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July 21, 2017



I'm number 2


I'm the new number 2

Account Deleted

makes me green at 3

Ralph L

GUS, work on your self-esteem.

Ralph L

"Trump must not only be defeated, but he must be destroyed, so that his kind shall not rise again."
Exactly what they did to Clarence Thomas and Palin. The nasty fruit of identity politics.

Dave (in MA)

GUS has self esteem, he just likes to count TM as #1.

Old Lurker

Jane asked me why we are not tearing down the opposition if wrecking is so much easier than building. Fair question.

One answer goes back to the OWS days. It was easy to get protesters because they were unemployed and we all had jobs.

But seriously, the tear it down team is unified because they just want to take stuff from people who have it, and they are organized by a smaller group that has things, but would rather have control over their unwashed masses and through that combined power, us too.

Our side consists of two groups as well - those of us working away to improve our situations (and that is a full time job), and those of our team (the "e" in GOPe) who are happy to just drive the wagons we are pulling while they crack their whips to make us pull harder and give them more.

So ALL of the left, and many of the right like things just fine as they are, and many of us willing to fight are too consumed by pulling the wagons.

How's that?

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Yeah well we need to do it to them.


Not red meat unfortunately, but something worse---300 pounds of fish guts: Bird Ridge trailhead closed after discovery of 300 pounds of illegally dumped fish waste

This is the Trail where that poor kid got killed by the Bear last month, so some moron illegally decides to dump 300 pounds of fish guts in the Trail Head Parking lot drawing in bears like crazy. The Parking Lot stinks to high heaven and the Trail is closed. Unbelievable.

Old Lurker

Jane "Yeah well we need to do it to them."

There is not enough latex in the world to make that safe sex.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Actually I posted that before I saw your post OL.

But I agree. It seems we prefer watching - or maybe that's what we have time for.

It's a losing strategy.

Dave (in MA)


Jim Eagle

Reading my Veteran group emails it appears they are all up, armed and ready to counter the Ken Burns coming Docu on Vietnam and Speilberg's "Pentagon Papers" movie with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.

Good. Rolling Thunder may show up at all the movie houses with full pipes blowing just to explode Prog heads.

Account Deleted

From last thread re the Trump family being attacked and rousing ire---

Ivanka and Jared were posted as paid staff. What did president-elect Trump think was going to happen with the "emoluments" gossip and Russian shitake swirling?

Full ire deserved by press and their agents of deceit (Griffin) who messed with the nest involving FLOTUS and Barron.

Other than that it's commonplace for family to be kept far away from anything mission critical to an administration's success.

Jim Eagle

Did Spicer resign over Scaramucci's appointment as Comms Director?


Interesting post, TM. It also makes my following link relevant. The Conservative Explorer website "About" page includes this:

I created this site in order to revitalize the Conservative voice in the media. The mainstream media promotes their agenda behind the veil of objective media. The goal of The Conservative Explorer is to respond to this disgusting abuse of power by the press, by promoting views that others have repressed and by exposing the bias in today’s media. While there are other groups that are also promoting these ideas, we hope to assist in the movement by helping to spread this message.

If y'all haven't read the piece at this link below, you certainly should -- especially the last paragraph:


The last paragraph says, in part:

The important question is why does a team assembled under the mandate to investigate foreign influence in the 2016 elections seem to be less of a panel of election law experts and more of a legal hit team assembled to tear to pieces an international crime ring stuffed to the brim with expertise in financial, corruption, terrorism, and white collar crimes?

Why, indeed?

Maybe Comey didn't cover himself in glory, maybe Comey isn't part of an elaborate sting.

If not, though, chances are Mueller *is* covering himself in glory. And maybe Comey is effectively boxed in, has been flipped, and might as well have been part of a sting.

Get off that ledge, OL. Consider this probability. There's no way in hell Mueller, Comey's buddy, was interviewing for the FBI job a day before being appointed Special Counsel.

No, he's very much part of the President's plan. Supposedly investigating the finances of the Trump family provides clever operational cover to clandestinely investigate the international affairs of some "other" family.

That's my story until proven otherwise. My only remaining question is this: is the fact that the Democrats on the investigatory team have donated more money to Obama than Clinton an indication that it is Clinton, Inc. they are going after and not Obama, Inc. ???


