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June 21, 2017



It is sort of a larger version of how hopeful I used to feel when I saw Trey Gowdy eviscerate somebody in a hearing only to see it go nowhere after the TV was turned off.

Here is Gowdy-doody letting Jehhhhh have it:


1st thing I noticed is that one of the Awan bros is sitting behind Gowdy. I thought he knew nothing about any of that. HEE-YUCK

Secondly, Jehhhhh's assistant seem to be amused at the whole dog and pony show.


TBH, I have no idea if that is an Awan or an Awan-alike.

Captain Hate

Sucks to be them:

DEM OPERATIVE QUOTE OF THE DAY: "We no longer have a party caucus capable of riding this wave. We have 80-year-old leaders and 90-year-old ranking members. This isn't a party. It's a giant assisted living center. Complete with field trips, gym, dining room and attendants."

Stephanie despicable me

DEM OPERATIVE QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We no longer have a party caucus capable of riding this wave. We have 80-year-old leaders and 90-year-old ranking members. This isn’t a party. It’s a giant assisted living center. Complete with field trips, gym, dining room and attendants.”


When the Dems deluded themselves into believing Jon "Jack" Ossoff was winning, they bragged about raising and spending $50 million.

Now the number is drifting down. Last I heard $23.8 million.

Can they tell the truth about anything?

Stephanie despicable me

Sorry for stepping in your awesomeness Capt.

That was a thing of beauty though!


Amour ftohi hoser for sure, I'll say Algerian canadian

matt, deplore me if you must

I was listening to Rural Radio on Sirius yesterday and they had a guy on from Canada who had been in Europe the few weeks before looking at how green power is working out.

His illustration was in Germany, where a farmer had converted his farm to biomass. So he plants his crops and then converts it to biomass that s use to generate power for the village next door.

The only problem is that the German government is paying him 4X the going rate for his power and that he is barely breaking even. The laugher was when the German told the reporter that the standard rate in that part of the Fatherland was $0.04/Kwh. No way, no how.

His overall impression is that the whole thing is a scam. In Canada, they are not allowed to install the newer, higher efficiency wind turbines because they are so much taller.

The NSF paper is golden. The loon fron Stanford who fabricated the first paper is now stooping to ad hominem attacks on the others, who are also greenies.

Meh on all of them.

Stephanie despicable me

Rob Williams -

The Democrats went down to Georgia
They were looking for a house seat to steal
They were in a bind, 'cause they were way behind
They were willing to violate their ""ideals"".
When they came across this young man
Straight from Georgetown and quite the cuck
And the Dems jumped up on a hickory stump and said
'Boy let me give you $30 million in Californian bucks
The boy said, "My name's Jonnie, and it might be a sin,
But I'll take your funds, you're gonna be bummed
because there's no way in hell I'll win!"


Saw some of CNN/MSNBC's hysterical coverage of Jeh's testimony ("Russia hacked the election") while at the gym. Wondering: Did anyone ask Jeh, "What, exactly, did the alleged hacking accomplish? How did it affect the election? How is it any different from the Chinese database hacks? Since the DNC refused to turn over its servers, how do you know anything about this?"


I wrote a little blurb about the Quebec connection



Ok so he's Tunisian but he's not one of the mckenzie brothers

Free James D!

We no longer have a party caucus capable of riding this wave

What wave?

Only two more rumpublicans needed

At least half a dozen Senate Republicans say they’re not sure they can support the measure.

“I’m very eager to see the language,” Senator Susan Collins of Maine told reporters in Washington, adding that she’s concerned about the possibility of a vote on the Obamacare repeal measure next week. “I don’t think it gives enough time to thoroughly analyze the bill, but we’ll see when it comes out.”

Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania also said they’re withholding judgment.

Arizona Republican John McCain, asked whether he’s seen the bill, said, "No, nor have I met any American that has. I’m sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it."

Asked how the Senate measure would differ from the version passed last month by the House, McConnell said, "I wouldn’t want to compare it to the House bill. It’ll be different, take a different approach."

"Everyone will have adequate time to take a look at it," McConnell said, although the measure is being negotiated in private and won’t go through any committee hearings.

