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May 06, 2017



Yes. Dirty tricks. Russian hacks. /fakenews

Someone leaked, shoo-in candidate now seen as corrupt side of beef. In French that transcribes to "Macron"


As of the deep state hadn't played the first round taking out fillon and nicking le pen. While their pidgeom macron benefited, wait a tick that sounds vaguely familiar

Clear the Bench!!!

Grist for the Dossier

Republicans are most concerned about growing signs of Democratic intensity. Over the past few weeks, a series of formidable Democratic candidates have announced bids against Republican incumbents. The group includes Jennifer Wexton of Virginia, Jason Crow of Colorado, and Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania. All are running in suburban districts, the kind of areas where Trump’s falling political fortunes could be a weight on GOP incumbents

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am most interested in the trip President Trump is taking to Saudi Arabia in May.

It is wildly popular with youger Saudis, and from what information I have been able to glean, it looks like the Saudis are wanting to reform their military to be more in line with Egypt's.

I wonder what the left will say if by next year North Korea is neutralized, ISIS is pretty much destroyed, and there is an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

If you ask me, part of the efforts to undermine the President is exactly because the democrats fear this. And what does this say about them?


Almost 2,000 comments? Last thread is loaded !

So, "Hillary" Macron will blame Russia/Trump for his loss? Fingers crossed

Laissez les bons temps rouler !!!🎉


In the first ballot Muslims went for melenchon, the most obvious dhimmi, so will they abstain this time


I wonder what the left will say if by next year North Korea is neutralized, ISIS is pretty much destroyed, and there is an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Do we have any doubt that they will strain out some gnat with which to be unhappy? (Never mind that camel!)




Anyone following the Kentucky Derby today? I'm pulling for Patch, the unlikely one-eyed contender. He lost it after developing an eye ulcer and was already named Patch!

One of our horses developed an eye ulcer and that was the hardest thing to treat. He had to have drops 3X a day and quickly learned what a dropper meant. We learned it's almost impossible to put something in the eye of a 900 lb. animal that is resisting.

So, our clever vet installed a small tube, through his eyelid, that snaked up across his head and into his mane. This was all held in place with super strong tape and vet wrap. In the mane was a port through which we injected the medicine.

As he was a smart horse, it took about 3 days to figure that when we messed around with his mane, his eye began to sting. Despite all of this and with the help of yummy treats, we saved his eye. He lived into his late 20's.

Go Patch!!!


Yes, predictions are that Le Pen will be crushed unless there is a sizable group of abstainers.
Of course, just making it to the Final Two is a solid achievement.


FrOm the zombie thread, to be fair jimnc, this was the pitch made about our top men candidates

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I didn't have a favorite this year, so I will go with Patch as well.

This year there seem to be lot of horses with injuries they are recovering from.


Yes patch seems a good choice,


Yes, narciso, that is a true statement of course. There is no monopoly by one party on "formidable" candidates.

A) that one just hit me as funny, esp after Hillary Chelsea and Ossoff
B) I bet that if you sifted thru Politico you would find VERY few articles talking up the formidability of Repub candidates. This is not Dem spin, it's Politico attempting to rally Dems with a Repubs-quaking-in-boots story.

Maya Ward

Daddy likes staring at my tramp stamp. Like the girl at Pitzer said.......He's cre

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It would make me very happy if Tebow becomes a major league star and revives baseball, especially because I am in the mood to stick it to the NFL.

But if he just remains a star in the minors, that is pretty good, too. Those minor league teams need big box office draws as well.


Tosoff is the preferred appellation, yes the razorback dauphin must be treated the emperor's wardrobe.

Waste No Boast .


You're low bar for success is revealed your 'what ifs'.

How many of those chicken eggs should be counted as hatchlings?

Waste No Boast .

"NO ONE dies from not having healthcare..."



True the va proved that point, but commissAr doc Brown didn't care enough.


Vive la France, indeed!

* * *

Stateside, however, I see the trollmasters got spooked with the passage of AHCA in the House. Good, because there is more to come. That Department of Scary Stories? They had best stock up on some more product.

* * *

I think the Dems are scared of Sessions. They, yes they, want to influence the choice of prosecutor.

