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June 27, 2017



Good news

Sara A. Carter @SaraCarterDC
Just In: #Latest The face of FBI politics: Bureau boss McCabe under Hatch Act investigation


A White House reporter excoriated Sarah Huckabee Sanders during Tuesday’s White House briefing for casting Donald Trump's White House as the perpetual victim of fake news.

"If we make the slightest mistake—the slightest word is off—it is just an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room," Huckabee Sanders said, adding that news outlets "get to go on, day after day" citing unnamed sources.

Huckabee Sanders' diatribe from the podium was interrupted by an indignant reporter, Brian Karem, who reminded her that there are actual consequences for reporters who get a story wrong (e.g. three reporters resigning from CNN). Whereas, the White House can just keep on peddling lies and misinformation—as it has consistently done—without any comeuppance at all other than falling approval numbers and ruining America's reputation around the world. Here’s Karem:

“Any one of us are replaceable, and any one of us, if we don't get it right, the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel or not read us. You have been elected to serve for four years at least. There's no option other than that. We're here to ask you questions. You're here to provide the answers and what you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look at it and say, 'See once again, the president is right and everybody else out here is fake media.'

And everybody in this room is only trying to do their job.”
As you might imagine, Huckabee Sanders said she disagreed "completely."

But if you have been waiting to see a reporter castigate the White House for its indefensible double standard about truth and accountability, this is your jam.


Hey, remember when CNN wasn't fake news?

In the original April 2011 broadcast, CNN reporter Tuchman held up a Photostat and said, "Here is a copy of a long-form birth certificate belonging to another man. As you can see, it has a little more information on it than the short-form. It has the name of the hospital where he was born, the doctor's signature[,]" and so forth. For comparative purposes, Tuchman was showing what an actual long-form birth certificate looks like.

In the May 2012 rebroadcast, they used the same shot of Tuchman holding the Photostat, but he now calls it a copy of the short-form birth certificate that Obama released in 2008.

In the April broadcast, CNN displayed the COLB scan with Factcheck's photos on either side of it. In the May rebroadcast, the scene was the same, but they omitted the "From Factcheck.org" reference that appeared at the top-right corner of the original broadcast...

...Also, in the original April 2011 broadcast and May 2012 rebroadcast, Gary Tuchman told the audience that Obama's birth announcement had appeared in Honolulu's Star-Bulletin on August 14, 1961. However, they zoomed in on the birth announcement that was in the Honolulu Advertiser, since "highway" is abbreviated as "Hwy." in the announcement. In the Star-Bulletin, the highway name and the word "highway" are spelled out.




James O'Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII
·That's just the reaction we were expecting and it just punctuates the video we release about CNN tomorrow.

Brian Stelter @brianstelter
CNN PR just issued a statement about @JamesOKeefeIII's undercover video, noting that this staffer isn't involved in Russia or Trump coverage (link: https://twitter.com/tmz/status/879715469380337665) twitter.com/tmz/status/879…



What do you call 82 Chaldean and Assyrian Christian criminals getting kicked out of the country?




TK, I have lost track--where exactly do we think Obama was born?
And who was his father?

Thanks for the update.


Anonamom, I am familiar with the cleaning the bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, general vacuuming etc. still had plenty of time to do 3 sports and get in the usual mischief.

Despicable YOU!

No accountability for Huckabeast/Cryptnonkeeper or any other prevaricating cuntlike a member of this international gang of inept miscreants whose con has you swallowing flounders by the fathom.

Does that cover most of it?

Miss Marple


OK, I am posting this to demonstrate that we aren't in Kansas anymore. As someone on Reddit said, "When the ghetto gets red-pilled, you know the dems are scared."

CAUTION AND SUPER LANGUAGE ALERT!!!! This is a black gangster type defending the President but NOT in normal conservative terms, needless to say. If you are offended by the F word, do NOT watch the video or read the comments.


It is anyone's guess, anonamom.

Any of the scenarios that he and his rabid supporters have presented us render him as ineligible for POTUS.

His digital identification is a fabrication.

My guess? Born in Indonesia to the Subud freak.


"After much behind-the-scenes drama and internal machinations about whether or not Trump would have a speaking role in the attraction, "

Paid by the word!

Janet the expert 🚬

It SO nails who these IDIOTS who make up the MSM are. They are clueless, bubble wrapped credentialed but ignorant narcissistic children.
Self important whiners, with zilch experience of the real world, pretty much.

