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May 20, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Interview with Saudi foreign minister. Very interesting.


Before this, Ignatius said he earned some choice words in Urdu for the last relevant novel he wrote.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--FNC reports a 2nd device found.--

Must be a pack of Methodists.


You know this expect this, because it's a teen concert but it still provoked anger



The deep state inbed pipes up:


Pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter.

"NBC Los Angeles reported that the California attorney general is refusing to take the case and investigate her crimes. Attorney General Xavier Becerra claimed that this is an issue for the California State Legislature to handle, even though they consist of a crew of left-wingers."


Amazing--A leftist crook even other leftists think what she did is wrong.

Dave (in MA)

Of course we had to hear from Shemp.


Has the MSM blamed Trump yet? Because, surely, Trump's Saudi rhetoric stirred up antipathy towards poor terrorists everywhere. Naturally, the aggrieved lunatics respond to the dressing-down the only way they know how to. Can't take long before Krugman says so, anyway.

Meanwhile, the world needs Trump just a little more than they did before, and we can only remind ourselves that it's always darkest before the dawn.

Account Deleted

Becerra is a royal chicken shit of the first degree. Mr. Tough. What a complete fail.


He is a blithering idiot, I'm trying to think of a white fool of this magnitude.
Yeargh, Chris murphy.


Anyone listening to Ol'Yeller tonight? He was asking whether quarternary is a real word, except he was pronouncing it leaving out the "n." Anyone know his point?


I haven't a clue it refers to geologic time.



I know *quaternary* but not the other. It is used in chemistry rather frequently.


Marlene: "Prayers please! I just got a call from my mother. One of my nieces has four children and they have a pet rat. Ugh. The youngest child,a four year old girl,was bitten by the rat."

Prayers offered, Marlene.

Pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter.

Prayers,Offered! Marlene!

Pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter.

Wonderful News from the DNC.


Getting it to Zero should be their goal.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The third and fourth words out of the unspeakable Shemp's gecko mouth in the background were "Lone Wolf".
How the hell does he know and what the hell difference would that make?
The fact is almost every one of the Euro terrorists is a member of a cell.


Well it's almost always a known wolf, but besides that who the (redacted) cared

art in newport

.. fundraising .. nosedive ..

This may be a sign that the legecy FDR democrats are finally realizing that the party that could install Tom Perez as DNC chair is not the party of their youth.

Captain Hate

Watching and listening to Becerra could give a maggot diarrhea.


marlene-i live near scottish rite and can be home base for anyone who needs to come. 2 childrens hospital here. the other is in the middle of emory's campus.

i am guessing the connection is benning not hunter. again we can be a home base if needed.

Account Deleted

That's a real mover, CH. A real mover.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Facebook thread about a professional hunter crushed to death by an elephant that fell on him as his party accidentally walked into a herd and one was shot as it attacked him.
Notable for the fact that I saw one supportive comment and I believe, had a I kept looking, hundreds of comments celebrating his death.


Oldest daughter was telling me this week about a friend whose child was bitten by a copperhead. They immediately took her to Children's Hospital in Atlanta because they knew they'd have anti-venom on hand. Apparently, that's not a given at every hospital. And the cost can run over $70,000 for a treatment of 4 shots. Yikes! Might be wise to proactively check local options before a bite occurs and time is of the essence.

Account Deleted

The Lyin Swine media knows ZIP about the fighting force of Islamic jihad....what it is and how it works.

Saying this is the work of a lone wolf in Manchester is like pointing to a star and saying it 's a "very big rock that floats in the sky."

Shemp is a penis with ears.

Account Deleted

You have our prayers from Berkeley, Marlene. Our neighbor has six rats. He's quite attached.

Hope you can get some sleep tonite.


Captain Hate

I wonder if the brats have noticed that the ratings went in the toilet with Shemp still in place.


NAIL BOMB!!!!? Has Bill Ayers or Diana Oughton been questioned yet?
Bill from his Mansion.
Diana from Hell.

Nail bombs are used for killing, not property damamge.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

To compensate for losing one of his hours (he used to be on at 5PM too) Shep was given that fancy studio with all of the computers and big TV screens.

Now, every time there is a hurricane, earthquake, or terrorist attack, Shep Smith appears.

This is one of many reasons I dropped cable.

Captain Hate

Amazon Unprime's token "conservative" fits in very well on the Mutantville Squares set:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, Jen Rubin is driving me to bed.


