive they were spying on regular folks, then they moved from just a semi competent public agency into "hated like the IRS and EPA" voracious government pit bull.

Good luck getting that toothpaste back into the tube. And that is all on Obama, seems to me.

Captain Hate

More fundamental transformation:


Forward this to Tim Kaine and that other Virginia goof that are trying to bring more of this to their state.

Old Lurker

Does anything every happen "as expected" to this government?

Didn't think so.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

[–]TheMattyMonsterARMY 1 point 3 minutes ago

Nikki Haley is killing it at the UN right now. Calling out everyone's bullshit.

Above is a quote from Reddit. Also saw she is apparently ripping into Russia who was supposed to have gotten rid of the chemical weapons 6 years ago.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Xi's statement on the meeting:


Tom Bowler

I see your point, OL. Obama was certainly the champion of weaponized government, and the agencies became more blatantly political on his watch. Political actors have always been with us, I suppose. They just haven't been so open about until Obama.

Tom Bowler

"about it"


A comment from PL blog about the Gorsuch vote.

I watched most of the Gorsuch voting, it was agonizing as the Dems have a new (I think) way of voting. They give a voice note + a thumbs down. Cute. Ms. Liz Warren is especially happy with herself and the thumb down show as yesterday when Orrin Hatch was presiding, she walked close and gave the scary thumbs down. I suppose they think it is mocking Trump somehow. Not all Dems did it, our Amy didn't and Ms Feinstein and Ms Stabienow gave a point down index finger. Perhaps they wanted to be part of the "in crowd" and forgot which finger. Very, Very immature of all of them.


From A'Mom's interesting link on Prisoner's studying latin and improving their Language skills:

“Students who study Latin develop an interest in words. They learn something they had never thought of before. Words don’t just drop out of the sky—they come from some place; words have a history, sometimes a very long and interesting history. Many words are world travelers, traveling from Greece to Rome to France to England. Words are fascinating.
So, Latin is the next step after phonics because it continues the study of the Latin half of English vocabulary in a systematic, orderly way. Skip the vocabulary courses. Learn Latin.”

Cool. Was interested in listening yesterday to our new Talk Radio Show, Buck Sexton, who replaced Glenn Beck! (Yippee) He did an historical derivation on the word "filibuster" yesterday, and we learned that it had lots to do with Pirates:

NPR: History of the Word Filibuster

The word `filibuster' comes from piracy.


The term first appeared in the English language in 1591, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The word was then `flee-booters.' Its origins are probably Dutch, with some Spanish and French influences.

NORRIS: In the 17th century, flee-booters raided the Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and earned a bad reputation. They were also called buccaneers and freebooters. The stuff these flee-booters stole was called booty.

BLOCK: Eventually an extra syllable wormed its way into the word, and flee-booters became filibusters. It also took on political meaning in the 1850s. Filibusters were people from the United States who traveled to Central America and the Spanish West Indies in order to illegally encourage revolutions.

Frau Reistafel

MAGA - Approval of Judge Gorsuch opens the door to others considered unworthy by the prog pack.

Here’s one priceless exchange from ABC’s This Week on February 9, 2003, with an ABC reporter now working as a talk-show host on National Public Radio:

MICHEL MARTIN: Miguel Estrada is a very promising young lawyer who went to some excellent schools, had excellent clerkships, has a good work record. What he lacks in judicial background he makes up with a compelling life story....And you know what that’s called George? Affirmative action. He is an affirmative action candidate as practiced by the Republican Party and the conservative movement....

GEORGE WILL: Michel, affirmative action, in the Michigan style, would be to give Estrada 20 extra points. He didn’t get that. He got the highest possible rating by the ABA.

Let's roll!

Old Lurker

How them open border thingies working in Europe?

"In a violent attack causing trepidation amongst Paris’ Jewish community, a 66-year-old Orthodox woman, Sarah Halimi, was murdered to the cry of ‘‘Allahu Akbar’’ early Tuesday morning, pushed from the window of her top-floor apartment in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. The accused, a 27-year-old of Muslim origin known to police for a string of offenses, had broken into the apartment of his victim – reportedly scaling the exterior wall from the floor below where he lived with his parents – to stab his victim before throwing her to her death. The lifeless body of Ms. Halimi was found on the ground..."


