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July 29, 2017


Ralph L

JiB, I think someone deleted them, because now TBT is showing blocked for me.


Archie Bell & the Drells - Tighten Up

Maybe should be Titan Up, the Jupiter Connection, to associate with Art Bell. Or maybe not.

Frau das Unternehmen der Wega

daddy, our younger granddaughter has a two-week internship at the National Observatory in Sunspot, NM starting this coming Monday. She will probably be polishing mirrors and doing other worker bee chores. She and we are excited as can be. She's from the Seattle area so thank goodness she will be inside most of the time. Don't you love the name Sunspot?

Frau das Unternehmen der Wega

cboldt - our granddaughter will land at Roswell International Air Center. heh


Don't you love the name Sunspot?

Yup! At least she is not working in Climax or Hell (both in Michigan!).


That will empty the room in a hurry and a huff

Ergo, mission accomplished! You're welcome. 😎

Jack is Back!


I just noticed that since now KillFile is giving me "comment by_____is blocked". Must have been an owner delete.


I really get jazzed over astronomy and such. Polished a 6" mirror and built a Newtonian (Edmunds Scienterrific was like the best catalog ever) before I turned into a hormone-infused maniac. Thank God that period had a shelf life - the hormone infused maniac period that is.

The telescope period and Holland (Michigan) coincide. For me, that is. Plenty nicer than the DTW side, but I'm biased that way.


Plenty nicer than the DTW side, but I'm biased that way.

Agreed. Especially these days.

And new thread!


Thanks, Barbara - that matches my own recollection. I'm curious about how, exactly, the FBI got involved, because i think it goes to the issue of them then accepting DNC resistance to them examining the servers.
A scenario in which any normal entity asks the FBI to investigate a cyber attack (else why would the FBI initiate such an investigation?), and then resists giving them access to the servers is just bizarre.
I have generally found that bizarre events have illuminating explanations.

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