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July 25, 2017



Odder things, uranium under Bundy Ranch. Hillary wanted it. Hence standoff on "grazing." Then they sold Oregon uranium to the Russians instead. @LindaRockers in Twitter for cite.


Rush is correct about the Obama admin hiring people they know will violate ethics and protocol.

Big Kenyan never has to tell them to do what he knows they're gonna do.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Exactly. That IRS woman did her nearious stuff against Tea Party groups without any orders;; she just knew.


What would you say are the odds that the Awan's were blackmailing DWS?

Posted by: Clarice Feldman |



Plus she had a gmail account and contacts at the White House just in case.


Awan through DWS had access to Yemen raid that killed Owens ahead of time. @chillum. Also ref ZeroHedge

This is Treason. Dead seals are not swept under the rug.


... the Pakistani IT staffers wired $283,000 from Congressional Federal Credit Union in a House office building to two people in Pakistan. Awan was also carrying $12,000 on him at the time of the arrest.

No wonder they let him go.

Buford Gooch

Clarice, I think it was worse than blackmail. I think they were in cahoots on a bunch of things.


Unbelievable, from Clarice's link:

...his (Imran's) wife has already fled the country to Pakistan, after police confronted her at the airport and found $12,000 in cash hidden in her suitcase but did not stop her from boarding...

... his wife Hina Alvi, who also was on the House payroll, withdrew her children from school and left the country, the affidavit says. The Capitol Police confronted her at the airport but could not stop her.

Why the hell not?


For your political listening pleasure:

@KemiBadenoch on Twitter.

The Infamous Ignatz

If Trump is truly ticked off at Sessions why would he handle it this way? He certainly didn't handle Comey like this.
And why wouldn't Sessions already have resigned?


Where is Sessions? Where is the DOJ? Where is the FBI? Where is the Navel Investigative Service or ICE or the Customs Service to stop this?

All of us here have been watching this Awan IT Family criminal syndicate story unfold for months now, and we all know these bastards are guilty and dangerously guilty, yet we cannot even get Trey Gowdy in the Intel or the Ethics Committee to at least put out a Subpoena to make the bastards come in to testify. All we have on our side is some ex enlisted Marine renting their old house who happens to find some broken software in his home and recognizing it's significance he has the balls to not give it back to the demanding Awans, and instead he gives it to the Naval Investigative Service who promptly fuck up and give it to the DC Police. Geezus.

This is maddening, literally maddening. We catch them at the airport and we let the bastards go.


Looks like Snopes might be ending its run.

Buford Gooch

I think Snopes is just trolling for more money. It doesn't cost crap to do what they are doing.

Jack is Back!

I can't keep up.

Slaap lekker, tot morgen.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's because there are a few Reump people i the agencies, but underneath are hordes of Obamabots who "just know" what they are supposed to do.

Like Bannon said, they are not giving up their power without a fight.

Any Conservative or Republican who cannot see this and get behind Trump is either a moron or a traitor.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

a few "Trump" people.

Sorry for the typo.


Any Conservative or Republican who cannot see this and get behind Trump is either a moron or a traitor.

Miss Marple,

At this point the only surprising thing is that the shooting has not started. I share the president's frustration. Where the hell is the invisible Jeff Sessions, and if Sessions isn't the guy we should be looking to to do something publicly about this, then who is the guy we should be looking at? I cannot believe how angry I am about all this.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Here is my thinking.

Either Sessions and Trump are doing a really smart diversion,


Sessions is simply not doing the job and needs to go.

I can't do anything but wait it out, and I have no idea which is the correct assessment.

So I watch and wait.


How come Attorney General Eric Holder has no problem telling a DC Judge that James Rosen is "a flight risk" which he most assuredly wasn't, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions can't do the same with Imran Awan and his wife, when they most undoubtedly are?

Bring back Eric Holder. At least he was able to get off his ass and ask Judges to put people on "Flight Risk" status.

If I am being grossly unfair please tell me folks.

