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April 20, 2017



A Howard Dean pre-fisking is here:




For (our) Kim: http://gcaptain.com/massive-north-atlantic-iceberg-draws-photographers-tourists-newfoundland-coast/

Janet 🚬

The O'Reilly thing might backfire on the libs.
He has some loyal viewers that have been with him from the beginning.

This is ridiculous - http://dailycaller.com/2017/04/20/bill-oreilly-accuser-hot-chocolate-comes-forward-on-the-view-video/

Dave (in MA)
Amazed @USAGSessions doesn’t know Hawaii is a State, not just an "#IslandinthePacific."
I thought it was in "Asia"? </ObamaGeography>


I'm reading a book called "You are not your brain". It talks about how your brain is passive and your mind is active. So if you are used to reacting with pain or hesitance or an "I can't do it" reaction, your mind can re-lable that issue, helping you to go forward.

Since my mis-diagnosed brain tumor 18 years ago, I find I've been slowed down by stuff like that, so I'm working on it.


Please just go away ; Bruce Jenner to pose nude.


Dial neuralizer to eleventy


Someone mentioned the other day that TimesTalks segment with Camille Paglia and the Bravo / Real Housewives guy (my wife loves him). I watched it and thought it was good. Most interesting? His late-night Bravo 30-minute talk show did an online poll well before the election and . . . much to their surprise . . . Trump won big.

They couldn't believe it.

I know it's probably beating a dead horse but it remains unbelievable to me that the data shows a significant drop-off in the black vote in Detroit but somehow Hillary's black voter turnout in Florida (and a significant range of other places) outpaced Obama 2012.

No, no, no.

I don't know how, but they did something weird -- probably in the early voting. They thought they had Michigan in the bag, so Detroit shows the real deal turnout.

Jack is Back (Again)!


Still on my 5mg Amlodipine but doing vitals every 4 hours to see any regression. So far, middling to none. Would love to get that back to normal. Only on the cusp but still.....My exercise routine will be able to restart soon since I have already progressed to a cane. My PT coming by later to assess where I am and what we need to do. Thanks for the advice.


The spew needs to be cordoned off like a superfund site, shirley.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Pay attention to your PT person. You don't want to overdo and risk a setback.


Althouse points out the lack of media interest in Trump's success at getting that American aid worker released by Egypt. The NYT put it on p. 10 under "Politics."


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Regarding Jenner: it seems to me we are glorifying mental illness.

I still think the transgender people are suffering from the same disfunction that anorexics have. Anorexics, no mater how skeletal, see a fat person when they look in the mirror.

Also falling into this category are people who "feel" they are black and go to elaborate lengths to appear so, people who decide they want to be dragons so have their tongues split and bumps injected into their faces, people who get plastic surgery so that their faces look like cats, etc. etc.

Jenner is a sad case, and will become more pathetic as he does more and more to get attention. If he were my father, I would get a court order for commitment.

Clarice Feldman

RG, I think the Midwest vote theft op headed by Jan Shakowsky's hubby which O'Keefe exposed hurt Hillary in Michigan and Wisconsin--they'd been stealing votes there for decades/

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 48m48 minutes ago

China is very much the economic lifeline to North Korea so, while nothing is easy, if they want to solve the North Korean problem, they will
2,568 replies 3,640 retweets 14,459 likes


President Trump, explaining foreign policy to his people since the media won't.


Palins interview was interesting.

She said she left Fox because her contraCT wasn't renewed.

Evasively, she responded without saying whether or not the Neanderthal Horde sexually pressured her.


Yay, True the Vote allowed to do discovery, depose IRS. Koskinen's continued employment means he has to sit for a deposition. pass the popcorn.


From the True the Vote lawyer in Henry's link:

What we have now is an opportunity to find out who did what. The IRS has doggedly fought anyone finding out what happened and how it happened that they launched this comprehensive campaign to attack and undermine and adversely treat Tea Party and other conservative groups. We finally get an opportunity to find out.

I wonder what they will find out about Issa's lame investigation as well as Chafed-Putz's lackluster effort.