Jack...yes,that is the reason being given. There is a 2 PM presser being given by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We watched Cavuto's show during lunch and the usual speculation about chaos was being discussed.

Captain Hate

Tammy is ecstatic that Spicer is out and hopes Priebus is next.


Since July 1, eight black bears and one brown bear have been killed in the Anchorage area

Sounds like the authorities are taking the situation serious.

Old Lurker

RG "That's my story until proven otherwise."

We will save space on the Ledge for you RG, but we might have to drop a rope ladder to you if you wait until DC is burning.

Beasts of England

Is this The Open Championship thread? ;)

Old Lurker

Daddy "Since July 1, eight black bears and one brown bear have been killed in the Anchorage area..."

I could say something funny but the DoJ would come after me.

Jim Eagle

Discussing catsmeats work at UNL, back in 1975 the Anti-Apathy Party of campus students ran an IBM computer for school president.


Another Bob

Priebus and Bannon are also out but yet to be announced.

Preibus because Spicer is out, and Bannon may be rehired by the new CoS.

Lots of names tossed around for CoS. Christie being one of them. Trump needs a ballbuster in that spot, and Christie could do that I think.

Another Bob

And re. Priebus, I always saw him as Trump's outreach to the GOPe. Since they've made it plain they're not interested in cooperation, why keep an ineffective Priebus?

Why wasn't he recess-appointing a bunch of people to fill the empty slots and flush the holdovers?


A Bob... Christie would be a disaster.

His CoS needs to be of the Wilbur Ross variety.

Dave (in MA)

If there's one thing Christie is good at, it's yelling at people from a podium. Short of Bill Parcells, few people come to mind that would be as fun to watch doing that. Would he be good at doing the job? Doubt it.

Captain Hate

Fat RINO Bastard is only out for himself.

Norma Desmond is calling the new people "Sean Hannity's men". Worth every penny MSDNC pays her imo.

Dave (in MA)

He should make Mike Flynn his spokesman :)

Another Bob

TK, CC wouldn't be my favorite either. Too much eyeballing of his personal career I presume?

But what makes a Ross better for that spot? That's not a policy position, it's a make-sure-the-POTUS-is-protected asskicker position.

Another Bob

Flynn has certainly disappeared from the face of the earth, hasn't he?

Captain Hate

Tammy's voice might not stand up to the raging she's doing at Norma Desmond. Awesome performance.

Another Bob

I need a reminder - Norma Desmond?

jimmyk on iPhone

Nicole Wallace


Did Spicer resign over Scaramucci's appointment as Comms Director?

JiB, Charlie Gasperino says yes, but consider the source. Gasperino said Scarammuci is a lot like Trump--same pluses and minus's (i.e.: huge self promoter but a guy that sometimes goes to far)

Gasperino says Spicer is a close friend of Priebus and that Priebus and Scaramucci seem to have some bad blood in their history, and Spicer probable concluded he could not continue working with 2 Trump style personalities. Gasperino says this is an awful move hiring Scaramucci, but Tammi Bruce and a few other panelists think its great. Beats me.

Captain Hate

Nicolle Wallace.

Thomas Collins

When it comes to a chance to delegitimize a GOP Prez, RG, an Obama supporter will go after the Prez, not Clinton. In addition, taking Clinton down would damage Obama and might bring some of his people down. Obama and Clinton people may not be kumbaya with each other, but the center of gravity of the investigation will be to crush President Trump and his family (and further ingratiate themselves with the coastal prog establishment).

We are in a cold civil war and the enemy is already prowling around the castle.

Thomas Collins

Spicer's "resignation" was probably orchestrated. Team Trump is in reorganization mode, and some people are going to be reorganized out of the team.

Dave (in MA)
Priebus and Bannon are also out but yet to be announced.

Preibus because Spicer is out


Dave (in MA)

Clickable link, not sure how I did that.


Old Lurker

the enemy is already prowling around INSIDE the castle.

Another Bob

Interesting Dave, the word always was that Reince and Spicy were a team.


And maybe Comey is effectively boxed in, has been flipped, and might as well have been part of a sting.


My problem with this is that I think (maybe mistakenly) that Mueller can issue Comey immunity for anything and everything, exactly as Comey issued immunity to Hillary's IT Team, thus effectively keeping him free from any prosecution whatever now and forever. I think he already has his "Get Out Of Jail Free" card from Mueller. I don't think Comey is sweating in the least when he ought to be under the jail.


