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June 05, 2017



they leave out the loss in those storage systems.

Dave (in MA)

I've been from Tucson to Tucumcari
Tehachapi to Tonapah

Clarice Feldman

MT, continuing from the last thread--FNC has now picked up the story:http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/02/fbi-agents-reportedly-raid-michigan-home-over-national-security-issue.html

Clarice Feldman

Nothing about Huma in the Fox account--only something about an "incident that occurred out of (MI) state"

Captain Hate

I know the greens spank their monkeys about batteries all the time to deflect from the damage they've done to the electric supply (which iirc still exceeds demand by a large amount) without acknowledging the issues associated with them.

Dave (in MA)

Last page thing,


Dave (in MA)

CH, as near as I can tell, green energy involves

  • Chinese strip mining
  • smokestacks in neighborhoods where the people can't afford green energy.

Dave (in MA)

Apparently the Jr. Hank Williams will once again be yelling his theme song for Monday Night Football now that it's
socially acceptable to compare the President to Hitler.


If you read down in this thread, the guy arrested in Dearborn is Huma's cousin.

Jim Eagle

Boy, did the Times miss a chance to combine green energy and a moderate Muslim country in the same article.

Its called Magnetohydrodynamic Generation or MHD where it was first commercially demonstrated in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Talk about clean, renewable energy with very high co-efficient of productivity and availability.

Probably too complicated for their science guy.

Captain Hate

Finally somebody's acknowledging dear sweet Huma's MB ties? I've only been railing about it for years and the MFM fuck knuckles can't be bothered with it. Nor can the GOPe.

Clarice Feldman

I saw that, but don't know how reliable it is.Watching it though. Lots of credible accounts that Huma has links to MB

daddy on iPad

OT, but this really clobbered me the last few pages.

My General Sherman bio has been going along swimmingly for 468 pages, and then within 9' pages the author treats us to 2 comments on General Sherman from that great American General, Wesley Clark.

The quotes are whatever they are ( I can post them if asked) but it amazes me that an Historian in 2016 writing a book about General Sherman, could not have dredged up as fitting if not more fitting quotes from a hundred generals to make comments about Sherman, from either his colleagues or his opponents, from Lincoln to US Grant to Phil Sheridan to Robert E Lee, or from his many military heirs such as General Pershing to General Patton, to Supreme Commander Eisenhower or George Marshall, or even to General Mattis and to whomever else. Why dredge up for a book quote such a polarizing political climber in the mode of General McClellan as General Wesley Clark? Why highlight General Wesley Clark when 99% of fertile quote land from American generalship was sitting out there waiting for print, and it wouldn't cause readers to intrinsically hate the authors guts and consider his sanity?

Beats the hell out of me, and I'm a southerner. Hell, ask Longstreet, or Johnston.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Indeed you have. The only person in Congress who questioned her ties was Michelle Bachmann, who was immediately shut down by the likes of John McCain, who called Huma "a lovely person."

No one ever answered how she was able to marry a Jew without being disowned by her family, not to mention having a fatwa issued against her.

No one ever mentioned where she got her expensive wardrobe and the money to buy that fancy apartment in New York.

No one ever mentioned her mother teaching at some MB approved school in Saudi Arabia.

Nope. Nothing to see here. Lovely person. Shut up Bachmann and go back to Minnesota.

Captain Hate

Quoting Weasely Clark means the writer's a lib and probably has an agenda.

Captain Hate

Is there a worse human being in government than Juan McRINO?

I'm wondering if the MFM distancing themselves from Chardonnay means that somebody got a heads up that dear sweet Huma was about to be in the crosshairs.


If Huma ever gives up on Weiner, I suspect she can marry the guy who wrote this (lest we forget):

She approached in a knit white top and navy-blue business skirt, her dark, almost black hair down to her shoulders. She wore bright-red lipstick, which gave her lips a 3-D look, her brown eyes were pools of empathy evolved through a thousand generations of what was good and decent in the history of the human race. The harsh, cheap buck lighting in the coffee shop couldn’t lay a glove on her. By the time she sat down, the harmony of angels had vanquished the tinny background music from every corporate space on the planet. Of course, you’d seen pictures before. But you’d also seen pictures of the Taj Mahal. It didn’t quite come up to actually being there.

Less frequently quoted, but just as bad, is this:

How insane, how self-destructive, must he have been to have risked losing a life with this woman? Only someone who felt down deep that he didn’t deserve such good fortune would have pulled something so twisted and dumb. But what marvelous relief it must have been to stare into Huma’s eyes and feel forgiven. You could get drunk on such forgiveness.

This is our neutral and objective MSM. I'm sure we've all seen similar articles about Melania, or about Jeanette Rubio.

James D

CH, from the last thread - I vaguely remember the name Neal Martin, and also Cousin Dave...


More details of today's Orlando shooting ... killer was arrested in 2014 for battering another employee at that business. Fired in April 2017. Three men and 1 woman found dead at scene when LE arrived shortly after being called. Another man died in hospital.



would you agree with this statement?

" Most modern products require
more knowledge than what a single person can hold. Nobody in this world, not even the saviest geek nor the most knowledgeable entrepreneur knows how to make a computer. He has to rely on others who know about battery technology, liquid crystals, microprocessor design, software development, metallurgy, milling, lean manufacturing and
human resource management, among many other skills.

maybe it's because i remember huuby ordering the parts and assembling with ech of the kids from the mother board up so they would get how it is NOT a magic mysterious box. maybe it's because i pulled this quote because the book i just finished was clearly a false narrative to get politicians to regulate student learning in the name of eco devt.

over the weekend i was thinking of all the books now published not because they are right, but because they instill a useful, whitewashed guiding fiction for students to simply accept. it also can then be cited in a footnote with no one recognizing they are actually dealing with a provably false or unverified theory.

art in newport

Wonder what the shooter's name is


It took them three years to fire him??

Btw everyone seems to know this fellow at borough park whereas Plaim cimru and tariq Ramadan say these aren't the druids your looking for.


taken from here--


daddy on iPad

Worth reposting:

Don Surber to NRO: "Bite me!"


From the last thread:
Wouldn't we be better off if Trump had simply fired every Obama holdover (like that guy in London trashing Trump) and leave all those slots empty until replacements are approved?