A good time for the feckless fruitcake to depart congress and House Oversight?


James D.

I still think the transgender people are suffering from the same disfunction that anorexics have. Anorexics, no mater how skeletal, see a fat person when they look in the mirror.

I agree completely.

The thing to remember is, it's not about transgender individuals (just as it wasn't about gay individuals with regard to the same sex marriage issue). It's about undermining traditional values and traditional family structures, and replacing them with unstable facsimiles that can only be propped up with the "assistance" of the state.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross gave a press briefing yesterday on their investigation of the steel industry and dumping. This link has the full transcript.


My favorite part:

Q Are there other investigations that you would consider launching or that you’re waiting to pull the trigger on into other potential imports?

SECRETARY ROSS: Well, I don’t know if that’s — that’s really more a psychotherapy question than it is a policy question. (Laughter.)



A philosophical question -- one I will never see the answer to, I expect, but it interests me. If there were a pill that made one happy to be one's own sex -- as opposed to pretending one were the other sex -- could our society deal with that? This is a very identity politics world we live in now, and transexuality is becoming yet another identity that must be *PROCLAIMED* or *CONDEMNED*.


A reminder of what True the Vote's founder did to the uniparty to deserve the wrath of the IRS:


Trump won, in part, because he policed the vote outside of the hamstrung GOPe. Exposing the Consent Decree was extremely detrimental to DC.


Yep TK. Plus the True the Vote people did a fantastic job of putting the Recall Petitions in an online database-- still comes in handy.


Hey. How come y'all aren't PT Barnuming Trump's vast array of successes.

Anything but..it seems.


As soon as vanity abortions start whacking babies that are future weirdos because the DNA is conclusive, I will believe that a specific identity, other than male/female can honestly be attached to the person.

Until then it is solely about making one freak "happy" at the expense of the people who are placed in "proclaimed/condemned" groups that they didn't choose to participate in and subsequently are made unhappy.

Captain Hate

Jenner is a sad case, and will become more pathetic as he does more and more to get attention. If he were my father, I would get a court order for commitment.

His weird self promotion was obvious when he competed in the Olympics and knew how to use the MFM.


"Trump wades into French election.." Lol

La Pen and Trump because miserable fascists like company.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Since Venezuela, like every failed state before it, isn't REALLY trying socialism, isn't it about time for progs to admit it will never REALLY be tried anywhere?

That should be easier than expecting them to admit they're the biggest damned dumbasses on earth for believing in an obvious and murderous evil fairy tale.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I for one love diesels both on-road and off.
That they can produce the massive torque they do while lasting much longer than gasoline engines and getting significantly better fuel mileage is no small thing.

I consider the science behind their supposedly deadly emissions about on a par with that behind second hand smoke's dangers.


GoBama helped fuck up Venezuela, just like Rs sabotaged and continue to fuck up ACA.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think these students who believe in socialism should be given an area to start a pilot project.

Say, give them one county to live in. Let 50,000 or so sign up.

Then, let them figure out how to produce goods to sell, get a fair price, and distribute income "fairly." Let them figure out how to deal with slackers and thieves.

Make it like a reality show with lots of cameras and interviews.

I really think this would be a good idea.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Of course, when it failed it would be "someone else's fault." It always is. It never, ever could be that socialism doesn't work.

It's the CIA. Or Republicans and evil corporations. Or white supremecists.

They can find a million excuses, when the fact is that socialism does not work. It's contrary to human nature.


She didn't go along with the top men ethos that was already fermenting around 2013, she pointed noted how volodya's multiple intrusion were ignored back then.




Janet 🚬

"We have reached a bizarre moment in our politics, where the “progressive” left resists having conservative speakers on a college campus because they make students feel “unsafe,” but insists that boys who identify as girls be allowed to shower with girls in the public schools, and misgivings must be educated away, or litigated into submission." ~ Jonathan Last


Shirley he can't be serious, now Tommy boy maduro who follows his dgi overseers in typical fashion, has crashed the bus.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- If there were a pill that made one happy to be one's own sex -- as opposed to pretending one were the other sex -- could our society deal with that? --

I remember reading a story by some gay guy years ago who stated it was a common question among homosexuals asking if a pill was invented that would make them straight would they take it. Apparently the almost universal consensus was "yes".
No doubt that was because of evil oppressive society of course.

