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June 27, 2017



A commenter at Rico's place who was very solid on the law saids this circumstance is not


"our gullible left-leaning media ..."


= praising with faint damning


on the other page...

Clarice and Pagar-thanks for the link. A story so bizarre, no one would believe it, and yet here we are.

Last Page Link





Why would McCabe's star be on the rise in 14 and 15?


4500 comments? being a bit modest.


be evil.

Dave (in MA)



What does a solid law credential have to do with this story? Assuming this story is the circumstance of which you speak.


Good Morning. Rush opens Hour 2 with the James O'Keefe video. Excellent. But Rush does get it wrong confusing the author of "Whats The Matter With Kansas" with the fired CNN Reporter. Same name, different guy.

Captain Hate

Question for some of the natural beauties here:

A few days ago someone, maybe Momto2, had two side by side pictures of MeAgain. The left one was from earlier times where she looked young, cute and appealing, and if any work had been done it looked very natural. The more recent one was the severely sculpted and angular look which she obviously wanted done but just doesn't look that good on her imo (and obviously others). My question is does she have an option of trying to regain the former look or does she run the risk of looking like the monster train wreck named Melanie Griffith?


Rush apparently agrees with the JOMer who compared what Trump is doing to the MFM being like using a laser pointer to flummox a kitten chasing the little red dot it never can actually catch.

Now correcting Thomas Frank error ...


Callers now setting Rush straight on the 2 Thomas Frank's.


Odd for a supposed Russian tool:


Yes darrell and the other brother darrekl get confused often


The Magpie has no hope of returning to her pro-hetero look.


There's a reason they call the Hindu kush


One of the hinky things about Michael scheuer wee his insistence to throw a billion Indians under the bus as policy advice


Trump inviting all Senate R's to WH at 4. Someone wants a deal and stop the bs.

matt, deplore me if you must

CNN retracted story...O'Keefe sandbag...Greenwald....

I love the smell of MSM burning in the morning....


Thanks for the info, rse.

This morning they were talj0king about thecgiduciary rule re selling of securities didn't they dupuscibtubue that


Another reason to hate #NeverTrumper JPod's guts:

‘Never Trumper’ John Podhoretz Defends CNN: ‘Unfair’ to Yell ‘Fake News’

Can Jonah Goldberg, Kevin Williamson, Bret Stephens, Rich Lowry and David French be far behind in standing up for CNN's integrity?


narciso, the fiduciary rule went into effect. the claim is they will fix it ion later rule making (as if).


Maybe the exJOMers can pop in and tell us what they wanted to happen to CNN under the POTUS of their choice.


A deal is in the making.
Susan Collins may even get some money for her governor bid.


There is that bait again.


OL, from the last thread:
With the basis for Russian Collusion seemingly debunked top to bottom, tell me again why Rosenstein does not close down the SP operation immediately?

Rosenstein was confirmed 94-6 by the Senate. Do you need to know any more?

By contrast, the Associate AG Rachel Brand was confirmed 52-46. I don't trust anyone who got more than about 55 votes in the Senate for confirmation.


Why would a poster try to bait someone?


TK from tha last thread: "Trump will get blamed [for] not telling Zucker that he had better hope there aren't any "tapes.""



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The publisher is Circa News, which isn't exactly the NY Times or the Washington Post.--

I think TM, despite the last few decades of non stop MSM propaganda, means that as a diss of Circa News.
Does anyone else here take it that way?

To me it's pretty close to saying "The innocent citizen is Joe Lunchbox, who isn't exactly Richard Speck or Juan Corona".


Geebus! She's like a Freddy Kruger or Jason movie!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your local Library:

Third time lucky! Hillary claims her forthcoming campaign memoir is 'my most personal' yet

'And then I have to do a shameless plug for my daughter's own wonderful children's book, She Persisted,'

Pelosi Is The Best Leader

I #StandWithNancy

"Polling Shows Nancy Pelosi ‘Toxic’ in Districts Democrats Hoping to Flip"



i'm glad i skipped lunch


Boy ,Hillary really looks like death warmed over.

Poor Hillary

Speaking of Hillary, here's what Frank Reynolds, owner of Paddy's Pub, thinks of her....


(10 second clip)



Thank you for the update on that Andrew Spieles Campus Democrat creep who illegally registered dead guys on the Voting Roles in 2016. Nice to see that he's going to prison for at least 100 days.

