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July 14, 2017



I'm still not clear on what law was allegedly broken.


And thank you, TM, for not only this abundance of threads but also for your stellar cleanup work. Much appreciated. A few beloved regulars are already back and commenting.


Spending 20 minutes with a Russian lobbyist and others who used false pretenses to secure the meeting: treason.

Bestowing State Department largesse on Clinton Foundation donors: no biggie.


GlennCarle another "Plame" type "operative" in charge of clogged toilets? Tossing a name at some nobody might as well be anonymous sourcing.

Frau  Steingehirn

Well, it has certainly convinced Dr. K -

Paging Alan Dershowitz: please explain collusion to Charles Krauthammer. Please.

Has Dr.K been hanging out with Brooksie? Maybe Shep Smith? (ewwwww) Krauthammer's latest article states that "bungled collusion is collusion: Trump defense swept away."

No link to WaPo article. You will thank me.


Why is the Mississippi Secretary of State, a Republican, throwing a fit over providing publicly available voter data to the Trump election commission?


The tools in Colorado who are canceling their registrations are perhaps not aware that it's too late.


With the exception of Hockey, the only thing more boring than Soccer is Wimbledon Tennis.


Reposting that Krauthammer is a bum.

Frau  Steingehirn

Porch, Dr. K sez, It's "unconsumated collusion".

hmmmmmmmm...20 minutes with the lobbyist vs Clinton missing emails and destroyed devices.

Frau  Steingehirn

TK can name the man with three letters.


Even if it were, Frau - so what? Where's the law against it?

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

There is no federal statute against collusion. And there is no collusion without some gain by the colluder. And there are no democrats who have a clue.

Texas Liberty Gal

Daddy - Hey now, our favorite sports are hockey & Wimbledon tennis.

Have you never watched Mystery Alaska???? Great hockey movie

Account Deleted

Krauthammer is full of shit.

There has been no crime.

Collusion is not a crime.

Intent to commit collusion is not an intent to commit a crime.

Criminal statutes haven't been broken. And there is ZERO evidence to suggest that they have been.

What these ninnies are bleating over is that Trump *SAID* no one from the campaign had met with the *RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT* to conspire in an effort to [whatever] the 2016 election.

No evidence that THE WENCH was linked to the Kremlin or its intelligence apparatus.

Or has the New York Times been sitting on that intelligence while the Congressional committees flounder?

Krauthammer is running scared. Idiocy and Washington cocktail partygoers walk hand in hand.

Kev Bedford Forrest


Soo, which rooskies were sideling which dems when we learned that Romney didn't pay taxes or that he put Snoopy on his cargo rack and drove 100mph?

It seems that the Russian meddling boils down to mudslinging?

Big deal.

Medved's call screener hung up on me yesterday when I called to make that point. I think they know the sound of my voice.

When 47% Romney was recorded at a private gathering was the "spy" trained overseas???

We need to get to the bottom of this interference that causes dim voters to hang their chads.

Frank Luntz knows where all of the persuadeables are, maybe he can explain how the KGB has been pulling this off.


I eagerly await a missive from "Kev Kong"

Account Deleted

I've never watched Mystery Alaska. But I have seen bears fight on Hwy 2.


With the exception of Hockey, the only thing more boring than Soccer is Wimbledon Tennis.

Hey! Is some troll sockpuppeting daddy?

Actually the men's matches just go on too long, unless they're one-sided. So I try to tune into the last set or two, if the match gets that far. I enjoy the women's matches because they're shorter, and usually easy on the eyes.


I like tennis okay. But I agree about soccer and hockey.

Anyone else excited about Mayweather vs. McGregor? I watched the press conference the other day. Unbelievably entertaining. Reminded me of the second presidential debate, actually. Conor McGregor dominated just like Trump. I bet Trump loved every minute of it.

Comanche Voter

As my old drill sarge used to comment, some things are lower than whale feces on the bottom of the Mariana's Trench; and that's about where CNN's reputation is now.

Janet the expert 🚬

Spending 20 minutes with a Russian lobbyist and others who used false pretenses to secure the meeting: treason.

Bestowing State Department largesse on Clinton Foundation donors: no biggie.

Exactly. This whole thing is ludicrous.

An old post -
When did dealings with Russia/Russian businesses become the ultimate big evil thing? Bill Clinton was going over to Russia to give speeches for money. Why wasn't that a big deal if all the Russians are so evil? Why were Russian nogoodniks let into the country if they are all evil?

