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June 20, 2017



Adding my prayers for Lyle today. Overcast day but feels like the sun is shining in Georgia!

I guess we aren't going to talk about the election (MSM) non-stop for days as we would have, had there been a different outcome? Just a wild guess...


Speaking of BOzo: Why the Watergate Comparison Best Fits the Obama Administration.


Lyle! [The exclamation point means lots of things unsaid.]

Miss Marple

Adding my prayers for lyle, too.

Israelis think this is a big deal. Jared went to pay a shiva call on the family of the murdered policewoman.

Picked this up from an Israeli poster on CTH.


More goalpost moving. This guy is part of

Dave Wasserman‏Verified account @Redistrict

A potentially better indicator of Dems '18 fortunes than #GA06? How many seats they pick up in the VA House of Delegates this November.

Eventually the might win one of these just by dumb luck, and we'll never hear the end of it.


mom-i think in the end all the advertising dollars hurt ossoff because we were constantly bombarded with that smarmy voice and demeanor.

The amount of money also caused people to speculate as to whether the campaign door knockers were being paid by that outside money.

thta sf commercial with all the well-known sites and stereotypes was a winner. handel needed a funny commercial as any attempt on her part at humor sounds scripted. she's simply not clever on her feet.

ossoff, even in defeat, sounds like a one worlder. no wonder he wants to live over by emory.


jimmyk - more of the same as they grasp at straws. "Yes, we lost all of the 4 or 5 races so far but it's really *good* for us because ...XYZ!"

And can I just say that I am continually insulted by their discussion of "college educated" voters and the implication that only high school dropouts with bad teeth would vote for Trump and his candidates!

Liar, Liar

Trump’s own estimates of his net worth are frequently higher than independent appraisals. When he announced his candidacy in 2015, his campaign released a document stating he had a net worth of $8.7 billion. Later that year, when Bloomberg first assessed his net worth at $3 billion, he described it as “a stupid report.” He later repeatedly asserted he was worth more than $10 billion.

One difference between Trump’s estimates and Bloomberg’s is the value of his personal brand. The 2015 document released by Trump’s campaign said his ability to license his name and likeness to everything from international hotels to mattresses is worth $3.3 billion. Bloomberg assigns it a value of $35 million, or one times sales from ongoing licensing deals. That value hasn’t changed since Trump won the Republican nomination last July.


David Burge‏ @iowahawkblog 57m57 minutes ago

This just in: cornpone Georgia hicks sell Brooklyn Bridge to visiting California city slickers for $25 million

Miss Marple

Today's Dilbert cartoon:


President Trump has proven he can do a lot of damage-to climate science, ethics rules, Syrian airfields, and the English language-but he has yet to prove he can get much done in Congress. On everything from jobs to taxes to health care, the president's legislative agenda is not just stalled, it's evaporating.

The problem isn't the Democrats, who have never been so weak in Washington. The problem isn't the unpopularity of Trump's policies, which could be overcome by Republican congressional majorities. The problem is Trump himself. When it comes to legislative deal-making, the author of "The Art of the Deal" is proving himself a bungler of rare ineptitude.

While Trump's legal problems related to Russia have dominated the headlines in recent weeks, six symptoms of legislative dysfunction have become visible in Trump's Washington.

1. Unpopular Health Care Agenda

Trump prudently stayed out of the closed-door negotiations in the Senate. Prudent, because the first time he opened his mouth, he inserted his foot in it. He told Republican congressional leaders that the House version of the bill was "mean," exactly the point Democrats have been making ever since the non-partisan Congressional Budget office concluded the GOP bill would deprive 23 million people of insurance.

No one knows if the unseen Senate bill will pass. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) seems to be getting cold feet. The CBO has yet to "score" the Senate bill-analyze its fiscal and practical effects. And Trump is absent.

2. Receding Tax Bill

The reason Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell set an early July deadline for the health care vote was so he and the rest of the Republican leadership can get on with the work that they-and their donors-really care about: tax cutting. The plan was to have a tax bill on Trump's desk by the end of the summer.

That's not happening, as Washington billionaire David Rubenstein recently let slip at a hedge fund conference in Las Vegas.

"No one here should assume you're gonna get a big tax cut soon," the co-founder of the Carlyle Group told the disappointed crowd. "For those who are looking for relief from Congress, you should look elsewhere."

If Trump is not delivering on tax cuts for his base in the 1 percent, he is also not delivering on job creation for his working-class supporters.

3. Vanishing Jobs Plans

Trump came to office talking about a "border adjustment tax" to stimulate domestic production. Domestic manufacturers like Boeing and General Electric favor the idea because they believe it would help their business. Trump never attempted to persuade the public or congressional leaders about the border adjustment tax proposal, probably because he didn't understand it.

As Trump dithered, the retail industry and the Koch brothers dispatched their lobbyists to Capitol Hill and suffocated the BAT while it was still in the crib. Now, when Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin talks about Trump's tax plan, he says nothing about a BAT. It is safe to say that the Trump administration will not be using the tax code to stimulate domestic manufacturing or create American jobs.


The divergent results in GA-06 and SC-05 prove saturation-level campaigns can backfire on the party with a baseline enthusiasm advantage—in this case, Democrats. The GA-06 election drew over 259,000 voters—an all-time turnout record for a stand-alone special election and an amazing 49,000 more than participated in the 2014 midterm in GA-06. The crush of attention motivated GOP voters who might have otherwise stayed home, helping Handel to victory.


Long thread but some good points!

Once again, Trump isn’t popular in this district. But you know what’s a lot less popular?

