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April 11, 2017


Old Lurker

My BIL has lived off that scam for decades, Daddy. He prays to get bumped. I did ask him once if he paid tax on all the cash he gets from UAL and others.


maybe people could appeal her rulings

Umm. To which higher court?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This writer has used the information @ThomasWictor provides on his Twitter feed and has explained the Syrian air strike and why it was done.

This is a very good assessment and I recommend reading it.


Kev, note from our friend in Chitown...

i>Quick note for Kev, since its bugging the crap out of me.

Please use Spot Gold as your commodity price source in either CNBC's free or Investing.com'S free apps.

Never, ever use GLD, the ETF, for your pricing source, as it is a constructed promissory note from Barclays and may not reflect the actual commodity, but merely financing of said commodity..


Love “Media: The egos have landed.”


Obama to visit Berlin in May at the same time that President Trump is on his first foreign trip as president to meet with NATO leaders in Brussels.


Looks like Ich bin ein Tahitian is going to surface.

Thomas Collins

Re the United fiasco:

-United acted like jerks in not upping the offer price.

-While I'm sympathetic with the passenger's plight, he acted like a jerk.

-Security guards did what they had to do, but clearly were not properly trained. I fault United for that. I would have hoped airlines would have a rigorous martial arts program to train security people. Apparently not.

Bottom line: United management needs to get its act together. Perhaps other airlines also need to train their security folks better.

Sorry about the passenger, but he should have figured out that he was putting the security folks in a difficult situation.

Although I am sympathetic to the security folks, they may want to consider shelling out their own moolah to get martial arts training. Airlines should train in this on ther own dime, but life is unfair.

Thomas Collins

Oh, and I recognize that even if the security folks had been sufficiently trained to disable temporarily the passenger and get him off the plane without dragging him, they would have come in for unjustified criticism. See above re life is unfair.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think Merkel is trying for payback. The Italians seemed to greet Secretary Tillerson very enthusiastically.

One thing I have learned about President Trump is that he knows what Obama's up to. I imagine this trip to Berlin will not be the "hail the conquering hero" move Obama thinks it will be.

Instead, he will appear as a low class, needy hanger on who won't get off the stage.

Jim Eagle


They were Airport Transportation Police officers from all reports not United security.


ammo plant in Independence Mo explosion. One dead. Army small caliber munitions.

Thomas Collins

Then I suppose I should be dumping on the Airport Transportation Police honchos for not giving their people proper training, JiB. I stand corrected on that point. However, I would still classify United as jerky for not upping the offer.


JiB, that means they reported to Rahm.

Thomas Collins

Or arranging for a private flight for the crew that needed to be in Louisville.

Goebbels would be proud

Kevlar kalm down. Your wrecktoric is krazee enough before you snort that krank.

Kromulent kraving for attention kradles that korpulent karkass.

James D.

While I'm sympathetic with the passenger's plight, he acted like a jerk.

Maybe, but I still put it all on United. They are the ones in control of the situation, and they are the professionals. He's the average person.

I don't think it's reasonable to expect the average person who's put into a stressful situation to behave better or be cooler under pressure than the (theoretically) trained professionals who created that situation.


Powerline has a post where some shrieking libtard on teh Twitter links the UAL CF to...Trump. Natch. I'm waiting for another one to posit that the dude drug off the plane was disappeared into a camp that Cheney built in WY. As I've said: PID (OU).

Goebbels would be proud

Was that enuf 'k's'?

They usually are grouped x 3's..

And the kolor is always white.


If I were a Trump supporter, I would really be concerned about this:


Tom R

If this dossier is legit then the rightwing conspiracy theorists who dumped Trump because they believed the pro-Russian narrative are going to be disappointed.


The US has proof Assad's attack did NOT hit the weapon depot that the Russians claim ISIS was using to store WMDs (which then got released into the air when the building was destroyed). The attack actually hit a road nearby and created a huge crater.

Old Lurker

TC "United acted like jerks in not upping the offer price."

And in not resolving the problem during the hour everyone was sitting at the gate waiting to board.

Perhaps in not knowing well ahead of time (before that final hour) that those four seats would be needed for their own employees. In that case it might have been resolved back in the main terminal when Boarding Passes were being handed out and suitcases sent on ahead.

There was no reason whatsoever for this to progress to a screaming scene on an airplane preparing to take off.

All on United, whatever the a**hole did once he was buckled in.

I see the CEO has issued Apology v2.0 just now. When you only pay a guy $ eight figures per year, you get what you pay for I guess.