As TK notes, the confluence of easy abortions and advances in genetics may spell a very much smaller homosexual population if a gay gene ever is discovered. Despite the NTTAWWT spiel plenty of progs even wouldn't have any qualms about terminating what they secretly believe in their minds would be a defective baby. The left will follow their Brave New World blueprint wherever it leads so be careful what you wish for off label progs.
The progs happily support an abortion industry that slaughters black and brown babies at a much higher rate than whites, just as the animal Sanger hoped, and they have no problem killing Down's syndrome babies so does anyone doubt they'd have a problem with anyone else including homo and trans sexuals?


No it's perfectly logical, from their point of view. in order to create the new comrade, all threads of crimethink must be purged.

So women must speak Endlessly about their interior parts, but men shouldn't take note.


RG, I think the Midwest vote theft op headed by Jan Shakowsky's hubby which O'Keefe exposed hurt Hillary in Michigan and Wisconsin--they'd been stealing votes there for decades/

Posted by: Clarice Feldman | April 21, 2017 at 09:49 AM

Right you are, Clarice. I consistently forget about that.


Since Venezuela, like every failed state before it, isn't REALLY trying socialism, isn't it about time for progs to admit it will never REALLY be tried anywhere?

It's only been about a dozen years since they believed Venezuela was a successful example of socialism. The evidence of that belief has all been scrubbed, I imagine.

Their evergreen fallback is Western European social democracies. Those aren't looking so hot these days either. Plus, they're not socialist; they're liberal capitalist democracies with giant welfare states and structural double-digit unemployment.


There are no conservatives..just libertarian


Despite the NTTAWWT spiel plenty of progs even wouldn't have any qualms about terminating what they secretly believe in their minds would be a defective baby.

I have a handful of liberal friends who are in various states of wondering whether one of their children is gay. They always say NTTAWWT but they're "concerned" because of "social stigma" and that being gay is so difficult. (They all live in blue hells where being gay is so not difficult as to actually be fashionable.) But deep down they're all going to be relieved if/when these kids, and/or their other kids, turn out to be straight after all. They just can't admit that to themselves.

Captain Hate

Maybe Rupert's brats can hire this guy to replace BOR:


Thomas Collins

Re what's real socialism/communism: I think North Korea comes close to the "ideal". There seems to be equality in starvation and misery among substantially all of the population. Sure, there's a well fed elite (at least Kim Jong Un appears well fed), but hell, no commie state is perfect!


Socialism /communism?





I almost posted the whole article when I realized the entire thing is quotable.


It looks like Iowahawk has returned to Twitter, fwiw.

Dave (in MA)

And when he returned, he raised the price on his leaving the Internet forever from $1,000,000.00 to $1,000,003.00.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I just got a fund-raising letter for Karen Handel by President Trump, paid for by Handel for Congress.

It seems that Handel has been given Trump's mailing list, which is ok and not unusual, but I would like to point out that he is FAR MORE of a team-player than Ryan and his cronies.

Handel did not support him in the primaries, and she has only lately come to support things like The Wall.

However, I am all for her as I do not want the democrats to win anything. Trump's support should put her over the top and will help marginalize the democrats even more.

Again, my major point on this is that Trump is a team player while elements of the GOP (Joni Ernst, I am looking at you) are not.


There's,also year zero, which ComAndante gonzalo tried to pull off in the Andes 'dancer upstairs' illustrates the method.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Albania was a fine shining example of REAL socialism.
It was also a hellhole of the first water.


Follow up on the NY judge found along the river:



For my own reading pleasure I am rereading a few landmark Supreme Court opinions such as Roe, Griswold, Korematsu, Obergefell. What an enormous amount of power we vest in 9 persons.


peter, the alternative is vesting it in one person.


peter, the alternative is vesting it in one person.

Like the progtard's wet dreams from Jan. '09 until this past Jan.


