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June 24, 2017


Old Lurker

First and NOT a troll.


I am ready for a beer. Is it beer o'clock yet?


Yes, henry.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is a neat eBay find you posted on the last thread! Thanks for sharing the picture!

Vampire looking glass

Ignazi licking his red ass?


If you're anygoid Luke this fellow or Boston you cant vibe confirmed:

One expects Chris didds opposition but veruca salt and voinvich


please worry less about being first and more about last page link


"Ignazi licking his red ass?"

Lordy, this new thread commentary sure did escalate quickly.



Hold off posting til somebody does last page link if you don't know how to. Please. ;-)



Thanks, MM! I love my folky stuff. If it's vintage. Hate fake vintage. Although some of the stuff I collect probably qualified as fake vintage when first made. :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Don Jr. took Vanessa and the kids fishing this weekend. Get a load of the grouper he caught!


Vampire looking glass

"Lordy, this new thread commentary sure did escalate quickly."

Heh. It's one long thread starting in 2005

Vampire looking glass

Canadian government likewise decided that attempting to communicate substantively with Team Trump was a lost cause. Their workaround is now to largely ignore him, instead focusing on working with individual states and cities. It's been more effective, and is a preview of what our nation's relationship with the rest of its closest allies might soon look like.

Canadian officials have fanned out across the United States, meeting with mayors, governors, members of Congress and business leaders on matters from trade to the environment.
Ministers’ schedules resemble those of rock bands on summer tours. They travel armed with data on the precise dollar amount and number of jobs supported by Canadian firms and trade in that area. [...]

“Something snapped in the last few weeks,” said Roland Paris, a former foreign policy adviser to Mr. Trudeau. With trade threats looming, Mr. Trump’s break on climate convinced Canadian leaders of the need for drastic steps.

Since then, Mr. Paris said, “the approach has been to maintain cordial relations with the White House while going to extraordinary lengths to activate American decision makers at all levels of the political system.”
The irony of Trump's bullying is that it threatens to make him impotent. If international allies decide there's simply no point in negotiating with Trump—given that he both lies during the interactions and can't be counted on to uphold whatever he agrees to in those conversations anyway—they will certainly ignore him. That which can be negotiated with individual states will be negotiated with individual states, and that which can't be will simply be placed on hold in the hopes that the United States will at some future point have a leader who is not mentally ill..


glenda-glad to hear about how well your grandson is doing.

I can just imagine his reaction if a teacher now told him he had an obligation to arrive at a 'shared meaning' that deviated from what he knew to be true from all his 'figuring out'.

There's something so sad when the idea of a hive mind is being celebrated.


Etzioni, one of those folks I thought sounded wrong, but I dudnt know he was deep the mind arson field had ventured into us/china relation guess what his hot take is?



Glib Libertarian

" negotiated with individual states, and that which can't be will simply be placed on hold in the hopes that the United States will at some future point have a leader who is not mentally ill.."

The unintended move toward Decentralization and Trump is a tiny footnote.


Good Morning!

Just awoke, so not enough coffee yet to decipher Narciso's Delphic Oracle commentary at 12:57, but loved the reply from the guy in his Babalu link.

Blue Collar Hollers

Donald Trump’s successful jobs record continues apace. Carrier just announced 600 layoffs at the factory where Trump supposedly “saved” 1,000 jobs. And then there’s Boeing. Trump visited a South Carolina Boeing factory not long after his (poorly attended) inauguration, saying that:

“We are going to fight for every last American job.” [...]

“We're here today to celebrate American engineering and American manufacturing,” Trump said at the time. “We're also here today to celebrate jobs. Jobs!”
Well, guess what.

On Thursday, workers at the North Charleston plant learned they’d soon face layoffs.

The airplane manufacturer announced it would be cutting “fewer than 200 people” at the 787 Dreamliner campus and other facilities in the city.
While that’s a small fraction of Boeing’s South Carolina workers, it follows more than 2,000 voluntary and involuntary layoffs in Washington state and 700 buyouts in South Carolina. The trend is not good, in other words. But hey, it was a good non-union backdrop for Trump to claim he was winning on “Jobs. Jobs!”