Jim Eagle


You do know what a "trigger warning" is and how to use it, correct.

JM Hanes


"Just a gentle suggestion :-)"

Not to worry, I'm always open to suggestion! Some of the most important stuff I've learned has come in the form of friendly tips, and I will definitely keep yours on file! Alas, when you reduce a 3504 x 2336 px original to 400 x 267 px for posting here, all sorts of unfortunate things happen — especially if the original is richly detailed. I did the math once, and discovered that means eliminating 99% of the pixels (more than 8 million of 'em!), so it's sort of like posting an icon or a postage stamp version. The native resolution of my new camera is 6000 x 4000, so I'll be pruning more than 23 million pixels in future. That's a lot of photographic information down the tubes (so to speak)!

Most of my photos are actually processed for printing at high resolution, on heavyweight dead matte photo paper. Even just switching to glossy photo paper requires a whole set of alternative adjustments, and backlit computer display on the web is another universe. Don't you find that it works best for less detailed, higher contrast graphics? I've been struggling with this, because I think you pretty much have to represent yourself on the web in some fashion, if only to show your stuff to scattered friends and family. My Southern Ice series works pretty well, but I've got mountains of output that seems likely to suffer in translation. If you're ever in between jobs and want a temporary gig curating my photos into digestible collections, give me a shout!

In any case, it seems ironic that so much of 21st century photography has ended up being internet oriented (small, flat, 72ppi rectangles!) right when photographers have better, independent access to more sophisticated print technology and a wider variety of potential substrates (including pliable 3-D surfaces) than ever before.


Good Morning, JIB:)

Clarice Feldman

Circa has more coming up--and that duo has been doing remarkabe work--scoops that hold up.

Jim Eagle

Those various video's, after Danny DeVito's cameo at 2:17, of Hillgula losing it are truly disturbing. She is a psychotic and is the one you don't want with the football.

[Vomit inducing, daddy] Thanks.



MeAgain could go back somewhat if she changed her hairstyle, makeup and wardrobe.

But you're not likely to see it. 1), because she won't want to make those changes, and 2), because that hard look in her eyes won't go away unless she can also manage a personality change. Which won't happen because 1).


Agree, Clarice, Circa came out of nowhere and I was skeptical at first, but they seem to have some excellent sourcing.


I think that Alaska and North Dakota have more than enough government offices already.

Correct. We got more damn Federal Employees up here than you can shake a stick at. It wouldn't be so bad if they were all stuck out on Attu or Shemya half way to Siberia, but most of the bastards are here in Anchorage electing Lefties to our damn Assemblies and Legislatures which are slowly morphing into California north.

Beasts of England

The event on the Arsenal was a domestic violence sitchumation...

Account Deleted

MeAgain is standing at the trailhead on the path of Affordable Beauty.

Her next step will be the fatal one where her plastic quack will "touch up" what s/he left undone in the previous sweep of her face.

The only kind of person who alters such a wholesome and innocent mug as MeAgain had back in the day is a person with deep-seated, almost neurotic, feelings of inferiority.

And then comes along "Daddy" Trump and MeAgain begins her slide down the rabbit hole--- the eyes tell it all.

MeAgain and her spiteful peering and posturing suggest a time-honored path of destruction: taking poison while hoping the objects of their spite will die.

I called this out a couple months ago. Have nothing against MeAgain. Just sayin' that the song remains the same.

Johnny Kev

Account Deleted

daddy's 242p:

Caption: Shadoobie's bilious moment.

With propulsion courtesy of searing hot intestinal gas blowback, the nag looks to be in need of a bucket.

Code Yellow!

Alkies die slow. She knows she's trapped. "It wasn't supposed to be like this!"

Ya. Have someone write another witless tome that explains it all away.

Does anyone return your phone calls now cept Hooma the Mo Bro?

We know Bubba don't.

Stephanie despicable me

Yes Rob is my rep.

I just called the hospital where she is delivering and they just told me that the hospital would assist in applying for medicaid for the baby and that she might even be eligible to have medicaid in addition to her coverage through me and that they would probably reimburse us for most of the out of pocket costs we've incurred like the deductables and out of pocket payments to her doctors already.

It's interesting that you can't apply for a baby that isn't born yet, but you can apply to have the birth covered after the fact. Wouldn't that be a preexisting condition? Evidently not.


