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April 07, 2017


Account Deleted

Diz Warren is such an alpha hotel her colleagues refer to her legendary outburst which prompted Tortuga McConnell to gob smack her as " 'roid rage."

Old Lurker

"professional grass killer"

Is that the same thing as "buzz kill"


"Can you imagine having the likes of Warren in the Senate for a long time because she comes from a prog state like Kennedy and is a woman also?

She is so immature and her behavior during the Sessions hearings bordered on the bizarre."

Posted by: maryrose | April 07, 2017 at 03:37 PM


You have described her to a T. I suppose we're stuck with her. Better that she's a Senator and not the President.

On this "nasty woman" meme that the left seem so enamored with, I just can't understand it. I think it sets a bad image for young girls and women today. I've never held with the view that women have to give up their femininity or class to be heard or accepted. Oh I'm not saying that I don't get angry at things from time to time and let it fly, but that's in private - especially when Shep or Chris Wallace are on Fox. I try to keep that in bounds too because it really does me no good and they can't hear me anyway.

One of the things that I'm hoping comes about in the next four years is the beginning of an end to the personal rancor that we've seen growing at an accelerated pace in the last two decades. People don't just disagree, they seem to want to demolish the opposition both professionally and personnally. I don't know how we change it especially with snakes in the grass like McCain and Schummer setting the bar so low, but it must be done. We can't continue with a nation so divided.


When the co-ed at Pitzer filed the complaint against our Dad, she called him "creepy", and she said that he had "touched her" in an unwelcome manner. Big deal, he did that to us too.


The one person who can get Warren out of the Senate is Curt Schilling. The only thing liberals in MA like more than asshole politicians is sports stars.


Tom Fitton‏ @TomFitton
Another illegal leak to @NYTIMES targeting Trump family.
Kushner Omitted Meeting With Russians on Security Clearance Forms

While officials can lose access to intelligence, or worse, for failing to disclose foreign contacts, the forms are often amended to address lapses. Jamie Gorelick, Mr. Kushner’s lawyer, said that the questionnaire was submitted prematurely on Jan. 18, and that the next day, Mr. Kushner’s office told the F.B.I. that he would provide supplemental information.

Mr. Kushner’s aides said he was compiling that material and would share it when the F.B.I. interviewed him. For now, they said, he has an interim security clearance.

In a statement, Ms. Gorelick said that after learning of the error, Mr. Kushner told the F.B.I.: “During the presidential campaign and transition period, I served as a point-of-contact for foreign officials trying to reach the president-elect. I had numerous contacts with foreign officials in this capacity. … I would be happy to provide additional information about these contacts.” No names were disclosed in that correspondence.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--If a Supreme goes into a coma and is brain dead but on life support, can we appoint another...--

If those are the criteria then there at least four, maybe six, vacancies right now.


Jane: "The only thing liberals in MA like more than a$$hole politicians is sports stars."

And male models. Don't forget Scotty Centerfold!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

While I think intervening in the ME is a sucker's game we have a responsibility for our and our allies interests to severely punish any use of WMDs.


Thanks for the KillFile link - already working great. I have a question, though. If a certain poster changes their name - does it work or do I have to block every name individually?

Nookular Prop

Ignatz: Deep State Idiot for hire on any propaganda he approves.

Jesus H. Have you absolutely no shame?

Really. Your antics bring reproach on His Throne

Nookular Prop

Momto; security breech.

Don't communicate covertly without double-secret super-dooper email...it's a no-no..lol.


Posted to the wrong thread, and citing the wrong person.:(

I've got 28 tabs open at the moment.

I've had no problem on Firefox with narcisolator, which includes extraneus's version of killfile, in which you just click on the "Posted by" to "kill" a commenter.

However, I don't know where the code is obtainable any more, other than by e-mail if someone asks me for it.


Can I help?


You have to block every name individually. Clicking "Hide" does not take much work.




Thanks drj.

Old Lurker

Mom "do I have to block every name individually?"

Yes you have to Hush each new troll name you see. (would be great if they killed the troll's IP address wouldn't it!) But the good news is they carry on to the next thread.


Thx for the primer dudes, dudette

Have a nice Day.


Oops! Make that "Hush" instead of Hide." You can always "unhush" a person, or view a particular comment if you so wish.

So, for example, if you generally don't like what I post, you can hush me. If I set off a storm with a particular comment, you can always see what idiocy I've written to see what set it off.

Old Lurker

Never you, DrJ...

Old Lurker

I did hush myself once just so I could take a nap.


What a worthwhile experience drj.

You are a profound example of humanity..