Republicans control the Senate 52-48 and plan to use an expedited procedure to pass a health plan with as few as 50 votes, plus a tie-breaker from Vice President Mike Pence. That would bypass the usual 60-vote threshold and keep Democrats from blocking the measure.

Democrats are angered about the secretive bill-writing process. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York complained that "no one in America" has seen the measure and that McConnell plans to allow only 10 hours of debate on it on the Senate floor.

The measure is the "textbook example of a mean bill," Schumer said, referring to reports that President Donald Trump called the House GOP health-care bill "mean." The minority leader accused Republicans of "sabotaging" the current Obamacare marketplace.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters, "The president clearly wants a bill that has heart in it." He added, "Any ideas are welcome to strengthen it."

Other top Republicans -- including Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch of Utah -- have said they don’t know what’s in the bill either.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, one of the key moderate holdouts, said leaders shouldn’t expect to be able to buy off her vote with an Alaska-specific solution.


Shush don't confuse them with the facts


Rumpty  Dumptys

Every Deputy Dawg has his day.

But the sweetness becomes wormwood.

Not that you could discern.


What wave?

Also saw Jeopardy champ Wolf Blitzer talking about "how to explain the Georgia result in spite of Trump's baggage." That's getting near Fox Butterfield territory.


Its not about hacked elections.

It's about hacked and neutered Presidunces...or if not that, then LYING about something or other..you know...like perjury entrapment based on a bogus investigation.

WISCONSIN: The Nazi State



There was another door stop of a book by jonathan brown of the university of Texas, how much is he in the weeds, he calls one chapter the gusano counterrevolution

southern sphincter

Ah just love screwing with jerkovs.

Jim Eagle

I have to wonder how a human being can have such a deranged mind to continually post counter-fact C&P with constantly changing nom-de-plume. Does it wet its bed? Need Mom and Dad to change its diaper?

southern sphincter

How would you know human behavior?

Have you an instructor?


Do understand, this isn’t a matter of Mitch McConnell freezing out his old nemesis on what’s going on in the Senate. Cruz has been working with McConnell and others for months on drafting a plan. He’s organized numerous meetings of a Republican “working group” with participants from across the GOP’s ideological spectrum and has repeatedly proclaimed his willingness to compromise to get something done. It’s all part of a political makeover. Having alienated so many colleagues before the 2016 presidential primaries with his anti-establishment no-compromise approach, Cruz is angling to rebuild relationships before his next run in 2024. He was derided last year as a grandstander whose biggest “achievement” was ringleading the futile 2013 shutdown to block the implementation of ObamaCare. Now he’s aiming to be known as the man who midwifed an unlikely health-care meeting of the minds between conservatives like him, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee and the Susan Collinses and Lisa Murkowskis in the caucus. The principled obstructionism of Cruz 1.0 was swept away last spring by Trump along with so many other tea-party conceits. Cruz 2.0 will be more of a can-do politician willing to make the best deals, deals so great you won’t believe it. If he pulls it off, he’ll have quite a feather in his cap for his Senate reelection campaign next year.

Unless, of course, the country roundly hates the final bill that lands on Trump’s desk. But what are the odds of that?

Anyway. The point is that Cruz is a critical player in getting something through the Senate — yet here he is last night, with McConnell promising a draft bill tomorrow, telling Mark Levin that he has no idea what’s in the bill yet. Essentially he and every other Republican in the “working group” haven’t been working on an actual bill; what they’ve been working on are demands which they’ve then submitted to McConnell and the leadership team to accommodate in the form of a legislative product. If McConnell sticks to his schedule of holding a vote next Thursday, Cruz and allies like Mike Lee will have one short week to read the bill, demand changes, spend a few hours debating it on the floor, and then face a gut-check on whether to pass the revised version, assuming that there are revisions. It’s embarrassingly opaque procedural sleight of hand and Levin calls him on it here, gently reminding him that the right opposed secrecy in the passage of ObamaCare. Cruz has slick answers for that: ObamaCare has been debated ad nauseam the past seven years so we don’t need another public debate, and since Democrats are already committed to voting no, there’s no need for transparent negotiations. The GOP is essentially negotiating with itself; making the process public would do nothing except give Schumer’s caucus an opportunity to, er, grandstand and obstruct.