Kevlar Kid

yer not, daddy. Sessions is snoring behind the wheel.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


No. You are not being unreasonable.

Like I said, I don't know what's going on, so am watching.

Another Bob

Who is the judge that allowed the bail for Awan, and who does he belong to?

Kevlar Kid

So who has primary investigate authority in this paki case?

And can anybody kick the DC cops in the nuts and get back the crap the pakeez were sniffin around for?

methinks the pakeez are on thin ice under emoCrat Deep State omerta rules.

Kevlar Kid

hurry sundown tomorrow!

Dave (in MA)

Awan has to wear an electronic monitor while out on bail, at least.

Janet the expert 🚬

At this point the only surprising thing is that the shooting has not started.

Well, the left HAS started shooting.

It really takes a lot to piss us off.


Breaking: GOP measure to repeal and replace Obamacare fails 43-57 in Senate, but debate continues on other options

Kevlar Kid

Something smells to me like POTUS has kept his powder dry in order to allow his adversary to cease looking at the very Office of the President as a powerful cog in all of this nonsense.

Sure, he can't vogue with the Senate and the House. But it sure seems to me that as long as he has the power cord in his hands that drive Rosenstein, Mueller, and Sessions, he puts them at a disadvantage---- they have to be ready to call his bluffs.

And if POTUS fires them all due to "prosecutorial misconduct" no one has a leg to stand on. Even the nadlesss HOR will be able to impeach him over the "obstruction"- so their bluff will be called and they better not miss.

I might be a naive non-attorney but I've been in my share of scraps. My only loss was a no-contest settlement. But any posse that came after me fell because they stopped respecting what little power I had in each situation.

These a-holes in DC like Brennan who are going off the deep end about a hot coup are in Calhoun country now.

There is no tellin' who Brennan has awakened on the sidelines---- retired military, friends of Mattis et al. They don't respect the power they are up against.

The Deep State believes the media has boxed POTUS in---- really?

I don't care if DC is its own fiefdom inhabited by some innocuous, fanged elite. POTUS understands human nature and behind all of them spotless togas is a chicken-shit miscreant who's afraid its theft and debauchery will come to light.

Which it will. It always does.

So how solid is the life of them two Pakeez right now? Seems to me they are the linch pin holding the entire trailer to the Deep State emoCrat Tow Bar.

They'll be dead in a week.

And if there's a new thread by the time I post this--- fuck it. ;)

Kev the Prognostic

Kevlar Kid

paki boy is all but dead.


I see it as more than just the Judge. If you or I are jumping on a plane at Dulles to Pakistan via Qatar, and popping open our bags they find $12,000, are they simply going to say "Oh well, we can't hold you, please carry on and have a nice flight," or are they going to say, "What the hell is this, who are you, where'd you get this money, come with me until we get some satisfactory answers."

Obviously the second, especially when you husband standing right next to you is being taking into custody for Bank Fraud.

It all just beggars imagination.

I wonder if DWS did that interview on the 24th linked earlier, saying that Kushner and Trump Jr should have their Security Clearances pulled, because she thought the Awan's would successfully make it out of the country that very evening from Dulles and she and they would finally be home free. Now, with him wearing an ankle bracelet, maybe the plan didn't entirely work perfectly and possibly her firing him today was a consequence of his being arrested. Who knows? It's the only fig leaf of hope I can pray for at this stage in this awful kabuki movie that we're powerlessly witnessing as if we're Crow, Joel and Tom Servo:

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ralph L

Re: Brennan telling DoJ not to fire Meuller. IIRC, one reason they borked Bork was because he fired Archibald Cox after the AG and the deputy quit. They should have thanked Bork for that.


If I was DWS I'd pick up Imran in my car and drive him to the DC Capital building by way of Toronto, explaining to any cop who pulled me over that I was driving to the Capitol to Vote, therefore I'm immune from being stopped and just happen to be taking a nice leisurely via Canada.

Texas Liberty Gal

This article is good especially the side by side video comparing the mannerisms of Trump & Scaramucci.



