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July 23, 2017



Good morning!

I have heard of LeBron and the Green City on a Blue Lake and nothing else on topic.

James D.

I'd be thrilled if the Knicks were merely dysfunctional. They blew past dysfunctional a decade ago, on their way to new and previously unimagined realms of failure and disaster.


Lastish page, maybe.


They blew past dysfunctional a decade ago, on their way to new and previously unimagined realms of failure and disaster.

Like so much we are obliged to clean up after.

Jim Eagle

In re: IQ of dogs.

My bigger Beagle Jazz knows time. He wakes us every morning by 0630 for his breakfast, every noon like clockwork for mid-day scoop and @ 1500 for his late meal even though he is 1/2 hour off.

My other boy Beagle Bandit comes up the stairs when he hears my shower turn off and begins urging me to shave and brush my teeth faster so I can get dressed and take them for their drive and walk along the beach.

The little girl Beagle Lady is progressing from Algebra to Calclus.


Even daddy's pup Nelson appears smarter than the Cavs owners.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

We have a dog at the other end of the IQ spectrum, Jack, the Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix.

Whenever we have someone stop by, like my grandson, he goes nuts barking like there's an intruder. We finally get him settled down, grandson uses the bathroom, comes out and Jack stars carrying on and barking all over again, like grandson is a brand new person.

I think his memory is measured in nano-seconds.


My dog Poogan is a smart Labradoodle that is "normal" until he spots something furry.

Then all bets are off as he looses his mind.


Good Morning! Beautiful day in the woods. Our dog is a security alarm. His hearing is amazing. He can hear the neighbor's ATVs two miles down the road and starts barking before they drive past our driveway. His favorite thing is to sit in the passenger seat of hubby's Jeep and go for a ride. His little terrier face looking out the window makes me laugh. Too cute.


Morning all, I was musing on the heroism od Desmond does, and the nature of a insurgency
In our own communities, that series turn about the culprr ring comes to mind:



That is the rest of the story, re general thomas' s decision to end the rebel support program


Standard Carlos slim chimp move



Shades of William jefferson:


Beasts of England

It's a beautiful day for golf!! I'd love to see Kuchar win his first major, but would be equally pleased to see Spieth grab the third leg of the Grand Slam. Git 'er done!! :)


normal" until he spots something furry.

Sigh. Goldendoodle. Same thing.

Then you can threaten “Do you want to go to timeout?” -- which is about two minutes in the powder room with the light out. He’ll calm down. For a few minutes.

Never learns. Never has to.

Of course, I’m only the granddad, not his parents.


Didn’t McCain, even ill, just chastize Trump for stopping cooperation with Syrians -- the ones that just went over to the other side?

Will McCain apologize? Will the MSM ever demand an apology? Will the MSM ever pester Democrats about it?


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ah, how nice that Jeb Bush was at a festival with Mark Cuban slamming President Trump.

The Bush family is rapidly depleting any respect I had for them, which at one time was quite a lot.


How can you work with the ap,sbw, their larest piece on ashcrift I mean sessions is a piece of (redacted)

Janet the expert 🚬

McCain doesn't even know what allahu akbar means, why in the world would anyone listen to him.


Beasts of England

Spieth couldn't have had a worse start. He's already been admonished by his caddie to 'Get over it.' and then he missed a rather easy birdie putt. Kooch picks up two strokes in two holes to pull even. Game on!!


How can you work with the AP, sbw

Our contract with AP won’t expire until next June.

I consider this my part trying to drain the swamp.


And tesist we much is coming dangerously near like a summer squall.

Jim Eagle


I think Jordan is just trying to make it a more interesting Sunday.

What he needs to do is relax and not push it especially as loose a driver he is - could be worse than that day on No. 12 in the Masters.

As my son would say: "Chill"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Boy, are we getting rain! Real downpour. Hope this breaks the heat wave!

Ugh. Karl Rove on Maria's show to tell us what to expect from Scaramucci.

Jim Eagle

He's back......birdied No. 5. Now -9 and one shot lead on Kuchar.

Toughest hole coming up, No. 6 (where in 1998 I sheltered in place under my 'brolly along with 100K others as an Irish Sea Hurricane blew in).

Captain Hate

The prevailing sentiment here is very anti Kyrie. Demanding a trade after all the free agents moved and the draft happened is really bad on his part. Plus he's specifically stated that he doesn't want to be in LeBron's shadow, which is too damn bad because that's where his rightful place is.

Kyrie's always been kind of nutty with those tweets last year about the world being flat. Plus he and his dipshit agent listened too much to those simple morons on ABC/ESPN who were talking about how he's a legit MVP candidate. No he isn't. He's a very exciting player on offense who is capable of hitting championship shots but he's not a good point guard in terms of assists or defense. He will never be a 1a player on a playoff team; more like 1b or 2. He had it great playing in LeBron's shadow and he's probably too dumb to understand that.

Jim Eagle


Is Kyrie the kid who dressed up as an old homeless guy and showed up a inner city basketball court and wiped out all the "brothers" there?


Our contract with AP won’t expire until next June.

I consider this my part trying to drain the swamp.

Thanks for fighting the good fight sbw. Probably pretty lonely out there.

Captain Hate


Yes, Kyrie did the Uncle Drew commercials which were pretty funny.


Just now getting back to the board after my "Open" comment yesterday, and I'm looking now at the British Open and cheering for Jordan Spieth to *not* crash and burn, and what do I see?

* * *

You're wrong RG, but you are entitled to your own version of facts and history.

Posted by: Jack is Back! | July 22, 2017 at 04:53 PM

This is why I love you, JiB.

But I *am* right.

* * *

As for the Cavs, I love LeBron *and* Kyrie. That said, I fully understand Kyrie's desire to not simply be a pawn on the chessboard.