Can't do catch up--any update from lyle?

JM Hanes


Thanks for your take(s) on Cuba in the last thread, which I have lifted for further digestion.


Isn't it great when you feel like you actually have enough experience to form a judgement on something like your Peter Hunt panel?

I have been really interested in concrete myself, ever since I answered a call for artists to assist carving some of the original "rock" enclosures at North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC. The concrete, which was "blown" onto the metal armatures included a latex additive if some sort which created a 4 hour window in which it remained pliable enough to be shaped and carved before it set. I worked on the gorilla and alligator pens (sans gorillas and alligators, of course). "Inside" the basically hollow structures is where they would store equipment, food, piping etc.

Depending on the aggregates and additives, the range of what can be done with concrete is mind boggling, and the idea of a medium that is both plastic and concrete is intellectually interesting to me as well. There is even translucent concrete which is made by combining cement with transparent resins. Alas, casting lightweight concrete panels is yet another project waiting on my phantom studio!




Just what we want from a sociology prof narciso, foreign policy advice. Around 1960 etzioni was very involved with the cyberneticists. His name shows up in the footnotes in the books and his 1968 book, The Active Society, didn't use to be on his cv.

Now I have noticed it is openly touted again. Yet another one of the theories brought to us by the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at stanford. since i know the chinese have been foisting the mind arson template on Hong Kong since the handover, maybe that's the actual connection on why he feels this is now his domain as well.

His son shows up a great deal now as well.


The Evangelical Bund has to be inspired by the Medieval Church if Rome.

I can't think of any other reason for the war on contraception, world hunger and over population deniers with no empathy but plenty of Dogma.

Oh wait! You need those babies for charging the machine-gun nest. Forgot about that.


Doesn't it make you feel good to know his son Oren heads up the Allen Center for Artificial Intelligence? http://allenai.org/team/orene/

Lots of potential for mischief there as Allen is involved with the BRAIN Initiative that is in turn undeniably tied to K-12 research. I know that for sure not just because the documents say so, but also because my local school district brought in one of the cooperating, overpaid supers all the way from Oregon.


WAR HISTORY ON LINE: Did You Know? Concrete Ships Were Built During WWI & WWII – Only a Handful Survive….

...One of the earliest concrete boats was seen at the Paris Exhibition of 1855. Designed by Joseph Louis Jambot, it showed the possibilities of using non-traditional building materials.

The idea was taken up by designers elsewhere in Europe and was used for building small crafts such as canal barges. It was later used for building small ships. The most famous of these was the Liguria made in Italy by Carlo Gabellini in 1896...

...In 1942 the US government commissioned the building of 24 self-propelled ferrocement ships as well as large “ship” barges which although much larger than conventional barges were still towed by tugs.

These barges played an important role in the war taking part in many operations included the Normandy D-Day landings. Here the barges functioned as floating blockades and carried ammunition and fuel....



Utopian visions just make me feel happy inside as they always turn out so well.

Doofus in Charge

Hoo cudda knowed health insurance was so complicated and yet you put these dunces in charge...

"The six-month waiting period would fill a big policy gap in the current Better Care Act, which requires health plans to accept all patients — but doesn’t require all Americans to purchase coverage, as the Affordable Care Act does. Experts expect that this would cause a death spiral, where only the sickest patients purchase coverage and premiums skyrocket.

But the six-month waiting period could also complicate the Senate Republicans’ repeal efforts, because it may run afoul of the chamber’s complex reconciliation rules. Republicans are using what’s called “budget reconciliation” to pass their health care bill with a bare majority of 50 votes and avoid a Democratic filibuster. But the rules governing reconciliation restrict what policies the GOP can include in their bill — the waiting period is one of the provisions thought to be in doubt."


