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May 25, 2017



This is very thin gruel and no concrete evidence.
Gowdy stopped Brennan cold with his evidence versus work product.
Liars, cheats show ponies writ large
Meanwhile James Rosen says Obama illegally wiretapped normal Americans.
Conrad Black's article an excellent one today

Captain Hate

Still waiting for Soros's tools in the alphabets to say Trump was right on the "wiretaps" by 404.

Jim Eagle

Actually, he was not sitting next to Putin. There was an empty chair between them when the photo was taken.

But heh, it's the New York Times where the story is like horseshoes or grenades: Close enough.


it's weak oolong, the evidence is that fake dossier, the one Bezos has been going to down on for months,

so the abedi clan, are the mateen's of whalley range, you don't even need a marker to point out all the dots,


Last page thingy possibly

What y'all worry?

Flynn problem is he didn't purloin enuf.

'Never steal anything small.'

Minimalist apologia, Maguire.


Meaning at the LUN



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's not even thin gruel.

It's an anonymously sourced report that there might have been a person who read a memo somebody might have written about what some analysts say could be interpreted as thin gruel.


Hmmm, I forget. Maybe having the "HTML" in the link is wrong. Oh well, peter's will doubtless work.


ledeen's Ouija with angleton is more reliable,


Some Nigerian tried to collude with me to drain my bank account (and failed -- the dumbass) does that make me a security risk? How stupid can the NYT / press really be? Every time I think they hit bottom, they turn and dive deeper still.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm still a little perplexed how Comey, potentially a target of Mueller, has a closed door confab with him before he testifies to congress.

Did Lawrence Walsh take Ollie North out to dinner before he testified?

Did Paddy Fitzgerald and Scooter do the three legged race at the DOJ picnic?


I noted this on an althouse thread,


Miss Marple the Deplorable


James D.



Agreed, no gruel and they are grasping at nothing.
There is no there there.
If Flynn was a problem why didn't Obama catch it.
His bozos gave him the security clearance as they they did Hillary and Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson ,Huma and probably Wiener himself and the maid retrieving the emails from the computer.

James D.

Ig @ 11:54 wins the thread.



There wasn't a single Democratic leader or pundit who remotely suggested that Trump colluded with the Russians.

*TAKE 2*

At least these investigations have lifted the cloud of suspicion that had descended upon the Presidency.

*TAKE 3*

We may never fully know if the President did collude with the Russians to undermine our Democracy. What's that old legal canard...."Just because you're found innocent doesn't mean you're not guilty. O.J Simpson...Casey Anthony....and now Donald Trump".

I've got a slew of off-ramps for the Dems in case this goes South.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, looky here:


Stole the photo from another reporter and acted like he got it himself.

No honor among thieves rule in operation.

Dave (in MA)
Actually, he was not sitting next to Putin. There was an empty chair between them when the photo was taken
So Obama was there.
Dave (in MA)


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Alicia Acuna says she might have misled people.

Ya think?

My guess is that a video surfaced which shows no body slam.

Lying press, per usual.


"How stupid can the NYT / press really be?"

More than that, how stupid do they think their readers are?

Well, on that they may be onto something. But it's an increasingly "selective" audience.


so you can fly an Islamic state flag in public, but you can't cite Churchill's more arch commentary, Brave New Albion,

Captain Hate

I'm still a little perplexed how Comey, potentially a target of Mueller, has a closed door confab with him before he testifies to congress.

Usually THE OPTICS get the fainting couches at full occupancy on the Bezos/Slim Titanic.


All Rush's Montana callers this morning are on the side of the Republican "Assaulter" who "body slammed" the reporter..

If the assaulter, Gianforte wins, I wonder if we need to incorporate body slamming reporters into the RNC guidebook for how to handle the Press.

"Hit him again, hit him again, harder, harder."

Good Morning!


Rep. Blake Farenthold: Federal Investigators Need to Investigate Seth Rich’s Computer



>>>Conservative blogs will see a massive boost in comments thanks to trolls.