Evergreen College President: Disruptive students will be given a stern warning
He’s treating transparency as a means, in other words, rather than an end. To hear Cruz tell it, transparency is worth caring about only when it’s strictly necessary to move the process forward. If the GOP needs Democratic votes to get something through, if it needs to agree to committee hearings and extended floor debate to satisfy Dem fencesitters, fine. But if it doesn’t, if it has the numbers to pass whatever it likes, then opacity is a venial sin at worst. Would any tea partier circa 2009 have accepted that argument from Obama about his filibuster-proof Senate majority? It’s true that the country has spent seven years debating health care in broad strokes, with Republicans making their grievances against the ACA plain, but the nuances of the Senate bill that purports to replace it are a different matter. For instance, how much time was spent in the House debating the kind of important fact that the AHCA would conceivably do major financial damage to Trump’s base of older, rural voters? How much time will be spent in the Senate this week weighing the consequences of an enormous Medicaid rollback? It’s waaaay too pat to say “we’ve been through this” when we’re a week out from a floor vote and no one’s actually seen the bill yet. But this is the sort of argument Cruz 2.0 has no choice but to make as part of his new political identity. Cruz 1.0 would have torn it limb from limb.

Stephanie despicable me


Good one.


I'm sure they denounced snoeden


What did Frederick think of winder woman?

Jim Eagle


Enjoyed it. Thought it was great stylized and found it true to a lot of DC comics but it showed the God's died but that is not true in the comics.

Pocahontas Calls It Maize

President giving a speech now in Iowa prior to rally event that starts at 7pm CST...

youtube link:


Democrats wasted time and money on this.

Chuck Schumer on Twitter: "We'll be there, if we can find it... #Trumpcare #ShowUsTheBill #AmericaSpeaksOut https://t.co/86NZpmpheG"


Probably get around to it next week, transformers have gotten too silly.

Dr Piglosi

Obamacare is already dead. Premiums up 100%+. Insurers dropping out. Millions of consumers dropping out. Emergency room visits up dramatically (people using it as a clinic). I say go with the Democrat plan and do nothing. The plug has been pulled.

Jim Eagle

Trump is a great advocate of his agenda. He lost Cedar Rapids but wants to use it to promote his agenda. How about that. Take the battle to the enemy or in this case those who thought Hillary was the one.



Donna Brazile @donnabrazile

As the former Chair of the DNC, I have nothing but the utmost respect for former Sect Jeh Johnson, but her got it wrong today.
7:15 PM · Jun 21, 2017 from Washington, DC


Dimwits on CNN were also claiming matter-of-factly that what's driving up health insurance premiums is all the "uncertainty" created by the Republicans. Nothing to do with the inherent crapitude of the ACA.


White House briefings 5/1/17 to 6/19/17
1. On 5/9/17, Spicer was asked: “I have a question about that fired usher Angella Reid. It was reported that she received a generous severance package. I’m wondering how do you give a substantial severance package to a government employee.” Spicer responded: “I don’t know. I’d be glad to get back to you on that.”

2. On 5/9/17, Spicer was asked: “Two weeks ago Monday, when the president met with some of us, he said — and it was on the record — he would have an answer on the administration’s policy toward the International Monetary Fund in a few days. It’s been two weeks. Can we expect anytime an announcement on what the administration will do regarding the IMF?” Spicer responded: “I — I would be glad to follow up on that one and get back to you.”

3. On 5/10/17, Sanders was asked: “And in between — in between Monday night and Tuesday, when he decided to fire the FBI director, did he speak again with the deputy attorney general or the attorney general?” Sanders responded: “I know that they spoke on Monday, and I believe the next follow-up was actually in writing. They may have spoken as well, but I’d have to double-check to be clear.”

4. On 5/12/17, Spicer was asked: “How many invitations did the White House send to Director James Comey after Jan. 20 and before the director was fired?” Spicer responded: “I don’t know. I’ll [inaudible]. I’ll try to get back to you.”