You want to hear the hottest take on sessions remark, coloniAlism, in bezos.


And David French, still continues with category error,

Account Deleted

Re Diesel in passenger cars, CH----

Factory installed obsolescence: why I've never owned a diesel car or pickup truck.

Here's just one specific:

during the late 70s and 80s, turning wrenches was my side line of work to up my income from farming and working in "hire education" at the local regional state university.

Chevrolet and GM had started slapping diesel engines into cars. They favored the Roosa Master injection pump and fuel system.

Farmers were calling me and Dug to come and fix their tractors when they'd just stop firing and take a dump where they sat.

We knew it was the "elastickast" ring in the center of the pump's "guts", a funky plastic gasket looking thing that cinched the governor weights to the rotating wheel that ultimately controlled fuel flow mechanisms.

The ring would disintegrate and the tractor wouldn't turn over. Or it would just die as the disintegrated plastic would plug one of the many pinhole passageways inside the pump.

One had two options: toss the pump and buy a "remanufactured" pump for over $500 plus labor, or call me and Dug.

Our biz was good fixing the farmer problem. But it exploded when Chevy's diesel foray started going south.

The kind of stop and go acceleration in a civilian vehicle is a far cry from the "set it and forget it" mode of field work or running augers off the pto shaft.

The pump's governor system wasn't intended for stop and go "flexing" and the plastic ring would disintegrate in a matter of 25,000 miles.

So we'd charge $200 to jerk the pump out of it's impossible location in the center of the engine block, crack open the pump and snap the ring back in place, submerge the entire unit in clean diesel, and bolt the pump back together.

30 minutes work tops. Thank's ma'am. See ya down the road.

Engine would start right up.

Now here we are in the 21st century and manufacturers have set up "factory service" programs that are workarounds of similar flaws in engines and systems of civilian passenger vehicles.... and it's on steroids now with "hybrid cars".

Captain Hate

What an enormous amount of power we vest in 9 persons.

There should've been an Article V convention immediately after Marbury v Madison to nip that unconstitutional usurpation of power by the black robed tyrants.

Captain Hate

Can we make Hawaii into a possession instead of a state? Ditto for Alaska?

Account Deleted

"When Howard Dean tweeted "hate speech is not protected by the first amendment"

back when Howie was gubner of Vermint he let students firebomb a protest shanty on a certain campus that shall remain nameless. his state police force operated under the moniker "campus security" toting their 9mm with two FBI agents working "on staff" posing as campus rent-a-cops.

the firebombers were "never found" even though the frat that was responsible was bragging about it openly.

the builders of the protest shanty were threatened with unlawful assembly and expulsion however. Ho Ho appears on a radio show telling the audience (I'm paraphrasing): "If the shanty hadn't been there then there wouldn't have been a firebombing in the first place. We can't have that kind of antagonism."

My lack of respect for Ho and Bernardo Occupado is the size of a galactic black hole.

"Free speech for me but not for thee."



And while we are at it give Puerto Rico independence


Green at Insty links to the execrable Matt Taibbi at RS (whom I won't link) who writes this as part of the review of Shattered:

What Allen and Parnes captured in Shattered was a far more revealing portrait of the Democratic Party intelligentsia than, say, the WikiLeaks dumps. And while the book is profoundly unflattering to Hillary Clinton, the problem it describes really has nothing to do with Secretary Clinton.

The real protagonist of this book is a Washington political establishment that has lost the ability to explain itself or its motives to people outside the Beltway.

I'm operating under the assumption that this ISN'T parody.

Jack is Back (Again)!


You speak Boontling?


Account Deleted


in recovering my feet after long-term (and now thankfully gone!) diabetic nerve pain, mental reprogramming has been an essential part of daily practice.

what you say about brain/mind response/reactivity is spot on.

i'm not certain exactly how it works but the brain when properly nourished will create very efficient pathways for neural communications with extremities.

The ouch messaging system is quite perfect. Until Monkey Brain decides to "help" and create a program which is basically a routine that says to the body "This is how we go when we go like this."

I was in so much pain in the feet and lower legs that walking was nearly unthinkable, even on pain meds.