Goebbels would be proud

I'm surprised Trump didn't jump on that UAL thing. But he is rather Not predictable, except when his inappropriate affection for Ivanka makes him show his man-love.

Old Lurker

Jack "Airport Transportation Police officers"

Where does that put them on the scale compared to, say, the guys in the rubber gloves that grope you at security?

Captain Hate

Airplanes are so cramped, particularly in coach, that there is no easy way to remove an unwilling person without them getting bumped by something

Goebbels would be proud

Alt/competents is the WH explanation for feckless organizational skilz resulting in gaps in what is many times life and death threats become death.

If they cared, they would be concerned, Appalled.

Jim Eagle


Your 3:27 link purported to explain the Trump decision and resultant attack using KISS but it did other than keeping it simple. It is over the top convulted and conspiratorial to a Nth degree. I think this guy Wictor is another highly credentialed "guesser". He never seems to come up with any actual evidence.

To accept what is written is to ignore and disbelieve all the Admin intelligence both military and DNI. I don't think "Jim" and T-Rex are the kind of individuals to play a game of 3 dimensional chess with Trump just to force an Iranian response, etc. This is a serious administration which so far has made calculated, adult decisions.

The pundits like Wictor constantly use sophisticated and strategic conspiracy theories to justify their faulty logic.

Account Deleted

re: Quick note for Kev, since its bugging the crap out of me.

Please use Spot Gold as your commodity price source in either CNBC's free or Investing.com'S free apps.

Never, ever use GLD, the ETF, for your pricing source, as it is a constructed promissory note from Barclays and may not reflect the actual commodity, but merely financing of said commodity.."

Not sure what's bugging the crap outta ... but if it was something I said please forgive.

My quotes come from the main dealer I trade with here 5 miles from where I live.

100% accuracy he guarantees and no lag time or editorial speculation. We both sold some on that spike this morning on which I was commenting.

Dealer has 60 years trading this market. Called me last night and asked if I was into taking some profit on some of the newer stock I'd bought a few months ago.

Sometimes I can buy below spot because of that relationship.

Old habit, a good one, to avoid GLD and ETFs religiously.

My source for information on mining and natural resource stocks across the spectrum on nearly every exchange in the world is from Jim "The Original Gold Bug" Dines over in the Tiburon area.

Happy trading.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think Merkel is trying for payback. The Italians seemed to greet Secretary Tillerson very enthusiastically.

One thing I have learned about President Trump is that he knows what Obama's up to. I imagine this trip to Berlin will not be the "hail the conquering hero" move Obama thinks it will be.

Instead, he will appear as a low class, needy hanger on who won't get off the stage.

Goebbels would be proud

I have to fly for the first time in 7 years to Charlottesville, with 2 2 1/2 hour layovers to get to Columbia SC in 13 hours for $950.

I have to be good to make the date in SC, but on the return I'll be in the mood to fuck with them to the point of bloodshed and incarceration.

I hate liberals and airlines.

Texas Liberty Gal

Appalled - That Politico story should be filed under #fakenews. A lot of those positions are not being filled on purpose. Trump has said there are way too many federal employees.



Account Deleted

ShiTE sorry. Me again.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


1. It's Politico.

2. I heard Trump in an interview on Fox say that he didn't think all of those positions need to be filled. "Layers and layers of people" he said.

3. Trump seems to be operating just fine, so I am not concerned.

Old Lurker

"with 2 2 1/2 hour layovers to get to Columbia SC in 13 hours for $950."

And that 13 hours is "on paper".

From where do you start?


You morons and your gold.

Junk silver is the ticket. Small denominations...Imagine carrying around Gold Eagles in your endomorph purse.

Think you're a target now?

Dave (in MA)



Oh..ok...it was two (2) different 2 and one- half hour layovers.

I certainly hope that was clea r, and that you weren't wondering if I used a wormhole for travel.


That "preview" button is clearly useful, Kev. Just saying.


Oh hilzik classic nutbar fmrly of the dog trainer, till he got too crazy for them.


Trust me Hillary when I say it had nothing to do with dislike of your vagina.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Wictor is not conspiratorial. He provides documentation on things he says. I followed a bunch of his links showing Iranian military uniforms, documented with insignia and comparison photos.

The author of that piece was not Thomas Wictor, but he looked at Wictor's information.

I have seen nothing that would disprove the theory. If Assad is controlled by the Iranian military, it would make strategic sense to simply blame Assad. Why draw another party out into the open until you need to?

