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July 11, 2017



"we have a better military than we deserve"



amen, indeed.

re-posting here:

anyone else find it curious that this Russian lawyer who is allegedly an agent of the Russian government tasked to collude with the Trump team neither writes nor reads english (according to her sworn court declaration)?

Dave (in MA) I❤️KF


Captain Hate

RIP to the deceased. Nothing is 100% safe.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Semper fidelis and semper fortis.





Very sad.


Looks like (now retired) Prof AA is going to be all over this "Russian collusion" thing, and some of her commenters are posting valuable links.
Six posts on the subject since Sunday.

Ig, you posting at Althouse?

IgnatzEsq said...
As an aside, I see Benghazi referenced in several of these chains. One thing I never see, but think I should be seeing, is that Benghazi only happened because Obama, on the advice of Clinton, and without congressional approval bombed the government of Libya out of existence for no discernible reason. That destabilization was a direct cause, meaning Hillary can and should shoulder much of the blame. Between the Libya bombing and the Iraq war vote I couldn't ever vote for Hillary.

True this:
Gusty Winds said...
If Putin did intend to destabilize our democracy, Trump is not his pawn. The feverish attempt to overturn a national election by the media and the Dems is the most destabilizing threat. Who is giving Putin a bigger footprint on the world stage, Trump or CNN?

Trump pisses off the left and the entrenched establishment more than wire hangers pissed off Joan Crawford.

Civil War it is. And it's on the Ds--with a HUGE amount of help from GOPe.




Ms. Natalia Veselnitskaya is an interesting case. For a Russian who associates with former US Ambassador to Russia McCall, an avowed enemy of Putin, she seems amazingly well preserved.


Thanks for doing this post TM. As reservists these people had real lives part from the military. No wonder it is taking so long to reach the families. RIP.

Last night disney's corrupt news pravda devoted its first 12 minutes of the broadcast to this don jr story. They are trying to create horror at the trump admin. That probably amounted to 60% of the entire broadcast without commercials.

Peter-so glad to hear about your 'boy'. I was reliving in my mind red's thrashing when they brought her back from post op and remembering just how hard it was to see a child hurt like that even if they are in their late teens.

It does get better fairly quickly. We brought in gourmet cakes for the staff each day she was there that they kept in the break room. That made her and us quite popular as nurses not even assigned to her would pop in. Plus enough people had sent red flowers, including florida neighbors, that her room smelled like a greenhouse.

Maybe your son and wife would enjoy something bright today.

a'mom-good news on your mom.


"One thing I never see, but think I should be seeing, is that Benghazi only happened because Obama, on the advice of Clinton, and without congressional approval bombed the government of Libya out of existence for no discernible reason."

The excuse to go in was that Gaddafi, or one of his sons, was quoted as saying that they would kill everyone in Benghazi. This was shown to be false.

I found this at Floppingaces.

"For decades, he has demonstrated a willingness to use brute force through his sponsorship of terrorism against the American people as well as others, and through the killings that he has carried out within his own borders. And just yesterday, speaking of the city of Benghazi — a city of roughly 700,000 people — he threatened, and I quote: “We will have no mercy and no pity” — no mercy on his own citizens.
The truth?

Nor did Khadafy ever threaten civilian massacre in Benghazi, as Obama alleged. The “no mercy’’ warning, of March 17, targeted rebels only, as reported by The New York Times, which noted that Libya’s leader promised amnesty for those “who throw their weapons away.’’ Khadafy even offered the rebels an escape route and open border to Egypt, to avoid a fight “to the bitter end.’’



real flowers. Lovely mixed bouquets.

The nurses kept saying "no one sends flowers like these anymore".

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

TM, Thank you for doing this post. I pray for those families, who must be overwhelmed with grief.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't know why, but your suggestion worked. Turned on computer this morning and all was well. Cue Twilight Zne music.