They would rather have someone who believes in the fiction of "No intent."

Posted by: Davod | May 05, 2017 at 05:35 AM

Bingo! More than fear of Sessions, though, they may fear the scope of the investigation Sessions may undertake and they may want to shape *that* (meaning, limit the scope) -- narciso, I think, wondered about their angle. That (limitation) may be it but I don't think they have a prayer of succeeding. It is all damage control now because LEGALLY & POLITICALLY they are in deep, deep trouble.

If Trump can just continue to corral these legislators, position them in a way where he dares them to fail on delivering (which he is most definitely doing), IMHO this administration can patiently undo the neutron bomb that *is* ObamaCare, Obama-ism, Obama-everything.

These votes on AHCA aren't just about health care.

That's what the Freedom Caucus, moderates, or any other faction needs to come to grips with. To hell with all of the highminded shiznit. This is a time to shame the devil, and we do that by telling the straight-up truth. The Obama crowd, the Clinton crowd, all of them are cynically banking on us getting tripped up over clean political principles within this very earthly realm.

Nah, suh. Hell no to Charlie Brown-ism.

This is about winning.


PowerLine humor:
M. Stanton Evans said it's good that so many House Republicans are pro-life since "they spend so much time in the fetal position".


It came from the fake marine Blumenthal, so I doubted for a bit.


narciso, one more quick comment on "formidable Dem candidates" then I'll stop feeding the troll.

Of course the MSM will boost any and all Dem candidates. Simultaneously there will be omens of disaster for all Repub endeavors. Suddenly the phrase "Great White Hope" flashed into my mind. I'm not a sports guy but wasn't there a period where the boxing World Champ was black, and they sent one white guy after another to challenge him, without success? Each was The GWH till he lost and another arose.

I haven't looked but it occurs to me to wonder: "formidable" candidates Hillary, Ossoff, and Chelsea are all white, no? What are the chances that the 3 named in the Politico article are white too?


And what are the chances that each Great Dem Hope will crash and burn?
It's really just base-rallying by the MSM, uncritically accepted by the less intelligent among the opposite party.



addressing adverse childhood experiences that is a state template designed to go national.

governments--there's nothing we will not declare our domain.

now think about the pressure this vision puts on healthcare. there the people doing without are the middle class with high deductibles


OK, I checked. Quiz time!
"a series of formidable Democratic candidates ... Jennifer Wexton of Virginia, Jason Crow of Colorado, and Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania"

How many of these formidable Dem candidates are white?


If you guessed "all of them" your instincts are correct!




I believe Trump's stance and taking on the left has emboldened some other politicians. Maybe it will trickle down to more of the Republicans.


Eddie Arcaro

1. Gunnevera

2. Irap

3. Hence

Only if they can groom the mud.

Waste No Boast .

We should be..very afraid of Sessions.

A little man complex can call large armies.

Waste No Boast .

Yes, but self-loathing whites aren't panicked at their emerging minority.

They've prepared for the future.

Captain Hate

Sandusky U steps in it again:


Waste No Boast .

Unlike Muslims and conservatives, they welcome the changes brought by looking forward, rather than backward with a death-grip.


re: MissM 12:22

I'm unwilling to pony up big bucks for live pro sports, personally. But when schedules permit, what fun to watch minor league baseball!

Food is typically better, no prima donas on the field, lots of goofy local events and traditions, friendly, family atmosphere...

Captain Hate

Michael Jordan proved that pure NBA athleticism didn't perfectly transfer to baseball as the ultimate basketball assassin (pending LeBron) was an average at best minor league talent. Maybe Bo Jackson proved there's a better link between football and baseball although he was superbly equipped in both until a flukey football injury ruined both.

Rooting for Tebow in his brief NFL career was fun because the h8ers went absolutely insane at any success he had. Trolling them was almost unfair.


Int’l Banker Blows Whistle, Admits He Was Ordered to Sacrifice Children at Parties for the Elite



Happy Derby Day! Got my mint syrup done, but should have done it yesterday for better flavor. Won't matter much, it's the Kentucky bourbon that counts. Maker's.

