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May 19, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable


They were afraid that they were going to be shut down. I think they have an alternate web site set up on Voat. Not sure, though.

Reddit is stupid if they do this. The Donald web site is what was keeping Reddit afloat.

We will see what happens. Those kids over there aren't going away. A few thousand dollars could get an independent web site started where they could have their own rules. Hopefully someone will figure this out pretty quickly.

sammy small

Daddy, it does come in three's. Clock Boy's lawsuit was thrown out of court today.


Mr. Teabagger brings more class to our society:
Anderson Cooper to Jeffrey Lord: You'd defend Trump if he 'took a dump on his desk'

This is a journalist?
Posted by: Frau

No Frau, This is a Journalist:


Clock Boy's lawsuit was thrown out of court today.

Yippee! Thanks, sammy. I missed that bit of good news!


That reminds me whatever came of thiz;


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Anderson has that girly eye roll down better than a girly.
His wusband or hife must get pretty sick of it.


Speaking of sad splenetic fellows Andrew Sullivan seems to have descended into Peter graves fish induced poison induced jag, in air plane and that was last week.


That makes 2 of us!

I'm not a fan of Cher, says Cher as she claims her own music is "crap"



Who gets to keep the Classified E-Mails?

art in newport

It says they went dark as show of strength, and will be back as of 9am est...


An interesting question, few have considered daddy.


They are already at the scanners moment, how do that top that.





And for TK, a special thanks. You make me laugh so many times and that is great in troubling times.

Thanks glas. ;-)


Irony has gone zombie, as I've pointed out before:



But doctor if I walk that way



Happy birthday, Glasater!


Porch, on previous thread, tks for info. Makes sense that Seth Rich was pro-Bernie Sanders. He would have been outraged at the DNC sabotage of Sanders campaign on behalf of Clinton campaign.

MM, wow, that's some info on Seth Rich possibly being murdered in the hospital. Truth will come out.

Posted by: Jack is Back! | May 19, 2017 at 11:51 AM
"Talk about money laundering.....try the charity fund raising circuit during the summer."

Makes sense. Even though I'm fully aware, it still amazes how evil has hidden under do-good cover.


Well, the cat's out of bag. Infowars has now reported it to the mainstream public. Wonder if the culprits know they're been found out. Ha ha, maybe they're still in their cloud of arrogance, beyond which all is blank.

Deepstate Chat room

Wednesday, May 17. From 2:31 pm to 3:15 pm

"Severus: ... Let's put MF [Flynn] back in the news? Can have S draw up memo on Turkey. With Erdogan thugs beating protesters in streets, it fits news cycle and I'm sure we'll need a few more "memos" down the road. Good practice."

Quotation marks around "memos" indicate fabrication.

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Slate attacking Pres. Trump via Flynn Turkey angle.

Friday, May 19, 2017
WAPO putting out stuff on Flynn and Turkey.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Right click for full CNN headlines;


"Juules: Roger, any update on Camp Eagle?
Roger: Asset en route. Don't expect much from it. He's been out far too long."

Could this Friday 5-19-17 incident of a Turkish man, Anil Uskanil, 25, on plane - laptop by cockpit - from LAX to HI be related to above asset?

"Camp Eagle" was name for CIA secret interrogation site in Bosnia. What is his bg. Pgm'd for T?

May be far-fetched, but just had a feeling when reading that part of the chat it had to do with some agent provocateur setup to embarrass Trump. If this was it, it has backfired because it proves Trump's concern with laptops, use of by Ts, correct.


How they have fallen


It even took me a while to realize that el estado profundo was recycling a dan Silva tale, perhaps even one from fesperma


Ah that where red queen reputedly came under fire, although atkinson saw through that lie, Maria Elvira, hasn't had her computer hacked but otherwise her dedication to the truth has cost her several jobs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The MP of the Left is doing evil under a do-gooder cover.

I don't care if it is helping the poor or saving the environment, they are really just using causes for money gathering and power wielding.

Time for bed.



The mouse network might need some splicing



Yes, MM, I watch nature shows with the sound off, because I can't stand the talk about how God's abundant nature is going extinct. It's evil that's going extinct.


Ha, narciso, I thought it was brilliant that Wikileaks showed Lady Gaga, fervent Clinton supporter, as supporting Assange as a hero in 2012. Wonder what she says now, after the Clinton emails came out from WL.


It's A mad mad world, br


Even though someone wrote a book about it, the scarcely make the parallel between the media Pa breakin and wikileaks


As angleton put it there are many rooms in the mansion, David Martin started the revisionist school on him, followed by wise and manifold with Trenti being the most extreme version.

In fiction, littell makes the peculiar decision of deciding he was right, but punoshing him anyways.