Buford Gooch

The Clintons wish to express their condolences to the family of Imran Awan upon his impending suicide.

Kevlar Kid

A nice tonic to sip while seated ringside at this Circus.

Kevlar Kid

$10 billion in illegal entitlement payments to mezzkins are "important economic interests" for whom you Raza stooge.

Frau Fragezeichen

Will the Awan Family Businesses make the evening news NOW?
Will authorities who know how to access Ms. Washerwoman-Schmutz's computer--without her permission-- NOW get moving on it?
Will Debbie's lawyer make an entrance NOW to tell us that she only learned of the crimes from today's news?
Will the FBI NOW investigate what national security information was hoovered up for a decade from the House Dems who trusted the friendly Awan fellows?
Will we NOW call her Kick-back Debbie?

Kevlar Kid

Check your shorts, Brennan and Clapper.

Kevlar Kid

Subpoena Rice and this kind of legal maneuvering might mean something.

Kevlar Kid

Who needs to crack down on every single border jumping miscreant coming through Metziko?

We do. No quarter. Deport them all. Creat some temporary jobs for viable veterans. Deport Deport Deport.

Kevlar Kid

The Sot sneaks into the WH to confide in the drug-addled Rat. Nice Gummint we got.

Frau Fragezeichen

Link @ 10:38 - Local moron Rep. Pete Aguilar (D -San Bernardoo-doo):
"... argued that spending taxpayer funds on expanding the barriers at the border is waste

“This bill should be about funding defense priorities, not cleaning up after Trump’s failures,” he said.

Useful idiot is too kind.

Texas Liberty Gal

I don't believe Sessions will be AG much longer-Trump comments are getting harsher.

Kevlar Kid

Was driving through Oakland's freeway fence *I880* Two miles of underpass has become the "homeless" landfill. The number of tents has doubled here in the land without rain.

This is a sanctuary city of a different kind.

Crime rate is fueled by rootless vagrants with ACLU backed 501 c3's to plead their cases should they go afoul of civil and criminal law.

Time to cut-off federal monies laundered through state and local municipality accounts.

We're only fueling more debt.

Kevlar Kid

Info-Wars is saying with certainty Sessions is doomed. I know. I know. Just talking about the wind blowin out there.

Kevlar Kid

Time to watch "Goliath". Nytol


Was driving through Oakland's freeway fence *I880* ...

Crime rate is fueled by rootless vagrants...

It is not just in the big cities -- it happens here in the CA boonies too. Half to two thirds of the local crimes here are committed by the homeless; some are rootless, and others have roots here (sorta).

This has become a real problem over the last five years or so. One encampment started a fire that would have burned our house down had CalFire not been as good as they are.


I hope this is true

/pol/ News Forever on Twitter: "Hours before DNC Staffer Imran Awan was arrested, a user on /pol/ said his uncovering would mark the start of what we've been waiting for."


Read this comment on a blog. No idea if it is true.

"Gotta love Melania Trump. She wore a head covering during the visit with the Pope but refused to wear one when visiting Muslim countries."


In MN they searched the murdered white lady's home. Looking for ways to cover up and protect the (black, Muslim, police) shooter?

Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying


ExJOMer's favorite eligibility expert on The Boy Scouts:

Laurence Tribe @tribelaw

I'm not an Eagle, but I couldn't be more appalled if I were. If I close my eyes, I see a sea of brown shirts, Germany, 1938. Grotesque.


Dave (in MA)

I'm sure it warmed his heart to hear the Yes We Can anthem sung to the glorious messiah by school kids 9 years earlier.


John McCain relied on Tribe's "research" almost 10 years ago.

I'm certain he will call Tribe a Whacko Bird when he reads this transgression, and break off his relationship with him.


if I were.......Tribe if you had balls, you'd be a man.

Captain Hate

Fuck off, Tribe.


Truly a strange bedfellow during the Birther Wars.



Capn, my boy IS and EAGLE, and Tribe is a sissy.