Christie would be an awful hire. Trump needs an outsider... A butt kicker from the private sector that will go through the WH staff with a chainsaw and no regrets. Not another politician.

Another Bob

daddy, I never saw Gasperino as being terribly well connected or informed politically. Wall Street, sure.


Tammy is ecstatic that Spicer is out and hopes Priebus is next.

Gasperino's words were something to the effect that Priebus was Sean Spicer's high priest or rabbi, meaning that Spicer was Priebus's boy.

Scaramucci and Priebus had a history of bad blood so Spicer knows his standing was being undercut, so he bailed. That was Gasperino 's theory.



That's why I cautioned in my first comment "consider the source." Chicago Lurker might have decent insight into Gasperino but I know that I don't. Gasperino appears to want coolness and calmness from Trump and the Admin, and no new waves being created as he tries to get his agenda moved forward, but Tammi in her earlier appearance was very excited about this Scaramucci appointment as the Caption mentioned.


Is this The Open Championship thread?


I have no idea when that starts or ends but I don't think anything has fallen off the Sports Radar Screen any quicker this year than the Tour De France. Stage 19 is today, but even in my fav Paris Bar last week (The Falstaff) the TV had on the Yankees-Redsox Game. I don't even think the Frog's care about it any more.


Flynn has certainly disappeared from the face of the earth, hasn't he?

I saw him on a ONE America Interview that aired last night but I can't swear when it was made. I now spend my Channel surfing time on FOX Business, ONE America News 2ndary, then in 3rd place I flop back and forth between Baseball and regular FOX, which continues to be hard to stomach.

Jim Eagle

Boy, does Jordan Spieth find the way to rise to the ocassion. He is 3 clear at -7 at a rainy, windy, viscious looking day at Royal Birkdale.

I was there on a Friday (like today) in 1998 where I and the other 100K spectators had to shelter in place under our 'brollys while an Irish Sea Hurrican came ashore. Last for 30 minutes. Pro's inclued.


I have actually had drinks with Gasparino in NYC with a good friend of mine and his. Charlie is a very engaging guy but is known to have a woodie for certain people who don't saddle up and spill their guts to him. Charlie deals in information, mostly purloined over drinks and then uses that to make him the Herodotus of Wall Street.

I think Scaramucci is misplaced. He is a hedge fund guy not a PR type or newshound. I thought someone like a Laura Ingraham would be a better fit.

Account Deleted

RG----> I was busy taking stock of the current terrain after an effective hiatus during the last month and a half.

I read the article. Nothing but the facts was welcome relief to the speculative lurch where daily media consumption can sometimes leave us.

What I wrote put Mueller on the side of the Deep State. That might've been premature--- but my view does suggest quite plainly that Mueller's expansion of the "investigation" changes the tide in favor of the White Hats (WH).

Here's my 468 words of "take" on the current "tease" about July 27th:


Re AG Session's recusal from the Russian fiasco.

Yes, it appears to have sandbagged the admin with the SC appointment, with such abdication of enormous powers within DOJ leaving Deputy Brutus Rosenstein free to act as Mueller's concealed spotter.

However, to what extent can the case be made that Rosenstein’s gambit on behalf of the coup has been overplayed?

Now an inevitable broadening of the “investigation” begins its trek down the inviting path of Trump "entanglements" with Russians of *any* ilk for any reason, isn't there a burden of proof on Mueller to rationalize this as "matters arising from?"

Mueller wants to make his case by building some kind of ramp up scenario for a non-existent crime, where “back in the day” private citizen Donald Trump did business with private Russian citizens.

That tack is flawed on its face. But it will end up with a judge at some point saying to defense counsel “Mr. Mueller opened the door, counselor. I’ll allow it.”

Mueller runs the risk of opening a door on Hillary Clinton and Johnny Podesta’s dealings with Russian-state sanctioned actors. Their uranium and other natural resource dealings—plus the Ukrainian kabuki—were appeasements to the Kremlin cronies while in service, directly or indirectly (Podesta), to The Rat.

Is this a redux of that Bunker Hill "whites of their eyes moment"?

Has Mueller given us a loophole through which DOJ loyalists can countermove Rosenstein and his faux ethical legal neutrality? (Time to blunderbuss these touch holes right in their faces.)

Devin Nunes is a wild card here.