Clarice Feldman

Marlene, fingers crossed.


Kev, I think Shemptard Smith is a penis, with an ass attached. IYKWIMAITYD

Captain Hate

I guess Israel has a bunch of dumbass reporters too:



Yes there is bibi derangement a plenty.

Clarice Feldman


Comey wants to consult with Mueller before testifying.


Last graph in Miss M's Gateway link on the hopefully soon to be unmasked 3 White House leakers:

The initial report by Yingst indicates that the White House staffers are not political appointees as they could be fired at will by Trump, but that they are career federal government employees or former Obama political appointees who were “burrowed” into the Civil Service by being converted to career employees before President Barack Obama’s term ended on January 20 and would in most cases have to go through a civil service procedure for termination.

This would make sense and would once again make DrK's opinionated statements 100% incorrect.


If a tree falls but no one notices it



they are career federal government employees or former Obama political appointees who were “burrowed” into the Civil Service by being converted to career employees before President Barack Obama’s term ended on January 20

In other words, a deliberate act of sabotage by Obama, who will of course face no consequences, scrutiny, or bad press for his actions.


Turns there was a plot that scouted similar locations back in 2009. The leader was another one of those charming Manchester lads abid Nasser. Mentioned in the profiles of massoud and the other guy who came from gitmo


Gitmo?? How would a violent muzztard terrorist get out of Gitmo???


Where indeed gus, where indeed.


But, but, but, Barry Flapping Jug Ears, closed Gitmo years ago. I thought there were only 2 innocent criminals left there. Bradley Kaitlin "the Omen" Manning, and Bowe "I got people killed" Bergdahl.

Think about who Obama favored. A freaked out TRAITOR TRANNY, and a Deserter Coward fukwad.

This is what MARXISM/LIBTARDISM begets.


This is the part that gets me in Captain Hate's link to reporters falling for that Hoax link of Trump ordering all sorts of nutty stuff for his Israeli visit, ala Hillary.

At the end, once Glenn Kessler realizes he's fallen for the hoax also and has started deleting his tweets, he advises the previous reporter, Anna Ahronheim of the Jerusalem Post, that it is a hoax.

So realizing it is a hoax and that our President is not so stupid and demanding, what does Jerusalem Post Reporter Anna tweet out?

This: Anna Ahronheim ✔@AAhronheim

Sigh, sorry to disappoint but @LahavHarkov says this came from a fake twitter account a few days ago. It seemed too good to be true.

Why "sorry to disappoint," and "too good to be true?" Why are they sorry if, as they tell us 24/7 they are unbiased and only report facts? What's "disappointing" about the truth coming out and exonerating an innocent man from vicious slander? And why was that vicious slander considered "too good to be true?" If she was personally unbiased then it follows she couldn't possibly have wanted that vicious slander to be true, correct?

Beats me, but if they ever make me Robespierre, I'd be similarly unbiased in wanting to see if her head looks nice on a pike.

Dave (in MA)


Nothing about no brown M&Ms?


Dr.gorka reminds us that four years ago one of choudhary's fiends slaughtered Lee Rigby,

What is the (redacted redacted) if we need to surveil and unmask it better be someone who is a threat to public safety.


Nothing about no brown M&Ms?


I know I should know that allusion but I don't. Obviously this is my first sword dance:)


And FWIW, I refuse to watch the FOX coverage of the bombing simply and solely because Shep Smith is the guy currently behind the microphone.

'Eff the Murdoch brothers..


Daddy, therein lies the rub. Obama giving a blow job or blow jobs to Larry Sinclair..........UNTRUE.
Trump acting in a bullying un-Presidential manner being UNTRUE, was "too good to be true".
You've seen me post this before.
So a reporter for the JERUSALEM POST, believes PRESIDENT TRUMP being a COMPLETE BLUNDERING BULLY.....would have been GOOD.
And this MARXIST BITCH, apologizes and says she's SORRY for it "not being true".



Dave, I just belatedly caught on.

Oy Vey!


Can't be dumber than this mudd chRacter, once upon a time he was the fbi liason to the ctc,those trapped in the marvel marceau that is cnn, rely on his expertise, good gravy. And let's not speak of Malcolm 'space cadet'mance who splits atoms with his mind.


Godzilla facepalm when you can't make the point any cleardr.


