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May 19, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Boy do I wish Andrew Breitbart had lived to see this day.

I consider him the spark that relit the conservative movement.

Account Deleted

Emocrats are always saying when they're caught things such as "i only have myself to blame"...blah blah...blahblah.

STFU and take your medicine.

Weiner has a dick problem and he's going to do hard time for it. I don't give a whit why or wherefore. He's common scum.

What is the tragedy here? Think about the parents of the girl he was sending pics to.

What's become of her? Where will she end up? At such a young age....another lost human demanding laws to enable her "disease?"




No they are confusing him with the bathos
Laden manque from house of cards, played by Corey stoll.

Captain Hate

Nowhere in that Post article did I read the accurate description of "protege of Chuck Schooooomer". C'mon Post, this is no time to get wobbly.

A donk serving time is a big deal. NEXT!

Light Warrior

Yup, pretty much

They view their boss as completely undisciplined and self-destructive. They're exasperated by him ... They're sick and tired of the media feeding frenzy. But even in their most frustrated moments, they'll admit that Trump has got some special resilience that they can't begin to understand. A coat of protection that almost seems supernatural to them.

White House sources have texted me this week asking how bad I think the story of the day is. One asked me whether I thought Trump's private comments to Comey were a better story or worse for Trump than the release of the "Access Hollywood" tape. Those who were there for "Access Hollywood" have no idea what it would take to sink Trump.

After we talked, Swan sent this P.S.: "The core Trumpers from the campaign — who view themselves as loyal to Trump above all else — are completely unfazed by the Russia and Comey revelations. They're just swinging for Trump and have no qualms working to defend him."

Light Warrior

Heh. A family of enablers watching their Drunkard with affection and pride.


Local news tells the tale of Ali-Ali Akbar and his cockpit crashing party on the flight to Honolulu.

"A man, who was drunk, caused a ruckus on a plane. He was drunk. Witnesses noticed the man seemed drunk. Nobody was hurt. The motive remains unknown other than this is what nameless culturally unidentifiable drunks do when they are drunk."


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Imagine being unfazed by a pack of lies designed to overthrow an election.
These are not your father's Republicans.


Oh good gravy swan is a legacy leftist import from down under, the Sydney Herald that Tim Blair has warned us about.

Happy Frog


Well his finger is in everything..

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Week in Pictures.
The priest, the pastor and the rabbi made me laugh til I cried.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Happy Frog

A two-fer in the wings

This would be the second time that Pence claims he was kept in the dark about possible Flynn wrongdoings, despite the White House’s alleged knowledge of them. Earlier this year, Pence said he was not made aware of Flynn’s discussions with Russian officials until 15 days after Trump and the White House were notified.

The source close to the administration, who requested anonymity as the White House denies the story, is now saying that Pence and his team were not made aware of any investigation relating to Flynn’s work as a foreign agent for Turkey.

“It’s also a fact that if he told McGahn that during the transition, it’s also a fact that not only was Pence not made aware of that, no one around Pence was as well,” the source said. “And that’s an egregious error — and it has to be intentional. It’s either malpractice or intentional, and either are unacceptable.”


And tbeir brain is made entirely out of tin


Miss Marple the Deplorable

CEO's now signing business deals while President Trump and the king look on.


Plans: (stolen from CTH)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sean Spicer‏Verified account @PressSec

In Saudi Arabia @POTUS has just completed largest single arms deal in US history, negotiating a package totaling more than $109.7 billion

Old Lurker

Red Letter Day for the Lurker house:

This morning, after 45 continuous years almost to the day, my wife cancelled our subscription to the Washington Post.

Happy Days.

Old Lurker

Thanks for the pics, Iggy. As you know when I am pressed for time, I just jump to the final picture and you have yet to let me down.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Congratulations! Was it something they said? LOL!

Humic acid

Sods piling on the emoluement.

So many he will 'forget' to declare.

After all, he IS the Presiduncy.

Did the King bow?