Dear Lord what a full fledged mental midget who is posting here. Doesn't this site have a selection criteria? If not, it should.


While all presidents have told whoppers on occasion, built major policies on lies and, yes, founded or extended wars based on lies, Donald Trump is in a category all by himself. Brazen lying is more deeply embedded in his DNA than eye color.

He lies about big stuff, and little stuff, and stuff it just makes no damn sense to lie about. So many of his lies are just stupid, unnecessary and easily fact-checked with 30 seconds plugged into the Google or YouTube. If Trump stuck to telling only disguised lies, clever lies, the kind of big lies that are buried so deeply inside small truths that many smart people aren’t woke to them as lies, he wouldn’t be getting scoured for it even at The Wall Street Journal.

As a consequence of the lies, David Leonhardt and Stuart A. Thompson at The New York Times have compiled a linked catalog of what they say is “nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office.”

They found that Trump lied in public every day for the first 40 days of his presidency and has told at least one lie on “at least 74 of 113 days” in office. “On days without an untrue statement, he is often absent from Twitter, vacationing at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, or busy golfing.” Of course, he cheats at golf, another form of lying.

Trump built his real estate empire on lies. He’s lied under oath. He ran his presidential campaign on lies. His first words as a toddler were probably lies.

He revels in lies and repeats the most thoroughly debunked ones because he knows that some people will believe him no matter how outrageously far from the truth what he says actually is. In short, he knows from experience that lying works. He has probably never read Edward Bernays or Joseph Goebbels, nor is as polished as they, but he nevertheless practices what they preached. If he were to give free rein to his narcissism in a tweet describing his own behavior, he’d call his lying “tremendous,” the “best”: “I know more about lying than anybody.” Even though he has never indulged himself on that score, he gleefully adopted the term “truthful hyperbole” invented by his ghostwriter to describe his approach to closing deals.

What’s worst about Trump’s tsunami of lies, however, is what Leonhardt and Thompson note in the introduction to their list. Donald Trump “is trying to create an atmosphere in which reality is irrelevant.” That is a very dangerous world. Because no matter how many lies are told, the contents of reality cannot be disappeared like the government websites Trump has ordered scrubbed. The trouble is that by the time reality trumps lies, it can often be too late to do anything about it.


RUMPUBLICANS will be the first to fall under the knife of Artficials. They will smell the inferior genetic structure.

Jim Eagle

USA down 4-0 to New Zealand in America's Cup.. Fiirst to 7 points win. Not good and not looking better.

You won't have to worry about MOOOOOSLIMS!

If Kennedy should retire and some Scalia scab of religious fervor is placed it will be open season on the Domestic Hypocrites.


Loved watching the Young Turks video - was just going to watch a couple of minutes but it was so darn enjoyable I ended up watching all 26 minutes

Posted by: Texas Liberty Gal

Me too TLG! Wasn't that fab? Man, was that enjoyable:) Thanks to whoever posted the link.


On catch-up, from the last thread"

In the comments someone has discovered that the president of Crowdstrike used to be head of cyber security in the FBI, and was appointed to that position by MUELLER.

Funny that never came out in Comey's testimony.

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well that sure seems like an important piece of the puzzle.

Captain Hate

If Frau reads this, The Luminaries has been added to the book group's list.


According to recent Congressional testimony, Trump has shown no interest in the question of how to prevent future election interference by Russia or another foreign power. Former FBI Director James Comey told senators that Trump never asked him about how to stop a future Russian election cyber attack, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who sits on the National Security Council, testified that he has not received a classified briefing on Russian election interference.

Dozens of state officials told NBC News they have received little direction from Washington about election security..


Jihadist, Teahadist or Jesudist..same smell.

Ralph L

the top of it is a good 6-8' below the current grade
No wonder you're exhausted! That's a lot of digging even with a backhoe.
I was making good progress painting the outside of my house until the humidity took off. Now I'm letting the frequent rain give me an excuse to slack off from painting the eaves over my head. Found only 1 live hornets nest and many abandoned ones, both of which is unusual.