Daddy, I too do not watch FOX anymore. I still find myself clicking to FOX occasionally, by rote or habit. Many of us, here saw this coming, we saw the FOX abrubt change and many including myself, DID NOT WANT TO BELIEVE IT. MURDOCH'S sons, "DID NOT BUILD" Rupert Murdochs' empire. They have the PLEASURE of "inheriting" Rupert Murdoch's business empire. Like TEDDY "the Lyin'" of the Senate, the Murdoch sons, have no clue, what it took to be GOLD PLATED pseudo Royalty. It's play money to them. No matter how much they fuck up their fathers' legacy, THEY WILL BE RICH.


African American Caucus leaders want to know why U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters was cut off during (California) state convention speech

I'll bite! She didn't say "F*** President Trump" loud enough?


I looked at my channel guide just now. It showed Tucker "WTF" Carlson's show was 10 minutes left. Tucker Carlson makes me laugh.
I clicked.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Gay fish face, LIBTARD.......ShempTARD Smith.

What a fucking idiot.


"AFRICAN AMERICAN CAUCUS......errrrr...."leaders".



Speaking of mumenschanz, mauve state can't buy a clue at a theory store with spare change.


What a day!

After a hopeful and IMO brilliant start to President Trump's journey to the Middle East, we have a horrific terrorist attack in England. To make matters worse still, the continued attacks against President Trump by an unhinged media and the Obama hangers on in various civil service positions and agencies is reaching a dangerous, albeit ridiculous, level of hysteria. Now we read that James Comey is looking to hide his 6' 8" person behind Robert Mueller's skirts. That will make for interesting testimony . "Senator, I can't tell you whether I was telling the truth or not when I testified because the Special Counsel says I shouldn't."

President Trump can't drain the swamp quickly enough. The miasma wafting over Washington must be gross.


And the tiffany network has certainly Gone plaid judging by a moron (That the good kind) that saw fit to crack an Adriana grande noke at this moment


Narciso, I'm like Alaskan Bush people. I'm somewhat off the grid. I've cut ties completely with many places I used to use a "tri-angulation".
Never Trumpers, have changed my reading habits.
You know, WE, here in Wisconsin, had CHARLIE SYKES for many years. Charlie cut bait, and as a CLEAN TOGA, THRICE MARRIED, MONEY GRUBBING, CHARLIE BROWN LOOKING LIKE mf'er, Clean CHUCK, could not abide such a LOUT or UNCOUTH PERSON, as President Trump.
WHY? Because like BILLY BOB KRISTOL, Chuck Sykes, had come to believe that he was far more ERUDITE, DISCERNING, and heheheeee"PROPER" than such DIRTY PEEPS, like President Trump. OH YES, Chuck Sykes is part of the TRUE ELITE. He graduated from UW-MILWAUKEE, Donald J Trump was merely Penn/Wharton. Charles Sykes, impregnated his girlfriend and had a child, then married, then divorced, them married Diane Sykes, had 2 sons. Chuckie Cheese was caught with his 3rd wife and MISTRESS, shooting off fireworks in Milwaukee. His THEN EX-Diana Sykes made WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT, then FEDERAL APPEALS COURT ILLINOIS.

Obviously AGAIN, a LOUT like DONALD TRUMP cannot be abided.

But RODHAM can???

Dave (in MA)
Obviously this is my first sword dance:)
I can't help but think that sounds like some sort of euphemism for something that Shemp Smith likes to do.

At this point you have pour lye into it, Barbara just kill everything in the swamp and dredge, speaking of denizens of that wetland another missive from ae up thread. I noted this detail to the third staters and they still haven't acknoeledged


'You might say that Dave, but I couldn't possibly comment' classic house of cards.

Speaking of which robin Wright 'jennie back in forrest gump complains that trump jas stolen all the shows ideas, what he hasn't poisoned a staffer or thrown a journalist into the train.


Hello Barbara! Did you EVER get the feeling, the visceral GUT feeling, that James Comey was a "MAN".
I didn't.
His July 5, self serving, I'm the star, listen to me BULLSHIT presser, gave me the HEEEBEEEEJEEEBIES.
He told us all, what we already knew. Rodham is a CRIMINAL, and her ACTIONS were not only OBVIOUS as to her INTENT, but Comey decided without the AUTHORITY to DECIDE, that this CRIMINAL GUILTY DISHONEST BITCH....would not have been CONVICTED by a JURY.
Cooooooool!! Case over!!! Rodham is guilty and CRIMES have been eluvidated....BUT......THE F.B.I.Director made the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S decision FOR Loretta Lynch....HERSELF GUILTY of CRIMES and ...WAIT....WAIT......COLLUSION.