Where is the same scrutiny on any dealings with Iran, China,...??
Someone on FB linked this post from 2012 about Susan Rice -
'Susan Rice’s Enrichment Program
U.N. ambassador has investments in companies doing business with Iran, disclosure forms show'


"Rice has the highest net worth of executive branch members, with a fortune estimated between $24 to $44 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. A Free Beacon analysis of Rice's portfolio shows thousands of dollars invested in at least three separate companies cited by lawmakers on Capitol Hill for doing business in Iran’s oil and gas sector."

Where was the "hair-on-fire" coverage of THAT??

How about wealthy Chinese buying EB-5 visas from Hillary's brother, Tony Rodham?
Reid & McAuliffe pressuring the DHS to get the visas approved?
Who was let in?
Did anyone listen to those phone conversations?
Any security risks there?

Frau  Rechtsanwältin

Porch - Dershowitz has said and written that collusion is not a crime. There is no crime that even Dr.K. can see but laments he is no lawyer. Maybe Ben Wittes can step in and supply the necessary answers.

A very strange take on a non-crime. If you and I talk about stealing something but then decide not to, are we thieves?

Account Deleted

henry---> My last post from previous thread was about my physical Kong-like transformation. ;)

these thread changes are leaving some of my posteros in the dust. no big.

being free of the llort is awesome.

Kev Smith

Account Deleted

WITF is AG Sessions?


I've never watched Mystery Alaska. But I have seen bears fight on Hwy 2.

I think Dylan said it was out on Highway 61 he wanted this killing done.

Another Bob

I was asking about Sessions whereabouts for months now.

I'm now wondering about his loyalties.

Frau  Rechtsanwältin

Re: TK's " I think they (Medved) know the sound of my voice."

Ask Debbie Washerwoman-Schmutz where she got her voice distortion device. (Don't make her mistake in forgetting about caller id)


Can we cut to the chase on this Russian meeting? Here's my question. Who was banging the Russian chick?

Goldstone? Emin? Don Trump Jr?, Manaforte? Brit Agent Steele? John McCain? Comey? Putin?

Find out who was throwing the wood to Natasha and we may be on the way to solving this case.

Frau  Rechtsanwältin

I hope AG Sessions is doing *our* business quickly and quietly.


And BTW, How many Russian babies has she adopted?


Haha, Frau! I could Songify my call!

Janet the expert 🚬

Think of the time & manpower dedicated to listening in on then candidate Trump & his team & maybe others, instead of monitoring jihadists.

Unknowns pouring across the border, unvetted "refugees" pouring in, 2nd generation Islamic nutcases flying back & forth to their home countries....
...& our government security agencies are listening in & monitoring Republicans.


Judging by the fat-tential indicators, daddy, I would guess that General Burkhalter was banging her mom 9 months before she popped out.

Frau Russische Eier

daddy, that's an older photo. She a bit more chunky in recent pictures.

Ben and Jerry's or Snickers?

Tom Maguire

Re Who was, uhh, getting Russian lessons from the chick - has to be Goldman, yes? He Sent the over-the-top email - what was in it for him?

Texas Liberty Gal

I never was hockey fan until we got the Dallas Stars. Its a great sport but you have to spend some time learning the game. And the Stars winning the Stanley Cup was so breathtaking I can't begin to describe it.

Clarice Feldman


Charles Ortel is not a flake.


Fun story of HuffPo tour of fly-over states to figure out Trump supporters.

My favorite goes something like "They have these outdoor Roomba's called 'lawn mowers'"


Trust me Frau, in Alaska she's a 10 11!




So it looks like Trump has saved Charlie Gard's life.


And his son, who runs a corporate empire, holds no clearance or public office, is not a part of the administration, and owes no answers to no f**king body took a nonsense meeting with commie lobbyists that went nowhere then went about his day.


Got it.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

The former Whitewater counsel was on Dobbs just now and he said the Russian thing is like a major crime being committed and the police go after the victims.

Frau Russische Eier

Great idea for a TV show, JimNorCal. Riff on "Green Acres."

daddy, my husband who fought fires and built houses in Fairbanks would agree with you.

Frau Russische Eier

Clarice, the Clintons may have an unusual (kick the) "bucket list."