5. On 5/15/17, Spicer was asked: “And one small follow-up. Last week you said you would get back to us on who requested the dinner between him and Comey.” Spicer responded: “I — I still don’t — I — I apologize. I will follow up on that today.”

6. On 5/30/17, Spicer was asked: “When you say that you’re going to — that you’re going to try to defeat ISIS and al-Qaeda, what are you doing to eliminate the abject poverty that is the breeding ground for the terrorists?” Spicer responded: “I — we — as we’ve mentioned before, his national security team is putting together a holistic solution to — to defeating ISIS. When that strategy is complete, we’ll have something for you on it.”

7. On 5/30/17, Spicer was asked: “I know the president hasn’t made a public decision on the Paris Agreement, and I don’t want to get out ahead of him. But on the more broad issue of climate change, can you say whether or not the president believes that human activity is contributing to the warming of the climate?” Spicer responded: “I can’t say. I haven’t asked him. I can get back to you.”

8. On 6/2/17, Spicer was asked: “You were asked earlier this week about the president’s personal views on climate change, about whether or not [inaudible]. You said you hadn’t had a chance to have that conversation with him. Now it’s been, you know, 48 to 72 hours. What does the president actually believe about climate change? Does he still believe it’s a hoax? Can you clarify that? Because apparently nobody else at the White House can.” Spicer responded: “I have not had an opportunity to have that discussion.”

9. On 6/2/17, Spicer was asked: “And then you said you haven’t talked to the president about whether he still believes that climate change is a hoax. Can you — would — would it be possible for you to have that conversation with him and then report back to us at the next briefing?” Spicer responded: “If I can, I will.”

10. On 6/5/17, Sanders was asked: “Can you say, on the ambassador, the U.S. ambassador to the U.K., can you say why we don’t have one yet? Is there a reason for the delay? Anything in particular?” Sanders responded: “I’m not aware of that, and I’ll have to check and get back to you on that.”

11. On 6/5/17, Sanders was asked: “A senior administration official told us flatly that the president himself did not take the Article 5 reference out of the speech [at the NATO summit in May]. So, Sarah, who did?” Sanders responded: “I’m not aware of that, and I’d have to check back and let you know.”

12. On 6/6/17, Spicer was asked: “[On the NATO speech] reporting that there was one version and another version was delivered. And that …” Spicer responded: “I understand, but I would argue that there’s a lot of things that go on behind the scenes in terms of every speech, every meeting the president has in terms of preparation. And until the president gets a version that he feel is appropriate on any number of subjects, it’s not appropriate for us to go out there and share. But I will follow up with Sarah on that thing, but I think to the broader point is that the president remains entirely committed to NATO and to all of the articles, not just Article 5.”

13. On 6/6/17, Spicer was asked: “On Sunday, the president put out a very forceful commemoration of the Battle of Midway, 70 years ago. He did not know anything about the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square in China, the uprising, the building of the Goddess of Liberty. Is there going to be any statement about the brave uprising in China of a quarter century ago?” Spicer responded: “I’ll look into that, John, for you.”

14. On 6/12/17, Spicer was asked: “I want to follow up on the tapes issue. If the president does have evidence that the FBI director lied under oath, what is he waiting for?” Spicer responded: “I think the president made it very clear on Friday that he would get back as soon as possible on this, and his position on — on that conversation.”

15. On 6/12/17, Spicer was asked: “The president mentioned a press conference in a couple of weeks on the ISIS review. Can you say where and when? And has he made a decision about — about changing the policy?” Spicer responded: “When we have an update on his schedule, I’ll let you know. But we don’t have one at this time.”

16. On 6/15/17, Sanders was asked: “Christopher Wray is your pick for the new FBI director. His nomination has not been formally sent over to the Senate. Can you explain what the holdup has been and where that goes from here?” Sanders responded: “There’s a pretty lengthy paperwork process, I know, that goes with selecting that individual. And so I believe they’re in the middle of that process. And as soon as it’s completed, it will be sent over.” Asked if she was referring to a security clearance, Sanders said: “I don’t know the specific pieces of paperwork that go with that position. I’d be happy to check and get back to you.”