The Russian canard masks the unmasking crime that is sitting in plain sight. The unmasking investigation which could take off (I like that) on July 27 has real feet, torso, and strong grabby hands to go with its legs.

It doesn’t seem likely that *EVERYTHING TRUMP* is can be defined legally as “Russians-related”.
Maybe the surveillance motive can be wrapped up with the same bow.

But doesn’t “unmasking” detach itself as an evident crime?

Were the overzealous wannabes (like Power and Rhodes) off into a ditch-of-no-return while in service to a bunch who fabricated a crime (collusion) out of whole cloth?

Re-enter AG Sessions.

The unmasking is our own Swamp Creature. The Beast has potency to take down

  • the entire congressional Left and its bitchesses on the Right,
  • the entrenched national security bureaucracy since Clintoona 1,
  • many of The Rat's appointees (Jarrett and the rest of the female rat population like Rice, Power, Harf)
  • along with the HamRod cabal at State (Podesta, Mills et al).
  • This Swamp Creature has a kind of killing power, should it get unchained, explains the vehement anti-Trump, anti-Republic ACTIONS/NON-ACTIONS climate in DC----> they know that if it does get loose, then they are screwed. So a full-on coup is Plan A.

    Which suggests their last-ditch plan B that involves long range tactical ordnance to eliminate the problem.

    They aren't going to play nice should Mueller be thwarted and unmasking begins to dominate the news cycle.


    Sarah Huckabee Sanders has started the White House Press Briefing.

    Account Deleted

    Tom McClintock for COS.

  • Tighten up the ranks.

  • Focus the WH on midterm sacking of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

  • Do a strategic makeover of The Donald--- keeping the good claws and filing down the unnecessary ones.

  • Temper the Kushner and Ivanka roles. Their resumes have been built sufficiently now go lead some blue ribbon panels on their pet issues.

  • Channel malleable jr. congressional members who don't want to be primaried into the WH camp.

    McClintock knows his way around the chambers, the federal budget (clean house on Trump's budget ceiling advisors!), and the exploding federal deficit of 200Trillion plus. With two knowledgeable executive aides to push paper and build calendars he can run the show so POTUS survives the mid-terms and stays out of war with Russia.

    COS is a temporary job at best where POTUS does well to hire a war-time consigliere who has a feel for how to move the domestic legislative agenda at a respectable level.

  • Account Deleted

    I don't think Bannon is going anywhere soon.

    That would be like putting one's kevlar vest on the back of a chair to take a breather.

    President's guerilla Twitter and soundbite strategy is all Bannon. Give that up and it suggests that the President has jumped the shark, which in turn suggests his boat isn't even in the Swamp anymore.

    Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

    --Flynn has certainly disappeared from the face of the earth, hasn't he?

    I saw him on a ONE America Interview that aired last night but I can't swear when it was made. I now spend my Channel surfing time...--

    That's funny or perhaps ironic; I saw a story a couple of days ago stating Flynn was at some beach; surfing.


    I think Rush had it right in the first hour today.

    Trump tried some conciliatory gestures to find peace with the GOPe. That included giving jobs to guys like Rancid Prius and little Sean.

    As he has watched the healthcare fiasco in the Senate, Trump has concluded that his conciliatory gestures have been a waste of time.

    I expect him to go the more throat-slitter route now.

    He probably has been testing Sean anyway and concluded that Spicer was more loyal to the GOPe than him.

    Account Deleted

    I sometimes can find Laura Ingraham on Bay Area talk radio. She's appeared and re-appeared on the dial but has had ratings problems over the years.

    Her program is enjoyable. Her Romney fetish not-so-much.

    The sour grapes Laura's manifested since not getting the gig of WHPS from the gitgo suggests her media celeb ego might be a liability behind that podium.

    She's an Ivy League graduate (Dartmouth) of the same class as Dinesh D'Souza. Laura clerked for Clarence Thomas then moved into her media career which has been a great fit for her. Not a big flashy chick with gams-- -she chose radio. Says alot.

    But her response to not being invited to the prom has given me pause. Is she ready for that kind of prime time? Or does she need *media* adulation in a role which has to be able to skewer a-holes on a daily basis and not reward any bad behavior.

    Biggest pause of all is her Romney-fetish.

    Loyalty. Loyalty. Loyalty.

    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    Gasparino doesn't know squat.

