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July 24, 2017



More chaff for the press. Since I didn't read it, the source is another imaginary friend of the reporter? I thought so.


Bring back Alan West!

Alan West on FOX re: Mueller.

Liz the host: ...Jerod Kushner said that raising questions about Russian Election activity ridicules people who voted for Trump, saying Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter Campaign and that is why he won. He's saying that suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. Here's the thing Colonel, we have a number of probes into Russia, including Robert Mueller. They'll get to the bottom of it. Do you agree with Jarod Kushner on that point.

West: Well I think that this is a big distraction. When you look at the polling out there the American people are not concerned about Russia. The American people are concerned about getting back to work. The American people are concerned about affordable Healthcare. The American people are concerned about Economic Growth and they are concerned about National Security. But you are seeing once again the Democrats have become a Party of distractions, not even resistance. So I think we need to get disciplined, we need to get focused, and someone needs to tell Mister Mueller you've got 30 days, 60 days, whatever. If you don't come up with something based upon your original guidance and purpose, then this thing should be ended.

Wish he could fill Chafetz's empty seat suit:)

Account Deleted

Say, Gundo?


OK, I read it. "West Wing confidants." Not specified as to TV show, White House, or pool room annex of a dive bar.


Can't remember where, but I saw something earlier about Rand Paul being a sure No on Rudy, due to some bad blood from the campaign.


Sorry, not the campaign. There are a bunch of links like this from November 15, 16:



So would Rudy be more partisan and less down-the-middle than, say, Holder?

Account Deleted

glasater--- this entire vid was filmed with a Canon DSLR (license plate escaped me) in about 5 hours. the 90 per cent cut was completed in 8 hours using Adobe Premiere Pro in the Champion and King studios out in the Silver Lake.

One weekend ago, Mrs. Kid, who's identity will be revealed straight up in the following video, and I went to Los Angeles to shoot an anthem video for one of our start-ups in the virtual travel agency market. We decided to lead with beauty, grace and elegance as we are booking luxury travel and recruiting new agents to multiply our reach into this very lucrative market.

The link at the end isn't hooked up. And I'm sharing this vid with the caveat that it not be reposted at this time beyond the JOM family.

Pretty please.

Pretty please. ;)

filmed in Elysian Park, Echo Park residence of my SIL, driving the perimeter of Silver Lake Reservior, and a completely staged restaurant set up just inside a shady indoor/outdoor parking area under one of the filmies duplex.

today's cameras are amazing. this was a two man effort by Hak Lonh (director) and his right hand homie, my son who asked to remain nameless.

More of there work for Nutella and other "brands" is in the queue that follows the feature.



Glad to share this wondrous moment featuring my One Great Love.

Lothario Kev

Account Deleted

At least Rudy Guiliani knows the difference between an organized crime syndicate. Lookout, Mitch.

Rudy gets in we'll see a lotta people dive off the congressional riverboat.

Scalawags all of em.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


What is the reason for microchipping an employee?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I don't think Rudy will be AG. I do think he would love to be in charge of the Clinton prosecution.


Good afternoon! This is all over the Maine media...U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) from Corpus Christi,told a radio talk show host that "the GOP's health care bill was held up by women Senators from the Northeast. If it was a guy from south Texas,I might ask him to go outside and settle this Aaron Burr style. Collins was the only one from the Northeast who opposed the bill,so the congressman's words were meant for her. Uh oh. The Portland paper said she was targeted,the Bangor paper said challenged by the remarks.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


High quality film, although it kept stopping for me and I would have to re-start it.

Might be too many of us looking at it at once.

Your wife is lovely and has a good voice for narration.


Marlene, is Susan Collins butt hurt over being called out. She's useless.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

I think Rudy should be the special prosecutor looking into Mueller and the democrats.

Nice video Kev.


That WI company Jane? They claim it is for ID on door security, system access, and for credit card billing at the candy machine in the break room (similar to using your cell phone to pay). The last is what they sell, although I can imagine anyone doing that. To close to slavery, Mark of the Beast level evil for my tastes. Then again millenials are big with the crap like tats and studs. They may demand to be chipped as a condition of employment (along with the ping pong table and no requirement to do actual work).

The only sensible reason I've heard for chipping humans is as a "return to home" scan for dementia patients.

Account Deleted

Thanks for the feedback, y'all.


And one more thing: After 9/11 he had the perfect opportunity seal the southern border for national security purposes. To this day I do not understand why that wasn't done.