Well I want to know who was banging the Russian chick, and I want to know where Hillary's E-mails, are I want Comey and Mueller and Lunch and Podesta and Obama and Lois Lerner and Schumer and Pelosi and CNN to all be in jail tomorrow for the rest of their lives, so naturally it follows that like the rest of you I must be suicidal, and the only non-sequitur in the equation will be if we don't all wind up having committed suicide before the All Star Game.

Happy Hemlock, fellow citizens.


Kev, see my response at the end of the previous thread to your contention that girls can get strong enough to do the work that needs doing at DS with weight training.

Now, those young men out there--most of them gain twenty or more - pounds of muscle the first couple of months they are there--it's a marvelous thing. Just by doing the work that needs doing.
Girls simply do NOT have that happen to anywhere the same degree.

Testosterone is the difference. Most girls are Chrissy Everett-ish at best, not Serena Williams.

But I would urge any young woman who is admitted to hit the gym big time. Because sister, you are going to need every bit of muscle you can add to your body during those four months from admission to arriving in July.


I wanted to know if you could buy beer with the digital fake ID Odummy put on a government server, daddy.

Still going stro....

::cough cough gasp::

Captain Haiku

Some insomniacs
Still awake watching hockey
So God made soccer


So how are you guys going to off yourselves? I'm thinking of overdosing on Wimbledon, Brit beer, and Skittles.

Name your poisons!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This just gets better.
The progs seem to think climbing higher up the tree is the solution to sawing the limb off they're sitting on.
There could have been 88 people in that room and it wouldn't have mattered a damned bit. Looking for dirt on a scumball like Hillary is, as I said before, not only not a crime, it is a public service that anyone engaged in should receive a medal for and the useless, putrid, rank, crooked, communist MFM should be lynched for not only not engaging in it but for running interference for that stump legged, broad beamed, gelatinous cudster Hillary Rodham Holstein.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Going back a couple of threads, Jeff Bezos can get as ripped as he wants, but it will always be Jiminy Cricket's homely younger brother's head sticking out of his t-shirt.
The guy is positively entomological.

Frau Fußball

Hail, Captain Haiku!
Singing praises of soccer
Cheers millions of fans

Frau Fußball

Skoot knocked it out of the park.


Under Kerry, what about Hillary

Anatoli Samochornov, the Russian lawyer's translator, was State Department contractor thru *SEPT 2016*


The Catholic Church that is a half a block away is having their annual festival this weekend. Always fun to walk over and partake in the food, beer and see all the neighbors misbehaving.

Ends up being a huge block party, garage doors up, lawn chairs and coolers out.


Re Who was, uhh, getting Russian lessons from the chick - has to be Goldman, yes?


I just can't see Natasha giving it up to Buddy Hackett. To Emin, yes. To McFaul, maybe. To Putin, sure, why not. But simply speaking as a guy with a lot of experience with Russian hookers in Kazakhstan, etc, I'm just not seeing Goldman as the mark.

So if she wasn't banging Goldman, who was?, and again I have to ask, how many Russian babies has she adopted? If the answer is zero, i think that tells us something as well.

Buford Gooch

Daddy, "banging" Goldstone would be part of her work requirements. How else to get him to put the NSA wording in every email?

Janet the expert 🚬

Our security agencies are listening in on Republican candidates....going to court, unmasking, leaking,... .
Congress holds hearings.
Our FBI is interviewing, investigating & screwing around getting info on Hillary's private server.
Our State Dept. is having to go through Hillary's emails.

Seriously, think of all the time, manpower, & the cost of all this crap. Americans have to pay for all this.

Do Americans pay taxes so that Democrats can harass Republicans?
All the Hillary mess is all because she refused to follow the laws & regulations as Secretary of State. She should have to reimburse us.


Janet is a fount of clarity!

Account Deleted

anonamom---> acknowledging your specific point.
and not contesting your premise.

however, ;)

take Ma Priscilla--- my mom. She grew up working truck farms owned by Del Monte, Campbell Soup, Hunts, and Green Giant.

She was out there at the age of 4 and concluded her full-time seasonal work after she got into a formal high school at age 16. She ended up attending Brigham Young University for a year before marrying my father.

By then she was capable of doing any heavy job men could do with their bare hands. She could use hydraulic equipment to lift or place material or those damned heavy water pumps. She could dig irrigation ditch all day if that was required by the time she was 11.

