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June 14, 2017



greenfield nails it on the caesar as trump travesty. http://www.frontpagemag.com/point/266993/real-problem-public-theaters-caesar-isnt-killing-daniel-greenfield

the audience is intended to empathize with the act.

matt, deplore me if you must

The more they are in recess the less damage they can do.

Frau Goldgräberin

rse - I did. I hope you enjoy it. You are a woman after my own heart to order a used copy.

My newly-wed granddaughter and husband just moved to Bainbridge from Idaho. Too the job was not up north where our family lived 1820-1870.


Frau- a hardcover used of an 800+ page book is both easier to read and lighter on the wallet.

It's a wonder my poor spouse does not wrap up a piece of paper of what i spend on books each year and put it under the christmas tree.


More hate,

Nick Reisman @NickReisman

Rep. Claudia Tenney's office says she has received a threatening email sent after shooting. Subject line "One down, 216 to go..."

Ralph L

Will Ralph have to renounce one of her few loyal viewers?
Satan, I rebuke you!

Are we repeating the last generations of the Roman Republic, when polarization and violence accelerated into civil war?

We used to swim at that Y Saturday mornings. I think it had the only public indoor pool in No Va then. Simpson stadium was named for the grandfather of one of my school classmates. It used to be a rundown neighborhood next to the rail yards, but it's pricey now.


Only linking the NYT because it's an oddly straight account, mentioning the shooter's pro-Sanders and anti-Trump anti-Republican stances, and even this (quoting Mo Brooks):

“My adrenaline is raging,” he told CNN. “It’s not easy to take when you see people around you being shot and you don’t have a weapon yourself.”


Miss Marple the Deplorable

It is going to be up to us to call out the media.

Any statement by the President or any elected GOP person will be cast as "divisive" and "making the incident political" and then we wil get endless shots of the one guy who got beat up at a Trump rally for protesting.

What needs to happen is that people need to speak out whenever you see this stuff, which is why I am very glad Kathy Griffin and that awful Shakespeare play got attention and boycotts.

If you run across someone on Twitter posting this type of violent rhetoric, turn them innto Twitter, which might not do anything but at least will get annoyed.

This stuff has to stop. If it keeps up, nutcases on our side will start viewing themselves as "defenders" and we will have full blown civil war. I am already seeing this attitude on several web sites I visit.

Dave (in MA)

click for full pic

Another Bob

Miss Marple the Deplorable | June 14, 2017 at 11:19 AM

Had a glance at that just now. Did you see the #MAGA-type followers? Given his feed and list of follows, seems unlikely he'd attract that sort.

Lefties throwing chaff this morning?

Jim Eagle

Isn't Belleville, IL Jimmy Connors hometown? For some damn reason it rings a bell.

Heard Pelosi's remarks to Congress and someone must have slipped her a "lucid pill". First time in years she actually put more than two sentences together and didn't slur or mispronounce words. We are all bipartisan now and both wings of Congress are shut down for the day.

I understand the game will still be played tomorrow.


Is there a rule about congress and concealed carry? I was wondering why there were not several firearms on the baseball diamond. Really? Rand Paul does not have security?

I think I mentioned that I received my CC permit in April. In May I went for training at Front Sight near Las Vegas. Four days on the range in a class of three. Front Sight was remarkable. On a Monday there were over 600 being trained and they said that on some days when the 4-day classes overlap there are 1000 attendees. A lot of the license plates in the lot were from California. There are 25 ranges now and will soon be 50. It all leads me to believe that Americans are waking up. Maybe 93 million per day. :-)


Just awoke and listening to Rush's opening monolog.

My guess is that by the end of the day the Dem Talking Point will be that if ObamaCare is overturned like Scalise wants to, then Scalise wouldnt be geting the type of medical care he's getting right now---he'd be out of luck like the 30 million Americans he's trying to throw out on the street, etc.

Rush says that 2 callers so far to C-Span have blamed Rush and Roger Ailes for today's' shooting by creating this environment of political hatred. But of course.