The only thing that bothered me about the Young Turk vid was him starting off with a story about a conversation he had with his kid.

What a lousy dad that SOB must be. I hope none of the rest of them are parents either.

Buffoon works the room

Right then—as Capitol Hill reporters circulated images of disabled persons being dragged away—Donald Trump had a light-bulb moment ...

No time like the present to end this frivolous controversy over the nonexistent Oval Office recordings I claimed to have of James Comey. Ha—can't believe people fell for that! I think I'll tweet about it. Nothing else is really tickling my fancy.

Ah yes, Mr. Center of the Universe strikes again—smothering any smidge of humanity with his bloated, all-consuming sense of self. Never mind all those anguished folks at the Capitol, I've got better things do. And by "better," I mean my things to do.

Just one night earlier, Trump had told a crowd of his Iowa revelers, "I hope we're going to surprise you with a really good plan."

"Surprise," yes. Surprisingly cruel, that is.

Perhaps the truest utterance that escaped from the Windbag in Chief at the Iowa rally came when he complimented himself for thinking outside the box about using solar panels on his precious border wall: "Pretty good imagination, right?"

Indeed—those voices are truly something special, Don.

The synaptic lapse that transpired between Trump's Wednesday night appeal for some hint of humanity on health care and the toxic self-involvement that flooded his brain Thursday and drained out through his thumbs was just another day in the Oval Office.


I skipped ahead to get quick, delicious bites of the Young Turks video, but the horrible "soundtrack" made extended listening impossible. I may try muting the sound and just enjoy the joyful>perplexed>horrified>angry evolution of their facial expressions.

Frau Bier her!

henry -


"Covfefe" stencilled on an Army tank:

Miss Marple,

As a Navy man I won't be satisfied until we name our next Warship the USS Covfefe!

Frau Bier her!

CH - Do the members always finish what they start? Remember rse went for the used copy.


Thanks Frau! :)


Its a perfectly cromulent word,


I doubt Turner Classic Movie fans would like knowing Ben Mankiewicz is part of the "Young" Turks. Ben is 50 yo and still only "a host" at TCM, not "the" host like the irreplaceable Robert Osborne.

Frau Bier her!

Posted by: Dunkirk | June 24, 2017 at 01:47 PM

In feudal Japan, the psycho-neurotic nolife would have been tied up and left on a barren mountain top to become useful carrion.

JM Hanes


The guilt I felt about not getting out there with my shovel today just disappeared with the sun. I'm afraid the wasps have not fully gotten down to business here yet. Spring came so early this year, and seems so long ago, that I have to keep reminding myself that we're really only two days into summer. Normally, I'd rather work outdoors when it's cloudy, but it can get a little dicey once afternoon thunderstorm season revs up.


Isn't it great when you feel like you actually have enough experience to form a judgement on something like your Peter Hunt panel?


It is just like that. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty confident I'm right. ;)

Your concrete activities sound exciting! I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys it.


I have seen the remains of this concrete ship (SS Atlantis) many, many times at Cape May, NJ.


There is a lowering of the flag ceremony there at the beach almost every evening in summer, where local veterans are honored. The gentleman who began the tradition has passed on, but his family carry it on.


Atlantus. Damn autocorrect.

Captain Hate

Almost always, Frau; I'll get it from the library so there's no monetary risk to me. There have been a few choices that have irked me enough that I just stopped and read something else after criticizing whoever inflicted it on me, but the feedback has been effective.


CNN late Friday deleted a story from its website that claimed Senate investigators were looking into a Russian investment fund whose chief executive met with a member of President Trump’s transition team, later issuing a retraction in the story's place.

The now-deleted story, by investigative reporter Thomas Frank, was published Thursday and cited a single, unnamed source who claimed that the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into a "$10-billion Russian investment fund whose chief executive met with a member of President Donald Trump's transition team four days before Trump's inauguration."

