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August 28, 2017


James D.

I think there should be some JustOneMinute naming rights attached to this damn ledge, gang. Who is with me?

We should seek out corporate sponsorship for the naming rights, and make some money off of The Ledge.

James D.



reversible computing

Ah. Groundhog Day.


Maxine ought to be charged with gross stupidity .... but, alas, that's not a crime.


We should seek out corporate sponsorship for the naming rights, and make some money off of The Ledge.

I understand. You are going to bring to the Ledge exactly what we are trying to escape.

No soup for you.


Maybe we of The Ledge™ could hire this comedienne as entertainment some night:

Promotional materials for her first stop, at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., promises Clinton plans to 'let loose' and tell her audience a 'personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny story' of her election loss and recovery.

(From Ex's 2:26 link)

jimmyk on iPhone

Honorable mention for Darwin Awards:



Reversible logic idea has been around for awhile. My recollection is there is a fundamental relationship between information and energy.

Think of it this way. You use extra gas going up hill and use brakes going downhill. Extra heat both ways. An electric vehicle can use battery going up hill and regenerate the battery going back downhill. Less waste heat.

Normal logic is always going uphill.

Beasts of England

The outer bands of the tropical storm have set in here, so it's four days or so of clouds, wind, and rain for us. And you know what that means: no boating; my savage tan will be diminished; and my hair will be a mess until the weekend. So, quit yer bitchin' Houston...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Having seen examples of her humor during the campaign, as well as that of the Left in general, I hold no expectations of a laff riot at her appearances.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

By the way, I loathe Chris Stirewalt on Fox. That is all.


Jazz and Improv 70%

I know so little of jazz, though I've tried. I do like Miles (who I saw as an under-aged attendee at Paul's Mall in Boston), and I once drove around for about six months with nothing but In a Silent Way in the CD player. Also saw Roland Kirk, I'd guess in '76, in the West Village.


Didn't she have to discount some tickets, from her last book tour?

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Maxine Waters charged with ethics violations"

My goodness, will this interfere with her run for the presidency? Well the Democrats be able to take her place? From link by Mile in Houston @02:32

This news will probably sweep all the Trump news off the front page.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Alas, jazz is not my favorite music. I think this is probably how my brain is wired.

I also dislike free verse, modern art, asymmetrical flower arrangements, and the Martha Graham dance company.



Will andrea be as skeptical as when she stalked the huntress'S book signings in Virginia, rhetorical?

Dave (in MA)
surprisingly funny story' of her election loss and recovery
While a lot of us have been laughing since Nov. 9th, people who would pay for such a thing could probably use a few laughs. It certainly would be surprising if it was funny.
Captain Hate

I know so little of jazz, though I've tried.

It's not for everybody, obviously, and there was a long period of time for me where nothing made a damn bit of sense. Your experience with In A Silent Way makes me believe that you're open to it but just have to have the light go on for whatever reason. Seeing it performed in clubs is best but if you're not enjoying it the experience is sheer misery.

If it never makes sense you still get enough pleasure out of what you like to live a happy life so I wouldn't sweat it.

Dave (in MA)

I have quite a bit of jazz in my collection, almost none of which has vocals (which I can't stand), and my classical collection consists mostly of Edgard Varese, third stream-type crossovers which classical aficionados would dismiss, and a handful of John Williams (guitarist) or Zappa releases.


Does Classical Gas count as classical?


'Gone With the Wind' screenings pulled from Memphis theater for racially 'insensitive' content

A historic Memphis, Tennessee, theater, which has shown "Gone With the Wind" screenings for 34 years, has decided to remove the classic film from its schedule due to its racially "insensitive" content.

Normal logic is always going uphill.

We knew that. See: Sunscreen on eyeballs.


Extraneus, yesterday I found the Orpheum's website and sent them a "good going" email dripping with sarcasm. Besides congratulating them for meeting hysteria and ignorance with hysteria and ignorance, I suggested that the only solution for the fact that they've shown GWTW in previous years is to close their doors permanently in shame.