My point is conditioning and strength training, whether it be in a gym or in the field, will alter the genetic development of a human body in terms of its overall capacity.

Plus, with exposure to heavy work, even the brute needs to learn every day how to work smarter and not just harder. For the petite, that is doubly true.

I've helped Mrs. Kid increase her lifting strength in common household situations by teaching her about how the physics of strength requires an applied understanding of balance and leverage.

Granted, my examples about the female weightlifting champion and Ma Priscilla are extreme.

But then there is the case of my adoring wife Mrs Kid. 105 pounds soaking wet, has been a runner, triathlete and marathon runner since age 14, a brown belt in Shuri-Ryu karate, and now a kick ass mountain bike competitor.

Last week she flipped a tractor tire 20 yards in 48 seconds. In her mid-fifties, her physique has been adapted from being a 13 year old jappy girl from Great Neck to a woman warrior who can take down a thug at the drop of a hat.

She may never be my equal in terms of animal strength. But she can put in a good days work doing heavy labor. Knowledge and physical conditioning have enabled her to evolve to be a PEER in those situations when we co-op with friends and neighbors on demolition projects, moving equipment and fixtures, and jumping up onto and out of a truck cab 500 times in a day. (you know what I mean).

Yes, the point you make that girls are more like the skinny euro chick and not Venus Williams.... but there are a very very many women who are changing that script--- although not just to "compete" for jobs in industrial ag or to get a spot with the Army Rangers.

Each and every day in Berkeley I see young black women laying waste to spindly black dudes *with a look*.... and the same goes for more than a few Latinas who resemble a young Ma Priscilla.

There is a trend, and some see it as significant and others don't see this at all, where young women are preparing themselves for a violent world once they are out on their own away from a family system which might even already be engulfed in violence and the threat of violence.

The white kids here in Berkeley, males and females alike, seem to favor the string bean- no muscle tone, skater physiques. But there are plenty of females and males who are necessarily growing up differently and are developing physiques that are more like their athletic idols than Mark Clusterberg's.

Now, shifting gears for a moment--- if we had a labor/(wo)man policy that created groups of physically capable young people to work in the heavy industries and who could be developed for elite service in the military (yes to kill and blow shit up--- but think of the leadership and executive management development a scrawny latino kid from Ft Worth received before tapping out as a Major in the US Marines (my cousin Gil).))

World War II was partially won by women working in heavy industry. Necessity would make it happen again.

I agree. There are differences between the sexes that can speciously be drawn between them based on drop-of-the-hat comparisons of immediate skill, competence, and phsyical strength.

As one who is almost obsessed with developing the upward potential of individuals ages 18-29, I encourage all of them to develop a PHYSICAL practice that coincides with their development plans for building wealth.

My main point is this: when people change their way of life--- based on circumstances beyond their control (the 4 year old working on a truck farm) or choice based on aspirations---- there is usually a development of physical strength that surpasses all expectations have everything in the female's life remained constant.

Always great to draw your attention, anonamom. Good talk.

Kev The Riveter

Account Deleted

Fire the FBI.

Jim Eagle

Back from dinner and drinks at The Red Horse on Winthrop St., Harvard Square. Before we did a lot of book shopping at Harvard Books. Not the University store but the one on Mass. Ave. across from the yard.


I bought "The Ghost Map" as well as Grayling's "The Age of Genius" and "One Hot Summer: Dickens, Darwin & Disraeli and the Great Stink of 1858". Your kind of reads. Mrs. JiB got "Waterloo" and found out you could hear the French cannons all the way in Antwerp.

We are going to take Frederick on one of the walking tours tomorrow. Lot of parents here with their high school juniors doing the scouting thing.

What I found very interesting is that on Harvard Square there are two terrific and extremely well stocked Comic Book stores. Think about that.

So, tomorrow I will pick him up at Wellesley and we will visit both before we do the tour. Knowing him he will want lunch at the local Shake Shack. Back to Southampton on Sunday.

At the Harvard Book Store they had a special display up front of all the Anti-Trump books with a sign above that said "R. read, E. empathize, A. act, D. discuss". Took a photo and posted on my FB. He is living rent free and yuge in their fragile psyches.

Off to bed. Slaap lekker, tot morgen

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Back from watchign two Porot episodes for inspiration.