Riots. Morons in black masks with clubs. Kids who’ve never thought about paying a mortgage

telling you you’re a terrible person because you wouldn’t vote for a corrupt old liar in a pantsuit.

Several tweets spliced together.

Carl krcher

Only three needed

"Then there's Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in full "get off my lawn" mode, telling one reporter when asked if he's seen the bill, "No, nor have I met any American that has. I'm sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it." He continued in that vein when asked if it was a problem. "Oh no, never a problem. No. Of course not. I always like to move forward with legislation that I haven't seen."

There are at least four more who've complained about not seeing the bill. Some of those are included in the handful who are supposedly leaning "no" on the bill: Sens. Shelly Moore Capito (WV), Susan Collins (ME), Ted Cruz (TX), Mike Lee (UT), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rand Paul (KY) and Ben Sasse (NE). Supposedly Sen. Dean Heller (NV), Bill Cassidy (LA), and Rob Portman (OH) are undecided."

Carl krcher

Yeah I read the cook report.

Put another way, Democratic candidates in these elections have won an average of 68 percent of the votes Hillary Clinton won in their districts, while Republican candidates have won an average of 54 percent of Trump's votes. That's an enthusiasm gap that big enough to gravely imperil the Republican majority next November—even if it didn't show up in "the special election to end all special elections."


the party with a baseline enthusiasm advantage—in this case, Democrats.

Yeah, right. That's the same Dave Wasserman shifting the goalposts in my 9:41.


And Handel did better than Trump in GA06 despite the Dems spending $50M.

Parents Basement Dwelling Moron

Moral Victories >>>>>> Actual Victories

HAH !!

Rattled by Donald Trump’s tumultuous first five months in office, the Republican Party breathed a collective sigh of relief Tuesday after a much-needed special election victory in Georgia. The White House also exhaled: After Republican Karen Handel was declared the victor in a race billed as a referendum on the new president, Trump fired off a series of celebratory tweets.

“Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0,” wrote Trump.


They're proudly wearing snowflake badges? Good way for paranoid libs to recognize other "friendlies" when surrounded by potential "hostiles" in Chik fil A or Walmart.

Captain Hate

I don't see how heads can't roll in the Fitzgerald case. The most plausible thing I've seen based on wild speculation given the unseemly hush hush nature of what's been released, is that the captain shredded the engines and was trying to limp back for repair surreptitiously. And no, that's not a good answer.

Fresh ImPEACHment Pie.

It's a long, long road Tipperary...


from our Chicago friend... more on the Fitzgerald.


Donald Trump’s proposed budget aggressively reduces programs designed to help the poor find housing, but leaves intact a program that rewards wealthy landlords—including one very special individual.

One of those landlords is Trump himself, who earns millions of dollars each year as a part-owner of Starrett City, the nation’s largest subsidized housing complex. Trump’s 4 percent stake in the Brooklyn complex earned him at least $5 million between January of last year and April 15, according to his recent financial disclosure.

Trump may like to hang his name on faux luxury goods, but it’s the these apartments for the poor that has been his most dependable source of income. Trump has already taken home $38 million in government money for Starrett City just since his inauguration. The property has provided Trump a steady—and massive—income even when his disastrous investments in casinos and gaudy condos has left him filing bankruptcy on company after company. It’s an investment that’s proved to be so good, you can tell that Trump didn’t make it.

Trump once called Starrett City “one of the best investments I ever made,” but it was his father who was an investor in its construction, according to a representative of Starrett City.

“Upon Fred Trump’s death, his four children inherited his interests,” Bob Liff, a spokesman for Starrett City Associates ...

Not only is Donald Trump taking millions from the government, he’s still living on money given to him by his father.

Trump has repeatedly tried to minimize the repeated and never paid back “loans” given him by his father. After all, It’s hard for Trump to tell the story of his rise a great businessman, if he admits that at every turn he was funded, bailed out, and set on his feet by dear old dad.

But now it’s not his father who is keeping Trump’s wallet full regardless of how bad his own investments might be. It’s everyone in America chipping in to make sure Donald can apply gold plate to whatever he likes.

“It’s a conflict, and it’s why everyone has pushed Trump to not only step away from his business interests but to divest them,” said Scott Amey, general counsel at the Project on Government Oversight, an independent watchdog organization.

There’s no trust blind enough to make Trump forget that he’s taking a big check from this program. It’s not a coincidence that when taking an ax to housing subsidies, the proposed budget cuts around the program that goes into Trump’s pocket. Other programs in the same portion of the budget come in for attack, but ...

The budget calls for a nearly 29 percent cut, or $1.8 billion, to public housing and a 5 percent drop, or nearly $1 billion, in vouchers that allow tenants to use the aid on the housing of their choice, according to Douglas Rice, a senior policy analyst at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. In contrast, the program that directs money to Starrett City and other privately owned housing would see a reduction of about half a percent, or $65 million, from its $10.8 billion allocation.

29 percent off public housing. A billion dollar cut in housing vouchers. And … one half of one percent cut to the program that keeps Trump in position to look down on everyone who needs that assistance.

Wisconsin Heroes

Junker claims that he did not invite the NSM members, who rallied in Madison the next day. "A guy called me and said he wants to show [the memorial] to two or three people from Iowa," he told a local newspaper. "All of a sudden, they came with 20 people."

Junker has invested three years and $200,000 of his own money in the memorial, which includes a large rendering of the First Amendment, and has promoted it by giving an extensive tour and interview to a reporter for a small local newspaper. The centerpiece is a granite pedestal holding two portraits of Hitler.