It is a fact that Iran has been pouring assistance into Syria. It is also a fact that they use their alliance with Assad for their own nefarious purposes.

I am not totally wedded to the theory, but you have to admit it does answer the "Why would Assad gas his own people?"

Your other choice on that is that he doesn't see them as his people, but rather separate from his group (which happens to be a minority). In this, he would be like Saddam Hussein and the Kurds.

But then, you have to answer the question about why he would gas even a group like that when Tillerson said we were ok with Assad staying. And THAT makes no sense unless the Iranians were getting nervous about losing Assad and wanted to make a relaxation of our attitude impossible.

I keep remembering Trump speaking in that press conference with King Abdullah ofJordan, in which he said "I have changed my mind about Assad." It was a rather personal message.

If Assad didn't do it, then he needs to absolutely deny it and provide proof. So far it's been crickets, and it took the Russians 48 hours to come up with an implausible excuse which covered both the flight path and the release of the munitions.

We will see.

Texas Liberty Gal

Any more any time I see McCain on TV I always end up shouting - Retire Old Man!!! -http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/04/time_for_john_mccain_to_retire.html

Captain Hate

A smooth running machine:


Miss Marple the Deplorable




The problems that the administration has with filling positions was addressed a month ago, and it's disturbing that little progress has been made. This paragraph from the link you posted seems to show that the problem is much wider than was hinted at earlier.

"Some Cabinet secretaries, including Defense Secretary James Mattis and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, have tried to go around the office to hire their own staff, while Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly have all clashed with the White House over hiring."

It would seem that the Senate democrats stalling on the approval of cabinet nominees and the valid concerns about leaks have led to trust issues that have hobbled the administration. Pence doesn't seem to be up to the task. Perhaps the President should have someone with the experience at doing this (like Christie) take over the job of getting this done.

matt, deplore me if you must

having been on some of those flights, the whole thing is a scam. I was changing planes on a full fare ticket at American-O'Hare a few years ago and got to my final leg gate and the agent was just closing the door on the jetway.

She basically said F you even though the plane had not left the gate yet. I guessed that she had given away my B Class seat. Despite it being an intra line connection. At that point I realized they could do pretty much as they please without repercussions.

Will be interested in a family member's take, as they fly for United. I didn't know that United and Continental cockpit crew still don't talk to each other except for work talk. They still hate each other, and I mean hate.

I understand that preschools are having expansion problems because the airlines have bought up all of the seating. Lufthansa is labeling its storage compartments ubermensch so that they can become revenue generating.



Unfortunately, Christie cannot be trusted, I'm afraid.


OMG! You're trading in PAPER gold?

If you don't physically control the gold..you are so fooked.

Old Lurker

Fox headline about some nut they are chasing:

Police work to ensure safety of Paul Ryan"

Am I a bad person for thinking what you know I was thinking when I read that?

Old Lurker

My guess is we should be grateful for any proposed hire that got rejected by the WH.


I was wondering..

I thought the fugitive was a Trumpet as details about 'manifesto' were vacant and so I ASSUMED wrong.

Expect more of this..

"Sow the Wind. Reap the Whirlwind.


OL: Are you finally imbibing the Absinthe?

Hallucinations arrive first.

Jim Eagle

Whoa! Juventus 3 - Barcelona 0. henry will appreciate that score.

Turin is on fire tonight. They will be burning the karaoke mic at Il Peccato.



Step father is Don McClean?

Bye bye Miss American Pie?

How long did Greek Democracy survive?



"Unfortunately, Christie cannot be trusted, I'm afraid."
Posted by: Porchlight at 04:32

I agree, Porchlight. I should have said someone with Christie's knowledge and experience at going through this process. Someone that Trump can trust. Leaving this to a committee and micromanaging the hiring is not going to get it done.


Well, OL, if it makes you a bad person, you have plenty of company.

Anyone else think united did not offer more money because it simply viewed what federal law requires for a knowledgeable bumped passenger as being its maximum exposure for the involuntary bumping?


Who exactly..is responsible for legislation giving airlines/ law enforcement Admiralty Law versus CommomLaw/Constitutional law as the venue?


JamesD@2:46, while I mostly agree, legally as a passenger, once you board the plane you've surrendered your autonomy to the captain, as I understand it. You must follow instructions or be at risk of arrest, like it or not. That's a necessity to prevent the chaos of passenger anarchy.

If there's some injustice you have to deal with it through proper channels, not resist on the plane. That's not to defend United, but to point out that the passenger had no right to resist.