Who would have imagined that on the day the Senate finally voted Judge Gorsuch on to the Supreme Court that it didn't even garner a Headline at the Drudge Report. Amazing.

54-45. Whoot, whoot, whoot!

Cecil Turner

French has it exactly backwards: the best way to ensure we have a bloody confrontation with Russia is to appease their pursuit of their "national interests" (the biggest of which, at least from the view of the thugocrats led by Putin, is MidEast instability leading to higher oil prices).

That said, there are few good options left. If we'd kept 10K troops in Iraq in 2011, we could quickly ramp up air power and have a credible threat. If we'd established a no-fly zone back in 2013, Assad would likely have been ousted by the opposition (and we'd have a different mess there). There's no credible opposition left in Syria except ISIS, and I doubt we're planning on allying with them; which makes a no-fly zone both difficult and likely fruitless.

There's an obvious limit to the zero risk Tomahawk strategy, and we're getting close to it. I have no idea what we're going to do next, but then again, neither do our enemies. And that at least is probably a good thing.

Frau Reistafel

Norwegian police are being armed following Muslim murders in Sweden.

Jim Eagle


I have been teaching Frederick Latin for the last few weeks using my old Wheelock's. He is taking next year in 9th grade and wanted him to get a head start on it.

My "nuclear" stress test came out fine. No issues. Will do an "echo" at end of the month. They use a Technenium 99m isotope injected in your arm vein and then paint your chest with a Gamma camera using SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography). The irony is that I am reading Feynman's "QED: Quantum Electrodynamics" which is the science behind all thes photon based imaging systems.

The radiology tech and I got along and he guided me through the resultant vertical and horizontal slices of the heart imagery. Also showed my liver to be in a state of bliss:)

Old Lurker

Daddy, I noticed that and it pissed me off.

Funny how fast what was THE issue for many voters got buried halfway down the middle column by Drudge. I had to search for it.

Old Lurker

Jack, congrats on the stress test. I knew all that studying you did would pay off.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just got a Fox News Alert that Norway's police will now be armed after the attaack in Sweden today.


That video is pretty funny. After the Stanford student got in with an essay which was nothing but typing "Black Lives Matter" 100 times, I don't have much faith in the whole application process.

On catch up caught Miss M's funny video of how to fluff up the Chinese girls college application to get her accepted to the Ivy's.

I've mentioned this before but will again for fun. My grandfather Herald from St Louis (born I think 1891) was a very smart kid who had dropped out of school in 8th grade and wound up working hauling beer like a Chinese coolie to construction workers, then hated that job so he became a photographers assistant. He fell off a street car an broke his leg, and while laid up in bed, one of the tenants in his Father's apartments cut a deal to pay her rent by tutoring bed bound grandaddy Herald in his Latin and Greek, as he had had a ton of that in his school years and did very well.

He wound up recuperating but continued his studies with the Tutor, and then won a Scholarship to Harvard in 1913 by writing his application to Harvard in Latin:) (WE always suspected the Tutor helped:)

Anyhow, that Scholarship and and ROTC sScholarship got grandaddy Herald into Harvard, and he graduated in 3 years, then spent the next 32 years in the US Army.

God Bless Latin and Latin tutors!

Anybody know how to write "#Black Lives Matter" in Latin?


Thanks, daddy for the last-page-link and for reposting that lovely photo!

Account Deleted

A word about "bellicosity ending badly."

Given how The Rat was so busy polishing Russian and Chinese Communist knobs, to have informed those overlords of any intention to strike would have looked like a bribe. Bad form. So he just kept polishing.

And now, we are where we are.

Meanwhile, POTUS DJT as an aside *tells* the Russkies and CHICOMS "Hey. It's happening. Watch this. Nice talkinnaya."

No prostration bribes. No Santty Claws oil company deals or banking board chairmanships.

Binness. Taking care of binness---- using military force....politics by other means.

