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May 19, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Rex Tillerson & Wilbur Ross in sword dance at the palace!

Steve Bannon seen chatting with Saudis aloong with Reince Priebus (who looks totally confused, may I say - it's a long way from Kenosha).

Pretty cool that we can see this stuff.

Also, the NBC equipment got blown down by a sandstorm. HA!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kim Dotcom‏Verified account @KimDotcom 1h1 hour ago

Kim Dotcom Retweeted Sean Hannity

I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the @Wikileaks source. I was involved.

Kim Dotcom added,
Sean HannityVerified account @seanhannity
You are the evidence? Can you explain that in more detail? https://twitter.com/kimdotcom/status/865777584293806080

Kim Dotcom‏Verified account @KimDotcom 58m58 minutes ago

I'm meeting my legal team on Monday. I will issue a statement about #SethRich on Tuesday. Please be patient. This needs to be done properly.

Clarice Feldman

MM, looks like a scene from Indiana Jones.


If it is true Seth Rich was the source I believe we begin to enter some dark days for Democrats.
This is like an episode of the Blacklist.
How many knew ahead of time that Reddington was her father?
Tom at the end of the episode was classic.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think Trump and all cabinet should start carrying swords. They could brandish them at press conferences.

Pretty funny that when the Coast Guard gave him that ceremonial sword, Secretary Kelly told him he could use it on the press. (It got picked up on the microphone. LOL!)


It's the mad monster Duda

Old Lurker

New Thread


I'm meeting my legal team on Monday. I will issue a statement about #SethRich on Tuesday.

Fatso made a similar promise during the election.


Thank you for the video of the sword dance, MIss M. That was fascinating!

Janet 🚬

James M. on FB - " They will be beside themselves when they see the fantastic reception that Saudi Arabia has given him--- and how does the left reconcile their claims that he is anti-Muslim with an amazing reception fit for a king given by the Saudis???

Would the Saudis really increase their reception for an anti-Muslim?? Nope.

The Saudis are disappointed with the all talk no action Obama white house, and with its acquiescence to Iran.

The Saudis see Trump as taking a hard line on extremism (and its HQ, Iran) which is also what the Saudis have an inherent interest in.

Today, via SA, all the nonsensical anti-muslim epithets that were slung at Trump and his supporters--- all go to the trash bin.

The Saudis saw the truth----- anti-extremism is not anti-Muslim. Maybe now some american pols will accept it as well."

Bold mine

Frau  Steingehirn

"Fatso made a similar promise during the election. "

You are such a cynic, TK! ;-)

He's a Cher-mer-man. Don't you mean Dickerchen?

Frau  Steingehirn

Janet, doesn't James M. know that "reconcile" is not in the left's vocabulary?

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