Patch sounds terrific, Momto2!

Charlie Wilson

Even single-a baseball is close to pro. Cheap seats behind home plate.. $6 versus $12 beers.

Peanuts still stale though. What's up with that?


We have a single A baseball team. I've gone to precisely one game that was mostly forgettable except for one stat: at the end of the game there were 13 errors between both teams.


No surprise as most here know I'm an Auburn grad (and Auburn mom).

Love Bo Jackson!



No insight on the peanuts but, at least out here, tix are not that bad. Mostly you have to find an angle. Example: stop at a gas station for free tickets. MAYBE you need to buy gas but usually no one cares. Lots of local businesses help out.

"May 10. Rotten Robbie Night
Visit participating Rotten Robbie locations for complimentary tickets to the game."


If you are a true aficionado with sharply honed insight into the fine points of baseball athleticism, OK, no answer for that. The MILB guys are fun not world class.
Take a gaggle of kids, enjoy the sunshine, drink cheap(er) beer but yeah you won't see top skillz.


Is 1870 the most comments on a thread ever? Not a real number, however due to the bird droppings of the Pitzer feather passer and Marty Watters

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Let's remember the long history the dems have of passing over decent black candidates for white ones.

Foe example, although keith Ellison is a Muslim, he is oodles more personable than the thug Perez.

Or we could talk about how Maynard Jackson was passed over for head of the DNC back in the 90's for a white guy.

Or how a black football player and supreme court judge was passed over for running for senator in Minnesota, and the job went to a white guy.

Or how that black Congressman from Memphis (can't remember his name) was told to sit down and shut up when he wanted to run against Pelosi for speaker.

I could go on. There are numerous examples.

Captain Hate

One of the Indians single A clubs, the Lake Erie Captains, has a nice modern stadium in Eastlake that I should really go to, especially when they have dog nights when I can take Teddy. Bob Feller stayed active in promoting the club up until the end. He used to take part in promotions where fans in the stands would come down to try to catch up to his heater at the plate which, even in his 70s, was a daunting task. One time one of the team players was in street clothes and was selected and started cranking them off the screws as Rapid Robert wondered WTF as the teammates were doubled over laughing.


JimNorCal- this reminds me of the recent discussion here concerning college musical concerts. Of course, they aren't the perfection of a symphony orchestra, but there is still much to appreciate and enjoy.

There is just something wholesome and good about the atmosphere at a baseball game, from T-ball on up!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My grandson is working for the Indianapolis Indians this summer. Here is their web site; you can see they do a lot to keep fans involved:


The Indians have had great success since they relocated their stadium downtown, and I do mean it's pretty much right downtown:


Janet 🚬

re: MissM 12:22

I'm unwilling to pony up big bucks for live pro sports, personally. But when schedules permit, what fun to watch minor league baseball!

Food is typically better, no prima donas on the field, lots of goofy local events and traditions, friendly, family atmosphere...

Totally agree. We loved taking the kids. We got balls & baseball bats & hats...the players would come over & talk & sign the give-aways.


Spring training in AZ is fun, too. The players are not too serious and the ball parks are very intimate. I should have done this more often when I was in the Phoenix area.


Feel good story of the weekend! (if posted on previous thread - (still catching up) forgive me but it's worth seeing twice!)



The Obamas plan to have their legacy last by trying to create a home for a permanent protest culture.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, their first designs were rejected for not being as ambitious as the Obamas wanted. The feedback from the former first couple was that the original designs were “too unflashy.” Obama then went on to say, “you could be sort of quiet but I think you’re a little too quiet” with the designs. The final designs, unveiled to city planners with the Obamas in attendance, along with friends and aides, show a tall temple-like structure, surrounded by lush roof-top gardens and open communal space.

As we are constantly reminded, even in post presidency, Barack Obama must not be remembered as just any other president (or even president-elect). Everything must be bigger, brighter and appear more audacious than any other, which might explain why construction on the monument is expected to cost almost three times more than that for any of his predecessors.



So Macron is a MaCrony?


This may have been posted on the last thread 'cause I haven't gotten caught up there and plan to do so.