Because we are genius's at letting a crisis go to waste.


Gus,she's going to run for governor,so is running far away from Trump and any conservative policies. All the liberal votes here are in the heavily populated southern part of the state.


told a radio talk show host that "the GOP's health care bill was held up by women Senators from the Northeast.

Technically, since Alaska is the furthest North and the furthest East point in the USA, that definition also applies to Lisa Murkowski.

Account Deleted

Squirrels abound courtesy of MSM:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Live feed Boy Scout speech:



Ha,daddy. Do you want to trade Senators?

Account Deleted

shakin mah head at that one, daddy. ;)

Account Deleted

Why can't those two nags be primaried? Full frontal assault oughta get it done, no?


WV is northeast from certain perspectives. (Note, I spent my rug rat years a little ways east of Corpus Christie). Stupid comment by that nitwit in any event.

James D.

Marlene @ 5:51

I was about to post the same article, but my take on it is that I'd love to see Rep. Farenthold as the next Speaker.


daddy,you win. West Quoddy Head,Maine is the easternmost point in the contiguous U.S.


Yes Marlene, Susan Collins is a genius, she'd make a GREAT EXECUTIVE. Her bio show's Collins has never had a JOB. WTF is wrong with America??


could Rudy replace Rosenstein?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This live feed is better. It's from the Jamboree web site:


Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Thanks Henry. Very bizarre.


Jane, apparently the chipped tech for those reasons has already been done in Sweden. Swedes like being chipped, being "part of the future." I can't wait for them to chip all the migrants demanding free stuff. ;)

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


More and more lately I'm glad I'm old.


Since 1975 Collins has sucked sucked sucked sucked the TAX PAYER TEAT. She is a clown.

Did I mention that she SUCKED?


Sleazy Schiff? Judicial Watch reported him to the Ethics Committee for leaking. Fitton is on the warpath.


Jane, the funny part to me is the embedded chip is as easy to read as the one in newer credit cards. As bad guys can walk down a sidewalk reading every chip enabled credit card for nefarious purposes... the same rig will read the embedded chips. Those idiots will become pincushions replacing their ID every time it gets stolen.


P.S. JeB! is a dolt. How he ever became the family darling totally escapes me.

My unjust and unsympathetic opinion would be it is all based on Mother Barbara Bush, bleeding heart of the Bush clan. Jeb marrying the Mexican lady would have come across to Barbara as great Social Justice Warrior 'cred' for all the world to see. Atta' boy Jeb, you show the Conservatives out there that we Bush's are as personally Liberal as any family in America. Nobody can knock us as nothing but rich, White affluent racist elites that look down on everybody else now. That's not who we are!

I think there is a lot of "Maverick McCain" syndrome in Barbara Bush.

I am happy to be corrected.

Account Deleted

I don't use conventional wallets anymore. Shite's gotten purty bad. Doubles as a phone charger.

common man

Blake Farenthold was smart enough to flip a district in Texas that had been held by Democrats since back to reconstruction. You can think he was being a misogynist, but I am pretty sure he is just the designated spokesman to let Susie creamcheese know the game she is playing has consequences. Club for Growth has also let it be known they will score the vote in deciding who is conservative and who is not. Pressure is on.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump is going to speak to the Scouts about success, because "who the hell wants to talk about politics to the Boy Scouts?"



After learning that Barbara Bush lost a daughter to leukemia (Robin, who died at age three), I give her a pass.

common man

Rudy gets at best 50 votes. Not a single dimmi, and minus Paul and McCain is absent.

BTW, the news was stated casually on Fox, but apparently McCain is looking at flights to see if he can get back for the vote.

Account Deleted

Jeb-a-reeno is a net loss for the family and the country.

He'll spend a decade in Trump's wake apologizing to his bundlers for burning their money.

He'll spend a decade trying to figure out whether windsurfing or "cycling" with one of those doosh hamburger head helmets should be his go-to outlet.

Arriba, Putz. Even his lil Mamacita knows she was a token.

There are things we do for love.

Then there are the things fools will do for approval-- like marrying a beaner when ya dont hafta and running for president because that woulda also made Mommy so proud had he had even a Chinaman's chance of winnin.

JeeB! the human version of a blinking cursor.

Beasts of England

Isn't there a JOM moniker for the two senators in question? And has anyone recently linked the style guide for our new friends?


Why can't those two nags be primaried?