The Infamous Ignatz

A sea of brown shirts?

Seriously, did anyone here think vast swaths of America, including many on our side, were completely irrational and so ready to demonstrate it publicly?
I was ready to consider the Dems venal, corrupt and dishonest. I was ready to consider the GOPe stupid and complicit.
But let's face it, millions upon millions have been hiding authoritarian if not latent totalitarian, total bat-shit craziness behind masks of mere venality and complicity.
People who thought impeaching Clinton was unwise or who defended W from attack are now advocating coups or advancing fantasies about assassination or engaging in laughably bizarre speculations and conspiracy theories.

It's starting to sound not too far off the unhinged scene Albert Speer described in Inside the Third Reich in Hitler's bunker as the Russkies approached.
Is this how empires end; in mass hysteria?


Dear Lord!

Bill Kristol‏Verified account

I am a McCain Republican.


Well tribe thought both obama and Roberts, if memory serves he was against the Elian rendition, blind squirrel finds but. But he is foraging in Palmer report and other three mensch watering holes

Re the awans you can't forget the Hezbollah connected Iraqi doctor they were in hock to.??? This is prime baldacci even martini material.


Seriously, did anyone here think vast swaths of America, including many on our side, were completely irrational and so ready to demonstrate it publicly?

This is a Natural Born Citizen question?


I know the answer if it is.


IG. Ever hear of THE FULL COMMIE???? The vast majority of those, now, in the throws of this hysteria, have NO IDEA, what they are HYSTERICAL ABOUT. What they are HYSTERICAL about, is, THEIR LACK of POWER, MONEY and INFLUENCE, in a WORLD where CORRUPTION takes a back seat to MERIT and SUCCESS. Trump didn't become SUCCESSFUL, by LIVING in the SWAMP. Like him or not, Trump has fed THOUSANDS of families, and put BRACES on THOUSANDS if CHILDREN, by HIS VERY OWN WORKS.

Rodham not so much. The SWAMP never saw this coming. They unmasked themselves with ZERO FEAR of RECIPOCAL CONSEQUENCES. Rodham even PEDDLED the RUSSIA, and RUSSIAN/WIKILEAKS nonsense, that SHE HERSELF is complicit in.
the SWAMP thought it was immune from CONSEQUENCES. THE FULL COMMIE.

Kevlar Kid

I hear what you say re Speer, Ignatz.

One of my all-time favorite reads and I hold even above "The Rise and Fall..."

Empires do end in hysteria. However, i think these Deep Staters made their move for absolute power under The Rat--- and have failed.

If they don't take out Paki Boy, they're toast. It all unravels. Indict him and Flosserhundt Schlitz. Squeeze em hard. Get this thing rolling.

Their coup, although it rattles on, is about to run out of fuel. Their batshit crazy fringe is isolated in major cities; of course, they've fanned out to Austin TX and other locales like Portland OR.

My point---- the government gravy train and party jobs program can easily be pinched as we've seen with the cutting off of La Raza funding.

Can't run a hot coup that way.

Brennan and Clapper might have made the big bucks but I think they have stars in their courses.

Advantage: TRUMP

So if anything, the Republic might have an opportunity here to rip the heart out of this Beast With No Name, meaning the Paki Boy.

If he lives 72 hours and Sessions wants to regain favor (he said he aint leavin and his pals don't want him to leave) prosecute that mud shark and get him in front of grand jury MAN~ANA.

The coup has gone insane.

Why would Brennan play the coup d etat card *NOW*? Seems like overreach to me.

Billy Bob Thornton is quite excellent in "GOLIATH".

Season 7 of "Suits" is off to a fast start.

Kev the non-news Media Consumer


Although there is speculation that Qatar has ripped off other UAE involved operations in Yemen in the past, like the yacla raid was.

Kevlar Kid

Bill Kristol's brains have overheated and spew from his earholes lik 14 oz of candlewax.

Bye Bye Bill.

Kevlar Kid

The Left destroys the Boy Scouts then berates any sign of making them great again.