How strange it was that much like Hollis mulray, the aspect of the good senator who was maguffin before there was one was left out of commentary.


Ten hours ago, I suggested that entous was the ringer, still nothing. Well better turn tomorrow will be much stranger.


Roger says MF [Flynn] mentioned Limey [Louise Mensch] in a call earlier this wk, scared shitless.

That means this cabal is listening to MF's calls, or some agency is providing it to them.


I haven't googled Adam Entous - what do you have?


He,was the national security reporter who got a number of good scoops while at the journal and now seems to be in grapevine distribution at the journal.


And what do you think GT is?

"Juules - with S (not Severus) in GT outpost"

(Severus himself/herself speaks of "S")


Dave in Mass, I was reading the last 100 or so posts, to catch up, and the thread is awesome. Your...MARLBORO post actually had me laughing out loud. Barry Jug eared mother fucker Obama, smokes NEWPORTS....or VIRGINIA SLIMS. He's cum a long way BABY.


Georgetown like a via safe house also right out of silva.


AEWP, though. Is Entous with Wash Post?

E llen Nakashima and A shley Parker contributed to above-linked article 5-19-17 at WP re Flynn and Turkey. (They're both female though, and AE is referred to as "him.")


Oh, GT Georgetown, that makes sense.



Who gets to keep the Classified E-Mails?}}



Oh, GUS, that's hilarious - 50/50 split on the emails.


As for fresh camel, well there are a few candidates, it could all be a bluff like the dossier or the crowdstrike but a convenient one.


Nakashima and parker, sounds like a bad tnt pilot, no I don't buy it


Totally on their ground, all your chats, players and assets r belong to us.

Good night :)


Think about how FUCKED in the HEAD, marble mouth John McLame is. Johnny Viet Nam, actually forwarded a copy of the PISS FILES........"PISSIER" to the "AUTHORITIES".
Several questions arise.
Who gave this CLOWNISH "FAKE NEWS" to McTard?
Why did McTard feel the need to "report" the PISS FILES "FAKE NEWS" dossier??
Did they LAUGH in McTards face????


Good night BR. My prayers are with you.


Well that is pretty weird over at The_Donald. Hope it comes back up tomorrow.

Good thing you folks are here. :)

Stephanie despicable me

If the comments on the Rolling Stone are any indication, the dems/press are in trouble.


Just wow.


Russia??? What ACCUSATIONS have been made as to RUSSIA, or anything else?

Captain Hate

I still have trouble believing that Egg McMuffin is a real person. Even after he showed up on TV, I'm still not sure he's not just some random bald dude the Deep State decided would become their public face and they fabricated a backstory for him...

They're always gaslighting us. Always.
Posted by: Hikaru at May 19, 2017 08:03 PM (qshm3)

56 These Republican Perverts in "public service" in D.C. sure do hire lots of homosexuals as "staffers."

"Procurer" might be the better term . . .
Posted by: boulder terlit hobo at May 19, 2017 08:03 PM (6FqZa)

59 I think the one indisputably good thing about the whole media wetting their pants every day over Trump nonsense that gets us all so steamed up here is that it's finished the off the NeverTrumper RINOs as a media force for good (Washington is a different matter so far). Check out RedState's frontpage. The quality of the site has gone down the tubes in just a year. There is no constituency for these people when you have so many other media outlets competing for market share in the "I hate Trump" market, and any non-leftist who was ever the slightest bit sincere about their beliefs has to tire of this incessant elitist Yoko Ono style screaming from the media. I've turned to Breitbart for a lot of my news, even though I find their tone somewhat paranoid, simply because I won't support the MSM with even a click, and I certainly don't need to listen to some "conservative" pouring the same derision on Trump and his voters (even after Trump's done plenty of conservative things) day after day.
Posted by: TheLowerDepths at May 19, 2017 08:04 PM (1WTGm)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I knew I could count on Sundance.

Videos of the arrival with plenty of pictures. Comments have additional video and photos from press and Dan Scavino, President Trump's digital media guy.

Scavino has been with President Trump since he started as a caddy on one of the Trump golf courses. Can you imagine how he feels driving into Riyadh seeing his boss's picture on billboards everywhere?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Digital Boom‏ @adigitalboom 52m52 minutes ago

Ivanka Trump @IvankaTrump is trending in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 with over 50k tweets and counting #بنت_ترامب
More: http://adigitalboom.com

Captain Hate

When hrtshpdbox shows up again, or is reading this now, I have a question to pose for him: I know that he was a Jeb fan and, even though I disagreed 100% with him and believed he'd have been an electoral disaster, at least I can respect that he was a known quantity. My question is was his NeverTrump spell broken, at least in part, by Bill Kristol and company throwing their support to this weird little bald guy, Egg McMuffin, about whom nobody knew a GD thing other than being told "Trust us this guy is great for the country and the type of person you should support over Trump"? Because based on him running around saying dumb things now, he is a nut of the worst degree and should be on everybody's list of who to never waste a vote on.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

That guy bugs me too, as I am sure you know.