Nice to see the FBI unable to determine the motive of the shooter who was motivated to murder as many Republicans as possible. He made a valid point how they are so confident there was collusion with the Russian that has no evidence and does not exist but they are incapable of looking at this gunman, intent on murdering as many Republicans as possible, and unable to determine if he had any intent.

I guess the next Navy Warship will be named the USS Steve Scalise.


Connors born in East St Louis (per wiki), Belleville is just outside there. So maybe he is JiB.


Speaking of assassination porn, here's some snippets from the WSJ review today of Julius Caesar in NYC:

If that idea seems rather tasteless, is it any more so than Gregg Henry, as Caesar, impersonating not a Roman tyrant but President Donald Trump ? Or Tina Benko, as Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, appearing as a slinky model with a Slavic accent meant to suggest Melania Trump (though Ms. Benko sounds more like a Transylvanian Israeli)?


But, given Mr. Eustis’s political perspective, such corporate opposition must be like the coronet Caesar covets. It is an honor, which increases because he finds it so wrong-headed. He has said the play is really a “warning parable” about the dangers of fighting for democracy using undemocratic means. Brutus and Cassius come to no good. The play opposes assassination; it does not glorify it.

That, at least, is Mr. Eustis’s claim. But Shakespeare doesn’t really argue that point. Neither does Mr. Eustis’s staging, really; he makes it clear who the bad guys are: Caesar’s men, wearing Big Brother-like Eye insignias on their flak jackets. The good guys are the conspirators and protesters, who are also responsible for mounting the spontaneous-seeming public memorial we see on arriving, looking like those that arose after the 9/11 attacks, this one supposedly mounted in memory of Pompey, just killed by (terrorist) Caesar.

Audience members even go on stage to scrawl comments on protest posters proclaiming “Resist”—which, at the play’s beginning, are quickly pasted over by Caesar’s fascistic police. Lest we miss the point, Cassius appears at Brutus’ door wearing a pussy hat.


Near the play’s end, Caesarian riot police shoot into a presumably democratic, unarmed crowd of protesters. Ideology trumps all. The production even indulges in “intersectionality”—a form of 21st-century conceptual imperialism in which every imagined victim is said to share similar political oppressors. Thus, Marc Antony is cast as a woman ( Elizabeth Marvel ), leading to pronoun changes throughout and inspiring a dollop of sympathetic ambiguity (though we give this gender-indulgence up when she ultimately displays bad-guy brutishness). As for the poet Cinna, who is set upon in the street by a maddened populace, here, to suit the director’s pre-packaged prejudices, he is a Muslim pummeled to death by Caesar’s police.

Ecce Home!!


Iggy, that's excellent re: Kimball.


Rush saying that CNN is spending most of it's coverage on the Kumbaya going on on the House floor and spending almost zero time in informing viewers on the particulars of who this shooter was and what his political background was or what his motive was.

Rush compares that to the Brian Ross coverage of the Colorado Shooter they tried to tie to the Tea Party.


Stupid autocorrect. S/b: Ecce Homo!! or "behold man!!"

Jim Eagle

Frau will love this. Belleville is also where the instigators of the "Frankfurter temperamental" fled after the attack on the police stations.

[After the failed attack, at least 7 of those involved, Gustav Körner, George Bunsen, Gustav Bunsen, Henry Abend, Theodore Engleman, and Adolph Berchelman fled to Belleville, Illinois. Gustav Koerner was later Lt. Governor of Illinois. Gustav Bunsen died serving Sam Houston in Texas, and George Bunsen became superintendent of schools in St. Clair County, Illinois.

This group of 1830s revolutionaries, thus called in German the Dreißiger, were predecessors of the "Forty-Eighters", who had to emigrate following the 1848 revolutions.]

Looks like Belleville has a history of 'tempermental" people.


The shooter's home town paper figured out the motive, "terminate the Republican Party.

Is the NYT up to that level of reporting?

Dave (in MA)

Chris Collins (R-NY) says he's going to be packing heat from now on.