Amen. Who do they think they are?
I get it...Anderson Cooper, Chuck Todd, etc. hate President Trump. Well, SO WHAT. They don't get to pick the President.
They get one vote each just like every other American.
A guy that reads info in front of a camera for his job is NOT more important than the guy who drives a truck or fixes plumbing or whatever.

I'm actually BORED listening to them.
They are like a teen throwing a big tantrum ...drama, drama, drama,...

...and I just walk away.

I don't even want to be a part of their whole "Show".

Clarice Feldman

Circa News again:http://circa.com/politics/accountability/fbi-chief-mccabe-key-figure-in-russia-probe-under-investigation-for-possible-hatch-act-v


Bureau boss McCabe under Hatch Act investigation

I'm sure since he's a Democrat had no intent.

Clarice Feldman

lurkersusie, you beat me--I don't always see all the posts when I post.


Nice line from Governor Huckabee to FOX Host Liz, re: Dem scare tactic Health Care Plans---"Everybody will die if we don't vote for the DEM Plan!"

First Liz played an old Bill Clinton TV ad about a proposed Bill Clinton Health Care Plan from way back in 1994 called "the Harry and Louise ads," since at the end Louise dies since she did not have decent HealthCare Coverage:

So after playing the ad, ending with the guy standing over Louise's tombstone in the Graveyard, Host Liz laughs and turns to Governor Huckabee:

Host Liz: Ah, the Harry and Louise ads. You're going to end up in a Cemetery if you don't go along with the Clinton Plan. Go ahead.

Governor Huckabee: Yeah, I think some of these Health Care plans are more like "Thelma and Louise" rather than Harry and Louise.


Big yucks ensue.


Anonamom at 04:51 answers the question posed yesterday by the Salon.com Tweeter:

‘Who will clean toilets?’ Salon writer accidentally admits the Left’s RACIST views on illegal immigrants


I love this place. Thanks TM!

Miss Marple


daddy! Here's an interesting quote from President Trump:

"It's melting down as we speak. Rates are going up. In fact, it's very interesting, Lisa, that you're sitting next to me because, in Alaska, it was 206 percent -- a 206 percent increase in Alaska. And I used to use Arizona as the standard; that was 116 percent. So it's really meltdown, and we're going to try and solve the problem."


More coming

Project Veritas on Twitter: ".@JamesOKeefeIII reacts to Deputy Press Secretary @SarahHuckabee's call for all Americans to watch #AmericanPravda #CNN video https://t.co/DJwlPOEh83"


That was back when the insurance companies had not been bought off.


I see that Buffett in his interview with Judy Woodruff says the reason we have to go Single Payer is because With my limited knowledge I think that probably is the best system because it is a system...we are such a rich country and since we can afford to do it."

I did not realize Warren Buffett had thought so long and so in depth about the topic.


Do we even know which Senate Republicans produced the unpopular replacement plan?


Laura Loomer‏ @LauraLoomer 11h11 hours ago

.@Project_Veritas has just told @TheRebelTV exclusively they have MORE TOP @CNN employees on camera admitting Russia hysteria is #FakeNews!
67 replies 1,109 retweets 1,941 likes

Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on!


I get the feeling that Circa is working on case setup made on 11/03/2016 in The Daily Caller.

Agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation want to take down the personnel at the top of the Justice Department, according to a former D.C. based U.S. Justice attorney.

If so, this will end ugly.

Miss Marple


I assume that referred to Lynch, Yates et al, not Sessions.

Jim Eagle


Of course you're right:),

I am the zenith of helicopter dads, since I work from home, semi-retired in my wife's eyes and as an engineer the worst possible tutor for advanced math. His reading this summer should occupy him but I wanted some mind logic like Algebra working too. Now he is reading "Fight Club" and "Hiroshima". Next is "Catch 22" and "Helter Skelter".

He picked them. He can read them.

But you are right and I have to go play tennis and golf and leave him alone.

Miss Marple


Happy medium. Having granddaughter here I discovered that if I do not get SOME structure, she will stay up til 2AM playing video games and then sleep til noon, while her room disintegrates around her.


DebinGA, responding to Captain Hate, about our rascal Ted Turner:

CH, you'd have to have experienced the horrible pre-Ted Atlanta Braves years to understand.