So why not now tell us who the 'single, unnamed source' was?
That actually would be news.



Mankiewicz actually isn't too bad as a TCM host. But he is as an infant to the great Robert Osborne, who never allowed even a whiff of politics to infect his wonderful commentary.

I actually love the added music in that TYT video. Makes it so much more hilarious. I've probably watched it twenty times since November. :)

Captain Hate

The original for 2:21 has to be a parody of maudlin outrage, no? If not, it's going to be a great 7.5 years.

Buffoon works the room


$50m foreclosure. I was sure it was Trump as he has poor credit in the U.S.


Russia lenders demand payment however.


Based on an analysis of thousands of pages of documents and years of research, Physicians for Human Rights shows that the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program constituted an illegal, unethical regime of experimental research on unwilling human subjects, testing the flawed hypothesis that torture could aid interrogators in breaking the resistance of detainees. In “Nuremberg Betrayed: Human Experimentation and the CIA Torture Program,” PHR researchers show that CIA contract psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen created a research program in which health professionals designed and applied torture techniques and collected data on torture’s effects. This constitutes one of the gravest breaches of medical ethics by U.S. health personnel since the Nuremberg Code was developed in the wake of Nazi medical atrocities committed during World War Two.
Delving into the role health professionals played in designing and implementing torture, the report uses newly released documents to show how the results of untested, brutal torture techniques were used to calibrate the machinery of the torture program. The large-scale experiment’s flawed findings were also used by Bush administration lawyers to create spurious legal cover for the entire program.
PHR calls on all medical and scientific communities to convene a commission to lay out what is known about the torture program, including the participation of health professionals, and urges the Trump administration to launch a criminal investigation to get a full accounting of the crimes committed by the CIA and other government agencies.

Marco ROOB

Rather than read the bill himself, Rubio will just outsource that job to his Republican friends in Florida. You know, the ones who never found an excuse to cut people's health care they didn't love and embrace without a thought. Rubio would very much like them to crunch the numbers and see just how many people need to be cut off from health care in Florida to satisfy their greed posthaste so Republicans can vote on it next week and get on with their next taxpayer funded recess. As for Gov. Rick Scott, well, does Rubio really need his input? After all, this bill would be like Christmas to the governor, and any Republican governor who might follow him into office, especially when you consider that under the Senate plan governors can waive Medicaid without any legislator's action, period. What's not to love?

As for Rubio reaching out to Florida "providers, insurers and patient advocate groups," let's get serious. The Republicans in D.C. also barred providers and patient advocacy groups from meetings even though there were numerous requests to be included, and for good reason. They're all against the Republicans' plans. As for insurers, they'll no doubt be on board with the plan, after all, Republicans want to sweeten the deal by eliminating caps on insurance executive's compensation.

Captain Hate

Mankiewicz was enlisted, with somebody else of comparable intellectual heft, as the next to last effort to breath some life into the corpse of At The Movies after Fat Egbert croaked. They followed Richard Roper tag teaming with a different critic each week (Kevin Smith was particularly terrible) and were replaced by A. O. Scott and Michael Phillips, whom I enjoyed a great deal. Siskel seemed to be the real X factor driving the show although a friend who used to volunteer at some Chicago cinema joint told me he was a pain to deal with. Mankiewicz wasn't great but he seemed to have an honest enthusiasm for it.

JM Hanes

Speaking of weather, I've had this NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio for quite awhile, and suddenly the red (apparently pseudo-metallic) finish has degraded into a sticky mess. You can't wipe it down, and I've tried to strip it off with the usual solvents (Lighter Fluid, Lift Off, Oops) to no avail. I can get enough of it off with an abrasive like Comet to be able to handle it, but the water component makes it slow going. My favorite battery operated lights for emergencies have the same problem, with a matte black, rubberized finish turning to goop too. I sure would appreciate any suggestions anyone might be able to offer on how to go about rehabilitating this stuff.