Bellicosity of POTUS?

Laughable given that the region is ablaze with human slaughter after all that knob polishing by King Flinchy the Binghole.

The US looks more like Justice League Super Heroes under DJT by comparison to the previous bunch.

Lurch McCandleFace's, Hildo's and The Rat's fingerprints are all over the Syrian Sitch. And don't forget who was running the NSC during that time: Cream Cheese Rice. (What a winner. I hear she's now worth $43 million.)

Aint it a bitch?

DJT will exploit this unanticipated misstep by The Opthamologist. It's exposing more ramifications of the Knob Polisher's "flexibility."

Aint that a bitch too?

The hyper-Vietnam phobia over a military strike is uncalled for.

Perhaps DJT can sell to us everyday Americans that sarin gas in the hands of ISIS is a bad idea. Those corksoakers have no scruples.

Motive is everything.

DJT needs to keep selling his motives directly and in detail while contrasting them with the on-record motives of The Knob Polisher's loyalists.

Nookular Prop

Putin really torquing the poutrage. Methinks he protests a little too much for credibility.



I'm of about 12 minds on the Syrian bombing. Though I'm quite content to defer to the folks making the decision.

It reminds me though of a memory from the Iraq War. I recall reports that Syria was allowing cars to be outfitted as suicide vehicles, which were then driven into Iraq to attack various targets. I never heard of them being punished for it.

Channeling our own JamesD :) I remember thinking a nice response would be something like:
1) secure one of those vehicles which had not been detonated
2) announce to Syria that we had intelligence of an attack on some target such as Presidential Palace or secret police HQ, and give full specifics on the vehicle
3) Drop one of those massive MOABs onto said target
4) Drop the vehicle from a second transport into the crater.
5) Let the Syrians connect the dots


Haven't caught up yet, but Trish Regan tells us on FOX that David Corn's theory is that Trump launched this attack as a distraction to sucker people into thinking Trump isn't Putin's puppet.

Nookular Prop

Ukraine Sanctions soon to disappear without fanfare..or press release..or creds.

Nookular Prop

Quid pro quo.

This phrase should be taught Frederick asap..lol.

Account Deleted

David's Corns has removed all doubt.

Account Deleted

Speaking of smoking piles of shit, I see KillFile has shotdown about 20 comments from Nookular Poop and the WARD's (of the state) today.

Nice shootin' KF.


"But remember, Trump fired 59 million-dollar missiles last night. That's a bridge that won't get built in Mississippi."

$59 Million? That'd hardly pay for the industrial clean-up of the Demsty Dumpsters full of broken Solar Panels out back of the bankrupt and bordered up Headquarters of Solyndra.

Old Lurker

Kev, sometimes on my screen it looks like KF targets are talking to themselves more than we are!

Account Deleted

JiB--- best wishes re the healing processes. Kev


JIB we knew your heart was in the right place

Account Deleted

The cardio techs that do all of the testing at the Health Pen where I go said they see all kinds of weird stuff.

A 10 year old boy had a heart that was facing the opposite direction from what's considered normal and all arteries and venal constructs had developed accordingly.

He's hittin on all 8 though. Turns out he had some leaky valves that got replaced with piggy valves and he is good to go.

Cool stuff.


Pagar, condolences. A beautiful family, such a heartbreak.

I guess the Dem talking points on Syria are now that it was the Rs' fault for not granting Bozo an AUMF back in 2013. Nothing is every Barry's fault.

While I don't think we should be the world's policeman, when did it happen that every move by the President in military matters has to be approved by Congress? That seems self-defeating.

Old Lurker

And yet they have jobs still:

"Fact-checking website PolitiFact on Wednesday retracted a 2014 article that found it "Mostly True" the Obama administration helped broker a deal that successfully removed "100 percent" of chemical weapons from Syria.

"We struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out," then-Secretary of State John Kerry said on NBC's "Meet the Press" in July 2014. Kerry was referring to a deal the U.S. and Russia struck in September 2013 in which the Russians agreed to help confiscate and then destroy Syria's entire chemical weapons stockpile.


