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June 06, 2017



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Captain Hate

I don't think anybody mentioned this but Jim Piersall RIP.



Relief is immediate. Add turmeric and it actually recedes.

How about the bigger issue of drugs re-entering the US grey market Mr Pharma?


Ugh, knee issues, thanks for reminding me TM (ouch).

Jim Eagle

Every day I am reminded of my new knee:)


br: Covfefe is a new "wavelength"

“Kenneth, what is the covfefe?”


is covfefe the new knee?


chondroitin stash found? Office next to London Bridge ordered evacuated.

Buford Gooch

Whenever my knee pain gets bad, I take a glucosamine-chondroitin combination. (The brand I use is MoveFree). I take it for a month or so and my knees stop hurting. I usually don't have to take it again for a couple of years.

matt, deplore me if you must

Covfefe means winning bigly.

So the mayor of Londonistan wants to enforce his own sharia on Trump. How very pathetic. "Nothing to see here, move along".

I was thinking back to the days when the Brits really knew how to deal with terrorists in Northern Ireland. It seems that they have lost their appetite for it.

In 1984 after the Brighton bombing, the IRA said "Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once. You will have to be lucky always".

There is truth in that statement, but there is no excuse for sloppy intelligence work or any form of political correctness. Boston, London, Berlin, Manchester, San Bernardino; we should have seen them coming.

And no apologies, no consequences for the people who screwed up. Where are the Muslim patriots infiltrating the hate mosques? Hell, why didn't the police follow up on the citizen reports on the Manchester and London terrorists?

And why is the media silent?


tk, liked that analogy to the birth certificates last thread, good points.

Anyway, back to Reality. I wonder if her lib social media presence is too pat. The Air Force isn't famous for producing traitors; I guess it's too out there to wonder if she's an exposed good guy that the IC has disposed of?

Or maybe there's a new rift between the Intercept and Assange, and that's somehow a factor. Or maybe it's a little odd that MeAgain's interview with Putin is followed up by this story on the next business day. I dunno.

Jim Eagle

I think it was JimNorCal who was looking for summer reading for an incoming 7th grader. Well Frederick's school just published their summer reading list. Here are the books recommended for incoming 7th graders:

Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings
Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi
My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier

Frederick has read Tom Sawyer and My Brother Sam. Loved them both but then he is a boy and I think JimNorCal's kid is a girl.


Buford, just looked at that Move Free and that sounds like the ticket, now have to figure out if it's cheaper on ebay or Amazon. Thanks!


Maybe. I dunno..

You're slipping on the JOM banana peel.


I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback dumped at a shelter because of a gimp.

After a year of turmeric paste and GC, she is gimp free.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Shouldn't they be Zimbabwean Ridgebacks if one wishes to avoid being a racist?


Rhodesian Ridgeback

Handsome, handsome dog.


"So the mayor of Londonistan wants to enforce his own sharia on Trump. How very pathetic. "Nothing to see here, move along"'

No, it's just that the man who boasted about finger-raping multiple women, holding them down and inserting his index into their vaginal cavities as they screamed and begged for help is deemed a bit of a scumbag amongst more morally superior nations.

This IS about moral superiority.

America is the only country in the world that willingly elected a man who boasted about his sexual assault exploits.....and did so with overwhelmingly evangelical support.

The president is a scumbag.


Like a Besenji, she has characteristics undoglike.

Doesn't bark much, growls like a lion and sings her words.


Just who are the morally superior, duda? List some of the latter-day saints for me, I'm having trouble recognizing them.

Captain Hate

dumbassdave pining for the moral purity of the Kennedy trash.

Captain Hate

Ridgebacks are great dogs and fast as double A fuelers in a straight line. Teddy has a friend, Carlo, who disperses coyotes rather quickly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

So, I am busy doing laundry and not paying attention, and granddaughter now (with the help of a friend) now has purple hair dye all over her hair.

August cannot come soon enough for me. Sorry, but I am all done with teens.

Get off my lawn.


Question of the day:

"And why is the media silent?"

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Via Drudge: Paris: Police respond to incident at Notre Dame
Man with a hammer attacks policeman. Shot dead.

Another great opportunity for Hillary to "to reach out to the world, to understand more about what is happening, to achieve mutual understanding."

Good Morning.