Posted by: Davod | May 25, 2017 at 11:23 AM<<<

oh bother ... can't quite figure out the point of this current infestation. I've been here a while and this is about the worst I've seen it.

We're 5 months into the Trump Presidency and even our dear leader is still linking to Russia stories in the failing new York times. Those devious, wicked Russians convinced her majesty Hillary! to not bother campaigning in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania-those bastards.

Mission Accomplished media.


Perplexed? Slick set the precedent on the tarmac.


Rasputin had a machine, according to Raymond khoury, that drove people mad, like rove's weather machine,


Beating a dead horse wrt the Russia thing
I tuned this story out months ago.
Dems are so screwed because all their mouthpieces for the media are insane.

Captain Hate

Clown Hall needs to staple this to the foreheads of AllahBeta and Poppin' for their next performance review:



>>>I'm still a little perplexed how Comey, potentially a target of Mueller, has a closed door confab with him before he testifies to congress.

Usually THE OPTICS get the fainting couches at full occupancy on the Bezos/Slim Titanic.

Posted by: Captain Hate | May 25, 2017 at 12:53 PM<<<

Coaching him on what to say and not what to say? Why don't they just go away?

and as jimmyk says ... how about that tarmac meeting?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Yep, the media are insance.

Look at this story:


Down at the end we read THIS:

"The White House has not confirmed Kasowitz’s hiring.

The Post reports other attorneys under consideration included former Solicitor General Theodore Olson and Robert J. Giuffra of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP."


So what The Daily Caller is reporting on is what the Washington Post is reporting on, and the White House not only hasn't confirmed it, but the Washington Post thinks there might be other attorneys chosen, instead.

How is this a story? Furthermore, what is the point of sticking "disgraced" in front of Bill O'Reilly's name? Was anything proven?

Captain Hate

rove's weather machine,

Throwing them off the scent with that low-no-tech whiteboard.


or Washerwoman pencil whipping the Chief of the USCP to get one of the Awan Bros laptops back?



Chris Wallace to the pretty FOX reporter Jenna just seconds ago.

The ticker below the screen reads "Pres Trump: Alleged Leaks Coming Out Of Govt Agencies are Deeply Troubling and that is the topic being discussed.

So Jenna asks Wallace this question about identifying and firing the leakers:

Jenna: ... Are these Intelligence Officials that are purposely trying to embarrass the President perhaps, while he's overseas, with these leaks?

Chris Wallace: I, I, I doubt that. I just think that what you're seeing is a complete breakdown in culture...It just seems that there are folks, whether it's in Law Enforcement or in the Intelligence communities here in the United States that aren't able to keep secrets, and that's part of their job.

So the leakers aren't trying to embarrass Trump at all. They simply happen to be lousy secret keepers.

Dave (in MA)

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | May 25, 2017 at 12:38 PM ,

Looks like they got Drudgealanched.


daddy, I'm certain Wallace has lunch scheduled with them at least weekly.

James D

Totally off topic and on a more pleasant note, my monthly newsletter is out. You will find no talk of leaks, body slams, congressional testimony, or Russia, I can promise you!


Dave (in MA)

Cached: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:QXC4aBoiVA8J:www.lifezette.com/polizette/bombshell-montana-assault-witness-changes-story-admits-no-neck-grab/+&cd=7&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us


yes they are insanced, that is the peg by which they would disqualify Lieberman, if he was chosen

Account Deleted

Breaking News:

Chelsea Auditions for Macy's Parade Balloon Animal

Full of gas. She persists.

Account Deleted

Chris Wallace stutters in the face of serious cheesecake.

Get a life Mini-Mike.


I don't agree with the "there is no there there" statements. I will agree that there is no Trump there there. There is plenty of Clinton, Podesta, et al there there.

Captain Hate

Furthermore, what is the point of sticking "disgraced" in front of Bill O'Reilly's name? Was anything proven?