17. On 6/15/17, Sanders was asked: “Has anyone at the White House gotten a request from [special counsel Robert] Mueller for any documents related to the investigation?” Sanders responded: “Not that I’m aware of, but I’d have to double-check to be sure.”

18. On 6/15/17, Sanders was asked: “Does the president plan to nominate a Cuban ambassador, or will he leave that position vacant during his presidency?” Sanders responded: “I’m not sure what the plans are for that and specific to any Cuba policy announcement. I’m not going to get ahead of the president’s activity that’s planned for tomorrow, and so I don’t know if that will be addressed. If not, we can try to follow up next week.”

19. On 6/15/17, Sanders was asked: “On Bob Mueller, is there anything you can tell us more about when he came in to interview for the job, what the president was looking at offering him? Was it acting FBI director? Was it actually FBI director? Why didn’t the White House tell us more about that at the time when you did announce other people who were coming in for the director job?” Sanders responded: “My understanding is he was actually here the day before he was named as a special counsel. In terms of specific job, whether it was acting or permanent, I’m not sure, and I’d have to check and get back to you.”

20. On 6/15/17, Sanders was asked about the president’s plans regarding the House special election in Georgia. Sanders responded: “Again, I’d have to double-check to let you know. I believe the vice president has done something on behalf of the candidate there, but I would have to check to see if there are further activities planned.”

21. On 6/15/17, Sanders was asked if Trump would be willing to see any new developments in the Senate health care bill that would make it more palatable to conservatives. Sanders responded: “I’d have to check on actual specific details that might be better for conservatives. I’m not aware of the back-and-forth conversations that they’ve been having.” Then, responding to a question on cost-sharing reduction subsidies, Sanders said: “I don’t know if there’s been a decision on that made yet. But we’ll keep you posted.”

22. On 6/19/17, Spicer was asked: “And then secondly, we heard from one of the Sunday shows, a member of the president’s legal team mentioned something about us potentially seeing some answer on this question of recordings of conversations between the president and Comey. Can you explain to us what he meant when he said that we might get an answer in the week ahead? Are you planning to do some kind of release, some kind of announcement?” Spicer responded: “I do not have a specific answer to that, but I will tell you I believe the president will comment in the next couple of weeks. So it’s possible that we have an answer to that by the end of this week.”

23. On 6/19/17, Spicer was asked: “What informed the president’s thinking on Yucca Mountain? Does he want it to be a nuclear waste facility? And if so, what kind of checking did he do to get there?” Spicer responded: “That’s a great question. I probably need to do some following up on that. I don’t have an answer right now for you on that.”

24. On 6/19/17, Spicer was asked: “Will the president replace those six members who resigned from that council [on HIV/AIDS]?” Spicer responded: “I really don’t have a personnel update. I’ll try to get you something on that.”

25. On 6/19/17, Spicer was asked: “Has the president or members of his legislative team seen the text of the health care bill?” Spicer responded: “I don’t know. I’ve not asked that question. That’s a good question. I just have not talked to the legislative affairs guys, so I know they are in constant communication. So whether they’ve seen the final draft, I know that is something that we’ve been working very closely with the Senate on. So I know that there’s been a level of involvement.”

26. On 6/20/17, Spicer was asked: “Just very plainly, a yes or no answer, does President Trump believe that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 elections?” Spicer responded: “I have not sat down and talked to him about that specific thing. Obviously we’ve been dealing with a lot of other issues today. I’d be glad to touch base.” Spicer was then asked if the president shares the views of 16 intelligence agencies that say the Russians interfered. Spicer responded: “I have not sat down and asked him about his specific reaction to them, so I’d be glad to touch base and get back to you.”

Jim Eagle


Isn't that the failed "proven a double negative" that makes the MSM look like a Marx Brothers movie?

Really, the display on MSNBC, CNN and the MSM only collaborate the opinion of most that they are charades for the left and only hope the dumb cable users will follow lock step.

Dave (in MA)

Her are a moron, lurkersusie.