Just in from an Air China domestic flight as a passenger from Shanghai to Guangzhou. Nothing like it to raise 'character building' up to 11:)


I remember some outfit hiring lip-readers to report on what Bill Clinon and Vernon Jordan talked about on golf outings. The answer was generalized as "locker room stuff". During MonicaGate someone asked Vernon outright what they discussed, and he obligingly answered, "We talk pussy." Newsweek reported that as "We talk pu**y" and Time as "We talk p****" ... at which point then and future MSM interest in reporting male banter between friends who are Dems became anathema.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

When your mayor is demonstrated to be a moron by a porn star;

--"Mehdi Hasan


There is, by definition, only one way to really defeat terrorism.

To refuse to be terrorized.#London
9:51 PM - 3 Jun 2017"--


--"Jenna Jameson


I suggest killing them...
6:00 PM - 5 Jun 2017"--

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Billboard in Indianapolis.



Miss M, think a picture of the "perfect man" would make the offended happier?


Is that sign in D-IN Andre Carson's district? Awesome.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, it is! Popped up on my local news feed this morning.

No one wants to mention Carson's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, but they are there. Local talk radio goes on about it, but not much in the paper or local TV.

He got his position because the inner city of Indianapolis knew him as Julia Carson's grandson. She had built up loyal voters through her work as a township trustee, handing out extra help fro welfare recipients.

He's a complate zero, even without the ties to the MB.


Dennis Prager on JPod, Jonah Goldbrick, and the rest of the usual suspects:

A Response to My Conservative Critics About Trump


Brilliant to omit the name that matches the facts.


"Paris police say an unidentified assailant has attacked a police officer near the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the officer then shot and wounded the attacker."

Safety concerns will drive tourism choices more and more. Why risk being a sitting duck in Britain? I'm old enough to remember when Americans loved to visit Egypt and climb the pyramids. There must have been huge numbers of Egyptians involved in that once thriving industry.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Jared Kushner said that he didn't realize how bad things were until he got out past his Manhattan bubble. He said the campaign changed him.

Jonah needs a road trip through the Midwest and the Rust Belt.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Before the election, it seems to me the objections to Trump were that he couldn't win, that he wouldn't know how to govern, that he would make us a laughing stock on the world stage, and that he would backstab us with the Supreme court appointment.

What exactly is their objection to him now?


purple hair dye all over her hair

Why? Was it to be like the others or to be different? Is she comfortable in her own skin? If so, why change her hair? If not, why not?

... Questions that need not be asked or answered.


Yikes, anyone taken a look at the picture of Reality Winner on Drudge? You are forewarned.


"Just who are the morally superior, duda"



Drudge pic flatters RW, compared to this one which says more about her imo.

Captain Hate

When your mayor is demonstrated to be a moron by a porn star

I love how Jenna beclowns those fools and is a porn survivor in terms of not becoming a victim of drug addiction or suicide and by all accounts is living very happily. There's still something old fashioned about me that's bothered by the porn past, and at the most benign reading how it reduces sex to a commodity. Maybe it's how my youngest daughter once rocked me on my heels by telling me "you and Mom think about sex differently than my generation".

Dave (in MA)
pining for the moral purity of the Kennedy trash.
Not to mention the Cigar Shoving putative husband of Hillary.

"you and Mom think about sex differently than my generation"

Umm. Neither of the above would be my answer. I would not go back to the 1950s-60s. Nor am I comfortable with the cheapness of today.


I'm old enough to remember when Americans loved to visit Egypt and climb the pyramids. There must have been huge numbers of Egyptians involved in that once thriving industry.


A favorite family photo is my entire family in @1962 all sitting on camels in front of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, and wearing Arab headdresses to boot. I was the littlest so I'm propped up in front of Pop on his camel. We are surrounded by white robed Arab Tour Guides leading each camel. No telling how much Tourist business has been lost since the Luxor Tourist massacres of 30 years ago.

I specifically noticed on my Paris trip last month, while sitting on my regular cafe stool at my regular table just across from Notre Dame Cathedral, how reduced the tourism numbers seemed to be, and especially so as it was in such spectacular weather. The heavily armed Gendarmes and para-military guys were as prevalent as they have been in the the last few years, but the crowds sure seemed seriously diminished to my untrained eye.