Anyone want to chip in to cover my bail if I go to DC and punch out Schumckie Schumer and as many dims as I can get to before the po-po nab me? Damn he's an evil prick.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Anyone taking bets on who will be out of power first; Pelosi Galore or Trump?

James D.

It wouldn't be so bad if they were all stuck out on Attu or Shemya half way to Siberia

I think that would be a grand idea. The ones who don't go to Johnson Atoll or Amundsen-Scott Station can go there.


Iggy, given the way they rode Byrd and Kennedy into the grave... they'll do the same with Pelosi. Trump will walk off stage after 8 years.

Jim Eagle

A fascinating article on Charlotte Serber, The Manhattan Project Librarian.



Make up your mind Maguire. The masses require it.


Sounds like good news, Stephanie. I'm definitely a prepare for the worst, rather than expect the best, type.


Trump, Pence, Ryan..

That's the firing squad order.


That would leave...

The McConman


Today we get the announcement that the feds are commencing the Pay for Success/Social Impact Bond model that is not actually a bond on K-12 education. http://www.jff.org/news-media/social-finance-and-jobs-future-announce-partners-develop-first-nation-pay-success

Fools, knives and LIARS!

All of this has cut against McConnell’s reputation as a strategic genius — to the point where some reporters and commentators have suggested that McConnell intentionally drafted a poor piece of legislation. The New York Times’ Jennifer Steinhauer, for instance, hypothesized that McConnell was hoping for the bill to fail so he could move on to tax reform and other priorities. Balkinization’s David Super argued that McConnell began with a bill he knew “pretty much everyone” would hate so that changes to the bill would make it look better by comparison.

I’d posit a simpler idea: This bill is exactly what McConnell wants because it’s right in line with his long-term goals. As Bloomberg’s Francis Wilkinson points out, the BCRA “will transfer hundreds of millions of dollars from poor and middle-class people, in the form of health care, to rich people in the form of tax cuts.” To be more specific, the bill would cut Medicaid spending by $772 billion over 10 years, according to the CBO, and reduce health care tax credits by about $408 billion. It would also reduce taxes and penalties by more than $700 billion, mostly in the form of “repealing or modifying tax provisions in the ACA that are not directly related to health insurance coverage, including repealing a surtax on net investment income and repealing annual fees imposed on health insurers.”

To put it another way, the BCRA is less a health care bill than a tax cut (that will mostly benefit the wealthy), coupled with a trillion-dollar-plus reduction in federal government spending on health care (that mostly benefited the poor and the sick). Those goals — lowering taxes on the wealthy, trimming the welfare state and reducing the size of government — are at the core of Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of movement conservatism, and they’ve been the primary axis of political conflict between Democrats and Republicans for most of the past several decades.

To Super’s point, the bill does leave McConnell with some room for compromise. There’s more deficit savings than under the House’s bill, so McConnell could cut a deal to get Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski on board — Alaska would be especially harmed by the BCRA because of the cost of health care there — or increase the amount of spending on opioid treatment to help sell Ohio’s Rob Portman and West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito on the bill.

But these are matters of tactics, not strategy. McConnell’s strategy is fairly obvious: He wants to pass legislation that lowers taxes on the wealthy and reduces government spending to the largest extent politically practicable.

Republicans probably would have faced some backlash from their base if they’d made no effort at all to repeal and replace Obamacare. But it’s easy to imagine more popular ways to do it. Removing Obamacare’s individual mandate and employer mandates1 could have eliminated some of its least-popular provisions and allowed the GOP to claim victory. McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan could have dismantled the Obamacare exchanges but left Medicaid intact. They could have attempted a more comprehensive effort at health care reform, such as the bill proposed by Collins and Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy, which would have given states flexibility in what to do about Obamacare. None of those options would have done as much to lower taxes on the wealthy or reduce government spending, however.

Needless to say, the approach comes with enormous political risk for Republicans. The House’s bill was extraordinarily unpopular: On average, unfavorable views of the bill exceeded favorable ones by 25 to 30 percentage points. (For instance, 59 percent of Americans disapproved of the House bill, compared with the 32 percent who approved, in the most recent CBS News poll.) The Senate’s bill, since it’s substantially similar to the House’s bill, isn’t likely to rate much better.