Of course not. Tammy used to be associated with the show and made no effort to hide that she considered BOR to be a bloviating gasbag; with her history of supporting women's rights any real victims should have consulted her. But none did.

Account Deleted

Good point, Gentlejim. And Comey, the Human Stain, is at the center of it all.

Account Deleted

Late Breaking News!

ATHENS BOMBING: Ex-PM targeted, police say
Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos targeted in bomb attack in central Athens, injuries reported, according to police. (Fox)


Gentle Jim:
I agree with you on that one.
Clinton, Podesta are fighting for their lives now and dread the real truth coming out.

Account Deleted


Account Deleted



Account Deleted

Making the right calls for the right reasons.



Cavuto on the other FOX Channel is questioning a Republican Congressman and the ticker below reads this:

Rep McCaul (R-TEX): Leaks are from an enemy within Pres Own Camp

I can't imagine why Neil Cavuto and Rep McCaul can be so stupid as to think there is some enemy action in these leaks when we just learned from Chris Wallace that it is simply guys unable to keep secrets and they have no agenda whatever to embarrass the President. FOX needs to fire this dummy Cavuto and get more Chris Wallace type geniuses. No wonder their ratings are going down the toilet.

Account Deleted

What's with referring to FLOTUS as "the 47-year old"... she's not some thoroughbred.

"Having said that", Macaroon's old lady is lookin like she been rode hard and put away wet. But that's just the ol' farmer in me sayin that.

I think it's time some artist does a Lady Liberty theme painting with Melania Trump as the full scale model.

The woman is a gift from God.

Now. We were talking about gassy little girl Chelsea and her Macy's Parade project.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Does Representative McCaul know who is leaking? Then he should call up the President and TELL him.

If this is just his version of Miss Marple-type speculation, then he shouldn't make public statements like he knows.


Now that the FOX reporterette is walking back her claims of seeing the Guardian reporter choked and thrown to the ground, I am glad to be the first to post the video that caught the entire incident and actually shows the reporter being thrown to the ground as she originally reported:


body slammed = assault rifle

much easier than describing what happened and let the reader decide

Account Deleted


Pathetic blow hole.

Captain Hate

Tammy just made the point that the usual GOPe cowards, including that skirt chasing asshole Mark Sanford, are blasting Gianforte while the underlying "facts" are still changing.


The fact that the officer issued a criminal summons to Gianforte instead of making a custodial arrest tells me that this is a big nothingburger. Assault/battery falls under the warrantless arrest exception. In these cases if probable cause exists for arrest a custodial arrest is made. When a case is referred for a warrant or a summons is issued it is usually a situation where PC does exist, but it might be light, a case of mutual battery or even self defense.

I can tell you that if a person grabs my wrist, as I've seen mentioned happened to Gianforte, they will get a physical response they won't like. In Indiana grabbing someone's wrist without their permission is battery or simple assault as titled in Montana. A person has the right to reasonable self defense.



"just learned from Chris Wallace that it is simply guys unable to keep secrets and they have no agenda whatever to embarrass the President."

I'll bet they just have really messy desks, yuk, yuk, like Sandy Berger.


More like Macaroons old lady was rode hard then rode hard again. I'm not sure if she's ever been put away. ;)


Tolleys, what can't they do? In this case, they can't avoid chopping utility lines (fibre / copper AT&T main comms) during construction.


Current ticker at Neil Cavuto's Show:

"Pres Trump Orders Justice Dept To Investigate UK Intel Leaks"

Great! I suppose you guys already knew that.



Miss Marple the Deplorable


Kyung Lah‏Verified account @KyungLahCNN

MT GOP voter to me just now, knowing I work for @CNN: "That audio made me cheer." She smiled as she walked in to vote for Gianforte.

Account Deleted

Is it or is it not?

Because Hannity got his carney fingers all over it, it is?


Investigate it and bring the killers to justice.



Speakers at Harvard's commencement include plagiarizer-in-chief Joe Biden, traitor John Kerry, and insubordinate grandstander Sally Yates.