Frau Reistafel

Hah! I must be faster, DrJ; it takes only 4 tabs to keep me from getting anything done.

Captain Hate

How much of a strategic dunce is Schoooomer? By going full hair on fire against Gorsuch, who a lot of non-mythical moderate donks thought was ok to replace Scalia (and who probably has a better chance of turning into another Roberts, Souter (ugh) or Earl Warren (quadrupel ugh) than adhering to Antonin), he created no good will to employ if Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg stops stealing Gaia's oxygen and a conservative replacement will absolutely shift the balance.

Jim Eagle


Had to run and get some tonic water for Mrs. JiB's G&T and forgot to give you Black Lives Matter in Latin:

Nigrum Vita Res

If McKesson was smart (hey he went to Bowdoin, right) he would change all their signs to that and confuse the police.

But then they can do Pepsi commercials with a girl in a toga going up to the cop and saying: "Caeruleum est vita" But that is not a correct translation since it means Blue Lives like in sad. If memory serves me correct Blue the color is "hyacinthum".


Is the Kill File the same as the Narcisolator?

I suppose if you blog on a number of sites it would be useful. I only blog here, so I use the Avatars as a way of 'screening' comments by trolls or those that I may not be interested in reading. There are a few shared Avatars, and on those occasions the first sentence of the comment will usually ID the blogger. In this way, I can screen what I read pretty quickly, and I don't miss out on anything that may be useful or interesting (e.g. a link to a another website or story).

Account Deleted

"professional grass killer"

Is that the same thing as "buzz kill"

If you care about your lawn, yes indeedy. She's a compulsive urinating cur--- to be blunt.

Account Deleted

Shoomer needs to be sharpened a bit. Someone should take a disk grinder to his coconut, right on the forehead. Putz.


Bit early for Gin an tonic.

I think I understand Mrs JiB now


No, they are not the same.

killfile is a simple Chrome plugin.

bgates wrote the narcisolator to accomplish two things. The first is to block viewing of troll's comments; you have to maintain a list of known trolls to do so.

The other was to clean up narciso's posts back when he composed in Word and copied and pasted into the text box. That often gave strange formatting results.

It relies on a slightly more complicated infrastructure, since it requires the tampermonkey or greasemonkey plugins in addition to the narcisolator script. But it does work with all browsers as long as one can run TM or GM.

Jim Eagle

I only wish our trolls were as dedicated as the Quality Assurance Audit team on a Nuclear Reactor site.

Their MO is to 1) Fly in, 2) Drink all the coffee, 3) Ask question, write a report requiring numerous time consuming irrelevant answer, then 4) Leave after shitting all over the place.

I feel its deja vu again.


Posted to the wrong thread ... hjta is trying to gin up opposition to the stupidity known as the CA Dem legislature. There's actually a fair number of decent folk in CA. No organized leadership tho. And plenty of confirmed prog doofuses.

For all us Californians consider subscribing to the 2 or 3 email per week newsletters from HJTA.org.

Taxpayers respond to massive $52 billion, dark of night, attack on California drivers
"Increasing the gas tax by 43% and raising the car tax is another blow to already struggling working Californians. This is money that will come out of the budgets of families who can least afford it. Sacramento has lost its way. Clearly the arrogant politicians would prefer to spend nearly $100 billion on a bullet train than fix the roads, unless they are paid an additional “bribe” in the form of a $52 billion tax increase.”


"...Gorsuch, who a lot of non-mythical moderate donks thought was ok to replace Scalia (and who probably has a better chance of turning into another Roberts, Souter (ugh) or Earl Warren (quadrupel ugh) than adhering to Antonin)..."

Captain at 5:39 PM


That's my concern as well. I'm still troubled by that plaid tie he wore on the night that President Trump announced his nomination to replace Justice Scalia. I have to wonder if the President was reminding Gorsuch of the significance of this appointment by having Justice Scalia's widow present in the front row both that evening and on the night of his speech to the Joint Session of Congress.

I wish him well, but I hope he doesn't have a creative streak in him like Roberts and Kennedy have shown in two very important decisions.


narcisolator also hides the avatar boxes, if no one mentioned that yet.

Well, it does that even if someone already mentioned it. :-)


I forgot about that feature, PD!


Thanks for the information, DrJ.

Frau Reistafel

CH - Schumer & mini-me colleagues have to appease the zillion angry identity groups the Dems have rounded up as Stimmvieh, er, useful idiots, er, voters who did not get that worn out ass for president as promised.


And male models. Don't forget Scotty Centerfold!

The turning point in the election was when his opponent declared that the Red Sox were irrelevant.


