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July 23, 2017


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

TM using violence inciting rhetoric?
For shame. [hope it works]


Seems like he failed basic math as well as chemistry;



Schumer is a misogynist!!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

TM noticed Schumer's comments! Yay!

1. They are really in terrible shape money-wise.

2. Schumer's approval ratings are the lowest in his career. (Hard to believe he has any at all, but he's in New York so what do I know.)

3. Ditching Hillary.

They can try to re-brand, but it will take them at least another presidential election cycle. They have an old and unappealing bench. Their younger people are mayors in a few medium to large cities. Not exactly a power base for running for the presidency.


A,query worth asking



So has anyone considered the possibility of O.J.SIMPSON and KAITLYN having a reality show together. And the Kardashian connection.

I'm claiming dibs on the IDEA and CASH.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Forward Together, Lean In, A Better Deal, Bend Over...

It's like the reality TV version of Death of a Salesman.


Miss Marple, the LIBTARD PARTY has gone the full COMMIE. RODHAM, WARREN, SCHUMER et al, are just about to get EATEN, by their very own.
Hyper-over the top RACIAL POLITICS are the game now. The MILLENIAL CROWD, gave BERNIE SANDERS some PROPS. To the MILLENIAL DOUCHE BAGS, Bernie Sanders was an AUTHENTIC......Down with the Struggle MARXIST! Bernie Sanders is a dimwitted corrupt LOSER. As is his FUGLY wife.
Nope, I'm sorry, but the LIBTARD PARTY will go MORE EXTREME, and the MILLENIALS who haven't a CLUE, what COMMIE/MARXISM REALLY IS, will take the party to.....CESAR CHAVEZ, meets MALCOLM X, at CHE GUEVARA'S DANCE PARTY.


Guessing we are not that far behind:

It was recently reported that an English private school for Orthodox Jewish girls aged three to eight is facing closure because it does not teach students about gender reassignment or homosexuality.

... In other words, bureaucrats assume they must force prepubescent girls to learn about sexual orientation. Should such teaching violate Jewish faith, the faith will have to change. The school is ipso facto “inadequate.”


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Do not get me started. I have been ranting about this too-early sex education stuff since my daughter was in grade school.

Every year the clothing styles got more adult-like and trashy. The music got more graphic. Then the sex ed stuff started. I see some woman has a campaign against Teen Vogue for having explicit (with drawings) on how to perform anal sex.

I assume that the Western World is either suffering under mass insanity or an outright attack of pure evil.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, on that rant I think I will head to bed.



Jimmyk. Bureaucrats?? Bureaucrats act at their PRIME MINISTERS, and Cabinet Ministers behest. LIBTARDISM/MARXISM/SOCIALISM, are by their VERY NATURE.....EVIL. The bureaucracies of UNIVERSITIES, GOVTS, and even BUSINESSES today, are OVER RUN by COMMIES. EXAMPLE. Our entrenched BLOATED gubmint bureaucracies, BOTTOM TO TOP (Comey), operate as independant fiefdoms, UNTIL THEY ARE STOPPED. President Trump needs to PURGE these MOTHERF#$$ERS, or he'll be DESTROYED.
SO LONG AS the likes of Lois Lerner can ACT without oversite or consequences, SHE WILL
Who the FUX is LOIS LERNER, and why isn't she in PRISON??


Good Night Lovely Miss Marple. I'm not giving in to Sodom nor Gomorrah.


So let me see if I got this right.

1) Chuck Schumer, great judge of character, hand picks Anthony Weiner as his protege'.

2) They were great buddies who were absolutely inseparable.

3) So Schumer urges his great friend Weiner to date Hillary's right hand protege', Huma.

4) And to marry her.

5) Then Weiner pulls a boner.

6) And hides thousands of Hillary's E-Mails on his unsecure Laptop while engaging in pederasty

7) Which is so repulsive it alienates millions and millions of decent voters all across the country from ever pulling the lever for Hillary

8) And now Schumer's says it's all Hillary's fault.

Did I get that right?


has anyone considered the possibility of O.J.SIMPSON and KAITLYN having a reality show together.

After nine years in the slammer OJ just might be into Kaitlyn.


Even more Schumer family values!


Daddy, Rodham claimed that "she" lost because of RIGHT WING MISOGYNY..........She claimed that "RUSSIAN" "WIKILEAKS", caused her to lose.

Rodham is a VILE PIG. A useless pile of shit her ENTIRE LIFE.