But as narciso and I have maintained that Schindler has lost his mind in recent months he seems to have a moment of sanity with this post on his twitter feed:

China urged U.S. to fire Pacific Command chief Harris in return for pressure on North Korea

Seems the request flabbergasted even him..

Mao Mao

Glasater: Good to see you aren't one of the many souls lost to Trump.

Interesting that the Sinos have read Trump as Patton read books by opponents.

"GULP"-Donald Trump.

Manuel Transmission

Well, last night was the opening of our local production of Chicago. It went amazingly well for the hometown gang. Our pal, "Ivory" did her first song and dance performance ever as Velma (CZJ role) and knocked it out of the park. Here she is after the performance with our business partner and his younger daughter with the obligatory roses. (The norcal gang have met him and both his daughters.)

Ivory already had the chops for being in front of crowds and great voice projection, but had never sung or done any formal dance routines, unless you consider wrestling moves as choreography. :)


Good afternoon! We have some torrential rain here. I had to go to Bangor and driving back,the car hydroplaned a few times. Scary.
The Atlanta Braves are building their spring training facility just down the road from our community in Florida. The plans are for a 2019 opening. The spring training games are fun.


I wonder what the left will say if by next year North Korea is neutralized, ISIS is pretty much destroyed, and there is an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

They will say that Trump is a Racist, a Misogynist, and also that he's a Paranoid Schizo because Trump fired the female Black, Hillary supporting, Head White House Usher.

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University, hypothesized that Reid was fired over Trump's paranoia.
'The Trump administration seems worried about Obama's spies, and there may have been a feeling that she wasn't on page with the Trumpians,' he told the Washington Post.

It's too early for me to have any outrage this morning so I'll let Former White House Staffers speak for me (in my own voice of course:)
Obama's deputy chief of staff Alyssa Mastromonaco, were outraged by Reid's dismissal. 'This is really some s***. Please RT so people know who 45 thinks is disposable,' she tweeted about the Post's report.

Here's angry Alyssa, who I think might do OK in an Otezla ad:

Anybody know if Alyssa tweeted out 'This is really some s***' when Hillary Clinton sicced the FBI on Billy Dale and the White House travel office?






Any country that has 20,000 nuclear weapons pointed at us and has clients in Iran cuba and Venezuela bears watching but the dems aren't concerned about any of that.


How come nobodies sent me any Dead Flowers? Ain't this Kentucky Derby Day?

Where's DoT when you need him?

Manuel Transmission

For Janet when she drops by and as a counter to all the bogus hype about children dying due to the new healthcare stuff:

Just under five years ago, we were in Omaha getting ready to pop over to Denver to see our new granddaughter in NICU. As I went out to the line where the crew were getting our bird ready to go, I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman on the line crew. When he heard what were up to, he offered the story that about 15 years earlier he received a late night call from the local hospital. The doc says, "we have another one for you."

Well, it turns out the line guy is a preacher in a local black church and this was not the first call he had received from the hospital over the years. In this case it was a 2 lb preemie crack baby who's mother was on her way back to the street. It took many weeks of transfusions to get the crack filtered out. He adopted her to his ever expanding family and she was (at that time) on the Honor Roll at the local HS.

No gummint intervention involved.

If UPS is BROWN, what's  FEDEX?

Am I fucking with you daddy-o?


Glasater: Good to see you aren't one of the many souls lost to Trump

However could you come to that conclusion.. Meow Meow?



Troll, yer boy in Outagamie already laid eggs fleebagging then ocupooping the Captol as his vote against act 10 were about as useful as one of yer commentpoops here.. then laid some more running for the US House... and is determined to out poop you as seen in that link. He is turning WI red with each flee/poop. Keep it coming troll. The more poops you put here, the better the swamp draining goes in DC.


Try this one for size, meow..

President Obama's team sought NSA intel on thousands of Americans during the 2016 election


Sacramento public housing residents just got free Zipcars



The U.S. Navy Seal killed in Somalia was from Falmouth,Maine. What a horrible irony that another service member from Maine,Gary Gordon was killed in the Black Hawk Down incident. God Bless our brave service members.


Or how that black Congressman from Memphis (can't remember his name) was told to sit down and shut up when he wanted to run against Pelosi for speaker.