POTUS has opened the genie bottle. Scouts want to be scouts. Not targets for legalized sodomy and other gender-bending chicanery that undercuts the morals in communities.

Big trouble ahead for the prevaricators who "loved" the Bath House Rat's insinuating sodomy-based moral code.

Disgusting violent perverts. BTW, that was what the Brown Shirts were until Der Fuhrer cleaned house on them.

Kevlar Kid

Okay. I've reached a decision to unretire the Kevlar Kid JOM d Plume.

The Trolls are gone and my mail boxes are no longer being poached with related products.

That shite makes me paranoid. Upped my security a bit too.

So this is it: Kevlar Kid is back in bidness. Johnny Yuma served valiantly.


The Infamous Ignatz

Does that mean Kristol is blaming his nuttiness on a brain tumor too?


Remember the scouts were organized along the kindest of Robert Baden Powell, boer war hero, so they were always about civic and moral as well as practical training.


TRIBE, and effete Harvard "motherfucker" called the BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA.......BROWN SHIRTS.

Think about that friends. This sick twisted disGUSting MOTHER FUCKER, called my WONDERFUL HONEST, TALENTED, GOD FEARING SON......A BROWN SHIRT. He's NEVER SAY THAT TO MY FACE.
I guaranDAMNtee you that.


To lose two senators in motion is careless to lose 10 is criminal malfeasancs

The Infamous Ignatz

Teen Vogue, you would think, would be targeted at teen girls, right?, since, as Wikipedia notes, "Teen Vogue is a US magazine launched in 2003 as a sister publication to Vogue, targeted at teenage girls."
So perhaps like me you would wonder why its online editor is a vile male homosexual who answers critics of TV's anal sex instruction manual for teen girls with a pic of him kissing some dude and flipping the world off.
I'm guessing Phil might be promoting articles a bit more buttcentric than the average teen girl is inclined
The mania expands.

Kevlar Kid

More like it.


Narciso, these Senators need to be CALLED OUT.....individually and PERSONALLY. The LIBTARD/MARXISTS aren't playing. We shouldn't either. We are 20 TRILLLLLLLION EAR DEEP IN THE SWAMP, and we are pussy footing with BASTARDS who willingly castrated themselves.
Time to play rough.


Like I say his they call themselves the resistance, then they should get treated like Same tippy mcturtle can't count worth a farthing, re votes.


The day of reckoning is drawing nigh - Trump has a devastatingly high IQ, so I'm betting the Sessions 'feud' is part of a deceptive undercover scheme designed to [1..keep the media, Obamites and pundits yammering incoherently, so that the DC pols and enemy imbeds about to be exposed believe Trump is too vainglorious and stupid to ever discover their fiefdoms of criminality, and [2..allow policy implementation to take place without drawing poisonous MSM criticism to the continuous progress being made..

When heads start to roll, Trump will give Sessions his full support publicly and compliment him on his 'independent' diligence and ability to keep DoJ investigations leak free - even to him!

Kevlar Kid

Homosexual males are controlling the legal agenda when it comes to the all-out homosexual takeover of our schools, colleges, artistic institutions, family law.

After 8 years of auto-pilot under The Bath House Rat, regulatory roll-back may stunt some of this homo-creep into media and conditioning of children to degrade themselves through sodomy.


Ig, maybe the PUBLISHERS of VOGUE have EVOLVED.

It tells you ALL you need to know about VOGUE.



🎶Wouldn't it be lawyerly 🎶🎶

Isn't that a Lerner and Loewe catchy musical piece from the 50s Broadway hit, My Fair Cisgendered Whatever? Work with me here!

Kevlar Kid

Cuts through the pearl-clutching noise:

Chrome told me the site wasn't safe but MacAfee scrubbed it clean. No side effects.

Interesting that Chrome uses that tack on a site it perceives to be anti-gay.

Fork you.