Captain Hate

henry beat me with the answer. I hated Connors as much as is humanly possible. Overgrown mommy's boy who was as classless as the JEF in *surreptitiously* giving people the finger. Played horribly boring tennis with baseline shots with lots of over spin; matches between him and Borg were insomnia cures. Plus the annoying Bud Collins worshipped him. McEnbrat was such a refreshing change back to exciting tennis.

Jim Eagle


I think he was born in E. St. Louis (better or bigger hospital?) but the Bellevlille wiki page lists him as one of their famous people in sports.


If I'm not mistaken its against House and Senate rules to bring a personal firearm onto the Capitol grounds. Maybe he'll keep it in his car contrary to the silly DC gun laws.

Dave (in MA)

I see that CBS Evening News tweeted that McAuliffe claimed that "There are too many guns ob the street. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence."

I can't find the tweet on their timeline. They must have deleted it because he didn't say "ob".


Ryan did ok in my book and to answer Frau's question on the other thread:
Sanders did condemn the shooting on the Senate floor.


"There are too many guns ob the street. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence."

Is that in all 57 States?

Dave (in MA)

Have there been any reports as to whether the shooter used a gun with a shoulder thing that goes up and a high magazine clip?


So has this guy been called a "Lone Wolf" yet?


Daddy will do a better job of transcribing what Rush is setting up.

Rush is claiming that the Bernie supporter must have been "radicalized" by what he was subjected to by liberal social media and news.


Daddy, thanks to English Common Law everyone on planet earth is an American.


Sounds like a "SBG" might have been used.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

According to something linked over on CTH (and I can't find it now because there are so many posts) the shooter had been living in ALexandria for 2 months but was coming home soon. (This according to his wife.)

Why was he in Alexandria? He couldn't work as a building inspector there plus he had lost his license in Illinois. Who was he in contact with in Alexandria? I sure think this is important.

Captain Hate

Today is a good day to avoid Zuckerberg. Fuck that shithole.

Another Bob

Of course Sanders condemned the shooting Matt and Maryrose, did you think he'd endorse it?

When does he (and countless others I could name) condemn the attitudes and rhetoric (and some actions) that promote it?

Another Bob

Anyone else of the mindset that a Rubicon was crossed today?

Another Bob

Oh, and I mean "the attitudes and rhetoric of his side".


Is the FBI stupid?
We know they were targeting Republicans because the shooter asked Representative Duncan who was practicing there.


Well I don't anything about it but I know the Capitol Police acted stupidly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The shooter's Facebook page has now been deleted. Here is the archived link:


Who took it upon themselves to delete it? Isn't this evidence?




McAwful continues to show his ignorance and stupidity.
I am so glad he is history in November.
Gillespie just barely won his primary by 4500 votes.
What is up with that and can he win in Nov. against the Dem Lt Governor?


Drudge: "High-Powered Rifle; More than 50 shots fired"

Good thing this BernieBro/Maddow Worshipper was a lousy shot.


Another Bob:
Yes it is the. Beginning of the End of this Washington stupid nonsense.


Thank God for the Capitol Police heroes.

Captain Hate

Anyone else of the mindset that a Rubicon was crossed today?


Tammy Bruce: the entire GOP needs to tell McCain to stop making stupid statements.



Jonah Goldberg has a nocturnal diurnal emission.

Dave (in MA)

Does "50 shots fired" include the return fire from the good guys?


KK, it probably goes without saying but . . . I likes the way you think, man!

* * *

MM, if you just hit the "print screen" key that should act as a screen capture. If you have a Word file open, or open one, you can then do a "ctrl + v" key combination and that will paste the screen capture into the document. From there, you can save it as a picture via right clicking and then doing a "save as" left click, and then crop it as necesary in your Photo app -- or, before that, doing the cropping inside the Word document (you're offered this option when you first right-click on the screen capture) and then just save the entire Word file.

* * *

Gotta run!


Maybe, Dave. But I'd wager The Maddow Worshipper was still responsible for at least 47 or 48...