Robert Tracinski @Tracinski

Hey, @nytimes, I'm sure humanitarian aid workers in the Mideast appreciate the target you just put on their backs.
Aid Coordinator in Yemen Had Secret Job Overseeing U.S. Military Shipments

WASHINGTON — An American kidnapped two years ago in Yemen while helping coordinate aid for Unicef and the Red Cross also had a second, secret role: He was shipping materials for elite military commandos under a clandestine contract his employer had with the Pentagon. The arrangement with Special Operations forces has never been made public.

The former hostage, Scott Darden, was the Yemen country director for Transoceanic Development, a New Orleans-based logistics company that specializes in transporting cargo to the world’s most dangerous hot spots. It belongs to a small group of firms that provide humanitarian aid to famine-stricken women and children at the same time that they help set up safe houses and supply networks for the military’s secret kill-or-capture commando units.

Mr. Darden’s work offers a rare look into the shadowy world of military contractors that operate in lawless war zones like Yemen, Somalia and Libya. But arrangements like the one Transoceanic had with Special Operations forces can cast suspicion over aid workers, potentially putting them in harm’s way, and can jeopardize humanitarian efforts in countries that depend on relief organizations.


Dave (in MA)

Fourth Estate Fifth Column.

Captain Hate

Mr. Darden’s work offers a rare look into the shadowy world of military contractors that operate in lawless war zones like Yemen, Somalia and Libya. But arrangements like the one Transoceanic had with Special Operations forces can cast suspicion over aid workers, potentially putting them in harm’s way, and can jeopardize humanitarian efforts in countries that depend on relief organizations.

So when the humanitarian efforts get shut down because of this reporting, what will Carlos Slim do?


Before the election, it seems to me the objections to Trump were that he couldn't win, that he wouldn't know how to govern, that he would make us a laughing stock on the world stage, and that he would backstab us with the Supreme court appointment.

What exactly is their objection to him now?

That he won, that he knows how to govern, that he hasn't made us a laughing stock on the world stage, and that he hasn't backstabbed us with his Supreme Court appointment:)

Ralph L

I had a cortisone shot in my knee when I was 30. Not something I wish to repeat, but it worked.
The needle twisting around really, really hurt.


What a treasure, daddy. I hope you were old enough to remember that trip.

About 16 yrs. ago, our oldest did a semester abroad at St. Andrews with 3 close Sewanee friends in England, France, and Germany. Breaks found them traveling together all over Europe by rail without fear, which is hard to believe today. I know I couldn't take the worry now.


...all of which confirms them to have been idiots after all, daddy

Captain Hate

The Children of the Cornhole must have talked with the Mailman's son:

Dear Trump Appointees: Quit Your Jobs or Lose Your Souls
For those who made a moral calculation in joining the administration, the time to reconsider has arrived.
By Brian Beutler

Trump’s Staff Is in Denial, But World Leaders Aren’t
The White House says Trump's words don't matter. No one's buying it.
By Jeet Heer

Wonder Woman Is Propaganda
Why debating the “feminist” stakes of a movie about American military ideology is a laughable prospect.
By Josephine Livingstone

How Brexit Looms Over the British Elections
Wales was once an impregnable Labour stronghold. Now many of its voters want to make the U.K. great again.
By Samuel Earle

How Medical Bills Harm Us All
Elisabeth Rosenthal's new book 'An American Sickness' traces the effects of profit in American health care.
By Adam Gaffney


our national discord is about lack of character rather than intelligence


Re that NYT piece - words fail, except that they are despicable.


"Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will interview former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden during a Friday evening event in Park City, Utah, at the invitation-only summit. The speaker lineup for what is traditionally a gathering of Romney allies is packed with high-profile Republicans, among them House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain"


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I asked. She likes how it looks.

I do not. In my opinion she could better spend her time cleaning her room or getting a different job.


Frau  Steingehirn

"Just who are the morally superior, duda"

Ted Kennedy: The Senator of Sleaze who was a drunk sexual bully... and left a young woman to die.

A writer once noted: 'Ted Kennedy born and bred to act like the last of the Regency rakes: to be a boor when it pleases him, to take what he wants, to treat women as score markers in the game of sexual sport and to revel in high stakes risks.'

One congressional aide, just 16, told of being propositioned by Kennedy from the back seat of his limousine in Capitol Hill. She testified that he leaned from the window, waved a wine bottle and asked whether she or a friend she was with wanted to join him.

He reeked of drink by nine in the morning and could be relied on to be bawling drunk at four in the afternoon. In Washington's top La Brasserie restaurant, he once threw a waitress over a table in a private room and tried to have sex with her. LUN

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.