Posted by: DebinGA | June 27, 2017 at 11:58 AM

Oh my goodness, yes. Hot summer Saturday afternoons, radio tuned in to the local Braves station, Milo Hamilton calling the game, the crowd in Atlanta sometimes screaming with joy but mostly groaning with yet another disappointment. A constant wasting away of the final years of Hank Aaron, always playing (((sigh))) those damn West Coast teams. And losing.

I remember it well.

There's a reason Ted Turner is a legend in the South. He earned *much* dap down this way, not just for his work as owner of the Braves but also for that Channel 17 SuperStation, WTCG (We're Turner Communications Group). It's hard to overstate how big the development of that local Atlanta station into TBS was.


I clean toilets! And vacuum cobwebs, and wash my car.
It takes me half the time it would to arrange to have someone else do it, and I MOVE while doing all that. Often outdoors. It is good for the soul, as St. Benedict intuited.

I also take sheets off stretchers, get warm blankets and cups of ice for patients, and just got finished scything the grasses that grow on what passes for lawn here on the sand bluff my house sits on.

No work--none --is "beneath" anyone.

That's what a whole lot of people just do not get.


well this needs an explanation

Captain Hate

Brian Karem: Queen Pussyboy for a day.

Ralph L

Do schools still assign summer reading lists?
I remember a long list before 8 or 9th grade English, but it was a private school.

Ralph L

she will stay up til 2AM playing video games and then sleep til noon, while her room disintegrates around her.
Hey! Quit talking about me.


Public school here, never had a reading list. However, my grandfather kept me supplied with military history and strategy. Fun to talk Jomeni with a general that had to battle a bunch of Clauswitz fans.

Miss Marple


My daughter's best friend, who lives in Utah now, worked at something from the time she was old enough. Through high school she had a part-time job at the dry cleaners, taking in clothing and ringing up stuff when it was picked up. She didn't want to go to college because nothing there interested her, so she got paralegal training and went to work at that.

She then moved to Utah at age 20 because she had grown up there (although not a Mormon), married a guy, worked some more, had FIVE kids (they are Catholic) and while her kids were small, ran a babysitting business.

My daughter learned a lot from her and when she went to college (after working for a year) she was one of the very few who showed up on time to 9AM classes, which was no big deal to her since she had had to get to work an hour earlier than that.

The very best thing we can do for kids is to teach them how to work and take pride in it, no matter the task.




JiB, I am happy you take no offense.
We do need to let them be--and I have the letter from the Dean of Admissions of Harvard (Fitzsimmons) telling me so, when my eldest was a seventh grader. I was concerned because our summer schedule, if allowing for time here with his extended family, kept him from a number of "enrichment" programs. Mind you, this was almost twenty years ago now! (YIKES!!) He assured me that was by far the very best thing I could do for my son--and he was right. He did not admit my son then,a s I requested. ;-)

Said son went on to go to that school cathy f loves along with me, then on to law school along the Charles River. I am happy he was there then, and not as an undergraduate.

The dean had already authored a paper with the deans of Princeton and Yale, noting how--crazy--these kids coming in were. They were unable to plan their own lives; feeling like failures as they came in and found out they were not the only shiny penny in the box any more. And it's only gotten worse--way worse.

My advice to you--let Frederick take a break from school. Give him plenty of true, productive work to do, whether at your house, or for neighbors, or even a job with a shop owner. That is what will make him stand out from the crowd, make his admission application catch someone's eye, and as the person responsible for recruiting in my group, let me know he has "the right stuff."

Miss Marple

In high school I got a modified reading list, i which we got a list of books and were informed we would have to do book reports on 3 of them through the course of the year.


RG, I remember Dale Murphy, bless his heart, doing his best without much support. And one of his teammates I remember only as "lard butt" - overweight, overpaid, and pretty useless iirc. Ugh.


Jack, I second the suggestion of Khan Academy, which is free. You can preview their Algebra 2 on YouTube with individual topics in left margin.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Hey, don't forget Crimedog McGriff, dammit!


A Time magazine cover depicting Trump with the headline “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” has been seen in at least four Trump Organization golf clubs, according to the Post's report. A spokeswoman for Time confirmed to the Post that the cover is fake and was never published as an issue of the magazine.

“I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover,” Kerri Chyka wrote to The Washington Post.



Amy's daughter is 14 and in some ways reminds me of Frederick. 3 teachers this year told her she doesn't belong in HS because she is too smart. She will probably end up at WPT her jr year to do a combination freshman year of college and HS. Math is her thing, and she will spend 3 weeks this summer at math camp - again. She took the math exam for the 10th grade (she is in 9th grade) and scored 2nd of both grades. She was terribly bummed out. She is in LaCrosse camp this week which goes from 8 AM to 9PM each day.

