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April 12, 2017


Texas Liberty Gal

MM - I love Trump & voted for him. That doesn't mean there won't be times I disagree with him. He's not a perfect man and he won't be a perfect President. He will be a hell of a President though and one who is (mostly) very good for America!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Video from Thomas Wictor concerning weapons used n Syria.

posting here for information. I don't know if it is valid or not.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


As I said, I am not in a snit about Ex-Im, because I don't really understand it.

My objection is not to people like you, who disagree with his stance, but with those who start on the "he betrayed us" mantra.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Agree with DocJ that there is still stuff worth reading at NRO, and Weekly Standard for that matter.
Problem is wading through the other snide stuff sometimes exceeds the value of the good. Signal to noise decision...

As to Ex-Im Bank; without a stake through its heart it will reanimate and be back to a Chamber of Commerce Horrors slush fund faster than you can say Crony Robinson.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Think it is time for bed.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Instagram! What the hell is that?
Someone was trying to explain Snapchat to me the other day. It sounded like something four year olds would use but apparently there are millions of adults making stupid faces and sending them to other adults, along with pictures of their gonads also apparently.

Western Civ teeters...


Snapchat was WEINERS wet dream.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Is that WEINERS plural, possessive or possessive plural?

daddy at Side Street Cafe

From Narciso's 10:29 link on Hillary Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri complaining about how tough the 2016 Campaign was:

The hardest stuff was beating back the FBI investigation in July 2015,” said Palmieri. "We were fighting with the New York Times until four in the morning; they refused to change the headline.”

Let that sink in a moment. She's angry because the New York Times supposedly refused to change their headline at Hillary's request.

I am not in the Press business of course, but can you even imagine Trump and his campaign expecting that they would:

1) get a sneak preview of the next days New York Times Anti-Trump headline, and

2) actually think that they would have the slightest chance of getting the New York Times to change the headline in their favor?

Seriously? That is what Jennifer Palmieri considered "the hardest stuff" in her job? It is to laugh.

The above the fold story of the day at the New York Times, if Steven Bannon or KellyAnne Conway had called up and demanded the paper change their AntiTrump headline, would have been: Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway Attempt to Sabotage Freedom of the Press By Demanding that the New York Times Censor Headlines Critical of Donald Trump.

The real story revealed here is that once again Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Palmieri expected the Press to roll over exactly as they had a million times before in the past, and when apparently they didn't do so in this particular case Team Hillary went bananas.

Clarice Feldman

Yup, daddy.

Just watched the Fatso extravaganze in N K--looked like a weird Buck Rogers thing.

Smooches and Nytol.


possessive. I should have used a following apostrophe??


Daddy, Imagine the sense of CONTROL and ENTITLEMENT by HACKS like Palmieri and Rodham.
IMAGINE how many HEADLINES that WERE PURGED or ALTERED by the AFOREMENTIONED LIBTARD/MARXIST HACKS. The level and scope of CORRUPTION and COMPLIANT MEDIA dishonesty and BIAS is OPEN for anyone to WITNESS. Yet.....NONE of the MFM recognized the BIAS. They don't TRY to be LIBTARD HACKS. They ARE LIBTARD HACKS.


Goodnight Clarice!!

Texas Liberty Gal

I'd try to explain it to you IG but I get the idea you woudn't care so I won't bore you with it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Explain away, TLG.
Meanwhile I'll go look it up.


Hey Texas Gal, and Ignatz!! Good to see both of you, on the NIGHT SHIFT.
I wish Henry was here. I found DRAGON'S MILK STOUT today. I found it at a place very near Henry's office!!
I've had one of the Dragon's Milk Stout's. Very very good.

daddy at Side Street Cafe

I wonder how well the funding drive is going for the Obama Presidential Library Construction Fund.

Any of you guys contributed?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hey GUS!
Good night...sleepy...


"Apparently the Notorious RBG is in the hospital."

I know it's wrong, but .. be still my beating heart!

daddy at Side Street Cafe

Thought this was fun.

On today's long 9 hour flight our reserve pilot and I were chatting about the NCAA Playoffs and I made the standard joke about our UNC athletes getting degrees in courses they never attended and that in some cases the classes didn't even exist.

He replied that a good friend of his has a son running Track on a Track Scholarship at Mississippi, or Mississippi State, I forget which.

Anyhow, he said the son was doing great in school but was majoring in some variety of Engineering, and he was starting to realize how much the classes demanded for his major, so he called his Dad and said he was seriously thinking of quitting Track. He said that the Dad told him to go talk to the Track Coach first, so he did.

He said that the Track Coach told the kid that he was cleared to never run another lap in practice and he would never have to go to a single Track Meet in future, but he wanted the kid to stay on the Track Team and keep his Scholarship because his grades elevated the overall GPA of the Team and that was more important than anything else.

