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June 21, 2017



Wherein I discover that NBC thought hiring Megyn Kelly would attract conservative women.

Could they be any stupider at NBC? I doubt it.


Already some guy on twitter claims 3 R holdouts against the bill. So Mitch delivered a DOA.


Just pointing out that all the talk about Price's "heavily R" District 6 suddenly being in play, as if faulting Trump, always left out the fact that the creation of the new District 14 required a number of district lines to be significantly altered in recent years, including Price's 6th.

Posted by: DebinGA | June 22, 2017 at 10:04 AM

I wanted to make this point, too, Deb. I watched the PBS / BBC America news program last night. I can't stand the voice of their female anchor and always marvel that she has that job. She had a black Republican guest, IIRC, commenting on the Georgia CD 6 outcome. She incorrectly assumed it was the same district with Price winning by 20+ percentage points. He didn't correct her but *did* factually point out it was a district Trump won by less than 2% and Handel outperformed that number. But she stuck to the narrative and later addressed the "unpopular" Trump and "reluctant" Republican Trump voters.

That narrative may have had some applicability in November 2016. Not now, not even close.


These days I find it increasingly difficult to type what my brain thinks.

Welcome to the club, DrJ. I hope it's not age. I like to think that it's just my brain moving faster, not my fingers disobeying.


New thread.


It wasn't just the candidate he was slagging, it was anyone who supported him in any way.

Good point, Porch, that was where he crossed the line. I like to think we can have differences of opinion here, and ad hominem really pisses me off.

Captain Hate

Could they be any stupider at NBC? I doubt it.

NBC Sports..

les nessman

"...causes me to wonder what happened to formerly rational people."

Most of the never-Trumpers were comfortable with the status quo; even as they said they 'wanted' change.

Either financially comfortable, career-wise comfortable or temperamentally comfortable.

They are selfish mostly.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Agree 100%, but that doesn't make him immune from mistakes.--

I hope you don't think that was remotely the implication of what I said, jimmy.

Nasty McNasties


jimmyk on iPhone

No, hence the "100%". 😎 Just adding a perhaps obvious point to counter a view that seems to be out there that Trump is playing 17-dimensional chess and cannot be judged wanting.

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