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July 15, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable


From where? What I posted before was an interview with a prominent Catholic layman. This is a message Pope Benedict sent for the funeral of a friend.


Actually it's a Heinlein character, but he could just as well be Malcolm Reynolds,



I hate to tell you but there's a new thread

Clarice Feldman


You know they're getting serious now.


"BTW, half of Asia is in Harvard Square sizing up where junior is going to school with his 2400 perfect SAT score and daddy's guaranteed $65K a year tuition."

It's the same here in Bloomington, IN.

You should see all the Audi's, Porsche's and Beemers. Occasional spottings of Maserati's, Ferrari's, etc.

A guy works for my Mom who was a salesman at the local Audi dealership. He says the guys and gals come in, order a car and show up the next week with cash when they pick it up.

Show back up 2 or 3 years later desperate to unload their car before they head back after finishing their degree. Sell for a fraction of the true resale value.

That's how got his A7.

Best customers evah.

Frau Bier her!

btw Miss M. - I appreciate the links to the Catholic sites you supply. I used to visit the Anchoress regularly but have lapsed of late.

Ralph L

My boss is going to be Brad. I didn't want any part of it, but sometimes you get voluntold

Hostile work environment, voluntary or not.



When my nephew did his first internship at Intel, and his second at Microsoft, every one of his cohorts were just like the Asian kids you are watching in Cambridge. Most from prestigious schools, he was the only Anglo, a bumpkin from Ahia State.

After his Microsoft internship they sent him back to Ahia State and paid for his Masters. He is back at Microsoft and those former cohorts work for him.

Frau Bier her!

Miss M - I must have read part of this somewhere else. (I did share *your* link with my husband).

What struck me particularly in the last conversations with the Cardinal (Joachim Meissner) , now gone home, was the natural cheerfulness, the inner peace and the assurance he had found. We know that it was hard for him, the passionate shepherd and pastor of souls, to leave his office, and this precisely at a time when the Church had a pressing need for shepherds who would oppose the dictatorship of the zeitgeist, fully resolved to act and think from a faith standpoint. Yet I have been all the more impressed that in this last period of his life he learned to let go, and live increasingly from the conviction that the Lord does not leave his Church, even if at times the ship is almost filled to the point of shipwreck.

Captain Hate

I've never seen it either.

Nor have I.


Never went back or saw it again.

At the risk of seeming like a stick in the mud, I'll confess I saw it once, was never inclined to see it again. Not my thing, forced 'fun' like New Year's Eve parties.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Wow, Porch! I was Columbia at the Garden Hills Cinema for a while. Not that I remember much of any of it IYKWIM. Yowza. Just thinking about it gives me the acid flashbacks. :0

So JOM has two Columbias but we seem to be lacking a Magenta. Need to remedy that if we ever have a real live everyone meetup.

Went to the town square tonight to see a Journey Cover Band called Departure. Really good! If they ever get out to any of y'all's locales, I recommend them.

Next up is the Swimming Pool Qs on the 28th at the Vista Room. If anyone in the ATL or thereabouts wants to go with me, let me know.


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