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July 24, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I followed Josh Rogan and knew a bit about him from research during the impeachment trial. What a raw deal he got! I even sent a small amount of money to his campaign.

Somewhere around here, if I haven't lost it in the move, I have a thank-you note from him.

And I am whole-hearted agreement about Jeb! Low-energy and a dolt as well!

Tom Maguire

Here is the ESPN 30 for 30 on that first pitch by Bush.The 15 minute mark is where Bush is warming up and Jeter urges him to throw from the mound.

And lest we forget, that is the game where Jeter became Mr. November.

les nessman

Covelli Center capacity : 7000
Number of people requesting seats, so far, for Trumps visit tomorrow : 20000

Yeah, like anyone gives a flying rip about muh Russia.
The people know it's fake.


Cavuto says firing Mueller would be nuclear.

We know that it will be nuclear inside the Beltway but in flyover America I don't think it would anything other than "About Damn time!"

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Reports of the FBI seizing computer hard drives form the home of the congressional IT director and aide of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz are accurate, according to FBI sources: with the exception of one major detail. The computer hard drives were not damaged when they were confiscated, FBI sources said.

The FBI, who is working in some capacity to assist with the Capitol Police on the Awan investigation, confirm the hard drives and other computer equipment have been damaged but are pointing the finger at the Capitol Police’s chain of custody with the evidence. The FBI, they said, would not damage evidence and stressed if someone went to the trouble of destroying evidence before a seizure they normally would discard of it as well, federal sources said.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

What does this mean MM?

if someone went to the trouble of destroying evidence before a seizure they normally would discard of it as well, federal sources said.


So true.
Love your pictures of Alaska!
It is on my bucket list to visit.
I have read Michener's Alaska.
Should I read his book on Mexico?
I read a lot of Spanish and South American history as a Spanish major in college.
Some Central American but not much.
Lorca's writings were lovely and of course Cervantes in the original Spanish.


It's that time of year: EAA in Oshkosh!

live cams.

From the radio, bunches of old warbirds featuring bombers (and a few newer ones like the B1B and B2).

henry, just realized that it has been at least fifteen years since I went to Oshkosh. Last time ManTran, Jr. and I flew over for a day. I think Jr. was still in high school.

The amount of traffic in/out is impressive. Approach Control chatter is near continuous.


Destroying evidence ala Hillary using hammers on cell phones is the Dem get out of jail free card.
Curiously, the FBI and the Capitol Police are a day late and a dollar short on getting the evidence.
Benghazi information was left behind probably on purpose to cover up for the screw up by Hillary and Obama.


Buckeye, with clear skies I get a lot of traffic overhead en route. Some interesting aircraft for sure. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Seems to me that what we have here is that the FBI is pointing the figure at someone in the Capitol Police as destroying the hard drives rather than the suspects.

Not an unreasonable suspicion, given the Capitol Police. On the other hand, what if someone in the FBI smashed them and THEY are trying to cover it up?

I am in X-Files territory. I trust no one.


The Politico guy on with Cavuto says the standard crap about all America should be talking about HealthCare but instead they are talking about nothing but Trump and Russian collusion, and I completely disagree and am glad to see Mercedes Schlaff agree with me:

Mercedes: I would argue Neil that when you go out and talk to the grassroots and those who have supported trump they are really kind of over the Russian Investigation, and they are honing in on figuring out that the Republicans better pass HealthCare or else fire the 52 Republican Senators. They are sticking with Trump and they are also concerned that those kitchen-table issues, like HealthCare, as well as reducing Taxes and real Tax Reform, they want to see some accomplishment, and so while this talk in the media world in New York and DC would be about rather the President would talk about Pardoning or about the Russian Investigation, the rest of America is looking at this and going "You know what, I want to make sure that I, I , I can't get Healthcare for my family, ObamaCare's premiums are skyrocketing, it's a bad situation, are you people in Washing ton going to solve this problem. That's what they're worried about!"


She speaks for me.


P.S. JeB! is a dolt. How he ever became the family darling totally escapes me.

I never thought that Barbara.

I always thought the family saw Jeb as a screw-up.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Nevermind, MM, I figured it out. They are saying the destroyers would discard it I think.


State Department also plays fast and loose with concrete evidence and releases Hillary's emails in a whimsical fashion.
Not enough interest in them?
Don't make me laugh.
They just hope to stuff them down the memory hole.

James D

MM, I think you were replying to Jane rather than me.

But i agree with this 100%

I am in X-Files territory. I trust no one.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Me, too, daddy. Thanks for letting me know that pencil-necked creep was from Politico. I had to mute my live feed because I was getting so damn mad.


The youngest is always the favorite and the most spoiled.
My youngest sister admits it openly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James D.,

Sorry. That Fox live feed had me nuts so I wasn't paying attention.

I think I will go work off some anger with a little housework. LOL!


Gasperino says Senator Mike Lee of Utah says he will now vote for the HealthCare plan since Cruz's proposal has been included in it's full form in the Senate HealthCare plan.


Buckeye, with clear skies I get a lot of traffic overhead en route. Some interesting aircraft for sure. ;)

The B-17 that was in Columbus before the 4th of July never left the area as best I can tell. I

Wonder if it is at Oshkosh now.


Cruz's proposal in: full speed ahead Republicans.
Remember Evan Bayh's words:
You don't want to see the self satisfied smiles on the Dems faces if we fail.


might catch it on the live cams... lots of WWII bombers there from what I can see.

several 4 engine ones... although I haven't seen a B17 yet

"North Cam" has most of the warbirds in it's scan

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Amusing little clip. President Trump getting group photo with the interns. Watch his face when they ask him if Jeff Sessions should resign. Personally, I think he's playing the press.


Jim Eagle

I saw that with Cavuto and the first thing that came to my mind was - ratings = ad revenue. What motivation does cable news or any news outlet, paper or digital, to give up such a salacious story like Russia compared to the boring subjects of healthcare, tax reform and MAGA?

None, nada, Zilch. And Cavuto and Fox are no more sane than the rest of them.

The Kushner statement in front of the WH proves my point. You could barely hear him over the clicking of cameras as if he was admitting to scratching Kislyak's palm when they shook hands. Geez!


new thread


I do think it interesting that Kislyak has been call back to mother Russia.

You can be sure the MFM will read whatever they choose into that.


It is a totally fake story.
People want to live in a fantasy land with
made up excuses for their evil intentions.
Back here in the real world, President Trump will prevail andDem party will further damage themselves and their credibility.
They reached ultimate stupidity nominating Hillary as their candidate for President.
It has all gone downhill from there.

Captain Hate

Tammy: the Repubs are facilitating this Russia nonsense. When the commiecrats were in charge, they were focused on cramming ZippyCare down the nation's and the GOP aren't serious about ridding the country of it.


Just read the galactically ignorant column from Ben Shapiro.

I think he must still be in the hospital waiting room, anxiously waiting for the Doctor's to render their prognosis on the chances of Michelle Field's recovery from being horribly assaulted and yanked down to the floor by Cory Lewandowski.

Frau Klein aber Oho!

Dynamic Duo

!Jeb and Hillary!

Frau Imi/Ami

Barbara sez: I imagine that in a few years Congressman Schiff will not find reelection so very easy.

I hope to see it. It will be a blessing as I transition to crone.*

*not the same as hag, Iggy.

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