This story, and the one where an Asian broadcaster was taken off the air because his name is Robert Lee - sane people everywhere shake their heads in disbelief.

"Gone With The Wind" won eight Academy Awards including Best Picture. Hattie McDaniel, who played "Mammy" was the first African-American actress to win an Academy Award.
Dave (in MA)
Does Classical Gas count as classical?
Does it count as gas?




I have 1 percent jazz and 90 percent classical and yes I count Classical gas in that number.Recently acquired original vinyl records of the Broadway production of Oklahoma for 2 dollars at a garage sale.


Meant to include this from that link:

While Trump tweets broadsides against his nemeses, the Trump Administration is undoing eight years of progressivism in a way it is hard to imagine other Republican presidents might have attempted.

With almost no help from Rs controlling Congress, it need hardly be added. Can't wait for jorkoff from the jorkstore to show up clutching his pearls...

Clarice Feldman

I highly recommend the VDH article Lyle just posted.



Classical Gas is to classical music what Kenny G is to jazz.


VDH sums it up:

The political opposition to Trump is not the Democratic Party of Harry Truman or JFK—or even that of George McGovern, Walter Mondale, or Bill Clinton.

Rather the alternative is now a harder-core, progressive movement led by Keith Ellison, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Tom Perez, and Elizabeth Warren that cannot register even slight discomfort with the extremist rhetoric of kindred leftist Black Lives Matter or Antifa thuggery in the streets. In their view, the explanation for the past eight years of Obama’s economic stagnation, loss of deterrence abroad, and redistribution is that Obama did not go far left enough.

I sure hope Kamala "Toe" Harris runs for prez next go round.


There's simply too much good stuff to quote. Here's the link again:



Thanks for everyone's prayers and good wishes. I got an encouraging report from my spinal specialist today. Nothing has moved! New x-rays show that all is stable. He tightened my collar (ouch) and told me to carry on and he'll see me in another week. The further out from the accident the less chance that something will go wrong. I will also be seen by a vascular specialist to monitor my artery but that didn't seem to concern him so I'm going to stop worrying so much. Mother-in-law arrives today to take care of us and fill my freezer.

A friend's husband is restoring the set from Gone With The Wind. He is such an interesting character. He is a walking history book about that time period. http://savingtara.com/about-saving-tara/


Brent Bozell has been talking with OL, evidently:

There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Put them together. They are the swamp.

Just as Republicans have the power to enact the agenda they’ve pledged in toto, so too do they now own the federal government, in toto. It’s no longer Obamacare. It’s GOPcare. It’s no longer crazy liberal Democratic spending. It’s crazy liberal Republican spending. It’s no longer socialist Democratic Party taxation, it’s socialist Republican Party taxation. All the legislation authorizing all these programs, all the graft, all the waste, all the obscenity, all the immorality, and where Planned Parenthood is concerned, all the killing — all of it is now formally authored by the Republican Party.

Come the Congressional elections next year, and the presidential election in 2020, the Grand Old Party will once again bellow its hallowed promises. But this time it won’t work. This time there will be no straw men to blame. This time their voters will know those hallowed promises are not even hollow promises. They are lies.

These voters are tasting betrayal. They will not vote to swallow more vomit.

We are watching the GOP systematically committing suicide.


I have to agree with him except that I don't blame Trump as much as the Republicans in Congress, especially the four or five who voted to keep 404Care, but also Ryan and McConnell for not drawing and quartering them.


Ryan and McConnell for not drawing and quartering them

It’s not too late.


"There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Put them together. They are the swamp."

Indeed. They, and their drones in the Federal bureaucracy, are the UNIPARTY.

It's a sham adversarial 2-party system in which they PRETEND to oppose each other, they PRETEND that there are ideological differences between them, but in fact that are all working for the same goals ... to increase their own power and influence over the rest of us, and to benefit and enrich themselves, their families and their cronies at our expense.


New thread.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The VDH article is quite good.

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