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July 31, 2017



Translation, GOPe lost it's spy / controller for Trump with Preibus gone. Simple rule of thumb... the more chaos, the more innovation going on. The "Republicans" cited fear changes to their nice globalist uniparty sinecures. This is especially true of the think tank / administrative staff cadre. efemall.


From the last thread:

Dave (in MA)

Didn't notice if anyone had caught this. From the actual Spicer.

Maxine Waters ✔ @MaxineWaters
Mike Pence is somewhere planning an inauguration. Priebus and Spicer will lead the transition.

Sean Spicer ✔ @seanspicer
When and if @mike_pence runs in 2024 I would proudly play any role he asks
Good to know you have already conceded that


Insty linked Scott Adams, who predicted that the chaos meme would follow the failed Russian collusion conspiracy, only to be followed by a pivot to “effective, but we don’t like it.”


Posted on last thread (naturally...)

I had an interesting discussion with my son last night. He just completed his Master's thesis and has been totally tuned out of all news/current events. He knew nothing of the IT brothers' story and I was filling him in on the details. He was most astounded that they were given security clearance and told me a story.

His girlfriend was childhood friends with Anna who was hired to work in the White House in some low-level capacity. She listed his girlfriend as a reference. One day her dad (who works in the Athletic Dept. at Auburn) called her and said, "There is a man here looking for you - he's from the FBI and needs to talk to you!" He had tracked him down on campus and they proceeded to set up a meeting during which he questioned her extensively about the girl's background, habits, associates, etc. etc.

There is no major airport in Auburn. So he flew from D.C. to Atlanta or B'ham and drove or took a small aircraft and spent all that time to interview a childhood friend - not a teacher or an employer as Anna moved away when she was 17.

Did they fly to Pakistan and interview childhood friends of Awan's? It is simply mind-boggling to think of how the DNC must have bent the "rules" to install this cabal with access to anything and everything.


Because islamophobia

The Infamous Ignatz

Henry from last thread;

In business you want lots of ideas to get kicked around. Then the boss (not his secretary) decides which will work.

I get so sick of that "government isn't like business" meme, as though guys who figure out how to be billionaires can't figure out how to handle a bunch of government goldbricks.
The executive branch is rather like a business and should be run like one and the relation with the other two branches is not exactly rocket science.
What they really mean is "we love DC business as usual because we use it to pad our nests and we don't have to think very much or do other hard things and it keeps those creepy small government guys at bay; now shoo, shoo".

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is another thing to put on the fatness epidemic.

My daughter has struggled for years with depression and related issues. She is now on a coktail of meds which have her in a much better state, after switching doctors twice and getting complete bloodwork.

The problem is that she has gained weight. She works out 2-3 times a week, swimming lasp and using equipment at the Y. I have tried to offer high protein low carb diet and vo not keep things like sweets and snackfoods around. Now they have also diagnosed her with an underactive thyroid and have put her on thyroid meds.

She never had a weight problem. Although she's 37, she shouldn't be gaining this much weight and the only thing we can think of are the meds, which do show weight gain as a side-effect.

I wonder how many of the hefty people are on anti-depressants.


The Awan bros did not have security clearances. The Snaggle-toothed lice colony wanted to get them clearances, but they did not have one.

Not that it mattered I suppose.

rich - So some low-level secretarial type 20-something American born girl needs a security clearance to type and file and answer the phone. BUT these IT guys who have access to everyone's computer, passwords, Pelosi's tablet, and everything in between did NOT need one?

Makes total sense!

Beasts of England

Welp, fixin' to do something I know I'll regret...

Three weeks ago I got a message from my very favorite ex-girlfriend. She's clean and out of jail, and just wanted me to send her some of our old photos. No problem, of course. A week after that she messaged me again and just wanted to hear my voice for a minute on the phone. No problem, of course. I think you can guess the rest of the progression...

Anyhoo, she's headed this way to go out on the Subterfuge. First time I will have seen her in a few years. Half of me is as excited as I've ever been; the other half is busy calculating how much damage I'm about to do to my life.

Boys are [redacted] stupid. Really stupid.