If Caro is in Park City, would she get to ask the GOPe squishes attending to explain why they are not supporting the policies of those who voted for and elected elected President Trump?

Then she can ask what part of the swamp they live in should trump drain first.


Then Caro can ask what they plan to do in their next job.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

I always remember that Orrin Hatch was one of Kennedy's best friends in the Senate, even speaking at his funeral.

Of course, dealing with Trump was oodles worse than Kennedy.

James D

So when the humanitarian efforts get shut down because of this reporting, what will Carlos Slim do?

Blame President Trump and the Republicans, of course!


Re that NYT piece - words fail, except that they are despicable.

The NYT also outed D'Andrea the other day.


Only liars knew he would win

What exactly is their objection to him now?

That he won..

Few thought he could Barnum and Bailey to the end. Clearly he has unlimited reserves.

Captain Hate

Chardonnay/Mitt 2020 - Refill The Swamp *hic* *shart*



He's on a Worldwide Tour.

Reinventing himself as the jolly elf in the Trump Model (Edsel)


Clarice, regarding your Dennis Prager on conservatives saying this is not war.

Critics argue it is not a war because it is not violence, but when violence is done to the conventional meaning of words, postmodern progressives torpedo civil society.


Whether it turns out to be “Comey Week” or “Rogers Week” or something else entirely, the story of the 2016 election keeps getting more unfriendly to its presidential victor. It would be ironic if the 45th president turned out to be a stone loser in the slow unveiling of what actually happened.

James D

Critics argue it is not a war because it is not violence

I guess those critics have forgotten about:

Trump supporters who were attacked after attending rallies.

Scott Walker supporters whose homes were invaded in Nazi-style pre-dawn raids.

Business owners whose businesses were looted or burned during BLM riots.

Speakers and students who were attacked by leftist thugs during campus events.

Police officers who were shot and killed by BLM-inspired murderers.

Business owners forced out of business by hostile prog bureaucrats.

I could go on and on and on and on and on...

Very good at making enemies.

Be nice to people on your way up. You'll probably run into a lot of them on the way down.

Trump and Putin think we're all Rubes

This 'POPULISM is another grifter lie.


I propose that the powers that be hire some high school kids or retirees to monitor the SM of these "high level top secret clearance" people. Since it is obvious that they do not possess the common sense that God gave a goose nor do they have the integrity to do a simple search of public postings by applicants, this seems a very low-cost way to solve this problem.

How many more "Realities" are out there? Do we believe she is another lone wolf? Nope!

Greetings from Grifttopia

Mr. Danziger, a longtime hotel executive who previously led Wyndham Hotels, said the first American Idea hotels would open in the Mississippi Delta, but he rejected the idea that the electoral map of 2016 would become a blueprint for picking future locations. Mr. Trump sometimes hands out a version of the map to White House visitors, showing blue dots in and around major cities (indicating support for Mrs. Clinton) and wide stretches of red (signaling votes for Mr. Trump) nearly everywhere else.


Pundits galore,

"Comey, Comey, Comey"

"Russia, Russia Russia"

"Tweets, Tweets, Tweets"

All day, everyday.

Dave (in MA)

Posted by: sbw | June 06, 2017 at 01:11 PM, for brevity you could have just typed your last five words.

Captain Hate

For those of you who remember about the doe who was missing part of her lower front leg who would come in our back yard with her fawn and we'd feed her and Junior apples; she's still around. She has her summer tan color and has been hanging around the last few days and in one instance driving off a young buck. She wasn't big and we were wondering if deer menopause had happened. Welp, just a few minutes ago I saw a young fawn which had probably been hiding in the trees behind the back yard.


Two summers ago, my daughter was living in London on a study abroad project. I imagine there are many American parents who are in that boat right now. I would be a basket case if she were there now.

That London mayor is a piece of work. But it also gives me pause to think that he was apparently elected by the majority of Londoners. A lethal combination of Muslim immigrants and clueless natives believing the steady diets they are fed by the press. "If we just elect a Muslim mayor we will show how tolerant we are and everyone will *love* us so!"

Old Lurker

Tell me the truth.