There's a lot of that already--I believe US Attorneys and ambassadors were fired. But then the offices are vacant or run by acting or lower-level people. I'm not sure how easy it is to fire civil servants, though I *am* sure it's not as easy as it should be.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good lord!
Who wrote that crap, jimmy?
Harlequin Romance would can his arse for being so cheesy no desperate housewife would ever buy it.

Clarice Feldman


CLinton Foundation amits it received $1 million from Qatar (without reporting it) while she was Sec of state.

Clarice Feldman



Iggy@11:38, someone named Mark Jacobson at New York Magazine in 2013:


It should have been the journalistic equivalent of Kathy Griffin's stunt, but he probably got promoted.


That’s significant, Clarice, but readers need to note it is a Nov, 2016, article.


oh what a tangled web we weave


rse, He has to rely on others who know about battery technology, liquid crystals, microprocessor design, software development, metallurgy, milling, lean manufacturing and
human resource management, among many other skills.

If you know the specs of the components, you can assemble them into something that works. That statement is a way of stating a feature of the industrial revolution: no need for a vertically integrated manufacturing process, lots of sources for the bits and pieces you need. Only an imbecile would want to build everything from scratch in a basement workshop (the "craft economy" the left is so enamored of). Thus the input / output tables of the 30s and 40s became the variable supply chains of today. Instead of some dope at GM controlling design of all parts in a car, innovation happens at the all levels and bubbles up. Life works better that way.


Drudge: NYT declares DRUDGE 'an unofficial source'...

Aren’t we all -- even the NYTimes -- unofficial sources?


it's a fancy way of obscuring it's the same argument as I the pencil or whatever it's called in other words.

but the first sentence is not true in the quote.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hey, rese, what do you know about this guy? I was reading this article and considering his points, until I got to the short bio at the end.

John Conlin is an expert in organizational design and change. He is also President and founder of E.I.C. Enterprises, www.EICEnterprises.org, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to spreading the truth here and around the world primarily through K-12 education.

Brought me up short and I wondered who he was. Thought you might have an idea.



He has to rely on others

Basic Adam Smith. Try to manufacture a straight pin yourself.

But Smith’s point favored diversification and individual self-interest, not centrally-controlled globalization.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Above post about John Conlin was supposed to be addressed to you.

Clarice Feldman

Thnx sbw--hadn't noticed that, but it is timely now that SA and the Gulf States have cut off Qatar for it support of the MB.


rse, correct. the first sentence hasn't been true since the beginning of the industrial revolution, if not since the beginning of guilds.


Oh Jacobsen I know him he put in a good word for Frank Lucas which became American gangster but was utterly vicious in his post election hatchet job of the huntress.

Clarice Feldman


Us puts UN HUman Rights sham on notice we might well be leaving it.


More bacon, eggs and butter, please:


Clarice Feldman


The jerk Ambassador to the UK is the very guy who told Hillary to use a private server

matt, deplore me if you must

It's a shame that so many Radio Shacks have been closed. That was a prime source for do it yourselfers. Dealing with a lot of black box systems, we often ended up there when a component blew on a board.

As to the Huma article, I threw up in my mouth a little. What sycophantic bullshit.

That pathetic CNN scam with the pre-printed placards and meGyn Kelly's fiasco with Putin and the rest of the weekend's media idiocy just indicates just how fast and how far the media have fallen. Not that there was a long way to go, but now they are bouncing off the bottom like the ugly things that live at the bottom of the sea.

daddy on iPad

You guys want separation of Church and State? I'll give you separation of Church and State.

Just at the beginning of the entrance into Georgia and haggling over his intended supply lines via the railroad: page 467-468:

[Sherman also issued a General order limiting the order of the (train) cars to "essential articles of food, ammunition and supplies for the army proper, forbidding any further issue to citizens and cutting off all civil (train) traffic. Even President Lincoln, upon receiving requests from poor people of Union persuasion in East Tennessee, telegraphed Sherman, inquiring whether he could not modify his orders. The General respectfully refused, stating that the railroads "had but a limited capacity, and could not provide for the necessities of the army and the people too." ...Sherman declared that the railroad was "purely for military freight. 200 pounds of powder or oats are worth more...than the amount of bottled piety." Sherman vowed not to give in, although the "preachers clamor & the sanitariums wail."]

That tickled me:)


A traditional president would have reacted carefully to the London Bridge terrorist attack by instilling calm, being judicious about facts and appealing to the country's better angels. But Donald Trump is no traditional president. He reacted impulsively to Saturday night's carnage by stoking panic and fear, being indiscreet with details of the event and capitalizing on it to advocate for one of his more polarizing policies and to advance a personal feud… Later that evening, Trump spoke with British Prime Minister Theresa May and extended his support for America's closest ally. He tweeted, 'Whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the U. K., we will be there — WE ARE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS!' On Sunday morning, however, once the breadth of the horror in London was clear, Trump was back on Twitter. He criticized the city's mayor — Sadiq Khan, a liberal Muslim and an old Trump foil — for not being tough enough protecting his citizens.".


He is a writer for the heartland institute which publishes a tremendous amount of false info on education deliberately and had cybernetic communitarian amitai etzioni write the forward to a book i have they published in the 90s. they matter because their school reform news is distributed to every legislator in every legislature in every state.

see the above discussion with henry. if legislators are told you must do x in education to have economic devt, that is what they will do. the fact i can trace the co-author to an institute that is where known marxist profs have now moved to talk about systems instead of maybe bloody revolution does not change how it all works.

conlin's language reminds me of what is called the social construction of reality. it asserts premises that are to be accepted as facts. calling them facts from the get-go makes that harder to see.

organizational design is also the sought in what I linked to above and this "not quite rational man" essay the manhattan institute ran last week. it doesn't say it is linked to k-12 learning standards but it is.

same with the recent nyt article pushing 'prospective psychology'. it never mentioned it was actually tied to how learning standards really work. it certainly did not state that the templeton f had funded the program or that it was also called positive neuroscience as well.

Same criminal org

For multiple reasons, we’d be much better served to use Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal as our primary reference frame, and use Watergate only as a supplement. Iran-Contra was as messy, complicated and ill-defined as Watergate is neat and tidy, at least in the popular elite version — and that contrast is part of my point: The Trump-Russia scandal is perhaps even messier and more complicated than Iran-Contra was, and we shouldn’t try to pretend otherwise.