*Ni hen piano liang!

*(You are beautiful:)


Grrrrr "Piao Liang"---damn spellcheck@#$


Great news jib.

Account Deleted

Prosecuting the DeepStateUniparty will be like shooting fish in the barrel.

The coverups abound.

Captain Hate

The Chicken to David Corn: It's sickening enough what you do to me but could you at least find the right hole?


"GUS, right you are. We need to ask John F'n Kerry and Typhoid Susan Rice how they know the chemical weapons were really, truly removed. Maybe Doctor Assad crossed his heart. Frau's post..
John Kerry & Susan Rice: Because The UN told us they were removed.

So how does The UN know they were removed?

The UN: Because Putin told us they were removed.

So how does Putin know they were removed?

Putin: Because John Kerry and Susan Rice told us they were removed.

But how does...

General Shep Smith is up---time to change the channel.


"Ms. Liz Warren is especially happy with herself and the thumb down show as yesterday when Orrin Hatch was presiding, she walked close and gave the scary thumbs down."
Posted by: JimNorCal | April 07, 2017 at 01:35 PM


I watched her during vote this morning. Her mannerisms are odd in any event, but that thumbs down followed by the way she walked away after casting her vote this morning was positively loony.

Old Lurker

"was positively loony."

And so dignified and classy.


Stockholm police make terror arrest: Injured man 'confesses that he drove hijacked lorry into shoppers' killing four


Captain Hate

State radio expends a lot of disinformation on trying to make the Fraud Squaw seem like a normal human being.


Time to reinforce Hadrian's Wall.

Posted by: Captain Hate

Screw Hadrian's Wall. They need to rebuild The Antonine Wall, and this time make it for keeps!

Nookular Prop

Heh. How long before the Solyndra ledger of Trump excuses runs out?

Couple weeks more should do it.

Captain Hate

Thanks to the Mailman's Son my state tax bill has been moving in sync with his disapproval ratings. I'll be so glad when that backstabbing loser goes away.


What was Scalia doing on the Firth of Forth?


Just a question:

If a Supreme goes into a coma and is brain dead but on life support, can we appoint another or do we have to wait for the plug to be pulled and the breathing to stop?



She looked like a disapproving member of the Women's Temperance Union who had just learned that liquor was being consumed on the premises. Either that or she was in a great hurry to get to the little Senators' room.


Frothin'a Fifth?

Old Lurker

I think dead-dead, Daddy. Or else we could move on several of them already.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hey, does someone have a link for Killfile? I wan't paying attention when that was discussed and I would sure like to use it, if it works on Firefox.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hannity was doing a gret service while I was out running errands. He played clips of the smug trio, Obama, Kerry and Rice all BRAGGING about how the chemical weapons were all gone.

Kerry was especially irritating. "Never before in human history have weapons of mass destruction been removed from an active conflict while the battle was going on..." Then he bragged how they did it without bombing anything to "send a message."

I swear, I could see his smug horceface in my mind's eye as I listened to him. What a creep!


Can you imagine having the likes of Warren in the Senate for a long time because she comes from a prog state like Kennedy and is a woman also?
She is so immature and her behavior during the Sessions hearings bordered on the bizarre.
She is used to getting her own way and as a narcissist can't adjust to being in the minority and her vote counting for bupkis.


In her speeches Warren refers to herself as as a nasty woman.
She has got that right!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jennifer Jacobs‏Verified account @JenniferJJacobs 12m12 minutes ago

Jennifer Jacobs Retweeted Zeke Miller

No staff shakeup, a White House spokeswoman says amid reports Bannon and Priebus could be reassigned.
"Completely false story."



" Look at that 25 Carat or 30 Carat ring on Melania's President Xi's wife's finger. It could feed Millions of starving people. It's a bad look, a bad, bad look."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Someone on Reddit said she looked like one of those militant anti-liquor women of the Temperance movement. HA!

I also have to say that she has no self-awareness about how she looks or sounds. She is very proud of her snarky comments on twitter (which come across as shrill and unhinged and low-class) and she, like Hillary, wears the same clothes all the time. With Hillary, it's pantsuits. With Warren, it's those short-sleeved jackets in blue.