And not the good kind either


All I know is I never saw Hillary attract the kind of "eye candy" standing right behind Trump at the moment.

Are lesbos generally unattractive? Asking for a friend.


Mainly just the ones in movies, Buckeye. In real life--not so much.

Jim Eagle

Hey! The Local Southampton Congressman, Lee Zeldin. Nice tribute to the hero cop who brought down Hodgkinson.



How about that



Are lesbos generally unattractive?

I don't think one can generalize this one. I've known a lot of lipstick lesbians over they years, and some were stunning. Jane's business partner is very attractive too.



NBC News @NBCNews
Protesters blowing whistles interrupt President Trump, as he was sending thoughts and prayers to Rep. Steve Scalise (link: http://snpy.tv/2rEot0l) snpy.tv/2rEot0l

Jack is Back!


Let the left continue unimpeded. It's our biggest weapon for 2018.

Dave (in MA)

lurkersusie, too bad there's no KillFile for rallies.

Captain Hate

Are lesbos generally unattractive? Asking for a friend.

Tammy Bruce has commented critically before about some of her sisters in Sappho looking like dumpster fires compared to the male counterparts. Also the higher rates of alcoholism that nobody wants to talk about.

Most of my lezzo friends are attractive.

Janet the expert 🚬

Trump is so energized when he's with his supporters.
His whole demeanor is relaxed & like he's having fun.


Ruh Ruh now it comes from slithy tove John weaver the one who floated vicki iseman to Carlos slims but I'll take it:



I know both attractive and unattractive lesbians. Some of my gay friends look better in drag than the unattractive ladies.

Dave (in MA)

Not thrilled with his ethanol comments.

Captain Hate

McCain is one of the few people dumb enough to pursue something against Trump which could destroy what's left of his career.


As of three years ago, he was photographed with milai the byelorussian who was said. E one of the sources for the dossier. That was in the daily mail


Of course someone would actually have to looking into him. Remember he also hired the press flak for the Syrian rebels

'Now you mask yourself' with apologies to David byrne (actually he has a lot to answer for). Why this Canadian connection:


Sorry this is the link:



McCain is one of the few people dumb enough to compete with Chuck Schumer for the microphone.


futhermore and this leads to the present day:


Look at the inside table


Sorry it doesn't attach the html



Oh then there's this:


Id briefly missed this one.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Hoping that lyle's surgery went well today. . .
and wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.

Although, if his recovery gives me time to pinch a bottle of Shafer or a Ch. Montrachet from his wine cellar, that might not be too bad :<)

(Just kidding, lyle - hope to see you back here soon.)

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

re the cutie at the Trump rally (the 'eye candy' sitting just behind him to his right) . . .

I'm guessing that she is going to be mentioned a lot on conservative social media tonight - and I wouldn't be surprised to see the progs attack her, and President Trump, for being so prominently featured.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Keep it up Nancy.

And Pelosi talked about how the recent shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) may have aided GOP candidate Karen Handel. Republican outside groups tried to tie that shooting to the frenzy of anti-Trump rhetoric among Democratic supporters, as the shooter posted strongly negative comments about President Donald Trump on his Facebook page.


You notice how real news is samizdat:


Miss Marple the Deplorable



Turbines Durbin I'm shocked, gambling us going on here


And there are examples on that thread


Now she voted for Jill stein,(well someone had to)

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

lurker susie -

Wanted to say 'Thanks' for all of the *great* links to stories and background info lately. Haven't been able to comment on them in real-time, but I've really enjoyed them. Hope you can keep 'em coming.


I agree with Michael, Lurker Susie has been on her game.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Yes Susie, thanks for finding them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Granddaughter is having foot surgery tomorrow. Would appreciate prayers that it goes well. Thanks!


Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Miss M - Don't want to overlook saying 'Thanks' to you, too, for all the great links you always provide.

They are a great source of news and interesting stories I would probably otherwise miss.


Prayers for her miss marple.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Prayers going out for a successful surgery for your granddaughter, Miss M . . .

and hoping that she gains some appreciation while recovering for all the things that a certain grandmother of hers does for her :)

Captain Hate

And there are examples on that thread

Good discussions of Hurricane Camille, the plight of the commiecrats and how Patterico's denizens can't admit that they won. We live in strange times.