Clarice Feldman

Flavia Eckholm
Just now ·
Judge Napolitano on FOX this morning said that the new investigation Sessions is opening puts his and Trump's relationship back on course. The new investigation will be about criminal leaks in the previous WH and in other agencies as adjunct of Obama's still employed people. This should stop criminal leaks as well as put those on notice, like Rice, to lawyer up. Any leaks of classified information used for political purposes is criminal and will not be "overlooked."
Judge Nap said that many of the people advising the president worked out some compromises so that Sessions and all his good people stay as Justice Department, put teeth into criminal behavior that is laid out in the laws and avoids an impossible confirmation process in confirming anyone else.
Judge Napolitano said that that is obvious that the President is happy for now with the current new path. He is happy with Session's work on immigration abuses and other issues.
Now, what are you neverTrumpers going to gripe about now?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Before she gets on that boat, ask her what she thinks about Trump.

Just a helpful hint, dear. Take my advice or not.

Clarice Feldman

rich, how could they not have had security clearances?



the Awan Bros did not have clearances. Not that it would have mattered since they could have read whatever mail Congressman and staffers were sending around.

re: comments on the other thread

The Secret Service was the agency moved from Treasury to DHS.

IIRC Crowdstrike has done work for the FBI before (most famously the Sony hack*) and one of the principals there is a former FBI agent.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


So far this morning, calling the cabinet room a "board room" (Andrea Mitchell and AFP reporter, "ignoring long-standing traditions and rules of procedure" (Bill Kristol retweeted by Egg McMuffin), and his "manner" (The Anchoress).

The day is young, though. Ivanka and Melania were put on the Top 50 Most Beautiful People in DC list by The Hill. I imagine they will bitch about that, too.

Oh, here's Judy Miller in her Betty Boop voice telling us how General Kelly should do things.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I wonder if Napolitano uses the same sources that Borger does.

JNap has been acting #NeverTrumper since he got put on timeout, plus, his more than half of his legal analyses are half-baked.


It is Daily Caller reporting I am relaying. Just because they had access to servers and networks doesn't mean they needed access to the material.

Clarice Feldman



That famous baseball player turned lawyer, Ty Cobb, starts working for Trump today. Oh? What's that? Not the same person?


this was the request for funding to get them security clearances given the committees the Congressman worked for ...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I read this a long time ago, but he has re-posted it and it is very true:

"The Hanging of Jake Spoon"

I doubt what you see in this film will occur again, but you must understand, a native justice is about to rear its head again in America that hasn’t been seen since frontier days, and you will have no say about it if you do get caught in the sweet loving arms of frontier justice.

It will have no sympathy for the process you hide behind and only for the justice you no longer believe exists.


quote from his lawyer

Gowen told BuzzFeed claims the Awans had access to sensitive information “may be the single most ridiculous accusation”. “He didn’t even have a security clearance,” he said.

“They’re trying to make it out to be like these guys were the top secret computer people. They were literally the guys who installed Word and Excel on your computer, set up your email on your computer. They had no access to any confidential document ever — it’s a completely ridiculous statement.”

Clarice Feldman

The Awans had their passwords; were barred from the Capitol for unauthorized access to the computers. Who to believe, Clinton's buddy who is acting as Imran's lawyer or the head of the Capitol police?


Don't you see? The guy who installs Word and Excel is mutually exclusive with "spy." Awan is one or the other, can't possibly be both.

I swear, the garbage that passes for sound reasoning ...

Clarice Feldman

Cboldt, I suppose it was worth a try by him--some dopes will buy it.


"Just because they had access to servers and networks doesn't mean they needed access to the material"

Don't think access to the material could be ruled out.

Not that it's relevant, but I needed a TS clearance to work crypto maintenance on a SAC base.

The machines were not TS and techs never needed to see any TS communication, but just being a tech in the crypto cave meant access couldn't be ruled out.

Ralph L

Whatever happened to Senator Leaky of Vermont?


They have been accused of stealing equipment...weren't the hard drives found in their former residence? (smashed with hammers I think)

I still cannot get over the mind set that a low-level secretary needs more scrutiny than someone with IT skills and access to everyone's computers!

"A secretary might listen in on some phone calls...but we're sure the IT guys won't try to look at anything they shouldn't while they are installing Word and Excel."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


$160K per year to "[install] Word and Excel on your computer, set up your email"
isn't that about $80K per hour?


