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April 12, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable


F-35's deployed to Europe

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'd say he needs it sooner than that, along with regulatory reform and ridding ourselves of Obamacare.--

True jimmy. My point was tax reform will not avert what's coming.

Unlike lyle I think a tighter Fed combined with a slowing economy after 8 years of lethargic "expansion" based entirely on a reinflation of the debt bubble by the idiots at the Fed will lead to an asset plunge and a much needed recessionary correction of the vast misallocations and price discrepancies across the economy.


the doctor reminds me of a three year old, squatting and squealing, and UAL is a big, indifferent steel machine rolling over people.

You are ok with UAL ignoring their own contract, violating portions of it, the pilot not authorizing the so called authorities to be on his plane(let alone not discussing the problem with his no longer autonomous passenger), the commission that runs the authorities saying that they don't resolve booking errors, and what appears to be a clear violation of 14 CFR 250.2a?

All the way down to beating the crap out of three year olds? 2 year olds are off limits, so that is good.

Source of code violation:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is what I live with. I was informed this morning I should not mention Trump's name, because he's evil and wants to start WWIII.

1. She didn't know that we still have troops in Afghanistan and didn't know we have been dropping bombs all along.

2. She didn't understand the purpose of the MOAB, not that the tunnel complex was there.

3. She didn't understand "show of force" doesn't necessarily mean we will attack. (This is the fleet heading towards North Korea.)

4. She didn't know that we have treaties with japan and South Korea.

5. She didn't understand that the Chinese weren't going to attack us, but were getting troops together to stop Norks heading north.

She's not a bad peprson. But she was lured into liberal thinking in college and frankly, has zero background in contemporary history or anything military. I am no expert, but I at least know basic stuff and can keep from going into full-blown panic.

She is also worried about Russia and Syria, but she didn't understand the tie between Assad and Russia. Everyone she knows on the internet is hair on fire because they think that Trump is evil and/or crazy and doesn't now what he's doing.

If I won the lottery I would buy myself a condo.

Captain Haiku

set up barbecues and picnics on lawns in front of houses belonging to people they did not know

Extra cheese on mine
Who the hell am I, you say?
It's my house, dillweed.

Clarice Feldman

jimmyk will confirm, I'm sure, that it's not unusual for orthodox Jews to spend time at resorts where the kitchens are made kosher for Passover. The rules for preparing a household for Passover among the very orthodox are arduous--the entire kitchen must be cleaned, all the cookware, dishes and flatware and glasses must be stored and special ones brought in for Passover--stuff that probably needs to be re-washed from storage. Every crumb of non-Passover food must be removed. I don't blame them one bit for "sneaking off" to a resort.

I used to hate helping my mother do this.


Unlike lyle I think a tighter Fed combined with a slowing economy after 8 years of lethargic "expansion" based entirely on a reinflation of the debt bubble by the idiots at the Fed will lead to an asset plunge...

Hey, I never said I ruled this out. ;)

Both scenarios are quite possible.


Right now the leading argument against the Homo MD is that he should have been less childlike.

It seems every argument that favored the "fine print" has taken a nose dive.

It now comes down to non-responsiveness to authority figures.

I think the emotional argument is being made by those in favor of getting to their destination on-time.

The whole plane was full of jerks that should have recognized that they were less important than the deadhead crew that claimed the plane in Knoxville was the most important.

If we replace "Homo MD" with "solider heading home before his mom croaks," and all the same rules were broken by UAL and it's affiliates, I still get to be right without being influenced by emotion.

I think that is how a jury and judge are supposed to look at this, but IANAL and I think dual-citizens shouldn't be president.


If I won the lottery I would buy myself a condo

Better odds, MM:

1.Knock over a Quickie Mart
2.Claim you're muzzlim

Note: I might have missed a step or two... ;)


Another fine effort, Captain Haiku.

Old Lurker

" I don't blame them one bit for "sneaking off" to a resort. "

We used to be regular Christian guests at important feasts at the home of our Jewish friends. All prim and proper to be sure.