But THE RUSSIANS are now said to be RESPONSIBLE for ..um....."HACKING OUR ELECTION". And that is extrapolated to......."Donald Trump colluding with TEH RUSSIANS to take down Rodham. Rodham had crapped her DEPENDS when Mr Trump "suggested" that he would "WAIT and SEE", if the ELECTION was handled and counted "legitimately". He was UNPATRIOTIC and HOW DARE HE SUGGEST that an AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION would be IN ANY WAY compromised!!!!!!!!
Not a SINGLE ALLEGATION, not a SINGLE CLAIM, PIECE of EVIDENCE or even a shred of EVIDENCE that RUSSIA DID ANY-FUCKING-THING, to "HACK our ELECTION, has been brought forward. We are simply to BELIEVE that "RUSSIA" was "TRYING" to "INTERFERE" with AMERICA'S PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. The DNC has REFUSED to allow THE F.B.I. to examine their "HACKED SERVER". Why would that be. Cutting thru the HORSE SHIT. The ONLY evidence of any HACKING, had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ELECTION.
Wikileaks, published copies of RODHAMS E-mails. NOT FAKE DOSSIERS, but COPIES of RODHAMS E-MAILS, in which RODHAM is CLEARLY a DISHONEST HACK. How is TRUMP responsible for WIKILEAKS, PUBLISHING........THE TRUTH???


Dang! Killfile quit working in Chrome..


Daddy, after being in the SLAM for 9 years, O.J. might actually want SPRUCEY, in him.


Glas, you aren't trying ti KILLFILE me????


Glasater, Killfile is working perfectly.
Tom Maguire and Killfile, have COMPLETELY eliminated the CLOWNS.


I just took a look at POOOOOTERICO. It's hilarious. It's AL GORE esque. Complete and utter delusion. Since the trolls have been SHITCANNED here, it's been far more peaceful.
The batshit crazy, angry, violent TROLLS, must be foaming at the mouth SOME WHERE???


Watching POOOOOTERICO and his sycophantic acolytes is so amusing, that I'm LOL'ing ........yes...OUT LOUD. It's priceless that the OUT OF CONTROL TROLL GOOFS, now LOVE the likes of POOOOOOOTER!!
The IMPLOSION of LIBTARD GOOFS, is cute!! The pretend humor and the pretend "charactors" have gone by the way side.

Sniff sniff sniff, weep weep weep!!! Hahaaaaaaahahaaaha. It is PRICELESS. All the cute friendly shyte has been replaced by LOSER nonsense. POOOOOOOTERICO, saw a FINANCIAL GAIN, and SHIT on his own SHOES. Charlie Sykes and POOOOOOOOOOTER are on the cutting edge of being PHONY ONCE UPON A TIME CONSERVATIVES, gone CLOWN SHOES.
And all of the PAID DICKSHINE TROLLS here on JOM, are GONE. Hahahahaaahaaaaaahaa.


MAGA, The Pretend Irish Wee Wee Douche Bag Davey, hasn't been seen here for weeks.
Tom Maguire banished DoucheBag Davey.
The PRETEND PERSONA of DoubleDouchebagWeeWeeDavey, has been banned by Tom Maguire and Killfile.



So happy that you are here, MAGA!


MAGA, God Bless you Sir. You are no less intelligent than "any of us".
Sir, I am well known here, MORE FOR MY PASSION and STRAIGHT ON ability to defend righteousness, than anything else.
Thank you for your words, and your likewise sensibilities vs LIBERAL TRIPE.


Hey Barbara!!! I second your post. MAGA seems to be "ONE OF US".
MAGA, how old is your child, and where would you like his/her COLLEGE to be????


Hello my Dear Barbara!! Let me ask you something....,,, You and I are friends.....RIGHT??
Barbara, have you seen a SINGLE POST, by anyone who calls HIMSELF....."DublinDaveForever"???
Dear Barbara, I certainly HAVE NOT.
Yet.....MAGA, saw such a MONIKER.


"I logged on tonight a was taken aback by the disgusting use of language by this Dublindaveforever character. That is so inappropriate. The Moderators need to ban him immediately.""

Barbara, the TROLL is so LIBERAL and HONEST.

No one ever USED....DUBLINDAVEFOREVR as a MONIKER tonight. The CLOWN troll, made a complete FUKWAD ASS of HIMSELF, and was CAUGHT, by ME/GUS.


