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July 25, 2017



The Senate gallery was cleared of screaming protesters. Pence is in the chair.


Per Fox,it took several minutes to clear dozens of protesters.

Old Lurker

From the other thread about denying Trump recess appointment ability. The R Senate did take procedural action to deny Obama recess appointments who by then was famous for extra-constitutional actions. Nothing would declare war on the POTUS more than a similar action by a Senate controlled by his own party. I hope they know that and know what a Queens street fighter might do in retaliation.

Seems to me, anyway.


Collins and mere cow vote no.


Has McCain speechified yet?


Ah veruca saLt, what is she hood cor?

Dave (in MA)

Probably the last page link:

Just in case:


McCain will speak on the Senate floor after the vote.
I won't vote for Collins for governor. Mary Mayhew,who headed DHS and implemented LePage's big meanie policies will get my vote in a primary run.

Dave (in MA)
what is she hood cor?
Sbsolutely bothing

You got it dave.


She's a fighter

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, on Tuesday was caught on a hot mic insulting Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, by calling him "so unattractive, it's unbelievable" after Farenthold blamed Collins for the GOP's failed efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

At the end of a hearing before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee, which Collins chairs, Collins can be heard talking with Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., the subcommittee's ranking member, about comments Farenthold made during a radio interview.

Collins asked Reed if he saw "the one who challenged me to a duel," referencing Farenthold.

"Do you know why he challenged you to a duel?" Reed replied. "Because you could beat the sh-t out of him first."
Collins then insulted Farenthold's looks and weight, and made fun of him for posing with a young woman while wearing a blue onesie adorned with yellow ducks.
"Well, fat guy. He's huge," Collins said. "He's so … he's so unattractive, it's unbelievable. Did you see the picture of him in his pajamas next to this bunny, this Playboy bunny?"


You need,atomics to beeCh the shield wall:


Collins fat shamed Farenthold!!!??? She won't get her Margaret Chase Smith moment doing that!


Dave@ 2;48



Hopefully today.

Washington Examiner @dcexaminer
Anthony Scaramucci says "resolution" on Trump-Sessions feud is coming "shortly"


every patients rights group took out ad in NYT urging vote no.

And saps like you fall for this shit every time.


the 27th?

Captain Hate

Collins calling somebody unattractive is some burning ironing.

Congratulations to Patterico for the dismissal of that scam lawsuit by that malignant POS Brett Kimberlin.


I’ll be durned. They got the votes.



Captain Hate

Still no comment on Poland's reception of Trump, jor?


Will wonders never cease.

I assume McCain voted to proceed?

I still don't like the prick.


Even Al Franken went over to hug McCain... after Schumer did, indicating it was politically correct for Dems to do so.

Captain Hate

Damn, those comments of jor disappeared faster than Mueller's integrity.


You're a gullible idiot, jor. Have a nice day.


CH, jor's in his "Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" phase... he'll be ranting for a while yet.


So . . . McCain is lecturing now?

Well, well, well.


UH OH. McCain just called out the loudmouths on the radio,television and internet.



Again. Someone's pistolas are locked and loaded...

James D.

It's not a safe space. It's a pooper-scooper.


Is McCain saying anything? Or just rambling?


It looks to me like we're staring victory in the face and McCain won't let it happen.


He would be killing it, OL, if he said repeal ObamaCare and then return to normal order. Generate bills up from committee, etc. But he seems to be saying return to normal and *then* nibble at ObamaCare.



McCain just claimed the senators as the co-equal of the President.

Wish they had remembered that during the Obama years.

The Infamous Ignatz

McCain displays his eternal cluelessness;

"We're getting nothing done. We need to compromise and swallow our pride.
Oh, and while I'm voting to proceed I refuse to vote for this bill should it come up for a vote."

Thomas Collins
"Collins fat. . . ."

That's all muscle, Marlene!

Frau Gut dabei

Collins fat shamed Farenthold!!!??

I've noticed it's AOK to dump on fat men but go bat-carp crazy when a female's weight is mentioned.

Have the Gray Slut and WaPo weighed in on this?


The forward looking side of me says that the gracious thing to do is complement McCain for his statesmanlike speech, because it might shame some democrats into doing the right thing.

The pragmatic side of me says don't hold your breath.


McCain 2 minutes ago: My transcript.

McCain: ...Stop listening to the bombastic loud mouths on radio and television and the Internet. To hell with them. They don't want anything done for the Public Good. Incapacity is their livelihood...