Once I took my brain, mind, and carcass out of this "sick house" and went to the high desert for healing the program took care to show me how to reset my "consciousness" so that I could evaluate every single mind routine that was a response to pain which were clouding my ability to monitor overall well-being.

Without that skill, the six years of intense suffering would have been hard to overcome in terms of the pain reaction habits my mind had established. As my body healed and the "zero point" process of eliminating mental routines (such as "It hurts when I walk") began to take hold of the 58 subroutines engrained over six years, and eliminated those --- I became pain free.

Within 3 weeks. What little discomfort I am experiencing now is due to nerve regeneration--- which I could typify as "pain"... but the mental routine is "good. Feeling is being restored."

Next. :) Thanks for sharing.


No we understand all too clearly, that is the problem that they face.



To me Griswald was always the turning point. The Court invented a right (privacy) and changed things forever.

Does the case list the 5 judges who voted for it?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a gal who posts on Conservative Treehouse who manages to find almost all of the videos from President trump and his cabinet. I recommend her Twitter feed, as you can find a lot of good stuff in it.



Much as I hate to say it, probably the most successful example of Socialism in the last 100 years is Israel. That was the dominant mindset of the non-religious Zionists. Of course they have largely abandoned it, since it wasn't sustainable, but it did sort of work for a generation or two. Not as well as capitalism would have, but there was real growth.


The commerce clause was the first domino, then privacy or personal autonomy, who knows which will be the next rung.


Of course the leftists who love Socialism also hate Israel, so they wouldn't be willing to cite it positively.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Did you receive an email from me?

James D.


That's the only possible environment in which socialism could function at all: a small, homogenous population of well-educated and highly-skilled people who all strongly share a set of common values and traditions.

And even then, as you say, it only sort of works and is ultimately not sustainable.


BMW sold both 3 series and X5s with their M57 diesel engine from ~ 2009 to 2011.

They were promoted based on running costs savings, and on paper this was true.

There were a few differences between the USA engines and EU engines that has reared it's ugly head since introduced.

Seems that after 60,000 - 80,000 miles the combo of EGR and PCV gases leave so much carbon in the intake runners and ports on the head that they need cleaned. Dealers have a fancy tool that uses ground walnut shells. Walnut shells are blasted under pressure and sucked out with what is basically a shop vac.

All the potential saving disappear with this $2000-2500 service.

Used market for the BMWs with these engines have collapsed.

I agree with both CH and Iggy.

Diesels stink, but nothing like one for stump pulling torque.


You forgot the part where all of the "small, homogenous population of well-educated and highly-skilled people who all strongly share a set of common values and traditions" have to serve in the military, James.


Diesels stink, but nothing like one for stump pulling torque.

Thus the reason Robert Reich drives one...


Ok, Kev....no " hydro-colonic" cleansing for re-mapping brain synapses?

J/K 😉 ..Please be safe--Berkeley is a gulag...

Jane, there is power in positive meditations(and grace🌞)!

Great news ,Jack :on your post-op status!! Don't overdo in your road to recovery..Remember : patience, with haste, when storming the castle😇

Account Deleted

glenda... well, the hydrotherapy was on for 14 straight days during the program.

let's just say it did wonders for the neural pathways *AND* it cleared my conscience. ;)

features and benefits abound LOL

Mrs. Kid said to me on the ride home--- "So now you'll believe me when I say that your fulla [redacted]."

Oh those pesky unintended consequences.

Account Deleted

MM- I did receive that email and launched a reply about 10 minutos ago. Here's to hoping it was intelligible.

Off to conference call land.

Kev O.U.T.


Hey, what ever happened to that Adam Schiff fella? He was all the rage about three weeks ago...




Oh I so hope Adam Schiff is implicated.


He's a one hit wonder, like taco from 'putting on the ritz'

Tom R


Can someone explain to me like I am 5 years old how anyone in the GOP Congress (like Rand Paul or the Freedom Caucus) or anyone who writes for a conservative website like NR would propose a full repeal of Obamacare when they all know good and well it will require 60 votes in the Senate to overcome the inevitable filibuster in the Senate to prevent the repeal?