Nearest I can make out is Atheniam democracy lasted little over 200 years.



That's Admiralty Law jimmyk.

The captain is God.

I'm surprised you scholars don't know this shit.


That is a nuking from orbit JiB!

Jim Eagle


Should have refreshed but is O'Hare in the city limits of Chicago? I thought it was in another town or city.


This on the French Election is interesting: Le Pen no longer markets' only French election worry as Melenchon surges

The late surge for Melenchon, who wants to slap a 100 percent tax on the rich, leave NATO and renegotiate France's position in the European Union, is spooking markets and prompted a warning on Tuesday by the head of the business lobby group Medef Pierre Gattaz.

Our Paris Limo driver last month who I use frequently and who has spent a decade living in the states, said that he felt overall Macron would be up against LePen in the Final Election and that sentiment was Macron would win. Now with Melenchon re-emerging, who the heck knows?


For that matter, howzit you are guilty until your resource proves your innocence in traffic court?

Where does THAT come from?

Admiralty Law..vehicles are 'vessels' and highways are 'waterways'.


JiB, yes OHare is in the city limits of Chicago... too big an opportunity for graft to leave to a suburb. The city lines were extended to include the airport.


legally as a passenger, once you board the plane you've surrendered your autonomy to the captain



Surrendering to Authority...

Warsaw Ghetto?

Fly the sociopathic skies at your own risk.


So ... this is a std article about Admin insider politics. No big deal. But in the first para there's a link to a story I hadn't heard, though maybe many of you have?

"I bet big on Donald Trump in the 2016 elections, rather famously. "

Here's the famously part.
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — "While most Chattanoogans were placing their votes on Election Day, one Chattanooga native was placing his bets.

Wearing an overcoat to shield him from the mist in Dublin, Ireland, 42-year-old attorney Robert Barnes walked up to the counter of Paddy Power, a sports and gambling franchise. He pulled out 30,000 euros, and bet it all on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump."

The rest of the article is entertaining too!

The odds were 4 to 1.

All day, while Americans waited in lines at polling places, Barnes stood in European betting lines until his pockets were empty and his hopes were high.

Jim Eagle

legally as a passenger, once you board the plane you've surrendered your autonomy to the captain

Why not? The last thing a pilot needs is some jerk causing any kind of disruption on his plane and job. Imagine if he captain had no authority?
How'd you like flying on that plane as it augers into the ground.

Old Lurker

"once you board the plane you've surrendered your autonomy to the captain"

Daddy, do you have reentry shock when you arrive home after a long trip and discover that nobody in your house including your dogs cede to you that same autonomy?


Typical Statist response Jack.

You accede to Authority like a Polish JEW in 1939.

Mebbe you should dump the Patriots gibberish.


Y'all apparently don't know shit about shit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


My sister and I both believed Brexit would win and also Trump.

I didn't know any way to bet on it, even if I had thought of it.

A 40 pound bet on both would have won me one million pounds.


Another Bob

OL, not sure the containers and pallets have much autonomy to cede to daddy and whomever is his partner in the commission of aviation that day.

Dave (in MA)


Clarice Feldman

Jack Cashill on why CNN gets to bother us at airports--I think we should revolt and demand classical music instead http://www.cashill.com/natl_general/ultimate_airport_terror.htm

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Matti briefing at the Pentagon.

No doubt about who was responsible - Assad.

No information on Iran's participation but there was a question.



The ability to record anything at any time has made life quite interesting. Were the UAL incident only reported and not filmed, would there be the same outrage?

In any case, this was a very stupid move by UAL that could have been avoided. A case of penny-wise and pound-foolish if I've ever seen one!

Dave (in MA)

I'd rather continue to ignore CNN than to have to have my ears subjected to someone else's musical taste, like the biquitous hip hop noises and melismatic shrieking that you hear everywhere else.


Sessions was born 200 years late...300?



I agree with Jimmyk:
Read the fine print.
Shouldn't have dragged him however.
One guy under each arm.
I feel bad for San Bernadine.
A terrorist attack 2 years ago and a school shooting( how did the guy walk in and where was the security)? Two dead and one child injured and all we talk about is some doofus that wants 15 minutes of fame.


legally as a passenger, once you board the plane you've surrendered your autonomy to the captain


Even if you are a horse?

Account Deleted

"You morons and your gold.

Junk silver is the ticket. Small denominations...Imagine carrying around Gold Eagles in your endomorph purse.

Think you're a target now?"

Try to keep up, Fun-size.