Why does everything have to look east german


The self delusion on electric cars is very amusing.
DrF calls them coal-powered cars...
Dave (in MA)


When you've lost Cher, well, you haven't really lost anything.


Capn, do you go to Patterico??? I think I've darkened Patty Snowflakes door 2 or 3 times since the inauguration. Boredom and curiosity perhaps. Didn't Patterico hitch his wagon to Erickson or Kristol or someone of that ilk. I mean a "career" move, where Patty Snowflake becomes a BEEEEEG DEAL or SUMPTING. It's weird, we've found out over the last decade how effete the GOP is, and we've also found out how many "Conservatives" would have rather had RODHAM than get their toga's dirty by any association with such a "dirty vulgar man" such as Trump. It's weird and extremely illogical. The Billy Bush episode??? Boys will be boys, and bullshit wins the day in the dugout or at the Tavern. Trump is recorded on a bus with some dudes talking dirty and bragging. Compare that to the CRIMES of RODHAM, B.J.CLINTON and JUG EARS von KENYATTA!!! To even contemplate the DAMAGE Rodham has already done to our nation......good grief. She had ZERO concern for out National Security as her SERVER ACTIONS ..........CLEARLY SHOW. She left 4 men dead in Benghazi after being BEGGGGGED for more security there. Then she LIED REPEATEDLY ABOUT IT, including at their COFFINS.
And the likes of Snowflake Patty, thinks President Trump is NOT preferrable to RODHAM.
I think these BLOWHARDS would have preferred being BIG SHOTS in the GOPe RESISTANCE MOVEMENT.


A request tonight... WonderGirl has a classmate-since-kindergarten whose 6-1/2-yr-old cousin was born with an underdeveloped heart. The week before Christmas he went into the hospital and has been there since, fighting to stay alive while waiting for a transplant. 2 months ago they implanted a Berlin Heart fighting to buy him time. It's been touch and go for months, as all of his organs are failing.

Tonight the call came; he has a transplant.

Please pray -- he is a very sick little boy whose body has been through hell the last six months (not like it was a picnic the first six years!) And also pray for the family of the donor, who has lost a child today.


No Cathy, electricity comes out of the wall.
I'm watching TEEVEE right now, and my TEEVEE runs off of a 2 pronged plug that attaches to my wall. I think it's pretty obvious that my TEEVEE isn't burning coal.
I'm all about being "green".
Now if only I could plug my "green" Highland Green '68 Mustang into the same circuit as my TEEVEE, I could stop the "global warming" madness.


Definitely Cathy f.


Cathy, can you say the wee boys first name.
I pray to Jesus and the Father, and I try to pray as often as possible in the name of the person/persons, whom I am asking God to protect. Not necessary, but it is a habit of mine.
God bless this young child.

Dave (in MA)

GUS, Patterico went FULL LTILTE GNERE FTOBOLLS about a year or so back.

The only reason to go there is to see some of the comments by folks like narciso.


Dave, was he riding a BKIE, with a OPNY AILT??
That's an interesting segue Dave, Cahlres Jhonsno, had a one hit wonder. Sort of like Woodward and Bernstein. It made bicycle shorts boy a hit in the Conservative/Republican blogosphere. Kind of like a broken watch or clock. I guess my BIGGER point is.....do not become a fan of someone, that you really don't know well. JOM is somewhat unique, in that most here have been to one meet-up or another, and most of the meetings have cross pollinated with other meet ups. A personal example is my friendship with Henry. We have become good friends, and I call him for advice. He comes to family get togethers, ball games, and we've even crossed state lines together. Chicago Lurker, Henry and I have had meals together numerous times. I know them. They are not bloggers counting on ad revenue.


Posted earlier by Miss M...
"The June 28 event ... will serve as the first re-election fundraiser for President Trump.
... Trump officially kicked off his re-election campaign on Inauguration Day by filing Federal Election Commission paperwork –this was the earliest filing of any sitting president."