MAGA. You have been OUTED and RIDICULED.
If you believe the pathetic LIBTARD nonsense that you SPEW, you at some point would have attempted to be HONESTY.

You have been bitch slapped, as the LYING PRIX, you ARE.


Several posts by Duda tonight as DublinDaveReturns. He's definitely further off his rocker.





Gentlejim, there were ZERO POSTS, by , DUBLINDAVEFOREVER.

Gentlejim, the MAGA character referenced posts by DUBLINDAVEFOREVER.


Maga is the DOUCHEBAG. I'm laughing my ass off, at catching the DISHONEST MOTHERFUCKER, and GENTLEJIM, I did, CATCH the LIBTARD ASSHOLE LYING.


The bastard LIBTARD CLOWN, sock puppeted, but FUCKED UP.


I would NEVER killfile you, Gus :-)



Seriously, you pathetic PRICK. You get all emotional and PRETEND to have VALUES, yet, you are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY without any sense of TRUTH nor HONOR.
You cannot even smell your own stench, you abject pile of shit.

Wow. I've kicked your ugly lying ass to the curb, but like RODHAM, you still claim some lying sort of virtue.
I caught you, you pathetic mother fucker.


Glasater, my friend, have you seen my COMPLETE take down of the TROLL???
Caught pretending, and made sport of.
Some of my best work.


DUBLINDAVEFOREVER, was never used as a moniker on this thread.
Yet our new FRIEND....MAGA, used that moniker.

What a pathetic clown.


Wow. Sociopath. Typical LIBTARD.


Spot on, Gus.

I'd seen duda slip in again..


JOM friends. Please follow the recent thread and recognize, who we are up against.
I caught a MARXIST PUSSY, LOSER dead to RITES.
I ripped this pathetic PRICK a new ASS HOLE.
Yet the motherfucking LOSER.....WILL NOT and CANNOT ACCEPT his own DOUCHEBAGGERY.
It's PSYCHO-SOCIOPATHIC. Friends of JOM, your lives and ideals are NOT SOCIOPATHIC.
The bastards we are up against, are both DISHONEST and MENTALLY ILL.

I hope my disembling and OUTING of the DISGUSTING TROLL PRICK has had value.
This BASTARD, after being COMPLETELY caught and busted, CONTINUED. My "language" was bad!!!!! WOW. Sociopathic prick.


Glasater, I caught the prix. I enumerated the bastards slip ups and mistakes.
100% caught and made a complete FOOL of, the MOTHERFUCKER, still tries any PSYCHO dodge to minimize what a COMPLETE LYING DISHONEST FUKWAD he is.
Glasater, this is PSYCHOPATHIC.
The attempt to portray himself as HONORABLE, all the while LYING and PRETENDING, and SLANDERING. The funny part was when I CAUGHT THE PRIX. Yet the PRIX, still tries A LA O.J. SIMPSON, to pretend to be honorable.


Account Deleted

Hi Gus. You're en fuego, homie!


The dublindaveforever moniker was used here in late 2015 and early 2016.


Gus is correct. See the 12.44 post above-Duda concern trolls himself but forgets to change his name.


Same avatar for Duds and MAGA too.


Spieth was incredibly impressive yesterday. I had THE BRITISH OPEN on but the sound down, multi-tasking my ass off (the Gators had a great college football recruiting weekend!). I look up and see Spieth, then I see a crowd scrambling way off in the woods (seemingly) to surround a ball, and then . . . and then . . . what the hell is going on? They kept yammering so much without a shot I had to turn up the sound. Johnny Miller is saying why doesn't he just go back to the tee.


I was later advised on twitter that, well, they found the ball so going back to the tee wasn't an option. Okay. But I had no idea you could take that long to take a damn shot. Blown away by that.

I was more blown away, however, by what he did in hitting his shot, getting the bogey, and then destroying a narrative a bunch of people had already begun to shout about an epic crash and burn yet again. It was Tiger-esque, to me, and it was pure greatness. Jaw-dropping greatness. He almost hit a damn hole-in-one that got a shout out of me and that almost never happens when I'm watching golf.