Junk silver was in the conversation *last week*. Besides, I've probably more invested in junk silver than the total you've paid for food over the last 10 years.

Gold coins? LOL The only way I've profited from gold in coins is writing the junk mail pump and dump copy pieces for "reputable" firms selling those financial black holes.

You seem so caught in your billy-goat lifestyle that you fail to appreciate the long view that gold BULLION requires.

The billy-goat lifestyle biases one against gold BULLION because poor Little Billy shits on whatever he cannot eat today.

Further, Little Billy also believes that he is going to be able to walk around with a pocket filled with silver to buy his soda and chips when the fit hits the shan.

In closing, goat boy also doesn't understand the difference between a mining stock and paper gold. Sorry, no Cliff's Notes on that subject.

Let's see, do you want that bullseye to be on your forehead or between your shoulder blades?

daddy on Iphone7

Michael Savage says we bombed the Syrians in order to ruin their Oil Sales so Rex Tillerson can make Exxxon rich. I'm surprised Lawrence O'Donnell and MSNBC didn't come up with that one first. No wonder Rex didn't take Andrea Mitchell along on his plane---she might have blown Rex's scam😀


Legality isn't going to make an ounce of difference in this case.

The only issue is how many millions he should settle for, rather than take it to trial.


Terrorist attacks and school shootings are no longer the lead stories.
We have become immune.

Account Deleted

"That "preview" button is clearly useful, Kev. Just saying."

Ya, yer right.

My prollem is a slippery trigger finger on the mouse.... sliding the cursor on my way to preview and a fast twitch hits "POSTAL".... all she wrote.

I'm getting better ;)


Jane :
What legal leg does he have to stand on.
His ticket is his contract which he violated.


The duminuitive former Grand Dragon and respected US Senator Beauregard Sessions has all the earmarks of Junior Tyrant or Master of Propaganda (Goebbels)

I can't wait to see his bulging eyes from the scaffold.


Kevlar found a hook to displace hisself.

Very, very creative for a masturbator. You don't need porn to get off?

Does it result in actual ejaculate?

Watch your blood/sugar and BP.


'slippery trigger-finger..."

Direct quote...amazingly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Former Senator Richard Lugar has come out against Trump's foreign policy.

I don't even know what his criticism is, because he ALSO criticized that of President Bush. He's pretty much bitter that he didn't get SOS under Bush andof course, doesn't like Trump because Lugar is a long time GOPe sympathizer.


Account Deleted

Ya, it appears that Dr. Savage's jumpin the shark on Syria.

He took a hard stand in "Trump's War" re war and peace issues.

And the book came after his Mar-a-lago meet with POTUS a few months ago (Febrero?) when Dr. Savage returned to his mic saying he was about to play a major role in the communications strategy.

Clearly both are not in play and he's gone "Full Ingraham."

He's been right on many things. He's been wrong on many things.

Join the human race, no?

The long game in the region is toppling the mullahs. They're still importing gasoline despite the cash windfall from Mohammed de Coco's "deal."

Won't be long. A market-oriented strategy brought down the Soviets who were spending the last of the Czarist society's largesse. The mullahs have just about exhausted their legacy treasures.

Oil is neutral. Foreign policies not so much. And that is how a market will beat "a player" to death---- use what they are so damned sure about against them.

Account Deleted

Lugar should open wide and just eat his. What a pantload.


Mattis was great in his press conference.


It was a good thing when Lugar was voted out.
He just likes to complain like the former Delaware senator that Christine ODonnell beat in the primary.
Anyone over 75 should be out of the Senate in my opinion.

Account Deleted

Little Billy deliberates.

Richard Aubrey

WRT the ChiComs in 1950, surprising MacArthur is not a major feat of military genius. They did manage to get a million of their troops killed, such that the UN commanders were wondering if the units involved were from a part of the army considered unreliable.

Account Deleted

Watched during the wee hours last night: "Billy Jack Goes to Washington"....1977 or thereabouts.

Story was great. Acting was crap.

EG Marshall co-stars.

The line that got my attention was "They spend $243 million every single day and it is just a big clique." (Referring to Congress and the insiders).

What does that buy today? An hour's interest?


"The only issue is how many millions he should settle for, rather than take it to trial."

I'm not even clear in who the defendant is. I thought it was airport security, not UAL, who dragged him. If UAL gives in completely it will be at the mercy of every a-hole passenger who thinks he can disobey instructions, including would-be terrorists. They should be tough and then settle for something not even close to $millions.

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