I can't swear that's true but boy did that crack us up:)


JimNorCal......RBG?? Is???

Goodnight Ignatz. Happy Easter my friend.


Yeah, Gus, someone posted that about 4 pages back...


Daddy, Obama is the biggest CLOWN in History.
The only donors to Obama's library, will be RACIAL POVERTY PIMPS. Obama has NEVER held any sway in his pathetic CHOOOOMING life, EXCEPT when the FUXSTICK had POWER. His legacy and the pathetic Obama LIE-BRARY, will be a JOKE.
Obama no longer has acolytes who are willing to PONY UP.........Their OWN money.
Obama's legacy will be 100% manufactured RACIAL nonsense.


JimNorCal, NO, I'm asking who RBG is?


Daddy, I deal with DIVISION 1 NCAA athletes, programs, coaches, and in some cases compliance.
Track scholarships are usually not full rides, OF COURSE, with some exceptions. My Lil Bro, ran track at N.Texas, and had ZERO untoward or inappropriate interactions with the Athletic Dept. However, they were on his ass to make sure that HE (my bro) was compliant.
In my job, I do deal with DIVISION 1....Basketball and Football athletes and coaches. Compliance/NCAA compliance is a full time job at most MAJOR and MID-MAJOR schools. It's ridiculous, but sometimes necessary.


RBG is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
But it's a hoax story.

Known fake/satirical web site The Last Line of Defense published an article entitled: "BREAKING: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taken To Hospital Unresponsive-Here's What We Know".


Although she's about 800 years old, and has a withered moral compass libs attempt to make her cool by giving her a rapper style name "Notorious RBG"


JimNorCal....of course. How could I be that dumb?? Ruth Bader Planned Parenthood Death Hut American Civil Liberties Union Ginsburg. So totally qualified and NON-PARTISAN, much like the WISE LATINNNNNNYA, and KAGAN. No problem there.

daddy at Side Street Cafe


I am at The Side Street Cafe in Honolulu, the first place that wonderful (AB) and Rom took me to on our first JOM Honolulu get-together. It is next door to the Strip Joint. It is fun to see when I use the iPad what ads pop up on the margins of JOM in such places. Top left is an ad for "Monster Trucks." Have you guys been talking about horse power and muscle cars lately? Ad 1 might make me say,"Yes."

Second ad down on the margin of JOM to the left is "PUBLIC RECORDS ONLINE,". This site contains REAL POLICE RECORDS, (Court records of driving citations, speeding tickets, felonies, misdemeanors, beating guys over the head with a black jack, mugshots, Bail Bonds...)

I'm thinking Ad 2 might be generated from local activity...

Third ad, first on the right side, was initially something quite provocative, darn provocative in fact, but it now it has changed since I started blabbering, into encouraging me to buy People Magazine's latest on Jennifer Anniston.

Geezy peezy, I've refreshed JOM half a dozen time's now and can't back to that salacious stuff I previously saw in position 3 which generated this post in the first place. Bummer. and now as it keeps coming back I see It's not Jennifer Anniston on the People Mg ad, it's Renee Zelwieger. (She had me at "Meet salacious new friends" :(

Oh well, So I thought I had a good point to make but apparently not, and am too lazy to delete it. And don't even get me started on the new ads that have popped up in position 1 and 2 now, since personally I'm into Redheads and Tort Reform, not Blondes and Bail Bonds. Oh well...

I wonder if in the future archeologists will do their Conclusions on the 21st Century by trying to grok what viewers were interested in by the particular ads that popped up on their iPads. I can certainly envision them having access to all knowledge but no real understanding, tho' what we are bombarded with is undoubtedly part of the equation.

So comrads, what's on your JOM ads 1 2 and 3 this very instant? I wonder if I can tell your location from your 1 and 2?

Yes please, I'll have another.


So WE/U.S. President Trump drops the largest BOMB armament that we possess on ISIS in AFGHAN. OBAMA the retarded daddy issues, LOSER, told us that ISIS was 20 to 25 thousand strong. What FUCKING DANGEROUS MORONIC BUFFOON. The JAY-VEE!!! KOBE BRYANTS JERSEY and the LAKERS.

What kind of total and complete FUKTARD and MORON would allow such a J.VEEEEEEE team, to become such a major international THREAT????? What kind of JOKE and FOOL, would suggest that an ISLAMIC ARMY who had/has shown itself to be....beyond murderous, sick and barbaric, is THE JAY VEEEEEEE???
Pathetic clowns and criminal sycophants such as Susan Rice and John "You've got a Friend" Kohn Kerry Heinz, is your answer.