"King Salman has presented President Trump with a gold medal (don't know the title) which he placed arounf the President's neck himself. Whatever the name of the medal is, the WSJ reporter says it is Saudi Arabia's highest honor"

I thought orchestrating 9/11 was their highest honor?

"My enjoyment of this is doubled by knowing that Obama is eaten up with jealousy"

What are you fucking 7 years old?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Julie Pace recycles her same crummy story with food snobbery headline!

You guys are getting gypped!



Why are cowards always the idle gossips? Hiding behind their Mother's skirt ,as "un-named source", former this or that, fake monikers? You'd think they would tire of wearing that "bag" over their head, while in action, 'nez pas?

Think about these soul-less people, so ashamed of their actions or just another sheep in the herd of abused minds ? Sadly, infected by the Leftist cult, formerly known as 'democrats".


Struck a nerve with Duda.


So trump fired the man investigating him for colluding with a foreign adversary,an adversary that attacked us on American soil.

He then invites our attackers into the oval office, one of them happens to be a spy and tells them our classified secrets. Then he reassures them that he fired the man who was investigating them and disparages that man,an American charged with protecting America from it's enemies......he disparages that man to our enemies.

And they all laugh.

And you wonder why there's leaks?

Humic acid

Whoa happened to Troother Trump?

Was that just more Branding lies of self-prmotion?


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This includes video of the presentation of the medal. Seated with the Saudi king and prince are Melania, Tillerson, Ross, Ivanka and Jared, Priebus and BANNON!

Splodey heads from media, I bet.

Humic acid

Birfer/Troother iconoclastic traditionalist.

Is that about right?

Humic acid


n Pennsylvania.
First on CNN: Comey now believes Trump was trying to influence him, source says
By Pamela Brown, Gloria Borger and Eric Lichtblau, CNN
Updated 9:19 AM ET, Sat May 20, 2017
Source: Comey thinks Trump tried influencing him

Source: Comey thinks Trump tried influencing him 03:04
Washington (CNN)Former FBI Director James Comey now believes that President Donald Trump was trying to influence his judgment about the Russia probe, a person familiar with his thinking says, but whether that influence amounts to obstruction of justice remains an open question.

"You have to have intent in order to obstruct justice in the criminal sense," the source said, adding that "intent is hard to prove."
Comey will testify publicly before the Senate intelligence committee after Memorial Day, the panel's leaders announced Friday.
The central question at that blockbuster hearing will be whether Comey believed the President was trying to interfere with his investigation.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Story about the craze over ivanka plus an American guy in a red tie who has drawn the attention of a lot of Saudi women.


"Struck a nerve with Duda"

No, I mean I get why you would only want to see the positive in a situation especially when there's so much negativity around.

But come on man, this woman's 2 steps away from joining a fucking cult. A medal? Really?

Can you imagine if Trump had walked into the Oval office on day one, put his twitter away, man'd up by publicly condemning Russia for interfering in American elections and ordered an independent investigation into what happened and how we can prevent it from happening again.

The man would've been hailed a hero, he would have changed perceptions of him and bought himself sooo much breathing space.

Next he could have cornered dems obstructionism by holding up an infrastructure bill. Boom! You've just worked with democrats and created a bi-partisan path to dismantling O-care for something better and major tax reform.........the man would've been riding high in the polls and the media would have nothing to report but a misstep here and there on Flynn etc.

The man's a fucking baboon with zero political savvy, I honestly can't believe how he's been successful in business.

You should demand more from your President, you should expect way more in terms of how he conducts himself and navigates scandals. Instead, you settle for lousy plastic poxy medals.

That's the nerve you hit.


Enjoy the next 7.5 years Duda.

They have anti-psychosis drugs that might help.


"Enjoy the next 7.5 years Duda.
They have anti-psychosis drugs that might help"

I'm Irish, we drink and punch walls.

Account Deleted

KillFile: repeated coal shovel blows to their witto faces.