30 seconds later--

McCain: We're getting nothing done, my friends, we're getting nothing done! And all we've really done this year is confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court...

I prefer the honest McCain of the 2nd soundbite to the dishonest McCain of the 1st sound bite but that is because I want things done for the Public Good.

Frau Gut dabei

"...senators as the co-equal of the President."

Uh, isn't there another *half* of Congress?


I thought McCain speech was great, even the stuff I disagreed with. Essentially he told the Senate to grow up and do their jobs and stop acting like the infantile children they have been. And they should.


Trump is getting questions about Sessions. He is disappointed and wants Sessions to be tougher. "We will see what happens" Trump said. that doesn't sound good for Sessions.


Trump shouldn’t answer questions from the press about Sessions now ... this is about health insurance.

I can see Trump interrupting the questioner and asking, “Anyone have a health insurance question?”


Trump sounds like he is in no mood to take any crap today.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Shep is bitching about not having a translator feed.

Disappointed in AG, says Trump.

Shep is befuddled.


Schumer will be thanking McCain he's admitted his bona fides--democrat old soldier!!
But 98% of democrats are now socialist progressive turds.

I see no advantage to shaming Sessions, it is not courageous to blame a righteous act (recusal) for the DOJ deepstate obstruction --I would fire Rosenstein for his succumbing to the Mueller/Comey coup..

Viva Scaramucci's dumping leakers!
It's lame for Trump to say Sessions knew he would recuse before approval--If Trump did not comprehend writing on the wall --?? You can't lead by shame-- Just do it! I think recusal was playing into the nevertrump plans, but who, with the experience needed to succeed; will trust Trump to stand strong? It's very troubling behavior to ramble to journalists, instead of direct communication with your team?


It is frankly idiotic to go back to regular Senate rules now, with ObamaCare the law of the land.

How can anyone be confused about that?

They bastardized the rules so much they used Reconciliation to pass a lie.

Undo the lie. Then talk to me.


Vacation or ????

State spox Nauert says of Tillerson: He's taking a little time off.

matt, deplore me if you must

MCCain calling for compromise means the Republicans should give in to the Democrats just like they used to.

C'mon Charlie, I promise not to pull the ball again.


Al Franken yelling thru a megaphone on the Capitol Steps. Probably speaking to the protesters who disrupted the Senate gallery.


Yeah,looks like the Dems really want to compromise. *eyeroll*

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Insty posted a tweet today:

"I told you what Obama was doing was a slippery slope"

"But Trump is much worse"

"That's how slopes work".

I said that over and over to liberals after the last 8 years and they laughed. So screw them, right? Just remember what will come next.


I'm sure it's vacation. For goodness' sake, it's almost August and these guys have been nonstop mostly since before Christmas.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

What is going on with Tillerson?


Nothing, Jane. Some clickbait rumormongering by Erick Erickson.

Old Lurker

Senators believing the Senate is coequal with the President, forgetting about the other chamber a) speaks volumes, and b) precisely illustrates the problem.

Dave (in MA)

Who cares what the Canadians think?




LOL, Dave!

Old Lurker

Wash Times: "The IRS doled out more than $24 billion in potentially bogus refunds claimed under several controversial tax credits in 2016, according to a new audit that said $118 million was even paid to people who weren’t authorized to work in the U.S. in the first place. Some $16.8 billion in payments were made on improper claims under the Earned Income Tax Credit, signifying a 24 percent error rate..."

Think we will ever hear why Koskinen still runs that place?


Tillerson keeps Obama's people, Sessions is rolled by
the DOJ. Know wonder why Trump is mad.

Just hours after a Palestinian terrorist murdered several Jewish civilians, the State Department told the Free Beacon that it is not clear what motivates such violent acts. The statement sparked anger within the administration and on Capitol Hill, where many viewed the State Department's declaration as a sign the agency is openly rebelling against the White House.

"It's no secret that the State Department is waging an open political war, which includes policy insubordination and press campaigns, against the Trump White House," according to one veteran foreign policy analyst who regularly briefs the White House and Trump appointees in the State Department.

"Foggy Bottom is still run by the same people who designed and implemented Obama's Middle East agenda," the source said. "Tillerson was supposed to clean house, but he left half of them in place and he hid the other half in powerful positions all over the building. These are career staffers committed to preventing Trump from reversing what they created."


Of course State is warring against the White House.

It's so easy to drain the swamp. I mean anyone can do it.


Sometimes I regret my self-imposed ban on any
further commenting on McCain but I think it's for the best...