Mrs. OL used to help the wife in the kitchen, where out of sight to all, the Kosher wine was poured down the drain and the very very nice French reds were poured into the bottles.


Clarice-my mom had a good friend whose Baptist daughter dated a Jewish man seriously, broke up after she decided her faith mattered too much, and about 5 years later decided to convert and marry him. His parents were well-known retailers and kept kosher so my mom called me to ask my Jewish lawyer friends to find out how to find a Kosher caterer.

I did and they came to my parents' house, cleansed the kitchen, brought their own dishes, and my Baptist mother threw a kosher bridal shower that thoroughly delighted the girl's soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Genuine kindness and respect is the ultimate interfaith bridge.


that it's not unusual for orthodox Jews to spend time at resorts

I can confirm this, indeed Miami and Israel are teeming right now with people who are in such resorts. It is often one of the few times of the year other than the summer when both parents and children can get time off for vacations.

OL, there are now some very good kosher wines, no need to pour anything down the drain. Not your (or rather, my) grandmother's Manischewitz.


A contrast link:


Old Lurker

:-) Jimmy. This was back in the days of your G'mother's Manischewitz for sure.

Clarice Feldman

all true, rse..but my point was the attack on the Kushners foor "sneaking off" is preposterous, many orthodox Jews with the means to do so, spend the holiday at resorts prepared for this purpose rather than doing that arduous work themselves for 8 days .

Account Deleted

"She's not a bad peprson. But she was lured into liberal thinking in college and frankly, has zero background in contemporary history or anything military. I am no expert, but I at least know basic stuff and can keep from going into full-blown panic."

The contemporary meme amongst the traditionally college-aged studnets (my old poetry prof referred to us as Stewd-nets because it was the most common typo made in freshman composition) is that "studying" military history in the context of American history "is studying war and it will brainwash you into being pro-war."

Then there is the reinforcing lines from songwriter chix who come up with Daddy-issue polemics such as "There's danger in most everything if it's better when it's not around."

"Ain't gonna study war no mo'..." as the old (and misappropriated to every EmoCrat LibFash cause) Negro spiritual says.

Took a deep personal interest in my son's entrepreneurial education after learning he didn't know that WWII was fought in Europe and the Pacific (and points elsewhere) but won in under 4 years, with the rebuild commencing post haste.

War... politics by other means, right?

Account Deleted

So Dr. Hu Flung Du had patients he needed to get back to treat.

Were any of them in critical situations where his absence via delay would have meant some kind of tangible life-threatening risk?

Who at UAL would have signed off on choosing Hu Flung, the Doctor, to "bump" (up side his noggin)?

Wasn't there a bean counter or a "marketing specialist" they could have beaten the snot out of?

If Hu Flung's patient(s) were in some kind of life-averse critical condition, and they experienced so much as gastritis--- couldn't they sue UAL for negligence?

How much cash does UAL have in their hunny jar to pay off the Hu Flungs of the travel world?

Sign the flippin check and get this out of the news cycle. I want more Susan "The Plumber" Rice back on 24/7.


Have I missed anything?
Threadkiller at 10:10 am

Yes. The passenger's behavior. He forfeited his seat on that aircraft by his own actions and bizarre, if not hostile, behavior.

Who actually called for Airport Security may be in question, but the Flight Crew was acting within protocol to, as RattlerGator succinctly put it, order his ass off that aircraft.

James D.

Understood that maybe there shouldn't ever be such requests, but already I'm hearing proposals to ban overbooking. Then we will see the results in highest fares.

Putting aside the specifics of this incident, why shouldn't overbooking by airlines be treated just as that practice would in virtually any other industry - taking money in advance for a product you know you can't deliver, which would be called fraud if anyone else did it?

If a 1,000-seat theater sells 1,050 tickets to every performance because they know that, on average, 5% of ticket-holders don't show up on any given night and they want to be sure there are no empty seats, would that be legal?

I don't think anybody would be defending that theater, either on moral or legal grounds (regardless of what they wrote into the 1.5 point type on page 87 of the fine print), and I don't see how airline overbooking is any different.

Account Deleted

Clarice is spot-on. And, there's more.

