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July 11, 2017


Account Deleted

From the Dem-FEC article: "In her effort targeting foreign influence in federal and state elections, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub would probe spending by overseas sources and even partially-foreign-owned U.S. firms on campaigns, including their media buys. Foreign influence is illegal in elections."

What an absolute crock of shite.


Look it up. [Makes smug look] Found both ways:

battleax - definition and synonyms

1. an insulting word for an unpleasant woman who tells people what to do in a very determined and slightly frightening way

2. a large ax (=a tool with a thick metal blade) used in the past as a weapon

Dave (in MA)
Now to find out what our punishment is.
No more Turkey Joints.

A worder thread??


Janet the expert 🚬

Seems like some of these MFM gotcha stories come out after President Trump makes a great speech.

Wasn't there something right after his first address to Congress?

Tom Maguire
OK, So the Goldstone guy was the guy who 'allegedly' intentionally put Dog Whistle type words in his e-mails to Don Jr in order to get them noticed by the NSA, apparently so that they could then be referred to a FISA Judge who would authorize the FBI or the NSA or the CIA to start eavesdropping on any conversations that Don JR or Manafort or Kushner then had.

And the Prestige in this clever plan is to show up at the fateful meeting with... nothing?

What harm in reeling the dupes in with some phony documents about whatever - laundered Russkies contributions to the DNC, diplomatic cables showing Hillary lied about something sometime, whatever. But nothing?

Give Team Trump some Fake Dirt. Let them go public and humiliate themselves. If I were on Hillary's payroll and had not yet killed myself that would have been my suggestion.

This is the Plan to Nowhere.


Ah, Dave, kind of you to remember Turkey Joints.

Captain Hate

is it me or has Hot Air become a sewer of anti-trump condoms and shit?

The ewok used to come to AllahPander's defense when the Horde would call him a whiny vag; now he joins in. The site has been worthless since they started using Facebook to comment so its click bait appeal for ads, even the really terrible ones, is nil. Poppin' is off doing his radio show or whatever.

Account Deleted

Re this Don Jr. farce---- Billy smells a rat.


TM reinforces the Buddy Hackett plot twist.

"This Dem House fire needs more gas, Mrs Clinton."

Account Deleted

Meanwhile, the pussyhat slimebag Sarsour is calling for "jihad"--- but she's not calling for violence you know.

Have a barf bag ready:


Jim Eagle

Ellen Weintraub, another enemy of our 1st Amendment except when MSNBC or CNN or WaPo or NYT have negative fake new coverage of Trump of positive fake news coverage of Dems.

She's only qualified to sit on her toilet seat.

Account Deleted

Hamrod is now marketing "Nasty Woman" t-shirts to support Planned Murder, Inc. and Samantha the B.

Great career move, Hamrod. Nothing is beneath you and your mortally wounded ego.

Flippin' doormat.

Account Deleted

Weintraub is delusional. What about 2008, 2012 when The Rat received tens of millions through the Internet?


What I learned today from Medved's Conspiracy Day.

Trump Jr likes Mike Cernovich, who likes Alex Jones, who blathered about Comet Ping Pong where shots were fired.

Oddly, that was presented by Medved, not any caller.

The best call was a flat-earther. Medved is still reeling from that guy. Every commercial break he return from he offers more evidence to disprove the long gone caller.

Good job, Medved.


Ha,I was thinking Lou Costello,maybe because we watched a Abbot and Costello movie the other day. Good Lord,is this all a big joke?


Good Lord,is this all a big joke?

In 2008 I knew the Obama campaign was a Disney script when they killed the mother figure in the opening act.

This one has been tougher to figure out.

Even the Taiwanese animators are silent.


heye, theye tolde me therede be noe Chaucer..


Kaiser Derden

fyi ... he wasn't colluding but even if he was collusion is NOT against the law ...


And the Prestige in this clever plan is to show up at the fateful meeting with... nothing?

If you are using it as a way to get a "tap" on Trump Tower, then you don't want a big deal made about the fact that the meeting happened. Planting false information would lead to that.

As it stands the meeting was a big nothing. Goldstone looks like an idiot. The Russian atty is wondering why they weren't receptive to adoption issues, and the Trump campaign is pissed their time was wasted. Move on, forget about it, big nothing, etc.

Meanwhile the computers are chugging away, capturing all that useful data.


I think I just caught Dem Representative Schiff in a lie 10 seconds ago:

Schiff: "Here I think you have quite direct evidence that the Russian Government had damaging information, communicated that to the Campaign...