But the short version of Iran-Contra is that the Reagan administration illegally sold arms to Iran, in hopes of getting hostages released, and used some of the proceeds to illegally fund the right-wing drug-dealing terrorists in Nicaragua known as the “Contras” (in other words, the counterrevolutionaries opposed to that nation’s leftist Sandinista government). Writing here on its 25th anniversary, Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archives offered a slightly expanded bill of particulars:


rse, standard lefty argument technique... start with an absurd premise like you need to know how to make everything you use (now that I think about it, even the Egyptians had specialists for making bricks), then build castles of bs upon that foundation. If you use enough words, the premise is lost in the bs.

Same smell

Altogether, independent counsel Lawrence Walsh, a lifelong Republican appointed to the federal bench by President Dwight Eisenhower, investigated several dozen individuals and indicted a dozen of them, including Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, national security advisers Robert C. McFarlane and John Poindexter and Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams. Pardons by President George H.W. Bush effectively ended the prosecutions and effected a final layer of coverup over the whole affair. Walsh considered charging both Reagan and Bush, but did not, for reasons having nothing to do with culpability. He found Reagan suffering from early signs of dementia disorder during an interview, and saw faint prospects of success with Bush, given the extent of the coverup protecting him.

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“The Iran-Contra affairs are not a warning for our days alone,” Kornbluh quotes historian Theodore Draper writing at the time. “If the story of the affairs is not fully known and understood, a similar usurpation of power by a small strategically placed group within the government may well reoccur before we are prepared to recognize what is happening.”

Clearly, the warning has gone unheeded until now. It’s time we did better, and Iran-Contra can help us on at least five counts. First, Watergate perpetuates the illusion that “the system worked,” whereas Iran-Contra shows clearly how and why it did not. Second, Watergate was a narrowly focused domestic affair, while Iran-Contra was a far-flung enterprise involving significant foreign actors. Third, Watergate fostered the misleading impression that impeachment turned on breaking the law, while Iran-Contra made it clear that it was about abuse of power and the political elite’s collective willingness to restrain it. Fourth, Watergate was a relatively self-contained scandal, while Iran-Contra was connected with multiple other illegal international enterprises — a coalition of high-level international lawlessness. Fifth, Watergate occurred at the end of an era, in which a different set of norms and institutional constraints still held sway, while Iran-Contra reflected how badly those norms and constraints had been eroded in Watergate’s aftermath.

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Both the scandal and the world we live in today are even further removed from Iran-Contra than Iran-Contra was from Watergate, so I am not proposing that Iran-Contra is an ideal framework for understanding the Trump-Russia scandal. Rather, it is a better framework, which can help us better understand the evolutionary trajectories that make this situation so different from what came before, though still similar in some respects. Let’s go through those five different counts, one by one.

First, the illusion that “the system worked.” This claim seems so self-evident to political elites that no one ever thinks to explain it. But what does it mean? That Nixon was forced to resign? That seems like an appallingly low bar in light of all that’s happened since. The destructive forces that Nixon unleashed were only briefly restrained, if at all. Public confidence in government — which began falling during the Vietnam War — declined as a result of Watergate, and was not restored by its conclusion. Political polarization intensified, and institutions continued to erode.

The press also failed. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post are legendary figures. But they weren’t part of the White House press corps, or even the political press. They were metropolitan reporters assigned to cover a burglary story in June 1972, which they did to devastating effect, but not until after the 1972 election. The press’s failure to cover Watergate before the election was a key factor that led sociologist Carl Jensen to establish Project Censored in 1975. The burglary “sparked one of the biggest political coverups in modern history,” Jensen later recalled. “And the press was an unwitting, if willing participant in the coverup. Watergate taught us two important lessons about the press: First, the news media sometimes do fail to cover some important issues, and second, the news media sometimes indulge in self-censorship.”

Yet elites today are blind to all the above failures. So let’s consider Iran-Contra instead. No jail time was served by anyone, not even the lowliest underling, while Reagan and Bush escaped so thoroughly that their involvement is scarcely even remembered by elites, while the heroic prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, was subject to hostility and contempt. His book, “Firewall: The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-up,” was a damning indictment of how the system failed, with detailed descriptions of how the multi-layer coverup unfolded over time. But elites had no appetite to face up to it. As one reviewer explained the antipathy:

On one front, the Washington media wants to perpetuate the myth that it remains the heroic Watergate press corps of “All the President’s Men.” On another, the national Democratic establishment wants to forget how it crumbled in the face of pressures from the Reagan-Bush administrations. And, of course, the Republicans want to protect the legacy of their last two presidents.

Those were the words of investigative reporter Robert Parry, another key figure in the historical comparison. He was the Woodward and Bernstein of Iran-Contra. He co-wrote a December 1985 AP story reporting that three Contra groups had “engaged in cocaine trafficking, in part to help finance their war against Nicaragua.” The story almost didn’t run, due to Reagan administration pressure, but it drew the attention of Sen. John Kerry, who chaired a subcommittee that spent the next few years producing a damning report, “Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy,” released on April 13, 1989.

We’ll pick up that strand again later. After that, Parry and his collaborator Brian Barger worked for months on a followup story, in which they exposed the illegal Contra-supporting side of the scandal. But the rest of the Beltway media relied heavily on Lt. Col. Oliver North of the National Security Council as a favorite inside source, and he effortlessly waved them off the story. In the face of that pushback, AP pulled Parry and Barger off the story, only to have it explode again after two Mideast newspapers blew the whistle on the Iranian arms sale side of the scandal.

I’ll have more to say about Parry and his discoveries below, but the mere fact that he’s not as famous as Woodward and Bernstein speaks volumes about how different the political climate had become. In Watergate, Nixon had only a handful of allies in his fight to hold back the truth. In Iran-Contra, there was a well-coordinated, multi-level defense system in place. If anything it was the prosecutors and investigative reporters who were isolated and ultimately scorned by the political establishment.