The still heavily accented Junker has been a repeat guest on the official NSM radio program "Nazi America," on which his shrine is referred to as "America's Feldherrnhalle," a reference to the "Hall of Commanders" that honors German military leaders in Bavaria. During one appearance on the show, Junker discussed his proud service in Nazi uniform during World War II and why Hitler should be remembered fondly by the world.

"This memorial should live forever," said Junker, calling it "his life's dream.".


Initial reporting claimed the captain was asleep in his berth with the collision occurred. He was injured when his cabin was struck, briefly hospitalized, and released several days later indicating his injuries were minor. Why he wasn't summoned to the bridge or awakened and informed of the situation still seems bizarre imo. Only explanation I see is that the imminent collision was a total shock to those on watch until the very last minute/s.


Have had on CNN International all morning. Have not seen a single second of coverage of the Handel/Ossoff Election. Very early it was coverage of a shake-up in Macron's Cabinet choices, then it was non-stop coverage of the Queen's Speech, and now it is live coverage of Corbyn speaking in Parliament. They did do a segment on the Dem's demanding info from Jeff Sessions and from Mike Pompeo in regards to General Flynn and Russia collusion rumors, with angry Dem's wanting to know why General Flynn was allowed to keep his Security Clearance and listen to classified briefings after Sally Yates told the White House Flynn was compromised.

(Odd how they are upset about Flynn's continuing Security Clearance but not about Hillary's or Huma's continuing Security Clearance.)

So that's what CNN has been covering over here but not a single word on Handel/Ossoff.

James D.

As inept as the DNC has been over the last year, there's at least one organization that is even more incompetent:


Interesting bit NYT reported Reps baseball practice. On Apr 12. Hodginson took pics of the field April 15. FBI... those pics not casing the joint. effemall.


His little sausage fingers in Everything.

"During the years that Bayrock and Trump did deals together, the company was also a bridge between murky European funding and a number of projects in the U.S. to which the president once leant his name in exchange for handsome fees. Icelandic banks that dealt with Bayrock, for example, were easy marks for money launderers and foreign influence, according to interviews with government investigators, legislators, and others in Reykjavik, Brussels, Paris and London. Trump testified under oath in a 2007 deposition that Bayrock brought Russian investors to his Trump Tower office to discuss deals in Moscow, and said he was pondering investing there.

"It's ridiculous that I wouldn't be investing in Russia," Trump said in that deposition. "Russia is one of the hottest places in the world for investment."

One of Bayrock's principals was a career criminal named Felix Sater who had ties to Russian and American organized crime groups. Before linking up with the company and with Trump, he had worked as a mob informant for the U.S. government, fled to Moscow to avoid criminal charges while boasting of his KGB and Kremlin contacts there, and had gone to prison for slashing apart another man’s face with a broken cocktail glass.

In a series of interviews and a lawsuit, a former Bayrock insider, Jody Kriss, claims that he eventually departed from the firm because he became convinced that Bayrock was actually a front for money laundering.

Kriss has sued Bayrock, alleging that in addition to laundering money, the Bayrock team also skimmed cash from the operation, dodged taxes and cheated him out of millions of dollars. Sater and others at Bayrock would not comment for this column; in court documents they have contested Kriss's charges and describe him, essentially, as a disgruntled employee trying to shake them down.

Jody Kriss in a luxury unit in a building he is developing in New YorkPhotographer: Jeff Brown for Bloomberg
But Kriss's assertion that Bayrock was a criminal operation during the years it partnered with Trump has been deemed plausible enough to earn him a court victory: In December, a federal judge in New York said Kriss's lawsuit against Bayrock, which he first filed nine years ago, could proceed as a racketeering case.

(I have my own history in court with the president. Trump sued me in 2006 when I worked at the New York Times, alleging that my biography, “TrumpNation,” had misrepresented his business record and his wealth. Trump lost the suit in 2011; my lawyers deposed him and Sater during the litigation. Trump's representatives didn't respond to repeated interview requests for this column.)

Trump has said over the years that he barely knows Sater. In fact, Sater -- who former Bayrock employees say met frequently with Trump in the Trump Organization's New York headquarters, once shepherded the president's children around Moscow and carried a Trump Organization business card -- apparently has remained firmly in the orbit of the president and his closest advisers.

Sater made the front page of the New York Times in February for his role in a failed effort — along with Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen — to lobby former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on a Ukrainian peace proposal.

Comey was still Trump's FBI director when he testified before the House Intelligence Committee in March about Russian interference in the 2016 election. During that hearing, Comey was asked if he was "aware of" Felix Sater, his criminal history and his business dealings with the Trump Organization. Comey declined to comment.

It's unclear whether Sater and Bayrock are part of Mueller's investigation. But Mueller has populated his investigative team with veteran prosecutors expert in white-collar fraud and Russian-organized-crime probes. One of them, Andrew Weissmann, once led an FBI team that examined financial fraud leading to the demise of Enron. Before that, Weissmann was a prosecutor with the U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn and part of a team that prosecuted Sater and mob associates for investment scams in the late 1990s.

However the Mueller probe unfolds, a tour of Trump's partnership with Bayrock exposes a number of uncomfortable truths about the president's business history, his judgment, and the possible vulnerabilities that his past as a freewheeling dealmaker — and his involvement with figures like Sater — have visited upon his present as the nation's chief executive.

Sater was born in the Soviet Union in 1966 and emigrated with his parents to the heavily Russian enclave of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, when he was about eight years old. He attended Pace University before dropping out when he was 18, then found his way to Wall Street where he worked as a stockbroker.