Re orthodox Jews and travel.... huge and affluent market that is bursting with a new trend in the travel world.

"Passover is traditionally celebrated in the home, but some resorts in popular vacation destinations are seeing a business opportunity and responding accordingly. As many as 100,000 people booked hotel rooms for this year's Passover, and the resulting revenue of almost $70 million is double that of ten years ago.

“We’ve seen a massive growth over the last decade to 12 years of the locations, the variety, the price ranges, the types of hotels,” said Ralphi Bloom, who runs the travel website Totally Jewish Travel.


I might have mentioned a few weeks back that Mrs. Kid and I acquired a virtual travel agency which we're tooling up to specialize in sojourns to San Francisco (and the surrouding area).

The Jewish market is at the top of our list.

Travel has become a big bazaar of "theme-based" branding and packaging. Met a guy in this business who specializes in kosher Super Bowl cruises.

Here's the basis for a solid, upward trendline in kosher Jewish travel (year round), something not mentioned above the din of anti-religious (Judaeo-Christian) bleating by the Andy Cooper crowd---



Clarice Feldman

Attkisson is zeroing in on the criminality involved in the wiretapping I think :http://www.freerepublic.com/tag/*/index?tab=articles


Fruit of the poisonous tree, Barbara.

James D.

Or, if airlines (or any other business) are going to sell more tickets than they have seats, then they should be required to state that up front (not just in the fine print, and regardless of what "everyone knows" about flying).

Maybe it needs to say on the ticket, in large, bold print: THIS IS NOT A TICKET. THIS IS A COUPON THAT ENTITLES YOU TO A 97.3% CHANCE OF GETTING A SEAT ON YOUR CHOSEN FLIGHT.


taking money in advance for a product you know you can't deliver

First, they don't know that, in fact 99 percent of the time they can deliver it, which is the point. Second, it's understood at the time of the transaction.


Another kink in the UAL did nothing wrong stalwarts:

"Even The New Yorker, which understood that passengers were bumped for crew members, referred to the problem as an “overbooked” flight, clearly not understanding what overbooked actually means. (The only way the flight could have been overbooked would be if flights always have empty seats for unanticipated crew members to fly for free, which would defeat the purpose of overselling in the first place.)

The fact that the flight was not overbooked may seem trivial, or pedantic, but there is very important legal distinction to be made. There may not be a difference in how an airline (typically) responds when it needs additional seats, such as asking for volunteers who wish to give up their seat for a voucher or cash. But there is a legal difference between bumping a passenger in the instance of overselling a flight versus bumping a passenger to give priority to another passenger. Any thoughtful person can see the problem that arises if an airline were allowed to legally remove one fare-paying passenger to allow for another passenger it prefers.

Since the flight was not actually overbooked, but instead only fully booked, with the exact number of passengers as seats available, United Airlines had no legal right to force any passengers to give up their seats to prioritize others. What United did was give preference to their employees over people who had reserved confirmed seats, in violation of 14 CFR 250.2a. Since Dr. Dao was already seated, it was clear that his seat had already been “reserved” and “confirmed” to accommodate him specifically."


Account Deleted

The "Broiled Softball" Snack Box menu item aboard nearly every commercial flight today is likely to do more harm to the passenger than a few crushed teeth.

There oughta be a law...


Thank you for the great news about your husband's recovery, Joan!

Old Lurker

I have no problem with overbooking so long as there is an open bidding process so that the required seats are bought back at the full market value of those seats at that moment at that gate. If they can get the seats for $1 each, fine. But if the last seat costs them $10,000 and lifetime free tickets, so be it. That is the only way a Buyer and a Seller, each possessing the required information, can arrive at Price the Buyer is willing to offer, and the Seller is willing to accept.

Nothing less than that is fair to passengers.

Old Lurker

Barbara, I support the notion that the captain is the master of a ship or an airplane, and that without that ships and planes could be dangerous. But in this case the Captain apparently had nothing to do with it and I don't think that the captain's authority is automatically vetsed in some stewardess or gate agent or baggage handler or some rent-a-guard, any one of whom might have problems of their own at that moment.