However, I have been lax in backing up my filed, so will get a thumb drive today and download those, so I don't lose pictures, phone numbers and such. I don't keep a lot of important things on my computer, but I would be sad to lose the pictures and terribly inconvenienced by losing the few things I do.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am late arriving because I was reading all the updates on this. I see Conservative Treehouse has collected informatio on the Con Jr. controversy including stuff picked up on The_Donald.

There's some pretty good investigative work here:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sorry for typos. Not enough coffee yet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 9m9 minutes ago

My son Donald did a good job last night. He was open, transparent and innocent. This is the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Sad!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 16m16 minutes ago

Remember, when you hear the words "sources say" from the Fake Media, often times those sources are made up and do not exist.


As we have said for many years, but FINALLY a president has said it!!!


I keep warning about what the Right Pincers are really up to, but it turns out there is a bus tour going on right now. Maybe sbw or robin (not me) can go and report.


One America. Bipartisan. Create a more perfect Union.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

ISIS is on the run & will soon be wiped out of Syria & Iraq, illegal border crossings are way down (75%) & MS 13 gangs are being removed.

Captain Hate

One America. Bipartisan. Create a more perfect Union.

Peter Yarrow singing? That should trigger Meghan's Law alerts, no?


Los Angeles and Paris to split the Olympics? Twice the opportunities for graft I suppose.

James D.

Reposting Ig's great advice from the last thread:

placing your PCCongressman in front of the tracks of a D-8 Caterpillar bulldozer and engaging forward and then reverse ~5 times and then dropping the PCCongressman into one of those abandoned flooded limestone quarries Indiana seems so blessed with [as is my part of CA] is remarkably effective

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This sounds like an intense group therapy session.

Also, I cannot take seriously any group which has Peter Yarrow as one of the major participants. Is he going to sing "Puff the Magic Dragon" at every opening session? He has to be pretty old now.

If this thing actually works on people, then it has to have some serious hypnotic voodoo stuff in it.



If that group was in Columbus on Monday, their PR efforts suck.

Didn't hear a thing, which I suspect means they didn't draw a crowd.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Stephen K. Bannon‏ @realSKBannon 8m8 minutes ago

Stephen K. Bannon Retweeted Donald J. Trump

So much getting done here. @realDonaldTrump continues to work every day to make America great again for YOU! Ignore the #OppositionParty.


So let me get this straight.

It is treason to try to get dirt on Curb Dive by talking to a Russian.

Am I in legal jeopardy for praying for early onset rigor mortis for Curb Dive?

Can somebody check and see if God is carrying a Russian passport?


The Russian lawyer gal posting a pic from McCain's office. Two thoughts: McCain is really short; that gal is welcomed everywhere except for the quick brush off by Don Jr, Jared, and Manafort.

Captain Hate

Is JMH in Scotland now?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Looks more and more like a clumsy attempt at a set-up in order to justify the FISA court request so that they could wiretap (easiest word to type) Trump Tower.

Then there is this:


There are also the pictures of McCain in Syria with Adam Kinzinger and (Ta-da) Evan McMullin.

Every time you turn around, there is McCain.

Given the bogus dossier, this clumsy attempt at a set-up sounds just like something McCain would be involved in.


The Reddit boys have been busy. Russian lawyer gal's associate worked for FBI. This is a May 2016 story they dug up. On one hand, everybody in DC knows everybody else. On the other hand, this looks like everyone except Trump is colluding.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Wikileaks now, in addition to 4chan and The_Donald and Conservative Treehouse.

Wikileaks has the Russian attorney sitting behind McFaul at a hearing AFTER she met with Don Jr.

Picture at link:



Good Morning! CH@7:19,you're thinking of Noel Paul Stookey,who lives in Maine. He is 80 years old,so Peter Yarrow must be about that old.

Captain Hate

It's like November 8 never happened:


Trump ran a very specific campaign on reducing the regulatory burden on the country and these assholes are determined to keep it in place. Primary every GD one of them.