Man Tran

I'm probably a rare example of almost total vertical integration of a high tech product. For about 4 decades I've conjured and designed fairly complex widgets from unique strain (load) sensing circuits, signal processing, data management, mechanical packaging/mechanism design. Circuit board layout from red/blue/black tape layout on Mylar to current SOA ECAD. Everything but. . .software. Never had the knack for that.


mm-this is something else that conlin has written recently http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/04/stewards_of_the_planet.html

the language in here about 'collective hand on the tiller' and steering is straight out of cybernetics as in 'we are steerable systems'.

i have a problem with that premise itself and i am tired of reading that the federal govt has no right to steer, but the local community does down to instilling the desired characteristics it wants in citizens.

that's why i don't think the con con drumbeat is an accident. it gets at authority over individuals that the current constitution, if properly construed, was written to prevent as an invasion of property in one's mind, beliefs, and opinions.


The second way in which Iran-Contra is a more useful reference frame is the matter of scope. Although Watergate had some foreign policy origins — the “plumbers” started out burglarizing Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office in response to the Pentagon Papers — it was an overwhelmingly domestic affair with a narrow focus. Iran-Contra was a vast, far-flung enterprise with significant foreign actors: Middle East arms dealers, Iranian government officials, Central American paramilitary groups, etc. There were also no clearly defined outer edges to the scandal. In fact, there were additional overlapping scandals involving some of the same individuals and similar or related activities. The broader framework of criminality in which Iran-Contra arose, and the importance of foreign actors, potentially quite hostile to America as a whole, as well as profound uncertainty of how far the scandals go, all set Iran-Contra apart from Watergate but are essentially the same situation we confront today.

The third way that Iran-Contra is a more useful reference frame is in terms of focus: What is the scandal about? Watergate fostered the misleading impression that the question of impeachment turned on breaking the law. But, Iran-Contra made clear that it was about abuse of power, and the elite’s collective willingness to restrain it. Impeachment was never intended to punish specific violations of law. Its purpose is protect the whole framework of the rule of law from the encroachments of tyranny. It was certainly appropriate for Walsh, as a prosecutor, to carefully weigh whether it made sense to prosecute not just based on his belief that crimes had been committed but on multiple other factors; it was also appropriate for Congress to weigh its responsibilities. At the very beginning of the process, Democratic senators said they were not interested in impeachment, thus setting the tone for an extended pageant of delays, digressions and denials.

Even worse, congressional committees took testimony heedlessly ignoring prosecutorial needs. Most notably, Oliver North’s convictions — for accepting an illegal gratuity, obstruction of a congressional inquiry and destruction of documents — were all overturned on appeal because North had been granted congressional immunity, even though Walsh built his case independent of that testimony. Everyone involved — but especially those with key congressional power — needs to be clear about the nature and purpose of impeachment and other oversight responsibilities, and their relationship to law enforcement. The more these issues get muddled, the more damaging it is to the rule of law and the health of our democracy.

The fourth way in which Iran-Contra is a better reference frame is in terms of background. Watergate was a relatively self-contained scandal. Although Nixon engaged in several different sorts of activity that led to drafting impeachment charges, there was little to connect them, beyond Nixon’s own exaggerated sense that “when the president does it, it’s not illegal.” In contrast, the Iran-Contra affair.

The broader context of Iran-Contra can be thought of as two additional overlapping scandals: one involving the Contra drug-dealing, the other an earlier Iranian arms deal linked to meddling in the 1980 election, the so-called “October Surprise” in which Iran and the Reagan campaign colluded to prevent the release of the U.S. Embassy hostages in Tehran until after Election Day. Both these scandals were much more intensively suppressed than Iran-Contra itself, but they call attention to the broader framework of criminality in which the whole affair arose, which is significantly more extensive today.

As mentioned above, Parry co-wrote a 1985 story about Contra drug involvement that was virtually ignored by political elites, except for John Kerry’s subcommittee. The resulting 1989 report covered drug trafficking in the Bahamas, Colombia, Cuba and Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras and Panama, with the longest chapter devoted to the Contras. It stated that “The war against Nicaragua contributed to weakening an already inadequate law enforcement capability in the region which was exploited easily by a variety of mercenaries, pilots, and others involved in drug smuggling.” It “did not find that Contra leaders were personally involved in drug trafficking,” but “there was substantial evidence of drug smuggling through the war zones on the part of individual Contras, Contra suppliers, Contra pilots, mercenaries who worked with the Contras, and Contra supporters.”

Awareness of the criminality reached all the way to the National Security Council. North’s notebooks were made available to the subcommittee in redacted form, but 16 examples were cited “which discernibly concern narcotics or terrorism.” In addition, it noted that numerous other entries referred to individuals or events that apparently related to “narcotics, terrorism, or international operations, but whose ambiguities cannot be resolved without the production of the deleted materials by North and his attorneys.”

In short, the illegal conduct involved in the Iran-Contra scandal took place against a background of widely tolerated criminality. Beyond that, “The logic of having drug money pay for the pressing needs of the Contras appealed to a number of people who became involved in the covert war. Indeed, senior U.S. policy makers were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras’ funding problems.”

Throughout the 1980s, there were repeated rumors and scattered bits of evidence pointing to a secret deal struck between Iran and the Reagan campaign to prevent the release of hostages before Election Day in 1980, an “October surprise” that could have benefited Jimmy Carter. In fact, there’s undisputed evidence that arms transfers to Iran began well before the negotiations for release of hostages, using Israel as a go-between. One such arms shipment was shot down aboard an Argentinian CL-4 turboprop near the Soviet-Turkish border on July 18, 1981. Iran’s president during this period, Abolhassan Banisadr, was a primary source affirming that these were connected to the October Surprise deal, but it wasn’t until after Iran-Contra came to light that pressure started to build for a full investigation.

Robert Parry played a significant role investigating this scandal as well. He was involved in a 1991 PBS “Frontline” documentary that helped to build support for a congressional investigation. That investigation, however, was severely crippled both by outside media criticism promoting coverup narratives (detailed by Parry here), and by the leader of the investigation himself, Rep. Lee Hamilton, an Indiana Democrat. In a detailed dissection of the resulting report’s weaknesses, Parry decribes how Hamilton suppressed a dissent from Rep. Mervyn Dymally, D-Calif.:

[W]hen Dymally submitted his dissent, he received a terse phone call in early January 1993 from the task force’s Democratic chairman Lee Hamilton, who vowed to “come down hard on” Dymally if the dissent were not withdrawn.