Is there ANY DOUBT to ANY ONE, with the sense GOD gave a GOOSE, that BILLY da RAPIST and LORETTA LYNCH'S PHX TET A TET was illegal, immoral, unethical and collusion?????



Amen, narciso! Amen!


She might inadvertently have a point, the scandal people were so unhinged by red Queens loss that they killed off their most promising chAracter, there in some exploding stones and a big maguffin at the end


Comey is what you scrape off a shoe, he went after that threat to women and children Martha Stewart he stuck a shiv in Alberto Gonzalez another one in scooter Libby and yet another in Stephen hatfill.


"daddy May 22, 2017 at 11:43 PM"

When Godzilla gives a face palm you *know* it's an epic fail!


Narciso. At this point, the MARXIST LIBTARDS have actually GONE THE FULL COMMIE. The HARD CORPSE (HEEHEEEHE) leftards STILL cannot change their course. Do you know why???
Because they are MARXIST/COMMIES, and they are ALL IN.
That is where my 10 year old COINED TERM comes in. THEY HAVE GONE THE "FULL COMMIE".
They have no RETREAT to go to. They are like a MURDERER on the RUN. They have sold themselves to DYSFUNCTION, LIES and NONSENSE.
How did these FOOLS, come to HATE...PRESIDENT TRUMP??? Because RODHAM LOST. It NEVER OCCURRED to them.



Though there are multiple life lessons related to brown M&Ms.


Of course Charlton Heston would have something to say about what the murdoch whelps have done to foc.


Barbara! Did you EVER get the feeling, the visceral GUT feeling, that James Comey was a "MAN".

Nope, Gus. It never occurred to me.

That info. you posted on Charlie Sykes, et al is sickening!

Our poor, poor Country!


Narciso, and Barbara, the unhinged Marxist Left has played every card they actually had.
Every bit of what they SAY and DO, is an abject lie. THEY KNOW IT, but their SOCIOPATHY does not allow them to INTROSPECT nor honestly assess themselves.
It's like Bonnie and Clyde. ALL or NOTHING.

Russia HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH......"HACKING our ELECTION" Russia may or may NOT have attempted to "INTERFERE" with our election.
If Russia DID NOT, it would be ASTOUNDING.

Why should I give a FIDDLERS FART, whether John Podesta has his pathetic pussy ass HACKED??? How is the DNC being HACKED any of MINE, YOURS or ANYONE else's PROBLEM???


And pinnette, that's captain's mix for David frum via Mr creosote is the same way as mssr sikes.


Barbara, You are awesome. My points as to Charlie Sykes, actually pained me to type.
It's hard to find someone, that you have admired followed, spoken too and thought of as a fellow Conservative, is actually a HOLIER THAN THOU FRAUD. Charles Sykes isn't my enemy, Charles Sykes is Charles Sykes enemy.
His serial marriages, sexcapades, and his POMPOUS BILL KRISTOL self IMAGE....is a JOKE.
But, we learn whom we SHOULD NOT HAVE TRUSTED, usually because....WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TRUSTED them.
It's painful, when those we've supported and thought of as LEADERS for OUR CAUSE, are actually just looking for a PAY CHECK.
AND.....SO OFTEN, we believe peeps like Charlie Sykes, because HE SOLD HIMSELF as US!!

Henry could give you chapter and verse about what I'm saying.


Now we read that James Comey is looking to hide his 6' 8" person behind Robert Mueller's skirts. That will make for interesting testimony . "Senator, I can't tell you whether I was telling the truth or not when I testified because the Special Counsel says I shouldn't."


What scares me is that recently someone mentioned Trey Gowdy a few days back saying he could understand why Comey did what he did (failed to recommend Hillary's case to Loretta Lynch for prosecution)

Here was that exchange: Gowdy says Comey did the only thing he could

Suggesting that the Department of Justice was wildly corrupted by ties to the Clintons, GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy said he believes former FBI Director James Comey was doing the only thing he could when he gave the press conference the Trump administration used to partially justify his firing.

I have been a critic of James Comey in the past. But he made the only decision he could have made with respect to appropriating that decision away from the Department of Justice and making the decision himself,” Gowdy added.