Kevlar Kid

Okay lyle....and a 1-2-3 1-2-3 TURN! and a 1-2-3 1-2-3 TURN! ;)


So maybe some one in missile defense was playing galaga, they accidently hot the self destruct.


Most shit is logical. Rodham. Shrewish, dishonest, lying HAG, from cradle to CURB. ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS in her ROTTEN RANCID RODHAM life. NONE. Carpetbagger to NY, rug muncher as well. RESET!!! BENGHAZI!! Vast Right wing conspiracy!!! Didn't care that her husband was banging, raping, groping and CIGARing women. Rodham CRAVED power.
Trump has outwitted other SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMEN worldwide and created JOBS AND A FORTUNE.
Rodham and Rapist Bill, have SHAKEN DOWN Foreign govts for CASH.


You know I really don't think she is forthcoming

Kevlar Kid

Been There.... I took some chit over voicing my opinion on various sites that POTUS will not fire his AG.

Jeff Sessions is not a pantywaist. And he is far from being a swamp creature. He's stayed clean.

He knows how the judicial process works and it's my theory he's been using that mastery to address the question: If I had carte blanche to prosecute these criminals in my own house--- and throughout STATE and the other cabinet departments--- how would I get this done.

A blitz counter-attack is coming. It's POTUS' only play and he's positioned these meatheads perfectly.

That Schumer was trying to get his slobber all over AG Sessions in those Senate comments speaks volumes as to the downright hubristic cockiness in the enemy camp.

Schumer actually believes that AG Sessions has had some kind of come-to-Jesus moment.

No other reason he'd extent a gel-smudged olive branch. "Come on over, Brother. We'll forgive you. Just play nice with us."

Reminds me of Genghis Kahn moment where the Chinese send out their minister to negotiate with Khan. Khan listens intently.

Then he sends the minister finely chopped up in a silk purse the minister carried to the media.

Time for skulls on pikes---- thousands of them. Minor actors rolling on the big dawgs. But they still get 15 years and stripped of their pensions and benefits. They are all players.

Go get em Jeff. Go [redacted] get em.


all I want is a room somewherr.....far away from the cold night air..AND AN ELECTRIC CHAIR......Oh wouldn't it be loverly.

Kevlar Kid

Were the DNC IT ragheads foreign nationals?

Isn't that enough to indict Flosserman-Hundt on espionage charges?


Kev???? Settle down, at least they aren't RUSSIANS.

Kevlar Kid

I want to see Hamrod and Bill's scalps fly off as they get the full voltage.

Of course, a lethal injection sounds nice.

Make them pay the ultimate price. Destroy the counter-regime in its entirety. Make examples of the cabal members. And don't leave out Susan Rice or Valerie Jarret.

Kill them all. Legally of course.

Kevlar Kid

Not a chance, GUS. Not a flippin chance.


Monica Crowley just told Hannity, that AMERICANS are upset that after 7 years, the GOP, did not have a NEW HEALTHCARE PLAN READY!!!!
HORSESHIT. After Trumps' election the REPUBLICANS DO NOT WANT TO REPEAL/REPLACE Obamacare. They were merely running their CAKE HOLES when it meant nothing.


Kev, I think what you mean is that the CLINTOONS should do the CEAUCESCU DANCE!


The Infamous Ignatz


Mao, Stalin, Brezhnev et al were ruthless murderers but they were positively rational and yes even sensible people compared to the nutjobs we're afflicted with.
Does anyone think Uncle Joe would not have sent to the gulag anyone who came to him with as idiotic an idea as a man can think he's a woman and become one?

Think about that for a minute...Mao and Castro would be easier to deal with and would make vastly more sense and be much easier to talk rationally to than most any Dem congresscreep.

I mean to say, for God's sake, these assbites ridicule Kim Jong Un as a madman and he would quite properly laugh his fat little arse off at half the bizarre things they believe.

The Infamous Ignatz

Signin off. Pooped.


Kev, Jeff Sessions, has NEVER been involved in ANYTHING nefarious. There is NO LIBTARD ALIVE who isn't a lying dishonest PRIX.

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