Can anyone point me to the proof that Syria is responsible for using WMD? My almost 2 year old granddaughter keeps me hopping weekdays so I can't possibly keep up. I'm still really skeptical.


Rocco, not even the Russians are arguing that point. Dog that isn't barking, etc.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think that the intelligence agencies no longer providing blackmail information will sort of stop that stuff.

I see no reason to believe Gorsuch, who has along and distinguished record for following the Constitution, would suddenly go rogue.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The military intelligence (not CIA or FBI or NSA) tracked flights, ordinance dropped, chemical trail patterns, etc. Information was also provided by other nations in the region.

Tillerson pretty much said there was no doubt.

Frau Reistafel

" Putz."

Whoa....Watch it!
Unlawful cultural appropriation alert.
That's how Al D'Amato became *former* Senator D'Amato.

Just wondering: how many potholes are in Chuckie-baby's district?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You know how I gripe about conservatives who see us as cash cows?

I think there are a bunch on the alt-right who are exactly the same.

I have unfollowed a lot of people today on Twitter.

Clarice Feldman

Rocco General Keane offered up the most persuasive evidence on that--apparently we can pinpoint every plane in the Syrian sky. We spotted the sarin throwers leave the airfield and drop the stuff.


Rocco is figuring it don't figger.


What would Assad gain.?..remember 2013.


Clarice is right as she was about Iraq WMDs.

It's the Intel formula script at work.

Clarice Feldman

Here's more, Rocco


It's clear to anyone with a brain that two Dicktators made a deal to stab a former ally, but still minor Dicktator, to achieve a mutually beneficial consequence..

You object? I thought getting all the marbles was your raison d'etre?

Clarice Feldman

Yes, indeed, put your faith in the scribbles of an anonymous poster instead of Generals Keane, Tillerson and McMasters.

Account Deleted

Moonbeam Brown and his miscreant legislative baboons have lost their minds. Not only is the gas tax going up:

"Drivers would also face a new annual fee to be paid with their vehicle registration, ranging from $25 to $175 depending on the value of their vehicle. The taxes and fees would rise each year with inflation."

Former Governor Gray "AstroChimp" Davis was recalled over vehicle reg fees.

But all is forgotten with the promises of $52 billion more in graft coming out of our pockets.

Yet, the Gov waxes before baying at the moon:

"Tonight we did something," Brown told reporters in a hallway news conference outside his office. There's real money and people can afford it...It helps bring jobs. It helps bring prosperity."


You'd actually feel the emotion SHAME, if true clarice?

I find that human trait difficult to see in the likes of you.

Account Deleted

"Whoa....Watch it!
Unlawful cultural appropriation alert.
That's how Al D'Amato became *former* Senator D'Amato.

;) I thought it was the impending RICO investigation on some of his cronies.

"Appropriate away, Baby!" If the Fraud Squaw can do, then a maniacal half-breed in Berkeley can do it.

Cuts both ways.

Frau, I kid! :)


And there was a similar operation launched ar shayhat three weeks ago.
Sans chemical weapons but the same officer col fakhouri was involved


How can Governor Brown charge that much for vehicle registration and then add taxes.
You finally get your dream car that you earned and you have to pay 175.00
For the privledge of owning it.


Kev, we have a gas tax battle here in WI. Walker says no, but the Assembly Leader wants to spend, spend, spend! Robin Vos wants to raise the gas tax, he is holding everything else up to get his way. Meanwhile, the WISDOT could stop wasting money and eliminate the need for a tax increase. The whole thing has me surly.

Note: Robin Vos held my beer when I go my photo with Walker during the recall. Literally held my half full Spotted Cow. Then he redistrictedme out of his district, but given the courts invalidated redistricting maybe I'm back in.


We pay a flat fee of 54.00 dollars.
5.00 extra if you want new plates.

Julia Ward

He's not anonymous Clarice, he's my ex-husband.
After the young woman at Pitzer filed the sexual harassment complaint, I left him. He had a lot of porn on his office computer.


Let me get this straight,
A Mercedes would be about 100.00 dollars but a Ford Fusion would be 50.00 dollars?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


In Indiana you pay 12.50 for the plates and an excise tax depending on the year and model of the car.

It decreases every year as your car ages. My 2001 Jeep only cost me $25.00 total. HA!

I think the most you pay for something like a new Cadillac is $200.00


MM said, I have unfollowed a lot of people today on Twitter."

Paul Joseph Watson who tweeted "I'm off the Trump train" last night....posts today he has (for the first time EVER) lost followers - 1,400+ at last count.


Oh, brother! Now doesn't this illustrate what Rush was talking about yesterday? They never accept they have lost.

Ian Millhiser‏Verified account

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, concede that Neil Gorsuch is a legitimate member of the Supreme Court.