The biggest problem she has is stress. On the last day of school she worried about getting 4 A+'s so she could be #1. (She did) That doesn't matter to her parents, who are no sluffs but it matters so much to her.

She plays piano and violin, makes movies, sews, started "Helping Hands" when she was 9 to raise money for the homeless. And she is still very fun, hates clicks and bullies, and is just starting to get into boys.

It's a sight to see. Oh and she is beautiful too.


Trumpcarebear killed by 7

Herr Schadenfreude

It's a beautiful thing to watch.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

With ZERO Democrats to help, and a failed, expensive and dangerous ObamaCare as the Dems legacy, the Republican Senators are working hard!

Remember Republicans, you don't want to get that "At least they tried" comment.


Brian Karem: Queen Pussyboy for a day.

Notice Captain, that when bag boy Karem on his diatribe against Sarah Huckabee Sanders about how wonderful the News Media is he fails to finish his ("we're replaceable") thought properly, and instead swerves to saying that the viewer should change the channel.

Karem: C'mon. you're inflaming everybody right here, right now, with those words. This Administration has done that as well. Why in the name of Heaven, anyone of us, right, is replaceable, and any one of us if we don't get it right the audience has the opportunity to turn the Channel or not read us. You have been elected to serve for 4 years at least. There's no option other than that. We're here to ask you questions. You're here to provide the answers. What you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look at it and say, "see, once again, the president is right, and everybody else out here is Fake Media." Everybody in this room is only trying to do their job.

The logical way to finish that clause: "anyone of us is replaceable" would be to say and if we do intentionally or consistently get it wrong we should be replaced".

But instead what he does is he seems to realize that he just stepped on his crank big time, so instantly he swerves to this dishonest, self serving ass covering bit:

"and any one of us if we don't get it right the audience has the opportunity to turn the Channel or not read us."

E'ff that! He's a dirt bag and a weasel from the git-go.


I second the suggestion of Khan Academy

Momma swears by it.



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Roger Stone is pictured. | Getty
Roger Stone predicted last summer on Twitter that there would be an October surprise that would disrupt Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and he even suggested John Podesta would face scandal shortly before the Democrat’s emails started surfacing on WikiLeaks. | Getty
Roger Stone set to testify next month in House Russia probe
Longtime Donald Trump associate Roger Stone is set to appear July 24 before the House Intelligence Committee, which is examining contacts between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign, according to Stone’s attorney.

The hearing will be closed, said Stone’s lawyer, Robert Buschel. He said his client had asked for a public hearing on Capitol

Stone, a Republican operative and one of the youngest members of Richard Nixon’s infamous 1972 reelection campaign, has been among the most public of Trump’s current or former aides in discussing his communications with Russia-linked affiliates. During the 2016 campaign Stone boasted of being in touch with both “Guccifer 2.0” – the hacker persona that U.S. intelligence officials say is a Russian front for channeling stolen documents but who Stone insists is not a Moscow asset – as well as WikiLeaks.

Stone predicted last summer on Twitter that there would be an October surprise that would disrupt Clinton’s campaign, and he even suggested Podesta would face scandal shortly before the Democrat’s emails started surfacing on WikiLeaks.

Podesta confirmed in October 2016 that he’d been in touch with the FBI as it probed the hack. Stone has long said he’s willing to talk to the FBI, but Buschel said neither he nor his client had heard yet heard from federal agents or Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor appointed last month by the Justice Department to investigate possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Stone has been “cooperating” with Senate and House investigators who have demanded documents related to the 2016 campaign, Buschel said. He also expects a transcript of his appearance before the House panel to be made public. “I’m sure Roger will be happy to tell you whatever he says,” he said. “I don’t think there will be much mystery after that.”


So sorry.


Wow, Jane. Sounds like a perfect pen pal for our 14 yo grand - piano/clarinet, volunteers at the library once a week, loves to write stories with an online group, very smart, and very sweet.


Jane, Does she clean toilets?

ZoBob knows her way around a toilet lid with a Clorox wet wipe and a scrub brush! Just saying.

Stephanie despicable me

Don't forget that Teddy Baseball also named his own self manager and coached the team for a bit. Imagine MLBB letting that occur today!