Of course dimorats only consider Republicans their enemy and Republicans have to abide by rules at all times. Dimorats simply have to get rules against spying on dimorats enacted and they're safe.

If Republican spying on dimorats exposes a crime, the Republican goes to jail for breaking the rule.


For $500 million dollars, I can install word and excel on your computer.

Dave (in MA)

Fortunately, Columbia SC's Sheriff's office doesn't have any Somali deputies running around shooting women who report rapes.

Captain Hate

Gowen has a long history of inventing excuses for lying trash.

Full Access

"They were literally the guys who installed Word and Excel on your computer, set up your email on your computer."

Does he mean tasks similar to those that are done by Best Buy's Geek Squad?

From March 2017:

"Report: Court Documents Show FBI Used Best Buy ‘Geek Squad’ to Gather Evidence"


Posted by: Clarice Feldman | July 31, 2017 at 11:47 AM

Not really. Just because the Awan Bros had access to classified materials doesn't mean that they had clearances. Did Hillary's housekeeper have a clearance when she was picking up documents from the printer?

I'll find the Daily Caller link ... it wasn't just the lawyer that has said they didn't have clearances.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Awan's frantic efforts to liquidate assets is more evidence that he was tipped off (by whom?) about his impending arrest.


That famous baseball player turned lawyer, Ty Cobb, starts working for Trump today. Oh? What's that? Not the same person?

That Cobb was one of the few who have been treated (and smeared) as badly as Trump by the media.


Did the Awans have access to info about the Libyan raid which was compromised?
I believe their exclusion from the network came just a few days after that.

Clarice Feldman

I should think so, exdem. OTOH, obviously DWS wasn't given a heads up or she'd have fired him before his arrest, not after.


or more generally ... does the H1B visa holder that has all the access to your financial and medial records have a clearance? Yeah sure the HR department sniffed around a bit, but sure, the dude is cleared to look at all your information.


RIP Sam Shepard. His greatest film role, Chuck Yeager, still alive and kicking.


through Andre Carson, for example? Carson's bio:

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI)

Ranking Member: Emerging Threats Subcommittee

Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee

The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) is a committee of the United States House of Representatives. The HPSCI is charged with the oversight of the United States Intelligence Community, which includes the intelligence and intelligence related activities of 17 elements of the US Government, and the Military Intelligence Program.


I should think so, exdem. OTOH, obviously DWS wasn't given a heads up or she'd have fired him before his arrest, not after.

DWS shouldn't take any walks in Fort Marcy Park either.

Frau  Feind hoert mit!

rich - I shared info 2 days ago about the former, super dooper IT FBI wizard who joined Crowdstrike. With Tom Maguire's pitching arm warmed up and active, it doesn't surprise me that we can't keep up with all the quotes/links
left here. NTTAWWT in the least. Keep 'em coming, TM.

Shawn Henry, FBI Cyber Cop

The company has signed Shawn Henry, the FBI’s former executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Service Branch, as the new president of its services subsidiary, CrowdStrike Services. Henry is a 24-year FBI veteran who led some of the Bureau’s biggest cybercrime cases.

Captain Hate

Exactly, rich; a similar response got willowed.

Awan didn't need much motivation to realize that something might be coming down the pike; after all, how long was it discussed here before something was done? What's incredible is how much corruption is done openly with apparent knowledge that the MFM won't cover it so don't worry about it; which can be pretty dangerous with an outsider administration with open disdain for the MFM.

James D.

MM @ 12:10

And you're linking that story from the Daily Mail instead of one of the hundreds of stories in the American MSM where it's a major news item because why?

Oh, right. Because there aren't hundreds of stories. Barely any, in fact. I can't imagine why.

Oh, right. Probably because of this: "The kidnapping was the culmination of an escalating crime spree specifically targeting whites for armed robbery and assault."

Captain Hate

Has Al Franken told Australia to stop sending over skirts that irritate Somali cops?


And seeing how much diligent crowdstrike was with the Sony hack, well you can see the problem:


The idea that the Awans would have access to ANY sensitive info is laughable and idiotic.