There was a big flap a day or so ago about him possibly taping a leadership meeting (the one where McCarthy joked about Russia) and MY question is: "Why was Evan McMullin in the leadership meeting?"

Why did he get access to that meeting? What purpose did he serve? Why is leadership allowing someone of low character sit in on meetings?


He,wanted to be Robert Bennett re the link I posted in the wee hours that's just sad

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President's schedule in Saudi Arabia today, copied from CTTH so excuse the lack of spaces:

Saturday (all times are local//eastern)

9:50 AM // 2:50 AM Arrive in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – King Khalid International Airport
1:30 PM // 6:30 AM President and First Lady participate in the Royal Court Official Arrival Ceremony – The Royal Court Palace
1:45 PM // 6:45 AM President and First Lady participate in the Coffee Ceremony and Presentation of the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal – The Royal Court Palace
2:15 PM // 7:15 AM President and First Lady participate in the Royal Banquet Luncheon – The Royal Court Palace
3:20 PM // 8:20 AM The President participates in a United States – Saudi Arabia bilateral meeting – The Royal Court Palace
3:55 PM // 8:55 AM The President participates in the Signing Ceremony – The Royal Court Palace
5:05 PM // 10:05 AM The President participates in a bilateral meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia – The Ritz-Carlton
5:40 PM // 10:40 AM The President participates in a bilateral meeting with the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia – The Ritz-Carlton
8:25 PM // 1:25 PM President and First Lady arrive at Murabba Palace and participate in the Welcome Ceremony – Murabba Palace
8:45 PM // 1:45 PM President and First Lady participate in a reception with King Salman and members of the United States and Saudi delegations – Murabba Palace
8:55 PM // 1:55 PM President and First Lady participate in the Royal Banquet Dinner – Murabba Palace
9:40 PM // 2:40 PM President and First Lady participate in a National Museum Tour – Murabba Palace


"Why is leadership allowing someone of low character sit in on meetings?"

GOP leadership is of low character.


Yes streiff is the only fellow over there who has a clue? And we know their checkered recent past re malaysia


Miss M, Egg was foreign policy director for RNC at the time. (Or the R Congressional Committee)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks. That explains why President Trump got Rex Tillerson. He wanted someone who actually knew what he was doing.


Who's behind getting Comey to testify to the Senate next month? All it does is give him a chance to go after Trump, whom he obviously hates, and the Democrats to use him as a stick to bear Trump. I do t see much up side. Republicans can go after him but he won't give them anything.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a photo which will send shockwaves throughout the Islamic world:

Link for those who cannot right click:


Captain Hate

I agree, jimmyk. If that nimrod doesn't want to answer anything all he has to say is "that's for the special counsel to examine" and the hapless GOPe dunces are stuck with their standard dick in hand status. Again, these hearings are a waste of time and keep the clowns from doing what they should be doing.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

King Salman has presented President Trump with a gold medal (don't know the title) which he placed arounf the President's neck himself. Whatever the name of the medal is, the WSJ reporter says it is Saudi Arabia's highest honor.

My enjoyment of this is doubled by knowing that Obama is eaten up with jealousy. Sorry, but I can be petty that way.

Free James D!

CH, the GOPe dunces think that holding pointless hearings that further erode whatever credibility Confress still has, and damage people they don't like, IS. what they should be doing.

And it's been very lucrative for them, with virtually guaranteed job security and no downside. I wouldn't expect them to stop anytime soon.

Captain Hate

So nice to have a real leader who other countries respect and his wife doesn't have to cover her head with an ugly cloth wrapper like that mentally ill Pelosi. I know that drives the dancing monkey jor even more insane because he believes the stupid propaganda instead of what his eyes tell him.

Captain Hate

The careerists at State must be livid at how well an outsider like Trump is doing in the ME without their idiotic guidance.


Compare the Saudi Gold medal to Trump with the Nobel prize to Obama?


One of the those wizards of smart was the ambassador to Qatar who didnt understand Merican civics.


"We're going to hang by the neck"



That photo, MM, is a nice 1000 word statement on why I have zero use for the dolts that are disappointed that Trump may not spit into the Towelfaces and scream "Radical Islamic Terrorism!!!"

I saw a few mutterings about it yesterday.

Yes, stupid ol' Trump couldn't build the wall in 7 days and he is a giant pussy when it comes to pissing contests on foreign sand.