"Who is Sundance on CTR?"

Miss Marple, zerohedge's published "manifesto" is that it supports anonymous posting.

I've read and been told that the moniker "Tyler Durden" isn't just one person posting, it is several different people posting anonymously. Apparently the people who post as tylerdurden have to fulfill quotas in terms of the number of posts they contribute.

I have been wondering if the "ragtag bunch of conservative misfits" at TCT operates on the same principle, and if more than one person posts using the Sundance moniker.

I've often wondered how "Sundance" could do that much in-depth research, as well as post so many posts, in any given day.

There is one Sundance "personality" whose posts imo far exceed all the others. Facts and figures abound and the arguments are plausible. That "Sundance" sounds like someone who has a background in the intelligence business. Some of the lesser quality posts seem to be written by conspiracy theorists or just spinners.

If my guess about who Sundance is is correct, it helps me reconcile the contradictions between some of the posts.

Account Deleted

The airline industry in Amurka has a tragic history.

My opinion: the UAL beatdown is a symptom of serious decay in the airline industry.

Here's a comment from a knowledgeable individual with specifics about how private/public "partnership" doesn't usually end well.

The comment comes from the section following an article in Aviation Week. The first commenter shredded the article as crap while offering some astute insider perspectives on de-regulation.

Overall I found the comments insightful with that JOM-I-know-what-the-[redacted]-I'm talkin about feel to them.

Article link follows this comment snip:

"Yep, very weak article on what actually happened.

I lived through it and watch hundreds of thousands of employees lose everything.

In the end, it cost the government billions of dollars in lost: corporate tax revenue, employee income tax revenue, and billions of dollars in bailout.

Deregulation has ultimately delivered an industry that is monopolized by a few companies.

Ticket prices and fees are going through the roof and frequencies and customer service have suffered greatly.

My family and I do all we can to avoid flying now. If the drive is less than 24 hours, we will always choose to drive.

If our vacation is long enough, we will make it a road trip and vacation combo.

Unfortunately, that isn't always an option and with a family of 4, our flight from Cleveland to the West coast for holidays ran nearly $4000 this year, that was for coach purchased 9 months in advance.

The planes were over sold, and there was absolutely no leg room, I'm 5'9" with 30" inseam.

My knees were smashed into the seat in front of me and the seats did not recline.

Our Delta 757 had an equipment change and our seats were changed to those next to the toilet.

We all smelled like crap when we deplaned.

Even the taxi driver commented on the toilet smell.

Prior to deregulation, we were served meals, we had leg room, the planes were new, the flight attendants were beautiful, the planes were never over sold and you could fly into nearly every city in the US knowing you would be on a mainline aircraft.

Today, your often shuffled from one no-name regional to another and served by a crew that is so grossly underpaid that the captain has to pay for the crews food if they want to eat together on the overnight.

In the end, the "Frank Lorenzo" and management types who went from airline to airline were the only winners from the historical carriers. Southwest certainly has done well but it would be wrong for anyone at southwest to say they did it all on their own.

De-regulation set up a system that favored southwest and so it flourished because its leaders understood the ramifications of the protections Southwest was afforded.

Today, Southwest is a great company with great people, but it would not have survived without beneficial protective regulation that allowed it to be a tool of destruction for other companies that had grown up under a very different set of rules.

I would trade Southwest any day for the industry we had prior to deregulation. Just my 2cents."


Account Deleted

Is Ruth Bader Ginzo about to buy the farm?


Fruit of the poisonous tree, Barbara.

Not at all, TK. His refusal to leave followed by his acting out are the primary issues in this case. The airline and the Flight Crew were acting within their legal authority. His refusal and subsequent hissy fit brought about his unceremonious ejection. Push meet shove.

Old Lurker

Kev "My opinion: the UAL beatdown is a symptom of serious decay in the airline industry."