Is there any thing that a Federal bureaucracy can't turn into a completely ridiculous clusterfuck?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Andre Carson is my representative since we moved. He has his seat because he is the grandson of Julia Carson, long-running black representative commonly known in her day as The Embarrassment of Indiana. When she passed away he got elected in a special election in which 99% of the black people in Indianapolis voted for him, as they fondly remembered his grandmother's years as Center Township Trustee, where she handed out relief checks and did favors for people.

I was outraged when Pelosi gave him those committee positions. He had zero knowledge of intelligence (nor does he have any himself) and he is a serious Muslim, which further complicates the issue.

When I saw he had been on of the people using those IT guys my hair stood on end.

Like I said, that 0Hour guy has been digging stuff up. If even half of what he's found is correct, there is a serious security breech.

Captain Hate

The Clintoons have been openly contemptuous of the concept of security since at least 1992.

Frau  Feind hoert mit!

rich - Shawn Henry said he welcomed working for Crowdstrike because he could be...wait for it...more flexible.


Gowen is not really representing Awan's interests; he's representing Clinton's.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James D.,

You will notice that many of links are Daily Mail UK, which apparently still strives to be a newspaper rather than a propaganda outlet.

I follow both their account on Twitter as well as David Martosko, their US political reporter (who was considered for press secretary).

Martosko isn't really a Trump fan, but I have found him to be fair and one who adhere's to actual journalistic standards.

Here is a tweet he put up this morning:

David Martosko‏Verified account @dmartosko 2h2 hours ago

An insane amount of off-the-cuff political analysis masquerading as news coverage today. Getting hard to tell who the real reporters are.


The horde picked up a beaut from rocket surgeon Maggie haberman, of the rizzotto tray. This was UN response to Dr. Gorka, Magyar paladin


I'll have to take this all up when the night shift rolls in ... later.

Jack is Back!

Took me 24 weeks to get my TS/C(C for Crypto)clearance in 1965 and I started the process while in my Sr. year of AFROTC. I think they call it SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation) now. Had to amend it once accepted to Bomb/Nav school, then again when I joined my SAC wing and squad. My high school teachers (religious brothers and priests) were interviewed 3 separate times.

My dad was a retired AF (SAC) officer and that may be saved me 1 day on the schedule.

They must have thought I was being put in charge of the nuclear codes:) Which I was! That was back in the day when the FBI didn't farm it out for the first routing. After that is was OSI that did all the amendments.

Now as I understand it, all of clearances are farmed out to contractors for the various departments but are monitored or audited by the FBI and other IC members. Don't know how that works but I understand that there are now over 1.5 million people with TS clearances versus the 25-30K back in my day (no SCI back then just TS/Crypto).

Plenty at the Confidnetial/Secret level. Plus I think the DOE (Energy) has those R and L levels for access to information.

If the Awan's were servicing equipment that could log or contain, recieve of send any classified or sensitive information and didn't require security clearance then that is a corruption of security by the congressional delegations and their leaders.

Frau  Feind hoert mit!

Rep. Gregory Meeks (Leftist-NY) first hired Imran Awan and along with DWS (Clinton Dupe-FL) established close relationships with the Awans. He bailed on them before Debbie did.

Among his career achievements, Rep. Meeks attended the Hugo Chavez funeral and boycotted Netanyahu's speech.

lurkersusie and

He serves himself

McCain Once Almost Left the GOP. What About Now? - POLITICO Magazine

In the long, tumultuous political career of Senator John McCain, it would have been remembered as a turning point. It was only rumored at the time. But the Arizona senator nearly bolted from the Republican Party in 2001.

In secret negotiations with then-Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, McCain plotted how he would depart the GOP. He was furious over the way the party establishment had treated him in the 2000 race for the Republican presidential nomination against the eventually victorious George W. Bush. And within weeks of Bush’s swearing-in as president in 2001, McCain told Daschle that he was looking for a way out of the GOP, probably by declaring himself an independent—a move that would have thrown control of the otherwise 50-50 Senate to the Democrats. The negotiations got far enough, Daschle later told me, that the two men discussed the logistics of the news conference at which McCain would make the announcement. “We came very close,” Daschle said.