George Neumayr has become one of my go-to reads.


Good piece, lyle. Thanks.


McCain:...Stop listening to the bombastic loud mouths on radio and television and the Internet. To hell with them. They don't want anything done for the Public Good. Incapacity is their livelihood...

As I see the media praising McCain's historic speech to the skies, let me focus on what he did not say that really stuck in my craw.

What he did in that angry bit above was to damn every organ of true Conservative Media---Talk Radio, the Internet, bombastic loud mouths on TV.

Guess who he very specifically left out of that pointed criticism?

The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Print Media and the standard Legacy Media that unashamedly has thrown all journalistic standards overboard by their own admission, and termed their role to be that of waging a Jihad against out duly elected President until our duly elected President is crippled, impeached, and hopefully imprisoned. That is who John McCain specifically left out of his dishonest diatribe above.

Ask yourself, how hard would it have been for him to include these dozen words:

"Stop reading the bombastic words and the over the top self serving criticism provided in the Times and the Post by so called anonymous sources, so unapologetically attacking the President and dividing citizens in an effort to tear this country apart."

Why didn't he add that bit in there? Did he simply forget to mention that in his rush to get out there and make his legendary speech for the ages?

My take is he specifically went after Conservative Media organs because he specifically hates them and wants them stifled, and he gave a total pass to the Legacy print Media because he likes them and he wants them to continue to hold him in their good graces.

That bit of dishonest honesty from Senator McCain destroyed all the kumbaya amid the proud words the rest of the Media will find so historic in his speech. Just my honest opinion but I continue to not trust the man as far as I can throw him.

Dave (in MA)

Tillerson's probably home taking about 50 showers after all the people he had to meet with.

Jack is Back!

I agree with Neumayr.

Why has the media turned into an advocacy group? Their business is to report the news, editorialize in a special section and run the peanuts comic strip.

Some even have a sports section, which my Dad always read first then the comics, then the news so he could get balance.

Dave (in MA)

daddy, I just wish he'd go spend his remaining days with his family.

TBH, that's what I've been thinking for 8+ years, though.


Nice positive article:

Jeff Sessions Is Growing ‘Pissed’ at Trump, His Allies Say. And He Doesn’t Plan to Quit.

As Trump continues to torment Sessions, some of the AG’s allies have begun advocating steps to re-establish his position inside the administration. In particular, leading conservative voices have begun encouraging Sessions to undo his recusal, arguing that Mueller’s probe has extended beyond activities that happened during the campaign.

“I think he ought to really think about revisiting the reason for recusal,” said Cleta Mitchell, a longtime Washington conservative superlawyer.

“I love Attorney General Sessions,” she added. “I think he’s fabulous.”

Jack is Back!

Isn't Cleta Mitchell the attorney who represented the True the Vote lady in front of the Issa committee? If so, she is a sharpie and may have more influence on a guy like Sessions than anyone.

Clarice Feldman

Allowing Simpson to testify privately--withdrawing subpoena,


Good link, lurkersusie.

This is all gamed out. If I could guess, the calls for reversal of recusal will grow, at the same time Dems come off the bench to defend Sessions against mean Trump, thus bolstering Sessions's position. Sessions unrecuses, is now free to prosecute Hillary or whoever, and other assorted MAGA, and we all have cocktails.

Maybe Wray fires Mueller and then we have some more cocktails.

Jack is Back!

For all you science nerds and especially Feynman fans, he was right and on target with his theories of Quantum Electrocdynamics (QED). The Chinese are proving it - thank you.

Frau Gut dabei

From lyle's excellent Spectator link:

Incidentally, did you catch the other day that John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director who supported the Soviets during the Cold War and the Muslim Brotherhood during the present hot one, is back to his radical ways, calling in effect for the overthrow of a duly elected U.S. president? Naturally, the media, which has spent decades normalizing left-wing radicalism, cast his disgraceful comments as evidence of high patriotism and statesmanlike sagacity. No, they are the despicable musings of a shaggy-haired Gus Hall voter who still hasn’t grown up.
In the end, there is no difference between the treasonous John Brennan who voted for the Soviet plant Gus Hall in the 1970s and the “patriotic” John Brennan flailing against Donald Trump today. They are both calling for mutiny against the elected head of a US government. They are both anti-American socialists of breathtaking presumption.

When will the SS visit this scorpion?


Glad to see TM essentially made my point earlier today about Dennis Rodman but I'm mad and confused about McCain so, CH, let me vent a bit on our difference of opinion re J.R. "The Tatted Up" Smith and Dennis "The Freak" Rodman:

* * *

Rodman was a cancer after he left the Pistons who grew tired of his crap.