"Rush is claiming that the Bernie supporter must have been "radicalized" by what he was subjected to by liberal social media and news."

I'm guessing the shooter was a Morning Joe watcher.

He's simply acted out what the cowards on that show say but are afraid to follow thru on.


"As we reported earlier this morning, Hodgkinson allegedly asked Rep. Jeff Duncan whether it was Republicans or Democrats on the practice field before opening fire."

Bye bye insanity defense


MM, if you are using a Microsoft operating system, search for 'snipping tool'.

I'd wager there is an equivalent in Apple junk too.


Dave, our Chitown Lurker says "yes"

Bubarooni, Madcow fan as favorite TV show per FB page


Rush now playing bits from CNN.

Plays this newly discovered tweet from the shooter: “Republicans are the Taliban of the USA.”

Rush says that is not original. He has seen that comment put out before by main stream Democrats, and thinks he has seen it in Ads for the Dems.

Rush now playing CNN audio reporting that nobody at Bernie's Campaign had ever heard of the guy. Nobody can remember him. Rush's take is that this is intentional spinning, trying to spin for Bernie and keep Bernie removed from his supporter---(ie we never heard of the guy our hands are clean, he was on the fringe, don't blame us etc.)

Now Rush plays a clip from Wolf's Show, a comment from one of the shooters friends. the friend of the guy says the shooter 'was not an evil guy, he was just tired of the politics.' (something like that.)

A caller then calls in mreminding of Obama's comment, if they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.

Rush's overall point is that this guy is a product of the Left, reciting the same stuff the Left Media preaches to him 24/7, and now they will try to ignore his motivations to the best of their ability and try instead to paint him as a fringe character, and instead turn to Kumbaya and other blather, anything to deflect from the Left's culpability in producing this hatred.


Time for another conversation on tighter gun control I fear.

Duda, you are welcome to come any time you like and try to exert tighter control on mine.


And still the Market goes up. Up 40 at the moment. Amazing.

JM Hanes


"Only linking the NYT because it's an oddly straight account...."

Except that they somehow managed to leave out the part where the gunman asks whether the ball players were Republicans or Democrats! Or did I just miss that detail? It seems like a pretty key piece of the story to me, but OTOH, I wouldn't be surprised to find the Times suddenly laying claim scruples about sources.

Captain Hate

Weekly Tammy:



>>>Anyone else of the mindset that a Rubicon was crossed today?

Posted by: Another Bob | June 14, 2017 at 01:38 PM<<<


Captain Hate

Steve King isn't in a kumbaya mood.

Dave (in MA)
tighter gun control

That will help go from this

to this



Ah gregg Henry he played the trump standing on scandal, right it's a warning


He was a peaceful adherent to Progressive-slam until Madcow radicalized him?


"the Dem Talking Point will be that if ObamaCare is overturned like Scalise wants to, then Scalise wouldnt be geting the type of medical care he's getting right now---he'd be out of luck"

The problem with that story is that before obamacare, of the thousands shot in Chicago each year, probably 99% (maybe higher) had no healthcare paln, yet most were treated to some of the best emergency care in the world. That's part of the reason why only 10%-15% of those shot end up dying. And also part of the reason the murder rate has come down some over the last 30 years. The gang bangers are getting great care...of course they just go out and kill again after treatment.

By the way, Chicago also has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.


Where's video of Bernie's deranged questioning of Trump's nominee to head Ofc of Management and Budget last week, in which Bernie made clear anyone holding the traditional Christian belief in Christ as Savior was automatically disqualified.


I have no doubt that the left will impeach Trump if they take the house. Jonah is right IMO.

sammy small

"the Dem Talking Point will be that if ObamaCare is overturned like Scalise wants to, then Scalise wouldnt be geting the type of medical care he's getting right now---he'd be out of luck"

BS....Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare from the gotgo.

Sucking the Dumb

In retrospect, it’s true the working class was brought into mainstream society, as part of a true middle class through home ownership and pensions, and many gained entry to the upper middle class through greatly expanded admission to higher education. That continued for several decades.