Here's another question: Why did Jason Chaffetz leave the House (ostensibly for being with his family more) and then promptly sign a deal with Fox?

Why was Trey Gowdy more incensed about Don Jr's meeting than Comey's taking classified documents?

What in the hell is going on in DC? Can't we just round them all up and send in the The Replacements?


thx Frau :)

A little early in the evening yet for this but, hey it's Friday .... I just got new plates for a car with "59V" and "ZZ_" and my first thought is Albert King! Billy Gibbons!

So I'm digging around, and I find this interview from Vintage Guitar magazine with Steven Seagal and BG discussing Albert King (Seagal owns King's guitars and many other historic blues pieces) and SS relates this story about the Lucy V from his guitar tech:

Peter Skaltsis: This guitar was at my house for quite some time while I was working on it. I was downstairs in my shop when my younger son – he was seven at the time – came in crying; he was really scared. He said, “There’s a black man sitting on the sofa – a big black man.” I ran upstairs thinking someone had broken in, but when I got there no one was in the room. I still get goose bumps talking about this. I called Steven and he said…

SS: Show the boy a picture of Albert King and ask him if that was who he saw. He said, “Yes, that’s who I saw… God’s honest truth.”

BFG: Wow… When you’re seven you wouldn’t make up something like that. I don’t know, man… these instruments are imbued with the power of the player.

pretty cool stuff.

King's V's


Hi, all--do you know that the relative amount of minutiae on this thread (cf. bears fighting in the street, Keanu Reeves) means that no one is really that worried about the latest kerfuffle/covfefe re Trump Jr.? If we were really worried, it would be all arms to the front. But we're not (for the good and sufficient reason that it's all silly). So as Hannity says (not that smart a guy, but his advice is right): be of good cheer.

Jim Eagle

Mean't to mention I am a dye in the wool, Chelsea (soccer) fan and watch every game I can on NBCsn. Also a failed and failing more Washington Capitals fan, not me them, failing. Plus I love Wimbledon and lawn tennis since my family all the way back to 1873 have been involved in some way or the other from James Lillywhite, Sr. introducing it as Indian Badminton and publishing its first rules to Harry Lillywhite, my great-grandfather laying out the largest lawn tennis club in the world, today's Meadow Club.

Some Wimbledon trivia. There is a famous house in Southampton, on Lake Agawam, called "Mocomanto" once occupied by a guy named Sidney B. Woods, who is the only player to win the Wimbledon Men's Singles final without ever having to even enter the court. His opponent withdrew for an injury. He was also the youngest men's player back in 1926(?) at 15. I don't think Boris Becker was that young.

Mocomanto is now under a very nasty zoning dispute which I am now in the middle of along with my former tenant who owns the estate next to it. Same guy who was one of the attorneys being discussed to head Trump's legal issues with Mueller.

Off finally for bed. Ta-Ta.


Jib, take a duck boat. See if capt duct tape is available.

Jim Eagle

Breaking news just as I go to bed:

It has now been established that there was a 9th person in the DJTjr. meeting, the one and only Vlad Putin. He was there under a special visa issued by Zippy. Another rumor has Saddam Hussein and his sons there as well but no one can find their entry stamps.

Captain Hate

Clarice, the Clintons may have an unusual (kick the) "bucket list."

Has anybody ever done the statistics of the chances of so many people dying around them? It can only be rivaled by combat commanders and organized crime figures. Yet according to the MFM, anybody skeptical about the strange lack of interest in investigating the death of Seth Rich (including that NOBODY wants to mention that his parents hired a private investigator before their tetanus shots wore off) is delusional.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Wictor has a thread which points out something similar to what I have been thinking.

Don Jr. has worked with his dad in the toughest real estate market in the world since he was in his early 20's. Are we to believe that his father didn't teach him things like "trust no one"? Are we to believe that he would fall for this obvious scam?

I am thinking that Don Jr. is playing the naif but they have way more info than they are letting out.

I see also we do not have any sort of speech. Either that guy on 4chan is a hoazer or he has been trapped with a fake leak and someone will be arrested or fired this weekend.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

How many people in YOUR circle have been murdered. In my case, only one distant relative who was the victim of an armed robbery in Tennessee many years ago.

I am in my late 60's. I have known people from various jobs, from church, from my kids schools, from clubs, my high school class, etc. etc.

And only one.