I picture a spoiled kid with his fingers in his ears "I can't hear you - I can't hear you!!!"

Frau Reistafel

Gov. Choo-Choo, KKid.

What will a Gov. Newsom do to us?


Momto2, Send him to the nearest safe space, give him a coloring book and a cookie.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


He's going to lose a lot more, because he tweeted today that the MSM accusing him of abandoning Trump is "fake news."

There was no doubt in his tweet last night that he was done with Trump. I assume his effort to walk it back today was financial.

He's young and emotional, I understand that. However, he has a lot of followers and should be more responsible and thoughtful when covering events.

He's going to learn a hard lesson. Many people followed him because he supported Trump. I know I did. Well, turnabout is fair play and all that.

I saw Alex Jones was walking back his hysteria from last night, too.

I don't know why I should support an internet semi-celebrity over my president.

Frau Reistafel

In addition to rejecting the results of elections and appointments, progs also decide which laws they will follow.
Cafeteria citizens.


It says a lot about their loyalty and I would not want to find myself in a foxhole with any of them!

After all we've been through with our President and they think they know more than he does and can't even wait 24 hours for some information to come out!

Jim Eagle

Ann Coulter proved herself as a weak kneed national security maven. She was the biggest pro-trumper and is now all verklempt.



Tomorrow's WSJ interview is with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and it is worth reading:


It probably is behind the pay wall.


If you need a laugh - go look at the memes posted on that clown's tweet (the one who will never, never, never acknowledge Gorsuch.)


Captain Hate

Schumer & mini-me colleagues have to appease the zillion angry identity groups the Dems have rounded up as Stimmvieh, er, useful idiots, er, voters who did not get that worn out ass for president as promised.

The ironically named MoveOn crowd? Appealing to the deadenders has been a marvelously effective strategy post 2008.

Faster Fascist

I agree cap'N but watch for a comeback

Jim Eagle


Didn't see anyone agreeing with him out, of what the 100+ comments? Why would so many people who don't agree with that putz follow him? That is why I am such a dunce on twitter but then for some reason I follow the twin neo-con babies, Kriston and Podhoretz.


Not only gas and vehicle taxes, the sales tax is minimum 8.5% in nearby counties. Higher in some.
Just so all the favored groups can get their cut: Gov employees, illegals, activists, etc

No wasteful program ever gets cut. Only new ones added. Grrrr.


Fox News had Schumer as the loser of the week.
I told my husband today I am starting to think most Dems are not very smart; Ivy League schools nothwithstanding.

Captain Hate

The pendulum will swing, usually because the Repukes start acting like idiots and deserve to be punished. Trump isn't your typical GOP placeholder though, so I'm not sure what that will do to the normal cycle.

Janet 🚬

I like Paul Joseph Watson.

I can relate to not wanting to get involved AT ALL in the Middle East. At least for awhile.

We need to get our own house in order.
Has the war in Chicago been taken care of yet?

Captain Hate


I can understand your viewpoint but the ME is in turmoil in large part because Zippy decided to bug out and created a huge power vacuum which was quickly filled with bad actors. The world is a safer place when we have a presence in the ME. It doesn't have to be nation building so much as helping the people we like stomp the ISIS bugs.

The question is who is to be boss.

OK, I don't like the term 'alt-right' because the Clinton campaign made it up.

So what does it mean?

Faster Fascist

Alt/right = soft fascist..


"Fox News had Schumer as the loser of the week."

Think of it this way - he lost all his political capital for the next 4 years and didn't even make it onto Drudge. Talk about dumber than dirt. Hopefully he's up for re-election soon.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


One air strike at an airfield in Iraq doesn't preclude doing something about Chicago.

I like PJW too, but his hysteria, copled with his lying today about what he said last night made me quite angry. A statement that he had misjudged the situation and overreacted, with an apology, would have been fine.

But to say he didn't say what he said and label it "fake news," well, I cannot go along with what is truly a falsehood.

Also, we don't hav a choice about the Middle East. If we are to defeat ISIS (whose goal is to come over here and destroy America) then we will have to be involved. That is the unpleasant truth.


Calling Kim!

A real outrage alert. In tonight's Jeopardy, under the category "Gates" (as in Watergate, etc.) there was this beauty: "Leaked emails from the University of East Anglia in this country were seized upon by climate deniers." Maybe not the precise wording, but that was the sense. And "climate deniers" was used. It's akin to screenwriters in the 30s slipping their political messages into movies to further their agenda.