Something is wrong with that woman, let me tell you. Sad!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I love the rings. If I ever get some money, I am buying one for myself. I sold my old diamond several months ago.


I have to go to work to study now, so I will leave you with this tough question:

A) Ginger:

B) Mary Anne:


C) Aunt Bea:


Brain dead is not a disqualification for JOSCOTUS


daddy - half the women in shanghai have one similar these days ;-)


Aunt Bea was a hottie!

Who knew?

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

Assad and the Dictators just met #TheResistance.

After Eight Long Locust Years, President Trump stood up for Humanity and against the Dictators for a change.

President Trump drew a Red Line--and enforced it within 48 hours. He kept his word.

President Trump used our Intelligence Services the way its supposed to be used: against a Syrian butcher, not against American journalists, senators and opposition party-candidates.

And while the Left blathers on against "normalizing Trump", that is, accepting the results of an election, President Trump said we will not accept the Normalization of Dictators Spraying Children With Pesticides Like They Were Cockroaches.

Even the Chinese approved; now they know that the military technology that they purchased from the Clintons works as advertised.

Bravo, Mr. President. You struck a long overdue blow for America, for freedom and, dammit, For The Children(tm).

It's been so long since we had a president who didn't beg for Putin's permission or the Ayatollah's approval before acting, we'd almost forgotten what its like to have our leader stand up for us.

Well done, sir.


MM The kill file is at the Get Add-ons link in FF with the name Blog Killfile. I just tried it and it was still not working for me. FF has become so slow that I have changed everything to Chrome.

Old Lurker

I clicked it just for chuckles:



FF has become so slow that I have changed everything to Chrome.

I did the same, for the same reason.

The only exception is for my laptop, since it does not have much memory. Chrome can be a memory hog if you keep a lot of tabs open (who, me?). All of my desktops have a minimum of 20 GB memory, so that's not a problem there.

And killfile for Chrome is outstanding:


Dave (in MA)

daddy | April 07, 2017 at 04:02 PM, Aunt Bea? No way!

Next I suppose you're going to dig up cheesecake photos of Aunt Harriet and Hazel!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I guess I will wait then. I can SOB nad am very disciplined about it, but it would be betterto not have to do that.

Maybe they will update it soon.

I currently have 6 tabs open, so I don't think Chrome would work for me.


me too! re: Drudge/ Gorsuch coverage.

Honestly--THE reason I voted, and I had to look for it, to confirm it happened. matt, were you so sure it would happen it was old news to you??? Such faith.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This has the complete transcript of McMaster's and Tillerson's statements last night.

Very processional people, unlike the last 8 years. I have high confidence in them, and in President Trump.


I currently have 6 tabs open, so I don't think Chrome would work for me.

Six tabs is nothing. I usually have 40 or more open!

Frau Reistafel

Oklahoma where the crabs come sweeping down the plain...

"Ms. Liz Warren is especially happy with herself and the thumb down show as yesterday when Orrin Hatch was presiding, she walked close and gave the scary thumbs down."

What a maroon! I know which finger *I* would show her if I did that sort of thing.

btw - Just like her intellect, Warren's fingers are small.

Frau Reistafel

The Firth of Forth? Is that anything like the quatro de cinco?

Account Deleted

Diz Warren... there *IS* a special place in hell for that wench.

Imitation NDNz are the lowest life form on earth, land or sea.

Some big chickens are headed for her doorstep lemme tay-ya.

She is nasty. Period. And a dithering fool from what her domestics have said to gossip mags.

I know, how about a reality show. CH's moniker would capitalize on the Baby Boomer market that used to watch "Mod Squad".... I like it "Fraud Squaw."

JOMerz rock.

So does Killfile. Lovin it on Chrome. Day two.

Frau Reistafel

40 tabs? The advantage of playing the piano, no doubt.


Nah, Frau, it is more a consequence of never getting anything done!

Account Deleted

Diz Warren is a professional grass killer. Nothing more.

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