For all Ohioans who are still looking for a job, but who can’t find one because Gov. John Kasich can’t create them nearly fast enough even though he has a billion-dollar, hand-picked, private job creation group (JobsOhio) exempt from public scrutiny at his beck and call, keep holding your breath.

Plunderbund blog logo
While reports last week on monthly job creation figures released by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) spawned headlines about a very minor downward tick in Ohio’s unemployment rate, the news buried in the data shows that the governor’s production of jobs after just five months is a paltry 11, 700. [...]

As Cleveland research analyst George Zeller explained, this pace puts Ohio on track to perform even slower than it did last year, when Kasich spent a third of the year selling himself as a GOP hopeful for president who promised to do for the nation what he’s done in Ohio.

The 2017 rate of job creation, if it continues, will mark an even slower growth performance than Ohio had during 2016, a presidential year in which the great swing state produced the smallest yearly job increase since the Great Recession in 2009.

Jim Eagle


Saw your comment on concrete navy ships.

Every year the American Society of Civil Engineers (Life Member), sponsor and hold the College Concrete Canoe Championships.


This year its in San Diego. Don't remember if CalTech or Dartmouth ever entered.



Did you ever read Paintbox Summer by Betty Cavanna? It's a YA from about 1950 and Peter Hunt's a big element of the story.


JMH, when I was young one of my buddies turned me on to methyl ethyl ketone. Don't know if it is available over the counter anymore, but I bet it would cut that gooey plastic crap.


BTW, sure there are health hazards associated. Don't huff it:)

Jim Eagle


We are in Boston. Just dropped Frederick off to Wellesley for his summer Camp. He is an "ambassador" this year, so one day early for training.

Drove out to EH on Thursday for a 2pm PT and it took me 45 minutes to come back, even using the Sagg Bridge short cut. Crazy.

JM Hanes


Sending some BIG thunder your way. Enjoy!


Cool, JiB.

Neither girl ever mentioned it, and thanks the other day for the E-Mail on my POW namesake. That was fascinating. I knew one of us was also some semi-famous reporter during VietNam days, and then of course there is the lead guitarist for Machine Head:


While trying to find some famous early concrete structures built by the Romans I came across this interesting shot of the Pantheon I don't recall ever seeing from such an angle before. Amazing roof:

Besides using volcanic sand from Puzzuoli for their spectacular brand of durable concrete, the story says: "As admixtures, they used animal fat, milk and blood -- materials that reflect very rudimentary methods. On the other hand, in addition to using natural pozzolans, the Romans learned to manufacture two types of artificial pozzolans -- calcined kaolinitic clay and calcined volcanic stones -- which, along with the Romans' spectacular building accomplishments, are evidence of a high level of technical sophistication for that time.

Love me my Romans!


In my younger days, daddy, I was enamored of ferrocement yachts.



Had to drive in the village today (usually just bike it) and it was insane. Hunkering down for the rest of the season!

JM Hanes


Thanks! Seems to be in stock at Home Depot, so I'll pick some up next time I head into town.

Ralph L

The Pantheon roof and ceiling bronze is now Bernini's baldacchino in St Peters

MEK is a carcinogen.
You might try acetone (lacquer thinner), which evaporates very quickly. It dissolves rubber cement. Or denatured alcohol, which dissolves shellac. Or mineral spirits with fine steel wool.


Good afternoon! Re:TCM...Rear Window is on tonight. It is a lovely afternoon in the woods. I'm sitting on the porch,resting my foot. The dog is outside barking,the rabbits sun themselves in the driveway and taunt him.

Ralph L

Now quite dark and heard one clap, not one hand.

Jim Eagle


FYI, regarding the Pantheon dome and its influence on Brunelleschi's design for the Firenze Doma.