The next day, Hamilton, who was becoming chairman of the House International Affairs Committee, fired the entire staff of the Africa subcommittee, which Dymally had chaired before his retirement from Congress which had just taken effect. Hoping to save the jobs of his former staffers, Dymally agreed to withdraw the dissent but still refused to put his name on the task force’s conclusions.

To this day, Hamilton enjoys an elevated reputation for his Beltway bipartisanship, of which this is a classic example: He beat up on other Democrats for the sake of a unified coverup. Parry went on to publish a book based on his research, “Trick or Treason,” in 1993. But two years later he discovered much more information. In 1995, he began publishing an eight-part series, the “October Surprise X-Files,” based on his investigation of the neglected work product of Hamilton’s task force. The first story in that series, “Russia’s Report,” revealed that the task force had received a last-minute response from Russia (in its post-Soviet, pre-Putin glasnost phase), which provided strong confirmation:

To the shock of the task force, the six-page Russian report stated, as fact, that [CIA director William] Casey, George Bush and other Republicans had met secretly with Iranian officials in Europe during the 1980 presidential campaign. The Russians depicted the hostage negotiations that year as a two-way competition between the Carter White House and the Reagan campaign to outbid one another for Iran’s cooperation on the hostages. The Russians asserted that the Reagan team had disrupted Carter’s hostage negotiations after all, the exact opposite of the task force conclusion.

What these examples show is both the existence of much wider criminality and much more intense bipartisan denial. Ignoring either of these two aspects surrounding Iran-Contra only further misleads us in any effort to make sense of the unfolding Trump-Russia scandal.

The fifth and final way in which Iran-Contra is a better reference frame is a reflection on all the above, and how hostile Washington had become to exposing the truth and defending democratic norms. Watergate occurred at the end of an era in which a different set of norms and institutional constraints still held sway. It’s delusional to pretend that those norms and constraints still hold. The bungled non-resolution of the Iran-Contra scandal, not to mention the two related scandals discussed above, shows just how badly those norms and constraints had been eroded in Watergate’s aftermath. Things have only gotten worse since then.

Part of the explanation simply goes back to who controls Congress. During Watergate, it was all Democrats, across the board. During Iran-Contra, Democrats had just won back the Senate after Republicans had controlled it for six years, and were particularly eager to prove how “fair” and “bipartisan” they could be. Republicans took every advantage they could as a result. Now Congress is entirely in Republican hands, and you can see the results for yourself every day.

But it’s not just the numbers. It’s also the kinds of people involved, and the nature of the power blocs behind them. From a big-picture perspective, as I wrote in 2013, “scandal narratives function differently for conservatives and liberals based on essential differences across the centuries in how they define things.” This is largely based on the distinction between logos, which is concerned with how the world works, and mythos, which is concerned with making meaningful sense of the world.

Liberals generally understand scandal in terms of logos: a breaking of the rules, once hidden, brought into the light. It is very much about the facts of the case, an empirical investigative process. Conservatives generally understand scandal in terms of mythos, as unmasking a violation of the sacred order of things, that sacred order being that conservatives and those they favor are on top, and everyone else is beneath them. In this view, the very existence of liberalism is scandalous, because liberalism posits a fundamental equality of people, rather than an immutable hierarchy. For conservatives, scandal is a spectacle or a morality play, whose facts are largely determined by how well they resonate with pre-established meanings.

So the very idea of investigating conservative scandals is itself a scandal in conservative eyes. This, above all, is the change in overarching attitude that distorts everything we are living through, and makes the Watergate model so woefully outdated when it comes to understanding what we’re up against now.


mt-you are the person hidalgo wants to pretend does not exist. too bad for him i know this is about the Arationality template because i read the footnotes and buy the books.

my kids all think mam is a first class nerd.

Trump sump pump

Republicans love RULE of Law as a convenience.

Cherry pickers.

Man Tran

On topic for a change, the failed NYT article mentions the Tonapah solar facility which was the one that nearly blinded me at FL260. Sheesh.


How likely would this have been the punishment if these "memes" had been anti-deplorable?


First draft

It was confirmed this weekend that everything in the world is about Donald Trump. The London bombings were somehow about his immigration policies. I’m not sure how that works anywhere but in his tiny mind. The Insult Comedian also decided it was time to go another round with London Mayor Sadiq Khan. I call it kicking someone when they’re down, but it’s just another day for the WWE/reality teevee president*. Khan’s staff kicked back and got the best of the exchange. It’s usually easy to outargue idiots except in the minds of other idiots. Too many people are worried about placating those idiots. Fuck them.

I spent quite a bit of time in London when the IRA was still actively bombing British targets during The Troubles. I don’t recall people blaming all Catholics for the Provos terrorist campaign. I recall some bad Pat and Mike-style Irish jokes but no calls for internment. Most Brits don’t scare that easily: memories of the Blitz are part of their DNA. That old school stiff upper lip comes in mighty handy at times like this, eh wot? We’ll leave the bed wetting to Trump sycophant Nigel Farage.

Let’s not kid ourselves that Trump’s clumsy attempt to manipulate public opinion after a terrorist attack is anything new. The Bush-Cheney administration waved the bloody flag of 9/11 until the bitter end. It worked during the first term, but eventually people started tuning them out except the same idiots who take Trump seriously. Repeat after me: fuck them.

My favorite response to Trump’s twitter antics came from Never Trump Republican and WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin:

One is prompted to ask if he is off his rocker. But this is vintage Trump — impulsive and cruel, without an ounce of class or human decency. His behavior no longer surprises us, but it should offend and disturb us, first, that he remains the face and voice of America in the world and, second, that his fans hoot and holler, seeing this as inconsequential or acceptable conduct.

You may recall that Ms Rubin was so pro-Romney in 2012 that we called her his girl friend. I’m not sure if the worm has turned or she woke up and smelled the coffee, but I take special delight in the Never Trump conservatives who refused to sell their souls to the Orange Devil. Most Republican office holders have been binge drinking Trump’s orange Kool-Aid. I eagerly await the hangover.