    Jonathan Karl‏Verified account @jonkarl

    .@reince has known @Scaramucci since 2011; after the 2012 election, Scaramucci offered Priebus the job of COO of SkyBridge Capital

    Spicer, Sanders and Scaramucci will be on Hannity's program together tonight.

    matt, deplore me if you must

    Apparently some guy named McIlroy is making a stir.

    Limbaugh was on a roll about Mueller and the witch hunt and I have to say that I agree. Now that St John of Arizona has been beatified the entire establishment can join hands and burn the apostate at the stake. There will be a revolution if they try to pull this off.

    Funny thing is that while they have been pursuing their latest clusterf*cks, Trump is getting things done.

    His push for LNG exports is a game changer. Western Europe now has a second option instead of worrying about routing Russian pipelines through Turkey or cutting off Germany's NG supply in mid-January. very strategic. Very smart.

    This is a revolution as more and more finds are being announced. Soon enough we're going to have North Dakotans and Texans running around London in Lamborghinis. The latest is a big one off the coast of Mexico. OPEC, the Russians, and Iran, specifically are going to see a big drop in revenue.

    Poor green energy....The U.S. is reducing its CO2 outputs too because of NG as the ROW spews more crap into the air.

    And somehow, the Chinese are supposedly now displacing the U.S. as world leaders. I'll believe that when they can build a vacuum cleaner that lasts more than 6 months.

    Go right ahead; allow illegal immigrants to overrun Europe's borders; pay triple the going rate for energy. Spend money you don't and never will have. Makes all the sense in the world if you're a progressive.

    The Chinese are sitting back letting it all happen as they stand the most to gain. In the meantime their economy is way out of whack and they are becoming ever more repressive. Not a good combination. Xi has been consolidating power, but if things go south, he stands the most to lose. His meddling in Asia is making them no friends but rather allies of convenience who will bail at the first chance they get. We are living in interesting times.

    Account Deleted

    daddy, is that because of "One Ball" Armstrong's doping treachery? (i'm sure he was the only one!)

    do the French have anything left to watch beside their national birth clock ticking toward self-induced extinction against the Islamic maternal mushroom cloud?

    Kev the Toad Strangler


    The media is disgusting.

    Reuters Politics @ReutersPolitics

    WATCH LIVE: The scene outside Sean Spicer's house following the announcement of his resignation https://t.co/2ZsikaLPnv?amp=1

    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    About 3 weeks ago Scaramucci was on a show (don't know which one, just read the comment on Treehouse) and he told the interviewer that President Trump had tried things the DC way and he was now going to switch to the New York way of doing things.

    I would say this is the start. Spicer was loyal (as far as I know) but did not have the strength of personality to stand up to the press corps weasels. Sarah Sanders does, which is good.

    I don't think Scaramucci will do many briefings. I think he is there to organize the press office (possibly Spicer's weak point) and develop an overall strategy.

    In my opinion, the tweets are great but can only go so far. Also, the press ignores many of the positive ones and they don't get reported, only the ones which are controversial.

    I would like to see TV ads on popular shows, more rallies, any sort of hoopla that is positive and fun. As Mark Steyn said, Trump's rallies were great entertainment.

    Also, the time for being nice to Congress is over.

    Account Deleted

    matt---> I'm with you. Voting with my consumption habits. Communist China is a giant crap factory for things that "look American" right down to the idiots over here in Berkeley walking around as if.

    Even retroactively.

    Have a garage reclamation project underway. I have a 12'x 12' foot mountain of "STUFF" which is subdivided into "destinations": a) the curb; b) various industrial dumpsters around town; and, c) the mother of all garage sales on Labor Day weekend.

    It's going swimmingly.

    Two weeks in and I'm marveling at how much Chinese Communist work camp crap I'd bought over the last 11 years.

    Boxes of nails that cannot be driven straight with an American hammer (and I know how to pound em, Brother!)

    Electrical cords that have a UL tag on them right beside the smoke damage and heat bubbles.

    Lamps that worked for a week.

    Paint brushes that catfished after one use and cleaning.

    Trays, hand tools and "metal" miscellaneous that were once silver in color and are now rusted and frozen if they had moving parts.

    Mountain of shit.

    Where did I get all of this stuff: Orchard Supply, ACE, Wal-Mart, and Target.