* * *

Spalding Ad 1931. Good Morning:)

Posted by: daddy | July 23, 2017 at 02:20 PM

Daddy for the winner, winner chicken dinner !!! I may not read anything else on JOM today !!!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent digging and point by Avik Roy; CBO Barrycare numbers are bunk.
He wonders why they're always the same no matter what the version of replacement for Barrycare is.
Turns out 16 of the 23 million is always because the mandate goes away: in other words they voluntarily quit doing what they had been forced to do against their will.
Most of the rest is a bogus guess based on other bogus CBO guesses about how many would sign up.
IOW 20 out of the 23 million are either glad to be rid of progs forcing them to do something they didn’t want to do or they don't exist at all.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Background on Fusion GPS and the connections to the lawyers at the Don Jr. meeting.

Also pointing out that it may have been assembled from false information fed to them by foreign agents, and that the FBI is STILL using the document to frame questions in the investigation AND Christopher Steele filed something in the UK courts saying that the information was never intended to be mae public.

My big question is who paid Fusion GPS.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sorry - the information at 6:24 came from an interview on Fox, didn't catch the guy's name.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I never get tired of reading stuff like this.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 9m9 minutes ago

Drain the Swamp should be changed to Drain the Sewer - it's actually much worse than anyone ever thought, and it begins with the Fake News!
He's up!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Around 3:15.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3m3 minutes ago

After 1 year of investigation with Zero evidence being found, Chuck Schumer just stated that "Democrats should blame ourselves,not Russia."


Too late they have realized that the Russian interference probably came on BEHALF of Hillary, not against her.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think this got posted yesterday but for those who missed it, I am putting it up again.


The smearing begins

GOP Campaigns Recall a Self-Dealing Leaker in Scaramucci

James D.

Words fail...


You'd think that "don't f**k the underage trainees" and "for the love of God, don't help them steal police cars and tasers" would be pretty obvious ground rules, but apparently not.

Another Bob

MM, that story read like Louise Mensch.

Again, Team R seems remarkably incurious.

Another Bob

Should have specified... the hard drive story, that is.

My guess is FBI seized them to assure they'd remain out of sight.


Read the whole article, the letter is excellent

Trump Needs To Be Smart About How He Fires Mueller - Kurt Schlichter

Trump must eventually fire Robert Mueller, a partisan tool carrying water for his Establishment pals as he oversees an utterly corrupt “investigation” where the only person we actually know committed any wrongdoing is his bestest buddy Jim Comey. But Trump can’t just lash out and do it, though it is well within his political and moral right to do so. No, he’s got to do it cleverly, with cunning, in a way that shows the American people exactly why Mueller’s witch hunt is a flaming dumpster fire of conflicts of interest and contempt for the right of normal Americans to have a say in their own governance.

Trump has to set the stage before he pulls the trigger and puts the coup de grace into the temple of this appalling fiasco. He has to do it so the American people will see and understand why ending this idiocy is so absolutely necessary to preserve our Republic despite the mainstream media’s best effort to hide the truth.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks for the link to the Schlichter column, lurkersusie!

I think he has made an excellent case for how to do it and why that letter needs to be sent.

Schlichter originally opposed Trump, but he has seen the light. I am very happy about it, because he can write a really funny column.

Captain Hate

From the last thread it looks like Dan Riehl has recognized what an ambulatory insane asylum Patterico has become.

Another Bob

If only it were that easy lurkersusie.

Firing Mueller would immediately and always be portrayed as Nixon firing Cox, the outrage machine would get dialed even higher (if that's possible), the coward republicans would join in, and the coup would continue apace.

Maybe Trump survives that (though I doubt it), the agenda doesn't.

Without Team R ready to fight, were screwed.

We're on our way to banana republic status.


This might cause rpoblems for the 57 genders crowd. Men and women's brains are not the same (biological science at work here).

Jim Eagle


You're still living a falsehood but that's okay since you just admitted you don't know the rules of golf.

Then why should you admit to the tournament never being called anything but The Open Championship except by Americans like ex-Red Sox, A.G. Spaulding:)

Janet the expert 🚬

Over the name of a golf tournament??

Another Bob

Was thinking the same Janet.

Comanche Voter

So Schumer finally goes full "Chuck You" on the Hildebeest. As always Chuckie is a day late and a dollar short. Woulda, coulda, shoulda done that in about 2015. Actions have consequences. The donks tied their fortunes to an old gray mare, and look what it got them.


Henry, I would comment on that article, but Mrs. Buckeye's brain has eyes in the back of it's head.


RG - going back to the tee was an option. Jordan said later that he preferred to play it from the practise area because he could get closer to the green that way.
He was right and Miller, you (and I) were all wrong :-)

James D

henry @ 7:58

It won't cause problems for the 57 genders crowd, because they'll just ignore it (or, do their best to trash the researchers' reputations).

