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July 07, 2017


Frau Steingehirn

Obama loved drones. I love drones. Who doesn't?

Frau Steingehirn

How about ships with drones?

Rupert Fiennes

Boost phase intercept via missiles is perfectly possible if you base them in space. See Brilliant Pebbles aka GPALS..which was cancelled by Clinton and replaced with the not very successful GMD back in 93. Because....the Russians hated GPALS!


I'm not going to say hes a feckless tool



Ill tempered sea bass with laser beams.


Anyone stupid enough to support Obama's criminal Iran deal, should meet the ILLEGAL MOM who stabbed her family to death at the GINSU factory.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump-Putin meeting has now concluded.


+1 Henry. Better than frikkin’ sharks.


Perhaps piranhas with particle beams


The problem is that because boost time is short you need to be relatively close to the launch site to be able to do it. But North Korea is a small country surrounded by water

Meanwhile in the Airplane boneyard:

When Robert Gates flushed the program one of the complaints was that the YAL-1 would have to be inside Iranian borders to be effective. And he went on and on about it being cost prohibitive.

Cost complaints? LOL.

There are some interesting videos of the plane in action.


+1 Henry. Better than frikkin’ sharks.

+2 because it spared me what would have been a lengthy search for the perfect gif.


David, Internet Deplorable

Resurrected from the tail of the old thread, regarding Clarice's 10:07 link:


The irony of the "national security establishment" complaining about security measure to stop their wholesale leaking is breathtaking. It reminds one of the boy who killed his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court, seeing as how he was an orphan.

I keep going back to the point that of all the leaks that came out about the Comey-Trump affair, the only one item that didn't get leaked was Comey's assurance to Trump that he wasn't under investigation. These traitorous slimeballs have gone to extraordinary efforts to delegitimize the duly elected President of the United States, and now they are whining about the blowback. They are literally traitors, and their tender little feelings are bruised. Now, I am sure there are some straight-shooters in there, and I feel bad for them, but the whole intelligence community has been rotten for years, at least from the Bush 43 administration, so it is a little hard for me to feel too sorry for them. If they were really concerned about things, they would have stepped up and worked to clean the rot out.

So, f*** them, f*** them all.



how about sharks with laser beams?


>>>Ill tempered sea bass with laser beams.

Posted by: henry | July 07, 2017 at 12:30 PM<<<

damn it.


That's so 1997 rich, good grief the ucs as an authority?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mollie Retweeted
Maxim A. Suchkov‏ @Max_A_Suchkov 4m4 minutes ago

#Putin #Trump on #Syria-some agreement on deescalation zones, jointly brokered cease-fire frm July 9 +"smth else" involving #Jordan, #Israel

First glimmer; not sure I understand this tweet but thought I would post it.

Dave (in MA)
boost-phase interception can't be quite this easy or we would be doing it with our defenses against Russia or Iran.
I thought the Eighties called and wanted their foreign policy back five years ago. Did nobody take the call? Are the Eighties still on hold?

Yeah, I was pretty ticked at henry too, rich@12:47.

Best to upvote him and wait for another opportunity.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped out regarding my side project, no matter what form that help might take.
Deeply appreciated.

Thomas Collins

I thought this was our defense against Russkie, Red Chinese, NoKO and Eyeranian missiles.



SQ-we are in agreement and I have all that documented repeatedly and in my mind turned into ordinary English.

I think at some point beck was told that his exposes were infringing on initiatives his beloved mormon church was pursuing. I also think that is part of the reason romney would not go after obama's jugular after the 1st debate in 2012 that should have been decisive.

My speculation though does not go to what the mormon church has in mind. Again that has popped up conclusively in following the deceit. All this talk about the need for the heart to guide the mind is enough to make one an atheist.

Remembering Agent J who always seemed to be a genuinely kind man.


Strassel on intel community leaks to the press. Uses stats collected by Ron Johnson.


This is peak guardian:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

/pol/ News Forever‏ @polNewsForever 11m11 minutes ago

While the rest of the G20 leaders wore a special G20 lapel pin, President Trump simply wore an American Flag lapel pin.



BREAKING: Trump pressed Putin on election interference more than once & Putin denied involvement, Tillerson says

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That won't be goo enough for CNN, you know. They will demand transcripts or something.