Clarice Feldman


Difference between Obama and Trump and the Saudis.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I am merely the courier, OL, as is JiminNorCal when he links it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The weird thing about Barry's pic is he can't even bow decently.
He looks like a dooby fell out of his shirt pocket and he's faking a bow to scoop it up with nobody noticing, but the guys at port and starboard do see it.
Either that or his shoe lace is untied.

Account Deleted

MM: I think as you do re Andrew Breitbart.

He smelled The Rat long before that farce at the DNCon.

Too bad Shadoobie's stars in her courses blinded her to the signal The Rat was going to be their "MESSiah" (iahMESS).

Caint find the reference, nor do I have the time to knoodle around to find it today, but Breitbart called it.

That Breitbart, Scalia, and Seth Rich all die mysteriously within such a short span is too much to chalk up to chance.

How many Deep Stater icons have died mysteriously during the same time span.

Evil. Pure unadulterated evil. And this weekend it flew to Tuscany with a six fighter jet escort.

That shit needs to be revoked mach schnell.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sen. Frank Niceley‏ @SenFrankNiceley 1m1 minute ago

Contrast, Obama & Trump Mid.East policies:
Obama sends $400M plane load of cash to Iran
Trump brings home $350B sale #AllYouNeedToKnow #MAGA

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Maybe those jets were to make sure he didn't head to a non-extradition country.

Account Deleted


Revenue stream.

Deep State Screams.

Watch how "they" spin this.

Or ignore it.


MAGA you cockbags.

Account Deleted

Stranger things have been known to happen, MM.

Stranger things indeedy.


We're Irish, also Duda....We think for ourselves, build things up...try to follow "golden rules" while WINNING ! No need to punch walls.

Take a deep breath..........hold it........still hold it.......don't breath....
All better now?

Account Deleted

Lazy reactionary politics labeled "democracy in action" blows back hard:


Whoopsie daisy.

Account Deleted


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I thought this week-in-picture was useful re the Oxford comma discussion here awhile back. Right click;

JJ Cintia

Looking for "talent" in Washington DC is like looking for firewood in the desert. Davey Brooks is about as conservative as Willy Buckley and his party of dunces throwing conservatives to the wolves so he could get invites from political heavyweights like Barbara Streisand. Trump made a huge mistake in filling his cabinet with Wall Street Capitalists that bet on Hillary and Bush III, and hire his son-in-law to replace Bannon was the kind of "strategy" that even Little Jebbie wouldn't have done. I had no expectations of Trump. His knowledge of politics goes no farther than fundraisers and cocktail parties, but you would think a Billionaire would do better at management than this. Both of the two headed hydra living on the Potomac have their daggers out for Trump, and he abandoned his base and surrounded himself with people who ensure his political destruction. There were Millions of real Americans waiting for a call, and this boob from TV left them behind to let his political opponents pick his agenda and make the same policies America voted against. At this point the false god of democracy is sounding like a broken record.

Clarice Feldman

OL--have her speak to my husband, pls!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You sound like you watch a lot of network news...and believe it.


quick question for the tech minded JOMers: I need to install Java on my computer to download medical records. Will this create any problems for me?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just saw a comment on Conservative Treehouse, which I will post here for anecdotal information:

"Jesus! You should see the news in Asia right now. It’s all TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP first overseas visit. Not one news of the supposed ‘crisis’ at home. No one cares for it. I kid you not."


The Chinese are taking notes. They do not want to be outdone.

I am happy about this because pretty soon the American press will end up as pariahs in foreign countries.

Humic acid


Take er easy. The bullshitter can only damage the WH collectables in his tizzies. Teh rest is fixable in the inevitable short term.

Humic acid

Why does he tie ties Down to crotch level?

Is he pointing or hiding his 'asset'?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I bet you guys 10 bucks that was a fake story to find the leakers. I do so appreciate the fake story including the "nut job" quote, though. Remote branding of Comey, with no fingerprints!

Humic acid


JJ..get your facts from Trumpets.