His early years on Wall Street, according to the recollections of his one-time business partner, Salvatore Lauria, were flush. By his mid-20s, Sater was collecting expensive watches, spending thousands of dollars on Zegna suits and buying luxury cars. That all came to a brief halt in 1993 when he was sent to prison for using the stem of a broken margarita glass during a bar fight two years earlier to attack another stockbroker; Sater’s victim needed 110 stitches to hold his face together.

When Sater emerged from prison 15 months later, he found his way back into trouble. With a group that included Lauria (who admits to having had ties to organized crime figures and grew up in New York as a close friend of a prominent Mafia boss), Sater opened an investment firm on the penthouse floor of 40 Wall Street, a Trump-owned building in Manhattan. From there, according to federal prosecutors, Sater and his team set about laundering money for the mob and fleecing about $40 million from unwitting and largely elderly investors, a number of whom were Holocaust survivors.

By the time law enforcement authorities eventually caught on to the 40 Wall Street operation, Sater had fled to Russia. Lauria visited him there.

Sater "was always hustling and scheming, and his contacts in Russia were the same kind of contacts he had in the United States," Lauria wrote in a 2003 memoir, "The Scorpion and the Frog." "The difference was that in Russia his crooked contacts were links between Russian organized crime, the Russian military, the KGB, and operatives who played both ways, or sometimes three ways."

Sater, who had been charged with racketeering and money laundering by the U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn in connection with the 40 Wall Street scam, eventually decided to return to America and face those charges. He had a card to play, however: his knowledge, gleaned from contacts in Russia, about a small stock of Stinger antiaircraft missiles loose on the black market in Afghanistan that were of interest to U.S. intelligence officials.


How does radar out of Yokohama extend, they could have issued a warning.


My prayers for Lyle today for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.


"Have had on CNN International all morning. Have not seen a single second of coverage of the Handel/Ossoff Election."

Don't know about the CNN International peeps, but Gloria Borger et al were shown to be catatonic and may be in hospital recovering.


Hilligula under formal investigation. By State Dept.

matt, deplore me if you must

I think the book "How to Avoid Huge Ships" should be required reading in the Navy now.

This morning at @ 4:30AM I woke up briefly and realized that there are four people responsible for the immigration debacle in Europe; Francoise Hollande, John Cameron, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. And yet none of them have come under scrutiny for the greatest humanitarian crisis of the new century. How does this happen?

It was our fighter bombers that brought down Ghadaffi. It was the incredibly stupid speech in Cairo. It was the imaginary line in the sand.

But with all of that, it makes my heart happy to know that there is no joy in Marin, or San Francisco, or Brentwood, or Brookline or Lake Washington today.

Even with all of the fire and Resistance and money, it all came to nought.

And now Illinois is a preview for the rest of the country. Puerto Rico could be dismissed, but when your courts mandate that every penny goes to special interests, even Democrats are going to realize the party is over. Governor Brown please pick up the white courtesy telephone.

matt, deplore me if you must

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
but there is no joy in Mudville — the Resistance has struck out.

Miss Marple

Facts on GA 6 election:


Doesn't WI have unionized public employees like IL? How is WI faring fiscally? Better than IL for sure, but better than states that don't allow public employees to unionize and put tax payers on the hook for the results of their collective-bargaining?

Pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter.

Prayers for Lyle!



Did you mean David Cameron? Or, who is John Cameron, if not?


Deb, WI was IL junior under Doyle. Then Walker and Act 15. Yes the govt workers are union, but WI is now right to work and unions can only bargain wages with a cap to any increase. Now has best job growth in the nation, and decreasing tax rates.


Another reason was that many Rs were vying to replace Price, splitting the vote. Ossoff was the chosen Dem and all he had to do was win a simple majority in the primary and he'd be the winner. Thankfully, he got close but no cigar, forcing a run-off with next highest vote getter Handel.


Thanks, henry. That's why Walker was my first choice when primary season began. He's stellar.

matt, deplore me if you must

Yes, David...How quickly we forget.....

Wisconsin is a special case.There are still a lot of people with common sense there. Unfortunately, common sense is becoming ever more uncommon.


Found by our Chitown unit: Norks open to stopping their nuke program. Did Trump just persuade Xi to crack down?


Did anyone monitor the Meeka/Joe show this a.m.? I'm sure that cabal was down in the dumps!

Pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter.

Tired of winning yet?


I'm hoping it was like this:


unless someone holds the grumbling Republicans to account for their protests. Constituents can and have been doing that with letters and emails and phone calls and need to keep doing it. But very few of these Republicans are talking directly to their constituents, so we need some help here. We need all those reporters to ask one question of every bitching Republican: What are you doing about it?

Pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter.

"Hilligula under formal investigation. By State Dept."

Any of the investigators people appointed by the new SoS?


Not long after WNYC reported those facts, employees at the hotel were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

A partial copy of the agreement, obtained by WNYC, defines confidential information as facts concerning the private lives of the Trump family, the Trumps’ political activities, and the Trump family business.

“You shall not give or participate in any interviews, write or be a source for any articles, books, programs, or stories in any form...concerning or relating to any Confidential Information,” the agreement states.


Trump Organization seeks hefty tax break for Westchester golf club
Jun 21, 2017, 10:26 AM ET
PlayBobby Bank/Getty Images
WATCH Backlash mounts over President Trump's tweet about being investigated
The Trump Organization wants its tax bill cut in half at one of its high-end golf clubs, part of a longstanding Trump practice of using legal challenges and appeals to lower his corporate tax bills.