The unpopularity of the bill isn’t surprising. Government spending on welfare programs has slowly (if not always steadily) increased throughout U.S. history, and while passing these programs is politically challenging, removing them is even harder once you can identify the groups (in the case of the BCRA, everyone from seniors in nursing homes to opioid addicts) who would lose out. Most people are happy with their own health care, so proposed changes to the health care system usually start out facing a headwind.

The bill also comes at an awkward political moment for movement conservatism. The candidates who ran on those ideas, such as Sen. Marco Rubio, flamed out badly in the Republican primaries. Instead, Donald Trump won. But the ideas in the health care bill also aren’t very compatible with Trump’s populism. Trump ran on repealing and replacing Obamacare, but he promised to replace it with “something terrific,” said he’d protect the “lower 25 percent” even if it defied Republican orthodoxy, and repeatedly criticized other Republicans who said they’d cut Medicaid. McConnell and Ryan have co-opted Trump’s mandate — narrow as it was — and tried to turn it into their own, at considerable risk to both themselves and Trump.

Nevertheless, these sorts of opportunities are rare. Republicans hold both branches of Congress and the White House, and these periods don’t always last for very long; Barack Obama and Bill Clinton lost their House majorities after two years in office, never to win them back again, for instance.

Jim Eagle

Has anyone have any experience using Princeton Review On-Line Tutoring? Looking to hook Frederick up to it this summer to get prep for his Algebra II and Biology in September.

Miss Marple

Sarah Huckabee Sanders did the press conference today. She got a question from Breitbart about the O'Keefe videos and encouraged everyone to watch it, because if true, it is a disgrace to journalism (paraphrase).

Then some guy reporter went nutso and went on a schoolgirl rant about how it's not fair to say this inflammatory stuff about the press and they are just doing their jobs and so forth.

Sarah just gave him that deadpan look and didn't back down. The rest of the questions were more professional after that exchange.

Rick Perry was also very good at the beginning.

Video should be up soon. I encourage everyone to watch it.

One thing I learned from Rick Perry is that the National Lab has discovered how to extract rare earth minerals from coal. I didn't know that.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the White House Press Briefing just told the Press Corps to watch the James O’Keefe’ Video in reply to the first question.

The Reporter asked why wasn't the apology that CNN issued to Scaramucci enough for President Trump? Why did he have to tweet that CNN was Fake News? Why wasn't that enough. She replies sensibly, but then is set upon by another angry reporter. My transcript:

Sanders: ...all we're saying is that I think that we should take a really good look at what we are focused on, what we are covering, and making sure that its actually accurate and is honest. If we make the slightest mistake, the slightest word is off, it is just an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room, but News Outlets get to go on day after day and site unnamed sources, use stories without sources, you mentioned the Scaramucci story where they had to have reporters resign..

Reporter interrupting: C'mon. you're inflaming everybody right here, right now, with those words. This Administration has done that as well. Why in the name of Heaven, anyone of us, right, is replaceable, and any one of us if we don't get it right the audience has the opportunity to turn the Channel or not read us. You have been elected to serve for 4 years at least. There's no option other than that. We're here to ask you questions. You're here to provide the answers. What you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look at it and say, "see, once again, the president is right, and everybody else out here is Fake Media." Everybody in this room is only trying to do their job.

Sanders: I disagree completely. First of all I think if anything has been inflamed its the dishonesty that often takes place by the News media, and I think it is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when I was simply trying to respond to his question.

Then she goes on to the next reporter. Good job Sarah!


And mctuttle having learned nothing from haskell (or maybe he did) asks the vote to be pushed after July 4th


the big mans take


The schoolgirl rant.


"One thing I learned from Rick Perry is that the National Lab has discovered how to extract rare earth minerals from coal. I didn't know that."

This is great news as I believe the Russians and Chinese have just about sown up the mining of these.


Because they all peddle this ouvno from the gornish cbo report, to the vekakte dossier.

Jim Eagle

I was glad that Major Major asked about Nuclear and noticed the 30yr. gap in experience, qualified suppliers and contractors and how to close it. It's a huge issue that needs to be addressed.

The new Vogtle plant in Georgia and sister one in SC and in big doo-doo because the reactor vendor is doing the construction without any up-to-date engineering and construction processes and its fabrication/construction partners are all behind in their ISO certs and ability to design to the FSAR and codes.

A real "dog's breakfast" that my nuclear plant associate retirees are following and trying to be helpful. But you have a bunch of 30 to 40 somethings that no-it-all and without any job insecurity are telling guys with multiple plant experience to f**k off.