NBC says the appeals court upheld the block on the "travel ban"-- without mentioning which court did it.


"Now that the FOX reporterette.."

It is sooo amazing to me how the women of this group allow a sexist like daddy to proffer the most disgusting notions of women in the workplace.

Ladies of JOM...it's o.k to stand up to daddy...he's an old sexist fool to ugly and fat to fuck. Seriously, I've seen actual photos of him...he's a fat disgusting old man salivating over the bodies of young women, women who would laugh at the size of his little cock.

His prostitute bill is through the roof.
Stand up to him....it'll be good for you.


jimmyk, which spoke at the "blacks only" Harvard graduation?

Captain Hate

I might be proven wrong on this but, unlike Tammy and Ol' Yeller, I don't consider Reince Priebus to be a source of some of Trump's problems.

Account Deleted

Pope Karl catches a size 10 square in his kiwis.


Account Deleted

Gentlejim---> giddyup!

Account Deleted

Which Muslim Brotherhood "ambassador" spoke to the adoring dhimmis of the Crimson?

Money talks and bullshit walks. Was Dr. Gates "skipping?"


C'mon, nobody here thinks media matter putting leash around fat bot boy Hannity and bringing him to heel like the little doggy he is wasn't a beautiful thing?

Media Matters OWNS Hannity now. Whatever he says has to be approved by David brock for sponsor clearance.

If David's not happy then Sean has to edit or pull the segment entirely.

heh heh heh..

Account Deleted

Looks like the Bath House Rat should have those mammoth portholes on the side of his head candled.

Tone deaf much?

Just Go the [redacted] Away, small boy.


James D.

Tammy just made the point that the usual GOPe cowards, including that skirt chasing asshole Mark Sanford, are blasting Gianforte while the underlying "facts" are still changin

Of course they are. It's no surprise.


Jim Eagle

One of the lawyers being considered in MM's 1:18 post rented our house in Southampton for 2 years:) We know him and his family fairly well. He ended up buying a pretty spiffy house on First Neck Lane on Lake Agawam.

Account Deleted

A two-term presidency speaks for itself no matter how many billions the "occupier" spends to explain and defend and further pontificate about what he "was trying to do."

You got your Nobel participation trophy right away going into the game, so let that do your talking for you. Oh wait.

Account Deleted

So I'm guessing that David Brooks has more morning wood because the Lyin Swine Media is covering The Bath House Rat in Europe during President Trump's foreign policy tour--- as if The Rat was still Top Dawg.

What a high school move on The Rat's advisors' part.

"Okay, Rat. You still got it buhbby. They still love you. They hate Trump. And they love that manchild you're shacked up with. Melania is a trollop and probably Russian. Okay Slovenian. Whatevs. Just show em how presidential you still are. Remember, Napoleon made a comeback. They'll see. How's the arugula this morning. More weed? More blow? More fentanyl?"

This is preposterous.


Still way behind but On Trish's FOX Business opener I just learned that Teresa May and the Brits are pissed because what was leaked from our Intel guys were pictures, plus the name of the bomber, and a few other names perhaps.

I think this plays into Trump’s hands. With Teresa May making this a front and center issue Trump now has carte blanche to go after the Leakers immediately and harshly, and the Dem’s can’t sidetrack it as easily as they can sidetrack everything else. This means that the Deep Staters doing the Dem's dirty work can now be publicly hunted down and the justification is because Teresa May called for it, not that Trump is doing it for devious ulterior motives of doing it to stop Deep State whistle blowing patriots from revealing his Russian Collusion crimes.

Lop off heads please Mister President.

Account Deleted

VDH. Swings for the fences and seldom disappoints.


Captain Hate

Tammy just read some of the dismissive garbage the clownshow at Newsweak wrote about Melania Trump; it sounds less intellectual than elementary school girls talking about shoes. I'd be embarrassed if I knew any of those contributing dolts.


Do you think Miss Marple who has kilfiled me will ever hear about this?