Lisa Murkowski was Primaried in 2010 and she lost the Primary. Then, with the help of Orin Hatch and cash from the NSC that should have been going to the Repub Primary winner, she in essence purchased the votes of the Native Communities across the State by arranging to have individuals in the Village Voting Offices filling out the proper Write-In Signature for victory. That, and Dem help to defeat her Republican opponent easily defeated the Primary winner Joe Miller. Population-wise the Native vote in this State is large enough to have huge Electoral influence in State Elections.

We will never get rid of Lisa Murkowski. There are enough Dem's and Native's and folks on the dole that we will have her as a Senator up here until she croaks. And with the way that she votes there is no reason for any Dem to want to replace her.

Account Deleted

Methinks Rudy will be brought on as a lightning rod and strategist to advise the President.

Hunch is that firing AG Sessions would be a big loss of face for little reason. The recusal may have cost some time and a few rounds in POTUS' hide--- but it's going to shake out once Mueller's hand is called.

That still leaves us with a softshoeing and invisible executive running Justice.

Someone needs to be up on the ramparts waving Old Glory and kicking people in their asses. I think of Rudy as Sessions' spotter to pick off everything from low-hanging fruit (the rag head ITeez and Wasserman Lipschitz) to some of those big-assed Lippizans like Cheryl Mills who *BELIEVES* she's skated this pond.

Rudy can also layout the strategy for RICO indictments on every single emoCrat operative, get the Seth Rich case open and start looking into all of those cadavers at the bottom of Washington DC marshlands.

Rudy is a very large weapon in this war. Why bog down with confirmation when you can get him a desk and a staff tomorrow and start ramping up to grand juries. Any rank and file funny biz from the "agents" in the FBI? Can their asses. Or reassign them to bootleg crimes online.

Rudy and POTUS have the political will to get this done. Remember who Rudy put away to earn his spurs?

uh huh. take the shot Mr President.

Ralph L

Senatorial Voguing.
I've never heard that, but "posturing" doesn't do justice to what they do now. Sprockets!


LOL to daddy's 6:32.

Account Deleted

My fav line from Sprockets was Dieter saying that he wanted to see one of his guests "covered with lesions, to look like Eddie Monsta"

Account Deleted

gone in a millisecond smells familiar.

Ralph L

show the Conservatives out there that we Bush's are as personally Liberal
Wrong audience.
I believe Marvin is the youngest son, but he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude (or the intestines) for politics.
/low blow


Well, I went looking for the "style guide" (the freepers have one, explaining everything from Trixie (lucianne) to PIAPS (which we know)), and though I didn't find a style guide, I did see what I never have noticed before, that the right sidebar is more than half populated with links to Plamegate and its injustices. Advice: keep all of it, but perhaps have it more economically. Also, have style guide! Am off to Florida for about two weeks (my dear and impossible parents are celebrating 60 years of marriage). Will see you all when I can. BOOM! (that's for those offended by all the Austen chat of late).

Account Deleted

Janey A never did it for me. Emma Thompson even less. My first wife left an indelible mark with her avid interest in both.

My loss. ;)

Ralph L

Comment by Gone in a millisecond blocked.


Veruca salt for murkowski.

Jim Eagle


Wait until they get to Alice, Carroll and croquet:)

We have a style guide in a way - I forget who keeps it current? jimmyk? or extraneus? Need a link.

BTW, nothing new for me while writing so I turned on the tube and up came SpikeTV with a Cops show and did you know that the deputies for the Palm Beach County Sherrif's department look like they are former competitors in the World's Strongest Man contest. Some pipes on those guys.

common man

When Trump pointed out the Boy Scout pledge include loyalty, he commented we need more loyalty and pointed toward the front row. I wlll bet he was pointing at Capito.

Frau Imi/Ami

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.

common man

Adam Shiffhead



Enjoyed your video. Your wife is tanned and lovely -- the picture of vibrant, sparkling good health.

Common man


Clean up on aisle 4!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I had to leave in the middle of the speech to go pick up a prescription for my daughter. Rats.

I am going to find the video and watch the replay.

Account Deleted

Dink, dank, doink....killfile, bitches. killfile. 3 in a row.

Account Deleted

thank you, joan. she trains like a marine. eats more (and better) than our 19year old basketball playing college man son. and a heart of gold.


Lazarus Kev


Richard Dawkins has become the latest speaker to be prevented from speaking at Berkley.


Another Bob

henry | July 24, 2017 at 06:31 PM

Re. readability I assume you're referring to the NFC cards as opposed to the EMV cards?