MM-one of my kids has a thyroid issue so let me pass on a critical piece of info not enough docs know, even specialists.

synthroid is a medicine that should NEVER be replaced with generics. Essentially the tolerance difference for generics exceeds the efficacy of the drug. It has a 30 day delay anyway for full effect.

Endocrinologists can be hard to get into and many of those have more of a bkgrd in diabetes. We were lucky that although the senior partner with the great rep did not take new patients, he had a new younger partner who had specialized in thyroid at a jhu. Now he no longer takes new patients and books 6-9 months out.

maybe cathy f or someone else knows why thyroid issues seem to come up so much more now, but every time a friend is diagnosed who is young and we pass on why to get the brand name they too discover a noticeable difference about 4 to 5 weeks later.

I am not a doctor nor is this medical advice. I am however a very good listener which is why I get asked to tag along by adult children.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I do not know if she is on generic or not. I will check this evening. Thank you so much for that information!

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


I don't see how the new investigations cannot cross with the Russian investigation, since it is becoming clear the whole thing was create by the DNC. For some reason I am looking forward to that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Only a headline so far.

Frau  Feind hoert mit!

Miss M. - the food stamp scammers were ordered to pay back $20,000 by the end of this year. Will they receive job training first?

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Gowen is not really representing Awan's interests; he's representing Clinton's.

That just screams out "grounds for appeal".

Oh and disbarment.

James D.

lurkersusie @ 1:05

Too bad he didn't jump ship then.


perhaps, Jane, but first it screams out 'cover up' and 'Clinton guilt'.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ha. I assume they got the reduced sentence because they were "victims." The retailers are in danger of far worse sentences.

We didn't have this trouble when they didn't have EBT cards.

Roy Lofquist

@ Jack is Back!

Me, clearance '61-'63. Just as you described except for "(no SCI back then just TS/Crypto)". As far as I know the title of my clearance is still classified/compartmented.

Clarice Feldman

Legal ethics rules--now discarded--used to preclude underwriting representation by others.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Well yeah exdem but that doesn't ever seem to go anywhere - at least in my lifetime.

Another Bob

Jack is Back! | July 31, 2017 at 12:58 PM

The DOE equivalent to TS-SCI is the Q clearance. Lots of old friends and colleagues had 'em for the naval reactors work we did.


one thing i learned in my years in criminal appellate practice is that lawyers frequently miss the forest for the trees.

some IT worker gets arrested for bank fraud and the next thing you know he's being defended by a famous public figure's power lawyer.

only a really smart lawyer would be able to miss what that implies.

Frau  Feind hoert mit!

You may have seen that the Omen (Oh, the banality!) had a Twitter discussion with fellow Dem Corey Robin. Mr. Robin linked to his earlier Twitter encounter with Clinton loyalist Neera Tanden. The article is amusing and demonstrates the leftist tactics we see so often.

So I leave you with this question (and it really is a question): If Tanden can act this way in the face of verifiable evidence that’s plain as day, and there for everyone to see, when the stakes are so low, is it completely implausible that she would act in a roughly similar fashion when the evidence is not so publicly available and not so easily accessible and when the stakes are much higher? When she has an even stronger and more self-interested reason for covering her tracks?


Take it fwiw


Want this in firefox:

Captain Hate

Neera Tanden is a lying bitch who belongs in jail instead of being on Rupert's Sunday bullshit show.

Ralph L

that is a corruption of security by the congressional delegations and their leaders.
No, it's business as usual.

In the 80's, we had to notify the security office if we were going to leave the country, and many countries were off limits.

Clarice Feldman

Repeat of list of 31 congressmen all of whom--by coincidence, I'm sure--hired the Awan Bros.

Frau  Feind hoert mit!
Congress must censure Wasserman Schultz for knowingly placing our national security at risk and to send a message that unprofessional behavior won't be tolerated. It is the least they can do to ensure that a security breach like this never occurs again. Jennifer Kerns

Censure! That's the ticket. That will show her how she has harmed the country. Maybe they force her to use the unisex toilets, too.


quite a list:

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce: why haven't the Awan assets been frozen to prevent the whore wife in Pakistan from liquidating them? Is Mr. Peepers taking more nappy time?