At 1:30 in the a.m. here in Wisconsin, I see Chris Wallace on FOX, with Martha MacCallum.
What on earth does Chris Wallace know about.....ANYTHING?? The waste of his Daddy's JIZZ, is embarrassing. Wow.



"My point is that whether or not this is an important issue, most people don't care about it because they don't understand it."

So we don't need to worry about It?

I am grateful that the taxpayer has the opportunity to make Boeing whole when the Iranians stop paying for the aicraft that Boeing sold them. Especially, because most people don't care about it because they don't understand it.

Understanding it, and doing the right thing, is what we elect politicians to do.


What is of interest to me is how the diverse/disparate minority of eligible voters who put Trump in the WH falls out as that oh-so-tricky and complex governing thing, which so frustrated our most recent POTUS, unfolds.

Less than 12 hours ago at this very kitchen island, I heard "I'm still just so happy she's not president." DT had me as the duly nominated candidate of the Republican party, but won me with the SC nominee list he put out. Single issue voters at this house.

I'm thinking such people will not be too critical of the flip flop on the Ex-Im bank.

(For God's sake--he advocates for single payer and paid maternity leave. And has as advisors thirty-something relatives who host fund raisers for Ds. Who did you think you were voting for?? ;-) Let's get real people.)


what's on your JOM ads 1 2 and 3 this very instant?

Nothing. Adblock is your friend.


Ad 1. SMTP Service
Ad 2. Test For Free: email delivery, API integration
Ad 3. Concord Law School


Ad 1: Concord Law School
Ad 2: U of Phoenix
Ad 3: Judicial Watch special report Hillary Email Scandal
(I'll stop now)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning, all!

Davod, you can worry about the Ex-Im Bank all you want. I am not going to do so because it would be like me having an opinion on the best ammo for a handgun. I know nothing about such stuff so anything I would say is pointless.

I never thought Trump was going to operate as 100% conservative. Many of his actions are conservative (SC justice as anonamom just pointed out), law and order stuff, immigration.

Other things, he's going to be more liberal and not please people who judge things solely through a conservative ideological lens. He's a pragmatist and looking for results.

I can assure you that my sisters who voted for Trump don't even know the Ex-Im bank exists. Whatever he eventually decides will make no difference to them.

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

1. Mercantile Bank

2. KBB Car Dealer

3. Hackensack Ford

We are driving a rental Ford Explorer and haven't searched for cars since late October when Mrs. JiB bought her Land Rover.

I see the sun rose on the NorKs and all we got was crickets. Trumped by a MOAB.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I use Ad Block, too. I got it because the ads on places like Breitbart and Conservative Treehouse were so many that my computer was locking up.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

North Korea is apparently going to enhance their diplomatic mission. China must have done some heavy persuasion.

Also saw that some people think Pakistani intelligence was in those tunnels.


On Ex-I'm Bank. It is a tool along with tariffs and weak currency that indicates a Mercantilist policy preference. This is one thing that gives the #NeverTrump crowd heartburn. I agree it is not ideal. However, I can see Trump's point that the rest of the world is mercantilist too (perhaps especially in regard to trade deals with the US). I will withhold judgement Trump reveals a trade deal that meets his criteria (whatever those are).

Miss Marple the Deplorable

First Lady Melania Trump visited a homme for abused girls yesterday. Apparently Gateway Pundit is the only outlet other than the Palm Beach Post and a shoe web siteto cover it.



1. Frisch's Big Boy

2. Frisch's Big Boy

3. Frisch's Big Boy

All three same ad for fish sandwich. Yes I have been on a diet.

Google must be outing me for all the food porn I have been looking at:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

AFP news agency‏Verified account @AFP 7h7 hours ago

#BREAKING Number of IS fighters killed by US bomb jumps to 90: Afghan officials


I agree with what henry says about Ex-Im Bank.

Having said that, I have had numerous dealing with Ex-Im, and these are some real slimy bastards.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Gee MM.

No mention of the troll's vaporized babies in that tweet?


Good Morning! I must have missed this important story,ha. The owner of a wood turning mill in Buckfield,Maine sent a tweet to the White House in February that said... "FYI,the manufacturing deadline for Easter eggs is nearing." The company makes the commemorative wooden Easter eggs used at the White House Easter Egg Roll. The NYT and other media used this as a another example of a White House in chaos. The owner of the Buckfield mill made no comments about his interaction with the White House,saying,"I'm just a wood turner." As the headline in the Portland paper says,he is "egg-nostic" about politics. His next project is cocktail muddlers.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


daddy, Thought you might be interested in this.


The cooperation from China on North Korea is Trump's biggest accomplishment to date, and it is huge.