The building of such a masonry dome posed many technical problems. Brunelleschi looked to the great dome of the Pantheon in Rome for solutions. The dome of the Pantheon is a single shell of concrete, the formula for which had long since been forgotten. Soil filled with silver coins had held the Pantheon dome aloft while its concrete set. This could not be the solution in the case of a dome this size and would put the church out of use. For the height and breadth of the dome designed by Neri, starting 52 metres (171 ft) above the floor and spanning 44 meters (144 ft), there was not enough timber in Tuscany to build the scaffolding and forms.[11] Brunelleschi chose to follow such design and employed a double shell, made of sandstone and marble. Brunelleschi would have to build the dome out of brick, due to its light weight compared to stone and being easier to form, and with nothing under it during construction. To illustrate his proposed structural plan, he constructed a wooden and brick model with the help of Donatello and Nanni di Banco, a model which is still displayed in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. The model served as a guide for the craftsmen, but was intentionally incomplete, so as to ensure Brunelleschi's control over the construction.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Been right there to see it! My hotel in Rome wasn't far from there, and it was one of the first things I saw in the city.

There are lots of fascinating sites in Rome, and that is one, particularly since it sits in the middle of a square of buildings which are far newer (like from the Renaissance). Sort of gave off a spooky vibe, because it gave the illusion that it had been dropped there out of a time machine or something.

Ralph L

PBS? had a TV show about how they laid the brick for the Duomo. They made a miniature dome.


MEK is a carcinogen.

Yeah, but a very mild one.

You might try acetone (lacquer thinner), which evaporates very quickly. It dissolves rubber cement. Or denatured alcohol, which dissolves shellac. Or mineral spirits with fine steel wool.

Maybe -- it depends on what you want to remove (I didn't see it above). You might also try toluene, which one usually can get at the hardware store. Don't breath much or get much on your skin. It probably is a carcinogen too, but another mild one.


On the topic of "the single unnamed source" who reportedly leaked CNN the bogus info that they built their bogus story upon:

Since CNN was screwed by the leaker, to the great delight of President Trump, et all, does CNN still have an obligation to protect the leaker's identity? Why or why not.

When anybody else in the world makes a decision based upon bogus info fed to them by an anonymous source the Press goes apes*** trying to find out who the original source was. Why does Press curiosity to try to find out who was the source of this bogus info not exist when the Press itself is the receiver of this bogus information?

If we believe that CNN in this instance is not lying, then we can conclude 3 things:

(1) CNN relied on only 1 source to publish, which is against their stated professional ethical policy.

(2) This single source straight-forward lied to them, for whatever ulterior motives, or

(3) This single source was grossly uninformed himself or herself.

Regardless, it seem to me that other News outlets ought to be hammering CNN about item (1) Why did they not follow their own rules? Give us an in depth explanation.

And if item (2) explain to us who the liar was so we can go after him and find out his/her ulterior motives and who he was working for---mayby he was working for Trump? C'mon, you guys would love for that to be the story, right? And you could hammer Trump with an Obstruction of Justice angle. C'mon...

And if (3) then it seems to me you owe him no obligation of secrecy since he gave you such a bogus story and made you play into Trump's hands by looking like the moronic Fake News specialists you are, so go ahead and out the sunuvabitch to try to rescue your own integrity.


I was watching the einstein series and its interstinv both in the book it was based on and the template there isntva reference to Johannes stark, the dark presence in klingsor instead pbillip leonard comes off as the toady to the political winds.

Frau Bier her!

It's good to be a democrat even if morbidly obese and leaking. Here comes the judge, barely.


She has a husband? Yike!


Dem County party leader herself! Obese, random leakage when not curb diving ... we've seen the model elsewhere among the Dems.


JMH, pick up some Bug and Tar remover from the auto parts store and a pile of old rags from wherever.

Start with a small spot and as much elbow grease as you can muster. Keep using a fresh spot on the rag as it will load up quickly.


Bad link Frau.

All I get is a blank page with an ad in the corner about John Mackenro saying Andy Warhol ruined his sex life:(


You might also try toluene

If that doesn’t work, try the tri-nitro version of toluene. It does a passable job of removing obstacles.