If their position is that the GOP and Trump must do a clean repeal of Obamacare then is it proper for me to never take anything they say seriously? Their policy stance is based on something that is currently impossible to achieve. I just can't figure out why any conservative would insist on a full repeal when they know it can't be done.


Perhaps too long but still interesting:


James D.

Good point, lyle


Griswold opinion written by Bill Douglas with Goldberg Harlan White & Brennan concurring. Black and Stewart dissenting

Frau  Rudolph Diesel

Nude photo of Viktor/Viktoria Jenner: something to repulse everyone.

The olltray should lay off celebrating Onkel Adolf's Geburtstag by overdosing on Lungenhaschee. Gack!

If diesel is so awful, why am I constantly approached by those who want to buy my old German turbo?
It isn't just to get me off the street.

Texas Liberty Gal

Getting my oil chgd and being forced to watch espn's The lead. They have named the Patriots Villains of the Week because they kept their appt to go to the White House after Hernandez's suicide. They were particularly upset that Grob.... sp??? stuck his head in press room as Spicer was giving press briefing. Jeesch🤦‍♀️


Some Erf Day levity. Don't miss.


Frau  Rudolph Diesel

Jane, there's a good reason why Schiff left Massachusetts.


Tom R, I think there is some question over whether a full repeal would require 60 votes. For one thing, they can change the rules, as we saw with Gorsuch.

Another question I have is whether they can effectively repeal it by passing a law that supersedes it, such as the Coulter proposal that I linked yesterday. I don't see why not, but IANAL.

Account Deleted

conference call delayed....

narciso--- thanks for the mind worm "one hit wonder taco and puttin on the ritz." that song drives me into a blind rage. ;)


I've never been a yuge Simpsons fan but this is spot on:


Tom R

,i. I think there is some question over whether a full repeal would require 60 votes. For one thing, they can change the rules, as we saw with Gorsuch

If the Senate rules are changed to get rid of the filibuster for all legislation then the Senate loses it uniqueness and becomes nothing more than a smaller version of the House. I also don't think the GOP would get 51 Senators to agree on fully killing off the filibuster.


Good Morning!

Newt to Neil Cavuto on Tax Reform:

Neil: Could you live with only Corporate Rates going down, if that's all they can do this year?

Newt: Oh I doubt if they'll only do Corporate Rates. I mean why would you go out to the American People and say, and I happen to favor dramatically reduced Corporate Rates...

Neil: Oh, I agree with you, but I'm just saying there is a fear here that that's all they'll be able to muster.

Newt: I think that would be irrational because the average American looks up and says "lemme' get this straight? You're going to take care of all these big names that are up there on your board, and not me?" And in the end Politics in a sense is about "Me." Am I better off, is my HealthCare better off, is my child's Education better off? And the Party that's the majority is the Party that figures out how to answer "Me."

Well agree or disagree with Newt, man do I wish Paul Ryan had 1/10th of Newt's ability to speak and educate the Public in simple, straightforward terms and concepts.

Account Deleted

Frau... diesel engines are a miracle of the industrial age IMNSHO.

the GM introduction of diesel autos in the USA was heavily subsidized by the new DOE under President Peanut Head.

the power grab of the faux energy crisis raked a lot of consumers who panicked over the high price of gasoline and the gas coming out of DC at the time.

I restored and rebuilt a 1960 Mercedes 220 B four door luxury sedan. At the time, had I been able to afford the $2400 per wheel brake jobs I'd have owned one.

Frau  Einladung

Come on-a my House -

Washington, April 21, 2017

Yesterday, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence sent two letters related to its investigation into Russian active measures during the 2016 election campaign. The first letter was sent to FBI Director James Comey and National Security Advisor Admiral Mike Rogers, inviting them to appear at a closed hearing on May 2, 2017.

The second letter was sent to former CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates inviting them to appear at an open hearing to be scheduled after May 2nd.

Brennan and Clapper and Yates, oh, my!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That was really funny!

Account Deleted

"Einladung".... meeting request.... you are so wry, Frau Einladung :-D

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