Now maybe if you are a gang member in chicago you know a lot who were murdered, but professional people who have lived a life of privilege, no.

If I remember correctly, the Clinton Body Count was in the 50's back at the end of Bill's second term. It has to be double that now, and I am not counting Libya.


MM--you are right--without any accountability and with everyone who needs to know knowing, they have behaved like the lowest crime gang. Body counts? what body counts? And poor Seth Rich...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

J Michael Waller‏ @JMichaelWaller

J Michael Waller Retweeted RFE/RL

Rinat Akhmetshin's nephew, Oleg Svet, is military legislative assistant to Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga), on Armed Services Committee.

Maybe Oleg fed Hank Johnson the story about Guam tipping over!


"Mean't to mention I am a dye in the wool, Chelsea..."


I nearly hit 'hush'.


Kev, the big kerfuffle over McEnroe saying Serena was number 700 in the world of all tennis players is basically my point.

He's right. No matter what she does, starting as young as she has, causing whatever genetic responses that can occur--she is XX with the usual accompanying hormones. Mainly estrogen, some progesterone--well, lots now, she's pregnant!--a nd a smidge of testosterone.

Maybe more than a smidge--I suspect she'd measure in the top percentile for female testosterone levels. Which is one quarter of the bottom percentile of male levels. 70 v 280 ngs

699 men are better than she---by far the best female tennis player EVER.

I do not disagree that people should be strong enough to run, lift, and carry dependents to safety and devote what time they can to that end--Time well spent.

Frau Holzauge

Janet is a fount of clarity!

JimNorCal - Janet keeps her eye on the ball and holds the keys to the kingdom.


I agree with anonamom about sex differences but kev would have a valid point that Serena might be behind the 600 best males but that still puts her ahead of about 1.5 billion males.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

And the MFM is completely in the Omertà mode about it. No offhanded comments like "Wow that's a lot of people" followed by nervous dissembling like what have I done. Complete Sergeant Schultz attitude by the self acclaimed cornerstone of the country.

If Seth Rich had been my son there is no fucking way I'd clam up about it. Once you've lost a child, how much more can you be hurt?

mad jack

anonamom: i would guess the mcenroe was being kind. the desire to wish things are so has amazing power to deny reality. having been a track guy in my youth i occasionally look at the times for my local high school boys meets and then check on the world best womens times for the same event. mediocre boys times, wouldn't qualify for state events, are close or are better than best us women's times. that does not in any way mean that watching a womens sporting event can't be fun but it's not the same sport, so to speak, and to suggest they are, especially at the high end is wishful thinking. you are on point once again!


Trump/Mattis early morning phone call

Brandt Anderson on Twitter: "If even part of this is true, it's an incredible change from micromanagement that has plagued DOD the past 8 years. https://t.co/BWIVcTZb2Z"


For Father's Day, Jr. gifted me any class I want to take at:


He has taken 4 woodworking classes that I never would have predicted, didn't show any interest when he was young.

Intrigued by the 3D printing. Anybody done any?

Account Deleted

If Seth Rich were my child, Podesta, Hamrod, Schultz, and Mook would experience center mass puncture wounds and be allowed to bleed out in salt water.


Kev Cochise

Miss Marple the Deplorable

While the press was obsessing over their Russia garbage, the DOD had a press briefing about the liberation of Mosul, including 9 Iraqi spokesmen:


It's pretty interesting.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

While Sean Smith's mother has been demanding answers, I would point out that Ambassador Stevens' family has been notably silent.

And no one has ever told me why CNN wasn't it trouble for taking that diary and then, instead of giving it to the FBI, gave it to the parents, who I assume by now have burned it.



Interesting conversation on the differences between the development of males and females.

My oldest daughter is a solid 5' 11''. Not a thick girl by any means but no string bean either.

Because of her height in high school she was encouraged to play sports and gravitated towards volleyball. By her sophomore season she was all in and trained, 3 hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. Pushing free weight iron and chugging protein supplements by the gallon every week. Because of club ball, this regimen was 11 months a year for three years.

By her senior season, she was ripped. From shoulder blade to shoulder she looked impressive but, she was not big. She built some muscle but developed it to the max.

Her senior year she was on a really good club team so we plunked down the money and sent her to the AAU National Championships. The first day of the Girls Championships was the last day of the Mens Championships so I went to check out some of the games.