The substAnce or lack thereof of my complaint was the notion that few senators had contacts with Russian officials, sarc.



You've got mail.


And before I go back to try and catch up from yesterday, I want to post this. Part of my mindset behind strongly considering the possibility that Comey covered himself in glory, and now hoping the same for Mueller, is not *just* a preference to not presume duplicity but to keep a spotlight on them and ultimately decide things based on their documented actions going forward. However, unless there is an operational and ongoing sting (I acknowledge this is unlikely when considering Occam's Razor), both men clearly look to be completely compromised.

So, what to do? One way forward is not a simple straight-up firing. This guy below makes several points worth considering:

Bansi Sharma

* * *

The upshot? Order the whole Special Counsel team to cease and desist, and preserve everything they have collected so far, and disband them as an investigatory team. If he does this, President Trump will have successfully baited the administrative state into showing their hand but it will be a hand they simply don't control.

Boom !!!

Then, demand that a bipartisan Congressional Committee draw up a charge sheet of exactly what specific crime(s) is/are in need of investigation. No side trails allowed. Sharma asserts Trump should then demand that Congress pull together a three-judge panel to appoint a new impartial Special Counsel to investigate the charges.

After that, leave your fate in the hands of the voters. Ultimately, the only thing that really matters is what voters think is fair.

Can anyone on the board improve on these suggestions? Would it be better to just fire them and take your chances with the public reaction?

From my vantage point, neither the Special Counsel nor the House or Senate have anything on the President *or* his associates / children, so far after serious effort they can't find anything, and -- by all appearances -- Mueller's team is purposely trying to get #Trump to overreact & create a supposed crisis the administrative state could take full advantage of and control.

Would it be unwise to give them their possible wish by firing Mueller? Or would it be wiser to squash them while efforting to bring in some necessary sunshine?

Whatever the case, I say there's no need to finish any process in time for the 2018 elections. Make this situation boomerang on the deep state, let the question linger beyond the 2018 election cycle but exponse their duplicity via the obvious conflicts inherent in the people chosen for Mueller's Special Counsel team *and* the rather evident Clinton curiosities *and* the also rather evident Obama curiosities.

That should be worth a solid year or three of rumor-licious stories on them individually and collectively. Next thing you know, it's 2020.

matt, deplore me if you must

What a weekend! Chris Isaak at a very small venue on Friday; County fair and our friends with their kids auctioning off lambs, chickens, pigs, and cattle at the 4H/FFA auction. Good times! very different from the la de dah days.

Lunch with kids in LA today. Not too bad at all.....

As to Mueller and the rest of the hyenas, I think it is time to let it be known that the people will not tolerate the hijacking of democracy by the elite. maybe a March on Mueller, McConnell, and Schumer? let's be bipartisan!

Old Lurker

So guys...all of you tire of my gloomy predictions and assessments I know, so if I were to have an avatar, which should it be? I have always been a fan of the Lil Abner guy in the middle, but probably younger JOMers would not get it:




Who cares about the younger JOM fans, that would be the PERFECT avatar!

Thomas Collins

I don't think of an avatar when I read your predictions, OL. I think of the theme song from one of my favorite TV shows. :-)




I like those gloomy predictions.

Leave me with a sense of security (probably false) that I am not the only one and haven't gone nuts:)


Jordan's been hacked by the Russians


Hey, Jordan. I'm no pro golfer or coach but maybe you could start hitting the fairways off the tee, huh? You're welcome. 😎🇺🇸

Man Tran

Delayed night shift post. Steve Miller's ex gave tix to our pals for a concert last night that we hadn't heard about. Curtis Salgado, ex Miller band, ex Santana singer and blues harp player. Wow! Has his own band now. Several awards for best blues this n that. Ran the board on about every genre from county blues to rock. Their Chicago style was probably the best with those Muddy Waters reps that could go on for hours. About a three hr jam and we heard they were heading down to our local pub with a stage to jam some more. Momma was too tired to follow. Bought their newest album and they handed me a lovely poster signed and sequenced by an artist from down Portland way where the band chills.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, you just like my modification of your idea whereby one Mitch Rapp would be dispatched for each state and handed a Pardon in advance for any improvement he can make in DC or at home as to that state.

Old Lurker

TC, the Wire is one of the all time best for sure.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

A good idea from The_Donald Reddit guys:


DOJ should be required to report the money expended each month from the Special Counsel's office. Then make sure the amount is publicized to taxpayers.

Old Lurker

They should disclose the $$$ amount, then convert it to how many people could get medical insurance for those dollars.

Frau Emil Zátopek

narciso - a few days back, I mentioned Debbie's "negotiating" with authorities about her dealings with HER Pakistani IT crooks. What struck me was

The (Washerwoman-Schutz's) computer was not returned, but it was reported Wednesday that investigators have not been able to examine contents of the equipment.

Now, after months of refusals, a lawyer representing the Florida lawmaker said she is “negotiating” with Capitol Police over whether she will grant them access, Fox reported.

Perhaps the Capitol Police can hire one of the Awan brothers--Debbie's favorite?-- to access the computer.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Since the Special Counsel has no crime to investigate every one drawing money under that provision should be charged with taking money under false pretenses, IMO.

Frau Emil Zátopek

The special counsel's access to DJT info is better than getting his raw FBI file, isn't it?


New thread.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm kinda partial to Stupfyin Jones for an OL avatar.
Gloomy is as gloomy does. :)


This is great (2 minute news video):

Queens Woman Confronts Mayor De Blasio

A lot of anger out there.

Frau Klein aber Oho!

jimmyk - another victory for a short and feisty woman. Might be something in the water in Queens?

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