I think it was Harold Ford Jr, Miss M.

And then Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-Tenn., called Don Imus.

In a 6 a.m. phone call, which Imus took live on his nationally syndicated radio program, Ford announced that he would challenge Pelosi for the top spot. The ambitious Ford is an anomaly in several ways: at 32 the youngest Democrat in Congress, he is also perhaps its most conservative black member, as attested by his membership in the conservative group the Blue Dogs. Ford was among those who appeared on the White House steps with President Bush to voice his support for the resolution authorizing force in Iraq. He is also the only member of Congress to make People Magazine’s list of 50 sexiest people, in case it turns out beefcake is what the Democrats need to reverse their recent decline.

(Ford) says the struggle for the ideological soul of the Democratic Party will be played out in his race against Pelosi. “I don’t think Nancy Pelosi’s kind of politics is what’s needed right now,” he said. “Nancy’s message, and the course she wants to take us on is not where America wants to go.”


Mrs K told me that Harold Ford, Jr., who is now at a Wall St firm, spoke at some event she was at, and said that the Dems are completely fabricating what the AHCA is really about. No wonder he was kept out of the speakership.


Spring training in AZ is fun, too.

A few years ago a friend and I did a tour of the AZ Fall League. It's great, over a few days we hit 5 or 6 games at various stadiums in the Phoenix area. The players are among the top AAA prospects, and it's not as crowded or commercialized as spring training. Nice time of year to be in Phoenix too (November).

If UPS is BROWN, what's  FEDEX?


Perhaps you misunderstood the context, I mean, you're absence and dozens of others could mean a variety of things.

In your case it seems due to coma, or opioid constipation.

If UPS is BROWN, what's  FEDEX?

Obama derangement ex post facto, glasater?

Check your immune system for leaks. You seem susceptible to local infections


Just dropped in to say hello to everyone. Sounds like the consensus is to root for Patch in the Derby?

I also have a stupid question(s) - who has authority to fire Comey? Trump? Sessions? WHY don't they?


Ccal,so good to see you!

A bushel of Corn



What's the butcher's bill even with the laggards?

A bushel of Corn

Sorry glas.

I'm a lot like Trump. Cross me and you're a wormfeast.

Clarice Feldman

I expect, Trump does, CC..I hope he's waiting as Comey thoroughly discredits himself and has no allies.


Well if Otezla won't give Alyssa a tryout for an ad, I think she's a sure thing for a Feminine Hygiene commercial:

How the White House Got Its First Tampon Machine and Other Tales from an Obama West Wing Insider by Alyssa Mastromonaco.

After enduring an “Oh my God, oh my God, no no no” menstruation moment during a dinner with her fellow female senior staffers — a moment that saw the destruction of her favorite pair of J.Crew capris — Mastromonaco says she “made it my mission to get a tampon dispenser in the West Wing women’s bathroom.”

“If we were truly serious about running a diverse operation and bringing more women into politics, we should give the office a basic level of comfort for them,” she writes. “Even if you had to pay a quarter, it would be better than menstruating all over the Oval.”

Mastromonaco didn’t have to fight to have the tampon dispenser installed — her request was granted immediately and with no objections — but she felt proud nonetheless.

And “since they didn’t engrave the tampon dispenser with ‘Made possible by Alyssa Mastromonaco,’ ” she writes, “I wanted to leave a record of it somewhere.”
I can't figure out why Alyssa didn't just ask the White House Usher for a spare?


I hope he's waiting as Comey thoroughly discredits himself and has no allies.

That's my hope, Clarice. There have to be Administration insiders as angry at Comey as the rest of us are, and they have to be thinking what is the best way to go about skinin' that bastard alive.

A bushel of Corn


You're a sly perv. Is this why your social life derives from anomic online interchanges and direct canine contact?

jeebus! Does Human Resouraces know about you?


Hi Marlene, nice to see you, too.

Clarice, your reply got me curious - just who are Comey's allies?