Janet the expert 🚬

it turns out there is a bus tour going on right now.

What is it with leftists & buses?

Nuns on a Bus
Yoko Ono did a bus tour about fracking
Hillary's Scooby bus

The left - giant paper mache puppets & buses

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Michael Cohen‏Verified account @MichaelCohen212 33m33 minutes ago

Now that I have officially become a #republican, happy to report @JoeNBC has left the @GOP. Thank you! http://thehill.com/media/341561-scarborough-leaving-republican-party

I have a particular fondness for Michael Cohen, who often looks and sounds like a mob lawyer, which is just what is needed going up against the Clinton-Obama crew.

Clarice Feldman



Captain Hate

Would someone please remove this RINO?



That's the problem Janet. That's a supposedly Conservative think tank tied to the same philanthropy funding all these other supposedly "Conservative' think tanks.

Behind the label is unfortunately the template known as Marxist Humanism. I am actually quite sure as I have traced all this back and forth and have been talking on my blog with someone from Oz on what is going on in Finland and then bringing it back to this agenda.


Holy Shit does Trump need an SOB chief of staff.


The Hill goes to great pains to make Joe and Mika sound "normal" in that piece.

Gonna take more than that:)

Clarice Feldman


And, BTW, I couldn't agree more with ™ --we have a far better military than we deserve.


Scarborough always belonged in Ted Kennedy's party. He's DEAD sexy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Eastwood has cast the 3 guys who stopped the terror attack as themselves. Very rare. I think the last one who was cast in his own story was Audie Murphy.


MM, DrJ. advised to turn it off and wait until morning. I suggested off-loading and doing a disk check. It doesn’t matter who suggested ’cause we are a team when someone needs help.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

.@WashTimes states "Democrats have willfully used Moscow disinformation to influence the presidential election against Donald Trump."


I hope they act better than Audie Murphy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, looky here:

Maria Bartiromo Retweeted
Kathleen McCraw‏ @mccraw_birkie5 10m10 minutes ago
Replying to @mccraw_birkie5 @newtgingrich and

This was taken from #NataliaVeselnitskaya FB page ! It does NOT look like she likes @realDonaldTrump

(Picture at link -MM)



when you are cowed by the DC establishment re Special Counsel, they will eat you up one bite at a time. By not firing the SC, there will be more taken down. Last night did not go well. while there was no crime, not even close, it was sloppy, amateur hour kind of stuff.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Vice President Pence‏Verified account @VP 11m11 minutes ago

Many Media & Dems will try to stop us but now more than ever we owe the American people to continue to deliver what @POTUS & I campaigned on

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I see no evidence that anyone in the administration is cowed by the Special Counsel.


MM: I know I'm repeating my point ad nauseam, but by allowing that office to exist means you are cowed by them. Trump is playing by DC rules when he lets Molar dog him day in and day out.

Captain Hate

Bunky is right; the best you can say about the Special Counsel is that it's a constant irritant mucking around looking for something even remotely illegal. Terrible unforced error.

Clarice Feldman

Reminder--Iggy still needs some help--if you can:https://gogetfunding.com/brians-new-start/

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The abolishment of the Special Counsel would be taken as admission of guilt.

I understand where you are coming from, but you have to look at the results of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre to understand why trump doesn't abolish it.


"repeating my point ad nauseam"

If nothing else the SC is effectively driving some Trump backers to distraction.

Not interested in going there myself.

Captain Hate

understand where you are coming from, but you have to look at the results of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre to understand why trump doesn't abolish it

There was an actual crime (minor but still) committed in the Watergate break in with people arrested almost immediately. There is nothing here.


Molar and his merry band of democrat donors will destroy this administration brick by brick.

Ralph L

Clarice, you keep belittling Tom Maguire.
(at least on my computer)
He is our host, you know, so stop it.