Kev, I think the decay is far beyond the airline industry. I think many of us are fed up with the incompetence we are forced to accept from everybody we are regquired to deal with, whether they be store clerks, companies, mailmen or government 'workers" at all levels from the DMV to that ass in Congress who ranted that taxpayers do not pay his salaries. Then when the incompetent service provider lords his power over the supplicant either to his face or behind his back, then most of us have a threshold for blowing a gasket.

Old Lurker

Nothing to see here, right:



"the Captain apparently had nothing to do with it and I don't think that the captain's authority is automatically vested in some stewardess or gate agent ..."

Seems to me an airport would be a "must comply" area. Even if the authority is dead wrong resistance is not tolerated.

Blame 911.


Every August, SNL opens a lottery for show seating. My wife always used to enter. A few years back she received notice on a Wed AM that she won the "opportunity" to get 2 tickets to that Saturday's show. It's clear you're not entitled to a seat. Show up, get in a line, bring your notice and then wait. 4 waiting areas, big wigs, host guests, those with notices and standby. If a bigwig or guest has friends show up the coordinator comes over to the line of people with notices and picks out people who lose their notices. So sad. When it's time to go to the studio they exchange your notice for a "seat ticket" that clearly states you are not entitled to a seat just that you can go wait in line upstairs. Once you sit you just wait for things to get going and then you are safe.

Even based on all that we got airplane tickets and a hotel on short notice knowing we could lose out at anytime. My point is that I was fine on taking the chance because it was all out in the open. I evaluated risk ($$$$) vs reward (happy wife).

I have to believe that most Americans believe that once you have a boarding pass you have a reserved seat. Print on all airlines documentation that we reserve the right to deny you a flight at any time for any reason and let the market sort it out.


kevlarkid, reading your post made me think of Johnny Carson's "Eulogy at Roget's Thesauraus"


sammy small


I was interviewing most of these carriers back in 79, and they were cratering quickly, starting new pilot classes one week and furloughing the next. They treaded water untill 9/11 when the botton fell out.


Wow. Aaron Hernandez not guilty of all but a gun charge.

Babes in Trump Toyland.

Praying..like a good christian who seeks the death of another.


many of us are fed up with the incompetence we are forced to accept...

You've got that right!!!

Last year I fired my CPA, and I fire the replacement after this tax year. My long-time attorney gets fired in the next couple of weeks. I'm on my 6th bookkeeper in seven months (so far, so good for this one!).

Life is too short to pay people good money and not get what one wants.

Account Deleted

that youtube rocks.... "eating moss muffins" LMAO


(and yes, Hernandez is already serving a life sentence / no possibility of parole)

Flog that caddy


Can Trump break his own record for teetimes?

If he makes the second hundred days he can shoot for 1800 holes.


Another great annual lottery is open right now. Go to Masters.org and enter for the chance to win tickets (like they would ever take them away from you) to the 2018 Masters. Pick the days and qty (max 4) you would like. I won in 2013 and got 4 tickets to Monday practice round for $50 each.

I don't use words like magical very often but it was magical. Monday is great. The place is pristine. The fairways haven't been crossed by the horde, I mean patrons, and you can bring cameras. Everyone is relaxed and the players will talk to you.

Everyone tries a skip shot across the water at 16. The crowd shames you into doing it. It was hilarious watching Ben Crenshaw explaining to Guan Tianlang via gestures what he was supposed to do.

Clarice Feldman

cheerleader, your 2>54 is correct.

Clarice Feldman

Just for Jpod haters.

Flog that caddy

Does Trump think attending military school suffices as 'service'?

He did want the branches to have a NorKs style hardware parade. Fortunately, his inferiors suggested our roads wouldn't be helped by tank track


Thank you for the great news about your husband's recovery, Joan!

You bet! Great news, Joan.

Old Lurker

Barbara "His refusal to leave followed by his acting out are the primary issues in this case. The airline and the Flight Crew were acting within their legal authority. His refusal and subsequent hissy fit brought about his unceremonious ejection."

No, his ejection was certain no matter how he acted. It only became news because of the way he acted...so don't put his exit from the plane on him.