President Donald Trump’s company, now run by his adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, has requested a property tax break of a quarter of a million dollars for the Trump National Golf Club, Westchester, in the village of Briarcliff Manor, New York, according to town officials.


All the secrecy behind Trumpcare in the Senate might be giving Mitch McConnell the edge he needs to get it passed, but it's not doing much to reassure the public. McConnell's main hope in passing this bill that will strip health insurance away from millions is that he can do it in a shroud of secrecy, that the public won't be able to pressure his fellow Republicans to reject it if they don't know what's in it. And the public sure is in the dark about what our Senate is planning to do to us.

Almost three quarters—including most Republicans—feel that Senate Republicans should discuss their health care plans publicly as they work on the bill. Republicans are, however, twice as likely as both Democrats and independents to endorse a private approach.
Still, 56 percent of Republicans believe the bill should be debated publicly.

Still looking for information, many start off as skeptical. Most Democrats and nearly a third of independents think the GOP health care plans will hurt them personally. More than half of Republicans anticipate no effect on them personally.
More than half of Republicans are idiots. But we knew that already. They'll be in for a really unpleasant surprise if this thing passes.

Meanwhile, most Americans would prefer that Congress improve the Affordable Care Act, not repeal it, including half of Republicans who don't want it repealed entirely. Overall, seven in ten say the law should either be kept in place or that it has some good things but needs changes to make it work better. Fewer than three in ten say Congress should repeal and replace it entirely.
And you know who the three in ten are.


Wow. You mean Trump has the temerity to challenge his tax bill? Unbelievable. I mean we successfully challenged our property tax bill several years ago using comparable home sales in our area, but that's us. What makes Trump think he has a right to do likewise?

Pyrrhic Victory for Whordes.

On the other hand, a Handel win is not anywhere near the victory/mandate/endorsement the Trump team will claim it to be. This is a Republican district. The only reason it was close: A lot of Republicans voted for a Democrat. So, the GOP victory on the merits is pretty limited. Spending enough money to scald a wet mule (to borrow a phrase from Haley Barbour) to hold on to a district that Tom Price (Trump’s HHS secretary) and Newt Gingrich held is not a sign of Republican health. I’m okay with calling that a moral victory for Ossoff, as the media certainly will. But a moral victory plus $1.89* will buy me a large coffee at my local Starbucks. Meanwhile, a literal defeat for the GOP would have been a disaster.

Pyrrhic Victory for Whordes.

" What makes Trump think he has a right to do likewise?"

Especially since he's the Presidunce. Otherwise, why take the Job?

JM Hanes


You must have at least one like-minded soul at the AP. Over at Instapundit, Austin Bay quotes the lede in the AP's "concession" report:

Republican Karen Handel has won a nationally watched congressional election in Georgia, avoiding an upset that would have rocked Washington ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.
When I clicked over to AP's story, however, that sentence, even in modified form, is nowhere to be found. They ended up with a surprisingly straightforward piece. I was interested that "a super pac backed by Paul Ryan" (not exactly sure what that construction means) gave her $7 million. I wonder how much money he's got to spread around. They managed to squeeze Handel's "not support a living wage" comment into a last paragraph, but actually put it in context. That was supposed to be her Romney 47% Waterloo. Bwahaha.

I suspect the NYTimes/Politics tweet, of the same ilk, that Momto2 quoted has not been similarly disappeared:

Handel averted a humiliating upset for Republicans in a suburban Atlanta seat they have held for nearly 40 years!
They mean the "hoped for" humiliation, of course. The sour grapes are just palpable, aren't they? Left unnamed is that party that did not avert a humiliating loss.

Unicorns down! And a new theme song for the Dems:
Another One Bites Dust

Rock on, Washington!

Dave (in MA)

They just wanted to talk about their grandchildren.



Donald Trump's state visit to the UK appears to have been shelved for at least two years after it was not included in the Queen's speech.

The Queen's address usually mentions planned state visits, but Wednesday's speech only contained a reference to welcoming King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain in July.

It follows reports that the American President told the Prime Minister he will not come to the UK on a state visit if there are large-scale protests against him.

Works for Rumpublicans.

"“Democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Healthcare,Tax Cuts,Security. OBSTRUCTION DOESN'T WORK"

Trumps lack of edumacation and life experience should make him pause before he 'gesprechens'.


Seen on Althouse:

"The only way Democrats can get Republicans out of congress is by shooting them, and they aren't very good at that either."

That nonsense about "seat they've held for 40 years" seems to overlook little facts like redistricting, the fact that it was an open seat, and of course, the $50M spent on Ossoff.


Just like with condo associations they will find a way to gouge you, and they usually assistance in clouding the issue.

Miss Marple

Piers Morgan making sense, but the dems so far show no inclination to listen:


Scalise upgraded to "FAIR" codition.

Works for Rumpublicans.

(Nothing on MILSPEC idiocy)

The Pentagon wasted as much as $28 million over the past decade buying uniforms for the Afghan army with a woodland camouflage pattern appropriate for a tiny fraction of that war-torn country, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

Miss Marple

Buy Now! Obama Personal Library for the Home!

Monsters Incorporated

But the AHCA is turning out to be no policy at all. It’s just a transfer of health care dollars away from the people who need it, especially children who will lose Medicaid and CHIP insurance, to the pockets of the very well off through tax breaks. Jamelle’s Bouie at Slate’s Political Gabfest breaks it down for us in chilling detail. The biggest campaign donors want this roll back of health insurance no matter what. They want what they want and they want it now. That’s what they hired their Senators and Representatives to do. What happens after that is not their problem. It’s everyone else’s problem but what do the Republicans’ biggest donors care about that? They don’t have to look at the people who will get royaly screwed by this. Did I mention that up to 50% of children will lose their health insurance? And what about the mentally ill?
It’s sickening. Literally.