Let's flood the zone/Jeopardy producer with angry letters, comrades.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Alt-right is a term for the blogs and YouTube sights which are right wing but not establishment right wing. National Review, Weekly Standard, Rush Limbaugh etc. are traditional right wing.

Alt-right is Infowars, Prison Planet, Breitbart, Milo, etc.

The left has tried to portray the alt-right as racist and Nazi-like. Although within their fan base there are a few like that, most are not.


Baxter is live tonight! Guess he got the memo......

Account Deleted


"Any Twosome" Newsom will be most grusome. He's capable of unspeakable acts.

Fiscal policy: "Let's give everybody $10 grand."

Immigration policy: "As long as they stop peeing on the light poles, we're good."

Transportation policy: "Let's pretend we're Holland."

Health Care policy: "Bullet-proof bennies for me but not for thee."

Agricultural policy: "It's a waste of water."

Immediate priorities: "My 'do."

With him in the governor's chair and loons like the current speaker, AG, and public service and teachers' unions running wild: We're hosed for the next 40 years.



I can relate to not wanting to get involved AT ALL in the Middle East.

That's fine, a lot of people here feel that way or are at least sympathetic. Still, it's one thing to disagree with the President, quite another to repudiate him entirely. He needs the support of everyone who agrees with him on even 80% of what he does.

Faster Fascist

Of course 'soft' could easily calcify.

Just read subsequent comments.


"Ann Coulter proved herself as a weak kneed national security maven. She was the biggest pro-trumper and is now all verklempt.



I completely agree. Can't they at least give the President the credit for being informed and using all of his experience and abilities to achieve the goals that he laid out in the csmpaign? Or are they so used to being the opposition, that criticism is their default reaction when faced with a controversial or sensitive problem (ie. negotiating health care legislation or in this instance forming an appropriate response to the use of chemical agents on a civilian population.

Michele Malkin reacted in a similar fashion last night on Fox Business News. She was being interviewed by Lou Dobbs primarily about Surveillance Gate. Dobbs' program had been taped before information was released on the strike in Syria so they were uninformed. Dobbs asked her what she thought of the President's previous comments on Syria. Malkin said that she hoped the President wasn't thinking of "dipping his toe in the revenge waters" or something to that effect.

It troubles me that these pundits think that because they supported him, now they can substitute their judgement for his. In Malkin's case, she wasn't armed with any details let alone the intelligence and advice that the President had available to him. I'd like to see conservatives, especially Trump supporters, hold their fire and wait until the facts are known before making critical comments.

Faster Fascist

Finally a point of agreement with kevlar

It's time for a Jerry Brown reset...uh..overdue and long deserved.

When he starts lecturing drivers how much wurst it can get...well let's just say I better not meet him face to face at the Monastery.

Anti-science, heh.

tonto, it's progress to call those climategate letters leaked instead of stolen.

Yeah, 'deniers' was dirty pool, but I've become inured. We skeptics are realists, the exaggeration of 'catastrophe' is the error, the delusion. It's a denial of reality, so we can turn the term.

This will all end with whimpering, but it will be a long dragged out process.

It's nice to see that climategate has penetrated well enough to become a trivia question. That's progress.


Barbara, the #NeverTrump people proved "virtue signaling" is not exclusive to Social a Justice Warriors.

What I see Trump doing is what successful business people do: set a goal, then change out staff or methods as new facts arrive. This notion of "perfect" responses is a silly thing, whoever deploys it. Foreign entanglements do suck, but they suck less than foreigners entangled here. Just ask the Swedes.


So the Stockholm murderer is a 39 nine year old Uzbek, likely admitted as an political refugee from karimov, the bete noire of Craig Murray there was a thinly disguised in the second tara chase novel.


Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, concede

. . . civil society with others.

Another Bob

My vision of Trump telling Xi about Syria:

Trump called away from the table by an aide.
Aide whispers in Trump's ear.
Trump returns to the table.
As he's replacing his napkin, says very casually to Xi...

"Had to send 60 missiles at Assad. Bad hombre. Dessert?"

Captain Hate

Ol' Yeller is on board:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wretchard's latest.


Kim, “alt-right” springs from the early internet list-service days when emails could be grouped by particular topics. Moderated topics were known by subject name and unmoderated, very loose similar subjects were labeled “alt-subjectname”. Some of them were quite x-rated.

But rather than paste more conservative people as radicals, they laughed derisively at the Alinskyesque attempt . . . and started calling the leftists as:


For the other computer shift key and the leftists controlling instincts.

As has been voiced elsewhere . . .femall.


Kim -- I shot off an angry email (probably went into the void) at the Contact Us slot on the Jeopardy webpage. Resist! (As half my AZ neighbors proclaim on their bumper stickers.)

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