That'll do it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

In the press conference with Tillerson and the Saudi foreign minister, the FM just said "Drain the swamp!"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

CNN Reports Comey Has Changed His Mind, Now Believes Trump Tried To Influence Him.

Hmm, let's see. I'm trying to think if there has been any important, embarrassing, recent event in James Comey's professional life and career that might have been the precipitating moment that would cause him to change his mind toward his former employer between then and now....

Boy, it's a puzzler, I tell ya.

matt, deplore me if you must

It so pleasant to watch the Soros spend his money keeping the adults in the basement employed. Now that there are no longer paper routes, it gives them a sense of value while paying for their cheap Colombian weed.

So Breitbart nailed Weener when?


Gee, it only took the Feds 6 years to resolve the case when the evidence was standing at attention right in front of them. Funny how the DoJ is finally solving some crimes. I wonder what else they will solve in coming months.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Nut job.

Humic acid

Comey wasn't influenced but not for lack of Trump trying ignatz.

Is it reading comprehension or eyeware?


yes it's just like his sollloquy at the hospital bed, delivered three years later,


Breathe Duda

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have GOT to find video of that press conference with Tillerson!


the significance of when we lost coverage was between april 10, and april 11, 2004, after madrid, spain pulled out as per al queda's wishes, the perpetrators were part of that continental network that ranges from London to brussels to milan, the dominoes fell next with Italy and the smaller coalition partners,


"We're Irish, also Duda....We think for ourselves, build things up...try to follow "golden rules" while WINNING ! No need to punch walls"

Really? What part of Ireland are you from? Or should I say what part of Ireland is your great, great, great, great, great Grandfather who came here in 1768 from?

Yeah, you're as Irish as a box of Lucky charms.

As I like to say to the ladies when I'm out on the town...:"Have you any Irish in you? Would you like some?"

Frau  Steingehirn

Arabian Daze - Barry and Hill strut their stuff

Hillary! is attempting to restrain her midriff, and Barry is clutching his pearls.

Humic acid

You guys are still WHINING about his rescue of Ashcroft from the Dark Sods?

Heh. You can't help yourselves, what, with all the sub-human associates.

Its a cohesive clique..

Junior size cod-piece

What? You haven't seen the Donalds fat ass?


Here it is MM,

Department of State on Twitter: "Speaking at a press conference in Riyadh, Secretary Tillerson discusses the relationship between the U.S. and #SaudiArabia. https://t.co/W1Hp60WPRx"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks, lurkersusie! I am off to watch. I hear some very important stuff was announced.



Michael P Pregent @MPPregent

The Saudi Foreign Minister just pulled off a brilliant dressdown of Iran - going on a Comey-like indictment of the IRGC w/the world watching


well it's not an academic exercise, he was targeted by an Iranian plot some years ago,

Clarice Feldman

reddit just shut down The Donald page

Old Lurker

So, if the FBI Director works for the Executive Branch, why can't the POTUS, the head of the Executive Branch, exert influence over him? Aren't bosses supposed to do that? If not the top boss, then who?

I am assuming in asking that that the target was Flynn and not Trump because Comey said that, Trump had fired the guy already, and in the CEO's mind there were higher priorities he wanted his FBI to work on.

I know, I know. That's why I don't work for CNN.


'Drain The Swamp': Saudi Foreign Minister Borrows Trump Slogan | Fox News Insider

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The State Department video only has the opening statement from Tillerson, nothing from the Saudi Minister, which was what I wanted to see. The Fox video only has a short clip of the Saudi Foreign Minister, and not his full statement.

Daggone the press and State Department! I shouldn't have to go to multiple web sites to get the true story!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The Gipper Lives

“I think we need a special counsel, and I don’t think the president should tweet. When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president. Unfortunately, so far chaos organizes the presidency right now.”--Gov. Jeb Bush in Las Vegas


I thought you were bigger than that. Is that all you've got? "I told you so!"?