The Braves have sucked since Teddy Baseball sold them to AOL. And don't get me started on putting the new stadium in the intersection of two main arteries I-75 and I-285 with no MARTA access and the area with the suckiest traffic in town. No way no how am I going to venture on a 2 hour jaunt to go to a game... and then there is the lack of parking.... particularly for weekday games especially those that are early afternoon business fan specials as they are using office parking around the stadium for parking and the damn employees cars are already parked... disgraceful that the Braves and Cobb county didn't demand the businesses quit early so they could charge $22 bucks to park there like they do on weekends. /s

Gwinnett Braves for me... games are more fun anyway, more like going to a college game, and are like $10 for a ticket in the dugout level, and the food/beverages are usually available when you buy your ticket in a discounted package unlike the outrageous charges at whatever the name of that major league field is. Ptooi!

Here's your help

"With ZERO Democrats to help, and a failed, expensive and dangerous ObamaCare as the Dems legacy, the Republican Senators are working hard!"

RUMPUBLICANS need no help buggering themselves.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

daddy, that whiny bitch acting like an internal personnel matter at a low ratings airport channel is somehow important. I think I've raised Teddy to be smarter than that.


Meanwhile, the House Budget Committee is running up against its own deadlines. Budget writers had hoped to release their blueprint as soon as Wednesday with a markup slated for Thursday, setting up a full vote in the House before the Fourth of July recess.

That’s no longer possible.

Any more delays could keep the House budget resolution — already months behind its usual timeline — from ever reaching the floor, lawmakers say. GOP appropriators have quietly warned they’re willing to informally set their own spending limits if the House doesn’t pass a budget resolution soon.

Black has been clear she intends to press ahead even if it means stepping on toes.

“We are very determined we are going to get a budget done this year because we need to. We need to show the American people that we can govern,” Black said Monday evening. She said she wanted an agreement as soon as that night, but that there were remaining disputes to settle with committee leaders: “I am still talking to major players to make sure we have what we need in order to move it forward.”

Without a budget, Republicans can’t unlock the budget tool that would allow them to write a filibuster-proof tax reform overhaul.

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.), who sits on the budget panel, said members are missing the biggest point: that a delay and lack of resolution could cripple tax cuts. Republicans need a budget to do tax reform — and if they don’t, they could lose the House next fall, he suggested.

“If we don’t do tax reform …” he trailed off,

JM Hanes


<9>"No work--none --is "beneath" anyone."

What I find really grating about condescending questions like the one on toilet cleaning is that they treat the labor of people who actually do those jobs with such disdain. They are cast as "servants" forced to do the dirty work rather than employees who deserve respect. Domestic labor is an honorable thing whether you do it for yourself, or you are hired to do it professionally for someone else, or you hire someone to do it for you, so that you can accomplish something else.

I'm with you on summer plans for kids. Ours went to camp a couple of times, but mostly we spent as much time in the mountains as we could, away from home and friends. We didn't even have a television there, and they never seemed to miss it. Aside from the usual chores, and helping Dad with a few farm related projects, they mostly had to come up with things to do themselves, on their own. So many kids today go from one organized activity to another, which doesn't do much to encourage either the imagination or independent thinking, IMO. Both of my adult kids are really grateful for those days.

I must say however, that kind of dramatic change was probably a lot easier back in the the proto-internet period. It certainly helped that we were able to change venues completely, rather than having to impose "summer rules" on television viewing etc. in place.


Democrats playing games

PoliMath on Twitter: "This is the most beautiful orchestrated propaganda I've ever seen. Read and learn. https://t.co/aWsWCSNB1V"


Probably already linked, but every few months I think it shows respect to TM to post on topic:


Off for a Haircut.

How come the price doesn't go down when there's only 1/3rd of a normal head of hair to cut?

JM Hanes

Since it showed up, I assume that bracketing a "9" instead of an "i" won't mess up the thread in some bizarre way! Just in case, however, I'll close the tag with this .

Miss Marple

Marlene! Get on the phone!



House Budget Committee

I see Stephanie's Rep who's a lawyer and another GA Rep who's a dentist. The Dem lineup includes DWS, Sheila Jackson Lee. 3 CA Dems. and Jan Schakowsky from financial black hole IL.

Jim Eagle


Overwhelmed with supportive advice. I am all ears. He is a special kid ( to me, of course) with a different appreciation for what he sees in life compared to what I see. Connecting the differences is like connecting rap music to Mozart.