CNN: "Administration officials told CNN that Trump plans to focus heavily on the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine in his meeting with Putin on Friday. There is little expectation among Trump's national security team that Trump will confront Russia over its attempts to influence the 2016 election."


CNN, faked out again


First meeting Trump has with Putin and cease fire in Syria announced.

Too bad Trump is such a crappy negotiator.




ALTADENA, CA (FOX 11) - FOX 11 cameras were rolling Tuesday night as a fire inspector with the Los Angeles Fire Department was seen illegally setting off fireworks at his home in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles county, where fireworks are banned.




Debin GA:
CNN. Wrong again!
What a pathetic group.
Even the Polish President is dissing them.


Yes it is unfair and stupid.


The wall will be built- there construction bids on it already.
Illegal immigration down 70 percent.
WS it only 2 summers ago all of cCentral America was flooding across our borders?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think that the agreement to discuss non-interference in other countries internal affairs is interesting.

It seems to me that certain segments of the intelligence community will resist that, as some segments use that interference themselves to manipulate other countries.

Obama's presidential campaign advisors going to Israel to try to defeat Netenyahu would be a prime example of interference, I believe.


You are debating the so-called troll, maryrose.


Clarice Feldman

Iggy, you know we all love you to pieces.


John F Stuhlman Fire Inspector I, Los Angeles,

2016 Regular pay:$105,763.20 Total Pay: $193,425.97


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am listening to the audio of Secretary Tillerson explaining the meeting with Putin. It sounds to me like it was productive and will result in some progress on several fronts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Zeke Miller‏Verified account @ZekeJMiller 5m5 minutes ago

HAMBURG, Germany (AP) - Tillerson says after Trump-Putin meeting that Russia has asked for proof of involvement in election interference.
5 replies 10 retweets 8 likes


Well then, I guess they had better turn that server over to the FBI. It's for national security, you know.

Clarice Feldman



OH boy, the "big six with the fate of the tax system in their hands. At least 4 fall for the stupid "revenue neutral" crap... not sure about Mnuchin or Cohn.


Can't isolate it, but CNN has a purported "GIF" of Merkel "rolling her eyes" as Putin is speaking to her. The video view is from the side, but it seems very irresponsible for CNN to read her body language and claim Merkel dissed Putin in such a way in full view of him, other leaders, and scads of cameras imo.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I want to point out that if after the Russian request for proof, if that server isn't turned over to the FBI, we can assume the dems are hiding embarrassing and criminal activity and the dems and media can just shut up.



Funny.. Self-proclaimed super-conservative, Patterico, is melting down as well.


The first few comments need to get a room.

Clarice Feldman

Trump:LNG to Europe--shot across Russia's bow:http://hotair.com/archives/2017/07/07/trump-pushes-lng-exports-as-trade-policy/

Dave (in MA)

Heh, he trolls his own blog and announces that he won't read the comments.


Hi all! I will never catch up! We are in Portland. Yesterday's meet up with glasater and the Man Trans in Walla Walla was truly wonderful. It's just like they said - felt like old friends catching up. glasater is a sweet, gracious and generous hostess, and I'm so grateful the Man Trans traveled to join us. All three are amazing conversationalist. Next time (and there will be a next time!) perhaps we can entice some other JOMers.

Love to all.

On a sad note, I am so sorry to hear that our friend Agent J has passed. Peace to his family and friends.


A take so hot, you need a pair of gloves:

Clarice Feldman

I've never regretted a JOM meet up


Clarice - where do i volunteer to take over ambassadorship to Poland? ;-)

French President Emmanuel Macron left his position during the G20 group picture in an effort to place himself next to US President Donald Trump and make himself more important on the international stage.

There is a funny video at the link. There is also this comment from an apologist:

WrightorWrongAl on July 7, 2017 at 2:09 pm

While he did look silly, it was where he was supposed to stand according to this article..Protocol for this particular meeting of world leaders dictates that those who have been in office the longest occupy the center positions when they gather to say ‘cheese.’
The only exception is the host nation, whose leader – in this case German Chancellor Angela Merkel – gets the prime slot, front-and-center.


Is that right? New guys get put in the corner?

Nobody puts Barry in a corner...

I do not post at CTH, so I won't be able to inform Sundance of this.

Oh well.


Center stage Odummy link:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Me, either. Have met Captain Hate & Mrs. Hate, sbw and Mrs. sbw, and daddy.