Not a word for the actual chaos of the Big Riot Left?

Or the scorched-earth chaos of the Purely Obstructionist Democrats?

Or the chaos of a Big Lie-Media conducting their Psychological Black Ops and Agit/Propaganda Campaign on the American people? Only Trump's "chaos"?

There are all kinds of chaos, Governor. The kind felt by Kate Steinle, gasping for air after being shot by a federal firearm stolen by a federal criminal who the federal--and Californian--governments refused to stop. The kind felt by Rust Belt communities as their American Dream shrinks due to bad trade policies and regulations for regulation's sake. The chaos of public universities run as private re-education camps, taken over by fascist "anti-fascists" without any pushback. There's the chaos of the office Christmas party in San Bernardino caused by eagerly rubber-stamping visas for mail-order terrorist brides.

A lot of this chaos was the inevitable result of installing an anti-American double-agent in the Oval Office for the last eight years. And the complacency of the Uni-Party. We need some real chaos for a change. That's the whole point. Feature, Not Bug.

Mark Steyn: "As Charles Krauthammer likes to say, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes discovered an under-served niche market: 50 per cent of the American people." In the same way the Mainstream Media created the need for Fox by stubbornly refusing to play it straight, the Uni-Party created Trump by under-serving half the American people. At least half.

Similarly, the Democrats have created a nominally-Republican majority of office-holders by choosing service to their bug-eyed ideology over service to the American middle-class.

I'm not talking about blind loyalty. But it seems like you're trying out for John McCain's role as the Propaganda Press' Favorite Republican Backstabber. Stop it. You're contributing to their Blob-Approved Manufactured Chaos(tm). You too, Commander McCain.

By the way, I think the Great Communicator would surely be on Twitter today. Again, the need to go over the heads of the Swamp Things was created by the Professional Liars we now have in place of a Free Press.

I supported every Republican ticket since Bob Dole and Jack Kemp. If you had won, I'd be supporting you the best I could, despite many differences. Why? Because the stakes are never been any higher. We're in a knife fight for our freedoms. Are you really so insulated you don't know that?

If you don't think this country desperately needs President Trump to succeed, you're not paying attention anymore, Governor. He needs our help and support, not cheap shots from the cheap seats. You owe him that because you owe it to our country.

Hell, you owe it to me.

And, believe it or not, I owe it to you, too.

Thomas Collins

Two generations ago, dublindaveletshaveanirishnessmicturatingcontest. Galway. Lots of Logan blood, so trying to drink me under table when we meet would be pointless.

I denounce myself for perpetuating the totally justifiable stereotype that the Logan line can hold its booze!

Thomas Collins

Two generations ago, dublindaveletshaveanirishnessmicturatingcontest. Galway. Lots of Logan blood, so trying to drink me under table when we meet would be pointless.

I denounce myself for perpetuating the totally justifiable stereotype that the Logan line can hold its booze!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Gipper Lives,

I said this before. 8 years under Obama and not one word spoken by Jeb Bush in public or on Twitter or in an op-ed column defending the people of this country. Not one. I followed him on Twitter when he joined up and not one word about anything except Common Core (which he was profiting from).

Never defended his brother against scurrilous attacks. Never defended Sarah Palin from same. Never defended US.

And now, here he is attacking the President like he's such a big expert on success. Bah.

I find it ironic that he gives this speech in Las Vegas right as President Trump is remaking the Middle East with a partnership based on mutual interests and safety.

He probably should be strapped to a chair and forced to watch the welcome in Riyadh for President Trump, over and over again.

Frau  Steingehirn

Red alert!
Peggy Noonan--I know, I know, what's happened to her?--took her "Don't play with democracy' theme and turned it into a warning to...
Pres. Trump.

How superficial can she be? Bush embarrassed her. Her head was turned to jello by Obama's teleprompter skills. Donald Trump, not the thugs who want to upturn an election, is the cause of trouble.

Remember, she wrote a book blasting Hillary! Clinton.