If you saw this story, wouldn't you assume it is because Trump dumped the Paris Accords:


The biggest clown in the hall



A Response to My Conservative Critics About Trump
Dennis Prager | June 06, 2017


A Response to My Conservative Critics About Trump
Writers never know when something they write will strike a nerve -- or, in the common phrase of the internet, "go viral."
Yet my last column, "Why Conservatives Still Attack Trump" did both. Aside from being reprinted on almost every conservative website, Newsweek published the column, and The New York Times quoted it.

More importantly, many major conservative writers responded to it, mostly in disagreement.

It is interesting that the column elicited so much attention. Maybe, like the man who bit the dog, an articulate case by a mainstream conservative in support of the president is so rare that people felt a need to publish it and respond to it.

Whatever the reason, I feel compelled to respond to some of the disagreements.

At Least One Democrat Is a Fan of Extreme Vetting
Before doing so, I want to note the respectful tone that permeated virtually every one of the disagreeing columns. We have enough cannibals on the left without conservatives eating each other up.

After reading the responses, I feel confident in saying that they confirmed my primary thesis: Anti-Trump conservatives do not believe that Americans are fighting what I call the Second Civil War, while pro-Trump conservatives do.

Indeed, Jonah Goldberg in National Review said as much. He denied that we are in the midst of a civil war on two grounds: One is that it is not violent, and the other is that we are fighting a "culture war," not a civil war.

Whenever I write about the subject, I almost always note that this Second Civil War is not violent. I never thought that the word "war" must always include violence. The word is frequently used in nonviolent contexts: the war against cancer, the war between the sexes, the war against tobacco, the Cold War and myriad other nonviolent wars.

Perhaps Goldberg would respond that he did not write that all wars are violent, only that all civil wars are violent. But if there are nonviolent wars, there can be nonviolent civil wars.

Nevertheless, what most disturbs me is his second argument -- articulated in various ways by most of those who disagreed with me -- that there is simply no civil war. And many repeated the universal belief among Never-Trumpers that a Hillary Clinton victory would not have been a catastrophe.

My response is that "culture war" is much too tepid a term for what is going on now. Maybe anti-Trump conservatives are fighting a "culture war," but the left is not. The left is working to undo the American Revolution. It's very close to doing so.

Of all people, one would think Jonah Goldberg would understand this. He is the author of what I consider to be a modern classic, "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of Change."

His book leads to one conclusion: We are fighting fascism. How is that not a civil war? When you fight fascism, you are not merely fighting a "culture war."

So, shouldn't the primary role of a conservative be to vanquish leftism? To me, that means strongly supporting the Republican president of the United States, who has staffed his Cabinet with conservatives and already won substantial conservative victories. As I suggested in my previous column, conservatives would have been thrilled if any Republican president had achieved what Trump has at this point in his administration.

"But what about Trump's character?" nearly all my critics ask. Or, as John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary Magazine, tweeted, "For Dennis Prager, who spent 40 years advocating for a moral frame for American politics, to argue as he argued today is, may I say, ironic."

First, I have indeed dedicated much of my life to advocating for morality -- for ethical monotheism as the only way to achieve a moral world; for raising moral children (as opposed to concentrating, for example, on raising "brilliant" children); and for the uniquely great Judeo-Christian moral synthesis developed by the Founding Fathers of America.

But I have never advocated for electing moral politicians..

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce : Reality Winner's lawyer says she's in a political whirlwind; no she's in a criminal whirlwind.


25 yo Reality Winner may be older than most doing that job

""The vast majority of people who do the National Security Agency’s intercept work, who translate and analyze — most of them are fresh out of high school," said Matthew Aid, an intelligence historian who has written about the NSA. "There are thousands and thousands of 18 to 21-year-olds doing critically important and secret work around the world." ...

"The NSA is a military intelligence agency, and many of the people who work on the front lines of intelligence gathering in the military are young enlisted personnel. If they are eavesdropping on anyone from a terrorist in Afghanistan to a Russian colonel, they need a very high security clearance. The equipment, the methods, the words they hear — are all highly classified."

It's scary to think how many young BOzobots that includes.



That Prager column is fabulous. And based on my experience with them he got JPod in particular just right. He made me so crazy with his moralism I had to leave the room when he was speaking.

Jimmy, I apologized to you on the last thread, I wasn't trying to start a fight.


"If we just elect a Muslim mayor we will show how tolerant we are and everyone will *love* us so!"

Seven years after 9/11 we elected Barack Hussein Obama. I'm not claiming he's a Muslim, but he was clearly a Muslim apologist, and I suspect voters had a similar mindset regarding both that and his racial background.