I am sort of out of the way here, but anyone passing through the Crossroads of America is welcome to give me a call!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The_Donald guys have noticed:


"After weaseling his way next to Trump at the photo shoot, guess who landed seat next to Dr President Trump during the symphony....YOU GUESSED IT!! "


You need to find a woman that looks at you the way Macron looks at President Trump


I read there were assigned places to stand based on time in office, too. HOWEVER, Why was Macron up in the center to begin with? Couldn't he read his number? And why do all of that attention-grabbbing weaseling through all of the leaders rather than just stepping down and walking to the side? And how did he wind up next to him at the concert?

And I DARE you to explain the photo in the second link! HA!


Wow, that 2009 summit pic is telling. All the others looking hither and yon, but BOzo looking straight at the camera with his patented grin.


Anyone here anything about the Project Veritas video due out a few days ago?


guy in a bar (CNN producer from an earlier vid) trashing Cuomo as a total dimwit no one at CNN wants to listen to, says he was only hired because his brother is Governor. The Veritas correspondent was a girl he was trying to impress. O'Keefe has more coming... but I haven't seen when. try here.


Don't know if it has been noted here but the Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio, left yesterday, to Hamburg, to join the protesters instead of staying for the funeral of the slain police officer.

This is your left in action. Antifa Black Bloc Anarchists versus Blue Lives Matter. Surprised Linda Sansour didn't join him or maybe she did.


A job for the world's smallest violin. Copy editors at NYT get sads when told to accept the buyout because no job for them once cuts announced.

Beasts of England

'Cost complaints?'

Yeah, that was me. Sorry 'bout dat! :)


Macron in rehearsal practices sneaking to the front:



CNN in 2011 noted the VP wannabe Ryan's parents were devoted fans of Dem Les Aspin, who also sought to be loved by Rs and Ds.
Dems were never crazy enough to make someone like Aspin Speaker though.
Posted by: DebinGA | July 07, 2017 at 10:08 AM

My Pop, who was a supremely decent man and father and career Military Officer, hated Les Aspin's guts. I did not know it, but my Mom mentioned years after that Aspin was the most disgusting of the Congress guys Pop had somehow had to deal with in his 6 years in the Pentagon from '64-to '70 or so. I knew nothing about it but she said he was the single guy Pop particularly loathed.

Les Aspin must have been a phenomenal asshole for my Pop to have despised him, as I never saw Pop have an ounce of malice in him towards anyone on the planet of any race, creed or color.

Captain Hate

Can't isolate it, but CNN has a purported "GIF" of Merkel "rolling her eyes" as Putin is speaking to her. The video view is from the side, but it seems very irresponsible for CNN to read her body language and claim Merkel dissed Putin in such a way in full view of him, other leaders, and scads of cameras imo.

Levin was all over those clowns last night because of crap like this, claiming it's more of a mean high school girl's gossip group than a news organization. Of course it's highly irresponsible to do something like this but they continue as if they're the really really smart ones. Middle of the idiot pack is more like it, particularly with rocket surgeons like Blitzer, Vanderbilt Poofter aka Cornelius Cornhole and Fredo Cuomo (who am I kidding; it's an entire family of Fredos).

Beasts of England

Since I often harped on classified info and SAPs during the Clinton server fiasco, an example of a black 'code word' program was mentioned above: 'Brilliant Pebbles'. We couldn't say that term outside of a SCIF back in the day. It's all good now, of course...


I am delighted to see TM posting.
However I am sure our Cleveland Indians will beat his New York Yankees.
Did the House Healthcare bill get rid of employer and individual mandates?
I thought President Trump got rid of any egregious rules of Obamacare.
Am I wrong about this?

James D.

You're wrong about the Indians beating my New York Yankees, maryrose!


maryrose... it depends on the definition of "got rid of." It is in all sides interests to claim so. However the text of both the house and senate bills merely changes the tax (penalty) amount to $0. The mechanism and tax are still their for both employer and individual mandates (the related reporting may well be untouched... kinda murky). That is to say it is a temporary waiver of the fee, not a removal of the structure for collecting it. A simple matter to adjust the rate to $15 or $1 billion hidden elsewhere in a "tax reform" bill.