Where is the proof of that? Is there some actual "proof" that the Russian Government had damaging info? I heard about the Russian dossier and the peeing on the bed, but I thought that was about Trump and was paid for and ginned up by some Brit Agent. Where is the "quite direct evidence that the Russian Government had damaging information"?


NEW THRAD! Who needs an "E"

Janet the expert 🚬

Maybe there just needs to be a big push of Breitbart's 'SO?'.

"“So?” is a beautiful question. It calls for people to ground their assertions in something that rationally matters—and, ultimately, things rationally matter only insofar as they can be shown to impact human life or the requirements thereof, such as thinking, pursuing values, producing wealth, and protecting individuals’ rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. ...

The question “So?” directs a given discussion to the underlying and relevant facts of the matter, the facts by reference to which any important issue should be evaluated. It makes people check their premises."


Don Jr. had a meeting to find out opposition info on Hillary....SO?


"And the Prestige in this clever plan is to show up at the fateful meeting with... nothing?"

this assumes that the Russian lawyer was in on the plan.

If the plan was to get FISA warrants The meeting between between Trump Jr and the Russian lawyer would seem a reasonable goal to cement the narrative implied by the E-mails.

Getting both Trump Jr and the Russian lawyer there under false pretenses is cleaner and safer than having the Lawyer peddle false information.

bullshitting one's way in to a meeting is one thing, but peddling false information at the meeting would invite a much higher level of scrutiny from the Trump team.

not providing false information makes for a simpler lie.

I'm not an expert in this sort of thing but if I was planning it I would follow the KISS principle.



I' too slow Brian

but i like the way you think


Any one listening to Adam "shifty-shit-4-brains" Schiff on Foxnews ..condemning every person known to Trump as a Russian spymaster?
This is an absolute Castro--Marx--Alinsky tactic of "over throwing US free election via porn-fiction"!!!
What do you think the crew that can't win free-fair elections intentions are, making up, covering up, screwing up our country--because they LOST?
It's nothing good, btw............

When the press, bureaucracies of unaccountable secretary of bull shite, intelligence agencies job to protect, investigate by laws for all, not just "insiders", established politicians report, legislate, serve or honor their country---fairly and equally across all political ideaologies or outcomes......

It might be a beginning of returning trust in the government and media.

Maybe. But, if today is any indication--none of us will live to see it, much less vote in another free, fair election!!

Ps: who is Kat Timpf and why is she employed as a "specialist"? Oh, Lordy...how Fox News has fallen into a Clueless black hole of desperation to be politically correct 😂


Kat Timph un-homoed Greg Gutfeld for a short bit.

I assume he fell for the smart chick glasses and the wry smile.

Fruitcakes can't be too picky.

Somehow she got a contract after her several RedEye stints.

Comanche Voter

Pretty close to a smoking gun? Horse manure.


Ditto abadman.. :) I must admit looking at this I'm working backwards. Just trying to fit all the data.

The meeting is either BS from Goldstone to show someone in Russia he has connections with Trump, or something else.

As far as collusion goes it seems pretty light, unless the details of the meeting are suspect (i.e. they didn't talk about adoption). If they mapped out a whole hacking plan in 10-20 minutes then there is some level of genius here.


I think ill intent of any party, Trump, Clinton, Obama, The Russians, at the time this particular episode occurred is unlikely.

I'm mot sure enough initiative of intelligence existed on the part of The Clinton or Obama Camps for the FISA conspiracy theory and there was no benefit for either the Trump or Russian camps to set up a meeting where nothing happened.

I can believe this is just another episode of multiple parties in DC jockeying for influence, access or information being spun after the fact to verify preconceived notions of reality.

I just don't think it is BS for the reason our host does. As conspiracy theories go, this one actually holds together pretty well, if only our betters were really that smart.

The Gipper Lives

That spoiled rich brat cut a corrupt secret deal with Russia's leader, endangering America's national security and stabbing NATO in the back. He committed treason just to win an election.

But enough about Ted Kennedy.


Natalia Veselnitskaya was sitting with Obama’s Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul during a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, 8 days after cold-contacting Trump Jr. in Trump Tower.

That looks like Emin Agalarov sitting next to Natalia Veselnitskaya. He was mentioned in Donald Trump Jr's statement this morning. Emin helped set up the meeting with Veselnitskaya.

Veselnitskaya was also connected to Fusion GPS, the DNC opposition research firm that produced the fraudulent and discredited Trump Dossier.

... since when do ambassadors bring 'spies' to Congressional hearings ?
Can you say "SETUP" ?

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