If the proletariat was largely integrated into society, it is being reconstituted now. After the Great Crash, 9.3 million people lost their main source of wealth, their homes, in large part because the Obama Administration and the Congress helped the rich, not the victims of fraud. This study by the CBO, based on the Fed’s 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances, gives the gory details. The losses among the young, those just starting out in work, are awful, and most likely will never be recouped. A big part of that problem is the massive debt that generally funds higher education for those not born into the upper middle class.

These economic changes are producing political backlash. Somehow, the elites have persuaded most people that they were not responsible: that this was not a problem with the system, but with the individual failings of the vast number of losers who deserved to lose. Widespread acceptance of that lie is indeed a testament to the power of culture and authority in this country and around the capitalist world. Critical Theory is a tool for responding to that lie.


I don't doubt JG is right, either, Jane. He, and many other ne'erTrumpers, will be cheering it on.

Old Lurker

Hey Lyle...I missed last night when you announced you spine surgery.

I think I am going to send one of The Ledge delivery trucks out your way with instructions that if you don't make it, we are going to loot your cellar and bring it all back to the Ledge. Since we plan to be in and out before you are room temperature, we think you family will be out of the house so they won't even know my guys were there. That is meant to be fair warning to all Lone Wolf Jommers that Lyle's wine is off limits.

Old Lurker

Me too, Jane. I am certain that will be the central message for electing Dems in 2018.

There will be blood.

Rumpublican knives are still being sharpened for impeachment. He better not show his weak side to them.

JM Hanes

For a screenshot on an Apple computer, just simultaneously press: command-shift-3

A png image of your entire screen will be automatically created and saved to your desktop (at least that's where the ones I snap end up).

To snap a selected portion of the screen, simultaneously press: command-shift-4

That will turn your cursor into a crosshair tool (!) which you can click and drag to select the part of the screen you want to capture. The png will be generated on release.

Unfortunately, things that are ridiculously simple on a mac, almost always seem to require an extra couple of steps in Windows....


From another NYT piece, The man suspected of opening fire on Republican members of the congressional baseball team early Wednesday morning was distraught over the election of President Trump and traveled to Washington in recent weeks to protest, his brother said on Wednesday.

TDS getting people shot.


Was Scalise targeted or just unlucky? He's Catholic, and Bernie has made clear he hates Christians.

There will be blood.

Dublin. Why is it the antigunz dont accept that taking guns away from law abiders makes them victims of those who scoff at the law?

Never had an adequate explanation

There will be blood.

He hate hypocrites who claim to follow Jesus, Deb in humid hell.

Dave (in MA)

Bernie read a statement condemning the shooting and never mentioned gun control, so I'm guessing someone else wrote it for him.

Clarice Feldman

Lots of great comments here today!


How did the shooter get a rifle by security?


Just saw that Giffords left gun control out of her response as well.

They coordinating with the Russians?


Ah f Chuck removed all doubt again,

Dave (in MA)

What doubt?


CNN is unbelievable. Above the Ticker Headline "CNN: MUELLER MEETS WITH SENATE INTEL CHAIRS ON PROBE"

They are trying to keep alive the theme that Trump colluded with the Russians by saying they have breaking news video of Mueller exiting a classified briefing with Intel Committee Members. A couple comments about Trump, Russians, and Comey. Then they play the video and it is their reporter hollering questions about Trump and the Russians at Mueller as he walks down a Hall after exiting the meeting.

Mueller never acknowledges the reporter or the questions, simply keeps walking, then back to the Talking Heads and the CNN Host says verbatim to the reporter who hollered out the questions:
"Okay Manu Raju, thank you much for that Breaking News.

That was it. That was the "Breaking News."



Clarice Feldman

Retweeted ABC News (@ABC):
JUST IN: MedStar Washington Hospital says Rep. Scalise is in “critical condition” following GOP baseball practice shooting in Virginia. https://t.co/Cfl9j3snrL

JM Hanes


I suspect that if the shooter had to ask whether the ball players were Republicans or Democrats, he wasn't targeting a specific individual for assassination. Shooting a lot of other people too wouldn't be the savviest cover.