Posted by: Captain Hate | July 25, 2017 at 08:04 AM

* * *

Sorry, CH. Not sure about that characterization but even if true that's a very tenuous similarity between Smith and Rodman. This is from the New York Times 20-some-odd years ago:

Adding Rodman, the league's leading rebounder last season, to a lineup that already includes Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Toni Kukoc makes the Bulls a stronger contender. The Bulls were overpowered by Orlando's frontline during last year's playoffs.


Rodman's behavior last season made him a major distraction, although he made the National Basketball Association all-defensive team and helped the Spurs achieve the league's best regular-season record (62-22). Rodman missed numerous practices, he was given a paid leave of absence early in the season and was benched during the playoffs on two occasions by Coach Bob Hill.

* * *

So, a problematic Rodman is an order of magnitude more significant than J.R. Smith -- who, frankly, was and is a bit player in the NBA, not a crucial starter on a championship team. It is supremely easy to forget how transcendently good Rodman was. I think this three-year recitation makes the point:

Year 1 without Rodman: 1996 Western Conference Semifinals (Utah Jazz wins series 4–2)
. . . . . Bulls with Rodman: 72–10 (.878), NBA Champions (Defeated Seattle SuperSonics 4-2)
-- remember, the Bulls were only 47-35 the previous year

Year 2 without Rodman: 20-62
. . . . . Bulls with Rodman: 69–13 (.841), NBA Champions (Defeated Utah Jazz 4-2)

Year 3 without Rodman: 1998 Western Conference Semifinals (Utah Jazz wins series 4–1)
. . . . . Bulls with Rodman: 62–20 (.756), NBA Champions (Defeated Utah Jazz 4-2)

That's my very biased opinion as I now deal with the consequences of running out and buying *far* too much Taco Bell for lunch (damn Double Chalupas!).

Jack is Back!

Wray can't fire Mueller, Porch. He will be FBI, not AG or Deputy AG.

He can arrest him though, which may be better.


John McCain is a bastard. Always has been. Always will be.


Thanks JiB. I was thinking Rosenstein was number 2 at FBI but that's McCabe.

Okay, rewind, Sessions unrecuses, fires Mueller. Then fires Rosenstein.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

When I left to go to the grocery, they were debating whether Sessions days are numbered.

Came back and they are STILL debating it.

Glad to know I didn't miss anything.


New thread


This is all gamed out.

You know, Porch - if it's not, we've overestimated Trump.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jim Lokay FOX5


BREAKING: House staffer Imran Awan arrested at Dulles and charged with bank fraud, per @FOXNews.. Awan worked for @DWSTweets. #fox5dc
4:39 PM - 25 Jul 2017 · Sterling, VA


Buckeyette passed her certification test today.

Glad that period of fretting is behind her, she was starting to become a pain.

Now Jr. needs to pass his boards in August so he becomes a bit less of a pain:)



"Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself. The principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool"

Jack is Back!

Just in. Poll of NY voters has Trump at 48% Approval and 50% disapproval. This is New York. Trump at 48 is probably 10 points higher than he would normally be. I don't think Russia and other Dem/Prog BS is working like they thought it would.

Over/Under on John Brennan's life exspectancy?


Nice one, boris.

Jack is Back!


Its why he loved card games, magic and safe cracking. No wonder he turned to painting later in life. No more fooling.

Clarice Feldman

Some action on Awan--arrested at Dulles for bank fraud

Jack is Back!


You are either up too late or up too early:)

Kevlar Kid

RG----> you avoided my tribunal where we adjudicate the buying habits at Taco Bell...chalupas? double chalupas at that!

No danger of a "taco-eatin' mutha fucka" verdict there.

En-hoy, mah man! ;)

Kev El Rapido

Kevlar Kid

So the Paki IT savant has his head scarf stuck in the wringer.

Let's see who arrested the snake.

Let's see who calls for the Grand Jury.

Let's see if Flossermun Schlitz defies a federal sub-po-eeena!

Does this mean the gummint prosecutors can sub-po-eena the giant hyena email tree?

Who's on that? Cheryl "General" Mills? John "Bootie Sniffer" Podesta? Booby "Ja" Mook? Chelsea? Jennifer "Lucky" Palmieri?

Spread out that lasso and drag em little bit before bringin em in. Tenderize them. Show them the deal and the one who gets it will be today's
Juanito Dean.

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