"Pentagon officials are in shock after the release of a transcript between President Donald Trump and his Philippines counterpart reveals that the US military had moved two nuclear submarines towards North Korea.

"We never talk about subs!" three officials told BuzzFeed News, referring to the military's belief that keeping submarines' movement stealth is key to their mission"

I'm betting most of the cast of JOM who has Kilfiled me and watch FOXNEWS will NEVER hear about this.


it's like the brain creatures, are on full rampage, those subs were part of the three taskforces that the vinson took a while to rejoin operations,

Stephanie despicable me

They don't talk about the subs but they do post their locations to the Navy PUBLIC website with updates. Total nuthinburger.

Might want to google the location when this 'leak' was supposedly made.

Idiot. Might help for dems to get acquainted with military protocol and practices before shouting Wolf!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is another example of the National Review using snobbery as an excuse not to back someon, or more to the point, attack.

Why is it a disgrace? Should Hannity just clam up because the parents (no doubt with pressure from their democrat minder)ask him to? Why?

I also love the part about how it is hard to keep a bunch of people from talking about a conspiracy. In a certain way that's true, until a plot is revealed as being true.

If there is nothing to Seth Rich's murder, then why is everyone so desperate to get us to quit talking about it? Why is the only reward offered been from Julian Assange? Why not the DNC?

Also despicable is his inference that there is something to the Russia leaks.

And I also see the comments have become a magnet for NeverTrumpers and leftists.


BREAKING: 4th Circuit Appeals Court just upheld the ban agains press Trump's EO banning travel from 7 Islamic nations (i.e. the Muslim Ban)

Apparently of the 13 Judges on the panel when it was argued most were appointed by Dems). In upholding the Corts decision to block Trump's EO the ruling today says this:

The text of President Trump's Executive Order speaks with vague words of National Security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination...On balance we cannot say that the Government's asserted National Security interests outweighs the competing harm to plaintiffs of the likely Establishment Clause violation.

10 to 3 ruling with 2 recusing themselves.


I wonder if drips with religious intolerance is akin to assuming the proper listening posture?"

Add 2 more to the Book of JOM Koans:

1) What is the sound of 1 hand clapping for TM?
2) How does religious intolerance drip?
3) What is the correct listening posture?
4) Is the Hokey Pokey what it's all about?


ben sasse removes all doubt again,


and eddie Haskell, joins him don't you actually have a job to do,


"They don't talk about the subs but they do post their locations to the Navy PUBLIC website with updates. Total nuthinburger"

Poor Steph the deplorable (although I bet she looks truly deplorable in a black lace nightie) doesn't understand the difference between a nuclear powered sub and a nuclear armed sub.

Sssssssshhhhh, relax Steph, relax. Perhaps you need ot check on that soufflé,sssshhhhhhh, good girl.

Account Deleted

Strip the travel ban EO of any reference to "Muslim". Base it on citizenship and visa status.

Shove their context up their sanctimonious butts.

Captain Hate

Fuck those black robed tyrants. Article V can make them go away.


when the family asked him to respect their wishes, he respectfully complied, then they attacked him.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


ANother court sides with endangering American citizens in order to protect non-citizens.

This is ridiculous when SAUDI ARABIA won't take in Syrian refugees because they are a risk.

Next attack is on these morons.

Doesn't the President have the right to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR terrorist supporters?

Out with all of them, I say.

I still say the best thing would be for Saudi Arabia to use the piles of money they throw around DC to help Trump. The first thing is to remove any funding they grant to Sierra Club, any foundations, any democrats. Put some money into a Saudi-US friendship organization. Run some ads on TV thanking the President (their videos for that conference were impressive). Buy a damn network. No political donations, of course, but there is still a lot they could do.


it's as if they didn't get the bulletin from Manchester, frankly the Fujimori option is looking more appealing lately,


Well we are on to the Supreme Court then.
I am happy to note that resettling refugees in Texas is down 70 percent since January.
We can vet them as they try to enter USA.

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