I wish this Scaramucci guy had refused to accept CNN's apology and had hit them with a defamation Lawsuit like I hope Sarah Palin does re: the NYTimes. Every time we let these bastards off the hook for their intentional duplicity we encourage them to do it again since they never suffer any consequences.



From the last thread:

The pre existing condition deal is a perfect example of prog arrogance and stupidity.

Yes, Iggy, but we expect that from progs. It's what they do. My question is why the Republicans endorse it. It's the most glaring and fundamental flaw in the 404Care house of cards, arguably the main reason it's failing, and the Rs are doubling down.


How did you carve out the aps white whale re the various,health care plans sbw?


Did you ever read Paintbox Summer by Betty Cavanna? It's a YA from about 1950 and Peter Hunt's a big element of the story.

Tonto, Paintbox Summer is exactly how I discovered Peter Hunt! :) I love Betty Cavanna.

Janet Lambert is also great - reading the Penny Parrish series now.


I think naphtha is the key ingredient to bug and tar remover.

I'd have to look for an MSDS online to find out.


narciso, the AP article I saw wasn’t bad if you removed all the “non-partisan” opinion.

Ralph L

Or try ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel. That's bound to clean it up.

Steel wool solves many problems. Try a brillo pad if you've got one. With copious water and bleach, those coarse plastic abrasive pads took the weathered wood and loose paint off my siding.

Frau Bier her!

daddy - the Daily Caller link should do it. There is a link in it to the *full* yucky NYPost details.

“She came to the interview with an oxygen tank. She’s very fragile,” Elliott told The Post.

“No reasonable person could have looked at her as I did and thought that she could finish her 10-year term.”

The committee rejected the Yale Law School grad, 61, for appointment to the post.
But she got the job anyway, and promptly went on the first of several medical leaves just a week after being sworn in to her $175,500-a-year job.
The job also provides $65,000 worth of annual health benefits, which the currently hospitalized Shollenberger has been putting to good use.

Aside from the alleged cronyism, court workers were also troubled by a more immediate concern — a severe gastric distress problem that made itself apparent on the few occasions the judge made it into court.

“She would come in and we would see the diarrhea running down her leg and to the floor,” one court worker said. “She would soil the chair and then ask for a new one.”

Another court worker said Shollenberger astounded staffers by acting with “complete arrogance” following the awful accidents.


Ralph L

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Clarice Feldman

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Clarice Feldman

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You expect way too much of them

Why do Republicans – who are supposedly skeptical of government miracle-working – expect our one-size-fits-all scheme to work any better?

The only hope for actually solving the deep, challenging problems in our health care system is to let people try out approaches other than the ones a few dozen politicians thought up inside the D.C. bubble.

And so, for all my frustrations about the process and my disagreements with the substance of BCRA, I would still be willing to vote for it if it allowed states and/or individuals to opt-out of the Obamacare system free-and-clear to experiment with different forms of insurance, benefits packages, and care provision options. Liberal states might try single-payer systems, while conservatives might emphasize health savings accounts. Some people embrace association health plans or so-called “medishare” ministry models. My guess is different approaches will work for different people in different places – like everything else in life.

The only way to find out what does work is to find out what doesn’t. We know the pre-Obamacare system was breaking down. Now we know Obamacare is failing too. I doubt the BCRA system would fare much better, or that the next Pelosi-Sanders-Warren scheme Democrats cook up wouldn’t be even worse.

At some point Washington elites might at least entertain the possibility that we may not have all the answers. I think right now – with President Trump’s shocking upset of the establishment still fresh in our minds - would be a good time for Congress to add a new ingredient to its legislative sausage: a dash of humility..

Old Lurker

What are we trying to de-goo again? Did it cost more than $50?

Also, SBW, did you ever provide a report of your meeting with the AP people?

Frau Bier her!


Shollenberger told The Post from her bed in White Plains Hospital Thursday: “I have no intention of retiring. I want to work. I want to be a judge. Judges get sick all the time.”

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