Ralph L

He should appoint a special counsel to investigate Meuller's team.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate @8:47,

I know this but as one who followed Watergate through the papers and on TV back then, I can assure you that the public thought the Watergate crimes were monstrous and the press has done a pretty good job currently of creating the idea that there ARE crimes.

It may be that Trump is waiting until it is obvious that Mueller is not really interested in anything except a scalp from the administration.

The appointment of the special counsel may or may not have been unexpected. I don't know. I just am operating on the assumption that Trump, Bannon, Cohen, Miller, and the rest know what they are doing.

The Washington Post has a story up today about how the administration is under siege, which is ridiculous. It's the usual unnamed White House sources (which is probably why Trump tweeted about Fake media making things up) and is right out of the Watergate playbook.

I have been a Trump supporter since early on, I am sort of immune to the "now he's finished" stories which seem to crop up about every 2 weeks. Maybe I live in a fool's paradise, but no one with any influence thought he would win, so I am going to stick with what I believe.


Get rid of Obama's holdovers

Kredo: White House Leaks 'About Trump Being Made to Look Bad'


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Comment from Conservative Treehouse. I do not have cable, so cannot verify, but the poster has been accurate before:

"Well, the story/set up is already falling apart. Emin and Aras Alaprov’s lawyer just went on CNN and stated that everything that Ron Goldstone wrote in email was false. The elder Alaprov said it was ridiculous to think that he would have a meeting with a Crown prosecutor and pass information to his son Emin,a pop star who would then give information to a music industry publicist. He said he would have called Trump himself. The lawyer went on to say that Ron Goldstone was “out of his element” and made the whole thing up to get his friend (the lawyer) a meeting with Trump Jr. Now, Goldstone will not take any interviews! The look on Chris Coumo’s face was priceless!"

JM Hanes


"Clarice, you keep belittling Tom Maguire."

What on earth are you talking about?


No, I'm still stateside, but scrambling to get a bunch of stuff done, before our departure next week. I've got your "two words of advice" in my travel notes, along with recommendations from GUS and mike in Houston -- for which many thanks!


Comey’s Flynn Spin, Part II: The Dog that Didn’t Bark - American Greatness

The last paragraph states the obvious

There’s one thing we know for sure about James Comey: when he told the president “you will always get honesty from me,” he wasn’t being honest.

Tom Maguire

Re: "You keep belittling TM":

Yeah, how does she do that? (Don't tell me why.)


Bunky, if Trump fired Mueller, another SC would be appointed to investigate the firing.

Meanwhile, each successive story that is supposed to be "le end of le Drumpf" falls apart. For 25 months and counting.

Ralph L

JMH, every time she types "TM", it shows up half size and raised, like a trademark indicator. Is it just my computer? Maybe I'm the belittler?


Tucker Carlson interviewed Scott Adams last night. Lots of fun.



I think by Friday, Russian lady lawyer is going to show up in the woods, with "you know who"!!

It all goes back to Fusion GPS, starting with !Jeb 's friend, Simpson...and Marco's, Ric Wilson...Hillary, as usual, pulled up "the rear" with help from her friends (slaves) at DOJ..

John McCain was the "bag man" ..there is no one in DC as bitter nor empty.



It was the same on my computer. JMH-it was a joke.


It be little?

Beasts of England

TM = ™

Captain Hate

kave! Long time no read.

JMH, have a great trip! According to my fellow sots at Beer Advocate the best Wee Heavies are made here in craft beer nation but you should still sample the originals.


JMH, if you don't have HAGGIS or haGUS, I'll be very disappointed in you.
My biggest piece of advice is GO TO IONA!!!

James D.

My biggest piece of advice is GO TO IONA!!!

I'll second that! Not that I've been, but my wife went on a trip with our church a couple of years ago, and she had an amazing experience there.


Ralph L. belittling



I am guessing clarice knows a code that when on either side changes what is within much like italics or bolding.