I officially apologize for the string of cliches in the previous paragraph. It’s what happens when you spend too much time analyzing the Darnold’s thought process. Besides, they worked; certainly harder than the golfer-in-chief.

Just remember, folks: it’s Trump’s world. We only live in it. Since Difford and Tilbrook provided the post title, Squeeze gets the last word:

Old Lurker

Jimmy, yes I know a lot of CS jobs are hard to get fired, but what got my attention in the London's guy story is that Obama had "installed" him in his acting slot just three days before the inauguration. I say anyone Obama installed after the election should have been assumed to be an embedded enemy agent and I wish Trump had gotten a list of all such appointments Nov 8 - Jan 20, fired every one he could, then transferred all the others to Prudoe Bay or worse.

Old Lurker

London Guy's

Old Lurker

Or Gitmo would have been ironic.

Clarice Feldman

The Saudi-Egyptian action was greeted with consternation in Turkey, which also supports the Muslim Brotherhood and has maintained an on-again, off-again relationship with Hamas. Qatar has been a key source of financing for Turkey and a major source of new foreign direct investment. President Trump’s stern warning to Muslim leaders last month that they had to extirpate extremism evidently has teeth. Beating up Qatar sends a message to the Turks that they have to behave themselves.

Meanwhile the Trump Administration (according to veteran reporter Laura Rozen at AI-Monitor) is conducting quiet negotiations with Russia to settle the Syrian mess by dividing the country into zones of separation. Negotiating with Russia is a tricky business, and requires showing an iron fist under the velvet glove. Iran is Russia’s ally-of-convenience in Syria, and the Trump Administration’s campaign to isolate Iran is a warning to Russia. By kicking Russia’s dog, Washington is sending a message that it is willing to walk away from the deal–a precondition for any successful deal, per Trump’s rule number one in “The Art of the Deal.”

It is ironic that the foreign policy establishment, which presided over the disintegration of two Arab states (Syria and Libya) and brought the region to the verge of a new Thirty Years’ War, questions the basic competence of the Trump White House. The conduct of American policy was abysmal under the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations; Trump, by contrast, has made startlingly rapid progress in cleaning up the mess.


interesting. http://johnconlin.typepad.com/about.html

littleton colorado is where a very famous high school is located where a tremendous tragedy occurred.

about the time he started that consulting business in the mid-80s is when the high schools in that area, began piloting the achieving excellence template that bela banathy, ervin laszlo, mihaly csiksentmihalyi and others in the general evolution research group had developed to get at consciousness via education and drive a cultural evolution below the radar. it was run by mcrel, the ed lab in nearby aurora.

co remains a ground zero state for where tranzi obe first began. right now most arguments asserted in the name of 'individual freedom' and 'limited government' seem to end up with the communitarianism template if you scratch the surface or read the footnotes.

Transylvania Trump

Elsewhere at Camp Runamuck, we discover that the president* gobsmacked his national security team in his speech about NATO, and that he might have decided to pull the country out of the Paris Accords on the basis of an argument you can hear from the dumbest drunk at the clubhouse bar.

Happy Monday. It's chaos in America.


Frank Lucas made the ridiculous claim that he was smuggling heroin in the coffins of American serviceman coming him from Vietnam. In truth Ron chapudiak revealed a contact of his a sgt stkinson brought in hollowed out furniture. Most of the pther claims in the screenplay also turned out to be false, including Lucas cooperation in giving up law enforcement.

Janet the expert 🚬

an old post about another 'person of interest' in the whole Clinton private server crime -

"BONUS: The State Department’s Chief Information Officer, who should have stopped the Clinton email server? Well, well, she retired from State a few months before Hillary left, into a nice job at the IMF. It pays to be a winner!

- See more at: http://wemeantwell.com/blog/2015/08/05/man-who-ran-clintons-personal-email-server-worked-for-state-department/#sthash.NitjqdKi.dpuf


Susan Swart - " As CIO, she leads the department’s Information Resource Management (IRM) Bureau and oversees State’s total IT budget of about $1 billion.

One of the cornerstone initiatives she worked on as State CIO was a desktop and data-center consolidation plan known as the State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset, or SMART.

Under her watch, State also began piloting projects for mobile applications."

Transylvania Trump

Of course it was ridiculous that one of the dead at Lockerbie was the CIA chief of Beirut on his way to DC with his suitcase filled with 500k of coke.

Man Tran

As Buckeye can affirm, Wexner supposedly financed the Limited with white powder coming in from SE Asia with his clothing.

Transylvania Trump

It should be mentioned that he had custody of the evidence CIA is dirty with drugs. They killed all yhose people to get one guy?


So after enlisting a jihadist army that may be connected with this weekend's slaughter as with as Manchester, abedi was part of battal Libi the same outfit behind bataclan and malbeek. Soon to be down the memory hole.


Gee Gwen, you first.



Some time ago, I asked you where you got your intelligence information from and you said that you obtained it from public sources.

I have long since given up reading anything in detail from John R. Schindler, but I occasionally look at his XX Committee to see if he appears any saner.

In a late May article he included this:

"At the request of NSA officials, I will not name the specific individuals that DO personnel are on the lookout for in SIGINT intercepts, but allow me to establish that the list includes virtually all key members of Team Trump."

I wonder if this is just fluff, or is he really in contact with NSA officials?


The “mystery” of Porter Goss’ resignation last month as CIA Director is apparently directly related to the huge seizure in Mexico several weeks earlier of over 5.5 tons of cocaine, according to government documents recently obtained by the The MadCowMorningNews.

After Goss’s surprise resignation last month he told reporters his reason for resigning was "just one of those mysteries," offering no other explanation for his sudden departure after almost two years on the job.

Goss’ resignation appears to be connected to the unprecedented withholding by the Federal Aviation Administration of the registration records for the DC9 (N900SA) which more than six weeks ago was caught carrying a cargo of five-and-a-half tons of cocaine, neatly packed into 126 identical black suitcases at a jungle airstrip in the Yucatan.

At the time of the plane’s seizure on April 11, FAA officials stated the aircraft’s title records would become available to reporters within two weeks. Six weeks later that statement, in a phrase famous from the Watergate Scandal, has been rendered “inoperative.”