Captain Hate

Speaking of JOMers we haven't heard from for a while, I just got an email response from Ann, who has been busy with her daughter recently but still lurks. I hadn't seen her on Zuckerberg for a while so dropped her a line to make sure everything's ok, which it is.

Beasts of England

Is it baseball season?

Robin, still pretty deplorable

Here's a sports link, with a beautiful skating body to boot. Good commentary on the rigors and pitfalls of competitive figure skaters.



Robin will win the upvote competition.


Tom Maguire
However I am sure our Cleveland Indians will beat his New York Yankees.

I wouldn't be so sure and I'll tell you why. Last season a short-suffering fellow Yankee fan and I decided to root for his boyhood hometown Indians to have something to occupy us through September and the playoffs. And you can see the kind of success we had - an extra-inning seventh game!

But now with our benediction removed, well, who can foresee?

Of course, if the better team wins the Indians will toast my guys, but superior talent does not always prevail.


If I were a gif builder I would put Maricón's face on the stumbling fruitcake in my 3:20 YouTube and Merkel's over Dom Deluise.


Captain Hate

TM, last year was the first time in a long time that the Indians had, by far, the best manager on the field because the Cubs won because of superior talent. The Red Sox letting Terry Francona go was a felonious level blunder.


CNN, showing a background of burning cars in Hamburg:

First lady Melania Trump is unable to leave her Hamburg hotel and attend events with other G20 spouses because of protests, her spokeswoman said Friday. "Hamburg police couldn't provide clearance for us to leave," Stephanie Grisham told reporters in Hamburg.

What an indictment of Merkel. If anyone deserves to see people "rolling their eyes" at her dereliction of duty it's her.


Big deal if true

DanRiehl @DanRiehl

Exclusive: Caught red-handed? Web bug found in emails sent by embattled CNN reporter - https://t.co/AIu4V4r4ON?amp=1

Beasts of England

I wrote this comment up earlier today, but decided against posting it. Now that it's actually on-topic, I will. It's disturbing as presented, but feel free to to completely ignore it or say the assessment is far-fetched. My apologies in advance if it upsets anyone.

~ ~ ~

The recent two-stage test by the Norks has been the first time I've been concerned about a successful nuclear strike against the US. To that end, I just finished a call to one of my anti-ballistic missile guru friends. Highlights of the conversation:

They're getting very close to an accurate delivery system. It's a problem. We agreed that they still have issues with high-order detonation, but that's little comfort when dealing with nukes.

This part of the conversation particularly bothered me: he said the Fitzgerald was rammed with intent, as it carried a unique armament (classified) and was patrolling away from its group. He asked me to draw a line from North Korea to Hawaii, and to plot the destroyer's location at impact. I haven't done so, but I trust him to be honest.

And that's the bottom line: he makes the assessment that Hawaii is the target of the Norks, not Alaska. AK has fielded anti-ballistic missile systems, where HI has none.

I know we have JOM connections to the islands and I don't post this to frighten people, just to inform. Referring back to NK's ability to detonate a ballistic-delivered nuke, I fear annihilation far less than a relatively low-order EMP event. Such a detonation would still be devastating to the islands - sending it back to the fifties for a significant period of time - and I think North Korea could achieve this in the instant.

Am I suggesting that anyone on the islands come back to the mainland? I'm not confident enough to make that declaration because I haven't seen the intelligence. Would I suggest avoiding Honolulu until the NK nuclear program is neutralized? As much as possible.

Now I'll add my assessment of Jong-un actually launching a first strike: almost nil. The little twerp owns his own country and his ego is being sated by the attention of playing with the big boys. A first strike would be immediate suicide, and I don't think he wants to give up his gig for any reason. But, I don't know the guy, so cum grano salis.


beasts-aren't we all glad that hillary is not pres if nk does in fact have an unknown but effective delivery system?

I know nothing about nk either, but the diva has a roommate (campus apt for 4) from SK next year and has looked into going to visit at some point over the next year. So please keep the details you have coming either online or by email. Luckily for me those airfares are too high for it to be possible this summer.


From lurkersusie's 3:51: "A recent email exchange with an anonymous conservative group has been obtained by Media Equalizer. In the discussion, [CNN's KFile Andrew] Kaczynski feigns interest in a scoop that’s being offered. At one point, he attempts to sneak a web bug into the conversation, with the apparent goal of luring the recipient into clicking the link. Doing so would give Kaczynski the IP address, location, and other metadata included in the email recipient’s account."