Beyond that, think what that absolute no-cost power could mean. Take two examples: Fat cat guy arrives at the airport with no ticket but really really wants to get to Louisville on the flight which has already boarded. He offers the airline $10,000 to put him on the plane; airline says cool!, picks some guy at random and makes him unbuckle and exit the plane. By your rules, that poor guy has no recourse and according to you, is not even allowed to be upset and make a scene.

Or another one: Chuck Schumer arrives at the airport without a ticket and demands the airline kick some guy out of a window seat in first class "or else". Airline says "OK".

Once people have accepted that level of abuse (with a smile, please), we are done as a country of free people.

Account Deleted

OL: I hear you loud and clear. No disagreement from me.

Out here in metro Califas gangland it is unwise to ever blow a gasket to a service employee, especially of latin or black lineage.

Distant buddy of mine went off at a DMV in Oakland. Clerk was not helpful. He was in a hurry. Was facing penalties and a lot of other nonsense.

She got her back up after awhile and they were cussin each other out. Super came out and moved him to another line.

THAT VERY NEXT morning came out and found his truck up on blocks, stripped and his dog hanging by its leash from the steering column (big truck).

Then the super-decay kicks in. He didn't bother calling the cops. He did call his insurance carrier to get his truck swapped out etc.

One result of this decay is declining faith in any system to address needs, redress grievances, or ensure that there are stiff consequences for the social justice warrior "server" hasn't defiled the family's food orders.

Class envy doesn't help.

Account Deleted

Thanks for that, sammy. @3:13p

Old Lurker

Kev, as DrJ points out, the cancer is everywhere you turn. Several times if have stopped mid sentence when speaking (finally) with a live person at some customer service department of some company I bought something from which had a problem. Halfway through my description of the problem, knowing guy at the other end was playing with his nentendo or something, I would stop and say "you don't really give a damn about this, do you?".



Often I joke that 50% of my time is spent on getting people to do what they say they are going to do. Fortunately my lab people are very good in doing what I ask.


United Airlines does not give a shit about its employees or customers.

They believe they are above the law. And up to now they have been.


Old Lurker

And that's because you are running your own company, DrJ. If that happens in government or academia, rather than yell at or fire the non-performing employee, you just hire one or two more people to share that job. Then two or three more to redo it to fix the mistakes made by the first three.

Old Lurker

Go read my link at 3:07.

Old Lurker

I guess everybody has their own Deep State problem:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Back from Lowe's. Consumer confidence must be WAY up. Took us forever because it was so packed. Got great deals on clearance houseplants (3 bucks each) and clearance roses (5 bucks each). Bought some other stuff. It is way warmer than I realized so came home to change into short sleeves and maybe shorts before I go work outside.

Clarice and jimmyk,

Thank you for the information on Jewish people going to spend Passover at hotels and resorts. The Jewish community lives on the other side of town from me here in Indianapolis, because all of the synagogues were built up there. Consequently, I know very little about things like that unless I read about it or ask someone here.

Indianapolis, particularly the South side, where I live, was for most of my youth and young adult life pretty much WASPy with some Catholics. The only immigrants I knew were a few German grandparents from the gardening district where they grew all the produce and had greenhouses.

The produce was sold to the Italian produce guys at the big market downtown, but the Italians lived over in a section called "Little Italy" which I live fairly close to now. They were all 2nd and 3rd generation .

My high school was so insulated that when we got foreign exchange students my junior year, they were treated like celebrities. That is no joke.

Indianapolis at that time was a sleepy Midwestern city with a few auto plants and Eli Lilly drugs the main industries. It didn't really start to change until the 1970's, and of course, over the years we have gotten immigrants from Burma, Mexico, Haiti, and various European countries.

But the world of my childhood was pretty much like "A Christmas Story," so I am woefully ignorant about a lot of other peoples' customs.

Captain Hate

Yes, Hernandez will still die in prison like the trash he is, just not as quickly as he should.

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

Sitting in Rhum Bar at the Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne reading the never ending story of UAL and the ejected pax.

Tomorrow, the sun will rise over North Korea and if Kim is still off his meds UAL and Dr. Douc will be a memory. Or, maybe Kim will be a memory first.

