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July 05, 2017



see this idiot, is why the anvil was there in the python sketches:



sbw: "I HAVE to edit your work because it needs it."

How does this work? Do you just publish the edited version ... or do you have to get their permission ... or do you add the editor as a secondary author ... or are their limits to what can be corrected (simple typos) before you need their permission to print it under the author's name tho it's no longer what they wrote?

Great smackdown, btw. Also well said-- your description of telling AP that we want the facts not their framing of the facts.


Just heard this for the first time. Kinda funky badass.


CH, suspect you have heard the drummer before.


yes, rattler,the punk whether it's zuul or gozer, was very vicious to at least two of our departed friends, and he pretended to have a son who had died in Iraq, this is why I compare them to mythological creatures of eastern Europe and russia

Posted by: narciso | July 05, 2017 at 08:41 PM

Oh, hell. *I* might have been tempted to go after that fool.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

May already have been posted;
Canada Awards Confessed Terrorist $10 Million and an Apology for Violating His Civil Rights.
He confessed to murdering an American soldier.

Why are we wasting our time over in the sandbox when we have a perfectly ripe pushover of an oil filled failed state just north of the border we could pick off so much easier?

"Let's finish what they started in 1812! Make Canada great...finally!" should be Trump's campaign theme in 2020.

Captain Hate

I just wrote AP about Julie Pace telling them that nobody trusts a smart ass.

Her presence on the panel was a minor reason, among many more significant ones, that I stopped watching Fox News Sunday. I think she has a few insider sources among the staffs of donks and RINOs who feed her tidbits but she's a small timer compared to someone like Fred Barnes.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm thinking this year we ought to reveal that you are available--I think your cup would runneth over with women dying to meet you.--

If only you knew how funny that was, clarice. Perhaps I'll expand on that in a week or two.

Besides, I married a Ferrari 275 GTB NART Spyder. They only built ten of them. After "owning" one of them no guy will settle for a Buick.
If you happen to know one of the other nine send her my way in a couple of years. Otherwise I'd prefer to walk.

Clarice Feldman

Oh, I know about the beautiful ferrari.. I just think you're too good to be left alone.


Nice greeting of Modi by Netanyahu at the airport:


I don't know what their history is, if any, but the affection looks genuine. FWIW, India is a huge tourist destination for Israelis, though I suspect tourists from a country with 8 million people to a country with 1.3 billion people do not make that much of an impression, even if they are Israelis (inside joke).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Thank God for killfile because anyone dissing Dot is on my permenant shit list. He is one of the finest most honorable men I have ever known.--

I agree with the second sentence, but if the first one means his positions are above criticism then I have a hard time agreeing with it and doubt DoT would either.


And wouldn't you know it, another thread. I'm getting out of breath.

Captain Hate

No, Buckeye, that drummer is new to me and I only know Bramhall in context with Clapton. There's a whole group of Allmans spinoffs, Tedeschi-Trucks and Government Mule among others, that I'm sure are very good but there's so much music and so little time.

Ralph L

Yet another new thread.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Still have fireworks going on tonight. Maggie is again ensconced in the shower stall, which I have concluded shields her from noise.

I would like to point out this has been going o since Friday, so we are now at Day 6 of this.

Ralph L

We had natural fireworks tonight.

Sbwaters on iphone

New thread and I can't post the last page thingy.


Not to stick to the subject, but I think the best near-term approach for the U.S. to NK is a missile-defense blockade of any future launches. Key to this policy would be deployment of boost-phase interception systems off their coast. These would be drones carrying fairly simple heat-seeking interceptor missiles, that could be rolled out within a year or two if approached with urgency. Once deployed (and backed by the various mid-course and ted in rminal-phase systems we already have), there would be no more possibility of NK testing its systems at leisure--every one could be engaged and destroyed. Ideally, this policy could be pursued in non-declaratory fashion, putting the diplomatic onus on the Kim or the Chinese to lose face by admitting that the interceptions were taking place.


Tom Maguire

Good point. I went ahead and posted on it.

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