The MSM narrative about Kaczynski being an exceptionally skilled "sleuth"? News people and politicos vouching for his integrity and now this bombshell? Unbelievable.

Beasts of England

Totally agree, rse. It's a sin that it's been allowed to advance this far. We have MOABs, we should have been using them.

I was freaked out enough with the younger Beastette being in London days before the terror attack. I can't imagine her going to North Korea. Wow.


deb- https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2017/07/07/photos-see-melania-trumps-flapper-style-fringe-dress/459650001/

Frau Fragezeichen

Scary but useful thoughts and info, Beasts @ 3:52. The Fitzgerald incident from unknown-unknown to known-unknown.


My problem would be the southern part of korea has very little time to react from everything I read. I know better than NK. It will be interesting if this girl's parents do not encourage her to travel with classmates to their homes over next year's breaks.

You probably heard the same on the moabs needing to be retired if they were not used soon. Apparently at great expense and trouble even when conditions on the ground merited them while the community organizer was pres and groping joe vp.


You were right to share that info, Jack. People can do with it what they will, but you did your part.

Beasts of England

To be sure, Frau, that's his interpretation of the Fitzgerald incident, and I didn't ask for any supporting data - which he couldn't have provided to me, regardless. He's not a conspiracy kinda guy, but a respected senior analyst in the field. The reportage and events of the collision never made much sense, but I never thought about tying it to the NK advances. Again, maybe it's total crap, but one plus one is not equaling two so far.

Ralph L

I would think there would be at least one AEGIS ship in Honolulu all the time, but it might not be operational.

Old Lurker

MM had predicted Melania and Barron would wow the G20. I guess Merkle locking her up in a guest house was to block that. Nice.


Beasts of England

They have about three minutes to react, rse. Skippy didn't care about anything but helping out his commie brothers. Cankles wouldn't have been any better. Ten million people in Seoul - I'm not sure how they sleep at night.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I left the Fox live feed on and now they are interviewing renowned North Korea expert, Bill Richardson, who says that he thinks Trump should have been tougher on him.

Trish Regan asks what did he expect, that Putin would backtrack on his denials?

Then Richardson says, "We don't really kow what was said because no one else was in the room," which sounded to me like he was insinuating Tillerson was lying.

So then Regan put him on the spot about DeBlasio going to Hamburg after a policeman was murdered and he wouldn't disavow it, saying that there are "lots of good candidates" in the democrat party.

What that said to me is that the dems are still committed to their anti-Trump Russia line (unless Richardson is out of the loop) and that NO ONE in the party has enough moxie to disavow the extreme left wing.


I wAS wondering about that captain.

I figured that the Fitzgerald had been on nk patrol at some time in the recent past.

Old Lurker

Ralph "I would think there would be at least one AEGIS ship in Honolulu all the time..."

No problem. The NORKS can just send a cargo ship to take the Aegis out of action. Right?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ari Fleischer‏Verified account @AriFleischer 1h1 hour ago

The front page of today's London Daily Telegraph. Welcome to what single payer is really like.



I realize that North Korea is vastly different from Libya. However. The minuscule possibility that North Korea might have relinquished its nuclear capability vanished the moment the US attacked Libya.

Gaddafi was someone who gave up his nuclear/NBC programs and was supposedly helping the US with its anti terror programs.

Beasts of England

I've been out of the ABM game too long to endorse the efficacy of AEGIS systems versus the NK threat, Ralph, but terminal-phase intercept in general remains a low probability.

Beasts of England

Too soon, OL!! ;)

Jim Eagle

In case you haven't been following the love/hate fest in Hamburg (btw, Germany's second city) here is the little twerp from France elbowing his way next to Trump. Now, why would Macron want to brown-nose Trump? How about a deal on NATO apportionment?


Tom Maguire
The Red Sox letting Terry Francona go was a felonious level blunder.

An uncharacteristic mistake by a top organization.


If you hadn't killfiled me, you would have seen that we covered it at 2:44.

Captain Hate

Gaddafi was someone who gave up his nuclear/NBC programs and was supposedly helping the US with its anti terror prO grams

At some point you have to consider a long list of strategic "blunders" in a different category.


The drive-bys sure don't want people to see beautiful Melania Trump in her white "flapper" dress.

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