McCallum then took a stab at what Gowdy meant: “I only take away from that that you are suggesting that there were more entanglements between the Clintons and perhaps the Justice Department than everyone understands.”

“You’re very perceptive,” Gowdy replied.

OK, so with all that said, we all know, since we watched it happen in that hearing, that Gowdy nailed Comey in that hearing, and we know that if the Law was honestly applied, the case should have been forwarded to the DOJ for prosecution. That's a given.

Comey went against the Law as written, and excused Clinton via exercising an authority he did not have in his job description. I think that is a given.

Now we see that Trey Gowdy, who I know knows the Law inside-out, is agreeing with Comey in Comey's exercising an extra legal authority he did not have in his job description.

So it frightens me when our best and brightest (Gowdy) agrees that, much like G W Bush's statement "I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market," Gowdy is now on board with "We've abandoned the rule of Law in order to save the rule of Law."

So since we know that Comey has acted outside the written Rule of Law in this case, and Gowdy justifies Comey's acting outside the written Rule of Law in this case, I see no reason to expect Mueller to not do the very same thing (i.e. justify the actions of those acting outside the written Rule of law).

Regardless his reasons, once Trey Gowdy justified actions by Comey outside the written Rule of Law, i think the barn door was flung wide open, the horses galloped away, and Mueller now, with Comey and Gowdy's example and justifications, will feel the selfsame pressure to overlook that overlooking of the written Rule of Law and will instead feel pressure to focus on extraneous "look squirrel" type investigations, helping the real criminality we are all aware of to once again be buried under the rug. If that is Mueller's modus operandi, Law abiding America looking for Justice will once again be screwed.

So I'm sad to say it, but that's my perspective and I hope to God I am dead wrong. I wish now they had appointed a Mark Levin type instead. Mueller seems to me to care about maintaining the integrity of our Federal Institutions, whereas I think what we need is somebody who is interested not in maintaining, but in uncovering the lack of integrity in our Federal institutions.


Narciso, I can understand FRUM types, and Jennifer Rubin types, and David Brooks creased pants types, being REJECTED and making us PUKE, but WAY WAY WAY too many of those that YOU and I ....believed in, and for YEARS in some cases, turned YELLOW and saved their own MONEY GRUBBING CAREERS, because they at ONE POINT or ANOTHER, shit on President Trump.

PAUL RYAN ONCE SHIT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP, and decried him, here in Wisconsin.

DO NOT FORGET THAT. I guarantee President Trump WILL NOT FORGET.


Well we didn't have a charlie Sykes but we had a jimmy cefalo, that's the top man station down there, he's a former dolphin who went into the radio biz, they had that jackass Joe mcguinness when he vomited that crsp about the huntress, and the had no counter to his lies, I was giving the screener chapter and verse he was complaining about the swift boaters, and poor senator lurch (d france)


We had another fellow Todd Schmitt out of Tampa, he may have gotten a clue since he got on the flagship station in by, but he was always throwing shade on the tea larty.


Daddy!!! All of these "insider" mother fuckers, look at the situation at hand, as LAWYERS, LIBTARDS and INSIDERS.


I heard Hannity playing Comey, Brennan and Clapper discussing the "INVESTIGATION"....none of them sounded as bright as a High School Freshman. Comey answered questions he WAS NEVER ASKED. My point. These BASTARDS are parsing everything they say 24/7. In short, they are GOVERNMENT LIBTARD IMBECILES.


Yes gus they are pitifully corrupt stupid or ignorant those are the choices.


I took 30 seconds and I checked out CNN, and MSNBC. They TARDS will NEVER have a clue.
BRIAN WILLIAMS...is on the job tonight. Brian MOTHER FUCKING WILLIAMS, who lied about being shot at on MILITARY CHOPPERS, who LIED about FRENCH QUARTER DEAD BODIES FLOATING PAST....etc etc etc.


This is the lying ASS-HOLES that AMERICANS ACCEPT as NEWS.


Kelly Wright on FOX right now.

"this was an attack on a soft target".

WTF does that mean????

It utter bullshit.

A concert attended by mostly TEEN'S had a MUZZZZLIM TERRORIST blow up a NAIL BOMB.

Why is this being DOWNPLAYED. This isn't difficult to REPORT....is it???