Citizens can BLOW us--rumpublicans

Middle Class White People Are Racists
Not all of them, of course, but the idea that racism is a poor people thing is one of those weird elitist concepts. A bit of education doesn't make you not racist. See our Charles Murray defending op-ed pages, for example. Modern "white flight" isn't blue collar Archie Bunker - he stayed in Queens.

Republicans aren't the party of "white trash," they're the party of suburban auto dealers. The reason people say "don't read the comments" of metro area newspapers isn't because farmers and coal miners are spending their off hours being racist online, it's because white collar suburbanites are spending their work hours being racist. All PA Philly suburban congressional districts are held by Republicans, for example. Two and three generations removed they still talk about how "those people" forced "them" to leave the city, a place they visit once per year to buy cannolis.

Not all wealthy suburbanites, of course, but the PA congressional districts have been "swinging blue" for the past 25 years and they never..quite...get...there... Sure they're contestable areas, but...

Captain Hate

Piers Morgan making sense, but the dems so far show no inclination to listen

Telling dimwits to be more intelligent usually doesn't work well.


When did Piers Morgan become the voice of reason?


republicans have held the 6th for 40 years only because where it is located and the number of congressional districts was at least 7 40 years ago and is now much increased. IIRC we have been adding one seat a decade and I believe is was 10 districts when I was in high school.

That was back when gingrich was the sole republican in the Ga house.

I grew up in the 7th which was marietta and all of cobb and where I live inside the perimeter that is now in 6th was in the 5th for the last 3 decades. They splintered inside the perimeter after the 2010 census so then price became my congressman at some point although it had to be later because i remember the bobb barr/lindsey/loudermilk race involving us too.

I think part of it may be these neighborhoods may be white collar professionals but they are multiethnic white collar. I guess each district gets a dollop as they divide up inside the perimeter.

it probably has something to do with forcing the bipartisan logrolling to protect atlanta and lockheed.

James D.

When did Piers Morgan become the voice of reason?

The phrase that comes to mind is "In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyes man is king."


"In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyes man is king."

Must be true since Piers Morgan used to be the leader of the looney left at CNN.

Citizens can BLOW us--rumpublicans

According to the Statesmen, the White House “signaled its plans to get involved” in the lawsuit against Texas’s racist “show me your papers” bill, which, if implemented later this year, will turn local law enforcement into federal immigration agents by allowing them to question the immigration status of anyone they think “looks” undocumented.

The U.S. Department of Justice contacted Austin’s legal department on Monday indicating its intent to file a “statement of interest” and asked to be involved in the court hearings next week on SB 4, according to a city spokesman.

"I received an email from the Department of Justice. President Donald Trump has ordered the Department of Justice to enter the case,” said Luis Vera, an attorney with the League of United Latin American Citizens, one of the plaintiffs. “I just think the Trump administration should focus on fixing the broken immigration system, rather than interfere with what happens in Texas.”

Donald Trump and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III certainly have bigger things to worry about, and maybe that’s why they’re possibly getting involved in this state fight. But then again, considering this bill will make life for brown people in Texas pretty miserable, maybe their involvement shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

As the Texas Tribune notes, El Paso County, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas have all signed onto the lawsuit originally filed by the tiny border town of El Cenizo and others. With court hearings quickly approaching and the legislation slated to go into effect September 1, advocates in the state are urging others to sign on as soon as possible:

Lawmakers from Houston and Laredo have urged their respective city councils to join a lawsuit originally filed May 8 by officials in Maverick County and the City of El Cenizo, and the League of United Latin American Citizens. The lawsuit alleges that law, Senate Bill 4 by state Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, violates several provisions of the U.S. Constitution, including guarantees of free speech and equal protection.

Mario Carrillo, Texas director of America’s Voice:

It’s no surprise that the Trump Administration, which has unleashed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Custom and Border Patrol (CBP) agents on immigrant communities across the country, would stand behind its best foot soldier, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, in the war against immigrants..

Citizens can BLOW us--rumpublicans

In a rumpublican World of lies, Trumpenfuhrer is King.

Pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter.

Remember Democrats are the ones in court so often to prove their voters are the ones who can't get photo IDs.


The job of White House press secretary is supposed to be the crowning achievement of a successful career, but under Donald Trump, and with Spicer in the spotlight, it’s become such a liability that the White House won't even allow video or audio evidence of press briefings. That job, and the communications director job that recently opened up, have also become yet another part of the ongoing power struggle among Trump’s top advisers:

Several Trump aides, including Mr. Kushner, Mr. Spicer, Stephen K. Bannon and the chief of staff, Reince Priebus, have made their own phone calls searching for potential job candidates, sometimes not telling others in the building what they’re doing. Some believe that the communications director needs his or her own lane; others believe that the person should report to Mr. Spicer, for whom a new role as a deputy chief of staff has been discussed. Others said there might not be any kind of change.

But so far, there has been no real signoff from the only person whose vote matters: the president..


And another Obamacare exchange pullout. this time Anthem in WI.


I wonder how loud the press will be in re: Jeh Johnson's testimony that the DNC refused help from both the FBI and DHS regarding hacking of their system? ::crickets::


Sue.. as a technicality, doesn't that refusal make any hacking "hearsay" and not "evidence."*

*yeah, "hacking' needed scare quotes too. With Dem testimony you almost need a scare quote font option, like bold or italic for normal humans but different to show words have no actual meaning when used by Dems.