Now where is my HaHa cocktail?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Jack is Backward.

Your ha-ha cocktail is Hemlock, you miserable white-collateral criminal. I hope Frederick doesn't have to make up for your excesses.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


There are lots of good people in this country.


Comment by Jack is Backward. blocked.

And life is good. I didn't bother with the others.


If RBG croaks in the hospital, I would suggest TM start a thread about Kagan.

Seems to be effective.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Mattis headed to the Middle East and Africa.

Account Deleted

In academia, on the service side of that monstrosity, where paid "perfayshunalz" provided support services to students, the time-honored remedy for parents or students running into what we called "goat fuckers" (idjits who turned everything into such barnyard fun) was to report them directly to: 1) the student affairs division vice-president; 2) the university president; and, 3) chair of the board of trustees---- all done before speaking to the goat fucker's supervisor, and reassuring 1,2,and 3 that they'd been "through the proper channels."

Right. Crap runs downhill. Especially in academia. And no one who wants to live out there career at the better institutions wants even the slightest amount of spatter on their tunic.

It ensured a complete blindsiding of the goat fucker's immediate departmental supervisor by the VP, who in turn would be blindsided by the President, who would then be raked by the chair of the board of trustees.

The chain of command in academia is PR-driven and scandal averse, not to mention very accessible by shouting outside their office in the otherwise tranquil hallway/lobby/lounge area.

My first question in handling complaints against one of my staff was "Where else have you reported this incident?"

The usual resolution was "reassignment" to a "rubber room" department somewhere else.

There the goat fucker would spend the rest of their time with the university acting out the Don Rickles caricature of a mental patient "moving the pile of farina from one end of the oak table to the other.

Pension and benefits for all.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I won't be happy until they take over Utah.

Account Deleted

Or a thread on The Wise "Burrito Breath" Latina justice?

Fuck the Buckeye State.

Buckeye doubles down on Christian prayers for DEATH TO THE INFIDELS.

Heh. Right on schedule.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Massive Demonstration of Air Power (Elephant Walk) at Kadena Air Base, Japan.


Texas Liberty Gal

Thanks MM for you response to my questions. They were very informative


Nothing less than that is fair to passengers.

OL, I have a broader definition of fair. If an airline sells me a ticket with the caveat that I can be bumped (perhaps under certain conditions, perhaps with some compensation policy), that's fair. It's especially fair if by doing that, the price of airline tickets is lower than if that practice weren't allowed.

And per Davod's post above, I'm not saying I understand the contract law. If UAL violated the contract, that's one factor, if they didn't, but behaved stupidly, that's another. Ditto for the passenger,


United breaks criminal law all the time!

James D.

jimmyk, agreed. But the caveat needs to be clearly stated with each transaction, along with the conditions that would apply and the likelihood of it happening.

I don't think that's the case now.


No, his ejection was certain no matter how he acted. It only became news because of the way he acted...so don't put his exit from the plane on him.

The manner in which he was ejected is entirely his fault.

It is no different from being arrested. You can do it the easy way or the hard way. But if you do it the hard way, in most cases what happens to you is your problem.

Whether or not UA (why do we put the L on the end of the acronym? When did "airlines" become two words?) was within their rights to eject him is separate question from whether or not he had to be forcefully ejected.

Once he kicked up a giant douchey fuss, he was going to have to be removed no matter who was legally in the right, and he resisted those efforts, and that is all on him.

Texas Liberty Gal

I think this comment on the "Elephant Walk" at base in Japan that MM linked may be true of a lot of people who did not vote for Trump.

Chloe Flowers2 hours ago
+ishanjaya Yea I love it... I honetly didn't like trump during elections but he's changing my mind day by day 😏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

I'd prefer an Elephant walk of Buffers at Anderson, all armed with cruise missles.with a vector N by NW.

Fuck the Buckeye State.


When some athlete gives credit to God for the victory, I often wonder who gets credit for the loss.

Let us prey, seems more accurate for today's 'christians'

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Whether or not UA (why do we put the L on the end of the acronym? When did "airlines" become two words?)

UA is United Artists.