CIA "front" company "Who's Who"
!11!N120ONEHowever, the MadCowMorningNews was successful in obtaining the FAA records last week of the confiscated plane’s sister ship, an identical twin DC9 (N120NE) owned and operated by the same partnership. Both aircraft, painted to resemble U.S. Government aircraft from the Department of Homeland Security, were parked for several years at the general aviation terminal at Clearwater St Petersburg International Airport.

The registration records reveal that the past 'owners' of "Cocaine One's" identical twin are well-known 'front' companies of America's Central Intelligence Agency.

The twin to the DC9 bursting with 5.5 tons of cocaine is a CIA plane.

The plane’s owners over the past two decades, in fact, comprise a virtual Who’s Who of aviation companies known to serve as “fronts” for the CIA, whose true identities came to light during the Iran Contra Scandal.

Moreover, the FAA’s reluctance to release the registration of “Cocaine One,” which should already be a matter of public record, is the clearest possible indication that those registration records will disclose the same thing.

GlennBrentRosieSign5.5 tons cocaine… AND a missing $300 million?
At least three companies to which “Cocaine One’s” twin was registered have been looted, to the overall tune of almost $300 million dollars. The plane's owners have left a trail of tears for investors, engaging in massive financial fraud, of a particular kind…

Sociologists call it “state-sponsored crime.”

Innocent investors and shareholders get swindled, the bad guys get away, and newspapers go silent. There is clearly something about these particular DC9’s which give their owners a license to treat shareholders and investors like marks, and steal millions from ordinary citizens.

Working backwards from the present, the plane’s registered owner at the time it was busted was SkyWay Aircraft, the only tangible asset of SkyWay Communications Holding, a firm whose existence, as we’ve previously seen, served as nothing more than a meager excuse to run a penny stock fraud scam which bilked investors of a reported $40 million dollars… in less than three years.

SkyWay shareholders will no doubt be gratified to learn that the bankruptcy of the firm seems not to have adversely affected the firm’s top officers financially.

SkyWay’s 74 yr. old Chairman Glenn Kovar is currently building a six bedroom vacation chalet on a lake several miles north of Ducktown, Tennessee, tucked away in a picturesque rural setting boasting splendid whitewater rafting.

What luck to be in Ducktown with a fellow "snuggle person"
ALCoveraKovar, apparently eager to beginning to fill the six bedrooms in his new manse, has an online dating profile which reveals, among other things, that he's eager to convey that he's a romantic kind of guy, the kind who likes to take long walks on the beach at sunset.

The affect is somewhat marred by the fact he don't spell two good: “basicly i'm a romantic, touch and snuggle person,” Chairman Kovar enthuses.

There is also this nugget, which we hope a prosecuting attorney someday asks him about, preferably under oath: “i'm fortunate to be a senior advisor to the us congress and have dined with the president.”

Who might that be, Chairman Glenn? Do tell.

Beyond mocking a man who needs mocking, in the same way Southern lawmen talk about a particularly brutal criminal who "needs killing," these details are important because, incredibly…

Kovar and his son are preparing another scheme. A source in Ducktown contacted us after speaking with the obviously relaxed Glenn Kovar, and told us us Kovar and his son Brent are in business together in a new venture, working hand in hand with the Dept. of Homeland Security.

The development is troubling, in the same way going to bed on an ordinary school night and waking up in Oz might be.

In a world of uncertainty, a reliable record of shady self-dealing
ramybabyBut SkyWay, which only lost $40 million of investors money, is an absolute paragon of excellence, corporate governance-wise, when compared to the DC9's previous owner…

Genesis Aviation is one of several dozen company fronts, all of which contain the name “Genesis” in the title, controlled by one of the key figures in the Iran Contra scandal, Saudi billionaire and long-time CIA asset Adnan Khashoggi.

Last month the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Khashoggi and Ramy Al Batrawi, his lieutenant for the past 20 years, with stock fraud in U.S. District Court for Central California. The men are accused of orchestrating a $130 million fraud involving the stock price of GenesisIntermedia.

When the helpful Khashoggi worked with Oliver North to sell arms to Iran, Ramy El-Batrawi was there, as president of a Khashoggi company, Jetborne International, indicted for illegally ferrying TOW missiles to Iran, an “enterprise” which netted someone—though not the U.S. Government or the Contras it was supposedly funding—a tidy bit of change.

Apparently neither man learned that crime doesn’t pay, because Adnan and Ramy’s recent pilferage make the Kovars look like kids stealing a candy bar from a 7-11 after school.

“Just three months after the company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), the nearly $17 million raised in the offering was gone,” read one wire service story.

“The creative dealings of defendant El-Batrawi partly explains how this money disappeared so quickly,” reported the AP.

Making money disappear since before you were born
“El-Batrawi had a side deal called "Trade Your Way to Riches," and he thus arranged to have its mailing lists sold to Genesis for $3.8 million of the proceeds lifted from the IPO. Additionally El-Batrawi gave himself $362,149 for flying himself around in his private!!ramy plane to promote the deal on the IPO. road show.”

Another area where Glenn and Brent Kovar might learn something from past master Khashoggi is how, in your financial fraud’s aftermath, to make yourself scarce…

“Lawyers for Mr. El-Batrawi and Mr. Khashoggi could not be immediately located for comment,” reported the L.A. Times. “An SEC lawyer, Kara Brockmeyer, said the agency had not determined who their lawyers were. Mr. El- Batrawi has no listed telephone number in Los Angeles, and Mr. Khashoggi's whereabouts is not known, according to the complaint.”

The SEC may be interested to learn what The MadCowMorningNews discovered El-Batrawi doing a year ago. The high-roller was spending millions gambling in Vegas, where he flew by private jet. The TV show “Casino Diaries” even profiled him in action.

The DC9 has also been “owned” by Finova Capital, revealed in the early 90’s as a CIA front which also “owned” the C123 military cargo plane used by notorious drug smuggler and CIA pilot Barry Seal, which was later shot down over Nicaragua with Eugene Hasenfus onboard.

The 5.5 ton DC9 flight: A tribute to Fawn Hall?
fawnThe crash cracked open the Iran Contra Scandal, and inspired an ambitious burst of emergency damage control by Lt. Colonel Oliver North, who embarked on a three-day shredding spree reportedly designed to remove any trace of Barry Seal's name from his files.