Account Deleted

Jeb the Bloated. Go pound sand. And don't even think about ever running for president again.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The unmasking isn't only with the NSA transcripts, Frau.

I have a whole bunch of people who have revealed themselves to be adversaries rather than allies. She's one of them.


Catching up---
KK posted this earlier.
Treat yourself to some classic Andrew Breibart:


Hope he and Roger Ailes know how much good they did for their fellow citizens.

RIP fellas.


The Saudi's play terrible music.

Frau  Steingehirn

Don't say that around the Shriners, Jane. heh

Account Deleted

I want one of those Shriner "harleys" ;)


"I said this before. 8 years under Obama and not one word spoken by Jeb Bush in public or on Twitter or in an op-ed column defending the people of this country"

Defending them from what? Saving the United states from the largest recession in recent U.S history, a recession that bordered on a full blown meltdown of the markets that would have led to a fucking depression?

Is that what they needed saving from?

What? No? They needed saving from Obama rescuing the United States Auto-Industry and three million plus jobs? An Industry btw that Republicans did everything in their power to let fail.

Maybe they needed to be rescued from Obama creating a healthcare system that made Healthcare accessible to 17 million new people?

What a bastard!

Sure, Obama never got a fucking plastic medal from the Sultan of 9/11.....man,if only we had to do all over again we'd suspend our domestic agenda and concentrate on getting that fucking medal. It's the medal that did us in in the end. Poxy medal.....that medal will haunt me till my dying day

Can....I breathe now....I need to drink a lot of whiskey.....?????????

The Gipper Lives

I'm really speaking to all of them, not just Jeb.

Conservatives love their Churchill quotes. This one applies: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

And the follow-up is Reagan's: "Don't be deceived because you are not hearing the sound of gunfire, because even so you are fighting for your lives."

The sound of those back-slaps are just the report of a different weapon.

Frau  Steingehirn

Blah, blah, blah...As far as I can tell, former Pres. Jive Ass received the same medal as Pres. Trump.

Straight from Seattle and here to drown out the mewling ollltrays

Account Deleted

The arms deal sends a different signal to the axis of evil than The Rat and his pallet load of cash, unfreezing of Iranian bank assets, and nuke technology.

Account Deleted

A variation on HL Mencken's famous quote:

"Conservatives must be tempted, at times, to spit on their hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Account Deleted

If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner. --H. L. Mencken


"Two generations ago, dublindaveletshaveanirishnessmicturatingcontest. Galway. Lots of Logan blood, so trying to drink me under table when we meet would be pointless.
I denounce myself for perpetuating the totally justifiable stereotype that the Logan line can hold its booze"

No, I know the Galway Logans...good people. Old Tommy Logan runs a boat service to Inish Mor(least he did in the 90's) where he lives with his wife Kathleen and his sprogs. Rest of them live in and around the county.

I've met a few of them. Decent people.

If you're ever in Galway go to the Aran Islands and take a walk around dusk...it's the most haunting, isolating feeling you'll ever get and strangely comforting. Or maybe I was drunk. No, but seriously it's a beautiful place. Rock walls, the old ways and such. Go in July/Aug if you ever make it out there(maybe you have already)...twilight lasts until 11.00pm.

Captain Hate

17 million new people?

Is that what the phony number is now? I don't even think the Restraining Order would use that in one of his money grubbing emails.


"Blah, blah, blah...As far as I can tell, former Pres. Jive Ass received the same medal as Pres. Trump"

Sigh....I.....sigh......just let me have a little cry and I'll be al......I just want Obama to be treated the same way as Tr........it's not fair Trump gets a medal and Obama doesn't.......It's......I'll be O.k. I'm just gonna have a little weep and get it all out of me system.


Hillary! is attempting to restrain her midriff, and Barry is clutching his pearls.
Frau Steingehirn at 12:41 PM

LOLOL, Frau!

art in newport

Looks like r/The_Donald is back on the air.

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