Another Bob

Beasts of England | July 31, 2017 at 11:16 AM

BTDT. Wasn't the same the second time around.

Frau  Feind hoert mit!

Clarice - It couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of Democrats--almost enough for a special deck of playing cards.

Best election ever.

Another Bob

Posted by: Ralph L | July 31, 2017 at 01:56 PM

Ditto. And after you notified the office, you got a briefing and upon return were expected to supply a debriefing.

James D.

Neera Tanden is a lying bitch who belongs in jail instead of being on Rupert's Sunday bullshit show.

I was going to say "should be hanging from a lamppost."

But if the prison term is sufficiently long, and there's a deep enough, dank enough cell with an appropriate number of disease-carrying rats, I could go with the jail approach instead.

Clarice Feldman

Bonanza for DC white collar criminal lawyers:

Another Bob

CH, to me, that none of that was done was the signal that the fix is in.

Watch for the attempt to portray Washerwoman-Schlitz as a victim.

matt, deplore me if you must

So I guess Trump is really getting that buddy vibe from Vlad these days. What do 700+ diplomats do all day in Russia these days? Consular officers? Spooks? Trade & military attache's?

Tillerson seems to be doing a heck of a lob downsizing State, so maybe this fits in with his lean and mean approach. Collusion? You decide!

The Russians want to mount laser beams on their own aircraft (next it will be sharks), but overall, they are still well behind.

Xi did a Joe Stalin the other day and wearing a goofy cammo uniform had himself a big military parade, probably to send a message regarding North Korea, but it would seem that even the South Koreans are now willing to face the risk of war. Abe is also on board.

China is now openly flexing their muscles, but are they really ready? They are making port deals across the littoral, but they will need a blue water navy for them to be of any use.

If Trump can pants Xi on this one it will be deeply embarrassing. And there must be a few Chinese General/Admirals who might want to recall what Mattis said in Iraq about tears in his eyes and all that.

The Kims have been their pit bulls for too long and it would seem that our government now recognizes that 25 years of "can't we all just get along" ain't gonna work.

Since Trump won't listen to the ambassadors from WalMart and Home Depot and Forever 21 this creates some very interesting dynamics. China owns our debt, but they don't own us. They also have multiple bubbles in their economy. Any trade repercussions would affect millions.

And so the economics are really not a huge factor in one sense. We can always buy cheap lawn furniture from others.

I don't know, but I get the feeling there is much more order within the senior level of our government that the media wants to admit.

Now that the leaks are being plugged the Compost and The Upper East Side fishwrap aren't going to have nearly as much to conflate.They may actually have to report the news.

James D.

From that Neera Tanden link above, I think this might be the money quote:

Never underestimate the narcissism—or amateurishness—of America’s ruling classes.

Frau  Steingehirn

CH and James D. - as Corey Robin pointed out, Neera was in line to be Hillary!'s COS.

I hope there is no TV show planned about that frightening alternate history.

James D.

Oh, and since the Omen was mentioned:

Every time she says something that seems to plumb the depths of vapidity and idiocy, I think, "My God, this must be it. She's hit rock bottom. She couldn't possibly say anything dumber or more out-of-touch than this," she proves me wrong.

Captain Hate

Some of the ZH commenters make Patterico seem sane but they have some moments of lucidity:

Very true- the Clinton Mafia has been stupidly high profile for far too many years......

Got too arrogant, thought they had all their moves covered, and maybe they did- but when Bill's brain started rotting out, Hillary took charge, and Hillary has always been a fuck-up.

Is there any better capsule description of Curb Dive? And Slick's current status?

Captain Hate

Watch for the attempt to portray Washerwoman-Schlitz as a victim.

NFW. There has to be at least one instance of humane behavior on the part of this witch and I think you'd need computer designed imagery to produce that. Plus haven't at least one of her parents done time? She'd just be carrying on the family tradition.

Clarice Feldman

With so many Dem scandals boiling up, I expect all the MSM will follow the WaPo lead and simply run human interest features in place of news.

jimmyk on iPhone

Very accurate, Captain, but they've still managed to skate on basically everything, while getting immensely rich.

Incidentally, the Omen chimed in on that phony accusation by Rowling about Trump and the boy in the wheelchair. Last I heard no apology from either one.

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