If the Dems couldn't win with all Dems, a large chunk of elected Repubs, the professoriate, MSM, celebs, the UN, CEOs of Dow companies, ESPN, most Euro leaders etc etc how can they win after 4 years of Trump keeping promises?


Rick Ballard went to Patterico.


JimNorCal, I wonder what fence sitter, NEVER TRUMP leaners and cowardly LYIN'S in the GOPe are going to do, when the TRUMP TRAIN goes for LAP 2. 8 years is a long time to be stuck on stoooopit. 7 years from November, my beloved Gus Jr., will be a College graduate. If the GOPe doesn't come to JESUS, it is going to be relegated to the ASH HEAP of history.
Ryan DOES NOT LIKE TRUMP. Never forget his disinvitation to the rally in Wisconsin after, the Billy Bush escapade. Do NOT forget it.


Yes but he shows up there infrequently like spiny Norman, the giant hedgehog that haunted the piranha bros.

I don't generally go to mauve state because its a pointless exercise.


Now beneduct Arnold wasnt gay. He was married to a Philadelphia debutante with loyalist pretensions, Peggy shippen who got him in touch with major Andre.

Captain Hate

Check out Jarles Chohnson junior trolling his own blog after one commenter (it's an overly long thread so scroll down until you see the unhinged dickweed's comments with a suitably yellow background). Completely classless and much worse than ace ever did:





Captain Hate

GUS! Didn't see your comment before I posted Patty Snowflake's trollapalooza. Just another Crazed Unhinged Never Trump.

Now Nytol for real.

"The FBI continues to maintain responsibility for counterintelligence issues write* large against all of our foreign adversaries. We still do work in the Russia counterintelligence space but we’re careful to leave for the special counsel what is the special counsel’s," McCabe said.

McCabe generally resisted efforts by Democrats to draw him out on issues relating to Comey's firing, including Comey's claim that Trump repeatedly attempted to engage him in inappropriate conversations about the Russia probe.

The acting FBI chief said he'd never felt any of his conversations with the president were inappropriate, but they were in group settings and cleared by the Justice Department.

"I have talked to the deputy attorney general about that. Any contact that I have would be approved by the deputy attorney general first," McCabe said.

McCabe! McCabe!

Knew there was a reason he was on the short list.



And prietep like nidermeyer went along


This was one of the top men at Langley sixty yrs ago


Capn, I've never been a Rick Ballard fan, but I've had very little interaction with him.
On your link, I see Ballard, blaming TRUMP for throwing HAND GRENADES that Mr Trumps flack and Seculow might have to defend.
UTTER BULLSHIT. This is where weak tits like Patty Snowflake Rico and Ballard cease to matter to me.

And the PATHETIC PINK PUSSY PHONY REPUBLICANS get the VAPORS. KRISTOL is the WURST. (heheheeee), but other WANNABEE VICHY GOP dudes follow, as they THINK that they see a VACUUM of POWER to EXPLOIT. Sorry Cahalrie!!!!!



And some of it is pinth garnell bad:



TSK-9, imagine Trump had told Comey to refer to any "INVESTIGATION" as.....a....................matter. "Jimbo, I want you to call this FAKE MADE UP/DEMOCRAT CREATED RUSSIA "HACKED OUR ELECTION".....a.....errrr....."MATTER".
Big Jimbo responds. But, but, but Mean Mister Trump....can you see me???, I'm hiding behind the curtains, because you scare me.....but but, WHY WOULD I CALL THIS INVESTIGATION INTO RODHAM
and her PRIVATE SERVER in a SHITTER in DENVER, and her diseminating HUNDREDS of CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS ILLEGALLY and outside PROTOCAL.......a......."MATTER"?????
And President Trump replied.
"Just call it a MATTER".


Do you think Red State, Patty Snowflake Rico, and Rick Ballard, have ever considered that TRUMP is more honest, capable and intelligent, than THEM?????
Nope, they thought they were on the ground floor of a NEW GOP TEAM!!!!!! SUCKERS.


Wow! That Patterico thread reads like Captain Queeg's personal diary.

I wonder how the ex-JOMers ever choose that dump.

Maybe they weren't JOMers to begin with.

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