From what I am hearing the NRC is about ready to shut them down if the State PSC's don't do it first because of escalating costs.

Fools, knives and LIARS!

Huckabeast hits the ball with the bat..


Miss Marple


That 30-year gap is important and needs to be addressed pretty quick.

I know myself that after being out of my original field (geology) for even 15 years I was unable to go back in unless I wanted to invest in more training. (This is why I went into furniture sales when my ex-husband got laid off.)

I wonder how they plan to address this problem.

Miss Marple


Thanks for transcribing that exchange, and henry, thanks for the link to the video!

Changing the channel doesn't work when you don't know that the news is fake to begin with. That argument doesn't wash with me.


Thanks for posting that video link Henry. Nice to see my transcribing skills were almost letter perfect this time.


There's also the difference between a mistake and intentional deception.



OAN (One America News) has a ton of cute young blondes doing their news-reading!

Christians are FOREVER

Foreign-born recruits who signed up for the military with the promise of U.S. citizenship in exchange for their service are finally getting their thanks in the form of deportation. MAGA.

According to a new report, the Pentagon is considering ending the contracts of a large number of foreign-born recruits in the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program—which puts service members with foreign-language and other speciality skills on an expedited path to citizenship—due to an “overtasked vetting process and heightened security risk.”

But according to one former official, this can be something as innocuous as having a foreign relative, which would be expected of a foreign-born applicant in the first place. And due to the fact that the federal government already has so much of their personal information on file, many of these recruits would be “prime targets” for immediate deportation.

Basically, “Thank you for your service. Now GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY, ME, MINES COUNTRY YOU BROWN APE!


Daddyo needing some strange pussy.

Jim Eagle


Its a chicken and egg problem and solution. Get more plants on the drawing boards.

To do a Preliminary Safety Analysis and Report (PSAR) can take up to 3 years. That gives suppliers, engineers, manufacturers, contractors time to get their ISO quals and nuclear code quals. At first, we will have to bring nuclear engineering staff in from China, Japan, etc. to fill our graduating gaps. But that side of all the design is small compared to "balance of plant" design, fabrication and construction.

It can be done but not on a fly-by-the-seat of your pants process. It has to be programmed and managed correctly at the industry-government level.

BTW, little kernel of fact and knowledge. The US was able to design, manufacture and construct a multitude of nukes in the late 60's to the 80's because we were able to recruit from NASA experienced engineers, contractors and most importantly NASA's extensive QA/QC experience and processes.

Frau Bombengeschäft

" Damn he's an evil prick."

Stephanie - Indeed. Just don't call Schumer a putz-head.
Such cultural appropriation lost Alfonse D'Amato the election.

(Was D'Amato ever called The Fonse?)


MJ Lee @mj_lee

I’m told that the main theme of Trump’s phone call with Sen. Lee yesterday was the president’s 2016 supporters

Patterico @Patterico

I would pay money to hear the call between a brilliant and principled Senator and one of the dumbest humans on Earth

Ralph L

CNN hs been selling fake news at least since the 1990s
Don't forget the whitewashed Goodwill Games in the 80s and the Cuba coverage since forever.

If they want rare earth and heavy metals, they should sift all the coal ash Duke Power had to scoop up in the last couple of years.


Changing the channel doesn't work when you don't know that the news is fake to begin with. That argument doesn't wash with me.

Yep, Miss Marple. A totally bogus argument. We can't change the channel from CNN in the Airport Terminals. We can't change the Channel from CNN in 99% of the Hotels around the world since they all they have, and when we're talking BBC or PBS, the Taxpayers have to pay for the crap they dispense, so you have to subsidize their lying whether you turn the damn channel or not.

I really liked that story I pasted last month of General Sherman Court-Martialling that reporter during the Civil War.


Norquist seems to like the Senate healthcare bill, but there's a comparison (fair warning: in autostarting video format) of the House and Senate versions, and the House version seems much better in almost every dimension in which it differs from the Senate's.



T. Becket Adams‏Verified account @BecketAdams 32m32 minutes ago

White House turns off cameras, says journos tend to showboat. Journos complain loudly. Cameras back on Tues., reporters showboat mightily.
5 replies 18 retweets 31 likes

I'll pay a dollar to see THAT!

Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents—closed for renovations since January 2017 in order to add a new Donald Trump robot—was originally scheduled to reopen with its new president in time for summer.

But now, its reopening has been pushed back to no earlier than the fall, and perhaps beyond that, according to Disney sources familiar with the attraction.
After much behind-the-scenes drama and internal machinations about whether or not Trump would have a speaking role in the attraction, Disney told a local TV station that Trump would indeed speak. But the road to get to this point has been fraught with difficulties.

According to our source, Trump's communications team turned what should have been a simple recording process into a public relations nightmare—one that Disney executives twisted themselves in knots to avoid, in order to save face for the president, and ultimately, save face for themselves.

Motherboard reached out to Walt Disney World for comment on this story and did not receive a response. "The same thing that we've done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump," said Jacquee Wahler, Disney's vice president of communications, told News 13 in Orlando. Wahler said Disney hoped to reopen the ride by the anniversary of Trump's election.

The Hall of Presidents is a 23-minute show about the history of the American presidency at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. At the show's conclusion, the curtain rises to reveal every U.S. president in history. Each commander-in-chief is portrayed by a life-sized Audio-Animatronic (Disney parlance for robot), who can move, talk, and in some cases, sit and stand.


And of course CNN's CEO Eason Jordan told us back in 2003 that CNN's coverage was obviously dishonest since it was censored by Saddam and the Iraqi censors, but that was the only way they could get permission to report from Iraq. We couldn't change the channel for any alternatives since Iraq only let Press whores like CNN into the country.

Eason Jordan: The News We Kept To Ourselves

---I became more distressed by what I saw and heard -- awful things that could not be reported...

---I knew that CNN could not report that...

---we could not broadcast anything these men said to us...

---Then there were the events that were not unreported but that nonetheless still haunt me...

---I felt awful having these stories bottled up inside me...


Fox is showing Trump's opening remarks with the Senators. Guess who is sitting next to him? Collins and Murkowski! Ha.


Are LGBTs reaching out to Trump?

Disney is bigly on em.

Haven't they heard the story about the tortoise and the scorpion?

They deserve what they get in their ROI.

Billy Bob

"After much behind-the-scenes drama and internal machinations about whether or not Trump would have a speaking role in the attraction, "

Are faggots trying to confuse us with this carp?


Turns out the previous figure if 23,000 jihadist in the UK may not be a complete account.

Jim Eagle

In Re: CNN as FNN, let us not forget Peter Arnett.

JM Hanes

Have we heard anything from Barbara?


I am reading Newt's book Understanding Trump or whatever. (too lazy to even google it)

I re-read the Intelligent but Idiot essay in the appendix from you all know who(Black Swann guy) last night.

It SO nails who these IDIOTS who make up the MSM are. They are clueless, bubble wrapped credentialed but ignorant narcissistic children.
Self important whiners, with zilch experience of the real world, pretty much.

Jim Eagle

sorry daddy. Had that comment on the screen and got distracted. You beat me to it.


Europe and us will rue the day we let the first muzzie inside.


You bet, JiB.

Without Peter Arnett we'd never have known we were bombing Baby Milk Factories!


WASHINGTON – (June 27, 2017) The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Army, and Army Corps of Engineers (the agencies) are proposing a rule to rescind the Clean Water Rule and re-codify the regulatory text that existed prior to 2015 defining "waters of the United States" or WOTUS. This action would, when finalized, provide certainty in the interim, pending a second rulemaking in which the agencies will engage in a substantive re-evaluation of the definition of "waters of the United States." The proposed rule would be implemented in accordance with Supreme Court decisions, agency guidance, and longstanding practice.

"We are taking significant action to return power to the states and provide regulatory certainty to our nation's farmers and businesses," said Administrator Scott Pruitt. "This is the first step in the two-step process to redefine 'waters of the U.S.' and we are committed to moving through this re-evaluation to quickly provide regulatory certainty, in a way that is thoughtful, transparent and collaborative with oth

Jim Eagle

Isn't Patterico a deputy District Attorney in SoCal? And didn't he get Swatted by some notorious bad internet dude in Maryland?


It's true you never tire of winning.

Miss Marple


Everyone I knew was gobsmacked that we were expected to believe that report on "baby milk factories." It was so transparently staged and fake, that it was an insult it even got aired without a disclaimer on the claims.

Thanks for reminding me of one of CNN's greatest moments in journalism!