This is incredible diplomacy done by a wealth builder being criticized by the wealth-by-lottery crowd.

The next unmasking will be that of the true nationlist-isolationists.

James D.

The careerists at State must be livid at how well an outsider like Trump is doing in the ME without their idiotic guidance.

And they'll be doing everything in their power to sabotage President Trump, at taxpayer expense.


“I don’t think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC,” Trump said. “She keeps saying ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ and maybe it was. It could be Russia but it could be China, could also be lots of other people. It could be someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds,” he added.


So nice to have a real leader who other countries respect and his wife doesn't have to cover her head with an ugly cloth wrapper like that mentally ill Pelosi. I know that drives the dancing monkey jor even more insane because he believes the stupid propaganda instead of what his eyes tell him.

Not to mention having a leader who our enemies think twice about fucking with.

Janet 🚬

Love TheLowerDepths comment, Captain.

incessant elitist Yoko Ono style screaming from the media.



Great photos of our President arriving in Saudi Arabia! (thanks, MM)

No bowing down~

No hand-holding~


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just got off the phone with my sister the nurse (Trump supporter) discussing what a big deal this visit is.

She is still laughing at the "two scoops" controversy and how ridiculous they all are.

Seriously, this is an historic trip and so many of them seem fixated on stuff like menus, two scoops, nut job etc. Maybe they should all go work for the Food Network.


Right, Cap'n.

The easiest and best way to learn about Trump is to simply watch him. Peel back the media hysteria and be your own reporter.

These people aren't anywhere near as important as they think they are.



David! Nearly spit my coffee.

Poor taste so funny and well done.

Account Deleted

No bowing in Riyahd. Suck it, Rat Boy Clown Hole.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Never forget thata Waffle House manager makes more money than the print reporters!


Account Deleted

TK, I think DJT is a fucking scream. He drives the opposition over the edge DAILY.

Jim Eagle

You know, if the WSJ/NYT/WaPo and the alphabet networks didn't have anonymous sources, they'd have no sources at all.


And the media wonders why their credibility is wanting among most Americans.

Account Deleted

The Middle East experts, with exception of John Bolton, are cave wall shadow watchers.

Imagine building your career on building ponies by committee.

They're shitting nickels now. Irrelevance has come knockin. "Yer fired."


This explains the gold medal awarded to President Trump.
A rather big deal, I would say!



Well he wasn't one, Bolton was one of Jesse helmed posse enlisted in the gippers army a true cold warrior

There are similar parallels with central America, Reagan sacked many of that regions mandarins bringing in envoys from other regions, that was the theme of the book length svrreds by Chris dickey, Raymond , Joan didion

Jim Eagle

For jimmyk and CH,

The Campbell Apartment has reopened.



Bonner, he thought himself the halberstsm of the conflict didn't have a clue either.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump's tweet on a billboard in downtown Riyadh (pearl clutching from reporters may now commence):

Link for those who can't right click:


Janet 🚬

My brother has left up his Trump/Pence sign & awhile ago he added another one - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1627697107241231&set=a.137144629629827.22685.100000028723993&type=3&theater

Captain Hate


An early heads up was how quickly the Iron Curtain fell with Reagan in office after listening to eggheads like Strobe Talbott warning us against cowboy diplomacy. Then those dunces quickly pivoted to "well it would have happened anyway" except it didn't and the only reason it happened when it did was RR said to hell with appeasement.

They never learn and all the Condi Rice fanboys and girls are just backing another terrorist coddler.

Account Deleted

Roger that, CH. Roger that.

Lots of foreign policy hay to be made. Cut spending where it doesn't fit the MAGA vision and spread it around where it serves our interests.

Let's see what happens in Isrull.

Stephanie despicable me


WATCH: President Trump is presented with a gold collar during a welcoming ceremony at the Royal Diwan, Saudi Arabia.
7:38 AM - 20 May 2017

Gold Collar? YGBSM...

Account Deleted

They got nuthin'.

Captain Hate

Thanks, JiB. One of the pluses of it is that it didn't have booming music playing which was the only downside of the Shakespeare where the JOM NYC Thanksgiving meetup happened last November.

Account Deleted

Big bucks attorney opens a can of stink:



Yes Sebastian 1989, and winik's on the brink are real capstone to understand that period, why is there an irrational
Almost viral hatred for neocons is that they got one big thing right, not their subsequent overreach in some places.

Reagan, provoked primal screams from the likes of schell, sheer, caldicott, Talbot it was all dialed up at we're all going to die in nuclear flame.

Account Deleted


"Matters arising" ?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Account Deleted

Breitbart haunts from the grave:


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