Like that line in Billy Madison, where the gameshoe tells Sandler (who is one of good guys, I just can't stand his films) his answer subtracts from all of human knowledge, that's Brian williams


Narciso, Brian Williams puked all over HIMSELF, his SHOES, his REPUTATION, his COMPANY and his PUBLIC.

Yet NBC'S Brass, it's leadership, DID NOT HAVE THE BALLS to SHITCAN the MOTHER FUCKER....
WHY??? The answer, is that NBC's Brass, are COMPLETE and UTTER FUCK UPS. Those LIBTARD douchbags IN CHARGE, are way way way way TOO AFRAID to SHITCAN a FUCKWAD like Williams, FOR FEAR of being ACCOUNTABLE.



I see that the Judge presiding over 'El Chapo's' case was shot in the head and killed while jogging outside his home.

Nothing was taken from the victim, so obviously it must have been a robbery.


Speaking of Robbery victims, Police Never Asked For Surveillance Video From Bar Seth Rich Was Last Spotted Hours Before His Murder

World Net Daily reports that D.C. police never asked for surveillance video nor interviewed the bar staff at Lou’s City Bar where Seth Rich was last spotted hours before he was murdered:

A manager of the Washington, D.C., bar where Democratic National Committee worker Seth Rich was last spotted hours before he was shot and killed last summer told WND that D.C. police officers never interviewed the bar’s staff or requested any evidence from the bar, including the bar’s surveillance video from that night, as part of an investigation into Rich’s murder...

...the bar’s surveillance video runs in a cycle of 30 days and that, by now, any footage that may have existed of Rich the last night he was seen alive has been taped over.

Sherlock Holmes they ain't.


I thought that once Mueller got involved all the leaks were supposed to stop?

Via The Hill: Mueller reviewed the Comey memos: report

Robert Mueller...has reportedly been briefed on the memos former FBI Director James Comey used to document his private conversations with President Trump, CNN reports.

The New York Times broke the news last week that Trump reportedly asked Comey to let “go” of his agency’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

One memo Mueller reviewed confirms the Flynn report, a person familiar with the matter told the news outlet.

I guess the beatings Leaks will continue until morale improves.


It's a shame this #$%^&* wasn't at the Ariana Grande Concert

David Frum: Take a moment while mourning Manchester dead to remember Trump’s intel leak


I'm getting the impression from scanning the major TV news outlets this morning that the primary tragedy from this whole Manchester thingy is that it takes our eyes off the real story which is in Washington DC.

Where all the important and beautiful people are.

Jack is Back!!


They're next. They just don't know it.

I know that part of Manchester well because I use to travel there by train from London on a regular basis. If it had been earlier you'd have had lots of commuters and business travelers at Victoria Station.

But, hey, its more fun for a sick muzzie to nail bomb kids.

I wonder if Trump has already pulled the alarm for the new Arab-American rapid response force, loaded a MOAB up for Raqqa?

Jim Eagle

And then you have David Leavitt, journalist or as better known here, a scumbag.



Frum is basically Louise Mensch with less testosterone.


Frum is basically Louise Mensch with less testosterone.


Jim Eagle

For laughs and rolling on the floor exercises: Has this been posted already?

Press falls for another hoax about Trump's demands in Israel. Just like the reputable scientist fell for the fake "Penis as Social Construct" paper.


So many give-aways here but they still fell for it because it is Trump.


Good Morning. Thanks for all the good thoughts. I'm waiting for an update about my little niece. Who knew that Petco sells rats?

Trump is speaking now...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Heh, daddy, I like you using Rex Tillerson's sword dance comment.

That's how that poster meant it to be used.

I just got done watching the reception in the Palestinian Territory of President Bush (no Melania as they don't deserve her presence).

The receiving line had a Catholic cardinal and an Orthodox priest, whom I believe would not have been there if Bibi hadn't made that remark yesterday about how they treat all faiths with respect.

"See, President Trump, we are nice to Christians too!"

Video of welcoming ceremony here:



http://www.routefifty.com/management/2017/05/sanctuary-cities-legal-definition/138070/ is the 2nd story i have seen this morning(LA Times did the other that is now being linked by all the agenda 21 urban planners) that the narrow definition being used by sessions will mean little pain or loss of funding from being a sanctuary city.

that's a shame.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Another beautiful speech. When the video is up I will post the link.


rse,my nephew-in-law is attached to Camp Merrill,they live in northern Georgia. I'm not sure which hospital she's at,I contacted my sister (the little girl is her granddaughter). I hope to get some info soon.

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