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April 02, 2017


Account Deleted

All criticisms aside (from the constructive to the ridiculous) one thing I know for sure about
Donald J. Trump is that he doesn't do anything in order to lose.

Don Surber has collected a slew of journalist and pundit memes about how DJT was going to fail in his bid to become the nominee for POTUS; and, once nominated, the same yaps were convinced he would lose to Curb Dive.

Looking back it's refreshing to know that DJT outplayed and outsmarted *every [redacted] one of those [redacted]*.

He plays to win. As POTUS he has certain vulnerabilities I won't go into here. But he has something the DeepState UniParty weasels don't have---- a set of metaphorical BALLS that they have no concept of; and if they did have a set of their own, they really don't understand how a proven leader and producer *USES* them.

I'm a patient man. Even when shit's on fire I don't rush back into the burning barn until the way in and the way out is clear. Some things will be lost. Some not. The point is to not die in the fire.

An old Marine pilot taught me something important about emergencies. (And we are in emergency times right now.)

He flew fighter jets for 20 years. His trainers taught all the pilots to "push the clock" when in an emergency sitch, like when one of his engines flamed out en route to Wake Island from Hawaii.

Push the clock meant to set the analog clock on his console for the amount of time he had left before he'd have to bail. Set the clock then push it to start it tickin.

What that did for the pilot was important beside guiding the time element. It got the pilot to pause before switching off the failed engine.

Usually what happens in an emergency sitch is that the first decision, and subsequent move, is MISTAKEN. Pilots who lose and engine will typically then shut off the good engine and that is all she wrote.

Like my burning barn example. I knew many farmers in my day who lost friends and family who'd rush into barns to save their livestock and pets--- good idea, but they perished because their first decision was an error in choosing the wrong entry and exit points. Stock and the individual perished as a result.

So what will POTUS do next? His first move was to pause before making that Magic Tweet back in early March about wiretapping. His first move before that was to go through the transition team days pre-inauguration and not making a peep. Right move.

Now what will he do next?

How will he work through his allies to offset the lack of gonadal fortitude in the House and Senate?

How will he leverage the American people against the Deep State UniParty praetorians wherever they might be nested?

Questions and patience abound. The calls for all out attacks against the Praetorians are understandable. But I won't continue making them despite my obvious frustrations.

The Russian high command waited for Napoleon to retreat from Moscow despite the common fervor to attack Napoleon and liberate the city. "And why? To see the army destroyed?" was Kutuzov's retort. Over and over.

It was when Napoleon was most vulnerable in retreat--- starving and ragged--- that Kutuzov attacked and destroyed the greatest most powerful army in the world IN DETAIL.

Frau Reistafel

Rice will not back down. From her very start in government, she has been ruthless and reckless. As a young newbie, she jerked Albright around during the Rwanda genocide ("Don't say the "g" word; the US will have to respond," she said). This woman files her teeth every night before brushing them.

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