Thanks, JiB. Perhaps the style guide shouldn't actually be posted, given the silliness of interlopers.

Account Deleted

so let me get this straight---

the would-be Masters of the Known Universe, aka The Deep State Uniparty, appear to be transparently lame with this schlocky faux investigation because they screwed up and election they thought they'd win?

no plan B.

i make no claim to being the sharpest tool in the drawer.

but i do know a thing or two about destroying enemies who took their best shot and missed, were so cocky about missing that they cobbled together some ridiculous encore attack.

that's when they ride outta town loaded for bear believing they "got him this time!"

and that's when i ride into their village and torch everything leaving no two bricks touching.

is this what we're lookin at? using the media as some kind of sword of damocles to intimidate. using special prosecutor to give everybody pause?

something tells me that 70 per cent of American voters wouldn't accept the sacking of President Donald J. Trump.

shoot this fish in the barrel and have a good laugh at what ensues.

how many of the intelligence operatives (like Egg "Shen" McMuffin) have the competence and skill set of one of the Stooges? Seems to be more than a few of em.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

I don't think Trump should fire Sessions. He's doing a lot of good things e.g. Sanctuary Cities. And I think he is a very good man who was obeying the law when he recused himself, as unfortunate as it was. Loyalty goes both ways. I think he should appoint Rudy as a special prosecutor instead.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This came across my Twitter feed. I think from time to time I will post pictures of the President with random celebrities, since he seems to know almost anyone who was famous. LOL!

Today's feature: Frank Sinatra!


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sundance has the video of the speech.



Great video, Johnny Yuma and nicely done.

I love the new cameras are dual use with the inclusion of video capabilities. The new Nikon I'm thinking about called the D750 (there may be a newer version of this gear since I last looked) one can pull a pretty high quality 'still' frame off of video play.

As you point out you went to a pro for the video editing and good for you. To my thinking life is too short to edit video. I'll leave that to the guys who have the patience of Job :-)

Account Deleted

tx, glasater---- you know they do! i know they do.

the pre-requisite hobby to be a good film editor is rebuilding cigarette lighters ;)

Kev deMille

Account Deleted

i was singin Sinatra this afternoon, MM.

i'd somehow managed to dislocate a rib. College man Levon sat on my shoulder with me in the proper repose and it popped back in (hurt like a family member)!

it felt so good that when Kelly and Levon asked excitedly how it felt, i broke into "NIGHT AND DAY! barrump bump! YOU ARE THE ONE.... barrump bump!

my parents hated ol Blue Eyes. But i grew up with "that's life" "my way" and "somethin' stupid" plus all the Rat Pack moobies.

the guy knew how to be famous.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump gave a great speech at the Jamboree. How do I know (since I haven't finished watching it yet)?

Chuck Todd is on Twitter all pissy about Trump "politicizing" the Jamboree. This from the same guy who went on and on about gay scouts.


Great feature (assuming it continues as it should--is that Ivana Sinatra is addressing as Trump looks on?)--at any rate, thank you!


Another Bob, NFC for sure. EMV isn't far behind. It is electronic with a published standard, which is problematic. IT security is a matter of being more inconvenient than the others -- "secure" is a pipe dream. Anything as big as most credit cards will get more resources aimed at it. (I refer to it as the Willie Sutton theory of computer security). Thus security is a moving target.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Since you enjoyed it, here is another. Sean Connery!


Frau Imi/Ami

Patterico has issued an amber alert his intern-idiot.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, that is Ivana. I have seen a lot of pictures of her back in the 80's with her hair in a French roll like that.

Jim Eagle

Not a Patterico fan at all. In fact, he can DIAF. But he did put that domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin in a little financial strait where he belongs.

Another Bob

henry | July 24, 2017 at 08:02 PM

Didn't think EMV was remotely readable at all. The guys that hack the keyless car fobs have figured ways to beat the distance "limitation" so I figured NFC wouldn't be far behind.

I've never had the opportunity to study either standard, but normally "security by obscurity" is a bad thing. The crypto that bad?

I'd never, ever, agree to be chipped for any reason other than Altzheimers.


Stirring the pot??

Tillerson thinking about resigning soon: report (link: http://hill.cm/1tiJgBE) hill.cm/1tiJgBE

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expressing growing frustration with the Trump administration and may be considering resigning from his role, according to a report from CNN Monday morning.

Though the former CEO of ExxonMobil Corp. has said that he would stay on as the top U.S. diplomat until the end of the year at least, several anonymous sources told CNN over the weekend that he might leave earlier than that.