I suspect that means it will get bad-mouthed on tomorrow's news shows.

Jim Eagle

I know all about working with Ex-Im. In a perfect world we wouldn't need it but if we are to compete with the Japanese, (now especially) the Chinese, France and Germany, Inc. we need it. Catepillar needs it as does John Deere and Boieng and other major export manufacturers.

Back in the day at the old firm, we were able to win and finish very large infrastructure projects in Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia and Macedonia only because of the deals we got to purchase and use Cat equipment. Never would have got those deals against the Japanese, Chinese and France, Inc. without the preferential financing.

If Ex-Im goes then OPIC (insurance) goes also. No need for it any longer.

But I am still interested in the studies that show it is a net taxpayer benefit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Several things about the MOAB are interesting.

The decision to use it was made by the general in charge. No one contacted Trump for permission, because he has given them latitude to fight as they see fit, with the goal of winning. This is quite different from Obama, who apparently micromanaged to make sure we didn't do anything that might upset someone.

Also, I see now that 4 ISIS leaders were killed, which is good. Also, the New York Post has the numbers killed up to 96.

We do know that some Pakistani intelligence people were working with the Taliban. There is a strong possibility that there were some of these people in those tunnels as well.


Jack,all the best to you on Monday. I assume Mrs.JiB and Frederick will be at the hospital during your surgery?

Clarice Feldman

Front page of the WaPo under "Newly Arrived in the era of Trump" about Syrian refugees says inexplicably about integrating immigrants:"That task has been complicated by the election of President Trump , who is seeking to reshape the American identity through strict limits on immigration."

I'm running this thru my logic computer and I'm getting "404"

Pagar, a bacon, ham and pork chop supporter

1. Ad-block is great.
2. Ex-Im-- I still think the greatest aid for small business is getting rid of a lot of the government regs.
3. Miss Marple, thanks for all your efforts finding links. That one for the first Lady visiting the girls home is a fine example of things that make America great, IMO.


We do know that some Pakistani intelligence people were working with the Taliban. There is a strong possibility that there were some of these people in those tunnels as well.

Works for me, nasty little vermin.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Lots of people don't realize Pence did Medicaid expansion but in a different way. The recipients have to pay a small premium each month, for one thing.

This discusses how it is working with both benefits and drawbacks listed.

James D.

I suspect that means it will get bad-mouthed on tomorrow's news shows.

I certainly won't take that bet.

Pagar, a bacon, ham and pork chop supporter


"The project’s astonishing $25 million price tag has led to the utility taking fire from state regulators for overpaying for solar panels and long-term lease with the National Guard. The collateral damage includes the northern Minnesota utility’s residential ratepayers, whose bills will rise as a result of the costly solar farm."

25 million here, 25 million there, pretty soon it gets to be http://www.usdebtclock.org/state-debt-clocks/state-of-minnesota-debt-clock.html

Clarice Feldman

IRS story brought up to date.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Week in Pictures.

Old Lurker

Good ones, Iggy. Great final one, too!


MM, I highly doubt the President on his official line with respect to that MOAB. No, that was a very carefully planned use of power in my estimation. However, it was surely designed in part to highlight a very important truth going forward -- Combatant Commanders and the military in general being freed from micromanagement back in DC. This, of course, was *the* truth the President officially ascribed to the act of dropping *that* particular MOAB. Okay, wink-wink.

This helps the President on *many* levels going forward, and it also helps the effectiveness of our military going forward. A truly brilliant joint decision by the President and our armed forces.

Captain Hate

I'm running this thru my logic computer and I'm getting "404"

Bezos logic. He must have been the "big ideas" guy who was kept far far away from the actual coding.

Texas Liberty Gal

Thanks for the pics IG. I'm going to post the United Lego pic on Instagram


This is from earlier in the week and urges philanthropies and foundations to "adopt practices based on systems change to achieve their goals in the current political environment."


You can just imagine how they intend to "change attitudes and relationships" in order to "co-create a new future across our perceived differences."

Captain Hate

Are there any golf courses in Tahiti or is it strictly blunts and cabana boys?

Jim Eagle


Mrs. JiB will stay in the City and do business, visit friends and be with me. We are having Frederick stay with friends here in Key Biscayne and he will fly up to ISP next Sunday for start of school on Monday. Didn't want him having to hang around NYC without friends etc.

Another beautiful day in KB. Strong breeze off the ocean, bright sun, lots of families here for Easter. Since our plane is at 11:30 from FTL, we are going to Easter vigil at St. Agnes tonight at 8pm mass.

CH. Where's Reggie?


Rooting for the best, JiB!

Remember, some painkillers work better for some people than others. Don’t be afraid to change!


New thread!

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