    We stopped buying any pet food coming out of Communist China seven years ago. We no longer buy any meats raised in the US but processed in China and then re-marketed in the US--- especially hog. (My change in diet doesn't preclude Mrs Kid or Levon from eating animal protein).

    Communist China has created a massive bubble for itself which will burst should they continue to act as if they can print money like they are the world's purveyor of a reserve currency.

    Don't they know it's our job to fuck that up?

    Jim Eagle


    Do you know Scaramucci? He's from Port Washington.

    Account Deleted

    Have a great weekend all.

    Home this weekend. Ahhhhhhhhh....cool weather and deep sleeps. Interrupted only by manic work jags.

    What's not to love?

    Kev the Jade Merchant


    Mueller needs to be fired.

    (RNN) - Special counsel Robert Mueller wants the White House to save all paperwork related to Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in 2016.

    A White House source said Mueller sent a letter to the staff formally requesting them to save emails, texts and voicemails that could have anything to do with the meeting.

    The letter claims it is looking for any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of Donald Trump, which includes the 2016 meeting.

    Neither the White House nor Mueller’s office would comment on the letter.

    Copyright 2017 CNN. All rights reserved.


    So they are noe staking out spicers house, re the horde.

    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    I am seeing on Conservative Treehouse that Scaramucci showed up at the presser. Hope Hicks and Dan Scavino are staying on; Sarah Sanders is press secretary.

    When the video becomes available, I will post it. (May end up on the next thread.)

    I just got home about an hour ago and didn't go looking for a live feed.

    Two comments from people who were watching:

    "Anthony’s message: the People love the President.
    He’s said it over and over.
    “That’s why the President won the election. The People love the President.”

    "CNN asks about Fake News and Anthony reminds CNN that they did a fake news story on Anthony"

    Also, reminder again: Priebus, Spicer, and Scaramucci will be on Hannity tonight. Must see TV!

    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    And in yet another demonstration of historical ignorance and general public stupidity:



    I watched the press conference. Scaramucci stuffed the MSM premise behind each question down the hack's throat each time, while smiling. You could see butthurt rising in the front row.

    Jim Eagle

    Trump wasn't President when that meeting with Don Jr. took place. Under what law is Mueller investigating a crime? Collusion is not a crime even if you can stretch your Prog imagination to think it is. Why would the White House have to retain and make available any information from the campaign?

    This is out of control. Even though it will stall any further MAGA actions and legislation including health care reform and tax reform, Trump needs to stand up and tell Mueller to go pound sand - you're fired.

    He then needs to fire Sessions and Rosenstein.

    But I'll wait until the 27th before I write him a letter on that:)


    That's awesome, henry.

    I have nothing against Spicer but I want an asskicker in that position and it sounds like Scaramucci may fit the bill.


    Daddy--I DID like your Austen parody, but I do also like your beer suggestion. I'm just picky re Austen--I can't abide fan fiction based on her at all, for instance (and there's a lot of it).

    Jack, that computer which was put up for student body president at UNL came in third, if the article is right! The kids who put it up seemed to be having a lot of fun, with their spoons waving in the air and general insouciance.

    I hope Trump starts to behave like a pirate (a constitutional pirate) with recess appointments and no quarter given for anything.

    Old Lurker

    I hope in his secret baptism scene planning sessions, while they "say" they want Congress to skip their August Recess to do the work of the people, I hope hope hope they are counting on the Senate being in recess during August.

    Buh by, DC style...here's how we do it in NY...


    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    Off topic, but wanted to park this beautiful video here. It is an interior view of St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee, which is being restored to its traditional beauty. The music is beautiful, too, and it makes a nice, peaceful few minutes amidst all the turmoil.


    Old Lurker

    Going to see Dunkirk tonight, MM. Are you telling me there won't be many LBGTxyz's in the movie, either? How is that even legal?


    OL, lots of Etonians in the officer corps. NTTAWWT

    Old Lurker

    Good point, Henry.

    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    Here's Scaramucci's portion of the press briefing:


    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    Old Lurker,

    You will have to use your imagination. LOL!


    Chicago police officer shot. Responding to cell phone store robbery.

    Not clear Rahm can stop the upcoming cleanup in aisle #blm

    Dave (in MA)

    SHS = Press Secretary

    Thomas Collins

    My respect for Matt Ryan has just taken a plunge.


    Dave (in MA)

    I hope Sean_Spicier has reserved Sara_Huckabee_Saunders.