Sources "familiar with Tillerson conversations with friends outside Washington" admit the secretary of State may just be venting, but they sense his doubts about President Trump are growing.


Yeah, MM, great pictures; reminds us of another reason he won: LIV just had a generally good vibe about him as all-around famous person and all the nastiness from Camp Hill couldn't really undo it. This has nothing to do with the committed players on either side, of course, but there are always a lot of people who vote and don't really know much of anything. It would be better, of course, if people knew things--an informed electorate! (hah).

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is why I was at first puzzled. As I told Clarice, Trump was a gift to the GOP. Super-high name recognition, high favorables, self-funding, etc.

And yet, they went nuts like he was Attila the Hun sweeping in from the steppes. That was when I realized that Captain Hate was right, and they were part of the Uniparty and didn't want an outsider breaking into their club.

Account Deleted

CNN said so lurkersusie? Named sources?

just asking. the press has been stirring the pot themselves with all the discord and pandemonium that's allegedly been going on.

i don't know if Tillerson is the kind of guy to waste his time and stature with 12 month gig to nowhere.

my two cent reaction to what CNN reports.

Account Deleted

I don't think POTUS fires his AG. it took an act o gawd to get him confirmed. and something tells me this POTUS will not get ANY Do-overs.


Another Bob, obscurity can't be the only security deployed. However big targets draw more hackers (money and governments). You do the best you can and never stand still.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This link takes you to Dan Scavinoe's view of the amazing crowd that heard President Trump at the Boy Scout Jamboree. It's only 30 seconds, but well worth seeing how huge the crowd was!

Frau Imi/Ami

Rep. Adam Schiff defended the process of unmasking, saying that it's legal. The identities of US citizens swept up in incidental intelligence collection may be revealed if the person's name is needed to make sense of an intercept or a crime is involved in the conversation.

"When it is necessary to unmask a name to understand the significance of the communication, there is a process for doing so, which is also lawful," Schiff said in the statement. "Our committee routinely reviews whether our intelligence agencies are properly masking names and unmasking them as appropriate."

No mention about how legal it is to reveal the unmaskings willy-nilly for political purposes.


I'm sure a guy that had his IT done by the Awans knows all about security.

Frau Imi/Ami

Posted by: Jack is Back! | July 24, 2017 at 08:14 PM -

JiB - It was not a recommndation to visit the blog. JOM's parasite landed at Patterico's. I was hoping it would stay there.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Seems I have missed a solid contender in the most punchable face category with this Adam Schiff pismire.

Janet the expert 🚬

Were any Democrats unmasked? Musta been a lot of phone conversations about the uranium deal & Bill Clinton speeches.

How about any unmasking of Americans that were dealing with countries other than Russia?

Anyone unmasked & leaked to the MFM over the Iran deal?

Any listening in on Pakistani Democrat IT guys phone conversations?

Any EB-5 visa phone calls? Reid, McAuliffe, & Tony Rodham were lining up EB-5 visas for lots of Chinese. Were those calls listened in on? Anyone unmasked & leaked to the MFM?


How entertaining would it be to have Rudy as SP investigating Curb Dive, The Foundation, Rice, Comey, Mueller, 404, The Rat, etc.?

Sbw suggests firing the Dem senators. I agree. Maryrose mentioned the vulnerability of Donnelly a couple days ago. He'd better find a way to do something constructive instead of obstructive or Indiana will fire his Obamacare approving ass. We haven't forgotten his betrayal on that matter.


A Mueller reminder.

Pamela Moore on Twitter: "Russia warned Mueller about the Boston Marathon bombers twice, and Mueller did nothing. He's incompetent! https://t.co/D1RxrqLY2x"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Speaking of Indiana, Donnelly has been revealed to have investments in companies doing business in Mexico.

This is a big pearl-clutching moment for Indiana dems, who are already conflicted because Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA, which the UAW here has been railing about since its inception.

What to do, what to do? The dem is supporting businesses in Mexico, and Trump is attacking NAFTA! It's almost like when Spock outwits a computer! LOL!

Jim Eagle


You missed the best part of Trump's speech.


It answer the question if Obama ever addressed the Jamboree. LOL.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I got to see that when I went to the replay. Made me laugh.

I bet that is what got Chuck Todd's panties in a wad. His tsk-tsking over politicization of this speech just made me remember all of the stuff the dems politicized.

So he can kiss my grits.

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