He hates Khan academy only because of Sal's voice, which I have no problem with at all. So, I take Sal's technique of teaching and incorporate it my white board lectures. But the problem with engineers teaching math is we expect everyone to understand what the hell we are saying because in our real work lives that is the acceptance.

He is into biology big time and chemistry. So, at Explo he is taking Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science. He'll be a star on CIS come the fall.

We may be off to Belgium, France, Lux and England in the last week of July and 1st week of August. And since he is taking world history next year, good exposure.

Thanks too all.

Ralph L

Domestic labor is an honorable thing whether you do it for yourself, or you are hired to do it professionally for someone else
Yet native Americans would rather cook and wait on strangers (it does pay better, but to my mind, demeaning compared to working for a family). Blacks here in the South were largely restricted to farm and domestic labor until lately, so that's two careers the younger ones avoid, and I can't blame them.

JM Hanes


" But the problem with engineers teaching math...."

LOL! Shades of my father, who had a degree in chemical engineering! In his case, it wasn't that I couldn't understand what he was talking about, it was that he always had a faster way to do whatever calculation I was working on, and had no patience for the tedious "show your work" method required by my teachers.

Jim Eagle

Domestic labor?

Mrs. JiB, the daughter of a renown International banker knows nothing but cleaning, washing, ironing (we have two rotary irons for the sheets) and other household tasks. She lets me do the cooking, washing the dishes and the garbage but at least I have something to do.

Let knock domestic help. Lots of two income families, especially young ones, out there who depend on every dollar they can earn to keep the kids fed and in school. I look down on only the lazy grifters and illegals on our last resort welfare system.


my father, who had a degree in chemical engineering!

Well, he still can be a decent human being. :)

I kid, I kid. That's what both of my degrees are.

Jim Eagle

I have to add that the vid of Susan Collins made my stomach boil.

What a condescending bitch. Not a vet or a politician makes him less qualified to lead and discuss intellectually the nuances of her legislation which she had no part in because of her numerous personal and committee staff?

Marlene, I know your daughter grew her bona fides with her but my God how the hell did she survive her dumbness much less her voice?

Stephanie despicable me

I was looking for some help around the house maybe once every two weeks or once a week, and most of the cleaning services had ads on their websites "Hiring $18-20 per hour."

Which makes the belief in caricatures for so many things the dems think that are not so all the more amusing. They are soooo out of touch.

Lies, damn lies and hiring wages.

Miss Marple

Japanese schools have the students clean the schools themselves, starting with the earliest grades. I think there should be more of this.


Eat moar beef jerkey

Hone your gardening skills.

Research by the Farm Bureau suggests that the federal immigration policy Trump is promoting could result in a massive farm labor shortage across the country, causing domestic fruit output to plunge anywhere from 30 to 61 percent and vegetable production to fall by 15 to 31 percent. Industrial-scale livestock operations and slaughterhouses also rely heavily on immigrants, so meat production could tumble by as much as 27 percent. As a result, the group concludes, US eaters are looking at food price hikes of 5 to 6 percent. That might not sound like much, but it’s sure to squeeze families on a tight budget. So Trump’s efforts to save us from “bad hombres” is bad news for farms—and for Americans who are just trying to put di

Eat moar beef jerkey

"Japanese schools have the students clean the schools themselves, starting with the earliest grades. I think there should be more of this."

Especially when incompetent parent/grandparent can't control them.

Miss Marple


Made my blood boil, too. Since that interview was given BEFORE she went to the meeting, I hope Trump put the fear of God in her.

Trump knows enough people outside politics who have achievement and charisma (which Collins does not) that I bet he could get someone to primary her in Maine with no problem. Same with the recalcitrant Heller of Arizona.

What is most amazing to me is that she is clueless and arrogant about how she sounds to most of the country!

Jim Eagle

Has Buckeye left for Scotland? If not, he may want to read this.



JMH--no TV here, ever, and I have even managed to keep NO HARDWIRED INTERNET for at least another year--means using our cellphones, which means NO CONNECTION after about 7am on holiday weekends--which is FINE!

And there is NOTHING to do up here at all--so make something happen! So funny that my oldest, who does NOT sail, does NOT wake surf, does NOT stand up paddleboard, does NOT golf, does NOT ride off road bikes, does NOT golf --LOVES being here.
As do we all, but honestly, this guy does NOTHING--and loves it.