    Mrs. Buckeye asknme to take her to see Dunkirk on Sunday.

    Please let me know if it is a bust.


    Jack, I do not know Scaramucci, but from what I see on line, hid dad was an Italian immigrant working in the sand mines that used to overlook Hempstead Harbor. Port Washington used to have 100 foot high sand cliffs which apparently were made up of sand the perfect consistency for making concrete, the hundred foot high cliffs became 75 foot deep holes over the decades. The mines are all closed now, and in the sixties they were filled with landfill which stank on rainy days. Now they put a membrane over the landfill and high tech methane recovery and they built a public golf course over it. And of course if you have digestive issues while golfing you can always blame the landfill. Port Washington had an interesting mix of Italian and Scandinavian immigrants living here working the sand mines. Many of their descendants still live in town, but it looks like Anthony moved to Manhasset (I'll bet it's really Plandome, where O'Reilly, Mike Francessa and a few other celebs have estates.)

    Old Lurker

    Will do, Buckeye.

    Jim Eagle


    Thank you for the link to the St. Stanislaus church restoration. Just absolutely beautiful.

    Unfortunately in Worcester, MA. they have the opposite situation. One of the most beautiful gothic churches in New England had to be given up by the diocese due the sexual misconduct stuff. It is Notre Dame and is being converted into apartments.

    Our church here in Southampton, The Basilica Parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary has a similar history. The wealthy summer colony built it in 1908 of white marble for their mostly Irish house keepers and servants. Pope Benedict declared it a minor Basilica in 2011.

    Frederick was baptized there and will do his Confirmation there in November.


    Thanks for the link to Scaramucci's part of the briefing, MM, and I agree with Henry. Of course, as a NYC paisan, I may be biased.

    Jim Eagle


    Isn't Hannity there also? Or is he in Massapequa?

    Miss Marple the Deplorable


    Our cathedral downtown was gutted by one of those nuns who mistakenly misunderstoof Vatican II. Whitewashed the walls, got rid of most of the statues, etc.

    I have a dim memory of going to a wedding there when I was 4 or 5 years old, and it was awe-inspiring with all of the statues and gilt and carving. As a child brought up in a Methodist home, it was awe-inspiring. It's a shame that so many had no appreciation of architectural history in those times.

    Mrs. Benjamin Harrison commissioned a window From Tiffany for the 1st Presbyterian Church here in Indianapolis where her husband had served as an elder for 40 years. Fortunately, the window was moved and sent to the Indianapolis Art Museum before the changing neighborhood hooligans could throw rocks at it. It's worth looking at, because it is so dramatic:


    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    The snark from the press peanut gallery has already started on Twitter.

    I despise those people.


    I am curious if Gus has attended mass at St Stanislaus. I have driven past it, but have only been inside 3 Catholic churches in my lifetime. (The old St Louis Cathedral, Chartre, and Notre Dame in Paris -- all because of that book and TV series "Civilisation" back in the 70s).

    Janet the expert 🚬

    The MFMers never worry about conflict of interest with Dems & "green" businesses.
    ...or Dem scam foundations or non-profits.
    They can suck up taxpayer cash without a peep from the MFM.


    Janet, since they are literally married to MFM types they get spousal immunity or something. efemall

    Miss Marple the Deplorable

    Shots fired!

    Dr. Jill Stein🌻‏Verified account @DrJillStein 2h2 hours ago

    Unlike the Dems, I didn't sabotage Bernie Sanders in the primaries, then try to cover my tracks with ludicrous Russia conspiracy theories.
    129 replies 374 retweets 840 likes


    The plant lady is bonkers, but she hits the target now and again.

    Janet the expert 🚬

    Anthony Scaramucci is good lookin'....so he's got that going for him no matter what. :)


    Regarding the seemingly tense relationship between Trump and Sessions, like others I think it's staged. My theory is that Sessions will now fire Mueller and apologize to the President for recusing himself inappropriately based on advice from Obama holdovers.

    It would be clean, without Trump fingerprints, and completely justified and defensible. In order to set it up, Trump and Sessions first have to be estranged. Hence the failing-NYT interview.


    Hopefully the historic society can save that Worcester athedral.
    Interested persons should write a deluge of letters to Pope Francis.
    One of our churches in nearby Lakewood was saved that way.
    People with homes on Lake Erie got on the bandwagon to preserve it.

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