Momto2: "this reminds me of the recent discussion here concerning college musical concerts. Of course, they aren't the perfection of a symphony orchestra, but there is still much to appreciate and enjoy"

A good analogy and I heartily agree. Although I can feel for someone like DrJ who would likely be cringing a bit! :)

Captain Hate

Obama then went on to say, “you could be sort of quiet but I think you’re a little too quiet” with the designs

His usual abysmal taste from being abandoned by both deadbeat parents. Really it's a shame that the Soros crowd inflicted this extremely flawed dunce on the country.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I can't figure why she wasn't PREPARED. This is just like a lefty: she knew that sooner or later disaster would strike, but was she prepared with supplies?

Just like the "Unexpectedly high" unemployment of the Obama years, she was SURPRISED. What clueless planet is she from?


By the way, Axios says that the Chief Usher got along fine with president Trump and Melania. She was MEAN to her underlings and they APPLAUDED when her departure was announced.

If you ask me, that thing Axios posted was the kindest excuse. I imagine there was irregularity in the books as well, but she got a nice severance package so these people should just shut up.


In the book Alyssa talks about the multiple times Obama tried to play matchmaker for his then-single assistant...

...he “enjoyed gossiping about [her] dating life (or lack thereof).”

She also recalls how, during his 2008 presidential campaign, Obama urged her to ask out a staffer to then-Sen. Tom Harkin. “Look, he was into you!” Obama insisted. “You have to email him, and if you don’t, I will.” (Mastromonaco ultimately emailed the staffer, and ended up getting a few dates out of it.)

Another time, during an event at the home of Lawrence Bender, producer of Quentin Tarantino films, Obama told her he had “found someone” for her, and that she should “get off the couch and come be social.” (That “someone” turned out to be Bender himself, and she stayed on the couch.)

But the president’s most successful matchmaking effort was when he introduced Mastromonaco to Mindy Kaling at a dinner...


A bushel of Corn


One man, who had recently donated his kidney, said he was told he's now considered to have a pre-existing condition.

"Now that I have a pre-existing condition, my cost of health care could go up significantly or I could lose health care," he said to Reed in front of the crowd in Busti.

Another person in the room interrupted the man, calling him a "hero" for his kidney donation and then said he was being "punished" for his good deed.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives narrowly passed the the American Health Care Act on a 217-213 vote, with all Democrats and 20 Republicans voting no. The measure, which would repeal large parts of former President Barack Obama's legacy legislation, is now before the Senate.

Captain Hate

Another STFU moment from Che:


Corn pony

Who gives a shite?

Elected who want to keep their cushy job.

Captain Hate

I can't figure why she wasn't PREPARED.

28 > Toes + Fingers


Back to beers. I just watched an ad for Yuengling beer on TV.


Hey central, how have you been know about the latest member of the family?

Corn poney

RICHARD PAINTER: They're not going to tell President Trump what to do. He's going to do everything he can to expand his ties with Rupert Murdoch because he wants favorable press coverage. He's not getting it elsewhere. He's shutting the "New York Times" out of the White House press briefings from time to time. He's hostile to CNN, other networks. He's going to talk to Rupert Murdoch and you're not going to stop him. What you can do is insist that career government employees throughout the agencies deal with fox news related matters. And I have to say the sexual harassment allegations are just the tip of the iceberg. The real issue for Rupert Murdoch is expanding the number of TV stations he owns. And of course, Donald Trump wants that. If he's asking to give him positive coverage going into the 2018-2020 elections, that's the really big issue. We're at a very, very difficult situation in the United States. We're not supposed to have some other media outlet linked to the United States Government that dominates the airwaves, but we could be going in that direction if we're not careful.

Bill Carter had the last word, and it's a show-stopper: the Trump White House is "sending their message out through basically a propaganda channel that's in bed with them, you know, it's another mark against their credibility.


Another day, another BillGertz story on Obama holdovers politicizing security clearance to bounce Trump staffers (link: http://buff.ly/2pRCzvm) buff.ly/2pRCzvm

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki



Howdy Narciso. I've been fine.

Latest member of the family?? Don't understand.


Another picture would be nice narciso.

Hi cc.

Corn horny

That Lovinger piece is a major twat.

Nice going. It's gonna get tougher to return serves.

Stay tuned.


Hey, henry!

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