Captain Hate

According to HOF 'ette Jane D'oh, Meeka had a major frowny face over Burger King offering a Lucky Charms milkshake. ScarredBurro should consult his buddy Gary Condit on how to make that birdbrain go Chandra Levy 2, particularly since Zbig isn't around to blame it on the Mossad.


Any chance JJ will be asked to explain GA Sec. of State's contention that BOzo's DHS made 10+ attempts to illegally access the official election site.

TRUMP charlatan

Buried deep in a Huffington Post article about Mobey’s new album “More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse”, is a real gem about a tip he received from an intelligence source concerning Donald Trump. Accompanied by Disney-like videos depicting Trump as a rampaging Nazi character, the album is sure to stir controversy. Here’s a link to the article:

New Moby Video Depicts Donald Trump’s Rise And A Violent Demise
In HuffPost premiere, Moby spoke about activism and becoming a reluctant mouthpiece for anti-Trump intel.


In February, Moby garnered media attention when he claimed, on social media, that he had sources that confirmed to him that Trump is being “blackmailed” by the Russian government.

“Intelligence agencies around the world, and here in the u.s, [sic] are horrified by the incompetence of the trump administration, and are working to present information that will lead to high level firings and, ultimately, impeachment,” Moby wrote. He also stated that the Trump administration might try to use a war with Iran as a distraction.

Although Moby’s claim to have reliable sources seemed questionable at the time, the statement still gained widespread coverage. Variety reported that Moby’s followers drew a line between the resignation of then National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his prediction.

“I didn’t want as much attention as I got,” Moby explained to HuffPost with a laugh. “I don’t want to be the sort of ad-hoc mouthpiece for disgruntled people who work at intelligence agencies. But I just, felt like I had an audience and [my friends in the intelligence community had] asked me to sort of just draw attention to what the administration was doing to try and drum up an excuse for war.”

For those still deeply curious about this Moby-as-Deep-Throat situation, here’s his full explanation:

“Without saying too much, over the years [I have] somehow managed to become friends with people in intelligence services in different countries. And I met up with some of them a few months ago, and they were talking about the Russian dossier and how everyone associated with it is being killed off.

And the thing that kind of scared them the most, was the false pretenses that the Trump administration were drumming up to try to go to war. Specifically at that time they were concerned about, I think it was the USS Cole, was antagonizing Iran. And the Trump administration was hoping that Iran would do something that would justify us going to war with Iran.

So one reason I posted that was in my own way to let the administration know that the intelligence communities ― and I’m not sure the only person doing this ― but there was awareness of what they were doing.

And the other stuff I posted ― like in the post I said look at Michael Flynn ― and a week later he was fired. Just as a way, again I can’t say too much, but just as a way of sort of like, trying to add legitimacy to the other things that I was writing about.”

Moby also revealed that his source was a “career intelligence person” that asked him to relay this information ― all of which is unconfirmed. According to Moby though, “the straw that really broke the camel’s back” in terms of Trump’s relationship with the intel community is when immediately after his inauguration, Trump “went to the FBI headquarters and gave a self-promoting speech in front of the wall of fallen heroes.”

“If Trump is impeached or forced to resign, you can kind of trace it back to that moment,” said Moby. “That’s when all the career intelligence officers just decided that Trump is terrible and has to go.”


Allegedly Mobey made these claims before Michael Flynn was forced out of the administration, which suggests he was on the right track.
Regardless of Russian meddling, something every country does to gain an edge, Trump’s real weak spot is his financial scandals. Going after Russian espionage and collusion charges may prove to be difficult. But common criminality relating to Trump’s unusual loans, real estate deals, and Jarred Kushner’s back-channel negotiations with the Russians are in plain view.

One thing I have been giving thought to is if Trump was allowed into the White House so that the intelligence agencies could finish off the office of the Presidency. What if they wanted someone so reprehensible in office that they could crush the President, and by extension the Presidency itself. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

It’s going to be a rough ride, let’s hope we can avoid another world war.
Here’s the video, it’s very, very good:

Group GOP Grope

Yeah. They keep hammering on collusion lack of evidence because EMOLUEMENT is KEY.

Plenty of financial skull-duggery to farm out to extra prosecutors with sharp knives.


When did Piers Morgan become the voice of reason?

Hi Sue! Piers has been a consistent defender of Trump since before the election. Of course he has a professional connection, but he has really stuck his neck out and taken a lot of abuse. I'm sure he disagrees with Trump on many issus (like guns, where he's particularly bizarre), but he's been a voice of reason. And he's now vilified on Twitter and elsewhere.

Group GOP Grope

Accordingly, Article I, Section 9 states: “No Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them [the United States], shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.” For more than two centuries, the clause remained an obscurity, rarely addressed by the courts, but then Donald Trump became President and, more to the point, declined to cut ties with his far-flung business interests. Foreign countries, which want to ingratiate themselves with the new President, have flocked to Trump’s businesses, especially to the Trump International Hotel, in Washington, D.C., creating a modern version of the problem that the Framers tried to address. So Blumenthal joined forces with the Constitutional Accountability Center and became the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against the President, last week, for violating the emoluments clause. Thirty other Senators and more than a hundred members of the House of Representatives, all Democrats, have joined as co-plaintiffs.