As in books his tickets in February. Comes for the 4th, again for ten days, and is looking at Labor Day weekend--

Beasts of England

I'd love a rotary iron, JiB - nice!!

My maid at the lake recently moved away, so I'm test driving a new one this Friday. It's a two hour job at most - and as OCD fastidious as I am, easily less - and she wants $70 per visit, plus a twice per month guarantee.

Hope she's hot... 😎


Montessori made the kids clean too. All good, as far as I am concerned.

Jim Eagle


Heller is Nevada.

[Bring back Chick Hecht] Funny story about his confirmation while I was in DC. He was being nominated by Bush 41 to be Ambassador to the Bahamas and he was asked by a Senator what qualified him for that honor.

Chick, who was a big time Nevada casino guy, answered: "They have dice tables, right?"


Jane, Does she clean toilets?

You have met her parents do you think you have to ask that. Of course she does.


This appears to be Benjamin Wittes big tick tocker...he filed FOIA to FBI to demonstrate how regarded Comey was by FBI rank and file at time of firing:


Beasts of England

I distinctly remember cleaning in Montessori. Not toilets or anything, but we cleaned up the room at the end of each day.


Roger Stone" I may not be able to sue a member of Congress but I sure as hell can sue the fuck out of Podesta."

Jim Eagle

Any student of Catholic schools with either nuns or brothers knows how to clean desks, floors, windows, blackboards and toilets. If not, look for big red blots on their butts.


TS9, really? I may die from laughing!


JIB, I'm sure you don't need any advice, but I totally believe the most important thing for a kid is to learn how to work. And not just talking about cleaning toilets. We were poor so starting in kindergarten I gave out milk and cookies so mine would be free. I made salads at camp and got to go for free. I scooped icecream and waitressed and bagged groceries - to support myself thru college. I bartended thru law school. I worked from the time I could walk. And when I look back I will swear forever that the best thing I ever did was learn to work. I never once for one second resented that others had more money. I truly believed that if I was willing to work hard enough that I could be whatever I wanted.

And I think the hardest thing for parents who are well off is to instill that value, but I truly think it is the most important value there is. (And why retiring is so hard)



At which one?

Captain Hate

For all you Zuckerberg people, look up TLC Pet Lodge's page and you'll see what an Airedale (one of Teddy's siblings) looks like if it's never gotten a haircut in over 2 years and two months, before and after.

Jim Eagle


The funny thing about your comment is that Frederick is begging me to work and get a job. But he is 13 and in NY he needs to be 14 for certain jobs. He has already asked around if he can work at their places, like the toy store (our former store) or at Sip n Soda or at our neighbor's gas station. He really wants a job not mowing the yard or cleaning up the toilets but a real job.

I respect him for that because true values come alive when you have to deliver.


Let him find a job. Seriously it will be great.

Miss Marple


So true. I grew up poor as well, so worked at dime stores, drug stores, helped as an assistant at my uncle's vet practice when he first got started, taught labs in college. Plus a bunch of other stuff.

My youngest sister started in 7th grade as a helper at a beauty shop, sweeping up hair, cleaning combs and brushes. Another sister worked at a Kresge's lunch counter. My brother pumped gas at nights so he could buy a car.

One of my sisters is retiring this year. She is starting a cleaning business so that she can still have money coming in.


Wait what now


Btw, carlos slim has finally provoked the momma grizzly in the huntress

Ralph L

"show your work" method required by my teachers.
A friend taught undergrads algebra at UMd. Whenever he skipped a step on the board he'd lose them. That was in the 80's, doubt they're any better now.

My parents made us clean the dishes and load the dishwasher. Mom didn't trust us with pots and pans, however, or her good tableware until we were older.


The comments are a little scary:


Miss Marple

Alas, narciso, Jake Tapper blocked me several years ago. He's pretty thin-skinned. LOL!

Miss Marple



You should see the horror of how they are teaching division, or unteaching it as the case may be,


Sorry, its a link of her lawsuit against the Carlos slim chimp circle.


How come the price doesn't go down when there's only 1/3rd of a normal head of hair to cut?

daddy - it seems one of life's unfair situations! I ask every time if Emma gets a discount when the groomer trims her nails since there are only 3 feet to trim instead of 4. They just laugh!

Ralph L

My sister never had much use for children, so she moderated at the blog of Muse magazine. She's met and kept up with some of the often homeschooled kids who are now out doing interesting things.

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