One of the most pernicious ideas that the left, and NeverTrumpers, have promoted is that since Trump putatively operates outside the political norms, the opposition can no longer tether themselves to the norms of civilized behavior either. It's an insidious moral waiver that has been thoroughly embraced on the left.


You're sly, OL!


CNN Ticker says that Steve Scalise is in Critical Condition


CNN is unbelievable.

(followed by a bunch of superfluousness)


FEINSTEIN: Did you ever discuss Director Comey's FBI handling of the Russia investigations with the president or anyone else?

SESSIONS: Senator Feinstein, that would call for a communication between the attorney general and the president...

FEINSTEIN: I understand that.

SESSIONS: ... and I'm not able to comment on that.

FEINSTEIN: You are not able to answer the question here, whether you ever discussed that with him?

SESSIONS: That's correct.

FEINSTEIN: And how do you view that -- since you discussed his termination, why wouldn't you discuss the reasons?

SESSIONS: Well, I -- those were put in writing and sent to the president, and he made those public, so he made that public, not...

FEINSTEIN: So you'd had no verbal conversation with him...


FEINSTEIN: ... about the firing of Mr. Comey?

SESSIONS: ... I'm not able to discuss with you or confirm or deny the nature of private conversations that I may have had with the president on this subject or others.

FEINSTEIN: OK. So how exactly were you involved in the termination of Director Comey? Because I am looking at your letter, dated May 9, and you say, "the director of the FBI must be someone who follows faithfully the rules and principles, who sets the right example for law enforcement officials. Therefore, I must recommend that you remove Director Comey and identify an experienced and qualified individual to lead the great men and women of the FBI."

↓ Story continues below ↓

Do you really believe that this had to do with Director Comey's performance with the men and women of the FBI?

SESSIONS: There was a clear view, of mine and of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, as he set out at some length in his memoranda, which I adopted and sent forward to the president, that we had problems there

And it was my best judgment that a fresh start at the FBI was the appropriate thing to do. And when asked, I said that to the president. It's something I had adhered to. Deputy Rosenstein's letter dealt with a number of things.

There were other things that had happened that indicated to me a lack of discipline, and it caused controversy on both sides of the aisle, and I'd come to the conclusion that a fresh start was appropriate, and did not mind putting that in writing.

FEINSTEIN: My time is up. Thank you very much.


Anyone else of the mindset that a Rubicon was crossed today?

Not until Ryan and the Repubs get some balls and quit playing Kumbaya. Trump crossed the Rubicon a long time ago but 95% of his Congressional troops haven't yet got their feet wet.


Makes sense, JMH. The Gabby Gifford shooter was a documented nutjob who shouldn't have had access to firearms. His father confiscated a shotgun at some point, and reportedly temporarily disabled his car at certain times, but that obviously turned out to be too little. The people who live with these ticking time bombs have a moral obligation to get police involved before a foreseeable tragedy happens. Maybe it's time to make it a legal obligation too.

Clarice Feldman

If you wish to contact American Express about their continued support for public theater, here's how to register your view:Chairmansoffice@AXP.com

Dave (in MA)

Following up on my 2:30, someone elsewhere pointed out that Bernie has never been (publicly) in favor of stronger gun control laws and was originally elected to the House by unseating a Republican who was a squish on guns.


Since Yellin has been speaking the Market has gone negative. Now down 13 points from being up 40 points.


Limbaugh just defined it

Delusional hypocrites

It's a slippery slope you've engineered helplessly.

The frequency of covafefe delights in fantasizing about violence as a veiled, possible threat.

Don't you remember that rally where the tub of guts in a cowboy hat cold-cocked the Trump protestor?

Did Trump discourage?


You've been spoiling for it for 8 years and now you're all sad that it's starting.

Delusional hypocrites

Oh I see. You want to make it about gunz.


video from shooting. can't see much. but can count the gunshots.

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