Other lawsuits against Trump, on emoluments grounds, have been filed, including one by the governments of Maryland and the District of Columbia (none have yet been decided), but Blumenthal believes that his suit will be the one that survives a challenge on standing grounds. “The clause specifically says that the President needs the consent of Congress to receive this money from foreign countries, so he’s deprived us of the chance to give our consent,” Blumenthal said. “I think that’s enough for us to get into court.” Notably, if Judge Emmet Sullivan, of the federal district court in Washington, allows the case to proceed, the plaintiffs may be allowed to obtain Trump’s elusive tax returns as part of the discovery process.


"When they can't destroy the Republican with the media, they don't know how to win!" Rush

Fascists on the march

ughly six in ten Americans believe immigrants (63%), transgender people (62%), gay and lesbian people (58%), and blacks (57%) face a lot of discrimination in the country today.

White Americans are divided on the discrimination African Americans face.

Only half (50%) of white Americans believe blacks face a lot of discrimination, while roughly as many (47%) say this is not the case. Majorities of black Americans (85%), Hispanics (66%), mixed-race Americans (64%), and Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Americans (55%) say blacks face significant levels of discrimination today.
However, there is considerable variation of opinion among white Americans by age. More than six in ten (63%) white young adults (age 18-29) agree blacks face a considerable amount of discrimination, while fewer than half (43%) of white seniors (age 65 or older) agree.
Republicans largely reject the idea that black Americans face a great deal of discrimination today. Fewer than one-third (32%) of Republicans believe blacks face a lot of discrimination in society, compared to roughly two-thirds (65%) who say they do not. In contrast, nearly six in ten (58%) political independents and more than three-quarters (77%) of Democrats agree blacks experience a great deal of discrimination.

Among religious Americans, white Christians are among the least likely to say gay and lesbian people currently confront a lot of discrimination in the U.S.

Fewer than half of white evangelical Protestants (43%) and Mormons (49%)—and a slim majority of white Catholics (52%) and white mainline Protestants (54%)—say gay and lesbian people experience a great deal of discrimination.
However, there are important generational differences. Nearly six in ten (59%) young white evangelical Protestants, but only about four in ten (43%) white evangelical Protestant seniors, say gay and lesbian people face substantial discrimination.
Black Americans are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to perceive discrimination against gay, lesbian or transgender people.

Nearly three-quarters of black Americans say gay and lesbian (73%) and transgender people (72%) face a lot of discrimination; roughly two-thirds of Hispanics say gay and lesbian (66%) and transgender individuals (67%) encounter discrimination; more than six in ten mixed-race Americans believe gay and lesbian (61%) and transgender people (67%) face discrimination; and a majority of white Americans perceive significant discrimination against gay and lesbian (54%) and transgender people (59%). Notably, fewer than half (49%) of Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Americans believe gay and lesbian people face a great deal of bias, while 55% of API Americans say the same of transgender people.
There are similar divisions among racial and ethnic groups on the amount of discrimination faced by immigrants, and partisan divisions remain large.

Close to six in ten white (57%) and API Americans (59%) say immigrants face a great deal of discrimination. About two-thirds (66%) of mixed-race Americans, roughly three-quarters (74%) of black Americans, and eight in ten (80%) Hispanics also believe immigrants face a lot of discrimination.
Only about four in ten (41%) Republicans say immigrants experience a lot discrimination in society. In contrast, roughly twice as many Democrats (78%) and nearly two-thirds (64%) of independents believe immigrants face a lot of discrimination.
According to PRRI’s Discrimination Perception Scale, nearly one-quarter (24%) of the American public do not believe any of these groups (black Americans, immigrants, or gay and lesbian people) experience a lot of discrimination, 16% believe only one of the three groups experiences a lot of discrimination, and 18% say two of the three groups face a great deal of discrimination. More than four in ten (42%) Americans say all three groups experience a lot of discrimination..

Captain Hate

I was reading something recently where that lying piece of shit, Jeh Johnson, was trying to extricate himself from being caught trying to hack into some state's database by making up some pile of crap about trying to determine the bona fides of job applicants claiming to hold positions in those states by doing a search themselves. First of all, I'm sure the normal procedures call for making a written request to each state. Second, if you start getting a bunch of access denied returns, you're gonna get an angry phone call from the DBAs telling you to stop fucking around or get marched out of the building.

Fascists on the march

Anti-contraception Christians whose only affection for kids is for the cannon fodder .

They need troops for the wars of choice but don't ask them to enlist.

matt, deplore me if you must

Soros must really be cracking the whip now that they just blew $30 Million for a great big goose egg. Our troll is quite active today.


Remember jeh likely leaked the petraeus inquiry which cleared the path for effendi Brennan once there he sought to drive away real experts like Phil haney.


Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


That nonsense about "seat they've held for 40 years" seems to overlook little facts like redistricting, the fact that it was an open seat, and of course, the $50M spent on Ossoff.

Posted by: jimmyk | June 21, 2017 at 11:47 AM

Exactly. This is one of their favored tricks.


How Hodgkinson got his guns. Some good detail, like the SKS was folding stock (easier to fit in a bag).


Although it turns out Condit didn't get rid of her.

I am reminded of that Georgia Senate runoff where the huntress helped save Chambliss and he showed no subsequent gratitude. In fact she was subject to an ethics complaint coincidentally by crew


That SKS is legal even in .CA.

Internal mag. 5 round stripper clip like Mosin. But 7.62 x 38. Not 54.


That SKS is legal even in .CA.

Internal mag. 5 round stripper clip like Mosin. But 7.62 x 38. Not 54.


Rhymes with Anti-Mishmorshun rumpublicans



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