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June 20, 2017



Cuz it's MEAN! donchknow?

"Why it matters: It's all part of the administration's efforts to build momentum for the repeal effort ahead of the Senate vote next week, and it could give a nudge to Senate Republicans who are reluctant to vote for the bill. President Trump will keep talking about the ACA's problems in critical states — he's likely to bring it up in Iowa today — and HHS Secretary Tom Price is tweeting videos with doctors and patients talking about the law's problems.


Psst, new thread.

They all LIE!

But House Republicans aren't prepared to show their hand yet, although they also hope to resolve the issue before the August recess begins. Yet with a possible health care vote in July — if the Senate passes a bill — top House Republicans are worried that the two issues could become entangled politically, making two already difficult votes even tougher.

Though the Treasury Department has said Congress can likely wait until September to avoid default, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his lieutenants are increasingly disposed to clearing the Senate’s plate as much as possible before heading home for August recess. That would also likely mean decoupling the debt ceiling from a potential government shutdown fight in September.

It’s not clear what exactly such a bill would look like, but members of both parties are interested in a broad spending deal that would avoid the blunt budget cuts of sequestration. A “clean” debt ceiling increase — one with no policy strings or cuts attached — might be a problem for a GOP majority filled with fiscal conservatives.
Ya think? Senate Republicans appear to be sticking it to the House, which, ridden with GOP deficit hawks, is the real sticking point when it comes to raising the debt ceiling without corresponding spending cuts.

Congressional Republicans are also reportedly debating trying to hike the debt ceiling enough that they won't have to deal with it again for several years. Ha! Good luck with that.

Of course, strong leadership from the White House can surely bridge the gaps. Enter Trump Budget director Mick Mulvaney, a former “Freedom” Caucus member, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who are at fisticuffs over the matter. So yeah, this amounts to another GOP instance of all talk, no plan. But sure, take that vote. With any luck, it will sink health care in the House too, if it even makes it there.


"law enforcement in Belleville had been called to Hodgkinson’s residence due to complaints of target practice he was conducting on his property."

Wonder if that was when a neighbor called the cops who arrived to find Hodgkinson firing away in a cornfield? Even if "on his property", cornstalks don't offer protection to others he can't see who might be outside too. And where's any indication his enabling wife issued any warning to anyone re her ticking time bomb hubby?

He Lies

Is Trump chomping at the populist bit?

Head-fake to the center coming?

Is he gonna VETO?

Still a freaking liar.

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