What's amazing to me (actually, it isn't at all) is that it's newsworthy in any way. There are real, physical differences between men's and women's bodies; of course that will result in differences in behavior, and differences in which skills/abilities each sex is biologically suited to be stronger in.

Ralph L

I typed out something and had to sign in again to post, then I saw Janet's eloquence. Can't beat it!

James D

Raise your hand if you're shocked by this:

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio reportedly ordered the police to clear out homeless people from two subway stations ahead of his four-stop press event on Sunday so that the stations "looked nice."


Yeah, me neither.

Captain Hate

Has Spieth explained why he initially gave such a negative reaction after he hit the shot from the practice area? Speaking from personal experience at a vastly different level, you can usually tell right away if a shot will be good or bad. Whatever he thought, everything going forward worked out very well for him with Ben Hogan like concentration and execution.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Dem on Fox now talking about re-branding, saying "the system is rigged."

Gosh, wonder where they stole THAT from.

Ralph L

Some twit on NPR said firing Meuller would cause a constitutional crisis. Political crisis, maybe, for the usual suspects, who think Meuller's a fourth branch.


If I was Trump, and had decided that going to war with Mueller was necessary, I would want someone around with a penchant for blowing smoke up the media's a$$.

A charming smooth talker who already has some wins notched in his belt.

My gut tells me that Trump spent the first 6 months being cautious at the advice of the "experts" and then finally woke up one morning and said "F$&k that s#%t"

My bet is that the next few weeks are going to get very interesting.


Ben Shapiro thinks you think and act this way. Dismiss amoung yourselves:

...Trump isn’t the engine, he’s the hood ornament for a certain movement that now feels liberated from traditional rules of decent behavior. Trump allows us to indulge our id and feel righteous while doing it. We grew up believing that decent behavior made you a decent person — but then we realized that breaking the rules not only makes victory easier, it’s more fun than having to struggle with the moral qualms of using moral means to achieve moral ends. So we’ve constructed a backwards logic to absolve ourselves of moral responsibility. The first premise: The other side, which wants bad things, cheats and lies and acts in egregious ways. The second premise: It requires cheating to defeat them.

The third premise: If they are not defeated, the country will be destroyed.

Conclusion: It is morally required to cheat and lie and act in egregious ways.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449644/donald-trump-character-flaws-supporters-russia-collusion-investigation

Thomas Collins

I would have thought the Clintons were both the recent hood ornament and the recent engine of this type of behavior, Appalled.


Appalled, go ahead and change Shapiro's depends, then issue him a new clean toga. He apparently thinks it more important to be "decent" as the ever larger government uses its monopoly on legal extortion to grow government with no end in sight. Simple answer, that didn't work. Being "indecent" is preferable to armed insurrection. Kind of a binary choice right now given how aggressive our "Betters" have been about enslaving us. ["Better Way"; "Better Deal" makes little difference]

Captain Hate

Appalled, has the Patterico insanity driven you back here?

Old Lurker

Appalled was gone so long he was not on my KillFile list.


Life is too short.

Old Lurker

I sure hope Buckeye was exactly right at 8:33.

If so we can make this a horse race.

Old Lurker

Go to Lucianne to see the cartoon at the top.

We can hope.



Trump has a better class of defenders over here. (Which is why I continue to lurk).



1) My hunches been dead wrong many times. You know the words of that forward looking disclaimer:)

2) I liked the cartoon and it is a card Trump really hasn't played yet, not in a big way. Just point them in the right direction and "pull the trigger".


new thread

Captain Hate

Trump has a better class of defenders over here. (Which is why I continue to lurk).

Bike Boy in training already banned one guy, no? He insults happyfeet regularly, in really creepy terms imo, but he still sticks around. He probably doesn't understand most of narc's utterances, which are as loaded with misspellings as here.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Shapiro is full of shit.

The first premise is indubitably true.
The second is false but not in the way he implies. Nobody is advocating cheating; we're advocating stopping Dems from continuing to cheat and to do so forcefully.
The third is obviously true because their stated goal is to do just that.
And so his conclusion is full of shit because his take on the three premises is as stupid as he is. Nor is there even any backwards logic to it. How one acts is dependent on the scenario one faces. We waged total war in WWII because of the nature of our enemy.

So sophomoric it's freshmanic.


Revised slogan for Dems:

Better - Hang on to Your Wallet.

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