Thomas Collins

Here is the pithiest summary I have found as to why United had no right to eject the passenger from the plane.


United's kicking the passenger off the plane is simply unjustifiable. Presumably airlines are in a position to know about charter jet services, which could have been used to get the crew to Louisville. To me, the most important issue is whether this is a United/Republic issue, or whether all airlines breach their common carrier contract and force peaceable and lawfully boarded passengers off planes.



A lot of issues are getting folded into this one incident, and I suppose that's inevitable. The one issue that I agree with the most is the decline in standards and a lack of, for want of a better word, excellence in the work force. That isn't to say that there aren't people who strive to meet the highest standards, just that they are more the exception than the rule.

Personal behavior and responsibility have also declined over the past few decades. I don't need to provide you with examples. Many have already been listed here. Those include people who believe they are privileged because of their wealth of influence. These situations aren't right, but bad behavior in one instance doesn't justify it in another.

Who's to blame? An entitled society that thinks it's perfectly all right to wear absurd hats and protest or riot when things don't to its way. A news media that hypes any story and play it endlessly to sell copy of improve ratings. An education system that derides the values of the past, teaches children that first and foremost "you are special," and believes that everyone should get a trophy.

TypePad is going to cut me off here, but I'll reiterate one thing about the story we're focused on. The Flight Attendants are on those aircraft for one principal reason - the safety and security of the passengers. Their main responsibility is to get those passengers safely off that aircraft in the event of a crash. Anyone who they perceive as a problem to that goal can be restrained or removed from the aircraft when it lands. Federal law requires a certain number of Flight Attendants per the number of passengers. Thus the need to move the crew.

Could all of this been handled better? Could the passenger have moved to another flight? Could the Airport Security have persuaded the passenger to cooperate with the crew? Sure, but that's not what happened. The passenger refused and worse, he acted out. Two very good reasons to remove him. He made his choice clear and time to cajol him into cooperating was not an option for the airline.

Fuck the Buckeye State.

Thomas is arguing what's right versus teh Law.

I digress...

Thomas Collins

Porchlight, it's a lot different from most arrests. Typically, in arrests, there is probable cause. The analogy to arrest here would be that some bigwig has police arrest someone sitting in a park because bigwig wanted the seat.

United/Republic's actions: SAD!

Trickle Down

Hey! The airlines are subject to teh Freeee market.

Just fly another airline. ..lol

Trickle Down


I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you...that you've censored my words. Lol


Freshman year at Ahia State I lived in a big men's dorm named Drackett Tower. A stone's throw away was an identical dorm for gal's named Taylor Tower, aka Taylor Temple.

For whatever reason, all the Jewish girls from Cleveland and New York lived there. We hung out with them because, 1) they were hot, 2) they had cars, 3) they took us to the best restaurants, 4) they had lots of spending money, and 5) they were hot.

I thought it a very beneficial broadening of my cultural experiences.


TC, as I pointed out, the manner in which he was removed from the plane is separate from the question of whether United had the right to eject him.

Even if doctor bro was in the right, it was entirely his choice to mount physical resistance.

I might be 100% innocent when the law comes to arrest me, but if I resist arrest and get roughed up, that's on me.

Pisses down the neck

Yes...broadening...indeed, lol.


why do we put the L on the end of the acronym? When did "airlines" become two words?

At some point or another, the corporation was actually called UAL, I believe. So that stuck with me. It may no longer be called that. But UA always makes me think of United Artists.



You will have no worries in the police state future. Or will you?


Hadn't seen CH's comment before my 5:01, but that is the point.

Thomas Collins

United/Republic put these events in motion, Porchlight. I think a judge would leave to the jury the determination whether United/Republic's actions foreseeably led to the passenger's injuries, especially since the passenger had boarded and was peaceably seated, and had no reason to believe he would be ejected under threat of force.


UAL is the stock symbol

Nom nom nom

He'll either be underground, or under salt water by then so he doesn't give a shit, truthbeold.

Nom nom nom

Ignorance of teh Law is no excuse, Thomas.

You know this stuff..amirite?

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