I was blown away. The guys playing middle (where my girl played) where all between 6' 3'' and 6' 10'' and where absolutely built like Mack Trucks. Vastly bigger and more powerful than then the girls.

My amazement at their size soon faded as I watched them play though.

Having watched girls play for years and watching these giants play on the men's court it dawned on me quickly that the men played a 'power' game. The girls on the other hand actually seemed to leverage their size with a, for lack of better terms, more cerebreal and graceful approach to the game.

I honestly came away thinking the guys were just bigger and more powerful, but the girls played 'smarter' because they were not as big and couldn't rely on sheer size and power.

Women and men play the game differently based upon their own general traits. One's no better than the other I suppose, they just play to their own unique strenghts.

Even an average Men's team at that tourney, woulda beat the Womens' tournament champion.

My daughter, 3 years outta high school and at I.U., still works out and runs on a very regular basis. She doesn't hit iron like she used to and she doesn't do the protein shakes. Still a commanding presence around her soriority sisses but she is a shadow of what she was 3 years ago.

Captain Hate

Regarding female athletes, back when I still played basketball on the playgrounds a couple women came when games were going on and made it known they wanted to play and I just thought "whatever". Anyway our game was over and I wanted to leave but my friend Darryl said "let's play with them" to which I just rolled my eyes and said No! He stayed after me and, after much complaining, wore me down into agreeing.

Welp, we kicked the other team's asses and it wasn't even close. The women were in incredible shape and just worked the opponents. The other team had one guy who was really good and blocked them a few times, but they stayed after it and usually got it back. Plus they were so fundamentally sound that once I got used to that unusual playground phenomenon, I could throw them blind passes for layups because they were always where they were supposed to be. Plus they were great teammates as far as sharing the ball. Afterwards I told them what a pleasure it was playing with them but Darryl had to overcome my initial reaction.

My point in bringing this up is I found out that one played varsity for Ohio State and the other for Wisconsin and they were home for the summer. And they had been on the runner up Hoop It Up team at the national open women's category level. They were in the elite 1% of women and I'm in that huge mass way on the right side of the mean in the bell curve of all male players. And we were peers.

Clarice Feldman

My son built a 3D printing machine and he and the grand daughter had a lot of fun with it. That was a few years ago--they are a lot better now.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Clears throat...


She's probably got Queen on 24/7.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate

While Sean Smith's mother has been demanding answers, I would point out that Ambassador Stevens' family has been notably silent.

To be an ambassador means you either have a lot of money or you're wired in politically. Assigning a homosexual to an ME hotspot is a highly problematic choice. Since Curb Dive and the JEF aren't averse to leaking highly embarrassing personal vignettes of anyone who crosses them, I can kind of understand what they did.


I'm tracking with you on that CH.

Janet the expert 🚬

the liberation of Mosul,

The fact that it had to be liberated AGAIN is something. The Obama administration has never had to answer for any of the death & mayhem they unleashed....leaving Iraq, the Arab spring, Libya,... ::spit::

There is an American flag that flew over Mosul in my church. We had Mosul. It was sent as a thank you for the Operation Kindness ministry.
Then Obama was elected...
then we left Iraq....
& ISIS took over.
Slaughter for 8 yrs & the MFM didn't care.
Where were the leftist human shields?
Where was Code Pink? or Int'l A.N.S.W.E.R.?

Frau Fußball

Awwww, Stephanie, right before bedtime?


Jr. had a close friend in high school who was a world class swimmer, Sarah set a national high school record that stood for 6 years. Swam in college.

Have a picture of her and Jr.'s best friend going to prom. Chip, her date was an athlete, 6'1" and great shape, but her shoulders looked at least 25% bigger.

Saw Sarah at church recently, and a dozen years later she is just a tiny, skinny wisp of her former self. Hardly recognized her.


I'm tracking with you on that Buckeye.


When I read what you wrote about your daughter Bubarooni, I thought of Sarah immediately.

Frau Fußball

What has happened to Mosul did not have to occur. It was the one Iraqi city with a bright future.

Captain Hate

Yep, sounds like we're talking about the same thing, Bubarooni.


I still consider Steffi the best. She won her majors in 8 years while playing the tour week in and out, Tokyo, Tampa, New Haven ... the grind. Serena plays 4 times a year plus a warmup here and there. Privilege I guess.


Was Steffi the one that got knifed?

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