Luckily for the blog and our eyesight she also knows how to use the slash to close it.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

May all those deceased R.I.P. Prayers for all the deceased and their loved ones.

Clarice Feldman

jmh--Knock yourself out with your kids in Scotland--I know you'll have a great time!
I don't know how it happens that everytime I type T M I get ™

Janet the expert 🚬

meanwhile the EB-5 visa scam involving McAuliffe, Tony Rodham, the Reid family,...
selling visas to Chinese, gets no press.

"Mississippi auditor demands $6.4M repayment from McAuliffe's former electric car company"


Where did the money go? Who bought their way into America?

Captain Hate

glenda, don't forget the Mailman's son who was adamant about not leaving the primary races.


Apparently ™ is an actual character.

Clarice's browser probably does the substitution.


The "™" is a cut and paste job, IMO.

The cursor skips from before the T to after the M.

I will see if the 9 layer meerkat birther-slayer has a youtube on this phenomenon.

Clarice Feldman

Retweeted /pol/ News Forever (@polNewsForever):
In 2016 China wanted a "private, off the record" talk w/ Clinton's campaign.
According to the Dem's standard, this is evidence of collusion. https://t.co/vXWs3Vl7rA

Ralph L

Someone linked the CTH pictures of Natalia. Why has no one here commented on her dress and lack thereof?


On regular keyboards with an Alt button "Alt 0153" will get you the ™ as well.


Probably also an auto-correct option

Captain Hate

One final thing on the Special Counsel: imo this was a sting orchestrated by the JEF hangers on at the DOJ, starting with that numbskull Sessions recusing himself for no good reason.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Someone on FB expressed my exact thoughts on any American looking to find more info on the crimes of Hillary and the other leftists who work against the US. They deserve A medal. Instead we have an entire political party and half and the other one working against anyone trying to protect America.




"starting with that numbskull Sessions recusing himself"

Dimorats regularly take advantage of GOP inclination to avoid the "appearance of impropriety".

If the GOP every decided to drop that inclination they wouldn't have any reason to complain about Trump, would they.

Tom Maguire

I have one original idea in my new post but it is a good one. Clarice's belittling has roused my Celtic Pride!


TM, you earned your keep today with your understatement, “we have a better military than we deserve.”

Janet the expert 🚬

China & Democrats!!?

from 2015 -'Harry Reid Pressured DHS to Expedite $115 Million Foreign Investors EB-5 Visa Deal Critical to Son’s Casino Client'


Clarice Feldman

MM--If you're still having computer virus problems--you might want to get a one month of this:https://app.fixmestick.com/store/

JM Hanes


Ah, "belittling." Sorry! Didn't get the joke, but then mornings are not my best time of day.


TM used to default to ™ (trademark) on my computer too. If you don't have a preference panel where you can turn that automatic conversion off, you can usually revert back to caps if you press undo (Command-Z on a Mac) immediately after you've typed TM, before you type anything else, including a space. You're essentially undoing the conversion.


Why has no one here commented on her dress and lack thereof?

Wait, what? She was not dressed?

Seriously, perhaps the most interesting item in that CTH piece is the fact her Facebook postings were virulently anti-Trump. The whole thing sounds like a set-up to get FISA warrants. Even if she was genuinely interested in the Magnitsky business, there would have been little point to meeting with a candidate who hadn't even gotten the nomination yet, and was believed to have little chance of winning.

Jim Eagle

You get ™ by going to your menu bar in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and click on Emoji and Symbols at the bottom, then click on letter-like symbols.

Remember MarkO and I used to use ® © for damn phrase of word that now escapes me.

-peter, pardon my lateness but great news about your son's surgery. Time for trip up Island. Laying on a wide sandy beach in Amagansett does wonders for recuperation.

So, Don jr. is the latest "ham sandwich"?


JiB, no Don Jr. is the latest Acme-blow-up-in-the-face-of-Wiley-Coyote-type-MSM devices.

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