First Blood

Just when it was getting hard to imagine that we could sink any lower as a country when it comes to our racism we had to go and outdo ourselves. Apparently, the heartbreaking death of 30-year-old pregnant mom of four Charleena Lyles at the hands of Seattle police wasn’t enough to shock us into finally waking up. Nor was actually watching a police officer murder Philando Castile in front of his girlfriend and her young daughter, which was recently released on video. These are only two recent examples. We are a country with a serious race and racism problem, dating back centuries and we refuse to get help for it. It will most definitely be our undoing.

The problem is not just that we can’t agree that racism is a current issue that needs addressing. We haven’t even come to terms with acknowledging the importance of our racist past. Perhaps that’s why vandals recently decided to destroy a marker in Mississippi memorializing slain teenager Emmett Till. This is the second time in as many months that the marker has been vandalized.

A civil rights historical marker in Mississippi has been vandalized, obliterating information about black teenager Emmett Till, who was kidnapped and lynched in 1955. [...]

Allan Hammons, whose public relations firm made the marker, said Monday that someone scratched the marker with a blunt tool in May. During the past week, a tour group discovered vinyl panels had been peeled off the back of the metal marker in Money, Mississippi. The panels contained photos and words about Till.
It’s almost tempting to ask “Is nothing sacred anymore?” but we already know the answer. Black lives have never been sacred in this country, so neither are monuments and markers commemorating the sacrifice our lives have paid on behalf of civil rights in this country. After Emmett Till was brutally murdered for supposedly having whistled at a white woman (a story which the woman later recanted), his mother, Mamie Till Mobley, insisted on having an open casket funeral so the world could witness the hideous brutality directed at blacks during that time. But sadly, her effort was for naught. It seems as if witnessing such horror isn’t enough to shame white supremacy out of existence. It is determined to thrive, no matter what. .


Pete Hoekstra (Former Repub Chairman of the House Intel Committee)

FOX Host asks him what did he think the Intel Committee asked John Podesta during their questioning of him today.

Hoekstra says he thinks they probably asked him what did Obama and his Administration tell Podesta, in his roll as Hillary's Campaign Chairman, about Russian's intentionally trying to "Hack" the 2016 Election, and what precautions was Podesta advised to take as a consequence of this supposed Russian hacking (like securing computer passwords etc) and secondly, did he take these precautions.

Hoekstra does say that he doesn't think any such conversations took place since he appears to believe there was either no serious Russian hacking attempt any different from normal, or if there was Obama and the Dem's didn't give a damn about it since Hillary was going to win anyway.

That's last graph contains my personal read of Hoekstra's opinion.


Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on Monday night told reporters that the bill does not do the one thing he said was his priority: reduce premiums and out-of-pocket costs for health insurance consumers. “It doesn’t,” he acknowledged.

Cassidy was not yet ready to say whether he, too, would vote no on a motion to proceed with the bill, but said that “more time would be better than less.”

“A lot of my colleagues feel, as do I, that we have a lot of questions still, and would like to have answers before we proceed,” he said.

Due to Republicans’ narrow majority in the Senate, the GOP can only afford to lose two members’ votes, and even then can only pass the bill if Pence casts a tie-breaking vote. Even more Republicans may bail if the ship is seen to be sinking, not wanting to be saddled with a doomed and extremely unpopular bill going into a midterm election year.

“The bottom line is: you’re not going to get 49 [votes]. You’re either going to get 50 or probably like 35,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told reporters Monday. He offered with a laugh that he would not be “the guy” to bring the bill down, but the same cannot be said for some of his more vulnerable colleagues.

Captain Hate

And didn't he get Swatted by some notorious bad internet dude in Maryland?

Yes, which makes his current turn more bothersome since everyone was in his corner.


JiB,-really??? It's summer.
Let the child have some down time.

He's far better off going to the college where he can excel and be a star than getting in somewhere he'll be in the middle of the pack. And you won't be getting some anxiety-ridden depressive back come Christmas of freshman year.

Have him do some of the Kahn Academy units if you can't tolerate letting him sleep until ten and hanging out at the pool, reading adventure novels.

Save your money. He's obviously smart and has a great work ethic. You'll need it to pay full freight wherever he ends up.
But he should clean all the bathrooms in your house. That's what I tell my young partners when they ask about the "secret" of my kids' "success." I really did make them do that, and clean their rooms too.

Just my opinion, of course.

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