Jane, I wasn't aware that you'd said anything that needed apologizing to me for.

The biggest clown in the hall

Heh. The CP fail obscured the salient point...

"But I have never advocated for electing moral politicians.."


According to Rev Wright, Obama is a Muslim.

Account Deleted

CH: A new season around your home. Those deer spirits teach us to listen on balance more than we speak.

Over the years of encountering deer in the wild and here in the giant park of North Berkeley, I can count on one hand the number of times I saw the deer before it saw me.

Marvel at how their top running speeds are realized on the uphill. Incredible power.

Account Deleted

Robert Spencer‏ @jihadwatchRS 3h3 hours ago
After London jihad massacre, Facebook removes video claiming connection between terrorism and Islam https://wp.me/p4hgqZ-v7t


The document leaked by the Intercept was from a printer with model number 54, serial number 29535218. The document was printed on May 9, 2017 at 6:20. The NSA almost certainly has a record of who used the printer at that time.

The situation is similar to how Vice outed the location of John McAfee, by publishing JPEG photographs of him with the EXIF GPS coordinates still hidden in the file. Or it's how PDFs are often redacted by adding a black bar on top of image, leaving the underlying contents still in the file for people to read, such as in this NYTime accident with a Snowden document. Or how opening a Microsoft Office document, then accidentally saving it, leaves fingerprints identifying you behind, as repeatedly happened with the Wikileaks election leaks. These sorts of failures are common with leaks. To fix this yellow-dot problem, use a black-and-white printer, black-and-white scanner, or convert to black-and-white with an image editor.

Printers have two features put in there by the government to be evil to you. The first is that they recognize a barely visible pattern on currency, so that they can't be used to counterfeit money, as shown on this $20 below:

The second is that when they print things out, they includes these invisible dots, so documents can be tracked.

Yes, this code the government forces into our printers is a violation of our 3rd Amendment rights.

Account Deleted

Ramadan in Paris: Muslim screaming “It’s for Syria” attacks police with hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral https://wp.me/p4hgqZ-v7y

Friends touring in Paris last year spent time each morning having their maps updated with "no-go" zones that were "under Muslim control."

Not a matter of if, but when; not a matter of how, but how big.

The number of police walking popular tourist attractions armed with automatic weapons reminded one pal of being in Israel.

Jim Dines wrote about "The End of the Age of Travel."

Reducing an $8.3 trillion global industry to ashes... the agenda of an asymmetric "army of Allah."


When does Chafed-putz go back to his Utah closet?

On Wednesday the House Oversight Committee, chaired by outgoing Congressman Jason Chaffetz, will hold a hearing re-examining Operation Fast and Furious and the Obama administration's handling of the scandal.


What showboating reason does this quitter have for revisiting this? To deliver some clever soundbites?

I hope Brian Terry's ghost visits the prick.

More from Chafed-putz:


He probably also wants leather masks with zippered mouths.


Captain Hate

Does anybody know if the cathedral of St Denis is in a no-go zone? The area was already dicey in the early 90s so it wouldn't be a great surprise if it was off limits, but as the burial place of the kings it would be an outrage.

Dave (in MA)

Posted by: Threadkiller | June 06, 2017 at 01:45 PM
Also according to Obama, until Democrat operative Georgie S. put him back on track after his slip-up.

Account Deleted

To what degree is the "moderate muslim" archetype relevant to any part of this situation?

5.38 jihadi attacks per day since 9-11.

And to think it doesn't require "all muslims" to sustain that level of consistency.

I use the daily figure to derail dinner conversations in lib strongholds (Mrs Kid's buddies) after the vino loosens tongues and political morals to bash POTUS and elevate The Bath House Rat.



Khan Sez UK Should Cancel President Trump's State Visit

So, apparently Khan likes the idea of a "travel ban"

Account Deleted

Robert Spencer Retweeted
Paul Joseph Watson‏Verified account @PrisonPlanet Jun 5 Do you think it's time we tried something different?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I would not go back to the 1950s-60s.--

One of these things is not like the other.


CH- I found this just by an online search. Sad.

Some of the most notorious no-go zone areas in France are situated in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, a northeastern suburb (banlieue) of Paris that has one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in France



Trump should stop zinging Mayor Khan and allow the unfolding, awful new reality there sink in uninterrupted by distracting taunts.


When was his last zinger?

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