U.S. officials vehemently denied the plane belonged to the CIA.

At the time the plane was registered to General John Singlaub’s Southern Air Transport. Much later, Southern Air Transport went bankrupt, and the proceedings revealed that the company had been owned by an entity called Finova Capital, a CIA front company set up in Arizona and headquartered in Canada to escape American financial disclosure requirements.

By that time, in 1998, no one was paying any attention, so the CIA’s use of front companies had once again been successful.

Before Finova, the DC9 belonged, or, to use the spook phrase, “been parked” with a company called Greyhound Leasing of Phoenix, AZ.

Christian Soldat

The free world…all of Christendom…is at war with Islamic horror. Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals. Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter. Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identity them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.


There is a clique of these mensch* fmr puzzle palace employees including Susan Hennessey who are big nutz crazy. But it seems unlikely considering what we know about the timeline of events.


More lib heads exploding:

FOX Business‏Verified account @FoxBusiness 50m50 minutes ago

Happening Now: President @realDonaldTrump unveils plan to privatize air traffic control. Watch LIVE: http://bit.ly/2rX2XaZ

Christian Soldat

What is really behind this blockade against Qatar is an attack on another aspect of its liberalism. Qatar is unenthusiastic about the USA/Israel/Saudi de facto alliance, which has already been in evidence for a couple of years, and which the Trump mission to the Middle East looked to turbocharge. Qatar refused to endorse the overthrow of Egypt’s democratically elected President by the CIA-backed military coup of General Sisi. Qatar also has deep reservations about the Saudi Wahhabist mission to spread sectarian war against the Shia across the Middle East. Qatar further deserves praise because the plight of the Palestinians is a far higher priority for Doha than it is for Riyadh. The Saudis have no problem with selling out the Palestinians completely to secure their own standing with the Western elites and further their rivalry with Iran.

The extent to which Qatar has been able to act upon its different instincts to its much larger and more powerful neighbour has been limited, and by and large it has been obliged to go along with the Saudis in the Gulf Cooperation Council without expressing too much dissent. It is Trump’s visit and the desire of the Saudis to increase the security coordination with the USA and Israel which has forced the Qatari Royal Family to take a stand of principle, which sadly they are unlikely to be unable to maintain in the face of the blockade..


Small particle of brain remains doesn't qualify henry.

Jim Eagle

Most modern products require
more knowledge than what a single person can hold


MT has already addressed this from his experience but I call full BS on the premise. What is "modern"? Is a NASCAR or Indy race car modern? If it is then there are thousands of people who can build one from the ground up, including all components. Well maybe things like batteries are off the shelf but the skills and engineering technology are not.

I don't know too many engineering schools that don't require student projects that make Rube Goldberg look like a caveman. Simple, functional and multi disciplined, just like MT's experience and expertise.

I had a young guy working for me on a coal-fired plant who was a graduate of Brooklyn Tech. His dad had been the Chief Engineer of Rheingold brewery. My guy, lets call him Joe, followed his dad around from high school to college learning plant engineering job skills. He was almost indispensible since if we had bearings burn out instead of waiting for weeks for new ones, he would hightail to the local machine shop and make quality temporary ones to keep the plant on-line.

I could list other instances in my career where engineers, technicians and operators kept things running or improved just from their skill and learned abilities. Can't really comment on his idea that no one has the solitary skill to build a computer but I remember building ham radio receivers, tuners, hi-fi systems and antennae from Heath Kits.

He obviously has never hung an engine off a shade tree:)

Jim Eagle

...forget that "indispensable" at top.....


Greenfield sees the Qatar cutoff as partly a Sunni vs Shiite battle, but still with some positives.


Captain Hate

Gwen Moore, rocket surgeon.


First attacker is khurram butt i believe that is pakistani second is rashid radouane algerian


Heh. Unlike our genius, Qatar won't be hoodwinked by the Sods.


Criminy ! Hasn't everyone disrespected toady Trump?

"Four months into his presidency, Donald Trump has filled only five of the 53 top jobs at the Pentagon – the slowest pace for nominations and confirmations in over half a century.

Several of his high-profile picks, including Navy and Army secretary nominees, have had to withdraw because of their business entanglements. In other cases, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has clashed with the White House, which has blacklisted national security and defense leaders who publicly disagreed with Trump during the 2016 campaign, according to several current and former defense officials.

“In the vetting process there is a lot of scrutiny of social media accounts, Twitter . . . any hint of something negative about Trump as a candidate can be disqualifying, and a lot of people haven’t made it through that filter,” said Christine Wormuth, who served as the Pentagon’s top policy official from 2014 to 2016, under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/white-house/article154052384.html#storylink=cpy




Cost fellow was part of chawdarys merry band of maniacs


There's a third fellow who may be the ring leader

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce: have the London Mayor and Zippy ever been seen together? Why have there been no consequences for how security agencies fucked up on Omar Mateen?


CNBC just reported that one of the dead Brit Islamic murderers may not actually be a Brit citizen.


Clarice Feldman

narciso has in his head such a fabulous memory that he could draw from emory a diagram of all the terrorist connections. Beats our preposterous IT hands down.


Thanks clarice these people were in a bbc doc called the jihadist next door they have a imdb credit for Pete's sake.


"Thanks clarice these people were in a bbc doc called the jihadist next door they have a imdb credit for Pete's sake."

Probably ensured the production received extra government funding.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Posting this just for the graphic at the top.



Effendi butt worked in food service and in the tube system isn't that reassuring Redstone is said to be Moroccan or libyan,
Harry 'snapper organd' of a division is in the case.


What is this a python sketch gone horribly wrong, oh he may have Irish citizenship btw

Jim Eagle


Irish ID card doesn't mean citizenship.

Ralph L

So, MSM can turn on Clinton, but we'll never forgive the MSM.
Remember how they turned on both in Jan 2001 over Marc Rich, WH furniture theft, and the classless rally at Andrews AFB during the Bush inaugural. That didn't last long, did it?


Its Musk, so who knows... robot car factory. assembly line at 1 meter per second.

I don't know how he gets parts in to keep it going... but I have seen fast pick & place surface mount robots.

Dave (in MA)



Trump vs. Mr. Conway


Conway actually gave up his bid for the civil division last week.

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